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they had used for advertising and investing in vehicle wraps instead. A lot of the trade organizations for plumbers, electricians, and other small businesses are telling these companies that they need vehicle graphics.”

Setting Up for Success So, what does it take to get started and —more importantly—to succeed in this business? “If you’re thinking about getting into the business of wrapping vehicles, learn as much as you can, take it very seriously, and reach out to manufacturers,” said Kris Harris, Vice President and Co-Owner of Road Rage Designs, which operates out of locations in Spring Grove, Illinois and Union Grove, Wisconsin. Goodwin recommends PSPs take advantage of classes. “There are many available, and when you are there you are able to ask all your questions on the spot,” he said.

Road Rage Designs created a “Finding Dory” wrap for this small Coppertone van.

“You can use the software, start designing, and get tips in these areas. The Internet has a lot of valuable information, too.” According to Harris, getting certified by 3M or another industry organization is a must, especially if a shop is looking to do business with larger clients. “National accounts go to the certification websites and look for these busi-

nesses,” she said, adding that 3M, PDAA, and UASG all offer certifications. Brian Howland, Account Executive for Bluemedia of Tempe, Arizona, advises PSPs to invest in a quality 64-inch wide-format printer and laminator. “People are turning to latex printers,” he said. “They print beautifully, are much easier on the environment, and you don’t have outgassing. The speed

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Wide-format & Signage - Aril 2018  
Wide-format & Signage - Aril 2018