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Saturday July 7th. Men's Compound FITA: (90m - 70m – 50m - 30m) Phil - 1290 Pete - 1286 Rob - 1275 Ladies Compound FITA: (70m - 60m – 50m - 30m) Hanlie - 1271 Debbie - 1185 Tim - 1126 Intermediate Recurve FITA: (55m - 45m – 35m - 25m) Jo - 978 Sylvia - 965 Bahram - 615 Notable events of the day (apart from the earthquake while Tim was at full draw): Deb heading back to car after last end seemingly happy to leave half a dozen arrows in the butt. Tim having a meltdown over arrows inexplicably diving off to the extreme left and getting worse each end. . . "which way should you wind your sights Tim?" And Pete sending a shock wave down the line as he dry-fires his bow for the first time having previously questioned how anyone could possibly do that.


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