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DECEMBER 2016 VOL. 57, NO. 16

Reflecting on ways to bring light and warmth to others during this holiday season

DECEMBER 2016 VOL. 57, NO. 16


In This Issue Hanukkah Reflections from WHC’s Director of Development...............3 President’s Column..............................................................................4 Hanukkah at Home..............................................................................6 Celebrate Hanukkah Without Spoiling the Kids..................................... 7 In Darkness, We Bring Light — Rabbi M. Bruce Lustig..........................8 Serving Warmth — One Bowl, One Coat, and One Smile at a Time......................................................................9 Rabbi Susan Shankman Shares The Sacred Calling.............................. 10 Amram Scholar Rabbi Ben Kamin Examines the Spiritual Life.............. 10 WHC Programs & Events....................................................................11 December Calendar........................................................................... 14 B’nei Mitzvah.................................................................................... 16 Life Cycle........................................................................................... 17 Yad B’Yad: Hand in Hand to Sustain Our Strength.............................. 18 Contributions.....................................................................................20 People of the Book: Introducing the Harriet M. Kriesberg Fund for the Study of Torah.......................... 21

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Page 2 | WHC Journal – December 2016

Jennifer Millstone, Editor, The Washington Hebrew Congregation Journal (Permit No. 4240) is published monthly by Washington Hebrew Congregation. Send address changes to 3935 Macomb Street NW, Washington, DC 20016.

Hanukkah Reflections Miriam Feffer, Director of Development 202-895-6312


  hen we light the Hanukkah menorah, the shamash (Hebrew for “caretaker candle”) kindles a new flame for each of the holiday’s eight days. Together, their warm glow illuminates our friends and family and reminds us of our people’s extraordinary vitality.

Our Congregation has long been blessed by many wonderful “caretaker candles” — community members who give generously of their time, talent, and treasure and continually renew our dynamism as a hub of Jewish life. Over the last year alone, thousands of you came together on MLK Day of Service, Mitzvah Day, and Sukkot, rolling up your sleeves to help people in need. Some of you shared your wisdom with us as speakers, ferried fellow members to Temple, or enveloped friends in the embrace of community during challenging times. Some of you opened your homes for WHC events, including a phenomenal Florida Reunion, Sisterhood art tours, and many Shabbat dinners. You have “taken care” by giving care, sharing your light to illuminate a path for others.

Hanukkah, the many ways you give back to our Congregation help us grow from strength to strength and make this community — and our world — a brighter place. Many of you support specific areas of Temple life through donations, whether in celebration of a milestone, in remembrance of someone dear, or “just because.” We have also been blessed with grants from external charitable foundations. A recent Charina Endowment Fund grant will enable the EdlavitchTyser Early Childhood Center to propel its child-centered vision to the next level and nurture our Jewish future. The Emanuel J. Friedman Philanthropies and Bernstein Family Foundation support 2239, our auxiliary for young professionals, recognized as a groundbreaking model for Millennial engagement. Our Religious School was awarded a Congregational Innovation Grant from The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, enabling us to launch the region’s first inclusion track for students with special needs. Along with thousands of additional contributions, each of these initiatives speaks to the ideals that define us: excellence, innovation, and inclusion.

I am fortunate to encounter the kaleidoscopic diversity of this incredible community every day and to learn what motivates you to be here.”

I am fortunate to encounter the kaleidoscopic diversity of this incredible community every day and to learn what motivates you to be here. As a philanthropy professional, as well as a former anthropologist, I believe that giving — at any level — is a deeply personal form of communication. Giving conveys our priorities and dreams. It gives voice to our values. It allows us to put our money and our moxie where our menschlichkeit (humanity) is. Giving is also a deep-seated Jewish tradition. Our sacred text mentions the word “give” more times than “faith” and “love” combined. On Hanukkah, along with fried delicacies that keep cardiologists in business, we give children gelt, chocolate coins that encapsulate the sweetness of tzedakah in one sticky bite. As Temple members, you’ve already invested one of your most precious resources, your Jewish life, in WHC. Just as we light another candle to dispel the darkness on each night of

Still more of you have participated in Yad B’Yad, the WHC Annual Fund, with gifts ranging from $10 to more than $10,000. Yad B’Yad makes it possible for us to provide spiritual, educational, and pastoral resources for our WHC community, and each gift makes a difference. WHC has always opened our doors to all who seek to join us, regardless of means. As you consider your year-end giving, I hope you will donate to Yad B’Yad, so we may shine a beacon of welcome for years to come. Centuries ago, our rabbis taught, “A torch is not diminished though it kindles a million candles, so will one not lose who gives to a good cause.” I hope that you feel empowered by all that you do to bring light to our community, like the shamash taking care to spark new life each day. I wish you and your loved ones a holiday full of love, light, and latkes, and I thank you for making this an extraordinary year. WHC Journal – December 2016 | Page 3

President’s Column David M. Astrove


s Jews, we are reminded time and again of our obligation to, and the benefit of, helping others. Tikkun Olam — Repair the World. It is at the core of who we are as Reform Jews. There is no required way in which we are supposed to accomplish it, but we are implored to do our part. For generations, Washington Hebrew Congregation and its members have actively embraced this charge to repair the world. Institutionally and individually, we continually make a difference. Every month, Washington Hebrew Congregation offers opportunities for every member — from preschooler to octogenarian and beyond — to engage in tikkun olam in meaningful ways.

In addition to WHC-sponsored activities, our

Page 4 | WHC Journal – December 2016

members are active in countless external organizations, both Jewish and secular. We serve on boards and serve meals. We raise funds and raise roofs. We share knowledge, experience, and friendship. We give our time, items, clothing, and even blood. Our generosity is also financial, and our support is felt in charities around the corner and around the world. It is my hope that when you participate in these activities, you recognize that you honor Washington Hebrew Congregation. Each effort, event, and donation places you shoulder to shoulder with a legacy of past and present members who have assisted those in need, championed justice, fought injustice, protected our environment, and promoted the numerous Jewish causes in need of support.

Each effort, event, and donation places you shoulder to shoulder with a legacy of past and present members who have assisted those in need, championed justice, fought injustice, protected our environment, and promoted the numerous Jewish causes in need of support.”

December alone features the Winter Warmth service project with Friendship Place and WHC’s Post Confirmands; Sisterhood’s fundraising Boutique and Silent Auction; meal packaging with the WHC Hunger Project; WHECTY’s Dance for a Cause; the RJWECC’s Second Chance Toy Drive; and the Community Issues/ Social Action Committee’s monthly meeting. There are also toy drives for children at Sinai Hospital, wishes to grant for Carrie Simon House, and opportunities for Religious School and ECC students to learn the joy of tzedakah. 202-895-6301

Although I pray for the day when none of these activities is needed, I am grateful that I am part of a congregation filled with members willing and able to do their part each and every day.

This month, when you choose which charitable organizations to support, I hope you include Washington Hebrew Congregation as a beneficiary of your generosity and kindness. I wish you all a Happy Hanukkah and a 2017 filled with the blessings of health, happiness, and peace.

h a l a d v a H & t r e c n SC o B J t C a h a pm k 0 0 k : 4 u n 17, a r e H b m y Famil Saturday, Dece RSVP: Questions: Fran Miller, or 301-279-7505

Shabbat Hanukkah at WHC FRIDAY, DECEMBER 30, 6pm A Shabbat service for all generations (bring your hanukkiyah!) followed by two special, celebratory onegs: KIDS & FAMILIES Fun and Tikkun Olam

ADULTS ONLY “The Real Story of Hanukkah”


Questions: Madge Novel,, 202-895-6314 WHC Journal – December 2016 | Page 5

Hanukkah at Home Hanukkah begins on Saturday, December 24 and lasts eight nights. On the Shabbat of Hanukkah, which occurs this year on the seventh night — Friday, December 30 — kindle the Hanukkah lights first and then light the Shabbat candles. Place candles in the hanukkiyah from right to left, just as we read Hebrew, so the candle for the first day on the far right. Recite the blessings below, then light the candles, this time from left to right, so the candle representing the newest day is lit first.

