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Gabriel Hyden Peter Drew Chris Dafick Behind the Lens: Anthony Medina Daniel Jurzyna Hooded Fang Jeremy Soderburg Ross Jones Ryan Many Pins Tom Coley-Sowry Michel Prado Wake Schepman Leo Oppenheim Fun page

Issue 09 August 2013 Š Wheel Scene Ltd Editor David McNamara Sub-Editor Chris Delaney Designers Gareth Lindsay Graham Patrick Web Design Ewan McDonald Stuart Chown Words David McNamara, Rob Gunn, Henry Wilkinson, Bobby Smith, Ryan Loewy, Louis Flood Sam Cooper Photos Ivan Malvido, Rob Gunn, Mina Sewell Mancuso, Jonathan labez, Armando Colunga, Lawrence Badger, Ryan Loewy, Hayden Golder, David Montes Aldea, Cameron Card, Sam Cooper Cover Photo Daniel Jurzyna: Fishbrain, Photo by Rob Gunn

Wheel Scene is the UK’s largest rollerblading and music publication, and offers a wide range of advertising packages and affordable ways to promote your business. Get in touch to find out more. Online wheelsceneblading Email Address Wheel Scene 54U Wyndford Road Glasgow Scotland G20 8ES All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in whole or in part without the explicit permission of the publisher. The views and opinions expressed within this publication do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of the printer or publisher. Printed by Mortons Print Limited, Horncastle.

We normally reserve this section of the publication to give a brief insight into what you can expect from this issue of Wheel Scene. However, we would like to take this opportunity to explain some of the things that happened while we put it together. For one, we were overwhelmed with the response our Kickstarter project received and humbled by the fact that we exceeded our £1,500 goal. We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who showed their support.


Another lesson we learned from this issue is that you can never take it for granted that a blader to stay true to their word, no matter how famous they may be. Back in February, we heard that Billy O’Neill had seen a copy of Wheel Scene and was impressed with what we were doing, so we contacted him to see if he would be interested in doing an interview and being the cover star for issue nine. He got back to us and gave us the green light, so we commissioned Chris Dafick – who also appears in this issue – to take the photos in Oakland. However, shortly after, Billy moved back to New York and we began to worry that the interview might not happen. We reached out to former Rejects Magazine owner and Wheel Scene’s New York distributor Shawn Engler to get some shots and he generously offered his services. We thought we were back on track until Haitian Magazine dropped their new issue in June, which featured an epic shot of Billy O’Neill on the front cover and an interview as well. Alarm bells started ringing instantly because Billy never mentioned that this was happening. We tried to contact Billy various times but he simply never responded. We then got in touch with Shawn to see if he had heard from Billy, but he advised that he was also having no luck either. As a result, we had to find a new feature

to fill six pages and figure out who the hell we were going to put on the cover. In summary, we will always be massive fans of Billy O’Neill’s incredible blading talents but we cannot deny that we are extremely disappointed by his decision to flake out on us. It’s a shame because the finished interview is currently sitting on a computer gathering dust, which sucks. David McNamara Editor Praise be to thee: Slaptap Vihmiru Unit 23 Skatepark Demon Xtreme The House Skatepark The Works Skatepark Thanks to all the Kickstarter backers: Andy Monaghan Mike Duggan Lawrence Rodgers Graeme Forbes Rio Brown John Jenkins Duncan Clarke Chris Orange Jojo Jacobi Andrew Tough First and Lexington



Firsts: Gabriel Hyden

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Artist Under Fire Peter Drewâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s endearing creations have been charming the residents of Glasgow for the past year but his work threatens to jeopardise his place at one of the UKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most respected art institutions.


Within the past 12 months, beautiful imagery has been popping up around Glasgow’s city centre and west end in the form of massive handdrawn portraits appearing in hugely popular destinations such as Sauchiehall Street, Byres Road and Ashton Lane, as well as quaint characters with pixelated faces quoting Hamlet also taking over unused public spaces. This is the first time one street artist has made such a concentrated effort to bring life to the many disgarded parts of the city’s urban landscape and it is the actions of lone protagonist Peter Drew, an Adelaide-born artist who is currently studying for a Masters degree at prestigious visual art institution Glasgow School of Art. The Australian’s thought-provoking creations are gradually taking over the dear green place one street at a time, and add to an already extensive collection that can be found in London, Berlin and New York, but very few people knew he was responsible until Herald Scotland “unmasked” him back in February. Since then, the plot has thickened somewhat as Glasgow School of Art has now threatened to expel Drew unless he ceases his illegal street art crusade. This seems rather bizarre as GSA were aware of what he was doing prior to accepting him on the Masters course and even used some of his work in their promotional material. This is not the kind of action you would expect from an institution that counts Turner Prize winner Martin Boyce, Oscar winner Peter Capaldi and criticallyacclaimed writer Alistair Gray amongst its alumni. Regardless of the fact that he has never been arrested for his guerrilla artwork in Scotland and the local authorities have raised no objections to his inspired use of boarded-up shop fronts and overlooked wall space, Drew has found himself in conflict with Glasgow School or Art in a battle that he simply cannot win. If they decide to revoke his place on the course, his visa will instantly become invalid and he will have no choice but to move back to Australia. On the other hand, if he does get arrested while putting up some of his work, his visa will be revoked and he will have no choice but to drop out of the course. Drew offered us a few moments of his time to explain his reasoning behind choosing Glasgow School or Art as the place to complete his Masters degree, his ongoing battle with them in defence of his work and his plans beyond graduating.

I understand that you are from Australia originally but you are studying in Glasgow at the moment. When did you move here and what are you studying exactly? I first came to Glasgow with my wife back in 2011 – it was actually our honeymoon! It just felt right here, so we decided to come back and study for a year. She’s studying fashion and I’m doing a Masters in research in creative practices. My thesis is on the inability of large institutions to embrace illegally made street art. I have noticed some of your work around the city but I understand there is a lot more on display in Glasgow and beyond. How many pieces have you done in total and in which cities can they be found?  I’ve pasted up about two dozen large pieces around Glasgow, mostly in the city centre and around the west end. They’re mostly hand painted on paper but some are also photos that I’ve blown up and printed out. They only last a few months but I’ve also picked some spots that should stay up for a couple of years. There’s always a trade off between public visibility and longevity on the street. I’ve also pasted up work in London, Berlin, New York, Athens, Sydney, Melbourne and, of course, Adelaide. What inspires your work, the messages portrayed within it and the charming figures with the cube heads?  The pixel-faced characters are meant to be a play on emoticons. Over the last six months, I’ve been working on a large series that depicts my favourite soliloquy from Hamlet. I guess it’s a parody of digital communication in the sense that it makes fun of the way that digital mediums flatten out our emotions. I like to think that face-to-face communication is the best kind but, at the same time, I’m fascinated by all kinds of online communication. I guess the work is about the quality of different kinds of communication. I read a newspaper article recently that suggested your street art has landed you in trouble with Glasgow School or Art. Care to tell us a little more about that? For my first six months at the school, they didn’t have a problem with any of my projects, even though they were all carried out illegally. Then, suddenly, they decided that it all had to stop. They made it clear that I couldn’t keep making illegal street art if I wanted to stay at the school. I kept going for a couple more months but they wouldn’t let the issue drop. I guess it took me a while to really believe they could be so regressive.

Have you been in any trouble with the police because of your street art in Glasgow? I haven’t run into any trouble here but I was arrested once back home. I was climbing on a roof top at the time, so it really had more to do with trespassing than vandalism. There were about a dozen cops surrounding the building. They thought we were trying to rob the place, so they got a bit confused when all they could find on us was glue and paper. How did GSA find out you were the one doing the street art in the first place? It seems odd that they would have a problem with it if the authorities don’t. Surely they would be happy for you to continue as long as it doesn’t result in a run-in with the law? I told the school exactly what I did when I applied to study here. They’ve even used my images in their promotional material. At first, they were happy for me to continue but I guess they decided it wasn’t worth their risk. It would seem strange that GSA would threaten to kick you off the course. After all, if an English student at Glasgow University got arrested for something minor outside the university grounds, he would face no repercussions. True. The school’s made it very clear that they’re worried about the UK Border Agency kicking up a fuss about a foreign student breaking the law and violating his student visa. But UKBA haven’t contacted me, nor have the Glasgow City Council or the police, and I’m not expecting them to. I post everything I do online and put my name to it, so it’s not as if I’m hid-

Are you going to continue doing street art in Glasgow? I’m taking a break at the moment, just to avoid getting sent home, but I’m thinking about asking volunteers if they’d like to help out. When it comes to paste-ups, there’s so little risk of upsetting property owners (if you pick your spots well) and I like the idea of a community driven conclusion to the Hamlet project, something that makes fun of this whole situation. Have you considered asking permission from property owners to put your work up? It could be a way around the problem and I am sure there are liberal businesses out there that would be willing to get involved. I have done some commissioned work in the past but I prefer to work on an uncommissioned basis. I think it changes the nature of the work once you start asking permission. I’m not against property owners, I just think there’s room for a certain amount of free expression in public space. It just requires artists to be conscientious and property owners to be open-minded. What are your plans for when you finish your Masters degree? I’ll always keep making work on the street but I’d like to make more documentaries. The short doc I helped make (Who Owns The Street?) was listed in this year’s Sheffield Doc/Fest and I’d like to follow it up with a series about the conflicts between art and the art world. And beyond that? I’m pretty keen to head back to London for a bit. I can’t stay in Glasgow forever but I know it’s the sort of place that will pull me back again and again. It must be the people because it’s surely not the weather.


ing either. When I came to the UK, I expected to find tolerance towards street art and, for the most part, I have, which makes the school’s position doubly strange. It just goes to show that institutions will eventually get nervous if you put them on the spot, but if you allow them to ignore the situation there’s a good chance they’ll be tolerant out of sheer indifference. Generally, I prefer to confront the issue.


I am guessing the irony is not lost on you that you are doing a thesis on the inability of big institutions to accept illegally made art. Did you decide to base your thesis on this experience or was it simply a cruel coincidence? Recent events have definitely shaped the way my thesis is turning out and it’s pretty hard to miss the irony. I’ll enjoy the humour of it all once the course is over. I’m starting to believe that art is all about conflict, so I guess my time at art school has been well spent, in an odd way.






Turn Down the Suck: The Shredweiser Story Over the past couple of years, Shredweiser has spread throughout the international blading community and Chris =ZÛ\dblZmma^_hk^_khgmh_ the movement. — Words: David McNamara Photos: Ivan Malvido

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Soul to roll



Disaster topsoul

Best Way to Kill Time I lucked out with a sick fucking job right when I moved out west in San Francisco delivering weed for a dispensary. I cruise Zkhng]ma^\bmrZee]Zrhgfr[bd^%Ûg]bg`lihmlZg]cnlm`^mmbg` into shit – not a bad gig. Besides that, hanging out with my buddies at the house and kicking it with my main man Steve, rinsing tunes and fucking around on the guitar a little bit.




:=Zrbgma^Eb_^h_<akbl=ZÛ\d PZd^ni%aZg`pbmama^Lm^o^%]hbgo^gmhkrhgpahlmkrbg`mh get rad, skate, get into something cool, smoke some spliffs, skate some more, beer time, fun time, then call it a night. It usually goes something like that.

