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October 18, 2017 Issue #550

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Yukomicon was just the beginning Screams at the Guild

Yukon’s first star party

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Danny Macdonald

Wasting Away in Geezerville

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October 18, 2017

with Ken Bolton

Watching For Things That Go Snap in the Night

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Mice driven from the house


OCTOBER 20 & 21


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he first week of September, the mice fled the fields and snuck indoors, as mice are wont to do. It happened in the quiet hours of one night. The day before, the kitchen drawers and cupboards were spotless. The next, they were festooned with rodential calling cards: the kind a not-so-observant eye might mistake for a dusting of flax or caraway seed. I say mice, but it was almost certainly a single mouse. A mother-to-be at that: a poor, lone soul finding herself in the family way without benefit of clergy. You ask how I know this. Well, you don’t, but I’ll tell you anyway. Within the span of a few hours, she had scratched and nibbled her way through a brand-new tea towel. Not just an ordinary tea towel, but the expensive wafflewoven kind you pay a ransom for at one of those fancy kitchen boutiques. The Sherlock Holmes in me immediately deduced: if you are a mouse, you do not scavenge feverously for bright red cotton

thread, unless you’re intent on building a nest. And you don’t build a nest unless you have mouse-lings aboard. Furthermore, fathers-to-be of the mouse kingdom generally do not build nests. They may stake out territory, and show signs of protectiveness toward their concubines, but at the bottom line they are deadbeat dads, not known for monogamy. Building nests is definitely beneath them. I further deduced that our furry night visitor was eating for more than one, by her choice of post-midnight snacks. She completely ignored my wife’s unprotected single-serving pouches of instant oatmeal, which might have given her offspring a healthy start in life. Instead, she opted to nibble on all things silicon. The collapsible pasta bowl was rendered useless, as were the silicon seals on the lids of several glass storage containers. Deduction? Silicon is to a gestating mouse what pickles and ice cream are to a gravid human. She wants it, and she wants it now!

Naturally, the discovery of an unbidden house guest immediately summoned us both to our battle stations. There will be no bubonic plague in this house. Not on our watch. While one of us meticulously cleansed every shelf and drawer, and their contents, the other made a hasty trip to the hardware store for various rodent eliminators and dissuaders. We are not insensitive louts who believe a mouse should suffer death by dehydration, or having her wee paws trapped in glue. We went for quick kill, combined with smelly essential oils that would announce: No Vermin Welcome Here. Weeks later, no trap has yet been sprung, nary a towel has been nibbled, and no fresh turds have emerged. Best of all, the rosemary oil drenching both kitchen and pantry has improved my memory exponentially. Our resident Geezer lives southeast of Whitehorse. You can reach him at

October 18, 2017


On the Cover

She came, she saw, we conquered

Grandma’s name is Clara Frost She came, she saw, we conquered. We’re proud to be her rangers. We’re proud to be her fiddlers. We’re proud to be her snowshoers. We’re proud to be her test skiers. We’re proud to be her dog mushers. We’re proud to be her hockey players. We’re proud to be her carpenders. Boyd is proud to be her pilot. Pauline is proud to be her MLA. Peter, johnny & Jack are proud to be her policemen. Alisa is proud to be her doctor. Natasha is proud to be her nurse. Bradley is proud to be her mechanic. Coleen & Greta are proud to be her teachers. Barb is proud to be her lawyer. Sharon is proud to be her conservation office. Derrick is proud to be her martial arts expert. Tommy is proud to be her soldier. Peter, Alice & Marvin are proud to be her chiefs. Im proud to be her poet. I am proud to be her cartoonist Grandma came, grandma saw, grandma conquered.


We help each other so we can help you! Mario Grocery I have my own aisle, I carefully ensure “Nature Value” ordering and displays are perfect for my customers.

PHOTO: Danny Macdonald

What’s Inside Geezerville........................... 2 Didee/Didoo.......................... 3 Nicole Edwards & Yukon Cares... 4 Salt Spring National Art Prize..... 5 Canada 150: From the North..... 7 Cheddar Beer Bread ............... 8 Conrad Boyce’s Stonecliff ...... 10 YHMA Heritage Symposium...... 11 Geek Nation........................ 12 The Guild’s House of Horror.... 17

Real Gentleman

An’ he believed in our god above. His manners were precise And he was always nice. Charlie lived a long life And Jessie is his wife. He learned from a bible verse So you’ll never hear him curse. He’ll answer you with a smile ‘Cause that’s Charlie’s style. Charlie doesn’t read or write But he sure knows what’s right. He always had nice clothes to wear And he always treated us fair. Charlie will dance to a fiddle song Because his ways were strong. He’ll always shake your hand ‘Cause he was a real gentleman. Charlie lived by the golden rule That’s why he’s so cool. We can learn from lots of guys But Charlie Thomas was really wise. God listens when Charlie is praying “God Bless You!” is his favorite saying. by

Allan Benjamin CHIH AHAA

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October 18, 2017

Nicole Edwards and Friends Lift Up Their Voices for Local Charity

Fundraiser concert for Yukon Cares takes place at the United Church on Oct. 21 by Elaine Schiman Whitehorse singersongwriter Nicole Edwards, second from left, is hosting a concert at the United Church on Oct. 21 to raise funds to bring Syrian refugees to Whitehorse. Here Edwards poses with Ed White, left, Annie Avery, Dave Haddock and Bob Hamilton at her CD release concert for the album Sage & Wild Roses.