Baruch atah Adonai, Eloheinu melech haolam asher kid’shanu b’mitzvotav v’tzivanu l’hadlik neir shel Hanukkah. Blessed are You, Adonai our God, Sovereign of all, who hallows us with mitzvot, commanding us to kindle the Hanukkah lights.

Baruch atah Adonai, Eloheinu melech haolam sheasa nisim laavoteinu bayamim haheim bazman hazeh. Blessed are You, Adonai our God, Sovereign of all, who performed wondrous deeds for our ancestors in days of old at this season. Recite the following blessing, Shehecheyanu, on the first night only.

Baruch atah, Adonai Eloheinu, Melech haolam, shehecheyanu v’kiy’manu v’higianu laz’man hazeh. Blessed are You, Adonai our God, ruler of the universe, for giving us life, sustaining us, and enabling us to reach this season. Page 6 | WHC Journal – December 2016

Celebrate Hanukkah Without Spoiling the Kids The weather is getting colder, and with each drop in temperature, your kid’s excitement for the arrival of Hanukkah is building. After all, eight day of lights means eight days of presents, right? How can you ignore the pressure to purchase all the latest toys and electronics? The good news is that it’s possible to make it through the holiday without spoiling your child. With a little time and creativity, you can commit a few days this Hanukkah to thoughtful, fun gifts that everyone in your family will enjoy.

Dedicate a day to tikkun olam.

One of the values of our faith is to repair the world and make it a better place for ourselves, our families, and our future. Volunteer as a family at a food pantry. You can also give your child $18 (or more!) along with a list of charitable organizations. As a family, you can discuss each charity and decide where to direct your tzedakah.

Use a day to celebrate Jewish traditions.

Hanukkah is a time to bring Judaism into your home and teach your family’s traditions to the next generation. A present of candles and a hanukkiyah encourages active participation in the holiday’s festivities and is something they can use year after year. Giving a decorative dreidel and gelt can also be a fun way to start a Hanukkah tradition of playing dreidel together as a family.

Set aside a day for learning.

Is your child fascinated by the kitchen? Have they expressed an interest in playing an instrument? Find something outside of the classroom that your child wants to learn and give them a kit or lessons so that they can start exploring their new interest.

Devote a day to being together.

Give something that everyone can enjoy as a family. Let your child vote on a board game, restaurant, movie, sporting event, or play. You don’t need to do something extravagant as long as you make this gift an opportunity to spend time together.

WHC Journal – December 2016 | Page 7

WHC Journal

LONDON Culture Theater Judaism

In Darkness, We Bring Light Rabbi M. Bruce Lustig

March 2 - 6, 2017 Go Behind the Scenes Experience London through a sophisticated and Jewish lens. Join Rabbi Lustig and Julian Resnick, past WHC Scholar-in-Residence (and worldwide Jewish travel expert), for a unique look into London that goes far beyond the usual view we have into this great city. During this long weekend, we will go behind the scenes in one of the world’s great theater and dance capitals, participate in an experience with the flagship of the Movement for Reform Judaism in the U.K., the West London Synagogue of British Jews, and meet with Jewish leaders. All this plus the iconic sites, which make London, well London.

Interested? Learn more at or contact Layne Weiss, or 202-895-6307.


he holiday of Hanukkah comes as we face the longest night of the year. The Festival of Lights was more than likely the adaptation of a pagan holiday, incorporated into our tradition because when there was darkness we sought light. So, too, for the world in which we live now, when there is darkness we seek to make light. As we gather with our families to light our hanukkiyot, we must remember it is our responsibility to make light where there is darkness. For more than 164 years, we, the members of Washington Hebrew Congregation, have endeavored to bring such light into the world by reaching out to help those in need. As you will read on the next page, on Sunday, December 4, we will bring light and warmth to homeless women, men, and children who live near Temple through our Winter Warmth service project. We will turn Irwin & Ginny Edlavitch Hall into a shopping and dining space where the clients of Friendship Place, assisted by our 11th and 12th graders, will have the dignity to choose and acquire the winter clothing, long underwear, outerwear, and blankets they will need to survive the winter. We helped found Friendship Place more than 25 years ago, and it brings me great pride that our 11th and 12th grade students continue our commitment to bring light into the world by their caring. We, who are so blessed, must remember to share our blessings with others.

ITALY October 16 - 26, 2017

ate! D e h t Save Page 8 | WHC Journal – December 2016

I hope that as you and your family celebrate Hanukkah this year, you will incorporate acts of tikkun olam or tzedakah to bring light into our world. Whether you join fellow congregants at a monthly meal packing with the WHC Hunger Project; participate in MLK Day of Service or Mitzvah Day; or give to Yad B’Yad or the TOV Fund, you can support the myriad opportunities WHC provides to bring light into the world. May this Festival of Light be made brighter by virtue of our caring! Happy Hanukkah!

Tikkun Religious HeaderOlam School

Serving Warmth — One Bowl, One Coat, and One Smile at a Time


s the days get shorter and temperatures fall, the comfort and warmth of our homes is a welcome refuge from the cold. Unfortunately, the men, women, and children who call shelters, cars, and streets “home” aren’t so lucky. Friendship Place is a non-profit organization that offers an effective model for addressing homelessness, and they are working hard to change that. Through innovative programs, they empower individuals to rebuild their lives, find homes, get jobs, and reconnect with friends, family, and the community — permanently. Every fall, Friendship Place coordinates an area-wide clothing drive and opens a one-day-only “pop-up shop” at one of their partner congregations where homeless men and women can select warm winter clothing and enjoy a hot meal. We are honored and excited to serve as the host congregation for this year’s Winter Warmth Store on Sunday, December 4. It is a big responsibility, and our 11th and 12th grade Post Confirmation students have eagerly stepped up to lead the charge. The students wanted a project they could take a deep dive into, and the clothing drive and Winter Warmth Store have filled that niche perfectly. Beginning in September with a program that introduced them to Friendship Place staff and WHC Board member and TOV Fund representative Lynn Sachs, the Post Confirmands have spent the semester focused on ways to make the experience about more than a meal and some clothes for the approximately 150 Friendship Place clients who will come to Temple.

From coordinating clothing drives at their schools to arranging for one of their school choirs to provide entertainment, the students’ ideas, plans, and follow through have infused a new kind of energy into this already-successful program. Prior to the December 4 event, the Post Confirmands — joined by congregant volunteers — will spend several days sorting all of the winter clothing that has been donated by Friendship Place’s many partner congregations and companies. Before Winter Warmth, our students will work side-by-side with Friendship Place to merchandise the clothing, creating a store-like environment where the clients can “shop.” On the fourth, the teens will help run the “restaurant” and “store.” They want the Friendship Place clients to come into WHC and feel like they are part of a community. They will be greeted, served, offered companionship, and treated with dignity. In addition to providing a respite from the cold, the goal is to create an experience for the clients that is as rich and rewarding as something we would offer our own members. Friendship Place is supported by more than 25 partner congregations, and Washington Hebrew Congregation is a proud founding partner. Our hope is that, for as long as it is needed, the Winter Warmth Store will “pop up” at WHC for years to come. For more information about Friendship Place or the Winter Warmth effort, visit our website, or contact Lynn Sachs, WHC Journal – December 2016 | Page 9

Lifelong Learning Header

Rabbi Shankman Shares The Sacred Calling


 omen have been rabbis for more than 40 years. Fifteen years ago, Rabbi Susan Shankman and former WHC Rabbi Joui Hessel shattered the glass ceiling at Washington Hebrew Congregation and became the first female rabbis to ​ serve our Congregation.