In addition to more conventional DVD releases such as Concealed Broadcast, Names, Swag and Dag Days%F^]bgZaZl also been responsible for a proverbial tidal wave of high quality online edits over the past few years that have helped increase the ikhÛe^lh_FZlhgKb\aZk]%?kbmsI^bmsg^k%Chla@ehpb\dbZg]<h]r Sanders. He has most recently assisted in providing Adapt rider Andrew Broom with more exposure, as well as creating video ^ob]^g\^maZmeh\Zeo^m^kZgKh[S[kZg^d!k^f^f[^kabf_khf Against The One Way?) is still going strong.



Mablr^ZkfZkdlma^k^e^Zl^h_Waterloo%F^]bgZleZm^lm[eZ]bg` venture, which aims to highlight the strength of the local scene bg:nlmbgZg]_^Zmnk^llm^eeZki^k_hkfZg\^l_khfFZlhgKb\aZk] and Andrew Broom as well as a selection of others. As it will lhhg[^fZdbg`bmlpZrmhldZm^lmhk^lmakhn`ahnmma^phke]bg =O=_hkf%p^]^\b]^]mh\Zm\anipbmama^\k^ZmhkmhÛg]hnm where it all started, as well as the trials and tribulations involved in creating blading media for the masses.


Behind the Lens: Anthony Medina

The Texas scene has witnessed a massive revival over the past few years. There is a wealth of talent in the Lone Star State but until recently that talent has gone largely unnoticed. Well, apart from the travelling escapades of Fritz and Glow, of course. Fortunately, ma^k^blZ\hee^\mbhgh_ÛeffZd^kl]^]b\Zm^]mhfZqbfblbg`^qihlnk^_hkma^bkeh\Zel\^g^%bg\en]bg`:nlmbgl:gmahgrF^]bgZ'

Ahp]b]rhn`^mbgmhÛefbg`Zg]^]bmbg`ob]^hlZg]paZmr^Zk ]b]rhnlmZkm8 B[^eb^o^ma^r^ZkpZl2/%[nmBfghmihlbmbo^'FriZk^gmlaZ] Z\Zf^kZZg]p^phne][kbg`bmhnmpa^gp^[eZ]^]Zg]Ûef ebm^kZeer^o^krmabg`_khfma^]Zr'BfZ]^ZaZg]_neh_O<K&mh&O<K ob]^hlpbmafrhe]_kb^g]CZrZg]%^o^gmnZeer%BlmZkm^]mhmZd^bm fhk^l^kbhnlerZg]`hmZe^`bm\Zf^kZZg]\hfinm^kmhphkdhg' BmpZlZkhng]+)))pa^gBk^Zeer`hmbgmhbmZg]lmZkm^]mh_h\nl hgÛefbg`Zg]^]bmbg`%kZma^kmaZginlabg`fr[eZ]bg`' PaZmpZlma^Ûklm\Zf^kZ^jnbif^gmrhnlmZkm^]nlbg`Zg]paZm ]h^lrhnkl^mni\hglblmh_ghp8 Lhf^lhkmh_CO<OAL&<\Zf^kZ!eZn`al"'FrÛklme^`bm\Zf^kZ pZlma^@E*'Kb`amghp%Bfnlbg`ZLhgr>Q*Zg]Z<Zghgm,b% fhlmer_hkÛla^r^hklmZmb\lahml'

?hkmahl^pah]hgmdghp%\hne]rhn`bo^nlZ[kb^_kng&]hpgh_ ma^ob]^hlrhnaZo^phkd^]hg8 P^ee%ebd^Bf^gmbhg^]%BfZ]^lhf^_hnkO<K&mh&O<Kob]^hl [Z\dbgma^]Zr!ma^Texas Outlawsl^kb^l"'FrÛklm e^`bm  ob]^hmaZmBfZ]^pbmaZe^`bmbfZm^\Zf^kZZg]\hfinm^kpZl Concealed Broadcast%g^qm\Zf^Names%Swag%Dag DaysZg] now Waterloo'

PaZmblma^aZk]^lmiZkmh_fZdbg`rhnkhpgob]^hlZg]Ûefbg` ^]bml8 P^ee%hg^h_ma^aZk]^lmiZkmlbl`^mmbg`^o^kr[h]rhgma^lZf^ iZ`^Zg]`^mmbg`^o^kr[h]rmh\Zk^Z[hnmma^ikhc^\mZlfn\a Zlrhn]h'Lhf^mbf^l%pa^gÛefbg`_hkZehg`i^kbh]h_mbf^% i^hie^\Zg_hk`^mma^^g]`hZeZg]ma^bkZmm^gmbhg\Zg]kb_mh__' Ma^k^lcnlmZehmh_k^lihglb[bebmrZg]Zmmbf^lbm\Zg_^^eebd^Z ch[%pab\ablma^hiihlbm^h_paZmbmlahne]_^^eebd^' AZo^rhn`hmZgr_nmnk^ikhc^\mlrhn\Zgm^eenlZ[hnm8 P^ee%]^Ûgbm^erghmZghma^kob]^h'BaZo^ghk^Ze\hg\k^m^ieZgl _hkma^_nmnk^%Bfcnlm^gchrbg`ma^mbf^h__Zg][eZ]bg`fhk^' :g]k^p;khhfg^^]lZg:]ZimikhfhlhhgZg]Chla@ehpb\db% D^ZmhgG^plhf%?kbmsI^bmsg^kZg]BaZo^ZeemZed^]Z[hnm]hbg` Zg^]bmmh`^ma^k'Pa^gBfk^Z]rmhlmZkmÛefbg`Zg]^]bmbg` Z`Zbg%BcnlmpZgmmh]hhgebg^ikhc^\mlmaZmZk^h_ ob]^h jnZe& bmr'B]kZma^kfrl^e_Zg]ma^[eZ]^kmZd^hnkmbf^Zg]fZd^ lhf^mabg`e^`bmmaZgcnlmmakhplhf^mabg`mh`^ma^k'BaZo^Zehmh_ b]^Zl[nm%kb`amghp%ZeeBpZgmmh]hbl[eZ]^'BaZo^gmhi^g^] fr\Zf^kZ\Zl^bgZfhgma'

M^eenlZ[hnmWaterloo'Ahp]b]ma^ikhc^\m\hf^Z[hnmZg]pah blbgoheo^]8 PbmaDag Days%BpZlmkZo^eebg`ghg&lmhiZ\khllM^qZl%Ûefbg` Zeema^]b__^k^gmikhÛe^l'BmpZl`k^Zm%Bphne]gm\aZg`^Zmabg` Z[hnmbm%[nmBpZl]^Ûgbm^er[nkgmhnm_khfmkZo^eebg`mhÛef'Pbma Waterloo%BpZgm^]mh_h\nlhgfrbff^]bZm^l\^g^%ma^:nlmbg l\^g^%[^\Znl^bmaZl`khpglhfn\aZg]p^aZo^lhf^h_ma^ [^lmmZe^gmma^lmZm^aZlmhh__^k'Waterloo_^Zmnk^lFb\d<ZlZel% MbfhgZDZln^%:g]k^p;khhfZg]FZlhgKb\aZk]'




=b]rhn`^mZgr_hkfZe^]n\Zmbhgmhe^ZkgahpmhÛefZg]^]bm ob]^hl8 Ghg^'BmpZlZ_ngmabg`mh]hZg]B\ZgnlnZeer\Zm\ahgik^mmr p^eepa^gmkrbg`g^pmabg`l'Ma^k^p^k^lhf^_kb^g]lh_fbg^ he]^kZg]fhk^dghpe^]`^Z[e^pa^gbm\Zf^mhÛefbg`Zg] ^]bmbg`%lhma^ra^ei^]f^Zehg`ma^pZr%[nmfhlmerbmpZlcnlm ^qi^kbf^gmZmbhghgfriZkm'

:k^rhn`hbg`mhl^ee=O=lh_Waterloohkpbeebm[^ZoZbeZ[e^ hgebg^8 R^Za%Bfphkdbg`hg`^mmbg`=O=lghp&bmlahne][^pbmabgZ \hnie^p^^dl'Bli^gm[r_Zkma^fhlmmbf^^]bmbg`Waterloo%lh Z_m^kma^ik^fb^k^Bo^cnlm[^^glni^k[nkgmhnm'


Backside backslide, Chinatown, Glasgow


Psycho Killer Introducing Daniel Jurzyna, the Nysa-to-Edinburgh import affectionately known within the Scottish blading community as Polish Daniel. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Words and photos: Rob Gunn

Daniel Jurzyna is originally from a small town in the south of IheZg][nma^l[^^gebobg`bg>]bg[nk`a_hkma^iZlmgbg^h_abl +,r^Zkl'B_Zld^]mh]^l\kb[^=Zgb^elldZmbg`%fZgrphne]lZr maZma^lZ`hh]he]&_Zlabhg^]aZff^k]khii^k':[e^g]h_ Fbg]`Zf^&^kZ:Zkhg?^bg[^k`pbmaZibg\ah_<akblAZ__^rl f^Zlnk^]m^\agb\Zebmrmhlib\^nima^[khma'=^libm^[^bg`ngfbl& mZdZ[ermZe^gm^]%=Zgb^ebll\Zk\^erdghpghnmlb]^h_L\hmeZg]' Ma^pahe^\hngmkr\Zg_^^eebd^hg^[b`l\^g^%Zg]pbmaln\a ihp^kahnl^gZf^lZlL\hmmJnbgg%<aZsLZg]l%CZf^lD^rm^% ln]]^gerbmlghmlhaZk]mhl^^ahpZgh\\ZlbhgZeengZmb\fb`am lebimakhn`ama^g^m'


Ebd^^o^krldZm^k%a^lZ\k^Zmbo^`nr%Zg]ma^l^]Zrl=Zgb^el \k^Zmbobmrm^g]lmh[^]bk^\m^]fhk^ZmÛeffZdbg`maZgldZmbg`'Bg ma^iZlm\hnie^h_r^Zkla^l[^^gikhebÛ\%phkdbg`hgho^k+) lahkmÛefl%nlnZeerZlZ\bg^fZmh`kZia^k'A^lghpfZdbg`abl hpgfnlb\Zg]\hff^k\bZeob]^hlmhh%Zg]^Zkgbg`fhg^r_khf ma^f]^libm^lmbeephkdbg`ablpZrmakhn`a_nkma^k^]n\Zmbhg'Bg Zgmb\biZmbhgh_abllhhg&mh&[^`kZ]nZm^lmZmnl%a^lo^krl^kbhnl Z[hnmfZdbg`abl\ahl^gikh_^llbhgZk^ZebmrZg]phgmpZlm^ Zgrmbf^bg`^mmbg`mabg`l]hg^'Fhlmh_abli^^klpZbmngmbema^r `kZ]nZm^[^_hk^^gm^kbg`ma^ikh_^llbhgZephke]%[nm=Zgb^ebl fhk^]^]b\Zm^]maZgmaZm%a^lpZrZa^Z]h_ma^\nko^'Mabl lZf^[^aZobhnk\Zg[^l^^g]nkbg`ablbg_k^jn^gm[hnmlh_ldZm& bg`%pab\afb`amhgeraZii^ghg\^^o^krp^^dhkmph%[nmpa^g a^]h^lZii^Zk%a^ZepZrll^^flmhaZo^Zk^Z]rlniierh_ _k^lalmngml'Ma^ro^[^^ggZ``bg`Zmabf%[nkgbg`abla^Z]_khf ma^bglb]^hnm':grpZr%^ghn`aphk]l_khff^^q\^imaZff^k' AZff^kblma^fhlmZiikhikbZm^\Zimbhg_hk=Zgb^elldZmbg`'

