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If you can answer yes to any of these questions, email Don Oberfoell at or call 218-735-8619 and see how can help take your business to the top!!!

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June 2013

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Scott Robinson 612-730-3719


Vince Griffith 763-210-5801


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PHOTOGRAPHERS/WRITERS Ceaja Philp Jenna Osterlund Mylie Lavold Erik Tormoen Jessica Kanke


SALES MANAGER: Jessica Kanke 763-210-5801 SALES: Scott Robinson 612-730-3719

June 2013

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Lukawski 1940 Ford Coupe Deluxe Car

“4 U Pops!” In 2000, William was diagnosed with cancer and was in and out of the hospital. Through the hospital visits J recalls that when it seemed his dad was at a low he would mention the latest updates for their project, which he said would lighten his father’s spirits. Sadly William’s battle with cancer ended with his passing on March 10th, 2001. Even though he was not able to finish the 1940 Ford Coupe project himself, J and his family made a promise to him that the car would be completed as he had wished. They did just that!

Written by Ceaja Philp

Stock Original This is where it all started!

Sound Familiar? Do you have a story of your custom ride? E-mail and you could be featured with your ride in the next issue!

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June 2013

A dark alley in South Minneapolis, MN, sitting next to a burn barrel sure doesn’t sound like great place to be for a diamond in the rough. In 1964, William Lukawski recognized the same thing, gave the owner $40 and brought home his project car. It was a chore just to get the 1940 Ford Coupe Deluxe home that day, with missing floor boards and trying to keep from falling through what was left of them as he shifted the gears. Lukawski got his Coupe together and raced it in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The Ford has seen many different engines under its hood, including a 283, 327 and a few 350s. After the birth of their son, J in 1969 and his daughter Terri, in 1971, the Ford Coupe became a daily driver, running errands, getting groceries, going to work and so on through the late 70s and early 80s. In 1994, J and his dad decided to start a complete restore on the ‘family car’. This time it was to have things such as air conditioning, new interior (now that the kids were ‘ice cream safe’), power windows, brakes and more. They were excited to take the car in to have it dipped (an acid process to rid all the old paint, rust, etc). Excited until they saw the car afterwards and realized

June 2013

a lot of the car was now gone. The project then became bigger with having to put in a new floor, firewall and other parts that came up missing after the process had been done. They continued working on the Coupe on and off while working on other cars along the way for the next 5 years. With the help of Julianne Lukawski, J’s mother, with how she felt her husband would have liked to see the Coupe complete, they were able to get it done the very morning of the 2003 GSTA show. They rolled it out of the shop and to the show. It was a very happy moment for the entire family. The 1940 Ford Coupe that had been a part of their lives for so many years was sitting on the show room floor as an entry. The beautiful Coupe was nominated for Street Rod of the Year by MSRA in 2003 (only 12 are chosen and voted on through the year). It was again nominated in 2005, but this time won, and throughout 2006 it was celebrated as MSRA’s Street Rod of the Year. Another award that stands out to the family is the Silver Hacksaw Award, given out by the Twin Cities Roadsters. It was given to them at the MSRA event in 2004. This award is given to a non-member

with a pre-1949 closed car that they feel would be ‘the perfect car…if you cut the top off’, as they are a convertible group. J is proud to say they hold many other awards with their ‘family car’ and his mother drives this car still today. There is so much care and love that has been put into the completion of the Lukawski’s prize 1940 Ford Coupe. Even the license plate expresses their love for the man who holds the most special place in their hearts, which reads, “4U POPS”. Today, their 1940 Ford Coupe features a 1967 Corvette 327 with 425hp, 700R4 transmission with overdrive, 9” Ford rear end with 355gears, paint by Unique Body and Paint, interior by Bill’s Auto Trim and such luxuries such as power windows, power seats, cruise control, stereo system, and A/C. The body has been modified by shortening the bumpers, hidden handles with poppers for the doors and trunk, and the hood has been ‘nosed’ with 2 ½ inches cut out. There is no doubt meeting J and his mother at this year’s 2010 GSTA, the blue flamed 1940 Ford Coupe Deluxe will be passed from generation to generation with great pride and a wonderful story to tell.

