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December 13, 2017


A new craft beer in town

Details about the brewery Location: 2A Collins Road (he’s not open to the public just yet, but he will be in the future.) Tentative opening date: December 18 Available: Yukon Liquor Store

Born and raised Yukoner Matt Waugh is starting Deep Dark Wood Brewing Matt Waugh is launching Deep Dark Wood Brewing Company beer, brewed in oak barrels

All his beers will be bottled and not available in kegs. For more information about what’s going on with Deep Dark Wood Brewing Company you can check out their Facebook page.

by Sydney Oland


here’s a new brewery opening in the Mount Sima area. Deep Dark Wood Brewing is hoping to be open and available to the public around Christmas. Owner and operator Matt Waugh will be producing sour beers using open casks and wild yeasts. Waugh is a born and raised Yukoner, who worked for the government and after a few years of home brewing decided to leave the government life and branch out into beer. After working for Yukon Brewing he moved to Winterlong as their lead brewer for the past three years. This will be his first foray into brewing for himself. Matt will be producing sour beers and will focus on using local

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PHOTO: Sydney Oland

Sydney Oland lives in Whitehorse. Her work can be found in The Boston Globe, as well as other publications.

Dr. David Rach, Dr. Robin Vigneau & staff

ingredients, like honey and fruit. “It is a beer town, it’s a beer territory,” Waugh said. He isn’t concerned about being the third local brewery on the scene. He is hoping his unique flavours and fermentation process will set him apart from the others. “I’m going to use a two tiered process” he said. His beer will start with lab cultures, but they will all have open fermentation in oak barrels. “Eventually I’d like to do full-on spontaneous fermentation,” Matt said, but that will be a bit down the road. Deep Dark Woods Brewing will be starting with a few base sour beer products, but Waugh will be focusing on doing lots of limited

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time offers to keep things fresh and interesting for his customers.

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What's Up Yukon, December 13, 2017  

"Remembering loved ones during the holidays"

What's Up Yukon, December 13, 2017  

"Remembering loved ones during the holidays"