Why is skating so great? P^ee%pa^grhn`^mhe]^kma^gbmlghehg`^kma^[b``^lmmabg`bg rhnkeb_^'Pa^grhnk^rhng`%rhn_^^eebd^rhnk^iZkmh_mabl l^\k^mlh\b^mr%[nmma^grhng^^]mhphkdZg]fZr[^lmn]r%lh ma^gpaZmpZlma^jn^lmbhg8!eZn`al" PaZm]hrhnmabgdh_ma^L\hmmblal\^g^8 Blniihl^maZm^o^krhg^bl[nlrpbmaeb_^%lhbmlaZk]mh[^hk& `Zgbl^]ZlZ`khni'BmabgdmaZmfhk^\hfi^mbmbhglpbeea^eimaZm Zg]fhk^`Zma^kbg`l'D^bkl>g]h_ma^Phke]<hfipZlZfZs& bg`&[b`nimhD^bkBmpZllh`k^Zmmhl^^ahpfZgrlihglhkl maZma^`hmbgoheo^]Zg]ahpfZgri^hie^lahp^]ni'Ma^k^ p^k^ie^gmrh_g^p_Z\^l%mhh'Bahi^maZmmahl^rhng``nrl p^k^k^Zeerbfik^ll^]pbmapaZmma^rlZpZg]Zk^ghp`^mmbg` fhk^bgoheo^]pbmaldZmbg`'Pa^g^el^]hrhnk^Zeerl^^.)%/)% fZr[^0)`nrlldZmbg`mh`^ma^k8P^g^^]mahl^^o^gmlmhZmmkZ\m ma^ldZm^klh_mhfhkkhp'Bflhf^hg^pahk^Zeer]h^lpZgmldZm& bg`mh`khpZg]ZmmkZ\mrhng`db]lmh[^\hf^iZkmh_lhf^mabg` maZml`hh]'Pa^gBfmhhhe]mhldZm^%BpZgmmh[^Z[e^mhl^^ paZml`hbg`hg'BeeZepZrl[^pZm\abg`paZml`hbg`hgZg] maybe my kids will skate one day. They might choose not to and maZmlHDZlp^ee%[nmbmphne][^_ZgmZlmb\mhiZllhglhf^mabg` lhZfZsbg`mhrhnkdb]l

— RhnlZb]^Zkeb^kmaZmrhnpZgmmhd^^imablbgm^kob^p\e^Zg%paZm does that mean? Ha%fZgRhndghp%B\hf^_khfZk^li^\mZ[e^_Zfber%Z<akbl& mbZg_Zfber'Bcnlmebd^mhlmZr\e^Zg%rhndghppaZmBf^Zg8


=hrhnmabgd`bkel^o^g\Zk^8 P^ee%ehhdZm_hhm[ZeeieZr^kl3ma^rk^`khpgf^gpah\aZl^ Zib^\^h_bgÜZm^]e^Zma^kZkhng]Zlh``rÛ^e]Zg]ma^pahe^ phke]eho^lbm'Ma^r`hf^gmZe_hkbm'Parlahne]BphkkrZ[hnm [^bg`cn]`^]_hkpaZmBf]hbg`8Bi^klhgZeermabgdbmlhg^h_ the coolest things you can do.

;nmpaZmZ[hnmma^[Z]mabg`lrhn`^mnimh8 B]hgm]hZgr[Z]mabg`l'BfZ`hh]`nr!eZn`al"'Blniihl^ that if I did tell you about some of the bad stuff and it was ikbgm^]%ma^gfr_hedlphne]lZr% Lhg%p^k^lh]blZiihbgm^] pbmarhn' Ma^r]lZr% @khpniZg]`^mZch[ Rhndghpahp it goes. ;nmrhnk^hger+,'=hgmm^eef^rhn_^^eebd^hg^h_ma^he]`nrl now. Pa^gBpZlrhng`^kBfb`amaZo^[^^ge^llh_Zphkkb^k'Blmbee mkrmabg`lmaZm\hne]dbeef^%^o^gmahn`aBmabgdfhk^Z[hnmma^ \hgl^jn^g\^l'Blniihl^Bo^ZepZrl_heehp^]frÛklmbfinel^'B l^^bm%Bib\mnk^bmZg]ma^gB]hgmmabgd'B]hma^mkb\dbgfra^Z] ÛklmZg]maZm`^mlf^ari^]'Ma^k^blmaZmln]]^gfhf^gmh_ k^ZeblZmbhg%ebd^% A^r%B\Zg]hbm Pa^grhnk^ma^k^%bg_khgmh_Zk^Zeer[b`mkb\d%rhn^g]nilm^i& ibg`hnmh_k^Zebmrlhf^ahp'Bm[^\hf^lZeema^k^blZg]B]hgm `bo^nilh^ZlberB`^mbgmhmablhma^kphke]%ma^^q\bm^f^gmh_bm' Mahn`amlh__Zeebg`hk\hgl^jn^g\^l]hgmh\\nk'>o^gb_B]h_Zee Zg]`^mankm%BeeghkfZeerd^^i`^mmbg`[Z\dningmbeBeZg]bm' Lh%rhnik^_^kaZff^kl^llbhgl8 R^Za%B]hgmebd^\abee^]l^llbhgl'Bmlma^lmngml%fZg'Bmlma^ lmngmlmaZmBpZggZ]hBf^Zg%par^el^phne]BinmldZm^lhg fr_^^mb_bmpZlgmmh]hlhf^mabg`f^gmZe8Mhbfik^ll`bkel8

Rhnk^p^eedghp_hk]khiibg`\kZsraZff^kl%`hmZgrmabg` crazy in mind that you want to do before you die? ;^_hk^B]b^8MaZgdrhn%fZgBo^aZ]fZgrb]^Zl'FZr[^ ^qi^kbf^gmbg`fhk^pbma\hf[bgbg`ÜbilZg]`kbg]l!eZn`al"' FZr[^[Z\dkhrZe^hgZ]khikZbeZg]Z[Z\dÜbih__%hk^o^g ]hbg`ZÜbihgmhZ`kbg]hklhf^mabg`f^gmZe&BmabgdmaZmlpaZm Blahne]k^Zeer[^]hbg` PaZmhma^kbgm^k^lml]hrhnaZo^8 P^ee%Bo^ZepZrlaZ]hma^kiZllbhgl'?hkma^iZlm_^pr^Zkl%Bo^ [^^gieZrbg`Zkhng]pbmaiahmh`kZiar%]b__^k^gmoblnZem^\a& gbjn^lZg]^li^\bZeerÛeffZdbg`'Ehmlh_hma^kldZm^klZk^mhh Zg]Bmabgdbml[^\Znl^p^o^e^Zkg^]mhl^^ma^phke]]b__^k^gmer' P^mZd^hnk\k^Zmbobmrl^kbhnler':lldZm^kl%p^eelZr% PaZm\Zg B]ha^k^hgmablib^\^h_Zk\abm^\mnk^8 ;^\Znl^h_ma^pZrp^ aZo^e^Zkg^]mhmabgdhnmlb]^h_ma^[hq%p^\Zg_^^]hnk\k^Zmbo& bmrbgZo^krngbjn^pZr'LdZm^kl`^g^kZeer]hÛg]ma^fl^eo^l p^eelnbm^]mhiahmh`kZiarhk`kZiab\]^lb`g%hkZgroblnZeZkm [^\Znl^hnk\k^ZmbobmraZl[^^gbgÜn^g\^]bgZiZkmb\neZkpZr' Bebd^mh\hfiZk^ldZmbg`mhÛeffZdbg`'Lhf^mbf^lrhnk^hnm ma^k^pbmaZlfZee`khnih_i^hie^%Zeemkrbg`mhfZd^lhf^mabg` li^\bZe'Rhn\heeZ[hkZm^%^o^krhg^\hgmkb[nm^llhf^mabg`ngbjn^ Zg]hnmihilZl^llbhghkZÛef' Lhma^mkZglbmbhgmh[^\hfbg`ZÛeffZd^kaZl_^emjnbm^gZmnkZe8 R^Za'Bml`hmZehmmh]hpbmaZek^Z]raZobg`[^^gZghnmlb]^k' Ma^Zo^kZ`^i^klhghgma^lmk^^mfb`ameZn`aZmZ[ng\ah_ rhng`ÛeffZd^klpahZk^e^Zkgbg`Zlma^r`hZehg`[nmp^k^ nl^]mhmaZmZlldZm^kl!eZn`al"'P^k^nl^]mhi^hie^ehhdbg`Zm nlZlb_p^k^p^bk]:g]%h_\hnkl^%bm]h^lgm[hma^knl[^\Znl^ p^k^\hf_hkmZ[e^bghnkhpg\k^Zmbobmr[n[[e^l'

Disaster topsoul, Abertay kink, Dundee



Full speed elbow height roll in - mute, Princess Street Gardens, Edinbrugh




Keeping Things Fresh

Toronto-based experimental outfit Hooded Fang are always looking for a way to mess with the formula, as frontman Dan Lee explains. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Words: Henry Wilkinson Photo: Mina Sewell Mancuso

Hooded Fang frontman Dan Lee seems to take a refreshingly laid back approach to making music. Either that or when I called him to discuss the finer points of new album Gravez, he was still in bed. Having built a reputation for creating frantic and frivolous Syd Barrett-on-a-surf-boardpop with last year’s Tosta Mista, which earned the band a Polaris Prize nomination, their new release sticks to the same winning formula, only this time it’s a little more unhinged.



The last album, it turns out, was named after a sandwich, so what was behind the choice this time round? “It wasn’t for any particular reason. I guess some of the lyrics are a little darker but some of the subject material on the last one was pretty dark too”, explains Dan. Heartbreak, death, anxiety - these are the sort of themes they sing about, yet always with a levity and black humour that make their garage rock sound so appealing. This record, however, seems a little less hormonal and altogether a more considered reflection on the group as a whole. “The album before was done in a very short time, it was like written in a month or something. This one is songs that were written on the road and all from different times, so it doesn’t have that same cohesive sound. We just chose from a bunch of stuff we had, some songs are new, some are older.” A major influence on the band is the music scene in hometown Toronto, a city which in the past has spawned Fucked Up and Crystal Castles. Such a wealth of musical talent helps to keep aspiring bands on their toes, hustling to stay in the spotlight. “It’s crazy. There’s so much going on, there are so many bands, a lot of really high quality bands of tons of different genres, so many shows all the time. It’s impossible to keep up with. There’s always inspiration around, people really striving at their craft because there are so many good people around. It’s both inspiring and also like a kick in the butt.” With band members also contributing to side projects like Hut, Phèdre and Lee Paradise, as well as running their own label Daps Records, it’s a community they are very much at the heart of. So what separates Hooded Fang from their other projects? “Hooded Fang is kind of like the experiment band, the band that I feel can change the most. We’ll keep adding elements from different parts and eventually it will be some weird monster at the end, just getting a little stranger every time. Who knows? I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but it keeps it fresh.” With future musical directions unclear, Dan advises that it’s up to his friends to keep them on track. “That’s the most important thing; if your friends like your music. If it passes the friend test then it’s like, ‘Alright, we’re doing something right.’” With the release of Gravez, they’re hoping it is just the start of the wonderfully weird musical monstrosity that is Hooded Fang.