The subject of women in the rabbinate is the focus of a newly published anthology, The Sacred Calling: Four Decades of Women in the Rabbinate. On Friday, December 9 at 10:00 am at Temple, Rabbi Susan Shankman will join Sisterhood Literary Group to discuss this book and her reflection that appears in it. No longer a unique phenomenon, women rabbis are part of the fabric of Jewish life. In The Sacred Calling, rabbis and scholars from across the world reflect on the historic significance of women in the rabbinate and explore issues related to both the professional and personal lives of women rabbis. The collection examines the ways in which the reality of women in the rabbinate has made an impact on all aspects of Jewish life, including congregational culture, liturgical development, life cycle ritual, the Jewish healing movement, spirituality, theology, and more. All are welcome to attend. RSVP to Susan Adland, If you would like a copy of the chapters and reflections Rabbi Shankman will discuss, please include that in your email to Susan.

Page 10 | WHC Journal – December 2016

Amram Scholar Examines the Spiritual Life


n this celebratory month of December when Americans most visibly display their diversity of observance, Rabbi Ben Kamin joins us in the Amram Scholar Series to discuss his latest book, I Don’t Know What to Believe: Making Spiritual Peace with Your Religion. His lecture at Temple at 10:30 am on Sunday, December 11 will address the hunger in our country for authentic spirituality at a point when affiliation with organized religion has been in steep decline.

A teacher, clergyman, counselor, and author of 11 books, Rabbi Kamin says he wrote his latest “to offer answers, direction, and validation to the many Americans who feel excluded or judged because they prefer a spiritual life over what the organized religions are offering. … They need a thoughtful, honest guide to spirituality that respects the traditions but does not regard them as necessarily binding or inviolate in their lives.” A dynamic speaker, Rabbi Kamin has been described by Eric Fingerhut, President of Hillel International, as a “compassionate expert on spiritual inclusiveness, especially as it applies to a generation of deeply feeling yet religiously disenchanted younger people. … He builds a bridge between ironclad traditions and newer demographics that require flexibility.” Rabbi Kamin, ordained by Hebrew Union College in 1978, has led congregations in Toronto, New York, Cleveland, San Diego, and Laguna Woods, California. He comes to Washington Hebrew Congregation in cooperation with the Jewish Book Council.

In December …

WHC Programs & Events Featured Programs

SHOP! BID! DINE! It’s Sisterhood’s 30th Annual Holiday Boutique & Silent Auction

Sunday, December 4, 9:30 am – 5:30 pm Monday, December 5, 9:30 am – 6:00 pm Tuesday, December 6, 9:30 am – 6:00 pm at the Julia Bindeman Suburban Center

Prepare your holiday shopping lists — Sisterhood’s Holiday Boutique and Silent Auction has something for everyone! More than 50 vendors will bring their collections of jewelry, clothing, accessories, home gifts, food, Judaica, and more to the Boutique. The Silent Auction will offer opportunities for you to bid on luxury hotel stays, tickets to theater and sporting events, gift certificates for restaurants, beauty, fashion, fitness, and more! Recharge with a meal, snack, or drink in our Café. Sandy Nesbit:

Amram Scholar Series Presents: Rabbi Ben Kamin I Don’t Know What to Believe: Making Spiritual Peace with Your Religion Sunday, December 11, 10:30 am at Temple

Joining us to discuss his new book, Rabbi Kamin says Americans — especially young people — are less affiliated with organized religion now than at any other time in our history. In this context, he will examine the relationship between religious affiliation and the individual quest to develop a spiritual life of meaning and authenticity. See page 10 for more information. Layne Weiss:, 202-895-6307

WHC Books December Book Discussion

Bee Season

by Myla Goldberg Tuesday, 12/13, 7 pm at Temple RSVP to Ellen Share or 301-354-3212

Special Worship Experiences

Tot Shabbat and Family Dinner

Friday, December 2, 5:00 pm Dinner, 6:00 pm Service at the Julia Bindeman Suburban Center Registration required for dinner only (free) Deb Young:

Cantorial Duets — A Pollin Music Shabbat Friday, December 9, 6:00 pm at Temple

Washington Hebrew Congregation members treasure the musical component of Shabbat and holiday services and the richness that the voices of Cantors Mikhail Manevich and Susan Bortnick lend to our liturgy. Join us for a musical worship experience featuring a wide variety of liturgical compositions that bring together our cantors in beautiful harmony. Beth Donaldson:, 202-895-6309

Shabbat Squared A Joint Project of 2239 and Sixth & I Friday, December 9, 6:15 pm at Sixth & I Historic Synagogue

WHC’s Rabbi Miller, Sixth & I’s Rabbi Shira, and musician Noah Solomon will merge their respective Shabbat services to create this annual Friday night experience for Jewish young professionals.

CANTORIAL DUETS A Pollin Music Shabbat

Friday, December 9 6:00 pm at Temple

Registration required ($) Valerie Bluestein:

Shabbat Hanukkah

Friday, December 30, 6:00 pm at Temple

Celebrate Hanukkah with your WHC family! Bring your hanukkiyah to light and watch how the glow from the candles infuses our worship with warmth. Madge Novel:, 202-895-6314

WHC Journal – December 2016 | Page 11

In December …

WHC Programs & Events Tikkun Olam

Volunteer Opportunities: Sisterhood’s Holiday Boutique and Silent Auction Friday, December 2 – Tuesday, December 6 at the Julia Bindeman Suburban Center

High school students, earn SSL/service hours by helping vendors on Friday and Saturday set-up the area’s greatest “pop-up shop.” Adult volunteers, we need you during the event to help in the Judaica Shop, the Café, and with the Silent Auction. Registration required (free) Sandy Nesbit:

Winter Warmth Service Project

Thursday, December 1, 5:00 pm at Temple Saturday, December 3, 5:00 pm at Temple Sunday, December 4, 1:00 pm at Temple

In partnership with Friendship Place, we will host a one-day “Winter Warmth Store” where homeless men and women can “shop” for warm winter clothing and enjoy a hot meal. We need volunteers to help our customers on Sunday and to sort and display all of the donated clothing on Thursday and Saturday before the Winter Warmth Store opens. Can’t volunteer? You can still help by donating new long underwear (especially XXL, 3XL, and 4XL) for men and women and all sizes for kids. See page 9 for more information. Registration preferred. Lynn Sachs:

WHC Hunger Project

Sunday, December 11, 1:00 pm at the Julia Bindeman Suburban Center Registration required (free), 202-362-7100

Grant a Wish! Make the holidays brighter for young mothers and their children by selecting a gift from the “Wish List” for Carrie Simon House. Go to for more information. Questions? Contact Janet Katz,

Page 12 | WHC Journal – December 2016

Registration is Coming! 2017-2018 ECCs Toddlers through Pre-K at WHC Toddlers through Kindergarten at JBSC Flexible, extended day hours on both campuses!

Nurture • Support • Connect

Discover what makes us the best choice for your preschooler. Learn more or schedule a tour: D.C.: 202-895-6334 Maryland: 301-279-7505

Lifelong Learning

WHC Academy Fall Course II: History of Reform Judaism Mondays, beginning November 28, 7:15 pm at Temple

Reform Judaism has always asserted that Judaism is a creature of history — a complex of ideas and institutions that developed in response to the stimuli of every age. If this is the case, what makes something Reform? To reckon with this question, we will study the concept of religious change from a theoretical perspective and consider Jewish reforms that preceded the emergence of Reform as a self-conscious movement. We will then focus on reform in 19th century Germany, and its transition to the United States. We will also listen to the voices of the Reform Movement’s early critics, and consider the role of music, architecture, and rhetoric in the Movement. Finally, we will reflect on the current socio-cultural landscape in the U.S. and Israel. Our goal every week will be to do the work of historians and to read primary documents together. No previous knowledge of the field is necessary. Join us as we try to understand how we became the Jews we are today.