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Ă“ĂˆĂŠ,ĂŠEĂŠ " /  ĂŠ/, /",-]ĂŠ,]ĂŠ9ĂŠEĂŠ/ ĂŠ +1* /]ĂŠ /,1 -]ĂŠ- " ,-]ĂŠ," ĂŠ, ,-]ĂŠ*,/-ĂŠEĂŠ-  "1-




Auction Contact: Kevin DeBoer - (605) 237-1337

Directions: Clear Lake, SD: 9 miles north, 4½ miles east, 1½ south on 480th Ave; Watertown, SD: 20 miles east on Highway 212 to Tunerville, SD, 2 blocks south on Highway 15, east 4½ miles on County Road 6. (Watch for Henslin Auction signs!) 26 TRACTORS

1981 JD 4840 Power Shift, C.A.D., 3 Hyd, Power Beyond, 18.4-R42 Hub Duals, Large 1000 Pto, 13 Suitcase Weights, 7479 Hrs Showing, S/N#014442RW


JD 620, Gas, NF Roll-A-Matic, Power Trowel, Single Hyd, 13.6-38s, S/N#620007 JD 4010, Dsl, WF, Synchro, Single Hyd, 12-V, Like New 18.4-34s, S/N#49936 JD 3020, Gas, WF, Synchro, Single Hyds, Diff Lock, New 15.5-38s, S/N#119384r JD 3010, Dsl, WF, Synchro, Single Hyd, Fresh Overhaul, 15.5-38s, S/N#2679 JD 3010, Gas, WF, Synchro, Single Hyds, Diff Lock, 15.5-38s, 5505 Hrs Showing, S/N#11T7889 JD Unstyled-B, Gas, NF, Pto, New 11.2-36s, Excellent Condition S/N#32346

1923 Adams Motor Grader #10 Open Station, 1020 IH Gas Engine, 14’ Blade, S/N#167, Restored Horse Drawn 62� Wide Dirt Scraper On Steel Wheels Owatonna 320 Mustang Skid Loader, 2 Cyl Onan Gas Engine, Hydro, 52� Bucket, S/N#1579 Case 1830, Skid Loader, Needs Repair

1982 JD 4640, Quad, C.A.D., 3 Hyds, 18.4-42 Hub Duals, Pto, 18 Suitcase Weights, 6465 Hrs Showing, S/N#029083RW, 2nd Owner

1982 JD 4440, Quad, C.A.D., 2 Hyd, 18.4-38s , Pto, Rock Box, 2657 Hrs Showing, Plus Old Tac Of 5878 Hrs = 8535 Hrs, S/N#059442RW

Cat 12, Road Grader, Cat Dsl, 12’ Blade, S/N#7T2956

Farmall M, Gas, NF, 12-V, Single Hyd, 13.6-38s, S/N#FBK208590 Farmall Super H, Gas, NF, Factory Live Hyd, Single Hyd, 13.6-38’S, Fresh Overhaul, S/N#28434 Farmall H, Gas, Swartz WF, Single Hyds, 12-V, 11.4-38s, S/N#FBH354642X1 Farmall H, Gas, NF, Single Hyds, 12.4-38s, S/N#FBH350069X1 Farmall H, Gas, NF, Single Hyds, 11.2-38s, S/N#FBH262991 Farmall C, Gas, NF, Live Hyd, 12.4-36s, S/N#30075 Farmall B, Cult-A-Vision, NF, 6-V, 9.5-24s, Fresh Overhaul Farmall B, Cult-A-Vision, NF, 6-V, 9.5-24s, S/N#181911 Farmall B, Cult-A-Vision, NF, 6-V, 9.5-24s Oliver 1650, Gas, WF, Single Hyd, 16.9-34s, S/N#17639-452


1970 JD 4020, Dsl, Side Console, Synchro, 2 Hyds, Diff Lock, 18.4-38s, S/N#230950R 1967 JD 4020 Dsl, WF, Synchro, Single Hyds, Diff Lock, New 18.4-34s, 7425 Hrs Showing, Less Than 100 Hrs On Engine Overhaul, S/N#178333R 1967 JD 4020, Dsl, WF, Power Shift, Single Hyds, Diff Lock, 18.4-34s, S/N#167789R

