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BEHIND THE FLOATS The Adelaide Hills Equestrian centre monthly. ISSUE 5

May 2013

Vanessa at Swan Hill 2008


FROM THE EDITOR Welcome readers I hope you have enjoyed the last 4 issues, if you are new to the magazine I hope you enjoy reading tis issue. Matt and I and a Few of our club members, have just come home from Sale where we went to watch the inaugural Southern 50’s Shootout, It was AMAZING I enjoyed the whole event I hope it has a long future, it’s a must if you get a chance next year. (stories and photo’s inside the magazine). The Adelaide Polocrosse Club is having our break up on the 1st of June, I’m sure it will be a fantastic night with some great stories and photo’s for the next issue. I have really enjoyed putting together this magazine, and would like to thank the people who have helped me with their player profiles and stories a special thankyou to Julie Morris who has supplied me for the last three magazines with lots of stories and write ups, Thankyou with out your help it would be a very short boring magazine. I would love more help from the rest of the club members, so we can have a wide variety of stories and photo’s, I have been asking for 5 months now so if you think you could write a small story, your player profile, photo’s any thing to help it won’t take long to send me a few lines please help, articles don’t have to be about Polocrosse everyone has a life out side of our beloved sport tell us about it. Send to email address at Thankyou Hayley Prior

Editor Hayley Prior


DATE 1st June

EVENT Adelaide Club Break-Up dinner.

INSIDE THIS ISSUE What’s on 2013 The Adelaide polocrosse club page Social pages The last Hurrah written by Julie Morris Polocrosse Extreme cup UK Latest News Kids Corner EQ life polocrosse article from the UK This months health spot – Botfly's Sponsorship Sponsors page Player Profile Matt Prior Looking back older pictures. Princess page who made it this month? Tribute page Through my eye by P X Pony Southern 50’s Shoot out

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If you have an event and wish to hire the grounds, or you would like to know more information about costing, camping, use of club rooms, canteen, PA system please contact Craig Tremellen he will be able to help you with any enquires. The ground are not just for horse events we do hire to other clubs or groups for more information.

Welcome everyone to our grounds and hope people get to know we are here and come and enjoy the grounds.

Booking Officer Craig Tremellen Ph.: 0408226162 Email: Postal: P.O. box 91 Woodside 5244 SA

Adelaide Hills Equestrian Centre


Richard Illes



Vice President: Matt Prior




Jo-Anne Tremellen




Craig Tremellen





Sponsorship Co-ordinator: Shane Pike -


Booking Officer: Craig Tremellen


Head Coach: Tony Astbury

ALL CORRESPONDENCE: P.O. box 91 Woodside 5244 SA


We only ask if you are attending a polocrosse event that the following directives are adhered to: 1. NO DOGS be present at any time. 2. No Stallions be present. 3. Any persons on horse back at any time wear Australian approved helmet. 4. All gates are closed at ALL times. 5. No yards be made up, horses only to be in permanent yards. 6. Make sure you are aware of children and prams near horses and fields.

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Craig Foweraker holding Charlize Havriluk .

Wendy Foweraker, Matt Prior with Tony Astbury telling stories.

Tony Astbury fixing Dylan Prior’s Racquet.

The girls looking after Charlize. Ebony looking quite clucky


Wendy Foweraker and Velia Heartly having a quiet one.

Cant fit another thing in Tiffany Foweraker.

Shane Pike filling Athena’s water.

Caitlin Prior just been for a ride.


Shane Pike helping organise the fire just right. With Dylan Prior .

Damian Havriluk attacked by inch ants, Cindy doing wifely duties.

Emma and Dale blowing bubbles for the kids.

Tony fixing Dylan’s racquet.

Lots of rain at the State Champs made for beautiful shots.

Aidan and Adam busy finishing pictures for colouring comp.

A bubble I captured floating around.

Paparazzi ready for action.


THE LAST HURRAH The State Champs at Naracoorte was our last tournament of the season. Some of us had a sight seeing detour via Meningie, Kingston and Lucindale but we all eventually made it to the familiar grounds at Hynam.

