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Spring Sports Preview EVAN MALLON staff writer

This spring, the expectations are high for our sports teams. The Wheeler spring sports teams include Baseball, Lacrosse, Tennis, Golf, Track, Soccer, and Gymnastics. Baseball finished their season last year with a 14-17-1 record, and second in the region. The energy and team chemistry were high last season, and they look to continue to grow before their first game. Senior Luke Simmons says “I love all the coaches they put in just as much or even more effort than we do as a team to make sure we get better and more competitive. Gage Vailes will be a huge factor on the mound and Gabe Ahn will be an important piece in our lineup for us to succeed”. Make sure to take some time and see our baseball team catch a win! Next up, Lacrosse, the boys and girls both had productive seasons last year, the boys finishing 8-10 with an appearance in the first round of the playoffs, and the girls, well let’s look forward to this season. Senior captain Garrett Mallon described his expectations for the season saying, “I am hoping to reach the playoffs again and grow as a team. We lost a lot of seniors from last year, so some of the younger guys are going to have to step up and fill spots that we are short of. Overall, The boys team finished 8-10 with I believe that if an appearance in the first round of we play togeththe playoffs last year. er, we will have a good season.” Teacher Robbie Nichols coaches the boys, and our girl’s team is coached by Joel Howell. Both teams have new schedules and look to go for winning records. Boys and girls tennis teams are looking forward to a promising season with lots of new, young, rising talent. Dr. Richie is one of the coaches for our tennis program, and the pressure is on for them to have an improved season in a difficult division. The team is practicing very hard to compete with the other teams. The program will attempt to make it back into the playoffs.Make sure to come out and support wheeler tennis this upcoming season! The boy’s golf team, led by senior captain Jake Pereira, who says “ I want this to be the season that the program can look back on as a huge leap in the right direction. With a new coach and new uniforms, I look forward to the competition we will face this year.” Our golf team is led by Dr. Jimmy Carter this year, being his first year, the pressure is on to exceed expectations. The team is one of the fastest growing programs in the school! The program is building a strong foundation for years to come. Wheeler also has a women’s golf team, featuring seniors Lauren Newhouse, Liliana Henrikson, Tatiana Henrikson, and more. We look forward to seeing what our boys and girls teams can do this season.

The 2018 Soccer team is hoping for a winning season after the boys went 8-11, and the girls 5-11 last season.The last time the Wheeler Soccer team made the playoffs was in 2014. The team is looking to get back in the big dance this year. The program is looking to take a big leap this year in the right direction. Senior Trey Kerns says, “We are looking to rebuild this season after losing a ton of seniors, and hope for rising talent.” The soccer team, coached by Michael Sawyer and Ian Moss, who are both diligent coaches that keep their team in line. Track and field is a sport that Wheeler is known for with an impressive history. Many athletes from other sports join track and field to improve their speed. The track and field team, coached by Coach L, has been very The track and field team is looking for- successful in the past, and ward to another successful year. are looking for another excellent year. Lia Tablada, a new member of the track team says her favorite event is the 400 meter. Make sure to watch as Lia and other track and field members compete. Javaughn Moore is the star to look for this year. He has placed respectively in the state title race for two consecutive years. He is an active contender for a state title this year. Moore said, “I feel very excited about this year. I think that the team is coming along nicely, and we’re primed to make a serious run at state.” There are plenty of meets for you to attend so make sure to go and support the track and field team. Last but not least, Wheeler’s Gymnastics program is something everyone needs to see. Our high flying girls are excited about a competitive season this year. Most people have never seen a gymnastics meet before and should attend. The team is practicing hard to improve their overall performance. Both soccer teams are hoping for They are returning a a winning season. lot of gymnasts and feel confident about the upcoming year. This year will be jam packed with exciting games and hopefully playoff appearances. If there was a time to be a proud Wildcat sports fan, this is the year.

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Apple Faces Lawsuits News Flash Eastern cougars used to roam every U.S. state east of the Mississippi. Now, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has officially declared the species extinct.

On January 31, there appeared to be a super blue blood moon in the sky. It was the first total lunar eclipse since 2015 and the first Blue Blood Moon visible from the U.S. since 1866.

JULIETTE MULLER staff writer

Over the years, apple iPhones have fornia, is presenting. She is stating “each member of the Class had to been one of the most popular smartbuy a newer iPhone model because the performance of their older phones people have been using. Everyone iPhone model had slowed down as a result of Defendant’s purposeloves them, and they are an easy and fast ful conduct.” This suit asserts people to refurbish their batteries way to get into contact with people and rather than buying a whole new iPhone. According to, “One get stuff done. These iPhones are known of the cases, represented by attorney Jeffrey Fazio, the same lawyer to be fast and reliable. There has never who won a $53 million settlement with Apple in 2013 over iPhone really been a problem with them up till now… Apple iPhones warranty claims, says that Apple chose to conceal the battery defect. have been slower than ever lately. People with older phones The suit alleges that “the batteries’ inability to handle the demand have realized that their iPhones has been slower than usual. created by processor speeds” without the software update that Generally, people with the 6s or lower are going to have this slowed the iPhone down was a defect.“Rather than curing the batproblem. tery defect by providing a free battery replacement for all affected A couple of weeks ago, Apple announced that they iPhones, Apple sought to mask the battery defect,” the suit says.” had been purposely making old iPhone slow down. They This story brought up a lot of controversy about whether make the battery slower so over the years you’re phone will or not Apple did the right thing. I interviewed some people to see not be as fast as it used to be. how they felt about this situation. Most An average iPhone lasts for people bashed Apple about this problem. about two years until it starts Brandon Johnson (11) says, “I think Apple acting up. They did this so it has become a cheap company and let will help prevent unexpected people down as they have downgraded shutdowns. Instead of you’re their products. I feel like apple as a comiPhone turning off randomly, pany has gotten worse since Steve Jobs it will slow down instead. deceased. I will no longer be purchasing Apple fueled a Apple products from them.” Vinny Lammie conspiracy theory. It said that (12) also thought the same way about all of older iPhones are intentionalthis. He thinks “it hurts me and I wish I could ly slowed down. This is so that change the speed of my iPhone because I People with the 6S or lower are going to iPhone users have no other don’t work for Apple and I am saving for a have this problem. choice then buying a new cat.” Lastly, Sam Conceicao (10) as predicted phone if they do not want to put up with the lack of speed. has the same beliefs about this situation. He says, “It makes me feel By doing this, they are making more money since people will bad about my self, and I wish I could change it but I can not afford want to buy the newest iPhone. it. On the other hand, Luis Hernandez (12) judged that “Apple was Customers are getting mad, and now they are going being smart and thought about it in their perspective. They were just to get what they deserve! iPhone users were not hesitant to trying to make money, and that is how businesses should be run. Bespeak up about this. There has been at least east eight class cause of this, they have made a fortune with people re-buying their action suits against the company since then. phones every two years. This is just part of doing business, and if you Because of the circumstances, Apple has decided to are upset about this, then you should look at it in different ways.” let people replace their batteries. They even brought down What Apple did was wrong and unjust. It is not fair that the prices for people to refurbish them! Numerous people are people have to buy a whole new phone just to get something that going to get them replaced now. is working again. Hopefully, they have learned their lesson and Apple is being filed a lawsuit of 999 Billion dollars! that later in the future there will be improvements and this will not Patently Apple found that lawsuit. Violetta Mailyan, in Calihappen again.

