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Wheelchair Lifts - Add More Convenience Wheelchair lifts are a great boon




impaired and provide them with comfortable access to different floors of a building. The lifts are very reliable and add a great deal of convenience to the lives of persons



handicaps. Convenient Access in Residential and Commercial Settings Wheelchair lifts are suitable for limited spaced buildings where elevators cannot be installed.

With the help of

wheelchair lifts the mobility impaired persons can move through the stairways in a seated position, adds more convenience to them. These devices are obtainable in a variety of models such as inclined platform lift, portable wheelchair lifts, vertical wheelchair lifts and so on. Innovative models that can be used in straight, spiral and curved


stairways are also available in the industry. Utilizing these accessibility options, the disabled and wheelchair confined persons can access the spaces of their residences and commercial establishments including offices, hospitals, educational institutions and other settings in a convenient manner.

Configured with High-end Safety features To






movement through the stairways and other areas for the individuals with disabilities, most of the models of wheelchair lifts are incorporated with superior safety features and userfriendly controls. Majority of the models featured with extremely versatile designs can be even customized and configured accordingly to match with the project needs and aesthetic requirements. The core features that can be found in the various models of wheelchair lifts include: • • • • • • •

Emergency stop button Manual lowering device Remote controls Audio-visual alarm Non-skid platform Door interlocks Highly sensitive obstruction sensors


• Safety brakes • Automatic dual access ramps

Additionally, to accommodate wheelchair models of all sizes including powered wheelchairs, adult wheelchairs, sports wheelchairs and child wheelchairs the different models of wheelchair lifts are provided with strong platforms. Some of the models even permit you to keep the unit folded compactly to the wall, when the equipment is not in use. This would help to keep your stairways unobstructed for the other users.

Established Dealer for the Purchase In short, wheelchair lifts with its unique designs and allinclusive features ensure greater convenience for the wheelchair bound individuals. These devices help them to move freely in and around their homes and other areas, significantly enhances their self-assurance. To buy the best model of wheelchair lifts that completely suits your requirements and budgets, ensure to choose an established dealer.

Such a distributor can offer branded

products, trouble-free installations and timely maintenance services. Search on web-directories and yellow pages would


help you to gain information about the industry-best distributors.

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Wheelchair Lifts - Add More Convenience  

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