South Australia and returning home to Victoria to play again for The Cats. Time stood still as we all reflected on this piece of news. I'm sure I can speak on behalf of APC and say that his experience and coaching will be missed by all. His wit and sense of humour will never be What no yards...Yes it seems that the Adelaide forgotten and his “ruffling of feathers” will always camp is getting very popular with the younger be forgiven Ha Ha I don't think I have any left.... generation. I suspect that a certain young lady He showed us what we were capable from YP has encouraged this invasion of of..Explained how we could get the best out of testosterone but that's OK. We like having the our horses and also told things we would rather future of Polocrosse camping with us..Lets hope not hear. Yes he calls a spade a shovel some of their talent rubs off on us oldies but that was his way..No sugar coating the because after this week end we need it..Just truth..But there was a softer side to him We've kidding. I also noticed a very large expensive all seen it. He had an amazing way with young looking mobile home on the fringes of our kids. When ever there were squeals of laughter camp... Is it The Fokker's....No Its part of The he would be at the centre of it. He was like the modern day Pied Piper.Kids loved him, and how Lucey Clan. Very impressive I must say. can we ever forget The Pink G String.. Just And so Friday night saw raging bonfires lots of imagine this tall white body with long chicken camaraderie and the usual Pow Wows legs wearing nothing but a luminous Pink G discussing the teams for the week end..Most of it string. OMG . It was not a pretty sight. He ran Secret Men's Business..But that's OK. Us so fast from club house to truck that for the first woman enjoyed the time alone, talked about time ever I think modesty may have kicked in. It knitting and opened another bottle of Vino. was hilarious and of course all for a good cause..The Jane McGrath Foundation. Adelaide fielded three teams.. One each in Div. However don't think you've escaped back over 1,2 and 3 with our perennial POOL player Sally the border that easily.. Mac playing ..yes you guessed it.. in the Pool. Beware...THE SHE WOLVES (you know our Out of seven tournaments she's been in a pool names) will seek you out and hunt you down...IF team four times with out complaining once... I'm you don't treat APC as your second club. Always sure next season Sal you'll be in the LOOP and come over to our camp for a cleansing ale and play a whole season for APC. be gentle on us when we play against you. And don't worry .We will still let you know when we A very wet Saturday saw our teams play hard think your wrong..but you know that ..don't you? but with no winning results. Clint provided some entertainment with a well executed “Mud And not forgetting Velia. Its a very true saying Slide” No harm done. All smiles and on with the that behind every good man is an even greater game. woman and your IT. We are going to miss those awesome sausage rolls. Always the first to help Shane bought himself some “new wheels” from you in time of need.. be it horse, band aid, Mr Polocrosse . Expecting a big gear change shower or shandie.. next season..... And so we never saw Tony in an APC shirt Of course Polocrosse wouldn't be the same with again..Some thing about a sore ankle..Toughen Dribbles and Nibbles..More dribbles on this up Princess . You weren't limping on Sunday.. occasion with the usual..” We went OK but could The She Wolves have noted this and will pursue have played better”.OH HUM..But what a you relentlessly unless you come up with a docs bombshell hit us next. Our head coach Mr Tony certificate next season... Astbury informed us that he's calling it a day in


And so The Saturday Night Fever began. Great food ,a money making auction and plenty of ACTION Behind The Floats, In The Floats and on the dance floor.. Two of our APC Tartlets together with a few of The Scum Bag Blue Sluts showed us how to poll dance.. Yes girls you did.. and very entertaining it was too..Ask the guys.

Time to reflect on the season that was ..So enjoy the off season but remember to WATCH THIS SPACE.

It rained most of the night so the play on Sunday was on very slippery soggy fields. There were a lot of face plants including our adopted APC son Glen Burns who luckily escaped with just a head ache. However with two minutes left of his season Dick and Lithgod succumbed to the wet conditions. Dick sustained two breaks to his leg and one to his ankle. Luckily horse OK. Such bad luck and not the ending he was hoping for after such a great season.. Were thinking of you Hoppy Get well soon..

If you'd like a mention in Behind The Floats just do some thing wrong and let know..or let me know if some one else does some thing naughty.