Registration required ($) Marsha Humphries:, 202-895-6303

In December …

WHC Programs & Events Lifelong Learning

Opportunities for Adults to Engage

Friday, December 9, 10:00 am at Temple

Meet at Temple for a delicious lunch and an entertaining program featuring our own Cerlene Rose. A talented pianist, Cerlene will lead us through some of her favorite songs.

Sisterhood’s Literary Group Presents: A Sacred Calling with Rabbi Shankman

Prime Timers: Luncheon & Program

Monday, December 19, 12:30 pm at Temple

Women have been rabbis for more than 40 years. No longer a unique phenomenon, they are part of the fabric of Jewish life. In this anthology, rabbis and scholars from across the Jewish world — including WHC’s own Rabbi Susan Shankman! — reflect back on the historic significance of women in the rabbinate and explore issues related to both the professional and personal lives of women rabbis. See page 10 for more information.

Tuesday, December 20, 11:00 am at an outside location

The Red Stone

Registration required (free) Sandy Nesbit:

RSVP preferred. Susan Adland:

Mindfulness and Meditation Tuesday, December 13, 7:00 pm at Temple

The Red Stone welcomes individuals and couples experiencing fertility issues to its Mindfulness & Meditation Group, hosted by Washington Hebrew Congregation. We have a warm group of individuals and couples and welcome anyone who is interested in attending.

Registration required (free) Amy Jablin Foster:

WHC Books Discusses: Bee Season

Tuesday, December 13, 7:00 pm at Temple

Myla Goldberg’s debut novel delicately examines the unraveling fabric of the Naumann family. Saul, a cantor, is absorbed in the study of Jewish mysticism and married to Miriam, a brilliant but distant lawyer. When their nine-year-old daughter, Eliza, sweeps her school and district spelling bees in quick succession, Saul takes this as a sign that Eliza is destined for greatness and lavishes attention on her previously reserved for his son, Aaron. Displaced, Aaron embarks on a lone quest for spiritual fulfillment. Miriam’s secret life triggers a familial explosion, leaving the Naumann family in chaos, and it is Eliza who must restore order.

Registration preferred. Ellen Share:, 301-354-3212

Opportunities for Adults to Engage

EmptyNesters: Shabbat Dinners in Members’ Homes Friday, December 2, 7:00 pm in EmptyNesters’ Homes

The EmptyNesters organize many events throughout the year, but nothing compares to the most successful event on their calendar — Shabbat Dinner hosted by members throughout the D.C. area. With the warmth of the candles, the taste of delicious food and wine, and the delight of good conversation, this program makes Shabbat a truly memorable experience.

Registration required ($) Marsha Humphries:, 202-895-6303

Sisterhood: Hanukkah Lunch & Learn

Rabbi Shankman will lead a Hanukkah-themed program during this final meeting of 2016.

For Families

Family Hanukkah Concert & Havdalah with “Mister G”

Sponsored by the ECCs and Couples Club Saturday, December 17, 4:00 pm at the Julia Bindeman Suburban Center

Our pre-Hanukkah celebration for families with young children begins with a Tot Havdalah and then features an amazing concert with Mister G. The 2015 Latin Grammy Award winner for Best Children’s Album, Mister G (Ben Gundersheimer) is a leading figure in the world of family music. Called “a bilingual rockstar” by The Washington Post, and “irresistible” by People Magazine, his albums have received national critical acclaim and won three Parents’ Choice Gold Awards. Registration required ($) Fran Miller:, 301-279-7505

Florida Reunion February 13, 2017

Save the date and join us in Palm Beach

To confirm you are on or to add yourself to our mailing list, contact Miriam Feffer, or 202-895-6312.

Registration required (free) Beth Donaldson:, 202-895-6309

Continued on page 19. WHC Journal – December 2016 | Page 13

December 2016 Sunday





9:30am Sisterhood Boutique & Silent Auction (B) 9:30am Religious School (M&B) 9:45am Divorcing with Dignity (M) 1:00pm Winter Warmth Service Project (M) 5:30pm Confirmation Program (OUT)


9:30am Religious School (M&B) 9:45am Divorcing with Dignity (M) 10:30am Amram Scholar Series Presents Rabbi Ben Kamin (M) 12:00pm ETY’s Holiday Happening (B) 1:00pm WHC Hunger Project (B)


9:30am Religious School (M&B) 10:30am Edlavitch-Tyser Family Relations Forum Presents “Ketchup Is My Favorite Vegetable: A Family Grows Up with Autism” (M) 12:00pm Jr. ETY Petting Farm (B)

25 Second Hanukkah Candle Religious School Winter Break (M&B)


9:30am Sisterhood Boutique & Silent Auction (B) 6:30pm 12 Jewish Questions (M) 7:15pm WHC Academy (M)

6:30pm 12 Jewish Questions (M) 7:15pm WHC Academy (M)



12:30pm Prime Timers Luncheon and Program (M) 6:30pm 12 Jewish Questions (M)


9:30am Sisterhood Boutique & Silent Auction (B) 9:30am E-T ECC Tour for Prospective Families (M) 4:30pm Hebrew School (B) 6:00pm JAM Rehearsal (B) 6:30pm WHECTY Board Meeting (B) 7:00pm Back to Basics (M)


4:30pm Hebrew School (B) 6:00pm JAM Rehearsal (B) 6:30pm Pre-Confirmation, Confirmation, and Post Conf. (M) 6:30pm Fistful of Shekels Meeting (M) 7:00pm WHC Books (M) 7:00pm The Red Stone (M)

Third Hanukkah Candle Offices Closed (M&B) ECC Winter Break (M&B)


1:00pm Wednesday Study Group(M) 4:00pm Continuing Ed. for ECC (B) 4:30pm Hebrew School (M) 6:00pm JAM Rehearsal (M) 7:30pm Community Issues/Social Action Committee Meeting (M)

20 Hebrew School Winter Break (B)

21 E-T ECC Dismisses at 12:00pm (M) Hebrew School Winter Break (M)

11:00am Sisterhood’s Hanukkah Lunch & Learn (OUT)



1:00pm Wednesday Study Group(M) 4:00pm Continuing Ed. for ECC (B) 4:30pm Hebrew School (M) 6:00pm JAM Rehearsal (M) 7:30pm Kol Rinah Rehearsal (B)

4:00pm Continuing Ed. for ECC (B)

27 Fourth Hanukkah Candle ECC Winter Break (M&B) Hebrew School Winter Break (B)

28 Fifth Hanukkah Candle ECC Winter Break (M&B) Hebrew School Winter Break (M)

3:00pm WHECTY: NFTY-MAR Winter Kallah (OUT through Friday)

Page 14 | WHC Journal – December 2016

B: Julia Bindeman Suburban Center

M: Temple

OUT: Not at a WHC location




5:00pm Winter Warmth Service Project (M)


10:30am Sisterhood Mah Jongg (B) 4:00pm 6th Grade Retreat (OUT – through Saturday) 4:00pm 8th Grade Retreat (OUT – through Sunday) 5:00pm Tot Shabbat Family Dinner (B) 7:00pm EmptyNesters Shabbat Dinners (OUT)


Services: 9:00am Early Torah (M) 10:30am Shabbat Service (M) B’not Mitzvah of Ella Perkins and Joyce Simmons 5:30pm Afternoon Service & Havdalah (M) B’nei Mitzvah of Ellie and Graham Rogers

