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February 2013


•Cover page (great new year coming up) •CMA Events –Local/State/Regional Officers •President’s Message •Chaplains Corner •Road Captain article •Upcoming Chapter/Biker Events •Showing support for Chick-fil-A • CMA Events •Meet and Eat pictures •Fellowship & Meeting Members Calendar CMA upcoming major events Listing of Our Ministries Verse(s) of the month

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Local Servant-Leaders Officers and Appointees President Ron Gamache Vice President Ernie Hamilton Secretary Judy Verano Treasurer Denise Hamilton Chaplain Don Nordstrom Road Captain David Russell Newsletter Editor Irv Gaffield

State and Regional Officers South Eastern Evangelist Randal Tebeau FL State Coordinator Mark Cooley Our FL Area Rep Dave (PK) VanderKlay

CMA Events BIFF’S MINISTRY BOOTH Every Saturday night at Biff Burger, 49th St & 39th Ave. N., St. Petersburg, FL QUAKER STEAK MINISTRY BOOTH Every Wednesday night just north of the 49th St. and US-19 interchange. All CMA Chapter meetings and Biker Bible Discussions are all held at Calvary Chapel, on US – 19, Clearwater. All meetings begin at 7:00PM. FOR THE FIRST FOUR MONDAY NIGHTS ONLY. 5TH MONDAY is a “ride n eat” opportunity. First Monday, Officers Planning meeting, All CMA members welcome. Second Monday, Lambs that Roar – Monthly Chapter Meeting, Any and all bikers welcome. Third & Fourth Mondays “Biker Bible Discussion Group”. Discussion of God’s Word, come and share. All bikers welcome!. Fifth Monday- details determined at the chapter meeting of the month of occurrence. Monthly CMA Ride and Eat TBA How to Connect With CMA Interested in learning more about the Christian Motorcyclists Association? Or are you a motorcycle enthusiast who would like to learn more about Jesus? Or maybe you’d like to fellowship with others who share your beliefs and interests. If so, you can hook up with us in a number of ways: You are welcome to attend the local CMA meeting listed above; or you can write to the return address printed on the last page; join us at our missions booth at Biff’s every Saturday night, Quaker Steak & Lube on Wednesday Night or you can call one of our local contacts: President – Ron Gamache (727) 515-6802 Chaplain – Don Nordstrom (727) 953-6377 Biff’s Min. Tent –Denise & Ernie (813) 690-5636 QS&L Min.Tent – Paul Laurelli (727) 541-3521 CMA Websites To Remember: National State Local chapter

February 2013

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Christian Motorcyclists Association

St. Petersburg Chapter

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Ron Gamache I want to start by thanking Irv Gaffield for taking over as News Letter Editor. It is a big job and one that I was not able to do. So many thanks and coodoes to Irv. Now to move over to other things. Happy New Year. If you .are reading this you have survived and other end of the world day. December 27, 2012 has come and gone we are still here. I hope that this year, we will all be able to have some fun, fellowship, and be able to minister for the Lord. The big State events that are coming up are Stunts Wars, and Daytona Bike Week in March, Seasons of Refreshing South, and Leesburg Bike fest in April. Hope that you will be able to make these events. Sunday March 31, 2013 is the Son Rise Service. This is a work in progress but we have the sound and music lined up thanks to Chuck & Steve. Our beloved Area Rep “PK” will be the speaker. Of course there will also be other events and rides going on. You will just have to check the online calendar or when all else fails give me a call. I think of the chapter as an extended family. We may be a dysfunctional family but we are all brothers and sisters in the Lord. God is our Father and we are the bride of Christ. Now don’t expect me to explain how this works in this article, as it would probably take a book to just touch on the subject. The important thing is that we are a family. We should be looking out, and praying for one another, above all loving one and other. We are on a battle field, there is a real enemy out there that seeks to steal, kill, and destroy. We are under some kind of attack every day and the enemy wants to steal what we have, destroy our ability to serve, and kill our relationship with God thus insuring we are no threat to him and that we will perish with him. I just hope and pray that we can focus on build up, and help one another. I hope that you all can forgive me, for my short comings. I realize that perfection is a state that will never be attained in this life. I can only strive to do better and get closer to God each day. So for all the toes I have stepped on, I want to say that I am sorry. February 2013