Turpin Tragedy


President Trump’s first State of the Union Address occured on January 31st. Trump stated,“Since the election, we have created 2.4 million new jobs, including 200,000 new jobs in manufacturing alone.”

Scientists have found specialized brain cells in mice that appear to control anxiety levels, which could lead to better treatment in humans in the future.

Early in January, a brave 17-yearold girl rescued herself and her siblings from the horrific treatment they have known their entire lives. The Turpins, a family of fourteen, have proved that no one knows what goes on behind closed doors. Parents David and Louise have been arrested and charged with six counts of child abuse, seven counts of abuse of a dependent adult, twelve counts of torture, and twelve counts of false imprisonment. The twelve children, ages 2 to 29, have been captive in their home for almost all of their lives. The parents allowed no interaction with other people outside the house, including relatives. Homeschooling the kids permitted Louise and David to restrict the kids even more, teaching them only certain skills they might need in life, while also eliminating any social interaction. Luckily, their 17-year-old daughter was able to sneak out of the house, and use an old cell phone to contact the police. Life inside of the Turpin house was inhumane, and besides the oldest few children, this was the only life they knew. Every child was chained to their bed, allowed to eat one meal a day, and not released to use the bathroom. In addition, they allowed each of their kids to shower only once a year, and they only permitted hand washing if the water did not reach the wrist. If any child were to get water above their hand, the parents would punish them for “playing” with the water. Punishments ranged from beating to choking. Louise and David would also buy cakes and pies and force the children to stare at it while the parents ate it, and allegedly feeding the dog better than their kids. While many toys were found in the house, none of them had been removed from their packaging or showed any signs of use. When it came to other peoples opinions on the family, many people did not even question the relationship between the parents and their kids. The Turpins loved Disneyworld, and would often go on family vacations. They also went to Las Vegas multiple times, specifically to renew their vows in a wedding chapel. This strange tradition occurred three times, one of which was just between Louise and David. The family had to move a few times due to foreclosure, leaving the subsequent owners with horrible house condi-

tions. Pictures of the houses kept by owners show dark stains and beds with ropes and chains. The houses looked and smelled disgusting, according to the owners. Louise and David were not always like this. They both grew up in strict Protestant families in a small town in West Virginia. They ran away together when she was 16, and he was 23, to get married. They started a family, and at this point were still in contact with their families back home. Louise’s sister spoke out about the tragic discovery. She explained that over the years, the communication slowly dwindled, and she mentioned that they were experimenting with different religions. Sister, Teresa Robinette, shared the strange behavior she had witnessed from her sister. As they started to test different faiths, they began to “get their fix” of the crazy lifestyle they had missed out on due to their strict beliefs growing up. Teresa mentioned a time when Louise and David drove to Alabama to meet with a man who they arranged for Louise to sleep with. The couple did things like this multiple times the next few years. She said that she had only met in person the oldest of the Turpin children and that because of the shocking news her sister is now dead to her. Another sister, Elizabeth Flores, actually lived with David and Louise when they were younger. She shared her experience explaining how strict they were with the children. They would not allow them to leave their rooms for long periods of time, and would not let her spend much time talking to them at all. She said that looking back she saw red flags, however, did not feel like she was in a place to correct how they parent their kids. This case is very similar to a case regarding a family known as “The Wolfpack.” This family also homeschooled their children and restricted them to the house. However, with the Wolfpack, the mother was very caring for the kids and did not want that kind of life for them. Both Louise and David Turpin treated their children cruelly. There has additionally been suspicion about whether or not David Turpin sexually assaulted any of his daughters. The Turpin children are now receiving appropriate medical attention since they were all starving and malnourished. One of the oldest, a 29-year-old girl, was only 80 pounds when the kids were rescued. Doctors say these kids will need a lot time to become healthy, butter bigger problem is the psychological effect on the children. Although the kids were supposedly homeschooled, they were still unable to identify everyday people or things like most people. Experts are working with them already, trying to show them that the real world is nothing like the torture they had experienced.



The Government Shutdown GARRETT MALLON staff writer

On January 19, the United States government shutdown because of the failure to make a deal. Each year, the government, specifically Congress, has to agree on a plan to fund the government. However, the funding deal gets complicated when a party wants to bargain for something that the other side does not entirely agree on. While the president, most of the Senate, and the House of Representatives are Republican, the Senate did not follow the complete Republican plan, which caused the government shutdown. The Democrats and Republicans in the Senate must pass legislation with a vast majority, rather than just fifty-one percent; so, they can keep deals that they do not agree with from passing. The government shutdown only lasted for three days, but it still affected the non-essential government employees by keeping them out of work and making them question when they would be able to work again. This shutdown was the result of multiple other failures to develop a funding deal. The last fiscal year ended in October 2017, but a continuing resolution was passed until December, which led to another until January. Ultimately this led to the government shutdown. One of the main subjects of disagreement during the negotiation before the shutdown, and currently, is funding for the recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program along with immigration policies. The Obama administration initiated DACA with hopes of providing assistance through citizenship, a work permit, and some healthcare for immigrants that came to the United States as children. Then DACA was canceled by president Trump soon after he came into office. However, the recipients of DACA receive protection until March. The back and forth discussion over DACA and other immigration programs have occurred for the last few months because the government can not settle on a funding deal for a revised immigration plan. Donald Trump and many other Republicans have a strong stance against illegal immigration, but Democrats and some Republicans do not support such strict rules. Ever since his inauguration, Donald Trump has vowed to get rid

3 Asteroid Attack DISHA SHARMA staff writer

An asteroid spanning one-third of a mile is predicted to hurtle past Earth at 76,000 mph on Super Bowl Sunday. While NASA and the International Astronomers’ Union, a body of PhD-educated astronomers, deems the rocky mass, 2002 AJ129, to be potentially hazardous, it is in fact not supposed to crash into Earth. “We have been tracking this asteroid for over 14 years (since being discovered on January 15, 2002) and know its orbit very accurately,” Paul Chodas, manager of the Center for Near-Earth Object Studies at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, said in a statement. “Our calculations indicate that asteroid 2002 AJ129 has no chance — zero — of colliding with Earth on Feb. 4 or any time over the next 100 years.”