X grind



Internet Killed the Blade Video Star As the release of physical blading videos declines with every passing year, we talk to Jeremy Soderburg, one of the most ikhebÛ\inko^rhklh_hgebg^ ^]bmlbgk^\^gmr^Zkl%mhÛg] out his take on the situation. — Words: David McNamara Photos: Jonathan Labez and Armando Colunga



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Negative acid






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28 WWW.WHEELSCENE.CO.UK “The politics in rollerblading is a little ridiculous, so I think I'm pretty comfortable where I'm at.”

Alle-oop soul full cab out



30 WWW.WHEELSCENE.CO.UK Front torque

Confessions of a Grommet

Ross Jones can style out pretty much any trick he wants on a handrail but a huge part of him will always be that little kid at the skatepark asking loads of questions. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Words: Bobby Smith Photos: Lawrence Badger

Truespin top soul


Ross Jones is a giant grommet and proud of it. He can quote ^o^krlm^ih_abli^klhgZe]^o^ehif^gmZlZldZm^kmhma^Ûg^lm detail, reminisces on studying blading like it was a school subject and speaks with unreserved adoration about his heroes from the La^_Û^e]l\^g^maZmkZbl^]abf' Ross Jones is 22-year-old, is currently the head of surveys and design at a wholesale lighting manufacturer, and possesses the youthful looks of a pretty boy hip-hop act on X Factor, but once upon a time he was a little kid whose life drastically changed when he stumbled upon on an aggressive rollerblading show hgm^e^oblbhg'K^Ü^\mbg`hgma^Ûklmmbf^a^pbmg^ll^]i^hie^]hing tricks on inline skates, the excitement from the Yorkshire man is palpable.

BmpZlGBLL2/mhnkbg+))*hgma^>qmk^f^<aZgg^e %a^ begins. “I saw a guy do a backside around some curvy p-rail on the titles to the programme. I watched the full thing and was just blown away. These people were skating handrails and ramps, ]hbg`fZ]`kZ[lpbmalibglZg]Übil'Bk^\Zeelbmmbg`Z[hnmZ_hhm away from the telly in awe of the suicide rail into the park. At the lmZkm%lhf^hg^]b]ma^fhlmeZb]hnmngbmr^o^k'BpZlebd^%PaZm pZlmaZm8  :_m^kpbmg^llbg`ma^_nee\ZiZ[bebmb^lh_bgebg^ldZm^l_hkma^Ûklm time, a young Jones grabbed his budget recreational skates and `hmmhphkd%l^mmbg`nih[lmZ\e^lbgabliZk^gml`ZkZ`^Zg]e^Zkging the basics. “Literally, that day after the show, I grabbed my skates, took the middle wheels and brake out and went outside. I had an old skateboard lying around in the garage and two small storage boxes. I laid the board over the top of the two boxes like a table and just jumped over it again and again, then learned how to lZ_^mr*1)ho^kbm'

Just one week later, Jones nagged his mother into taking him mhZldZm^iZkd_hkma^Ûklmmbf^Zg][rmablihbgmma^eho^Z__Zbk was blading was well under way. Along with a close friend, he ventured to the local library and picked up a book that will be _ZfbebZkmhfZgrmaZm[^`Zg[eZ]bg`bgma^NDbgma^2)l4Extreme Sports Inline Skating. Jones treated the Ben Roberts book as his bible and studied it meticulously until he could name every trick and every skater. “My friend Ash and I had it between us for so long that it never got taken back and he was the last to aZo^bm'Ma^k^likh[Z[erlhf^^ghkfhnl_^^enkdbg`_hkabf [^\Znl^h_maZm' Next, the mission was to get his hands on some up-to-date blading media. At this point, all Jones has been able to get a hold of pZlb]^h_hhmZ`^h_Z\hfi^mbmbhgmaZmpZlho^kÛo^r^Zklhe]Zm the time and an instructional book that dated back even further and contained some trick names that were grossly inaccurate. <hglb]^kbg`ahp_Zlmkhee^k[eZ]bg`pZlikh`k^llbg`]nkbg`mabl \kn\bZei^kbh]bgma^\nemnk^l]^o^ehif^gm%a^pZl^qmk^f^er lagging behind. Fortunately, the next step in his initiation into the world of aggressive rollerblading just so happened to be one of the most loved ZfZm^nkm^Zfob]^hlh_Zeembf^%KZshklSteal The Video, which pZlk^e^Zl^]bg+))+'Ma^ob]^h%\k^Zm^][rCZgP^e\a%_^Zmnk^] bg\k^]b[e^l^\mbhgl_khf<hebgZg]L^ZgD^elh%C^__Lmh\dp^ee% Fb\ZaR^Z`^kZg]=Zfb^gPbelhgpa^gma^rp^k^Zeerhng` as hell and hungry for blading stardom. Needless to say, he \hne]gm[^eb^o^paZma^pZll^^bg`' BpZllh[ehpgZpZr % he begins. “Other than my little book, NISS and the odd Hoax ÛefmaZm\Zf^hg>qmk^f^%BaZ]ghb]^ZpaZmi^hie^aZ][^^g doing on skates, so this was a big turning point for me - mainly C^__Lmh\dp^eell^\mbhg'




Ross Jones: Backside backslide

An Ode to Darren Cartledge

Bo^[^^gmakhn`aZehmpbmamaZm`nr4Zeema^iZbgZg]`ehkr%Zee ma^kZg]hfZ]o^gmnk^lZg]ldZm^mkbilmhkZbela^]l^^gZmlbeer h\eh\dbgma^fhkgbg`%aZe_\nmhgma^\hZ\a[Z\d_khfZaheb]Zr% and we always found them!

A^blik^mmrfn\afr_Zohnkbm^ldZm^kZg]i^klhg^o^k'Bhp^Z ehmmhabfZg]mhl^^abflmbeeldZmbg`Zmma^Z`^h_,)pbmaZpb_^% mphdb]lZg]lmbeedbeebg`bmhgma^k^`neZkZlp^eeZl[^bg`Zd^^g FnZrMZbÛ`am^k%Zg]ahe]bg`]hpgZ_nee&mbf^ch[ZlbgBMfZgZ`^k'Mablbllhf^mabg`B\Zghgerahi^B\Zg]hpa^gBfmaZm Z`^'B[^mrhn\ZgmgZf^fZgr,)&r^Zk&he]lmaZmlmbeeldZm^Zmabl e^o^eZg]pZkfnihgZkZbepbmamkn^mhiihkgÛklmmkr'

The next few paragraphs are the uncensored words of Ross Jones \hg\^kgbg`ablng\hg]bmbhgZeeho^_hkhg^h_La^_Û^e]lehg`^lm lmZg]bg`[eZ]^kl=Zkk^g<Zkme^]`^'Ma^l^Zlhg^]o^m^kZgmhhd “It was through Daz I got to be good friends with Woody, too. I Jones under his wing and taught him a lot about the sport and the k^f^f[^kpa^gBÛklmf^mabfa^l\Zk^]ma^labmhnmh_f^'Ienl% \nemnk^lnkkhng]bg`bm'Bglahkm%<Zkme^]`^blChg^lf^gmhkZg]a^ B]b]gmdghppaZmmhlZrmhabf[^\Znl^a^pZlma^[b``^lm l^^flmh[^^qmk^f^erikhn]h_mabl_Z\m'MZd^bmZpZr%Khll' thing to come out of Sheff blading-wise, so to be able to call him or just chill with him was a bit surreal. I had pictures of him and

BZfZÛkf[^eb^o^kmaZm%paZm^o^kbmblrhn]h%b_rhn]hbmpbma Mbf=Zkd^khgfrpZee_hkr^ZklZg]g^o^kmahn`amBphne]f^^m lhf^hg^pahbl[^mm^kZmbmmaZgrhnZk^bmfZd^lrhninlarhnkthem. self to be as good. It came to a point where my friends at home ]b]gmk^ZeerpZgmmhkhee^k[eZ]^Zgrfhk^%lhB_hng]Z`khnih_ i^hie^maZm]b]Zg]cnlmlmn\dpbmama^f'

“When I was kid, I snaked so many skateboarders it was untrue.”


BaZ]l^^g\hib^lh_Ngbmr[^_hk^[nmB\hne]g^o^kÛg]hg^mh buy myself”, he says. “So, in a frenzy of excitement, I dragged my mum in and she bought it for me to read on the plane. It was ma^Lb<hqikhÛe^blln^pbmaabf]hbg`Z_hhmieZgmmhpZeelmZee' Bk^Z]maZmfZ`ho^kZg]ho^kmaZm_heehpbg`p^^d%mZdbg`bgZl fn\aZlB\hne]'MaZmpZlma^ÛklmNgbmrBaZ]^o^k[hn`am'Blmbee aZo^maZmZg]^o^kr\hirmaZm\Zf^hnmngmbebmlmhii^]'

BaZo^mhlZrmaZm=Zkk^g<Zkme^]`^blebd^ma^he]^k[khma^kB g^o^kaZ]4a^_neermhhdf^ng]^kablpbg`'A^lln\aZ\hhe`nr' A^bgmkh]n\^]f^mhZehmh_ob]^hlZg]fnlb\'A^\ZggZf^ ik^mmrfn\aZgrlhg`h__Zgrob]^hmaZm\Zf^hnmlbg\^21'A^l Zp^Zemah_dghpe^]`^Zg]p^eeaZg]rpbmaI<la^[nbemfr Ûklmmhp^k_hkf^'



Despite the fact that British rollerblading journal Unity Magazine has been dead and buried for many years now, the steel city [eZ]^k\Zglmbeek^f^f[^kma^mbf^a^[hn`amablÛklm^o^k\hir at an airport at the start of a family holiday. When Jones retells mabllmhkr%a^]h^llhpbmama^^q\bm^f^gmh_Zari^kZ\mbo^l\ahhe \abe]Zg]bmikhob]^lZ\^kmZbgbg]b\Zmbhgh_paZma^pZlebd^ when he was younger.