So what you all have to say. Your input is important. The chapter officers do want to hear from you all. Oh while I think of it welcome to Dave AKA Joker to the position of Road Captain. Now I want you all to cut him some slack as Road Captain is a thankless job. For those who think you can do a better job there will be nominations in October and elections in November. Please feel free to run for the position. Thanks to Ernie, Denise, Judy and Don for filling their positions for another year. Please keep the officers in your prayers. I also want to thank Paul and Teddy for their faithfulness at QSL. Which reminds me, take a ride and drop by to check things out at QSL on Wednesday and Biff’s on Saturday. Well that’s enough rambling for this month. Please be safe. Remember that “they” are out there, the individuals that do not see you. Ride like no one sees you. Keep the shiny side up and God Bless you all.

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Christian Motorcyclists Association

St. Petersburg Chapter

CHAPLAINS MESSAGE Don Nordstrom-Chaplain --- WINNING SOULS--- “THE FRUIT OF THE RIGHTEOUS IS A TREE OF LIFE; AND HE THAT WINS SOULS IS WISE.” Proverbs 11:30--- Not many win souls. It is estimated only about 5% of Christians ever lead another to Christ. Had the early church advanced at such a snail’s pace, Christianity would have died out in the first century! They had been commissioned to teach in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the uttermost parts of the earth. And they took the charge seriously! When persecution came to the early Christians, they saw the opportunity to preach the gospel in new fields as they were scattering. Under pressure, they produced. Imprisoned, they sang praises to God and won other prisoners. Why do so few win souls today? There are a number of factors, but one of the most important is that we do not make soul winning our most desired goal. We are content if all is going well and there are few problems at home. Financial targets get priority. After our jobs, there is little time to reach lost people. Soul winning does not get priority, while we cater to our own selfish desires. All our earthly trinkets will someday be dissolved. But he that wins souls is wise--having lasting treasure.

February 2013

Don “Dragon-Slayer” Nordstrom Here he is after slaying (riding) the Tail of the Dragon in NC/Tenn. Come to the BBDG as described below to see how you can be a dragon slayer as well, all you need is the sword of Truth. BIKER BIBLE DISCUSSION GROUP Our Chaplain, Don Nordstrom, is leading a series of discussions centered around the teachings of Proverbs for the weekly Biker Bible Discussion Group meetings. These rd th meetings are held on the 3 and 4 Monday nights. They meet at Calvary Chapel at 7PM. On the fifth Monday night they have a ride and eat for the group, guests and most anyone who would like to join them.

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Christian Motorcyclists Association

St. Petersburg Chapter

ROAD CAPTAIN’S CORNER David Russell ( Joker ) From David Russell aka “Joker” The purpose of the Road Captain is to lead others in a safe and orderly ride to a destination. In the same way, Jesus is our Salvation and guide thru our life in this World, then beyond thru the gates of Heaven, to our final destination the New Jerusalem. John 16:13 However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come. God Bless.“We never ride alone” THOSE SMILIN' ANGELS written by Rod Hatter 9/24/2009 Rumbling down under, in wide open spaces. Rolling the highway, with wind in our faces. There's nothing that matches the way that it feels, when we're in control of our two wheels. We've been through some bad times, and times that were great ! We've rode bad weather and stayed out too late. We've calloused our palm, with throttle in hand, out riding the back roads all over this land. We're awful proud, of those we call friend. They ride right beside us, through thick, til the end. They share with us life, and share with us beers. Share with us laughter, and share with us tears. Along down this highway, we've lost us a few. Some that were strangers. Some that we knew. With no rhyme or reason, or so it would seem, but it was life's calling. It's what their fate deemed. Now, through our memories, they ride with us still. Our Guardian Angels, who know how we feel. They must be out riding, in much better places. Our visions of them. show smiles on their faces.

