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Know Your Wheelchair And Get The Best One! We all are human beings and the body of a human being is no less than a machine. And, according every machine does not work equally all the time, but gets damaged, so as our human body. Human body is made of hundreds of bones millions of tissues, nerves and muscles, and which part gets affected what time, no one can say. Unfortunately if our body gets defected by some reason we do not keep laid back but move on with a support. Wheelchair is something which is a great support for those people who have lost their legs or have met with some misfortunes and need support to move on. This mobility equipment that keeps you moving all the day and allow to do perform your day to day work can be got easily in medical aid shops and also through online stores. These days Wheelchair Sale has gone up due to the various designs and models availability. Nowadays you get Electric Wheelchair, light wheelchair according to your requirement. You will find a vast range of wheelchairs found on online shops, in all kinds and sizes from lightweight to typical and even more functional chairs too. To help you to select the best one you can keep a little bit of knowledge regarding your wheelchair. The Basic Components As it is called a wheelchair it must have wheels that are self-propelled and it can be handled by the user very easily. There are handgrips that are located at the top of the chair and are used by the person who will push the chair from the back. Followed by the next of the components come the back and the saddle of the seat. These parts are found in different sized seats, either in 16 inches or 18 inches which are 41 and 46 centimeters respectively, to cater your needs. The seats are found in a range of various fabrics and padding for better comfort. People who often work on the desks or tables can look for better arms rests that can be in a padded variety and removable arms too. Most importantly you must look for the wheels as it should be castor wheels at the front and pneumatic wheels at the rear to support the person completely. And do not forget to check the wheel lock as it is the greatest security of any lightweight wheelchair or Electric Wheelchair. The Usage Usually light weight wheelchairs are used in the nursing homes and hospitals for more convenience as these are made of aluminum material that makes it light to move, slope and lift, whereas electric wheelchairs are used by cardiovascular and major impaired patients.

Know your wheelchair and get the best one!  

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