Bghmb\^fhk^Zg]fhk^^]bml[^bg`Ûef^]ebd^ldZm^[hZk]^]bml Zg]ma^nl^h_\Zf^kZm^\agheh`rZg]ob]^h`kZiaraZl`hg^ \kZsrbgk^\^gmr^Zkl'Bmabgdghpblma^fhlmbfihkmZgmmbf^ bgkhee^k[eZ]bg`mh`^mhnmma^k^Zg]ghmmh[^l^^gZl[bm\ar% pabg^rd^r[hZk]pZkkbhkl'

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Ryan Many Timeline

New York blader Ryan Many k^Ü^\mlhgahpa^Ûklm`hm bgmkh]n\^]mhma^lihkmZg] mZedlZ[hnmlhf^h_ma^ibohmZe fhf^gmlbgableb_^lbg\^ib\dbg` niZiZbkh_ldZm^l' — Phk]lZg]iahmhl3 Ryan Loewy

Pa^^eL\^g^3E^mlmZedZ[hnmpa^k^rhn`k^pni%ahprhnÛklm `hmbgmkh]n\^]mhkhee^k[eZ]bg`Zg]mahl^maZmp^k^bgÜn^gmbZebg terms of the development of your style. Ryan Many: Well, for starters, my father was military, so I moved Zkhng]Z_^pmbf^l[^_hk^Ûgblabg`niab`al\ahhebgG^pC^kl^r' BpZlÛklmbgmkh]n\^]mhkhee^k[eZ]bg`[Z\dbg12[rfrfhf% who loved to rollerskate and would take me to the roller rink with her when I was four. Shortly after that, I saw kids with blades on Zg]aZ]mhaZo^^f%lhla^[hn`amnl[hmakhee^k[eZ]^lZg]manl began the beginning of the bane of my existence.



Bg*22.%Zeema^db]lbgfrfb]]e^l\ahhep^k^ldZm^[hZk]bg`Zg] p^Zkbg`ldZm^[hZk]bg`lah^l%\Znl^bmpZlma^\hhemabg`mh]h' BpZgm^]mhÛmbg%[^bg`ma^g^p`nrZg]Zee%lhB[hn`amZ[hZk] lhBphne]gm[^Z ihl^k _hkp^Zkbg`ma^\ehma^lZg]lmZkm^] hanging around with them. They all progressed much faster than B%pab\a[hma^k^]f^'Ma^ghg^]Zr%ZkZg]hfdb]gZf^]Cnlmbg \Zf^bgpbmaZM^ZfIZkZ]bl^fZ`Zsbg^%[^bg`ebd^% RhEhhd Zmmabl Behhd^]Zg]%_hkma^Ûklmmbf^%lZp`nrl`kbg]bg`hg rails with rollerblades on - that was it for me. I threw the skateboard away and the next day showed my only friend, and still illest homie, Brandon aka B Real, and we were on our way. We went out and traded in our hockey skates for some Tarmacs, we dremel-ed grooves into the frames and started jumping on the \nk[lhnmlb]^frahnl^'LahkmerZ_m^k%p^[^``^];K^Zel]Z]mh make us a box with a rail on it - thus began our vocabulary. We li^gm]ZrZg]gb`amldZmbg`maZm[hq'Bgma^pbgm^k%p^]inmbmbg the garage and blade until we were forced to sleep. We bladed that thing well into high school before building a much higher and longer one.

When we started Wheel Scene, we were fortunate enough that many like-minded people from various parts of the world got in contact with us in order to get involved and contribute in any way they can – one of those individuals was Ryan Loewy. Despite the fact that he is an extremely driven individual with a career, he regularly takes time out of his busy schedule to hook us up with some pretty great content and is always full of ideas. While discussing our plans for issue nine, he offered the suggestion of a KrZgFZgrbgm^kob^p'P^p^k^_ZfbebZkpbmaFZgrl[eZ]bg`[^\Znl^p^aZ]l^^gablchbgmikhÛe^pbmaKb\dKh]kb`n^smaZmpZl Ûef^][rPa^^eL\^g^Zenfgb>kb\dKh]kb`n^s%Zlp^eeZloZkbhnl other online edits, and we were intrigued. Over the past two years, we have published interviews with rollerbladers from countries all over the world, some well-known, others not so much, because we love exposing fresh talent and giving dedicated individuals a platform to display their talents. Ryan Many is one of the ever-expanding generation of bladers that is now fully-grown, holding down a full-time job and handling ma^k^lihglb[bebmb^lmaZm\hf^pbmabm%[nma^lmbeeÛg]lmbf^mh[eZ]^ on a regular basis and has managed to keep his skills intact. In fact, he is so on top of his game that Xsjado hook him up with free skates. While it is true that we only decided to feature him in this issue under the advice of our New York correspondent Ryan Loewy, something tells us that it was only a matter of time before we tracked him down for a full-length feature.

At the same time, when we were trading in our hockey skates, we purchased VHS tapes, Hoax 2[^bg`ma^Ûklm&ma^g\Zf^ma^ TBTV, Day of the Rope and Espionage. That was the kick starter for style and creativity for me, as I was immediately drawn to Dustin Latimer. Something about him reminded me a lot of myself. <ehl^[^abg]p^k^ChlaI^mmr%D^obg@beeZg%;kbZgLabfZ%;beer Prislin and last but not least, the ill homie and good friend Ryan CZ\dehg^%pahaZlinmf^hgmhablg^pebg^K^`ZebZ' Kb`amZkhng]*221%B_hng]hnmZ[hnmZeh\Zebg]hhkldZm^iZkd \Zee^]AZ\d^mmlmhpg'B_rhnk^Zlhe]Zlf^%rhn]^Ûgbm^erdghp about this place. It was there that I met the local scene and started to make a name for myself. I was the younger guy of the crew, so getting harassed was natural. I began blading with and e^Zkgbg`_khf`nrlebd^;h;bk]%FZk\F^llbgZ%Cbf?k^r%<Zl^r @nmmfZgZg]ma^`h]abfl^e_%Fbd^=nd^'Fbd^=nd^pZlhg^h_ the best bladers in the world. He was so far ahead of his time. I f^Zg%mabl`nrpZl]hbg`lpbm\a_Zdb^ÜZmlibg0+)lho^keZng\a boxes back in Oxygens, true top porns switch and natural and disasters on down rails long before I could even fathom what the fuck was going on. This guy was incredible. ;r+))+%Fbd^aZ]`hg^h__mh\hee^`^Zg]eZm^klmZkm^]phkdbg` on Wall Street. I saw him a few years ago in Brooklyn outside Z\h__^^lahiZg]bm[e^pfrfbg]'A^lZb]a^]pZed[rPZee Street and see us blading, but was too afraid to approach us for fear he might get schooled by us. I laughed my ass off at ma^mahn`amh_Zgrh_nl^o^k[^bg`[^mm^kmaZgabf'B[^mbgÛo^ fbgnm^la^]ib\dnipa^k^a^e^_mh__Zg]labm]hpgZeeh_hnk makhZml'BmpZlFbd^maZmBfhlmehhd^]nimh'A^aZ]maZmÜZpe^ll EZmbf^klm^^s%pbmama^Zmmbmn]^h_:kZ`hg'A^pZlma^i^k_^\m \hf[bgZmbhgh_khee^k[eZ]^k';hpZlebd^ma^ChlaI^mmrh_ma^ `khni4[Z]ZllZmmbmn]^%@Jehhdl%ZepZrlmkrbgmh[Z``bkel%




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Any all-girl band that incorporates the DIY ethics of garage rock and the experimental tendencies of post punk is bound to be grouped in with acts like Los Angeles outfit Dum Dum Girls and, at worst, Vivian Girls. After all, how many can you name off the top of your head? However, Manchester-based quartet Pins have more in common with the confrontational attitude of Washington riot grrrl pioneers Sleater Kinney. They look like a gang of sharply dressed art school trouble makers and give off the impression that they are not a group of young ladies to be messed with, and their call to arms anthems suggest the same.


Pins was conceived by lead singer Faith Holgate in 2011 and became a reality when she met with like-minded souls in the form of guitarist Lois McDonald and bassist Anna Donigan. Drummer Lara Williams served with the band for a brief period until she was replaced by the mysterious Sophie before recording their debut album Girls Like Us, which is due out via Bella Union later this year. We caught up with vocalist Holgate shortly after the release of their latest music video ‘Get With Me’ to find out more about how the band formed, their plans for the rest of the year and how they can’t wait to get back into the studio to record a follow-up to a debut album that isn’t even out yet.


Watch Out For: Pins

Manchester quartet Pins are on a mission to become prolific purveyors of garage rock records, they just need to get their debut album out of the way first. — Words: Louis Flood

How did you, Louis and Anna meet? Faith Holgate: I started the band in the first place, and I was meeting up with different musicians and nothing was really working. Eventually, through that process, I met Anna. The originals Pins, it was me, Anna and a different drummer. We got rid of that drummer and then we found Louis. She was playing a bit of drums and singing. We decided which instruments we were going to plays as well as who was going to sing. So Louis was playing drums at first? She was playing a little bit of everything and we were like, “Can you sing?” She was like, “Yeah”, so she came in and did a bit of singing. She said she could play the guitar, so she did a bit of that, but then we didn’t have a drummer any more. We were like, “Yeah, just play the drums, it’s fine.” She was like, “I don’t want to. I want to play the guitar!” Can you blame her? No-one wants to be stuck at the back! I know. We were saying this to Sophie. She wants one of those risers and we’ll take it around on tour with us, so she’s got a little stage for the drums.



How did you end up signing a deal with Bella Union? We did a show with Savages at the Bunker and Simon from Bella Union came up to see us. He actually said that night, “Do you want to sign with us? I’ll send you the papers tomorrow.” We were like, “I dunno.” Everything was going a little bit fast. We just continued talking to him. Other people had shown interest but we didn’t know who to trust. I think we made the right decision with Simon ‘cause he’s only done good things for us. What music influences you? We have crossover bands that we all like but we definitely have our own things that we’re into. I really like garage rock, so that’s worked its way into Pins, but some of the girls are into post punk. Sophie can play pretty much any instrument; she’s just one of those people that can do it straight away. Since she’s been in the band, that’s changed the dynamic because you can whistle a tune and she can play it. What inspired the album title, Girls Like Us? We tried to think of a bunch of other names but nothing really stood out. We liked that it was a little bit tongue-in-cheek. Everyone always focuses on the fact that we’re girls, so it’s just being a bit obvious about it. Were the songs written specifically for the album or is it simply a collection of your work to date? It’s a little bit of both because we did the Love You For Life EP, and then we started writing songs straight away and a couple of them made it onto the album. ‘I Want It All’ was the first song we wrote after the EP. Most of them were written a little later on. Some of them weren’t finished until about two weeks before we went in to record them. It’s a real mixture. Some songs hang around for ages, like ‘The Darkest Day’; it got reworked a million times before it became what it is. On the other hand, ‘Girl By Colours’, we just wrote that song one night. We all swapped instruments because we were running out of ideas. I can’t play drums for shit but I managed to. How did you find recording the album? Was that your first time in a studio? It was the first time we have recorded in a proper studio, and it was a bit more regimented because we had an engineer who was like, “Right, you’re going to spend 12 hours here every day. We need to get this done, this done and this done.” When we made the EP, we just drank some wine, stayed in all night and saw how we felt, so it was a little bit more strict.