February 2013

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Christian Motorcyclists Association

St. Petersburg Chapter

Upcoming Biker Events (All info believed to be accurate, but subject to error or change) KEY CMA Sponsored EVENTS for the upcoming months. These are the main events, so get them on your calendar now. ATTENTION LTRs Our Road Captain updates our calendar with events at least once per week, you can access it on our web page, pick up one at our booth, or give him your email and he will send it out as he does them. This will stay current and up to date. CMA Lambs That Roar Regular monthly Meeting

First Monday of the month, Chapter Officers meeting Calvary Chapel 7:00 PM Second Monday of the month, Chapter Meeting Calvary Chapel 7:00 PM Third Monday of the month, Bible study Calvary Chapel 7:00 PM Fourth Monday of the month, Bible study Calvary Chapel 7:00 PM Fifth Monday of any month, is a meet and eat. Time & Place TBA One Saturday a month is a , Ride & Eat TBA Every Tuesday morning 9 AM is a Prayer Breakfast at Rocky's Dinner 14400 Walsingham Rd Largo, FL.

WEEKLY BIKER EVENTS-St. Pete is where it is happening! MONDAY NIGHT: CMA Lambs That Roar Regular monthly activities TUESDAY NIGHT; AMVets Post 698 864 Park St. N – Pinellas Park WEDNESDAY NIGHT: Quaker Steak on 49th St N,CMA/LTR Ministry tent THURSDAY NIGHT: Kahuna’s on Gandy Blvd. across from the dog track FRIDAY NIGHT: The Dog House 2901 Tyrone Blvd., St. Pete SATURDAY NIGHT: Biff’s on 49th Street, stop by the CMA booth in the back. SUNDAY:Salvation Saloon Church 10:00 a.m. They meet at the Stix Billiards at Klosterman Rd Hillsborough Chapter ABATE MEETS ON THE LAST SUNDAY OF EACH MONTH AT 1:00pm, More information: There are just too many other runs & events to list, so check out the local magazines – Full Throttle, Go Far, Ride Now, Born to Ride - available at both Biff’s and QS&L.

February 2013

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Christian Motorcyclists Association

St. Petersburg Chapter

Showing support for Chick-fil-A

Here's Ron trying to see how far his arm can stretch February 2013

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Christian Motorcyclists Association

St. Petersburg Chapter

CMA EVENTS The LTR got a letter from the Bayshore Christian School in Tampa invite us to come to there school. The letter has been posted for all to read. On Monday morning Jan. 28 a few of the guys, Ron Gamache, Don Nordstorm, Don Roberts and Andy Lombardi headed out from Calvary Chapel to Tampa. Brother Ron Thank you again for getting back with me concerning our Spiritual Emphasis Week. It begins on Monday January 28th and goes through Friday February 1st. Our chapel times for Monday-Thursday begin at 9:40 A.M. Friday's chapel will be at 1:40 pm. Chapels usually run for an hour but during this week we are flexible with time because the Lord has done some incredible things in our past two years during Spiritual Emphasis Week. As I look at our calendar for that week I think Wednesday, Jan 30th or Friday, February 1st will be the best days for your group to come. Let me know what works best for you. This years theme is "Our Best For Christ". In the past we have had guest speakers who serve in ministry, primarily youth ministry, but my goal this year is to have people who use their jobs, talents, hobbies and passions to come and share about how they serve the Lord in their everyday lives. The CMA is one of the best ministries that exemplifies what I hope to convey to my students ,who range from 6th grade through 12th grade. Bayshore Christian School is in its 42nd year of operation. It is a ministry of Bayshore United Methodist Church. In the past several years Bayshore UMC has had struggles as attendance has declined but Bayshore Christian School is thriving. We have had some incredible blessings during my seven years on staff but it has not been without a spiritual fight. As our school year started in September our school librarian was diagnosed with liver cancer. Thankfully she is doing well but she has retired due to her illness. She has been a part of BCS since the school began. Shortly after hearing news of her illness our high school English teacher was also diagnosed with liver cancer. Our kids fasted and prayed for his healing but he went home to be with the Lord this past December 5th. That is just a brief history of what we have faced during this school year. I love my students and I only want the best for them. I want to expose them to men and women who love the Lord and who are willing to serve Him with every part of their lives. Thank you and to your chapter for prayerfully considering being part of this years ministry. I trulyappreciate it . Blessings, Mark Proffitt

February 2013

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Christian Motorcyclists Association

St. Petersburg Chapter

These are some pics of a few ride and eats

February 2013

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Fellowship and Meeting Denise & Ernie's House

February 2013

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Christian Motorcyclists Association