Unfortunately I missed The Foot Race but Im told Travis and Teagan did us proud. The winner was apparently one of those young lads from Sale..Obviously the over load of testosterone helped and the runner-up was none other than Ricky (I'm a stud) Smith. Maybe if he'd kept The Tug Boat in dry dock over the weekend he may have been first passed the post. The finals were thrilling affairs as always. Evenly matched teams.. BUT what about The A grade. Sale versus Corio. Those young guys from Sale have sooo much raw talent. Their phenomenal racquet skills and riding ability left you shaking your head and thinking..How did they do that?..The times we saw them almost out of the saddle hunting the ball and then popping up with ball in racquet. A quick look over there shoulders as if saying “ catch me if you can “ and off they'd go towards goal. Phew.. Move over the Old come the new kids on the block.They won by The Golden Goal and they deserved it. Take nothing away from Corio but I think we have new crowd favourites. And so ends another season of Polocrosse. The horses have earn 't a well deserved spell. We have a break from washing dirty bandages and white polocrosse jeans. No more working horses, packing floats goosenecks and trucks.

. Nothing goes unnoticed in the horse world. The Jungle Drums are always beating and the Grape Vine never sleeps....SO

Obviously all will be treated as strictly confidential...And if you believe that then you must be blonder than me..... Written by Julie Morris



LATEST NEWS The website for the 2014 Nationals is up and running, with plenty more information to be added over the coming months.

HATCHED, MATCHED & DISPATCHED Congratulations to Shane & May Pike buying their first property well done.

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If you are looking for stock whips or equipment , training dvds etc. They have very reasonable prices.

Dressage club competition details

The website for the 2014 Nationals is up and running, with plenty more information to be added over the coming months. Drew Gurney (Drowsy) @ sale








You're unlikely to see these little flies that grow to about a centimeter in length, but with a sharp eye you'll easily pick up their calling card. They hone in on a pleasant, warm day, and lay their eggs on the horse's coat. If you look closely you'll see you the pale yellow eggs clinging on. The location of the eggs will give a strong clue as to which botfly has come calling. The eggs of gasterophilus intestinalis are most likely found on the horse's legs, shoulders, and possibly the mane. The eggs of gasterophilus nasalis will be seen around the mouth. Both are headed for the horse's gut, but have different strategies for getting there.

The eggs of gasterophilus intestinalis are playing a waiting game. They're waiting for the horse to attend to an itch by nibbling it or rubbing it with their mouth - or, of course, another horse kindly doing the scratching for them. This rubbing means the horse will pick up a few eggs in its mouth and this is all that's needed to prompt immediate action. The eggs, spurred on by the moisture and warmth of the mouth, immediately hatch a pinhead-sized larva which sets about burrowing into the gums, or beneath the tongue. Inflammation and ulcers in the mouth which are not attributable to teeth problems may well be caused by botfly larvae.

Gasterophilus nasalis have the same destination in mind, but adopt a different strategy. A week after being laid, they hatch of their own accord and crawl into the mouth, again burrowing into the gums and beneath the tongue. These larvae are known as first instars. They take up residence for about three weeks and grow, emerging as second instars about 5mm to 6mm long. They head down the throat for the stomach and burrow into the surface of the gut wall. Interestingly, intestinalis prefers the top part of the stomach, while nasalis heads for the lower part. Three weeks to a month later they moult again to become third instars, and may then stay in the horse's stomach from two to 10 months, feeding off the swirling contents of the horse's stomach. A bad enough infestation will impact on a horse's ability to digest its food, and result in a fall-off in condition. But by far the biggest concern is the damage done to the stomach lining. The borrowing can cause ulceration and abscesses, and these can trigger colic. The ulceration is aggravated by the digestive juices and can get worse, potentially causing a breach of the stomach lining, which can prove fatal through peritonitis. Stomach ulcers are a big enough problem in horses without botflies helping the problem along. Isolated bots can even burrow through the stomach wall and cause havoc elsewhere. Pleasant as the stomach environment may be for the third instar larvae, there's the small matter of completing the life cycle. They finally release and take a ride through the intestines, emerging in the faeces. The larvae burrow into the ground for six weeks to pupate, the end result being a botfly ready to begin the cycle again. The flies are active only during the warmer months, and typically only one generation will "roll over" in a year. Needless to say, the aim of the cycle is to have the larvae ride out the winter months inside the warm stomach of the horse.