Does that mean you usually take a more relaxed approach to making music? I think we just like to choose the most fun option. Nothing really works if it isn’t fun. We know we have to get stuff done and we want to. Usually, we have too many songs, and it’s more about filtering them out and making it into a set. How does the song writing process work with Pins? At the beginning, I used to write the songs and then I’d just take them to the other girls or send them a demo. As everyone found their feet a little bit, people became more confident. Someone would suggest a chord sequence to put words to. Occasionally, I’ll still write one alone. I wrote ‘Lost Lost Lost’ at home and brought it to them. I don’t want to sing someone else’s words. After the album drops and you do your short UK tour, do you have any plans beyond that? I think we’re going to do some more recording. We’ve started writing and I don’t know if it’s the next EP or album or what, but we’re eager to go and get some of that down. You can’t be fed up of your debut album already! Definitely not! We’re very excited to play the album on tour but we kind of stockpile songs, so we’re very happy to move on to the next thing. I don’t see the point of being in a band that puts out one record every five years. I think the whole point of being in a band is to put music out. So, you want to keep producing new material all the time. Definitely. We move on and we feel we improve, so we don’t want to stay doing the same thing. Our album is due out in September, but it was suggested to us by our new manager to hold off and do it next year so we can build more around it. We’re not interested in building anything. We’re interested in putting an album out and making another one. Maybe that will come back to bite us but we’ll see. Well, you don’t want to play songs that are over a year old on your first tour. Exactly. People who have been watching us, they know what we’re up to, so they’d catch us out straight away. It would be boring for everyone. Both of your music videos to date have been filmed on Super 8 and all of the band photography looks very considered. Is image important to you as a band? ‘Get With Me’ was just filmed on the beach; we were just messing around. I hate it when there’s pictures of us on the internet that we don’t like. As for our image, this is just how we look and how we dress. We don’t spend too much time thinking about it. We just end up wearing the same clothes as each other. Are there any liabilities in the band? Probably me! Everyone is pretty on it. We are always up for practice and no-one really slacks off. It’s a pretty good band to be in.



Tom Coley-Sowry Through the Years Melbourne, Australia is home to a young blader with a terrifying amount of talent and he goes by the name of Tom <he^r&Lhpkr'B_rhn]hgmdghp him yet, you soon will. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Words: David McNamara Photos: Hayden Golder

Topside Soul to Backside Royale to Fakie



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Backside Savannah


boarded a lot when I was a bit younger. There was a skate shop next to Prahran Skatepark, which I skated a lot, and they sold Z``k^llbo^ldZm^l'B]l^^gZ_^peh\Ze`nrlldZmbg`hgma^fZg] hg^]Zrfr]Z]Z`k^^]mh[nrZiZbk_hkf^' ?khfma^k^%<he^r&Lhpkr\nmablm^^mahgableh\Zeo^kmkZfi% pab\ablaZk]erlnkikblbg`\hglb]^kbg`:nlmkZebZlkb\akZfildZm& bg`ablmhkrZg]ma^_Z\mmaZmlhf^h_ma^phke]lfhlmk^li^\m^] ikh_^llbhgZellmbeelmkZiniZg]^gm^kmZbgma^rhng`lm^kl^o^kr hg\^bgZpabe^' BldZm^]Zehmh_o^kmmhlmZkmpbma'LaZg^Rhlm and Brad Watson used to skate the Prahran Skatepark vert a lot, Zg]BpZlZepZrl^Z`^kmhl^llbhgpbmama^f' ;^_hk^ehg`%ma^ni&Zg]&\hfbg`ldZm^k`kZobmZm^]mhpZk]llmk^^m ldZmbg`'Pabe^fhlmrhng`ldZm^klehhdmh[eZ]bg`ob]^hlZg] hgebg^^]bml_hkbglibkZmbhg%<he^r&Lhpkr_hng]fhmboZmbhg_khf Z\^kmZbgeh\Zei^klhgZebmrmaZmaZii^glmhkb]^_hkhg^h_ma^ phke]lfhlmk^li^\m^]ldZm^[kZg]lOZeh' Pa^gBlmZkm^] `^mmbg`Z[bmfhk^bgmhlmk^^mldZmbg`Z`Zbg%bmpZlcnlmma^eh\Ze lak^]]^klln\aZl@Zobg=knffZg]<akblIneeZkmaZm`hmf^ cnb\^]mhldZm^'Bk^Zeer]b]gmpZm\afZgrldZm^ob]^hlngmbeZ _^pr^ZklbgmhldZmbg`'

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Lbg\^ma^k^e^Zl^h_Children of the Future%<he^r&LhpkraZl [^^gd^^ibg`Zk^eZmbo^erehpikhÛe^'MablblfZbger]n^mhma^ _Z\mmaZma^aZlfho^]ZpZr_khfablahf^bgF^e[hnkg^Zg] E^mlcnlmahi^maZmablgnf^khnlhma^kbgm^k^lml]hgm]blmkZ\mabf ma^k^Zk^ghmfZgr[eZ]^klmhl^llbhgpbma%e^mZehg^Zob]^h`& _khfmZdbg`[eZ]bg`Zl_ZkZlihllb[e^Zg]\k^Zmbg`fZgrfhk^ kZia^kmh\Zimnk^ma^Z\mbhg'<hf[bg^]pbmama^_Z\mmaZma^bl ^gm^kmZbgbg`^]bml_hk[eZ]^`^^dlmh`h\kZsrho^k'Bmphne][^Z \nkk^gmerbff^kl^]bgZlhng]ikh]n\mbhgZg]^g`bg^^kbg`\hnkl^% laZf^mhehl^r^mZghma^k[kbeebZgm[eZ]^kmhfhk^_knbm_neinklnbml' bmblng]^klmZg]Z[e^parma^Ob\mhkbZ[eZ]^kaZlghmr^maZ]ma^ hiihkmngbmrmh_heehpnihgabl]^[nmm^Zfob]^hZii^ZkZg\^ pbmaZ_nee&e^g`malmk^^m^]bm'

Backside Backslide to Fakie



Truepin Fishbrain



Truspin top soyale


Introducing: Michel Prado


Alleyoop top porn

Photos: David Montes Aldea

A few years ago, very few people knew who the hell Michel Prado was. Now, the street skating prodigy is rapidly becoming widely regarded as one of the most exciting prospects Spain has to offer – despite the fact he is originally from Brazil. In the past year, he has released incredible edits that mark his amazing rate of progression and highlight that he can execute a large number of his trick vocabulary switch and natural, complicated switch-ups are second nature to him and he loves nothing more than hucking himself over a big gap. Then again, what else would you expect from someone who learned their craft on the streets of Barcelona and regularly skates with Razors pro Yuri Botelho?

What would you like to achieve with blading? Do you want to turn pro? I think all skaters who are starting in the world of skating are always dreaming of achieving something good through it and someday want to get to be a pro, but I think everything comes with time and dedication. The most important thing for me now is to continue to enjoy skating and to be able to make friends through skating. Who do you skate with in Barcelona? I skate with the whole Barna crew – Carlos Bernal, Charly (Carlos Campillo), Yuri Botelho, Joni Padro (Gitano), Oscar Prats, Marbin (Sao), Sancy (Weed), Dexter, Fernando, Arly and David (Shaolin).

Wheel Scene: How did you discover blading and what year was that? Michel Prado: I started to skate when I was 16, back in 2008. I discovered it through a friend back in Brazil that left me his Traxart Tank skates. It was there that I felt something that really got my attention and after that I just wanted a pair of skates. My father moved country and came to live to Barcelona, and until then I did not know that it was the city of rollerblading. When I came to live with my father, I asked him for a pair of skates and he took me to the local skatepark close to where I live – that´s when I met Oli Bennet and he told me that there was a Spanish iZ`^\Zee^]Q&<K>PZg]bmpZlma^k^pa^k^B`hmfrÛklmldZm^l% Rollerblade DT4. Who are you sponsored by? Right now, I have sponsorship from In-Gravity Skate Shop and USD. One day, Martin Benza and Oli Bennet wrote to me and told me they were happy with the work I was doing and my videos had a good reception, and it was then that I was told to make a video to introduce myself as USD Europe. What is it like, living in Barcelona? It´s incredible. Everywhere you walk in Barcelona there is a spot to skate. Many people say it is a skatepark and they are right. Growing up skating in this city is a privilege. All of the spots are close to each other and you can cross the whole city skating. The weather is just perfect. During summer time, you really enjoy skating here, so if you guys could come someday we will be waiting with open arms. You seem to have appeared out of nowhere in the past year. Where have you been hiding? I was sponsored by Rollerblade for two years, which was very important to me because it helped me get exposure nationally. After the Spanish team dissolved, I was skating on my own until I got the support of In-gravity and The Conference. Are you working or studying at the moment? Kb`amghp%BŒflmn]rbg`>g`eblaZg]Bf]^]b\Zmbg`Z`hh]ihktion of my time to learning it as it is very important nowadays, not only for skating but also to get a good job and be able to socialise and make friends, and travel the world.

Backside savannah



As he continues to pick up sponsors in the form of USD and In@kZobmrLdZm^Lahi%p^\Zgma^ei[nmphg]^kahp_ZkabliZmabg blading will stretch. After all, he has the talent and drive to make it all the way. If his recent online edits are anything to go by, it is only going to get better for Michel Prado. We recommend you _ZfbebZkbl^rhnkl^e_pbmamabl`nrlgZf^ik^mmrjnb\der[^\Znl^% very soon, everyone is going to be talking about him.

PaZmpZlma^ÛklmldZm^ob]^hrhn^o^klZp8 Bk^f^f[^kmhmabl]Zr%bmpZlZob]^hh_Fbd^!Fnk]Z"Chaglhgl section in Ego. I stood for a second, staring at the screen and thinking, “How can he do all that with a pair of skates?” (laughs)



Soul grind




Could one teenager change the face of rollerblading and renew outside interest in the sport? Wake Schepman is one of the fhlmfZkd^mZ[e^Zll^mlp^o^ `hmZg]a^l]^m^kfbg^]mhmkr' — Photos: Cameron Card


Man on a Mission

“Our sport has dramatically increased and changed in all aspects but no-one outside of our industry knows that.”