St. Petersburg Chapter

Members Calendar

F E BRUARY 2013 S unday


T ues day

Wednes day

T hurs day

F riday


S aturday


Groundhog Day Biff Burger Ministry Tent 1830 hrs -2100 hrs



Planning meeting and Fellowship at Ernie & Denise house. KSU 1300 hrs Calvary Chapel




LTR Officers meeting 1900 hrs


Prayer Breakfast 0900 hrs

12 Lincoln's B-Day

LTR Chapter Meeting 1900 hrs


18 President's Day

Prayer Breakfast 0900 hrs


LTR Bible Study 1900 hrs




Prayer Breakfast 0900 hrs

9 Biff Burger Ministry Tent 1830 hrs -2100 hrs

14 Valentines Day


16 Biff Burger Ministry Tent 1830 hrs -2100 hrs



Quaker Steak & Lube Ministry Tent 1900 hrs -2200 hrs

27 Prayer Breakfast 0900 hrs


Quaker Steak & Lube Ministry Tent 1900 hrs -2200 hrs


26 LTR Bible Study 1900 hrs


Quaker Steak & Lube Ministry Tent 1900 hrs -2200 hrs

23 Biff Burger Ministry Tent 1830 hrs -2100 hrs


Quaker Steak & Lube Ministry Tent 1900 hrs -2200 hrs


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Christian Motorcyclists Association

St. Petersburg Chapter

UPCOMING CMA EVENTS _______________________________________________________________________________________________

March 3, 2013 CMA Day of Prayer CMA Event National Event Location: Nationwide Contact: Events Dept. 870-389-6196 opt 7 June 18-22, 2013 Eastern National Rally CMA National Event Fryeburg, Maine Contact: Events Dept. 870-389-6196 opt 7 July 16-20, 2013 Western National Rally CMA National Event Chama, New Mexico Contact: Events Dept. 870-389-6196 opt 7 October 16-20 Changing of the Colors Rally, CMA Event National Event Location: Iron Mountain, Hatfield, Arkansas

February 2013

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Christian Motorcyclists Association

St. Petersburg Chapter

Please support one of the many ministry efforts of the LAMBS THAT ROAR

Women’s Ministry the

TREASURED HEART Alison (A.K.A.) Ali J Cat Meets on the Fourth Tuesday of each month Email-Ali (

Biff’s Tent Ministry Denise & Ernie Hamilton David Russell (Joker)


Every Saturday Night Call for information

Quaker Steak and Lube Tent Ministry Paul Laurelli Every Wednesday Night Call Paul at 727-541-3521 for information Email:

Sunshine MOTO X Speedway Larry and Marietta Harbert Two to Three times per month on Saturday Nights. They can be reached at 727-741-0008

February 2013

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Christian Motorcyclists Association

St. Petersburg Chapter

Changing the world one heart at a time

The Meaning of Life By: John Ogden, Sr. Therefore I say unto you, take no thought for your life, what you shall eat, or what you shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not life more than meat and the body more that raiment? (Matthew 6:25) This scripture asks us: Is life not more than meat? I believe that we are asked this question to cause us to think about the importance of life and its meaning. The scriptures go on to remind us that our Heavenly Father is aware of even the sparrow that falls and that our confidence should be placed in God’s hands. We, as Christians, realize that the meaning of life is to do the will of the Father. We are created on purpose and for a purpose and that purpose is to allow Jesus to rule in our lives. We are to be His instruments to not only grow in grace and knowledge, but to point others to Him. If one was to live to be 150 years old, but miss the purpose in which he was created, he would have lived but missed the meaning of life. In Matthew 6:25 God is focusing our attention to life and away from what we eat, what we wear and the things of the natural, so that we may be focused on the things of the spiritual. I find in my own life that it is easy to allow the things of the natural to overshadow God’s will in my life. This brings a question – do we understand the meaning of life and are we keeping the main thing the main thing?

Christian Motorcyclists Association St. Petersburg Chapter P.O. Box 41781 St. Petersburg, FL 33743-1781


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NEXT Months MEETING, November 12th, which is on the 2ND Monday of each month at 7:00PM, CMA Websites To Remember: National State

The Book of Life

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February 2013

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Lambs That Roar Feb. Newsletter  

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