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April 2018

In 2017, FASTSIGNS franchisee Karrie Brock captured the attention of Wide-Format & Signage magazine when she won our Project of the Year award. Brock won the award for her team’s superb execution of an original interior, exterior, and architectural branding package created for the fast-casual restaurant City Egg. By Amanda Luz Henning Santiago

Wrap Like a Rock Star: How to Succeed in the Vehicle Graphics Business


Outdoor Durable: A Look at Today’s Solvent Printers Solvent printers may be a mature tech-

Why vehicle graphics might be an

nology, but that doesn’t mean innova-

opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

tion has halted.

By Laurie Weller

By Jeff Steele

Viral ‘Bachelor’ Billboards Prove the Power of Signage


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Finding the Flatbed Technology That Works For You

At 8 a.m., March 6, Outfront Media

Are flatbed technologies shaping

got an email from “The Bachelor”

tomorrow’s market?

fans looking to make a big splash. By

By Toni McQuilken

Editor’s Note Signage isn’t Slowing Down

By Rebecca Flores


The Return of the Billboard By Sal Sheikh

12 p.m. billboards were up. By Amanda Luz Henning Santiago

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April 2018

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