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 1RUWK 1RUWK,VODQG 1RUWK,VODQG ,VODQG &KDPSLRQVKLSV &KDPSLRQVKLSV Friday, September 24th from 7.00 pm th Saturday, September 25 from 9.30 am (Note: Air Rifle Times Differ)

Manawatu Smallbore Rifle Association Range, 61 Totara Road, Palmerston North


2 x  Lucky Shooter no. Draws (Includes air rifle and re-entries) Smallbore Championships 1.

The Master, A, B, C, and D Grade Championships will be decided by the aggregates of two 20 shot matches (with sighters).

Optional Handicap Pairs Match - No restriction on number of


No Re-Entry will be allowed in the shooter's own Grade.

Open Teams' Match for R. Weston Challenge Trophy.


Challenge Trophies and Medals will be presented to the NORTH ISLAND CHAMPION and to the Winner and Runner Up in each Grade.


The Ladies' Challenge Trophy and Medal will be presented to the lady with the highest aggregate score.


The Shailer Cup and Medal will be presented to the VETERAN with the highest aggregate score.


The North Island Championship will be decided by the Fifteen Leading Shooters, irrespective of grade, firing a further 20 shot shoulder to shoulder match (with sighters).


The North Island Graded Championship will be decided by the 5 Leading Scorers in each of the B, C and D Grades, firing a 20 shot shoulder to shoulder match (with sighters). A prize will be awarded to the top scorer in each of the B, C, and D Grade Final.

Entries. Payout for 1st, 2nd & 3rd. Trophy for first


Entry fee $4.00 Teams of four Team members must be regular members of the same club.

100.10 Jackpot entry fee $1.00 100.10 Jackpot paid only if person has entered pool. (Pool shared if more than 1 shot) A 100.10 shot in any finals also count as long as they are entered in the pool

Entry Fees Master, A and B Grades


C and D Grades & Air Rifle


Refreshments available at Range

Practice Card Rule

Practice Cards for smallbore only, and will be shot on PRACTICE SQUADS ONLY. Practice squads of 10 minutes duration will be held throughout the championship, $1 per card. Practices to be completed by 3 pm

Air Rifle Open Championships

Friday and Saturday (also see attached sheet, as entries required in advance)


Men to contest a 60 shot match, Women to contest a 40 shot match. Electric Changers in Operation


The Air Rifle Championship and Open Trophy will be decided and prizes awarded for Men and Women from the rifle score and finals total. The Men’s 60 or Women’s 40 shot Air Rifle Trophy only will be awarded to the highest rifle score for each Championship match.


Please allow adequate time if you intend to compete in Air Rifle and Smallbore events on the same day. th Entries should be received by 5pm on Saturday 18 September.


Friday: 1 squad commencing 1900 hrs. 4 squads Saturday, commencing 0830, 1030, 1230 & 1430 hrs. Program subject to change, depending on entries.


The Five Leading Women who are present (Using the rifle score) will shoot an ISSF TYPE FINAL for the Open Women’s trophy and medal. Final commencing approx 4.30 pm. The Five Leading Men who are present (Using the rifle score total) will shoot an ISSF TYPE FINAL for the Open Men’s trophy and medal. Final commencing approx 5.15 pm. Late entries accepted on day only if space available

Post entries to Jon Phillipps MSRA, Box 4171 Palmerston North or Phoned to 06 3535 354 , Faxed to 3535 357 or Emailed to Please send Name and return address, preferred squad: Day & Time required also 2nd choice Day and Time. Shooters will be notified of their start time if it differs from preferred choice.

Championship Conditions

TSNZ membership cards may be required at point of entry

The meeting will be shot under TSNZ, Rules and Gradings. The Range Committee retains the right to alter the gradings of any Shooter. Each Grade shall be a separate competition, but a lower grade competitor may also compete in ONE higher grade on payment of the full fee for that grade in addition to the fee for the lower grade. Only one shooter shall occupy one mound. Shooters who shoot on consecutive squads must leave the firing point between squads. In case of Re-Entry in a higher grade, a shooter must compete in his own grade first. To qualify for the Final Fifteen or Graded Final, shooter must do so in his own grade. All re- entries and air rifle entries qualify for lucky shooter draws.

Self squadding will be used. All matches MUST BE SQUADDED BY 9pm FRIDAY or 3.30pm SATURDAY. All shooters must be prepared to shoot when called. Late entries will only be accepted on the payment of $2.00 late entry fee and provided they can squad on the existing cards. In the event of a tie, places will be decided by count back in ten shot strings. ANYONE NOT COMPLYING WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

Hon Secretary, Box 4171, Palmerston North

Nth Island Open 2010  

North Island Open 2010

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