Larvae of horse bot fly Gasterophilus intestinalis in the stomach of a horse


Scraping the coat using a bot knife This technique has been used for a good many years. You can certainly destroy a lot of bot eggs, but the problem is that you'll always miss some which the horse may well ingest. Also, you won't be on hand to get all the eggs all the time. By the time you take to the little blighters, there's every chance your horse may already have been infected. It's an excellent strategy, but it won't remove the need for a de-worming agent. Using a de-worming agent This is the winner by a long shot. Earlier worming agents had a limited effect on bots, but Larvae of horse bot fly Gasterophilus intestinalis in the now, thanks to ivermectin-based drenches, stomach of a horse mankind certainly has the upper hand. Bot infection is hard to detect. You'll be lucky to Ivermectin will kill bots in all larval stages, spot the third instars in your horse's dung, and including when borrowed into the gums. you'd never want to wait until a lack of thrift or There are many proprietary horse wormers, but colic before suspecting the bot as a cause. each is likely to fall into one of three key families Research has shown that horses develop only of drenches. limited resistance to bot infections. It's up to The drench effective against bots are in the owners to lead the charge. ivermectin, abamectin and moxidectin family. The drench label should be clear on whether the So what are your options? particular product is effective against bots. Be Insect repellents sure to follow the dosage recommendation, for Botflies work outdoors, so repellents will have to which you may need to calculate the weight of be effective in the great outdoors. They will be your horse. partially effective at best. Dosing intervals are also important. They aren't Scrubbing the horse's legs with warm water just "made up" by the drench manufacturers. This was a common strategy in years gone by. They are there to ensure they break the life of The logic went that the warm water and moisture parasites as effectively as possible. tricked the eggs into hatching. Yes, you'll get Drench resistance is a growing problem. You're some, but plenty won't be fooled. As a strategy encouraged to rotate your drenches to prevent for keeping your horse's legs clean, it's great. this. How then, you ask, do I rotate drenches For controlling bots, it's pretty much considered when not all are effective against bots? a waste of time. It's a good question, and one which is best answered by your veterinarian. The precise behavior of botflies vary around the world, depending upon climate. Much depends on the severity of winter and its timing. In Australia, with a winter running from June to August, the use of an ivermectin or abamectinbased drench in late-May/early-June and again in early August will be particularly effective. These drenches are effective against other parasites, and worming for control of bots will only be part of your overall strategy for controlling the wider worm problem. Discuss your drenching strategy with your veterinarian. Scraping the coat using a bot knife


AT STUD Golden palomino colt, rising 3yo, mature 15.2hh Registered Heritage Australian Stock Horse (All foals eligible to apply for ASH registration). Sunny is ideal for breeding well balanced, agile, responsive and softmouthed polocrosse mounts, possessing all these qualities himself. He has a fantastic ground covering smooth canter and lovely ability to sit into his stops, with a big over-tracking walk. He was broken in by Colin Byron, who could not speak highly enough of his potential for top level competition in any field. Sunny has won multiple Supreme awards and led Championships. Sunny's sire Tintaras Chandra was exported to Japan to breed performance horses and is predominantly of TB blood, adding speed and quality to progeny. Sunny's dam has done polo practice chukkas and is to commence her polo career this next season. She is by Master Herbert, sire of numerous quality polo ponies.

If you're wanting to breed a top looking polocrosse horse with plenty of ability and potential, don't look past Chalani Sunstream as your next sire.

2013 service fee $880. Standing at Chalani Australian Stock Horses, Monarto SA. Email | Phone 08 85344263. Visit our website or find us on Facebook for more photos and details.