Services: 5:30pm Lay Led Service (M) 6:00pm Shabbat Service (M) 6:00pm Tot Shabbat (B)


ECCs Closed (M&B)

10:00am Sisterhood Literary Group (M) 10:30am Sisterhood Mah Jongg (B)


Services: 5:30pm Lay Led Service (M) 6:00pm Pollin Music Shabbat Service: “Cantorial Duets” (M) 6:15pm 2239’s Metro Minyan “Shabbat Squared” (OUT) 9:30am E-T ECC Tour for Prospective Families (M)


10:30am Sisterhood Mah Jongg (B)


E-T ECC Winter Break; PLUS Open (M)

RJWECC Dismisses at 12:30pm (B) E-T ECC Winter Break; PLUS Open (M)

Sixth Hanukkah Candle ECC Winter Break (M&B)


Services: 9:00am Early Torah (M) 10:30am Shabbat Service (M) B’nei Mitzvah of Julia Sherman and Jesse Siegal 5:30pm Havdalah (M) Bat Mitzvah of Raina Weinberg 4:00pm ECC and Couples Club Hanukkah Havdalah and Concert Featuring Mister G (B) 5:30pm Club56 Monster Mini Golf (B and OUT)



24 First Hanukkah Candle

10:30am Sisterhood Mah Jongg (B) Services: 5:30pm Lay Led Service (M) 6:00pm Annual Joint Shabbat Service with Adas Israel, Temple Micah, and Temple Sinai (M)


7:30pm WHECTY’s Dance for a Cause (B)

Services: 9:00am Early Torah (M) 10:30am Shabbat Service (M) B’not Mitzvah of Camila Levey and Madeleine Popofsky 5:30pm Havdalah (M) Bat Mitzvah of Nicole Wasserman

Services: 5:30pm Lay Led Service (M) 6:00pm Shabbat Service (M)



5:00pm Winter Warmth Service Project (M)

Seventh Hanukkah Candle ECC Winter Break (M&B)


10:30am Sisterhood Mah Jongg (B) 7:00pm Festive Oneg for Children: Fun & Social Action (M) 7:00pm Festive Oneg for Adults: The “Real Story of Hanukkah” (M) Services: 5:30pm Lay Led Service (M) 6:00pm Shabbat Hanukkah Service (M)

Services: 9:00am Early Torah (M) 10:30am Shabbat Service (M)

31 Eighth Hanukkah Candle

Services: 9:00am Early Torah (M) 10:30am Shabbat Service (M) WHC Journal – December 2016 | Page 15

Mazel Tov to WHC’s December B'nei Mitzvah Ella Tate Perkins December 3, Morning Ella is a seventh grade student at Green Acres School. She is the daughter of Megan Leone-Perkins & Todd Perkins, the sister of Kayla, and granddaughter of Sandra & Jeffrey Perkins, Drs. James Leone & Susan Gere, and Kathleen & Michael Quarto.

Joyce Lillian Simmons December 3, Morning Joyce is a seventh grade student at Georgetown Day School. She is the daughter of Lee Tiedrich & Ian Simmons, the sister of Alistair, and the granddaughter of Ellen & Alan Tiedrich and the late Joyce & Edward Simmons.

Ellie Lauren Rogers December 3, Havdalah Ellie is a seventh grade student at Tilden Middle School. She is the daughter of Robyn & Michael Rogers, the sister of Graham and Haden, and the granddaughter of Robert & the late Helene Sokolsky and Joe & the late Doris Rogers.

Graham Logan Rogers December 3, Havdalah Graham is a seventh grade student at Tilden Middle School. He is the son of Robyn & Michael Rogers, the brother of Ellie and Haden, and the grandson of Robert & the late Helene Sokolsky and Joe & the late Doris Rogers.

Julia Jean Sherman December 10, Morning Julia is a seventh grade student at Norwood School. She is the daughter and Catherine Foot (Bill Mick) and Jonathan Sherman (Annie Carey); the sister of Benjamin, Izzy, and Aerin; and the granddaughter of Rosemary I. Foot, Robert Foot, and the late Lola K. & Gerald H. Sherman.

Jesse Daniel Siegel December 10, Morning Jesse is a seventh grade student at Cabin John Middle School. He is the son of Candice Siegel and Jon Siegel, the brother of Charlie and Jack, and the grandson of Susan & the late Allen Bloom and the late Ruth & David Siegel.

Raina Simone Weinberg December 10, Havdalah Raina is a seventh grade student at Herbert Hoover Middle School. She is the daughter of Alyson & Joshua Weinberg, the sister of Josie, and the granddaughter of Susan & Alan Gold and Marcia & the late Rabbi Joseph P. Weinberg.

Madeleine Yelen Popofsky December 17, Morning Madeleine is a seventh grade student at Georgetown Day School. She is the daughter of Suzanne Yelen & Mark Popofsky and the granddaughter of Frances & David Yelen and Larry & the late Linda Popofsky.

Page 16 | WHC Journal – December 2016

WHC’s December B'nei Mitzvah Camila Levey December 17, Morning Camila is a seventh grade student at Washington International School. She is the daughter of Maria Cristina Landazuri-Levey & Kevin Levey, the sister of Mateo Jose, and the granddaughter of Sandra & Kurt Kahn and Maria Luisa & Alberto Landazuri.

Life Cycle

Nicole Julia Wasserman December 17, Havdalah Nicole is a seventh grade student at Robert Frost Middle School. She is the daughter of Jill & Todd Wasserman, the sister of Kyle, and the granddaughter of Rickie & Ray Bialek and Hilarie & Joel Wasserman.

Congratulations to… Barbara Bassin & Dr. Stan Appelbaum, on the marriage of their daughter, Adina Appelbaum, to Mauricio Castillo Ferri; son of Dolores Ferri & Raul Castillo. Rachel Simon & Andrew Barron, on their marriage. Rachel is the daughter of Nancy Ross & Richard Simon, and the granddaughter of Arthur “Skip” & the late Frances K. Ross. Andrew is the son of Sara & Todd Barron.

Jamie Burak & David Borden, on their marriage. Jamie is the daughter of Devon & William Burak; David is the son of Debra Borden and Neal Borden. Daryl Castillo, on the birth and naming of her grandson, Anderson Sawyer Flax (Aderet Shalom); and to Anderson’s parents, Courtney & Sid Flax, and paternal grandmother, Judy Flax-Gerstein. Anderson is also the grandson of the late Al Castillo and Ira Flax. Sharon & Barry Gallun, on the birth and naming of their grandson, Sean Henry Vanderhoeven (Chaim); and to Sean’s parents, Marci & Andrew Vanderhoeven, and paternal grandparents, Pamela Kicak & Richard Vanderhoeven. Fred Goldman, who was named the 2016 Potomac Business Leader of the Year by the Potomac, Maryland Chamber of Commerce. Susan & Martin Levin, on the marriage of their daughter, Melissa Levin, to Daniel Wagner, son of Mindy Chadrow & Jeff Wagner. Richard W. Luchs & Kathleen Harrington and Barbara B. Luchs, on the birth of Richard & Kathy’s grandson and Barbara’s great-grandson, Richard Wallace “Wally” Luchs III; and to Wally’s parents, Alice Pownall Luchs & Richard Wallace Luchs Jr.; and maternal grandparents, Suzi & James Locke. Jennifer & Samuel Jefferies, on the naming of their daughter, Leah Marie Jefferies (Leah); and to Leah’s grandparents, Kathleen & William Lynch and Dianne Celuch & Michael Kevin Jefferies. Michelle Akerman & Brian Posner, on their marriage. Michelle is the daughter of Esther Benrey and Wolf Spindel; Brian is the son of Ellen Posner and Robert Posner. Renee Sandell, on the engagement of her son, Larry Sandell to Nikki Silverberg, daughter of Gloria & Steve Silverberg. Emily Young & Daniel Simkin, on the naming of their daughter, Rebecca Barbara Simkin (Rivkah Batia); and to Rebecca’s grandparents, Rachel & Mark Young, Debbie Simkin, and A. David Simkin. Kendall & George Vincent Jr., on the naming of their daughter, Honey Gibbs Vincent (Chaviva Raphaela); and to Honey’s big brothers, George III and Channing; grandparents, Susan & Damon Arney and Kathryn & George Vincent; and great-grandparents, Honey & Rudi Scheidt and Barbara & William Peel. WHC Journal – December 2016 | Page 17

Life Cycle

Our Sincerest Condolences… Judith Adler, wife of Stephen Adler; sister-in-law of Marcia Weinberg (the late Rabbi Joseph P. Weinberg). Anita Bobys, mother of Neal Bobys (Paula) and Richard Bobys; sister of Elaine Kay. Dr. Jerome Eckerman, father of Teresa Eckerman-Pfeil and Lisa Mariam.