An asteroid spanning one-third of a mile is predicted to hurtle past Earth at 76,000 mph on Super Bowl Sunday.

The Lincoln Memorial, along with other national attractions, have been closed. of Obama’s policies in order to develop his own more stringent plans, but his ideas swayed throughout his first year in the White House. Because of the vast difference in opinion over immigration, the two parties have not made much progress, and they still have not reached a complete agreement. As the failure to make a deal continues, the pressure put on the government is growing. On March 5, the 700,000 DACA recipients will lose their protection from DACA, and if there is no plan for them, they will lose all of their DACA rights. However, Republicans have recently agreed to form a program that will provide a path to citizenship for the DACA recipients. The Republican plan will have stricter policies than DACA and demand concessions from Democrats and some of the less aggressive Republicans. Far right conservatives intend to make the DACA recipients work for their citizenship and possibly pay for the funding of a border wall. While President Trump has gone back and forth on his stance over the issue, his latest legislation will allow citizenship for everyone under DACA, get rid of the family-based migration plan, create funding for the border wall, and develop harder laws against illegal immigrants in the country. Both Democrats and Republicans believe that the government shutdown was the other’s fault, but each side played a role in the closure. Many Democrats blame Republicans because of their unwillingness to compromise, and because of their majority in the House of Representatives. On the other side, some Republicans blame Democrats for causing the shutdown by using their power in the Senate to fight for DACA and refusing Republican plans. Even though each team sees faults in the other, a substantial factor in the confusion is caused by the president. Unclarity from Donald Trump and the White House is one of the leading problems because the rest of the government have a hard time understanding exactly what the president wants. After the government shutdown, Republicans in the Senate have lost patience and are making a deal with an immigration policy of their own. These Senate Republicans believe that if they can formulate a plan that will pass in the Senate, then it will most likely get the president’s approval. In a government shutdown, thousands of “nonessential” American government employees are effectively out of work. Some of the employees work in government offices and national parks. For example, the Statue of Liberty was not open for visitors during the government shutdown. However, most of the government employees are still working. TSA, Social Security services, postal services, and essential government employees did remain in work. Overall the short government shutdown did not have too much of an adverse effect, but it did not resolve the problems that may come back again in February.

So what makes the asteroid so concerning? NASA uses a preset criteria to define such masses: any that come within 4,650,000 miles of Earth and measure more than 500 feet in diameter are categorized as “Potentially Hazardous Asteroids.” NASA revealed that next month’s asteroid won’t come closer than 2.6 million miles from our planet, which is roughly 10 times the distance between Earth and moon. It also measures up to 1.2km wide, which is almost as big as the 1.42km sq. Hyde Park in London. Obviously, an asteroid of this size and proximity would cause devastation if it were to actually hit Earth. The time at which the asteroid is said to come closest to Earth is at about 4:30 p.m. Eastern time on February 4th. In fact, “NASA’s Asteroid Watch” account on Twitter went dark during Washington’s shutdown over the weekend, but not before addressing the fears of presumably terrified tweeters: In response to several questions, asteroid 2002 AJ129 will safely pass Earth on Feb. 4. At closest approach, it will be at a distance of 2.6 million miles / 4.2 million km – no closer than 10 times the distance between Earth and the Moon. Although the flying debris is classed as a PHA, NASA says there is no need to worry about its 76,000 mph velocity as “it does not pose an actual threat for colliding with our planet for the foreseeable future.” If a space rock 1km wide did hit the planet, the consequences would be devastating. Earth could be plunged into a mini ice age, leading to plummeting precipitation levels and plant productivity, according to one scientist’s predictions. Charles Bardeen told the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco in 2015: “These would not be pleasant times.” 2002 AJ129 follows another relatively close escape - in space terms - when AJ 2018 skimmed past Earth on January 21 at 1.1 million miles from earth. One of the most devastating asteroids to hit earth in recent years was an 18-metre asteroid that hit Chelyabinsk, Russia, in 2013, injuring 1,500 people. The Chicxulub crater, which wiped out the dinosaurs, was believed to be about 10 to 15 kilometers (6.2 to 9.3 miles) in diameter.

NASA uses a preset criteria to define such masses: any that come within 4,650,000 miles of Earth and measure more than 500 feet in diameter are categorized as “Potentially Hazardous Asteroids.”





