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Directions 1. Combine tamarind and ½ cup of brown sugar together in a bowl. 2. Knead in the ingredients while separating the seeds.


3. If it is too dry sprinkle a little water to moisten.

Tamarind Balls Ingredients 1 lb tamarind (shelled) 1 cup granulated brown sugar for mixing 1 cup granulated white sugar for dusting and rolling 1 tbsp salt (optional) *This recipe should make 30-40 tamarind balls.

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4. Add more sugar depending on how sour the tamarind may be. Let the taste be your guide. 5. If necessary, add salt to adjust taste. 6. Take some brown sugar in your hand to form small round balls. The sugar should help in rolling the tamarind, but you don’t want to use too much. 7. Take up enough tamarind and roll between your hands to make a ball about 2 inches in diameter. 8. In a separate plate pour some white sugar, then roll the tamarind balls in it. 9. Store in a cool area or the refrigerator.