Haybuster 256 Plus II Hay Processor, Pt, S/N#HI3714 Hesston 5580 Round Baler, 5’ X 6’ Bale, S/N#R55803632 Versatile 15’ Pull-Type Swather w/Transport JD 37M, 9’ Trailer Type Sickle Mower, S/N#02246E IH 1100 9’ Trailer Type Sickle Mower (3) JD 38, 7’ Semi Mount Sickle Mowers, Large Pulley NH 56 5-Bar Hay Rake (2) Farmhand 5-Wheel Rakes, One Hyd Lift (2) JD 14T Small Square Balers, One Owner Farmhand 8 Pack Small Square Bale Accumulator Farmhand 8 Pack Bale Grapple Fits JD 148 Loader Sheyenne Tooling & Manucfaturing Add-On Grapple, 2-Cyl, Greasable Pivot Points, w/Bucket (4) IH 15, 4-Bar Hay Rakes, LR 23’ Bale Elevator JD 7000, 8R 38� Planter, Dry Fert, Herb & Monitor JD 7000, 10R 30� Planter, Monitor, Updated Finger-Style Bean Boxes MC 15’ Stock Chopper, 4 Wheels, 1000-Rpm, S/N#51842 Sioux Grain Screener w/Load & Unload Augers DMC Hi-Cap 40, Grain Screener NH 520, Single Axle Manure Spreader, Double

Beater 8’ Dokken Double Auger Snowblower, w/3rd Auger, 3-Pt Hyd Spout (2) JD 1065 Running Gears, Long Reach MN 7-Ton Running Gear JD 2R 38� Corn Head For 60-Series Chopper JD 2R 38� Corn Head For 35-3800 Chopper Dokken Silage Box w/JD 1064 Gear Dokken Silage Box w/7-Ton MN Gear Dokken Silage Box w/Co-op Gear Swartz-2 Power Wagon Silage Box, w/7 Ton MN Gear (2) Wood Barge Boxes, Hoist On JD 1064 Gear Wood Barge Box, Hoist On JD 963 Gear (3) David Bradley Steel Flare Boxes w/Gears NI 326, 2R 38� Corn Picker, 8-Row Husking Bed JD 5-Belt Pickup Brady 5’ Stalk Chopper JD Long Hopper Silage Blower Belt Drive Westfield 7� X 51’ Auger, Pto (2) JD 350, 32’ & 48’ Bale & Grain Elevators Owatonna 205, 45’ Bale & Grain Elevator MM-D Corn Sheller, Belt Drive, S/N#38404587 (2) MM-D Corn Shellers, Pto JD 200 Gallon Field Sprayer, 40’ Boom JD 32b 200-Gallon Field Sprayer, w/Jet Nozzles Haul-All 2 Compartment Fert Tender, Hyd Unload 55� X 13’ Tri-Axle Trailer, Snt 46� X 7’ 2-Wheel Trailer (2) 5’ X 10’ Single-Axle Trailers, Snt IH 500, 12R 22� Planter, Semi Mount (2) 10’ JD 9350 Press Drills w/Hitch (2) 250-Gallon Saddle Tanks Post Hole Auger, Fits Farmall H 5000 Gallon Steel Tank (2) Steel Corn Cribs


1995 Gmc Top Kick, Single Axle Boom Truck, w/14’ Contractors Box, 38’ Reach, Cat Dsl, 5 & 2 Spd, 122,589 Miles Showing, 11R22.5 Tires

1978 IHC Fleetstar 2070A, Twin Screw Grain Truck, Detroit Dsl, 5 Speed Allison Auto, 20’ Steel Box, Hoist, Silage End-Gate, 10.00R20s 1974 Chev C-60, Single Axle Grain Truck, 350-V8, 4 & 2 Spd, 15’ Steel Box & Hoist, 58,000 Miles Showing, 900-20s Ford F-600 Single Axle Grain Truck, 6-Cyl, 5-Spd, 14’ Steel Box Hoist, Parts Only, No Title 8’ X 11’ Chipper Box

Bearcat Model 74624 Wood Chipper, 13-Hp, Honda, 6� Chipper, 103 Hours, w/Trailer 1992 Vermeer 1250 Brush Chipper, Perkins Diesel Engine, w/Trailer Metz & Merrill 12� Wood Chipper, 390 Ford V8 Gas Engine, on 2-Wheel Trailer, Drive Needs Work Huskee 11-Hp, Electric, 35-Ton, Hyd Log Splitter 1981 Honda 400A Honda-Matic Motorcycle, 1053 Miles Showing, One Owner 1980 Honda Trail 110 Motorcycle, 1941 Miles Showing Honda Trail 90 Motorcycle, 3254 Miles Showing Honda Trail 90 Motorcycle, 7692 Miles Showing IH 1½ To 2½ Hp Gas Engine Craftsman 150 PSI Portable Air Compressor JD Cat-3 Quick-Hitch K & M Step For JD 10 or 20 Series IH Fenders For M or H JD Black Cylinder