Eileen Fox, mother of Donna Sisitsky (Mark) and James Fox (Gail); grandmother of Todd Sisitsky (Holly), Peter Sisitsky (Aviva), and Lindsay Sklar (Adam). Robert L. Herman, husband of Susan Herman; father of William Herman (Janice) and Candia Herman-Flaum. Sylvia Kassalow, mother of Lynn Prosten (Richard), Laurent Kassalow (Mary), and Gerald Kassalow (Aurora). Stanley G. Kupferman, husband of Kay Katz; father of Kevin Kupferman and Cory Kupferman; stepfather of Irving Katz (Dori) and Jennifer Katz (Evan Lipson). Marion Ladell, mother of Susan Hechinger (Ross), Brenda Bregman (Douglas), and Karen Antone; grandmother of Amanda, Scott, and Matthew Hechinger. Harriet Lilienfeld, mother of Keith Lilienfeld (Maura) and Laura Dupree (Tim); sister of Jerome Friedlander; grandmother of Elana Heffley (Charles), Sara Lilienfeld, Danielle Dupree, and Alex Dupree. Ellen Palmer, husband of Joel Palmer; mother of Andrea Green (Rob) and Kevin Palmer (Amanda); sister of Anita Finger; grandmother of Jared and Lainey Green. Barbara Schlesinger, mother of Michael Schlesinger (Carin) and Cliff Schlesinger (Debbie); grandmother of Ryan, Kylie, Brian, and Jason Schlesinger. Dr. Alan Singer, husband of Gail Perilstein Singer; father of Meredith Singer (Edward Moreadith); grandfather of Alden, Jeffrey, and Sidney. Bettie Braver Sugar, wife of Norman Sugar; mother of Lyndsey Epperson (Michael) and Scott Sugar (Stefanie); sister of Rita Braver (Bob Barnett) and Sharon Braver Cohen (Alan); grandmother of Archer and Tyler Epperson and Marissa and Jordan Sugar.

…may their memory be a blessing.

Hand in Hand to Sustain our Strength: Yad B’Yad Co-Chairs Sherry Bindeman Kahn and Peter Winik Yad B’Yad, the WHC Annual Fund, is off to a promising start, with a record number of families stepping forward to participate at every level of support. Yad B’Yad helps sustain the Congregation’s exceptional range of programming, including the worship, social action, and educational experiences that make membership meaningful to you. With membership revenues and fees supporting only 75% of our operating costs, Yad B’Yad helps bridge this gap and enable us to welcome all who seek to join us, regardless of means. “When Yad B’Yad was launched three years ago, I knew that it was an essential step toward our financial sustainability,” said Co-Chair Peter Winik, “but seeing the number of members who have stepped up is a tangible reflection of Page 18 | WHC Journal – December 2016

the commitment to our Temple that this community shares.” “As a lifelong member,” added Co-Chair Sherry Bindeman Kahn, “WHC has always been my spiritual home, where I — and our children — grew into Jewish adulthood and continue to benefit in countless ways. With Yad B’Yad, we can ensure the continuation of those traditions and new opportunities that make this Congregation so special.” There are many convenient ways to donate, including by check, credit card, stock, IRA, or billing your WHC account. To pledge your support, visit giving, or contact Development Director Miriam Feffer at 202-895-6312 or As you consider your year-end giving, we hope you will consider Yad B’Yad and help WHC grow from strength to strength.

In December …

WHC Programs & Events For Youth


WHECTY’s Dance for a Cause!

Saturday, December 10, 7:30 pm at the Julia Bindeman Suburban Center


Hit the dance floor while doing good for others! This special winter dance party, whose proceeds benefit local charities, will bring together hundreds of teens from the D.C. area.

Registration required ($) Ira Miller:, 301-354-3209

ETY’s Holiday Happening

Sunday, December 11, 12:00 pm at the Julia Bindeman Suburban Center

Open to all 8 -12th graders!

Join us for an afternoon of Hanukkah fun. We’ll take part in fun holiday activities as we enjoy a cozy day indoors together.


Registration required ($) Debbie Letter:, 301-354-3215

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 10, 7:30 - 10:30 pm Julia Bindeman Suburban Center

Club 56: Monster Mini Golf

Get down Like it’s the 1980s at our charity dance Party!

Saturday, December 17, 5:00 pm, drop-off/pick-up at the Julia Bindeman Suburban Center

Join us for Monster Mini Golf, an exciting indoor, monster themed, glow-in-the-dark miniature golf course, that offers excitement at all 18 holes.

TICKETS Early Bird: $10 After 12/6: $15


Registration required ($) Debbie Letter:, 301-354-3215 Dance for a Cause Journal update.indd 1

11/11/2016 3:31:32 PM

For Youth

Junior ETY: Petting Farm

Good Food. Good People. Good Conversation. Shabbat Dinner with WHC President David & Debbie Astrove The Astroves invite you to join them in their home for one of their monthly WHC Shabbat dinners. It’s a great way any WHC adult — regardless of current involvement level, length of membership, profession, or life stage — to share their thoughts about and connect over Judaism, Temple life, and more.

Sunday, December 18, 12:00 pm at the Julia Bindeman Suburban Center

Discover local wildlife first-hand when Green Meadows Petting Farm joins us for a day of interactive learning. An introductory youth group experience, Kindergarten through 2nd graders are invited to learn about life on a farm while getting to meet (and pet!) the animals. Registration required ($) Debbie Letter:, 301-354-3215

WHECTY: NFTY-MAR Winter Kallah

Tuesday, December 27 – Friday, December 30 at Capital Camps

Join high schoolers from around the Mid-Atlantic region over winter break for a few days of laughter, learning, and discovery. Winter Kallah is about exploring who you are, the world around you, and how you fit into it. What better way to answer some of life’s biggest questions than being nestled in the snowy mountains, surrounded by a community that cares!