Wonder woman Essence GAYNOR staff writer

Wonder Woman is the newest female-led superhero film in Hollywood. Within the DC universe, Diana Prince is seen an incon for women of all ages. However, does her wardrobe in the film deter from her empowering figure on screen? Wonder Woman is a fictional superhero that first appeared in American comic books in October 1941. Diana Prince grows up on the Amazon island of Themyscira. On this island, she was Princess Diana Of Themyscira, daughter of Hippolyta. The apotheosis of this DC comic nears when a pilot crashes offshore of the island, and she rescues him, only to discover that there is an ongoing World War outside of her homeland. This character is a well-known figure in popular culture that has been adapted to various media, from its appearance on the cover of the second edition of Ms. Magazine in 1971 to its place in the cast of both The Lego Movie and The LEGO Batman Movie in 2014 and 2017. The history of the character has only grown since its debut in the comic book, and that is shown by the making of a film in inspiration of it, released in June of 2017. Directed by American film director and screenwriter Patty Jones and co-written by American filmmaker Zach Snyder, the film stars actress Gal Gadot as Diana, or Wonder Woman. The sequel to this superhero movie is set to be released in 2019, eliciting controversy due to one specific aspect of the superhero’s appearance: her ensemble. Some of the Many people argue that the women in the films viewers reveal movie were satanically dressed and not covered that they felt a sense of empowerment and enough to be protected in war. strength, while others share their thoughts on the said amounts of over-sexualization throughout the film. Those that are opposed to her ensemble argue that the superhero was simply too undressed to be considered a real symbol of strength. The backlash the film has been getting caught the attention of the makers of this film. The film’s director responded to the claim that Wonder Woman's ensemble stripped her of the expected strength and determination: “I think that’s sexist,” she said. “I think it’s sexist to say that you can’t have both.” Despite this, many have stuck by their claims. They continue to say with outrage that the women in this film were scantily dressed, especially Wonder Woman, and argue that the women were nowhere near sufficiently protected for battle. Thanacha Thamma, a sophomore attending Wheeler High School agreed with this aspect of the controversial topic. “Wonder Woman is oversexualized throughout the film. Her outfit was too revealing. It didn't give the outlook on empowerment and strength I had hoped it would have and that was disappointing. I believe that if the makers of this film portrayed her in a different light, it would've made a big difference in my overall view of the film.” Those that stand by this belief have posted their opinions via the internet. Emily Gaudette, a culture and entertainment writer, posted her thoughts on the movie via her Twitter account. She stated: "Least favorite part: 3 shots where 75% of the frame was Wonder Woman's butt." Gaudette, along with Australian journalist Cameron Williams, were one of the many to use their Twitter accounts as an outlet to address the close shots of Wonder Woman's body throughout the film. They persist that the superhero's revealing costume undermines Wonder Woman's role as a symbol of power and hope. Those that believe the movie portrays empowerment, however, explain that the film has broken records as the most successful female-led superhero action movie. They argue that Wonder Woman has been an inspiration for over 80 years, and that has not changed. Jackqine Escott, a librarian at Wheeler High School, agrees with this statement: “I believe the film is empowering for women and continue[s] to stay true to its origin.” The character's inspiration was from early feminists, after all, so I can see why one would feel this way. I continue to stand by my ability to see from both perspectives and say that I enjoyed the movie despite the controversy surrounding it. That being said, the film's fans have also brought up the positivity the movie exhibits in regards to the working together of both men and women. Wheeler High School students feel as though this aspect of the movie was significant. There seemed to have been an agreement that Wonder Woman's strength was undeniably there throughout the film, and the fact that the superhero was portrayed as women able to hold their own was what essentially what had made them feel this way. Maya McNeal, a student at Wheeler High, says: "The movie as a whole is empowering due to the simple fact that Wonder Woman was able to hold Wonder Woman has been an inspiration for over her own. It's very uncom80 years, and that has not changed. mon to see that amongst women in a film, and I feel as though movies like Wonder Woman defeats the "damsel in distress" trope that has persisted for years. Movies like these are a step in the right direction." In regards to the controversy stated above, what do you think? What are your thoughts on Wonder Woman? Is she a symbol of strength, a heroine, the epitome of empowerment? Or is she too over-sexualized to be considered as such? Make a comment to share your thoughts with The Catalyst staff.



Abort Mission


LIA TABLADA staff writer Abortion has been a subject talked about and performed for years. This topic has always had mixed views as some individuals debate whether it is murder, humane, or legal to deliberately terminate a human pregnancy. This debate has been from the couches of our own homes all the way to the desk of our very own president; why is the topic seen in so many different ways? Abortion is the act of removing a fetus from the uterus, essentially terminating the pregnancy. The procedure can be done many weeks into the pregnancy but most people decide to have it done before 13 weeks. There are so many different opinions on this topic because of the various backgrounds of different people around the world. Some people believe it is completely wrong to end a life that has no say in what is going on. Others believe a woman has control of her body, and if they do not feel comfortable to have a baby in the circumstances they are in, they should be legally allowed to terminate the pregnancy. There are some people who have mixed viewpoints. There are laws in different states and countries on abortion such as you must be 18 or have parent consent. Others say you can not have an abortion at all. The United States has had controversy about abortion in the modern era. A shift in presidential administrations has caused a difference in viewpoints about the issue. For example, the current administration has not taken a definitive stance on the controversy as it has spoken both for and against abortion. The previous Obama “I believe a woman has the right to do whatever administration, in she wants with her body.” contrast, strongly sup-Jennifer Kim ported abortion. The changes in governmental policies has caused debates among the American people. I asked senior Jennifer Kim on her thoughts on abortion and she said, “I believe a woman has the right to do whatever she wants with her body. If she is not financially stable to provide for a child, has other issues going on in her life, knows she would not be able to give the child the attention and care it needs, or just wants

to focus on herself then she should not be forced to give birth.” She also continued to say, “If I were to get pregnant right now, I would have to have an abortion because I have not even started college yet and I want to focus on school before having a child.” Recently, there were a series of marches in Washington D.C. On January 19, 2018, women and men marched specifically against abortion. This march, organized by March for Life, had over 30,000 advocates. The march itself was estimated to have over 100,000 participants. In the past this march has accumulated up to 650,000 people. President Donald Trump made history on the date of the The mission of the March For life is to provide all march as the first sitAmericans with place to testify to the beauty of life ting President to ever and the dignity of each human person address the rally via a live video.On the March for Life website the claim, “The mission of the March For life is to provide all Americans with place to testify to the beauty of life and the dignity of each human person.” On the other hand on January 21, 2018, women marched for their rights and respect for themselves. This march drew crowds of over three million nationwide. Some sources say this protest was partially used against Trump for supporting the March for Life instead of being non-biased. On the women’s march website they state, “Our goal is to provide young people with the tools needed to create high school and college chapters that guide students in making a positive impact in their communities. We believe that the single most powerful act we can do is prepare young people with the skills and commitments to take actions around causes that matter to them with courage, compassion and collaboration”. I asked Sophomore Juliette Muller on her opinion on abortion, “I think that you should be responsible for your actions when it comes to pregnancy,” but it is a lot harder to talk about then to actually go through it. When most people get pregnant on accident they usually are around the age of 25 and under and still trying to figure out where they want to go in life. Obviously if they are irresponsible enough to get pregnant in the first pace they probably don’t know what to do with their upcoming life so they’re not ready to give birth to a child.

Is Womens Basketball Worth It? GABE AHN sports editor

Picture all the basketball stars that you can. Let me guess; you pictured Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, or any of the other players that perform feats of athleticism that can only be dreamed of. Did you happen to think of any stars from the WNBA? Maya Moore? Candace Parker? Britteny Griner? Probably not considering the WNBA creates significantly less revenue, has a much less interested fan base, and little recognition in the sports world. In a society where gender equality is a hot-button issue, the WNBA is at the center of this debate. The NBA is a huge moneymaker. Television deals with big-time channels such as TNT, ABC, and ESPN add millions of dollars to league revenue each year. Not to mention equipment partners such as Nike, Stance, and Spaulding provide every player with top of the line gear each night. The WNBA has similar deals with these companies, but they are much less lucrative. Jersey sales also have an immense impact on league revenue. Current stars such as James Harden and Giannis Antetokounmpo have kids wearing their jerseys while dreaming of playing in the NBA. The WNBA jerseys are not nearly as popular with the public. There is also a difference in compensation for players in the NBA and WNBA. Golden State Warriors star, Steph Curry, is making $34.7 million during the 2017-2018 season, and that figure doesn’t even include the countless endorsement deals he has. The maximum contract a WNBA player can have is worth $110,000 per season. Steph Curry makes almost four times that every time he steps on a court. The wage gap has been a perpetual problem for WNBA players. Often NBA players take the offseason to rest and train for the upcoming season, but Diana Taurasi decided to play in Russia for WNBA players are forced to a salary of $1.5 million play overseas to subsidize their contracts. Playing overseas was once a way for NBA players to play basketball during a contract lockout, but for the WNBA players, it’s a way of life. These women could make up to fifteen times more if they played overseas full time, but the idea of not living in the United States presents a challenge. That wasn’t a problem however for former WNBA MVP, Diana Taurasi. She decided to play in Russia for a salary of $1.5 million. Compensation for WNBA players is so inadequate is that the teams don’t create nearly enough revenue. James Dolan is the owner of the New York Knicks as well