This photo was taken the first day Sunny was ridden



2013 ADELAIDE POLOCROSSE CLUB Sponsorship Opportunities The Adelaide Polocrosse Club The APC was established in 1989. Today we have around 30 members, including playing, social and life members. Our home base is the Adelaide Equestrian Centre at the Lobethal Sport & Recreation Grounds in the Adelaide Hills. We take pride in our three well-maintained fields, many yards, large camping areas and other facilities. Members Polocrosse is a sport that attracts a wide range of people. The Adelaide Polocrosse Club welcomes new members from all walks of life and with different skill levels. APC members have a strong commitment to the club and diverse social networks. Our members come from far and wide, even from interstate, to be a part of the great club atmosphere. We work together to provide coaching and development opportunities for all members, from juniors and beginners to seasoned players. Richard Iles - APC President

Level 1: $200 o D or C grade winners/runners-up trophies o Company promotion and recognition over PA over the weekend and on tournament program Level 2: $300 o B or A grade winners/runners-up trophies o Company promotion and recognition over PA over the weekend and on tournament program o Company name and logo on sponsors board in clubroom o **Sponsor to supply electronic (.psd file) or hard copy of company logo for A4-sized poster, to be laminated** In-kind sponsorship o Donation of 6 or 12 items for prizes (practical horse- or polocrosse-related prizes, such as feed, headstalls, lead ropes, bell boots, polocrosse balls, feed/water buckets, grooming gear, saddlecloths etc.) o Company name and logo on sponsors board in clubroom o **Sponsor to supply electronic (.psd file) or hard copy of company logo for A4-sized poster, to be laminated** General Sponsorship

Club Sponsorships

Our club sponsors are highly valued and supported throughout the playing season and the rest of the year. The APC understands that sponsorship is about reciprocal value. There are several sponsorship packages available to suit different needs and budgets. If an existing package does not suit your needs, we can tailor something for you. Tournament Sponsorship Tournament sponsorship is a very visible and affordable form of support. Businesses or individuals can sponsor with cash or in kind, on a tournament-by- tournament basis.

General sponsorship opportunities include supplying equipment or other services to the club for its year round operation. Donation of items can be negotiated to suit the club's needs.


Sign Sponsorship The rare opportunity exists to purchase a display sign (A2 paper size, approx 60cm x 42cm) for an annual fee of $200. It will be situated in a prominent location on the APC clubrooms. If you choose not to renew, the sign will be stored and can be reinstated for an annual fee of $200. **Sponsor to supply A4-sized electronic copy (.psd file) of company logo for enlargement to A2 paper size (approx 60cm x 42cm), to be printed onto metal sign** Major Sponsorship A major sponsorship opportunity is advertising on the club uniform, the chance to have your business' logo on the APC shirts. Each sleeve is available for logo placement, at $1,000 per sleeve per year. Exclusive of this cost, sew-on logo patches will need to be provided by the sponsor for each club member. This is encouraged to be an ongoing sponsorship opportunity, and form a mutually beneficial relationship with APC. For further promotion, the sponsor's name and logo will also appear in the tournament program, on a poster in the clubrooms, and on a sign in a prominent location on the clubrooms. **Sponsor to supply electronic (.psd file) or hard copy of company logo for A4- sized poster, to be laminated** **Sponsor to supply A4-sized electronic copy (.psd file) of company logo for enlargement to A2 paper size (approx 60cm x 42cm), to be printed onto metal sign** Club Contacts President - Richard Iles o Phone: 0885366019 o Mobile: 0432538814 o Email: Secretary - Jo Tremellen o Phone: 0883897660 o Mobile: 0414862240 o Email: Grounds hire - Craig Tremellen o Phone: 0883897660 o Mobile: 0408226162 o Email:

Adelaide Polocrosse Club o Email: o Website: o Post: PO Box 91, Woodside, SA 5244 OR! /groups/26389698204/

Sponsors Application Form Sponsor Details Organisation: ____________________________________________________ Street Address: ___________________________________________________ Suburb/Town: ____________________________________________________ Post Code: __________________________ State: _______________________ Contact Name: ___________________________________________________ Contact Phone Number: ____________________________________________ Contact Email: ____________________________________________________ Type of Sponsorship Tournament








Sponsorship Amount $__________________ Other Information ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________









