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Travel & Risk aka future poem titles Monica Mody

Š 2010 Monica Mody

Wheelchair Party #2

Travel & Risk aka future poem titles If a lime is crossed in my transparent bowl of fruit If I shoot from home a knot of ee stars If no-settled is a navel pursuit If snowstorm is cast a die is expected If a blue blue chip effects from home If triangled approach to home a trial If unsettled is glimmered away If I change in ink, o o aghast If trouble is spilt with pea If a plague is vast in weather today

If scream if scream if home If path a mathematical certainty If quotient a scream a day If a tangent was in the plans If cranes lost their way home If home held a rat If we lost the home in ratholes If place was place was place was home If I saw you to a minimum If blue cheese slid off the map

If I lost myself to the road If I won I went home If this skittering heart If heart was a sugar coop If corpus had wings If ate a dog ate me If beer was home If playground was home If crow was home If I found you gone

If wings were crammed with storm If metal was home If this rote behold If I circled my mouth If home lost its bones If I suspected steam If steam escaped If plink a plink a plink If I steamed into your pants If non adventure mode

If language is pumice stone If map is a piece of glass If glass was marble was kitsch If brilliance was you kindergarten name If crass I burr a lay If tables were turned to glue If icky if acky if oo If cats could read our hearts If cats could break our home If brakes applied to home

If buildings if rent if trees If rented a hole in the moon If moons the guttural critters If I clawed your chest If I hit you and hit you and hit you If travel was safe If travel applied to home If you if you if you If sick I smashed your shoulder If cry a lot a lost

If truncated a tipped away If I scratched an arc on the map If scratching a sound you hated If I lived in a town called gummy If I scratched your travel plans If place became a carnival If you spotted a color shorter If we browed through hole boards If tiles were patterned after us If travellers brought us those tiles

If souvenirs were chipped with home If sun soaked blue cheese If the sun no matter to you If we prayed in a travel suit If I was a naked moon If I blinked your wish come true If we played travel, travel If we saved a tourist cake If I shipped a playlist to fake addresses If kind can home can I to me

Monica Mody just received her M.F.A. in poetry from the University of Notre Dame. Her poems have been published in LIES/ISLE, Cannot Exist, Wasafiri, Nthposition, Pratilipi, Midway Journal and other online and print publications.

Travel & Risk was printed in an edition of 100 in May 2010

Travel & Risk