Wake Schepman is not like most 16-year-olds. While many teenagers are content to daydream their way through the average school day and spend the majority of their free time hanging out with friends and playing video games, forfeiting any notion h_Û`nkbg`hnmpaZmmh]hpbmama^bkebo^lZ_m^kab`al\ahhe^g]l% I^gglreoZgbZlfhlmikhfblbg`[eZ]^kblaZk]Zmphkd\k^Zmbg` gnf^khnlhgebg^^]bml%[^Zmbg`ldZm^klfZgrr^Zklabll^gbhk at major competitions and performing demos with a travelling extreme sports collective. Yeah, that is a lot to take in. Earlier this year, Schepman was added to the Razors amateur m^ZfZg]pabe^fZgrf^llZ`^[hZk]gZrlZr^kl\hg]^fg^] the decision to add such a young skater to the roster, he quickly lbe^g\^]Zgr]^mkZ\mhkl[rkhfibg`ablpZrmhmabk]ieZ\^Zm;bmm^k Cold Showdown XIII, overpowering industry icons such as Chris Haffey, Montre Livingston and David Sizemore. He also put in Zlheb]i^k_hkfZg\^Zmmablr^ZklIhp&Php[^_hk^]^lmkhrbg` abfl^e_`hbg`_hkZ[he][hpe&mh&[hpe*+/)mkZgl_^k' :_m^kÛklm\hfbg`mhhnkZmm^gmbhgmakhn`aoZkbhnlRhnMn[^ ob]^hl[Z\dbg+))1%bml^^flebd^L\a^ifZgblZ[hnmmh]^ebo^k hgZeema^ikhfbl^a^lahp^]pa^ga^Ûklmbgmkh]n\^]abfl^e_ mhma^bg]nlmkr'A^\nkk^gmer[hZlmlZa^ZemarlmZ\dh_lihglhkl maZmbg\en]^lhf^h_ma^fhlmk^li^\m^][kZg]lbg[eZ]bg`%Zg] his wholesome American image and good looks make him a lihglhkl]k^Zf'A^ee%a^bl^ll^gmbZeer[eZ]bg`l^jnboZe^gmmh KrZgLa^\de^k4Z_hkfb]Z[e^mZe^gmiZ\dZ`^]ZlZm^^gZ`^`bkel fantasy and he possesses the drive and professionalism to go all the way. <hglb]^kbg`ma^mkZglb^gmgZmnk^h_khee^k[eZ]bg`Zg]ma^_Z\mmaZm many of our most recognised professionals are gradually gravitatbg`mhpZk]lhma^kbgm^k^lml%bml^^flbg^obmZ[e^maZm%lhhg^khk later, we are going to have to look to the younger generation to

mZd^nima^k^bglZg]e^Z]hnk\nemnk^mhpZk]lZ[kb`am^k_nmnk^' Bml^^flhgereh`b\ZemaZmPZd^L\a^ifZglahne][^`bo^gZg hiihkmngbmrmhmZd^hgmaZmk^lihglb[bebmr' Pa^^eL\^g^3PaZm^o^gmlaZo^rhn[^^gmhmablr^Zk8 PZd^L\a^ifZg3Lh_Zkmablr^Zk%BaZo^[^^gmh;bmm^k<he] Showdown in Michigan and Pow-Wow Pro/Am in Florida. =hrhnaZo^Zgrbgm^k^lmbg`lmhkb^l_khfrhnkmkZo^el8 BaZ]hg^h_fr[^lmmkbil^o^kmablr^ZkZm;bmm^k<he]'B]kho^hnm mhFb\ab`Zg_khffrahnl^%pab\ablZ[hnmZgbg^&ahnk]kbo^pbma my mom. I stayed with one of my good friends Kenrick and his fhf%`hmlhf^`hh]ib\mnk^lZg]Z_^p\ebil[^_hk^ma^\hgm^lm' B]b]ma^mkb\dBpZlieZggbg`mh]hZg]eZg]^]bmbgma^ÛgZelh_ the pro round and got third place! After the contest, we went to get something to eat and it was at this place called Coney Island. :llhhgZlBpZed^]bg%ma^pahe^ieZ\^pZlÛee^]pbma[eZ]^kl and they started to chant my name and the whole restaurant was freaking out. It was awesome and funny all at the same time. It was a feeling I will never forget. Rhnl^^fmh[^inmmbg`bg^o^gfhk^phkdmaZgnlnZek^\^gmer' Ahpblma^\ebih_ma^p^^dl^kb^l`hbg`8 I am always trying to push the limits in everything I do, especially skating for myself and everyone else. I started a clip of the week l^kb^lhgRhnMn[^'Frpahe^inkihl^h_mablpZlmh^g\hnkZ`^ [eZ]^klZg]i^hie^maZmZk^gm[eZ]^klmh`hhnmZg][eZ]^Zm least once a week or pick up a pair of skates and try them out to see how fun skating really is. I always have plans for the future for new projects and edits that I want to do to push myself and the sport.

AZo^rhnmahn`amZ[hnmpaZmrhnpZgmmh]hZ_m^krhnÛgbla high school? I plan on going to college and getting a degree in architecture or civil engineering. Are you working on any video sections at the moment? I am working on a new edit for Denial, stacking clips for another edit and always getting clips for my clip of the week. Who are your current sponsors? Razors, Denial, Roller Warehouse, Create Originals and Gorilla Workshop. Now that you are amateur for Razors, does that mean they will be sending you to more events? They have been sending me to events and I still plan on going to more events. What would you like to achieve with rollerblading? There are so many things. People talk about the future of roll-

:k^ma^k^Zgr^o^gmlrhnaZo^gm[^^gmhr^mmaZmrhnphne]ebd^ to attend? I would love to attend Winterclash, Summerclash or FISE – they l^^febd^_ngZg]bg\k^]b[e^\hgm^lmlBfbgm^k^lm^]mhl^^ahp skaters are received in other countries, and the different styles and cultures people have outside the US. Why did you decide to get rid of the ramp in your back garden? It seems like that has been the question by a lot of people lately. Well, there were a few reasons. It looks like we will be moving lhhg'Bfghmahf^ZehmZgrfhk^%lhB]hgmldZm^bmZlfn\aZl I would want and, if anyone knows my dad, you would know he loves to build new things. So, with that being said, I would say check out my clip of the week series; there will probably be somemabg`g^p'MaZmlZeeBf`hbg`mhlZr&`hmmZd^^ilhf^mabg`lZ surprise. What does an average week consist of for Wake Schepman? FZg%ma^k^lZehmBpZl`hggZlZrl\ahhe[nmbmllnff^kmbf^ now. Skating, of course, but I usually have my phone stuck in my hand and busy checking emails, Facebook, Instagram, tweeting Zg]m^qmbg`'Bfhgma^\hfinm^kZehm^]bmbg`\ebilmaZmBaZo^% planning for upcoming exhibition shows that I do with a show team, hanging out with my friends, yard work, playing some video games, working out, church, youth activities and Boy Scouts, always hanging out with the family, and having fun while doing all of those things!


What grade are you in at school now? BcnlmÛgbla^]fr*)ma`kZ]^r^ZkbgCng^Zg]aZo^hgermph years left to graduate high school.

erblading but not many people are doing anything. I am doing everything that I can to expose myself outside the rollerblading industry for outside sponsors to start representing our sport. Our sport has dramatically increased and changed in all aspects but no-one outside of our industry knows that. What I would like to achieve with rollerblading is to do my best to encourage more people to skate and help make this sport what it can become.


Rocket air

Have you managed to stay injury-free this year or have there been any bad falls? Well, with new tricks and wanting to get better, there are always _Zeel`^mmbg`bgma^pZr'B]lZrma^phklm_Zeelh_ZkmaZmankmma^ most was from Pow-Wow when I tried to do a 1260 over this 25ft gap from one bowl to another and got destroyed. Everything Z[hnmma^mkb\dpZl[Z]'B]b]gmmZd^h__kb`amZg]BlmZkm^]libggbg`nilb]^]hpgbgfb]&Zbk%pab\aBnlnZeer]hgm]h'B^g]^]ni falling and scraping my entire back, hips, elbow and hands on the sand paper concrete – major road rash. If you have been to Kona, you know how bad it hurts to fall there.






Don’t Stop Me Now

Leo Oppenheim is rollerbladbg`lo^klbhgh_FkFhmboZmhk' A^fZrghmkh\dliZg]^q%hk [^h_CZfZb\Zg]^l\^gm%[nmabl [hng]e^ll^gmanlbZlfZg]k^e^gme^ll^g]^Zohklmhikhfhm^ [eZ]bg`bgma^NDblphkmarh_ k^\h`gbmbhg' — Phk]lZg]Iahmhl3 Sam Cooper

“I am proud to say that I have known Leo now for many years, as a friend and as a colleague, and to this day I can say that I have never met anybody like him in my life. His positivity and enthusiasm for life in general is infectious, and his passion for skating and helping others is immeasurable. Leo always has time _hki^hie^Zg]mabll^eÜ^llg^llZg]iZllbhg_hka^eibg`hma^kl has made him a real role model to young people, and a credit to the skating industry. He is also the busiest person I know – with around nine jobs on the go – and the many different sports he ieZrl'Bahg^lmer]hgmdghpahpa^]h^lbm' I was honoured when I was given the task of writing this intro because nobody deserves this interview more than Leo. He is absolutely killing it on his skates at the moment and just watching him skate gets me super juiced! Leo is an absolute pleasure to be Zkhng]Zg]Bflnk^^o^kr[h]rpahdghplabfphne]lZrma^ lZf^'P^\^kmZbgerg^^]fhk^E^hlbgma^phke]4bmphne][^Z fn\a[kb`am^kieZ\^%maZml_hklnk^'



— Jenna Downing

Stale over backboard & car



How old are you and how long have you been skating? BZf]^Ûgbm^erZghe][hrZl_ZkZlldZmbg`bl\hg\^kg^]'BaZo^ [^^ghgbm_hk*0r^ZklZg]BZfg^Zker,) PaZmpZlbmmaZmZmmkZ\m^]rhnmhkhee^k[eZ]bg`8 Bnl^]mhli^g]frlnff^klbgPZe^lZmmablebmme^\ZkZoZgiZkd% Zg]Z_^ph_ma^db]lma^k^`hmlhf^Zg]lmZkm^]lak^]]bg`'B `hmlhf^_hkfr*,ma[bkma]Zr&;h[[bglHl[hsspbmaenfbghnl `k^^gpa^^el&BpZlahhd^]lmkZb`am_khfmaZmLdZmbg`d^^ilf^ ahhd^]_hkehmlh_]b__^k^gmk^Zlhgl'Bm^Z\amhglh_i^hie^^o^kr p^^d^g]%lhl^^bg`ma^f`hbg`_khf_^Zkbg`bmmhehobg`bmZepZrl a^eilf^lmZrfhmboZm^]'Ma^he]fZgbgfra^Z]ebd^lmhm^eef^ Bfghm\nmhnm_hkmablZgrfhk^%pab\a`bo^lf^fhk^k^Zlhgmh inlafrl^e_aZk]^k