Ian Iles

Crystal Vanstone

Cavendish Shearing Tony Astbury & Velia Hartley

Decadence beach house Kate O'Connell

Mclaren HarvestingPty Ltd Broughton Family



Name: Matt Prior Age: 38 Occupation: Builder Years playing Polocrosse: 22 years Greatest polocrosse influence: None of my family played Polocrosse when I started so I had to learn the game on my own and with help from a lot of people over the years. I have had a lot of influences in this time, when I first started it was Paul Tilbrook, Rick Jones, Don Pike teaching me about the game. Then I as started playing and needing a new horse Andrew Cameron sold me classical and I had the opportunity a couple of years later to stay at his property while we were doing a renovation for him, this time was so valuable to me I learnt so much. Later in life I have had the opportunity to watch and learn from Glen Burns and Danny Polaine, I’ve learnt so much and still am learning every year I play. Most memorable polocrosse experience: I have had a few over my short Polocrosse career, Playing my first Nationals in QLD 1998 all those years ago was amazing for me, since then I have played at many major events, 1 other nationals at Ballarat, was selected in the last nationals but broke my knee and had to pull out and the royal show for at least 10 years now. My most memorable moments in the last couple of years was winning best number 3 at the State Champs 3 years ago then winning best A horse on Classical in SA last year, she has won in Victoria but never in SA before. She is such a good horse I couldn’t play in A grade with out her, I’ve owned her for 10 years now and I soon will have to start playing something else but she will always have a special place in my heart.


Bob Slape on Whipper at the Zone champs.

Dylan and Megan so cute

Hayley and Justin encouraging our other section..

Ebony Sherriff few years ago .


Murray Jose carrying the ball with Don Pike playing for Pt. Pirie.

Nationals at Naracoorte 1988.

World cup QLD 2006 Dylan, Aidan and Fletcher.

Julie Morris hunting side saddle.



Sarah Martin was awarded our road trip Princess for looking not so amazing Saturday morning after a big one Friday night.

1. First there was Narelle nominated for her princess ways.

3. Second nominated was Tony for shotting goals like a princess.

2. Then Deanna stole it saying she was more of a princess.


4. Matt won his for dummy spit over have a 3 racquet playing the 1, not that he was rusty???

So a warning to all club members be very careful you don’t get caught acting like a princess or you will be here next time.

BEHIND THE FLOATS page 26 Your friend will be with you forever


For many of us who have enjoyed a life time involved in horses, there are always going to be memories of those special horses that we lost too soon. We reminisce at their quirky habits. We remember them as gangly foals with long awkward legs. Their finest hours when they received their awards, but always with a tinge of sadness of a life taken prematurely. These are the stories of some of those beautiful animals that we have lost in the last few seasons. Stephenson Studs Clancy.. 20. 9.2000 – 12.2.2012. written by Julie Morris. He was my BIG RED. My sister told me about this stock horse that had camp drafted but who had also evented. The owner wanted some thing who was going to take her higher up the grades. There was a sense of urgency because they were going to just turn him out on a station where he would have probably starved to death. As soon as I rode him I knew he was going to mine. You know how you get that feeling about certain horses. I just fell in love with him. He was so powerful but I never felt threatened by him. People used to say..How do you ride him. He looks so strong. He was but I trusted him and he trusted me. I do suspect that he was never gelded properly because he did show signs of being an entire. He was very protective of his mares .If another mare was introduced into the paddock he would chase her like a dog until he allowed her into his brood. Also I could never leave a rug on him in the paddock. He would rush to the nearest corner and stay there all day. Even if he was hungry or thirsty he wouldn’t move I had to go to him and then he would walk by my side down to the gate. IF he got in front he would circle me so he could be level with me....If only they could talk... The day I lost him is a day that will always stay in my memory. Id just worked him the same way as Id done for three years. Around my sand track with a final leg stretch up the hill. He loved this part. He always got so excited. Half way up I heard a crack. He wobbled. I pulled him up and I knew it wasn't good. My beautiful boy had shattered his near side hock. I can still hear that awful noise. I had to leave him up on the hill to run down to my cottage to phone the vet. I will never forget looking up and seeing him stood there. He seemed so calm as if he knew. It was if he just wanted to look around and remember the scenery. He's buried up there on the hill. I made a grave for him. I put a mirror on it so when the sun shines I can see him. I also put solar lights on it so I can see him at night. Taken much too soon RIP Clancy. You will forever be in my memories.