Learn more and sign up online:

Registration required ($) Ira Miller:, 301-354-3209

WHC Journal – December 2016 | Page 19


We gratefully acknowledge the following contributions, received through November 4. To make a contribution to any of Washington Hebrew Congregation’s funds, please visit Amram Sunday Scholar Series Endowment Fund Donor Elisabeth Posner Schouten

General Fund

In Memory of: Lillian Posner Wallace

Lillian & Alfred Bennett Fine Arts Endowment Fund

Donor Cheryl & Herbert Baraf Bobbi & Edward Schiff

In Memory of: Shirley Levin Sydney Shore Irene Shore

Julia & Jack Bindeman Fund

Donor In Memory of: Stuart L. Bindeman & Martha K. Bindeman Isaac Bindeman

Jane Burka Sisterhood Leadership Fund

Donor In Memory of: Kathy & Jody Dreyfuss Joseph R. Schuble Sr. Scott D. Dreyfuss & Harold H.Levi III Judith & David Irwin Reva S. Tickton

Dr. Edward A. & Mildred B. Cafritz Prayer Book Fund

Donor Josh S. Elkes

In Honor of: Cantor Ellen Schwab

Cantorial & Concert Fund

Donor Rabbi Sheldon Ezring Donor In Honor of: Brenda & Stephen & Julia & Guy Abelkop Howard Amer’s 70th Birthday Mary & Russ Albert Cantor Bortnick Steven & Maida Lerner Cantor Manevich Karen & Robert Silverman B’not Mitzvah of Kayla Feldman & Jordyn Feldman Cantor Manevich Rabbi Skloot Donor In Memory of: Steven C. Fischer & Linda J. Adler Jerome M. Fischer Mrs. Roy Garber & family Cantor Roy Garber Anne C. Golder Blanche Cooper Jill & Dan Ladd Jr. Robert D. Ladd Robin & Jeremy London Susan London Dr. & Mrs. Edward Mopsik Irving Mopsik Mimi & Tommy Nordlinger Herman Kraft Beverly Rosenblatt Andrew Rosenblatt Lee Rosenblatt Karen Silverman & Family Walter Pollack Karen & Robert Silverman Mel Opter Albert H. Taub Charles Taub Barry & Marilyn Wessler Dr. David Schwartz Alane & Gene Youngentob Lila & Jacob Ansin Ginny Hyde

EmptyNesters Fund

Donor Ruth Seif

In Memory of: Karl Seif

Lois & Richard England Special Needs Endowment Fund

Donor Lynn & Larry Silverberg

General Fund

In Memory of: Mildred Silverberg

Donor Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Reiskin St. Andrew’s Episcopal School Deborah Wolf Donor In Honor of: Phillida Alcantar WHC’s 2016 HHD Services Lisa Foster Ed & Nell Shapiro Amy Hathaway Fanny Feldman Hindy Kempler WHC’s Yom Kippur services Page 20 | WHC Journal – December 2016

Donor In Honor of: Kevin Levey & Maria Cristina Landazuri-Levey Bat Mitzvah of Camila Levey Suzanne Yelen & Mark Popofsky Bat Mitzvah of Madeline Yelen Popofsky Candice Siegel & Jon Siegel Bar Mitzvah of Jesse Daniel Siegel Donor In Memory of: Charles Berman Abraham Mandel Trudy & Edgar Bernstein & family Freda G. Weiss Dr. & Mrs. F. Norman Berry Elizabeth Blumberg Rae Cohen Roberta & Leonard Biegel Sidney Lieberman Gloria G. Cole Hattie Glaston Alan Y. Cole Janet & Michael Cornfeld Robin Cornfeld Alan Deresh & Linda Wertlieb Harvey Wertlieb Hermine Dreyfuss Scott David Dreyfuss Syvia R. Gasperow & Family William Gasperow Beth Glassman Florenz Ourisman Joan Golden Dr. Edward Bigg Jeanette W. Bigg Susan Bigg Mr. & Mrs. William L. Goldman Harry C. Alberts Jon Greenblatt & Linda Adams Albert Jacobsohn Ellen & David Grossman Shirley Levin Emanuel Grunfeld Howard Grunfeld Mary Lynn Kotz Myrtle L. Booth David Krakoff Beatrice Krakoff Eugenia Krasner Stuart R. Krasner Roberta Kronheim Tille Kronheim Nancy E. Legum David H. Legum Lisbeth Levin Vicki Levin Miller David & Audrey Liebeskind Leonard Liebeskind Florence Strober-Greiff Ann G. Miller Ethel Goldsmith Ronald Nessen Stephen Nessen Frederick Nessen Tracey & Scott Norwitz, Josh & Matthew Norwitz Martin Norwitz Norman & Susan Oblon Simon Saffren Linda Ochsman Jeffrey W. Ochsman Irene Pollin Herman Kerchek Susan & Arnold Quint Milton Quinit Lauren & Sam Racoosin & Family Sonya Mueller Shirley Levin Mark, Lynne, Adam & Evan Schaffer Irving Fogelman Dr. Joyce Schantz Marvin Moore Tom Schaumberg Pollo G. Schaumberg Richard & Sondra Schoenfeld Fanny Schoenfeld Joseph Schoenfeld Dale Schuble Joseph R. Schuble Scott Dreyfuss Mrs. Dale Schuble Ronald Shapiro Francine Seltzer Gertrude Arthur Isadora Semsker Richard Semsker Leslie Shapiro Julian C. Cohen Bob & Mary Beth Sitrick David Sitrick Mr. & Mrs. Albert H. Small Lillian Small Shirley Small Paula Schwalb Traci & David Solovey Rosalie A Kirshstein Marvin & Jeanne Spivak Joseph Spivak Lisa Stark Hope B. Dan Linda Weber Ilse Frey Grace Weissman Mary R. Korzec Joan Sarah Wexler Ruth & Raymond Wexler Mona Wexler Sheldon Wexler Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Zelenko Michael I. Zelenko

Leo & Elizabeth Goodman Public Issues Endowment Fund

Donor Joan Churchill Donor Joan Churchill

In Honor of: Leo Goodman Landau’s Birthday Christopher Churchill’s Birthday Eitan Moscovitch’s Birthday Rebecca Churchill’s Birthday In Memory of: Leo Goodman Eugenia Neimark Lewis

Joshua O. Haberman Scholarship & Publications Endowment Fund

Donor Joyce B. Isaacson

In Honor of: Marsha Pinson

Hurston Library

Donor In Memory of: William H. Davis Anna Goldschmidt Sidney Goldschmidt Albert Fishman Anne P. Fishman Marsha Stiefel Pinson & Children Tea Stiefel Nancy Wartow Joan S. Hart

Carol Kellner ECC Memorial Fund

Donor Doris & Ken Kraemer

In Memory of: Nathan Malkin

Rose E. Koenig Religious School Fund

Donor Barry & Suzanne Helfand The Pinczuk Family

In Memory of: Albert Helfand Fania Pinczuk

Rabbi M. Bruce Lustig Scholarship Fund

Donor In Honor of: Annette & Lionel Pashkoff Lyla Gracie Pashkoff’s Naming

Zena Mason Education Fund Donor Mrs. Rita Sollod

Mitzvah Day

Donor In Honor of: RobBee & Josh Fredricks Rabbi Lustig Rabbi Shankman Cantor Manevich Sandra Kouzel Rhoda Kandel’s Birthday Paulette & Larry Walker Bar Mitzvah of Jeremy Fredericks Donor In Memory of: Anne & Ben Friedman Vera Greenwald Anne Friedman Shirley Levin Sandra Kouzel Shirley Levin The Schapiro family Mollie Kravatz Paulette & Larry Walker Ruth Bassin

Stephanie Morris Prime Timers Programming Fund

Donor Joyce B. Isaacson Donor Suzy & Al Morris Donna & Stan Stoller

In Honor of: Jane Josephs Adrienne Elman In Memory of: Barbara Morris Albert Stoller

Kamy Loren Nathanson Bar & Bat Mitzvah Kiddush Cup Endowment Fund

Donor The Bronrott Family Amy & Alan Munaker Cerlene Myers Rose

Albert & Scott Pelmoter Youth Scholarship Fund Donor Rifka Shore

In Honor of: Joyce Isaacson Ida Munaker Elsa Gimbel Myers

In Memory of: Joseph Shore

Contributions Naomi & LeRoy Robins Medical Emergency Fund

Donor Eve & Richard Robins

Abram Simon Elementary School Fund In Memory of: Anne Silverman

Sheldon & Judy Sadugor Memorial Fund of ECC

Donor In Honor of: Karen, Doug, Jenna & Monsein Debra Robins’ Induction into the Candy Hall of Fame Arlene & David Slan Debra Robins’ Induction into the Candy Hall of Fame Donor In Memory of: Lori & Bob Rodman Seymour Rodman Judy Sadugor Sylvia Rodman Sheldon Sadugor Renee Rabb