as the New York Liberty. He has publicly stated, multiple times, which he has thought about selling the Liberty because “the Liberty was a consistent money loser…” The Liberty is not the only team to lose money. It is reported that half of the WNBA’s teams lose money over the course of a season. Part of the issue is that there are just twelve teams in the league. On the other hand, the NBA has two The WNBA jerseys are not nearly as popular fifteen team conferences. The decreasing number with the public. There is also a difference in comof teams in the WNBA (16 pensation for players in the NBA and WNBA. teams from 2000-2002) has caused the league to have a thirty-four-game schedule. This short season reduces the number of potential ticket sales. Marketing is one cause of the lack of revenue created. Often residents of these host cities don’t know that there is a WNBA team present. I asked ten random students at Wheeler if Georgia had a WNBA team. Seven of these students responded correctly, but only four of these students could tell me the name of the Atlanta based franchise, the Dream. When I asked these same ten students about the Atlanta NBA franchise, all ten were able to give correct answers. This lack of recognition affects the attendance of WNBA games. The average attendance of WNBA games was just over 7,300. This number is far down from around the 10,800 fans that showed their support during the 1998 season. In my opinion, the WNBA is an essential institution in US sports. It’s supposed to be where the most talented female basketball players in the world showcase their talents. I feel that the WNBA should be a huge success considering the number of female basketball players in the country. Unfortunately, the general interest of the WNBA is low across the country. Teams continuously relocate to different cities to try and increase their fan base. The lack of interest limits the amount of revenue that the WNBA creates. These women have to play year-round to make a comfortable living as opposed to the men who have a three-month offseason. In a perfect world, both the men and women’s leagues would share air time, sell a similar number of jerseys, and have committed fan bases. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world, so this is unlikely. Until the WNBA decides to make drastic changes to its marketing plan, the revenue will continue to be low, and teams will lose money. In turn, the WNBA will continue to be at the bottom of the US sports hierarchy.




Procrastination Tips SYDNEY CARLIN staff writer

Procrastination: The action of delaying or postponing something. “Procrastination is a trap that many of us fall into. In fact, according to researcher and speaker Piers Steel, 95 percent of us procrastinate to some degree. While it may be comforting to know that you’re not alone, it can be sobering to realize just how much it can hold you back.” Whether it is regular homework or a massive project, every high schooler has gone through the process of putting off an assignment. It starts with having a false sense of hope, thinking it can be done quickly, then you realize it is going to take a long time, and finally the iconic “all-nighter” is pulled to complete the assignment. As a student who procrastinates everything, I can tell you it is terrible, but I continue to do it anyways. I hit the halls of Wheeler High School and asked some students about their experiences with procrastination. John Dobbins said, “I think to procrastinate, although not smart, is part of every student in high school, some of my best papers were finished seconds before they were due!” Meanwhile, Liliana Henriksson had the opposite opinion; she claimed that once you start procrastinating it is hard to stop; it is a black hole. I asked other magnet students on the topic, and Kayli Sweeney responded with, “Procrastination is kind of dope, to be honest. When I’m on my 29th hour without sleep, and my eyes start glazing over, I just feel so invincible. Turning in online assignments at 11:59 pm is my true aesthetic. Finishing my Calc Notebook while Furstein was taking attendance was an iconic moment in my high school career, and I plan to follow that trend with my Calc BC notebook as well.” Sabrina Regier states, “procrastination is the key to high school. Without it, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Always wait until the last second.” Lastly, Malini Patel states, “I try not to wait last minute to finish my work, but I end up procrastinating anyways.” Being a senior, waiting last minute to finish homework and tedious projects is not wise, and I would not recommend it, but I’ll tell you about my experiences. For Senior Project, I failed to turn in some of the forms on time and waited to write the Research Paper Malini Patel (Senior) & Kayli Sweeney (Senior). until the day of, but I got an A on my paper, and my overall grade for the project was stellar. Moving on to Gov and Econ, I tried to complete the cartoon project over time, but as you can guess, I failed to do that. I stayed up until around 6:00 AM, fell asleep for thirty minutes, woke up, then and proceeded to skip the first block to complete it. The budget project was not as easy to do like the cartoon project, and I was extremely stressed out the whole night. I struggled that entire night to finish it, and my mom even helped me finish it. However, I prevailed through my laziness and turned the project in on time. Time management is a subject that everyone has struggled with at one point in time, and some are better than others at managing. Some get better over time, and some get worse over time; for me, I have gotten worse since freshman year. I was the perfect student in ninth grade; I was always on time, never skipped class, finished my assignments on time, and went to sleep at a reasonable hour, but Liliana Henriksson senioritis hit me, and it hit me hard. (Senior) The first step towards beating the lousy habit is by giving yourself just one task to complete instead of multiple because as soon as people begin to feel overwhelmed is when they procrastinate. Start by making a goal to finish the task within one week and start it immediately, and even if you don’t have enough time to make significant progress on the assignment work on it for at least five minutes. Although the mental block is what causes procrastination, the second biggest distracter is technology. One of the best techniques of knocking out homework is by taking a “power hour.” In one hour, put away all distractions and work with periodical breaks. For example, work for 20 minutes and take a fiveminute break, then repeat. Music is also a great way to get started, find a song that puts you in a good mood and play it whenever you need to finish homework; this creates a trigger in your brain that you need to work, not to mention it is easier to complete an assignment when you’re in a good mood. John Dobbins Everybody procrastinates because it is (Senior) part of human nature, but it is best to beat the habit before it has even started. Use time proactively and focus on what can be completed rather than how difficult the task is.