By Julie Morris


Through My Eyes. By .P.X. Nag Esq Oooh. How nice that feels rolling in the mud.. No more rugs. No having my beautiful locks shaved. I love my hair you Know. It improves my profile and I need all the help I can get in my golden years. I notice the ole girl doesn't shave her hair for the season so why should I. No plaited tails and no more long trips where I have to pee in the truck. I hate that. You know. Getting my legs wet. Yep. Me and my buddy are like pigs in shite. We still get fed but no more early starts working around that sand track. It was so bloody boring and that sand really made me sweat. Mind you I did notice how trim, taut and terrific it made me look. I always used to get admiring looks from the filly's and old mares at tournaments. Yep I struck a very handsome pose even though I say so myself. Mind you one of the drawbacks about being a sloth for the winter is how quickly my six pack and other parts of me drop..Hey Brownie does my ass look big from this angle. It does... You wanna have look at yours.. She took me hunting the other week. That was interesting. All these bloody dogs.oops sorry.. HOUNDS .. Must get it right. Anyway we chased this furry little red thing along the edge of this lake for ages. Us and all these bloody big horses. Jumped a few caps. Yeh That was clever . Jumps in fence lines.. Jeez those bloody hounds can go and what a row they make. Think the furry little red thing got away in the end because we all pulled up puffing and panting. Gee I thought that was harder than playing a number 3 in a very one sided chukka...also learnt a new word... TALLY HO.

Make no mistake. We love our down time but we do miss seeing all our good mates. We usually get a few quick games in at Sunny Swan Hill. But the ole girl is going back to Ukay. Some thing about returning to see her Mum and old friends. So its looks like we will be getting even fatter for few more months yet. She had go at taking our shoes off today. Heard her muttering about bloody farriers and how you could never get them when you needed them. Well her and her mate up the road, wrestled and pulled and twisted my feet for over an hour. I can tell you Id had enough. So I put my hoof down... HARD.... managed a quick cow quick at her mate and that was the end of that . I've still got two back shoes on. Her mate has a nice bruise on her thigh and I learnt a few more choice blasphemies I got turfed back out into my paddock.. and not very gently I might add.. with a rather stern comment about missing out on supper tonight. She doesn't mean it. I will just give her my sweetest poor me ,feed me look and she will melt. I know I've had years of practice. Yep.. We got a good life me and Brownie. Wouldn't swop it for quids. Think ill have a lie down under my favourite tree and dream about next polocrosse season.. and wait for my supper. The ole girl wont let me down .She loves me to bits.. I mean what would she do without me. Probably grow old and get fat.....I have noticed she has piled it on a bit since the season ended. So roll on next season. I'm not getting any younger either..... By Julie Morris



April 2013

Behind the floats extra from the Southern 50’s shoot out. Just thought we would get this out while it was fresh in every body’s mind. What a fabulous week end at the inaugural Southern 50’s Shoot Out. It had it all.. Unbelievable polocrosse, awesome horse flesh, off field entertainment and almost perfect weather. The APC camp of The Priors, Dick and Ness, De and Sarah welcomed a few fly ins from YP namely Julie Sherriff and Sharon Tilbrook..Nice to see ya girls... Plus a few of The Scum Bag Blues in the form of Berky, Rowdy and Drowsey.. Sounds like three of the seven dwarves... Unfortunately Tony and Velia were banished from the festivities due to umpire duties. Ha suck it up Astbury . More Shots for us.. We also welcomed a lovely lady from Rosedale who I’m sure was very impressed by Drowseys attempts at romance.. His foreplay being a rendition of his favourite ditty...Dickins Cider..... Friday saw play began at 2 p.m.. Eight teams comprising of players from all over OZ. A round robin format with two sections Wow First game we knew we were going to be in for cracker of a week end. Testosterone was running high with two players being side lined to cool off. With two games in daylight and two games under lights the atmosphere was magic. Our favourite young guns..Luke Lossberg, Matt Jarmain, Corey Buys, Michael Jolly, Jarad Martin and Steven(Bolty)Bolton..not so young... playing as Wellington livestock, won their first game easily and wowed the crowd with unbelievable racquet and riding skills. Porter Saddles FTroop of Glen Burns ,Phil Porter ,Jon Hart, BJ Thomas, Brad Cooper and Ben Thomas played hard but were slightly out