Wilrich 2500, 28’ Field Cult, Walking Tandems, Hyd Fold, 4-Bar Harrow Kewanee 1020, 21’ Tandem Disc, Hyd Wing Fold JD 230, 20’ Tandem Disc, Hyd Fold Bush Hog, 14’, Offset Disc JD 2700 4-Btm Vari-Width Plow, AR

JD 2700 5-Btm Vari-Width Plow, AR, S/N#012921A JD 2500, 6-18’S Plow, On Land, AR (2) JD 100, 14’ Chisel Plows, 14 Shank, Pt & 3-Pt IH 18.5’ Vibra Shank Field Cult Glenco 8R 38� Cult

1971 JD 4020, Dsl, Side Console, Synchro, 2 Hyds, Diff Lock, 18.4-34s, S/N#250674R

Ford 8600, Dsl, WF, 2 Hyd, Dual Power, 12,000 Hours Showing, 18.4-38s, S/N#X10975 Farmall M, Gas, NF, S/N#52688, For Parts Farmall H, Gas, NF, 12.4-38s, S/N#173215 For Parts (2) JD 148 Hyd Loaders, w/Grapples, 7’ Buckets 18.4-34, 9-Bolt Hub Duals 18.4-34, 18.4-38 & 15.5-38 Band Duals 42� Castings For JD 40-Series (3) Tractor Cabs, Year-Round & Lundeen for 4020s or 3020s


Springfield #25 Lawn Mower JD 10 or 20 Series Front Weights JD 7000 Planter Parts, Including Fertilizer, Planter, Herb Boxes, Bean Cups & Row Units Fairbanks Platform Scale Screw Jacks 2 Wheel Truck Loading Chute Standard Metal Oil Dispenser JD Roll-A-Matic NF Farmall M Rear End With Hubs JD 55 Axle JD Engine Parts Hyd Hoist For Steel Barge Box 16.9-26 Combine Tires 16.9-34 Tires Engine Blocks & Parts Miscellaneous Axles Used Implement, Car Tires & Rims Clipper Fanning Mill Ritchie Waterers for Parts Round Bale Feeders (2) Double-Sided SS Hog Feeders Overhead Auger Parts Steel Hog Flooring Wood Fence Posts Lots of Used Batteries Lots and Lots of Grove Machinery & Scrap Iron

TILLAGE Glenco 4R38� Cult 3-Pt Track Scratcher 3-Section Spiked Tooth Drag Lots of JD Flex Spiked Tooth Drag Sections JD 18’ Single Disc Transport For Single Disc

For More Pictures, Poster, Online Bidding and Auction Information, Visit Us at: Online buyers, Please review terms and conditions of auction prior to bidding and buying. For all online questions, please call Allen Henslin (320) 979-1808 Auction Notes: this will be a large equipment auction. Buyers, please bring your trailers as loading will be available for a limited time. Some items will be brought in to be sold from family and friends. Henslin Auctions is proud to be selected to once again conduct a large auction for the DeBoer family. Don’t miss this auction!!

Cell: (320) 979-1808

Frank Roering


w w w. h e n s l i n a u c t i o n s . c o m

Call Today Fo r Your Auction !



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(320) 365-4120

LaDon Henslin 65-25 Allen Henslin




Auction Terms: Cash, Good bankable check, Credit cards. All items sold as-is, where-is with no warranties or guarantees of any kind. South Dakota sales tax will apply. All items must be paid for at the conclusion of auction prior to removal from location. Any verbal announcement made by auctioneer will take precedence over any and all printed material. Online bidders, please register and review terms and conditions of auction at least 24 hours prior to auction date. Auctioneers and their staff are not responsible for accidents. Out of area buyers please bring letter of credit. Trucking Available. Lunch on Grounds. All Items must be removed in 7 days.

Henslin Auctions, Inc.