What is your opinion on abortion? “I think its wrong in most cases, but its your decision.” -Amaya Williams (12)

“It’s your choice nobody else’s.” -Alexis Latronica (11)

“Even though it is, in a way, a cruel action, some women, especially victims of rape, should have the right to decide what is better for them.” -Guilherme Pinhero (11) “I’m not for it, but I think it depends on the situation and the parents.” -Khila Stone (9)

Things to do if you’re

S I N G L E on

1 Have a movie marathon 2 Treat yourself 3 Have a singles party

4 Binge eat junk food

5 Forget about the FAKE holiday




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“He’s a interesting and funny person, and his teaching style is fun.” -Courtney Randolph, 10th

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Top Cars of 2018

JENNY KIM staff writer

Automobiles have not only become a very important sign for interior and exterior, adding more powerful yet efficient engines, and more transportation in our daily lives but also have become a type of safety technology. The 2018 Camry was also given a lower, wider, and longer stance accessory in a sense. Cars are used to be represented as a person’s and a new standard engine with an all-new 2.5-liter four-cylinder. All Camrys made personality, taste, or even their social status. Well, the second from 2018 and now on will come with the Toyota Safety Sense suite of advanced month of 2018 has barely arrived, and we can already see a lot of electronic safety aids and driver assistance technologies (automatic emergency brand new 2018 cars on the streets. braking with pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise “New year, new car!” If this is one control, lane-keeping assist, automatic high beams, of your life mottos, let’s hop right in and take a look etc.) together at what the top 6 cars of 2018 are. 2018 Ford Expedition: This car has been around 2018 Honda Accord: With a starting price in its same basic form for a really long time, and for of $23,570, it is about an average price for a midsize 2018, it finally made its big change. Now made of car that is one of the standouts. Because of its 2018 lightweight aluminum instead of steel, the weight redesign, not only does it only look better, but it also will have big savings. The 2018 Ford Expedition became more practical or “fun” than it used to be. paired with a new powertrain and is predicted to The base engine is a turbocharged four-cylinder that be more efficient and improve fuel economy. For provides satisfying acceleration, yet gets good fuel more details of technology updates, their new SYNC economy. The handling is deft and offers a comfortable 3 infotainment system is compatible with Apple ride. Other standard features for the Honda Accord CarPlay and Android Auto, 6 USB ports are included The 2018 Honda Accord 2018 include the Honda Sensing active safety package in the vehicle, and also provides a Wi-Fi hot spot and driver drowsiness monitoring. that can pull data from an actual 4G LTE data con 2018 Buick Enclave: This car starts at $39,995, nection. This car is planned to become present in which is a slightly higher price than average for its dealerships this fall, so until then, the pricing will be class, but it is known to be pricey due to its near-luxury unsure. quality and premium features. For the standard fea 2018 Lexus LS: Their LS sedan being fully redetures, it includes an 8-inch touch screen, Android Auto, signed, it looks nothing like the old model before. Apple CarPlay, and also a Wi-Fi hot spot. This midsize Expanding 1.3 more inches in wheelbase made SUV has 7 passenger seats and comes with a smooth the vehicle longer, lower, and wider. The standard and responsive 3.6-liter V6 engine. No other engine is engine will be a twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6. It is planned available to be swapped with, but most buyers won’t to produce around 415 horsepower and will also be looking for a new engine anyways, due to the enorinclude 10-speed automatic transmission in order mous power it already contains. to send power whichever wheels desired. Coming 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan: Being a full redewith advanced safety technology that you would The 2018 Buick Enclave sign of Volkswagen’s compact SUV, the price of this expect in a flagship luxury sedan, the new Lexus LS SUV starts around $25,195. For the main changes, modern styling was done, offers provides a system that will try to steer around a pedestrian when detected in its lane. great versatility, more comfortable rides are given, and comes with an easy-to-use This automobile is expected to be seen in dealerships at the end of the year, so that updated technology features. However, though, the Tiguan has one engine, unfortuwould be when we can know what the price is for this newbie. nately turning out to be the vehicle’s weakest attribute. With having 184-horsepower Well, since now we have taken a look at the top 6 best cars of 2018, I guess four-cylinder, it leads to acceptable acceleration and fuel economy but honestly isn’t the next step would be saving up. What car do you have in mind? What car interests anything special compared to its competing SUVs. you the most and why? Most of these cars are very pricey, do you think they’re worth 2018 Toyota Camry/Camry Hybrid: The Toyota Camry 2018, which price range the price or no? What do you value most in cars? Our curiosity and affection towards starts at $23,495 ($27,800 Hybrid) made major changes by adding a more edgy decars will probably never come to an end.