Selinger (Childrens) Library

Donor Elissa Weinroth Donor In Memory of: The Adler & Fischer Families Lillian Marks & Arlene Richard Sandra Goldsmith Sidney Glaser Stoleru Family Elka Stoleru Dr. & Mrs. Samuel Stoleru Anita Rosenstadt

Abe & Sylvia Shrinsky Creative Worship Program Fund Donor Margery Shrinsky Donor Faith & Jim Kirk

In Honor of: Jim Kirk’s Speedy Recovery In Memory of: Byrne Maryn

Carlynn & Larry Silverman Family Endowment for Jewish Life & Learning

Donor In Honor of: Lisa & Bruce Harwood Jonathan Duber & Dana Eisenberg’s Marriage

Abram Simon Elementary School Camp Fund

Donor In Honor of: Joyce B. Isaacson Constance Burtoff Max Novel’s Passing of the Bar Exam

Donor In Honor of: Joyce B. Isaacson Gabrielle Grunau Paul Nass Paulette & Larry Walker Karen Dworken’s Special Birthday Donor In Memory of: Beth & Scott Ross Eileen Fox Ronald Alan Jacobs Paulette & Larry Walker Ronald Shapiro

Carrie Simon House

Donor Michael B. Fishman

In Memory of: Annette Rosenhaft Lawrence Fishman

Sisterhood Youth, Education & Enrichment Fund

Donor Carole Nannes Donor Joyce B. Isaacson Donor Elaine Goldstein Rochelle Ochsman

In Honor of: Jackie Paulson Gerdy Trachtman In Memory of: Martin Goldstein Dr. Jack Friedman

Tikkun Olam Values (TOV) Fund

Donor In Honor of: Carol & Robert Burman Bar Mitzvah of Ryan Groban Joyce B. Isaacson Naomi Abelson & Andrew Gohn’s Engagement Donor In Memory of: Naomi Abelson Shirley Levin Barbara S.Landow Jack Siegel Karen Cohen Shirley Levin Mindy Strelitz & Andrew Cornblatt Shirley Levin Manuel & Maria Goncalves Shirley Levin Sherry & David Kahn & Family Adele Bindeman Alex Schwartz Cathy Kwart Arnold Kwart Robert & Janie Lipnick Shirley Levin Andrew H. Marks & Susan G. Esserman Shirley Levin Richard & Jill Meyer Shirley Levin Dr. & Mrs. Burton Schonfeld Shirley Levin Nancy G. Simon Sylvia Straus Florsheim

Rabbi Joseph Weinberg Young Leadership Community Service Fund

Donor In Honor of: Paulette & Larry Walker Jonah Berger & Megan DeVries’ Marriage Donor In Memory of: Joan & Marshall Cutler Norman Abramson David Cutler Marcia Weinberg Rabbi Joseph Weinberg

Wender Memorial Archives Fund

Donor In Honor of: Joyce B. Isaacson Dorothy & Lou Kornhauser Dotty & Lou Kornhauser Dr. Michael Goldstein

WHC Hunger Project

Donor Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Bergman Donor In Honor of: Michael Caruso Bat Mitzvah of Emily Muenzer Joyce Goldberg Bat Mitzvah of Emily Muenzer Emilie Gray Bat Mitzvah of Emily Muenzer Kimberly Hairston Bat Mitzvah of Emily Muenzer Rachel Susan Howe Bat Mitzvah of Emily Muenzer Joyce B. Isaacson Holly Bergman Clayton Lewis Bat Mitzvah of Emily Muenzer Ellen Lott Bat Mitzvah of Emily Muenzer

David Wise, Jr. Human Needs Fund

Donor Anonymous

Worship & Music Fund

Donor Debbie & E.J. Corwin Joyce B. Isaacson Family of Siegmund Spiegel Caryl Weinbaum Donor The Hon. Stephen Porter Sandi & Van Sabel Sidelle Wertheimer Bonnie & Stuart Youngentob

In Honor of: WHC Clergy Priscilla Levine Rabbi Lustig Rabbi Shankman In Memory of: Charles Lowe Ronald Shapiro Shirley Levin Lila Ansin

Ivy Zola’s Help-a-Friend Fund

Donor In Memory of: Karen & Richard Perkins Herman Beek Andrea & Geoffrey Zola Deborah Ann Cohen & Irving J. Cohen

People of the Book: Introducing the Harriet M. Kriesberg Fund for the Study of Torah In 1987, Simeon Kriesberg established the Kriesberg Program Initiatives Fund at WHC to honor his parents’ commitment to Jewish values. Over the years, the Fund has helped sustain high-impact programming including lectures, musical events, and interfaith projects. With the passing of matriarch Harriet M. Kriesberg last year, the family began to reflect on her legacy at Temple. After careful consideration of a fitting memorial, they decided

to rename the endowment in her memory and shift its purpose to reflect her lifelong engagement in Torah study. The renamed Harriet M. Kriesberg Fund for the Study of Torah now supports initiatives focused on our sacred text, including scholars-in-residence, guest lectures, study retreats, and youth programs. “The intellectual challenge and spiritual fellowship of Torah study were profoundly meaningful for my mother,

who was a lifelong learner,” said Simeon Kriesberg. “My siblings and I are proud to establish the Harriet M. Kriesberg Fund for Torah Study at the Congregation to which she was so devoted.” To support the Kriesberg Fund, visit With any questions about donating to WHC, contact Development Director Miriam Feffer at or 202.895.6312.

WHC Journal – December 2016 | Page 21

Help Envision the Future of WHC! In 2027, just 10 years from now, WHC will celebrate 175 years as one of the leading Reform congregations in the nation. This special anniversary gives us all the opportunity to consider the future for Washington Hebrew Congregation, and we would like our entire congregational family — members new and old, ECC families, 2239’ers, and Metro Minyan worshippers — to participate in this process. WHC 175: Envision Our Future starts with several broad, but critical, questions: Where do we want to be in 10 years? What will we be as a Temple and as a Congregation? What role should WHC play in the lives of our members, in our community, and in Reform Judaism? We want to know what you envision for our future and what role you hope to play in WHC’s future!

Envision Our Future

175 In January, we will begin the process by gathering together diverse groups of congregants to discuss, brainstorm, and imagine their ideal futures at WHC. We hope to touch on all aspects of Temple life — worship, community and social life, social action, education, life cycle events, financial support, and more. Everyone is welcome to participate. Our first two “Visioning” workshops have been scheduled: Sunday, January 8, 2017, from 9:30 – 11:30 am at the Julia Bindeman Suburban Center Tuesday, March 7, 2017, from 7:00 – 9:00 pm at Temple Space is limited, so please register today at If you are unable to attend either session but are interested in learning about future sessions and/or other visioning efforts, we encourage you to complete our online form as well. Questions? Please contact Lindsay Fry Feldman, or 202-895-6321.

Page 22 | WHC Journal – December 2016

WHC Journal – December 2016 | Page 23



3935 Macomb Street NW Washington, DC 20016 202-362-7100


50+ Vendors! 100+ Silent Auction Items! OPEN TO THE PUBLIC • FREE ADMISSION • FREE PARKING Sunday, December 4, 9:30 am – 5:30 pm Monday, December 5, 9:30 am – 6:00 pm Tuesday, December 6, 9:30 am – 6:00 pm Washington Hebrew Congregation’s Julia Bindeman Suburban Center 11810 Falls Road, Potomac, MD • 301-279-7505 •

Washington Hebrew Congregation "Journal"  

December 2016

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