Ahpphne]rhn]^l\kb[^rhnkl^e_ZlZldZm^k8 :lZk^lnemh_[^\hfbg`ZldZmbg`bglmkn\mhk%BaZo^_hng]maZmB k^Zeer^gchrZeema^hma^k]bl\biebg^lh_ldZmbg`%mhh'LeZehfZg] _k^^ldZmbg`Zk^lhfn\a_ng:g]%bgfrhibgbhg%ma^r\Zgk^Zeer a^ei]^o^ehirhnkldbeelZlZgZ``k^llbo^ldZm^k'Bphne]lZr o^klZmbe^blma^[^lmpZrmh]^l\kb[^frldZmbg`'BfZepZrld^^g mhmkrZgrmabg`' =b]rhnÛg]Zgrk^lblmZg\^mhma^hma^k]bl\biebg^lh_ldZmbg`rhn lmZkm^]mhmZd^ni_khfZ``k^llbo^ldZm^kl8 BgbmbZeer%ZlZk^lnemh_[^bg`ZgZ``k^llbo^ldZm^k%Bmahn`amma^ hma^k]bl\biebg^lp^k^ghmabg`li^\bZe'Bk^f^f[^k`hbg`mh]h frB<Ibglmkn\mbg`\hnkl^%mabgdbg`bmpZlZee`hbg`mh[^lh^Zlr' BmpZlZfZllbo^^r^hi^g^k%maZml_hklnk^BÛg]maZmldZm^kl _khfhma^k]bl\biebg^lZk^ik^mmrhi^gmhZ``k^llbo^ldZmbg`[nm fZr[^Zebmme^bgmbfb]Zm^]lhf^mbf^l'BmlZlZ]mabg`maZmbmlghm k^\bikh\Zm^]%k^Zeer'LhfZgrZ``k^llbo^ldZm^klZk^gm\hglblm^gm pbmama^bk[Zlb\ldZmbg`%rhndghp8 What else do you do with your spare time? BieZrljnZlaÛo^&mh&l^o^gmbf^lZp^^dZg]ieZrl^\hg]]boblbhg fZm\a^lpbmaZm^Zf'Bf[b`bgmhleZ\debgbg`Zg][ZeZg\^[hZk]& bg`%Zg]BZfbgma^`rfik^mmrfn\a^o^kr]Zr%mkrbg`mhlmZrbg ma^[^lmlaZi^ihllb[e^'B]hrh`Z_hnkmbf^lZp^^dZlp^ee%Zg] BaZo^lbqch[l'BgZee_Zbkg^llmahn`a%ma^rZk^Z[bmmhh_ngmh[^ \Zee^]phkd' =hrhnmabgd[^bg`bgoheo^]pbmalhfZgrhma^kZg]kZ]b\Zeer ]b__^k^gmZ\mbobmb^la^eilrhnkldZmbg`8 Lhfn\alh'LeZ\debgbg`Zg]bg]hZk^k^Zeer_ZgmZlmb\_hkldZmbg`' LeZ\debgbg`bl^li^\bZeerbgm^k^lmbg`ZlbmZefhlmfbfb\lma^[Ze& Zg\^k^jnbk^]pa^g`kbg]bg`'GhmhgermaZm[nm[hma]bl\biebg^l m^Z\arhn_h\nlpabe^[^bg`\Zef%pab\ablZg^ll^gmbZemhhebg ldZmbg`' PaZm^qZ\merZk^rhnjnZebÛ^]bgZg]ahp]h^lmablmkZgleZm^ into earning a living? BfZjnZebÛ^]i^klhgZemkZbg^k%rhnmaÛmg^llbglmkn\mhk%\hf[Zm \hZ\a%e^o^emphbg[hma;KL?Zg]B<I_hkldZmbg`%jnZebÛ^] ldZm^[hZk]bg`bglmkn\mhkZg]BaZo^cnlm[^\hf^ZjnZebÛ^]Bg]h [hZk]bglmkn\mhk'Ma^ldZmbg`Zg]ldZm^[hZk]bg`bglmkn\mbg`Zk^ ma^hg^lmaZm^Zkgf^Z`hh]ebobg`Zmma^fhf^gmZlZk^lnemh_ frldZm^\hfiZgr?ehpldZm^'BZelhkngZkhee^k]bl\h\hfiZgr% pab\ad^^ilf^o^kr[nlrZmma^p^^d^g]'Mablbllhhgmh[^ k^[kZg]^]Zg]^qm^g]^]mahn`a%ZlBZfehhdbg`mhlmZkmZg^p lmre^h_\hfiZgrphkdbg`Zkhng]Zem^kgZmbo^Ûmg^llf^mah]l_hk a^Zema`Zbgl'

PaZmpZlma^ÛklmjnZebÛ\Zmbhgrhn`Zbg^]ZlZmkZbg^k? Bml_nggr%Z\mnZeer%ma^Ûklmmabg`B]b]pZlh[mZbgfrldZmbg` jnZebÛ\Zmbhg'BmcnlmlhaZii^g^]maZmZeema^hma^kjnZebÛ\Zmbhgl lm^ff^]_khfma^k^'BlmZkm^]phkdbg`_hkfreh\Ze\hng\beZg] ma^rk^ZeerpZgm^]mh`^mf^bgoheo^]bgZeema^hma^km^Z\abg` ikhc^\mlma^rp^k^]hbg`'BaZ]bmbgfra^Z]maZmBpZgm^]mh [^ZldZmbg`bglmkn\mhkZg]^ZkgZebobg`_khfbm'Fr_ZfberZg] _kb^g]lmhe]f^maZmBpZl[^bg`_hhebla%Zg]Bf`eZ]ma^r]b] [^\Znl^ma^k^blgh[b``^kfhmboZmbhgmaZgpZgmbg`mhikho^ i^hie^pkhg`' =hrhnaZo^ZgrZ]ob\^_hkhma^klpZgmbg`mhfZd^Zebobg`_khf skating? Rhnlahne]ZepZrlmkrZg]mnkgpaZmrhneho^bgmhZgh\\niZmbhg b_rhn\Zg'Mbf^blfhk^bfihkmZgmmaZgfhg^rZ_m^kZeeZg]%b_ rhneho^paZmrhn]h%rhng^o^k_^^eebd^rhnk^phkdbg` Rhnf^gmbhg^]?ehpldZm^%rhnkldZm^bglmkn\mbhg\hfiZgr'PaZm is the history behind the business and where do you see it going? ?ehpldZm^bllbqr^Zklhe]ghp'B[^`Zgcnlm]hbg`ikboZm^e^l& lhgl%[nmlhhglmZkm^]mhphkdbgl\ahhelZg]eh\Ze\hffngbmb^l% ZkkZg`bg`ldZm^iZkdhi^gbg`lZg]m^Z\abg`l^llbhgl'Bm[^`Zg ZlZp^^d^g]ch[[nmaZl[^\hf^fhk^h_Zp^^d&ehg`mabg`'Bg ma^eZlmlbqr^Zkl%BaZo^[^^gen\dr^ghn`amha^Z]nim^Z\abg` ikhc^\mlZeeho^kma^\hngmkr'LdZm^;eZ\dihhepZlma^[b``^lm hg^h_ma^l^pa^k^%pbmaC^ggZ=hpgbg`Zg]FZkZpZ%p^mZn`am Zkhng]1))i^hie^mhldZm^bgZp^^d :k^ma^k^Zgrikhc^\mlmaZmrhnZk^k^Zeerikhn]h_8 BaZo^[^^gm^Z\abg`Zrhng`eZ]\Zee^]CZfb^mhldZm^_hkma^ iZlmÛo^r^Zklpahln__^kl_khf:li^k`^klrg]khf^Zg]:=A=' Ma^db]blfrikhm®`®Zg]a^blikh`k^llbg`ebd^\kZsr'Bk^Zeer eho^pZm\abg`abfikh`k^ll%dghpbg`maZmBaZo^aZ]ZaZg]bg maZm'A^blZdbee^k M^eenlZebmme^[bmZ[hnmK^o^k['PaZmblbmZg]paZmlrhnk involvement? Bf^mma^fZmLdZm^;eZ\dihhe'Ma^rZk^Zeer`hh]lhng]lrlm^f \hfiZgr%ghkfZeer_hng]iZkmZdbg`bgan`^_^lmboZel'Ma^rk^Zeer liked what we were doing and have been on board with many ikhc^\mllbg\^'Ma^rZk^Zk^Zeer^gmanlbZlmb\`khnih_i^hie^Zg] bmllh`k^ZmmaZmma^rZk^bgm^k^lm^]bgkheebg`'K^o^k[aZlZek^Z]r ]hg^lhfn\a'Ma^rp^k^ma^fZbglihglhk_hkEZ\^]eZlmr^Zk Zg]ma^r_ng]^]ma^K^o^k[@bkelMhnk%pab\ablhk`Zgbl^][r EZ]rkhee^kl' Who supports you in all your ventures? FrlihglhklZk^L^[Z%Fhgd^rGnmkbmbhg%Bg]h;hZk]Zg]MaZm Kheebg`;kZg]'L^[ZaZo^[^^gZp^lhf^' M^eenlfhk^Z[hnmrhnkk^eZmbhglabipbmaL^[Z' :lZk^lnemh_f^]hbg`ehmlh_]bl\biebg^lbgldZmbg`Zg]m^Z\abg`% ma^ra^eif^pbma^jnbif^gmZg]mkZo^emhlhf^\hfi^mbmbhgl bg>nkhi^'Ma^rZk^Zk^Zeerlniihkmbo^\hfiZgrmhma^ldZmbg` industry as a whole and are going to be so big in the aggres& lbo^l\^g^bgma^_nmnk^'Frkhe^pbmaL^[ZNDZmma^fhf^gmbl ik^iZkbg`_hkma^Z``k^llbo^ldZm^mh]khiZg]phkdbg`pbmama^ ]blmkb[nmhkmhfZd^lnk^maZm%pa^gbm]h^l%^o^krmabg`blbgieZ\^ Zg]k^Z]r'

You recently released an edit that caused a bit of a hate storm on the internet. What did you make of it all and why do you think p^Zk^lhjnb\dmhÛk^]hpgZghma^k[eZ]^k8 The edit did end up being a bit of a shambles, really. I think the videographer really wanted it to be different and unique. As a result, it ended up coming across pretty cheesy. I was really happy with some of the content of the edit though, so it was pretty surprising for me hearing some of the personal attacks. I am k^ZeeraZiirbmaZii^g^]ma^pZrbm]b]%[^\Znl^bmk^ZeerÛk^] me up for Laced and I was truly happy with the way I skated there. I have been skating the FR-A setup for nearly a year now Zg]bml[^^gk^Zeerbgm^k^lmbg`l^^bg`i^hie^lhibgbhgl'BaZo^ really been enjoying the extra power and speed I have gained from the setup. Obviously there are limitations but I have enjoyed [^bg`Z[e^mh]hmkb\dlhgma^fmaZmi^hie^]hgmmabgdblihllb[e^' Hnklihkmblik^mmrg^`Zmbo^bg`^g^kZe%Zg]mablblk^Ü^\m^]hg websites and in skate parks throughout the UK. Admittedly, it ankmf^bgbmbZeer[nmBmabgdbmlZepZrl`hh]mhaZo^mh]^Zepbma negativity. What do you think aggressive skating needs to better its current lmZm^Zl[hmaZlihkmZg]Zgbg]nlmkr8 The problem with aggressive skating is not the pool of talent, far from it. As a result of skating being out of the X Games, the progress has mostly been missed by the masses. In order for the sport to grow, a number of things could really do with happening. Firstly, aggressive skaters in general are so closed to other disciplines. From my experiences of doing lots of instructing in London, I found that the majority of skaters involved in other disciplines are intimidated and put off by aggressive skaters as it seems that all of them have had at least one negative experience where they have been made to feel inferior. This for me is hilarious, counter-productive and foolish. The industry and the sport are so keen to grow and become successful, and yet they are so keen to distance themselves from the roots of our sport and disengage people who could potentially become involved. The other thing the industry needs to do is organise itself as a unit. When it comes to promoting the sport, be it with competitions or tours. There should be a bigger effort made to bring in sponsors outside of skating and mainstream coverage. All the companies should put more effort into getting there pro riders to do workshops and demos throughout different countries, and really get involved with the youth of the sport and the other disciplines. I think Loco Skates and people like Jenna Downing are really on board with this mentality and it translates in their success.

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Featuring: Daniel Jurzyna, Michel Prado, Tom Coley-Sowry, Jeremy Soderburg, Chris Dafik and Anthony Medina


Featuring: Daniel Jurzyna, Michel Prado, Tom Coley-Sowry, Jeremy Soderburg, Chris Dafik and Anthony Medina