Auction Today’s Marketing Advantage

(320) 290-8490

Brad Dallmann

June 2013

(320) 905-6226


June 2013 March 2013

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• Commercial & Business Assets • Surplus Inventory • RV, Marine/ Boats, Power Sports Equipment • Estate Sales • Farm & Home On Line and Live Auctions in MN & WI

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June 2013

Preparation, Marketing, and Presentaion: From Set Up to Selling Up, Our Auction Staff works diligently to make your Auction selling or buying a pleasant and successful experience. June 2013

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Eagle Lake, Minn. -- Bid-2-Buy Online Auctions is

auctioning off the car collection of Andy and Nellie Anderson. In addition to classic cars, the auction also includes numerous auto parts, memorabilia, advertising, and more. The auction represents the spoils of a lifelong collector and active community member. Andy and Nellie met during their high school years in Wisconsin. Andy Anderson C.O. served in the U.S. army for one year, got married, and ran a Dairy Bar in Westby, WI until he was drafted back into the army for 3-1/2 years. After the army, while living in La Crosse, he worked for Skelgas for one week before being transferred to the Eagle Lake, MN branch of Skelgas—where he would remain for the next 36 years. Andy Anderson C.O.’s first car was a 1920 Model T Roadster, which he drove in high school. His second car was a 1927 Model T Coupe, which his wife Nellie bought him. Throughout the course of 50+ years, Andy Anderson C.O. collected and restored numerous cars, driving them in parades—representing Skel-

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June 2013

gas in many of them. Notably, Andy Anderson C.O. once drove Governor Wendell Anderson (with the accompaniment of staff body guards) in his 1936 Phaeton 4-door convertible. On February 22, 1964, Andy Anderson C.O. started the Auto Restorers Club of Southern Minnesota. The organization was very socially active, hosting pot lucks and relay games on the spare acres of Andy and Nellie’s home. The Auto Restorers now host an annual car show and swap meet at the St. Peter fairgrounds—always the third Sunday in September. Generally, the event draws somewhere between 500-600 cars. Among the many treasures Andy Anderson C.O. collected, he especially cherished his: 1915 Model T Ford, 1958 Ford Retractable, 1958 Edsel Convertible, 1961 Lincoln Continental, 1936 Ford Phaeton, 1936 Ford Pickup, 1949 Dodge Roadster, Skelgas Signs, Gas Pumps, Car Parts GALORE & MUCH, MUCH MORE!

June 2013

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June 2013

June 2013

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Bid-2-Buy Online Auctions

June 1-30, 2013 New Auctions Listed Daily Online Auctions

June 1-30, 2013 New Auctions Listed Daily

Blair Auctions For Full Listing of Storage Auctions June 1-30, 2013 For MN Storage Auctions

Synergy Auctions Online Auctions

June 1-30, 2013 New Auctions Listed Daily Online Auctions

June 1-30, 2013 New Auctions Listed Daily Page 16

June 2013

Twin Pines Auction Online Auctions

June 1-30, 2013 New Auctions Listed Daily

Powers Auctions Consignment Auction

Saturday, June 8 @ 9 a.m. 5498 Hwy 64

Baldwin, IA

Hiller Auctions Estate Auction

Sunday, June 9 @ 11 a.m. 13210 243rd Ave

Zimmerman , MN

Henslin Auctions Hunting Land Auction (Rothsay, MN)

Thursday, June 13 @ 6:30 p.m. Americ-Inn

Fergus Falls, MN

Henslin Auctions Collector & Classic Cars Auction

Saturday, June 15 @ 10 a.m. Matt Maring Auction Co, Inc. Kenyon, MN June 2013

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Henslin Auctions Real Estate, Antiques, Collectables & Tools Auction

Tuesday, June 18 @ 11 a.m. 1618 N. 5th Street

Montevideo, MN

Henslin Auctions Collectable Tractors, Farm, Hay & Tillage Equipment Auction

Thursday, June 20 @ 10 a.m. 17332 480A Ave

Clear Lake, SD

Henslin Auctions Real Estate Auction

Tuesday, June 25 @ 7 p.m. 250 Birch Ave

Bird Island, MN

Hiller Auctions Public Auto Auction (no images available) Thursday, June 13 @ 1 p.m. 830 Barge Channel Road

St. Paul, MN

Powers Auctions Antique Consignment Auction (no images available) Saturday, June 29 @ 9:30 a.m. 5498 Hwy 64

Baldwin, IA

Hiller Auctions Public Auto Auction (no images available) Thursday, June 27 @ 1 p.m. 830 Barge Channel Road

St. Paul, MN

For More Auction Dates Visit: Page 18

June 2013

SATURDAY JUNE, 29TH, 2013 at 10 am Auction to be located at the Mower County Fairgrounds 12th St., SW,Austin, MN 55912

The Bud “Root Beer” Johnson Collection No Reserve! No Onsite Buyer’s Premium!