The other stand out team was Team Berragoon with Father, son, daughter, uncle, cousin and nephew Grills making up this family affair.. Do I hear Banjo Strings...Purpose bred family riding phenomenal stock horses who easily won their first round..We knew even then that this was going to be the team to watch. Cant comment on Friday night yet because I collapsed into my tent after driving for most of the day.. BUT.. I’m sure any tit bits of gossip will eventually filter through to me. MY PEN IS POISED. Remember nothing escapes The Polocrosse Grape Vine.. Saturday saw a whole day of Polocrosse plus other forms of entertainment including The Shetland Derby.. This was a prelude to the main race at Randwick.. Yes Haylist rolled Black Caviar in the straight after starting on the back line. OMG. This little Shetland flew. I’m sure the pint sized jockey had wind burn. Fortunately this was not going to happen to the real Black Caviar. Five pm saw frantic scenes at The Prior Gooseneck with Dave desperately trying to tune the TV into Fox Sports, which he did with two minutes to spare. Well done Dave because I’m told Astbury was starting to get twitchy. There was team Penning which quite frankly I found as exciting as watching Drowsey parade around in his baggy black boxers on Saturday morning ..Not pretty.. The Flag and Barrel race which was worth $2000 and The Ladies Barrel Race which I think most people missed... And not forgetting Velia executing an expertly timed rugby tackle on the mobile ANZ ATM


The polocrosse again did not disappoint. . Four more games to determine the semis on Sunday morning. A lot stand out performances but a few stand downs as well. A couple of our high pointed players from Victoria were quite frankly very out played. What can and I say ..The Titanic sunk and the other was well lets just say plain Cactus..... However our favourite APC son in law must have run over a chinaman on the way here. IF there was ever going to a bad bounce, a bad call, a bad pass Glen copped it.. We felt for you the whole game. Even when you were galloping goal wards time beat you. . You and Astro played your hearts out and I’m sure at your next tournament you will shine. Saturday night as usual saw lots of action. There was Tommy Tight Pants impersonating a pesky little mossy.. You know how they come out after dark, sneak up on you for a bite, evade a swat then turn up again when your think you safe. Well that best describes TTP... I think he was probably breast fed for far too long and never properly weaned off the boob. Also being only about four foot nothing he's like a kid in a lolly shop with breasts always at eye level...UNTIL he tried to latch onto HAYLEY'S F CUPS... Whoops Bad move..If Hayley hadn't swotted him then Matt would have surely flattened him. And so he buzzed off into the night never to be seen again.. The band was great with a whole array of songs for every taste.. I think the lead singer was obviously a fan of The Ladies Barrel Race and probably their only spectator. Because he had The Buckle Bunnies up on stage drooling over there performances on the day. ... Enter our own MILLION DOLLAR BABY....Sophie .. If your going to pinch a cow girls hat...Have the right team in your

corner..Maddie Mad Dog Illes Where were you... .JEEZ girls.. How could she get a good swing at the bimbo if your holding her back....Next time just poke her cowboy and compare notes the next day..

Quite a few sores heads peered out from their swags and tents on Sunday morning ready for their next fix of extreme polocrosse. Unfortunately Wellington Live stock went down in the semis together with The Sutton Sixers leaving Bombers Australia versus Team Berragoon.. And so after a beautiful performance by Lyric Anderson singing the national anthem the finals began. The whole game went goal for goal which had us all on the edge of our seats. We marvelled at the speed and agility of the horses and awesome rcaquet skills of the players.. Sadly there can only by be one winner and Team Berragoon ran out winners by three and collected the $10,000 winners cheque. Best Stock Horse and rider went to the only female in the comp.. Lucy Grills riding Berragoon Ravers which goes to show what an amazing game we have where men and woman can compete on an even playing field. And so ends the first Southern 50’s Shoot Out... Sale Polocrosse club can now replace their old heritage listed toilet and shower block with something bright shiny and new. We contemplate the long drive back to South Australia and look forward to the next Southern 50’S shoot Out and a rematch of Rowdy with Mad Dog as backup with The Barrel Girls.. Now that folks is a must see...

Written by Julie Morris. For more pictures please look on the Adelaide Polocrosse Club Facebook page.



Dave and Lily in between games.

Usain Bolt, Julie Sherriff.

Vanessa and Dick enjoying good Polocrosse.

Crime Stoppers? Tony Astbury.

Matt and Kym having a chat between games