Justice For Gymnasts AKILLAY MUHAMMAD staff writer This U.S.A athletics scandal will forever be the worst sexual you get what you deserve, a life of suffering spent replaying the words delivered abuse scandal in the history of American sports. Larry Nassar, a by this powerful army of survivors,” said by Aly Raisman at the Michigan hearing. In former U.S. gymnastics doctor, is sentenced to life in federal prison. December of 2017, Mckayla Maroney ( abused by Nassar since she was just thirteen He earned his undergraduate degree in kinesiology at the Michigan years old) filed a lawsuit against USA gymnastics, Michigan State, and the USA State University. During his time at the university, Larry worked Olympic committee for neglecting the assault cases involving Larry Nassar. Howevwith the football and track and field teams from 1996 to 2016. He er, Maroney signed an NDA to remain silent about the assault charges in a 1.25 miladvanced his career as a world-renowned physician for the U.S. lion dollar settlement with USA gymnastics. Maroney decided to come out with her women’s gymnastics team. In 1997 MSU’s department of family and community medistory and was fined $100,000 for testifying against Nassar in court. Celebrity Chrissy cine appointed Larry Nassar as the assistant Teigen showed her support to the gymnasts by ofprofessor. New stories have come to light fering to pay Mckayla Maroney’s fine for testifying accusing Larry Nassar of abusing over one against Larry Nassar in court. Simone Biles, the hundred and fifty women of all ages over the golden girl of the 2016 Rio Olympics, has added past few decades, including four members of herself to the list of over one hundred women the “Fierce Five.” who were abused by Larry Nassar. On January In July 2017, FBI sentenced Nassar 2018, Simone posted a tweet sharing her story to sixty years in federal prison, after pleadwith the world. “For far too long I’ve asked myself ing guilty to child pornography charges. ‘Was I too naive? Was it my fault?’ I now know the The state of Michigan charged him with ten answer to those questions. No. No. It was not my counts of first-degree sexual conduct in two fault. No, I will not and should not carry the guilt different countries. The federal government that belongs to Larry Nassar, USA Gymnastics, charged him with receiving and possession and others.” How did the U.S. Olympic committee of child pornography. In addition to this, not know about this issue? Were they covering tampering with evidence. On January 24, for Larry Nassar the whole time? 2018, Judge Aquilina sentenced Nassar to USA gymnastics cut ties with the Karolyi Ranch. 40-175 years in prison. Judge Aquilina gave Dozens of gymnasts said the Karolyis did nothing a compelling,powerful statement by stating Larry Nassar, while listening to the women he abused for so to protect them from Nassar’s abuse. The Karolyis that he got what he deserved (and rightfully lawyer denies all allegations. News stories have many years. so) “I just signed your death warrant,” she ancome to light from 1999 that should have sent Larnounced. She gave permission to over 106 of Nassar victims to testify against him and ry Nassar to prison earlier. A freshman softball player at Michigan State was referred share to the world their traumatic story. His earliest possible release is March 24, 2069. to Nassar for an injury. She found the treatments uncomfortable and later reported Thankfully, the world has bought this awful man to justice, and will hopefully prevent it to her trainer, Destiny Teachnor-Hauk who replied “He’s a world-renowned doctor. this from ever happening again in the future. He treats elite athletes.” 2004, Kyle Stephens ( twelve years old at the time) told her Last year, Congress voted on a bill that would require anyone in the athletic MSU psychologist that Nassar had molested her. Dr. Gary Stollack (MSU psycholofield to report any incidents of sexual abuse to law enforcement. Over the course of a gist) did not report the allegations to the proper authorities. seven-day hearing, it is possible that this bill will become law. Gabby Douglas, McKayla Dozens of these women’s stories are like this. These women all reported Maroney, Jordyn Wieber, and Aly Raisman have all accused Larry Nassar of sexual abus- these incidents and were told they were crazy because this man was a worlding them since they were just teenagers. Aly Raisman received a standing ovation after renowned doctor. Thankfully, all of those victims said their stories and the world condemning Nassar for harming young girls in the name of treatment. “I have both listened. After all the pain that these women have endured over the years, they can power and voice and I am only beginning to just use them,” she said at the Michigan now put the past behind them and heal. These women are no longer victims; they hearing. “All these brave women have power, and we will use our voices to make sure are survivors.


victory, leapt to their feet upon the realization that four seething Rockets players How violent has the NBA become? There have recently had come calling for them. For a few fleeting moments, several Clippers dared the been a lot of fights that have broken out in January. Many players Rockets to reach farther into the room, sources said. Security and team officials have been suspended for two games. One player took a swing at soon converged on the Rockets, pushing them out the door and back toward the the opposing player. Others have told each other to “meet me in visiting locker room, sources said. Ariza was described as the first one through the the locker room.” This is isn’t the first year that fights have broken door, with Paul in the back of everyone. Witnesses tell ESPN that “None of these out in the NBA. It just seems that this year, there has been more guys were going to fight.” NBA officials started an investigation immediately after that have occurred then all the other seasons in the past. Will the the night of the game and continued gathering information among the Clippers, massive violence continue? Looking back at last year’s NBA season, the fights that Rockets and security officials on the following Tuesday. There was an expectation happened didn’t happen again to back like the ones in January. This entire NBA seafrom the league office that potential suspensions or fines won’t be made sooner son has been an all-out brawl between the petty, the uninterested, the furious, and than that upcoming Wednesday, January 17th, the unintimidated. Four months into the because of the sheer volume of possible of2017-18 schedule, and it already feels like fenses to be examined. the league has met its quota for bonkers These fights weren’t the only fights that events. have happened in January. There is has only One of the fights that broke out been four months into the new NBA season, happened on January 16th. After a fight and there are already months worth of battles. broke out close to midway through the They play professional basketball, not a UFC second quarter, the Magic’s Arron Afflalo match. I feel like the fights are outrageous, and and the Timberwolves’ Nemanja Bjelica I am concerned about these conflicts breaking were ejected. Jamal Crawford missed a out because what if someone gets hurt badly? jumper, and both players were going for What if the referees do not come fast enough, the rebound when the fight broke out and they start fighting? What if instead of the around the free-throw line. Afflalo pushed players getting suspended, they get banned? Bjelica back a few times and then took a Does it look bad for the coaches with their full swing at Bjelica. Bjelica then calmly players struggling? If these fights continue put Afflalo in a headlock in response to to happen, there will most likely be more try to stop Afflalo from actually hitting him. Players gathered around the two to The fight between the Orlando Magic and Minnesota Timberwolves drama. Then the next time you watch the NBA, thoughts will run through your head like “let’s break it up. Both players received a double was the worst fight this year. see who is going to fight this time.” Players in the technical foul and were removed from the NBA are there to play basketball, and the fighting and drama aren’t necessary and game by the referees. Only Afflalo got suspended for two games. “I don’t feel like the a waste of time and money. During a game, if you so much as look like your about victim here, that’s part of the game,” Bjelica said, “but he took a swing at me, and I to fight, it will end up being a technical foul. Thus causing and maybe one or two was just trying to protect myself, and, to calm him down because he was wild.” automatic points for the opposing team. The players mentioned in this story did Another fight that broke out happened right after the Magic-Timberwolves not get fined, but other players did and other players will. I feel like players need to fight. In the aftermath of a loss, Houston Rockets forward Trevor Ariza and stars Chris stop and ask themselves, is fighting this guy worth it. Most of the fights that broke Paul and James Harden marched through a back corridor and into the LA Clippers’ out was brought on the players and was unnecessary. Just because both you and locker room late Monday night, (January 15th) suggesting that they wanted to the person your guarding are going for the rebound doesn’t necessarily mean you confront Clippers players Austin Rivers and Blake Griffin. Rockets guard Gerald Green need just to start throwing punches. With only the season just beginning, will the joined Ariza, Paul, and Harden through the connecting hallway and breached the massive violence continue? And who will be the next victim be? entrance of the home team’s locker room. Stunned Clippers players, celebrating a