Classic Cars, Cushman Scooters, Memorabilia at Auction!

VanDerBrink Auctions is pleased to bring you the Bud “Root Beer” Johnson Collection Auction. Gregg W. Johnson was born and raised in Austin, MN was a well-known resident of Mower County. He earned his wings in the Air Force during WWII flying many missions in the Pacific Theatre. He came home and opened the A&W Drive In 1948 and it beme a favorite “hang out” for many. Bud “Root beer” Johnson loved Classic Cars and started his collection after returning home from the war. He enjoyed competing in the New London to New Brighton Car Bud enjoyed his classic cars and paraded them and was in car shows all over the area. His family has decided to sell their father’s treasures and now is your chance to bring home a piece of his collection. There is something for everyone, from Corvettes, Classics, Cushmans, and Memorabilia. Plan now on attending this auction, you won’t want to miss it! CLASSIC & COLLECTOR CARS: CHEVROLET: RARE 1957 Fuel-Injected Corvette Roadster, 4-spd, Aztec Copper, 1964 Chevrolet Malibu 2-dr HT, 1967 Chevrolet Impala 2-dr HT, 1967 Chevrolet Camaro Coupe, 1971 Chevrolet Impala Conv., 1978 Chevrolet El Camino Conquista, 1987 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster, 16,000 Miles! CADILLAC: Rare 1906 Cadillac Model M Roadster, #1734, Beetle back, 1964 Cadillac Fleetwood 4-dr HT, 1966 Cadillac Deville, 1979 Cadillac Rare 1964 Amphicar Eldorado Coupe, PONTIAC: 1959 Pontiac Catalina HT, 389-Tri-Power, 4-spd! PLYMOUTH/IMPERIAL: 1966 Plymouth Satellite Coupe, 426 V8 Street Wedge, 1 of 265 made! 1955 Plymouth Belvedere Convertible, Beauty! Continental Kit! 1955 Imperial Limo Project, Derham Body. 351 HEMI, believed to be from Eisenhower Administration. Rare Project. FORD: Rare Model T Speedster, 1924 Ford Model T Roadster Coupe, 1924 Ford Model T Coupe, 1929 Ford Model A Pickup, 1928/9 Ford 2-dr Sedan Project, 1987 Corvette Roadster 1929 Ford Model A Cabriolet Coupe, 11931 Ford Model A Victoria, 1931 Ford Model A Coupe, 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe, 1967 Ford Mustang Convertible, 1967 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible, 1955 Ford F100 Custom Streetrod Pickup, 1966 Ford Mustang 2+2 Coupe, 1968 Ford Mustang Coupe, 289 V8, AT, 1987 Ford Taurus SHO Sedan, 1984 Ford Mustang Convertible, 1986 Ford Mustang GT Convertible, 1985 Ford Mustang Convertible, 5.0L … LINCOLN: 1987 Lincoln Town Car 4-dr Sedan, Loaded! Low Miles! GMC: 1976 GMC Elanza II 260 Motorhome, Lots of Work Done! Ready to Go! Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Volvo: 1987 BMW Convertible, 1967 VW Bug, RARE 1967 Volvo 1800 Coupe, 1966 Volvo 1800 ES Wagon, 1988 Mercedes 300 CE Conv., 1994 Mercedes E320 4-dr Sedan, 1986 Mercedes 190D Diesel 4-dr Sedan, … RARE 1964 Amphicar! Beauty! 1936 NASH Lafayette Sedan! Beauty! 20 Cushman Motorcycles! 1964 Honda Dream 305 Motorcycle! Various Piece of Memorabilia!!

Can’t come to the auction? BID ONLINE at

TERMS: Cash, Check with Verification of Funds and/or ID, with Payment in Full day of Sale. Removal day of sale preferred, within 10 days. All sales are Final, Sold AS IS. On-Line Bidding available at On-Line Bidders have separate terms. NO BUYER’s PREMIUM for ON-SITE Bidders. Be ON-Time! Being sold NO RESERVE!