10 Stacked As Usual


TAYLOR FRANKLIN staff writer


Duke University is a prestigious school, mostly known for their men’s basketball team. Duke went into the preseason rankings as number one for the past two years. Duke has also finished the season as the number one ranked team in the AP poll seven times and tied with, UCLA, in total weeks ranked as the number one team in the nation by the AP with 121 weeks. They have won 5 NCAA Championships and have appeared in 11 Championship Games and 16 Final Fours. Eleven of Duke’s players have earned the title of the National Player of the Year, and the NBA has drafted 71 of their players. Additionally, Duke has 36 players named All-Americans and 14 Academic All-Americans. Duke has earned the title of the ACC Champions for a record 20 times and also lays claim to 19 ACC regular season titles. Duke won the Southern Conference championships five times, they then joined the ACC conference. Duke has even finished the season being ranked No. 1 in the AP poll seven times. Additionally, the Blue Devils have the second longest streak in the AP Top 25 in history with 200 consecutive appearances from 1996 to 2007, trailing only UCLA’s 221 consecutive polls from 1966–1980. A few names trending in high-school basketball Zion Williamson is one of right now are, RJ Barrett, Cam Reddish, and Zion the top players in his class. Williamson. One thing they have in common, all three of the prospects have committed to the University of Duke. This move has already set Duke into the number one spot for the recruiting class of the 2018-2019 season. What does this mean for the starting lineup for next season? Well, the starting forward is Marvin Bagley III. Even though Marvin has not declared for the draft, he is number one in the 2018 NBA Draft prospect rankings. RJ Barrett, Cam Reddish, and Zion Williamson are all forward positions, so how beneficial will it be for all three recruits to come to the same team during the same season? If Marvin does decide to declare for the draft, Duke will have many options for a new forward. RJ Barrett is a small forward, Cam Reddish is a small forward, Zion Williamson is a power forward, and they also have four players on the bench who play the same position: Javin DeLaurier, Wendell Carter Jr., Jack White, and Justin Robinson. Wendell Carter Jr. was the number one ranked power forward in the class of 2017 and was the overall number four recruit of his graduating class. Sadly, Carter Jr. is also projected to declare for the 2018 NBA Draft. This leaves a spot for the other players to step up and take that place if Marvin Bagley III and Wendell Carter Jr. do declare for the draft. Rowan “RJ” Barrett was born in Mississauga, Canada on June 14, 2000. He is soon graduating from Montverde Academy as their starting small forward. He is the number one player in the nation and number one in all of the rankings. McDonald’s All American chose Barrett to be apart of the east coast roster. Out of the three boys, he was the second one to sign. I went around Wheeler and Marvin Bagley III and Wendell Carter asked some of the basketball playJr. are both big parts of Duke’s team. ers how they felt about RJ Barrett committing to the University of Duke. All eight people that I interviewed said they thought it was a smart idea for him to commit there. “He’s the best player, he should go to the best school,” Jeremiah Pruitte (11). Next up we have Cam Reddish, the number three player in the country. Cam is set to graduate from Westtown School as the school’s starting small forward, just like RJ. Reddish was born in Norristown, PA on September 1, 1999. Also like Barrett, McDonald’s All American chose Reddish to be apart of the West coast roster. He was the first one to sign. I also asked the basketball players how they felt about Cam Reddish signing to Duke, they all agreed this was a good idea for Cam. “Cam’s playing style will blend well with Duke’s playing style,” Prince Davies (10). Lastly, we have Zion Williamson, the number two player in the country. He was born in Salisbury, North Carolina on July 6, 2000. He is expected to graduate from Spartanburg Day School as their starting power forward. Like Barrett and Reddish, McDonald’s All American chose Williamson to be apart of the East coast roster. Even though Zion has not signed, his verbal commitment to Duke was the most controversial among the three boys. Among the players, I asked if they felt like Williamson committing to Duke with Cam and RJ was a good idea. Three of the boys believe this is a good move for Zion, “This will be a good and new experience for Zion,” Jeremiah Pruitte (11). The Duke hopes to win the national other group of the boys felt as if championship like they last did in 2015. his commitment was not a smart idea for him. “The boys play the same position,” Brandon Younger (12). “Duke does not fit the way Zion plays,” Jonathan Travis (12). “Zion is not going to be able to play like how ‘Zion’ does,” Nash Kelly (10). To tie this all up, Duke will have an excellent season in store and will have lots of promising talent for the 2018-2019 season. I’m sure every basketball fan is excited to see how the season will go down.

Every sports fan by now knows who the Ball family is. It all started when the father of future NBA player Lonzo Ball, made outrageous statements about Lonzo playing abilities as well his own. From saying he is better than Michael Jordan, to claiming his son Lonzo, who was still in college, was better than reigning MVP, Steph Curry. The family even has their own brand called “Big Baller Brand.” Lonzo and Lamelo both have their own signature shoes under this brand. The shoes were sold for over $400! Lavar and his family have gained tons of media ever since then. The family even got their tv show “Ball In The Family” that airs on Facebook Watch. But of course, there’s always a downside to being in the media. Lavar Ball, perhaps the most In 2015, LaMelo Ball was the last prideful man in America. Ball brother to commit to UCLA. All three brothers; LaMelo, Liangelo, and Lonzo were supposed to play for UCLA. This all changed once Lavar pulled LaMelo out of high school due to a disagreement with Chino Hills’ basketball coach. Right after the LaMelo drama, UCLA had pre-season games in China. Liangelo Ball and a couple of other players went to the malls to shop. When they entered the Louis Vuitton store, they began to steal sunglasses. They were all caught and put in jail. This whole situation escalated so far that Donald LaMelo was one of the top players Trump had to intervene to get the in his class before he was withdrawn Chinese government to release the UCLA players. Of course, this entire from his school. scandal led to Liangelo and Lamelo ball losing an opportunity to play for UCLA or any college team. After the incident, Lavar Ball decided to take matters into his own hands and get his sons to the NBA. Both Liangelo and Lamelo signed professional basketball contracts with a team from Lithuania called Prienu Vytuatas. To many people, this seemed outrageous, but to Lavar, it was a masterful plan to get his sons to the NBA. Currently, Liangelo Ball averages 10.33 points per game and Lamelo Ball averages 6.33 points per game. The team is now playing in a tournament made by Lavar called “Big Baller Challenge.” This competition is where everyone on social media sees Lamelo’s triple-double and Liangelo’s 30 point games. This is mainly in part because the teams in this challenge are not as high caliber as the teams in the actual league. Also, the Ball brothers have been given the ball plenty because Lavar himself has been an assistant coach for one game and the actual head coach for another! Whether they become busts or not depends on how good they play in the real league without their dad’s help. Lots of people like or dislike the Ball family for many reasons. Some say Lavar is insane with his thought process while LiAngelo hopes to resurrect his caothers praise his father skills. Even reer in Lithuania. getting a shoutout from rapper Quavo in his song “Motorcycle Patches” saying “Watch out, watch out, Big Baller Brand, watch out. This for the fam, watch out”. It doesn’t matter if you like or dislike because they do not care. The Ball family is very much connected all around and support each other fully. Also, they’re making tons of money. So why should they care about our opinion?






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