1959 Pontiac Catalina

1967 Galaxie 500 Convertible

1976 Elanz Motorhome

1955 Plymouth Belvedere Conv

1967 Camaro

1967 Volvo Coupe

1966 Plymouth Satellite Coupe

1966 Mustang 2+2 Coupe

For more information, video, pictures, and more auctions… Can’t Come to the Auction…Bid On-Line at

June 2013

1931 Ford Model A Victoria

“The Lil’ Nordstrom’s Gal”

Yvette VanDerBrink

Page 19 - Centrally located in the middle of Minnesota. Little Falls to be precise. This company has been serving the area since the spring of 2008 and has continued to expand ever since.

Page 20

uring the winter of 2007, Dave Retka was contemplating a career change. Dave, with the support of his family, decided to create a new start up business, something he has had experience in with years of selling on eBay as well as attending, buying and selling at live auctions. Furthermore, the fact that his father works for an auction company, he decided an auction company was right for him. With the ever growing internet marketplace with unlimited growth potential, was created. Auctions on the internet at this time is not something new with eBay and several other auction companies jumping onboard the with online auctions in Minnesota. So, while developing the business, decided to use software that is used by other local auction companies so the customers would be familiar with it and provide them an ease of navigating the auctions. Another consideration was the fact that online auctions differ from live auctions. The perspective buyer is able to evaluate the auction for several days and place bids from the comfort of their favorite chair, their office or from their smartphone at anytime between the auction starting and ending. The alternative is a live onsite auction where items are sold in a very fast pace with little time to research and

June 2013

contemplate. Therefore, we believe having the online auction provides our sellers a better sale price for their assets. The auctions also reach a worldwide audience, something a live auction cannot. We have had hundreds of auctions in the 5 years selling almost anything you can think of, from Business Liquidations to Estates, Vehicles, Heavy Equipment, Antiques and Collectibles, Tools, Hardware, Household, Restaurant Equipment, Dealer Surplus, Recreational items such as Boats, Snowmobiles, Campers and ATV’s and so much more. During the 5 years and as the business grew, UpNorthBid has added several affiliate locations to serve a larger area. Several of the affiliates have been in the auction business June 2013

for years and share their experiences and knowledge with each other to help build a better business model. The affiliate locations are Northland Consignment in Isle, MN. Restore masters in Pine River, MN. CRC and Sons in Sauk Rapids, MN. MG3 Resale in Avon and Willmar, MN. And an additional Little Falls location Ron Nornberg Automotive. To contact any of these affiliates, visit our website- uses the mantra: “ online auctions, Your LOCAL Online Marketplace.” Since its inception, we have always known that the local customer, whether it is the seller or the buyer, is the key to success. We, as a company, believe that trust is a major factor to our accomplishments. As with all online auctions, the

Our mission at UpNorthBid. com is to provide the highest possible auction service available.

Page 21

er usually does not physically look at the items on auction. So, we try to provide the best, honest description as possible and as many photos and videos that we feel is necessary to describe the item. Recently, UpNorthBid began using new inventory and marketing software developed by a Minnesota company, Wavebid. This software allows us to provide multiple form elements for item attributes as well as an HTML editor for creating attractive descriptions. This means that we can add color, highlights, bullets and more to the descriptions. Our mission at is to provide the highest possible auction service available. We do this through honesty, integrity, professionalism, and hard work. We are committed to treating each client with the utmost respect, and handling each auction professionally and to the best of our ability. Our success is measured by the ultimate satisfaction of all those whom we serve.

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June 2013

" / 6 "]ĂŠ ĂŠUĂŠ, ĂŠ -// ]ĂŠ /+1 -]ĂŠ " /  -ĂŠEĂŠ/""-


/1 - 9]ĂŠ1


Auction Notes: It gives Henslin Auctioneers great pride that the Jorgenson family has selected us to conduct this large auction. We will begin with real estate, concluding with antiques, collectibles, lawn and garden. Don’t miss this auction. See you there ~ Henslin Auctioneers. Directions: Montevideo, MN - Highway 7 & 29, 1½ miles north, Ÿ mile west on Wolfe Avenue, Ÿ mile north on Fifth Street. Watch for Henslin Auctions signs.

2+ Bedroom Rambler Home, Fireplace, Large Attached Garage, Spacious Yard Open House Dates: Monday, June 3 & June 10, 5:00-6:00 p.m. 22’ X 40’ Two Plus Bedroom 100 Amp Breakers New Top-Load GE Washer Rambler-Style Home, Newer Heil 7000 Natural Maytag Natural Gas Dryer Large 22’ x 24’ Gas Furnace New Aqua Magic Water Attached Garage Central Air Softener Living Room - 14’ x 22’ Wood Fireplace New Natural Gas Water Heater Dining/Kitchen - 8’ x 22’ 12’ x 17.5’ Concrete Deck Gas Range and Chest Bedroom-1: 10’ x 14’ Co-Op Refrigerator Freezer in Basement Bedroom-2: 9.5’ x 10.5’ Hot Point Electric Range/ Ceiling Fan in Living Room Bathroom 6.5’ x 6.5’ Oven Central Vacuum System 10’ X 11’ Metal Storage Shed Half Bath Full Basement ," ,-Ê*,/ */" Ê7  " t Real Estate Auction Terms: $5,000 Certified Funds Down Day Of Auction. Remainder Due Upon Closing In 30-40 Days Following The Auction. Buyers Premium Will Apply To Real Estate Only, Immediate Possession. For More Information Call Henslin Auctions At (320)-365-4120.

HOUSEHOLD, ANTIQUES & MISCELLANEOUS Antique Dresser Round Wood Kitchen Table - 4 Chairs 3-Door Glass Top Hutch w/3 Drawers

Dorado 5-String Banjo w/Case 2-Piece Drum Set Entertainment Center Antique Small Desk Round Top Trunk Press Back Chairs Chest of Drawers Antique Bench

Cast Iron Glass Top Table and Chairs File Cabinet Portable Wood Fireplace Trundle Bed Singer Sewing Machine w/Cabinet Wire Racks

Press Back Rocking Chair Exercise Bike Treadmill Piano Cupboards Washboard Christmas Items Legend 3-Wheel Electric Scooter Hide-A-Bed

4 Portable Electric Heaters Single Bed Lots of Linens Wrought-Iron Bench Coffee & End Tables 2 Recliners End Tables Fireplace Set 14 pc Styled House Corgage China Long Mirror Small Kitchen Appliances Folding Chairs Lefse Grill Trampoline Collectible Glassware Handicap Items Powerized Railing Lift Chair TVs Baseball Cards Old Books 1/16 JD 7800 FWA Toy Tractor Usual Kitchen Items Knick Knacks & Shelf

3 PT EQUIPMENT, LAWN & GARDEN, AND MISCELLANEOUS New King Cutter 6’ Rotary Mower, 3-Pt New King Cutter 6’ Tandem Disc, 3-Pt

New King Cutter, 6’ Landscape Rake, 3-Pt Simplicity ZT-1644 Lawn Tractor, 16 hp, Hydro, 44� Deck Fertilizer Spreader, Pt 25-Gallon ATV Sprayer w/Boom & Wand 38� Lawn Sweeper Hardi 15-Gallon Lawn Sprayer, Pt 4 Unfinished Tamarack Wood Coffins

Transfer Pumps w/ Honda and BriggsStratton Engines Large Fastenal Parts Bin Life Jackets Fiberglass Electric Fence Posts Turtle Back For Model-T Rolls of Insulation Wheelbarrow Hand Fuel Pump for Pickup Fuel Tank Bicycles Aluminum Extension Ladder Lawn Chairs Hand & Power Tools Portable Air Compressor Miscellaneous Golf Items Pet Taxis (2) 8-Bolt Chevy Rims w/ 245-16 Tires Step Stool

Many More Items Too Numerous to Mention

Ă€>ĂŠEĂŠ>Ă›ÂˆĂƒĂŠÂœĂ€}iÂ˜ĂƒÂœÂ˜ĂŠ ĂƒĂŒ>ĂŒi 1618 North Fifth Street, Montevideo, MN

Auction Terms: Cash, Good bankable check, Credit cards. All items sold as-is, where-is with no warranties or guarantees of any kind. All items must be paid for at the conclusion of auction prior to removal from location. Any verbal announcement made by auctioneer will take precedence over any and all printed material. Auctioneers and their staff are not responsible for accidents. For more pictures, poster, online bidding and other auction information visit us at:

Cell: (320) 979-1808

Frank Roering (320) 290-8490






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