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PHOTO: Courtesy of Nicole Edwards/Alistair Maitland


he first time I heard Nicole Edwards’ voice, it drew me down a Yukon College hallway during the 1998 Frostbite Music Festival and into one of the festival’s classroom venues. There I found Nicole Edwards, new to the Yukon at that point, singing and playing guitar as part of the band The Gathering. Her rich vocal tones and warm stage presence turned me into an instant fan and created a memory I still carry with me today. Now, Edwards is one of the territory’s best-known musicians. Her latest project is about to give Yukon audiences another opportunity to create a new and beautiful memory of what Edwards can do with music. On October 21st, she will celebrate her two decades in the territory with a fundraiser for Yukon Cares, a volunteer-driven organization that works to resettle and sponsor refugees in the territory. “I have been saddened and distressed to see so many examples of racism and discrimination in the world today,” said Edwards. “As an artist, sharing my songs is one way I can contribute by spreading a positive message.” A positive vibe is something Edwards has no shortage of. Despite the fact that she suffers from a chronic health condition called scleroderma – which causes pain and fatigue, and has robbed her of the ability to play guitar – she has found new ways to share her passion for music and live a happy life. “One of my most effective strategies for a high quality of

life is to produce joyful, stimulating creative experiences while collaborating with other artists,” said Edwards. “That’s what this concert will be for me and I hope it will also empower and uplift everyone who participates in the concert as a performer, volunteer or audience member.” Although the concert will focus on Edwards’ original repertoire, she will share the spotlight with others. Edwards has brought together singers from a variety of choirs and duos to form a small choir. The group will present a brand new choral arrangement of one of her original songs, Love, Serve and Uplift, which is on Edwards’ most recent album Genre Bender. The choral arrangement was written by another Whitehorse musician, Olivier de Colombel, as part of a mentorship Edwards did with him, funded by an Advanced Artist Award from the Yukon government. “This is my gift to myself,” Edwards said. “It’s long been a dream of mine to hear a choir sing some of my music.” The concert will also include special performances from several talented, but rarely-heard Whitehorse singers whom Edwards admires: vocalist Rebecca Law and duo Lexi Joinson and Jasmine Sudlow. “I’m such a fan of these wonderful singers and this concert is a great opportunity to hear them.” The concert could also be a pivotal moment for Yukon Cares. The organization has already brought one family of Syrian refugees to Whitehorse and has com-

pleted fundraising and submitted applications for another family of five, and an individual. “We are continuing to work to bring refugees to a safer place,” said Raquel de Queiroz, Yukon Cares President. “We are almost there to have the 75 per cent of the money needed to put the application in place for another family of five. I am really hoping this concert will get us there.” That won’t be the end of the fundraising work, though. The first Syrian family came under a federal program, which provided half the money. However, Yukon Cares is acting as a private sponsor this time and needs to raise 100 per cent of the budget. “We are thrilled that Nicole has offered the generous gift of her amazing talent to the refugee cause,” said de Queiroz. “Nicole is such a talented and beautiful artist, with a message of love and service, which could not be more relevant today.” The concert takes place Saturday, October 21, at 7:30 p.m. in the sanctuary of the United Church in Whitehorse. There will be a social gathering held in the church basement from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., with refreshments. Tickets include a complimentary dessert and hot beverage. For more information contact Yukon Cares at yukoncares@gmail. com, or on their Facebook page. Elaine Schiman is a Whitehorse-based writer and will perform in the concert as part of the choir presenting Edwards’ songs.


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Wednesday, October 25 7:30-9 pm Fee: Voluntary donation to Hospice Yukon

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October 18, 2017


The Whole Fish Tale

Yukon artist Josée Carbonneau was one of 50 finalists selected from across Canada to participate in the Salt Spring National Art Prize Finalists’ Exhibition on Salt Spring Island. The exhibition runs from September 23 until October 22, 2017 by Aislinn Cornett


any people wouldn’t be surprised to hear that long-time Yukoner Josée Carbonneau is a passionate fisher. Like many northerners, Carbonneau has an affinity for fishing. It’s what she does with the fish that leaves people awestruck. Long after her fly fishing flies have been tied, and after her hip waders have dried, Carbonneau takes the fish and tans the thin skin, turning the once scaly exterior into beautiful, pliable leather that she incorporates into artwork. “Fishing is a resource and this goes with it,” Carbonneau said of her unique process. “It’s a whole circle where my fishing becomes part of the art.” Originally from the East Coast, Carbonneau says her dad was a fisherman. From the time she started walking, she was also fishing. Now, she takes her passion for fishing one step further. “The idea is that I catch my fish so that I can eat fish, and use all parts of it to make art, and when I’m done a piece, there’s a whole story with that artwork.” This summer, after applying to her first national art competition, Carbonneau was selected as a finalist in the Salt Spring National Art Prize (SSNAP). Out of the 1,200 artists who applied with over 2,100 art submissions, Carbonneau’s piece, titled “Drying Time in the North” was one of 50 finalists chosen. She is the only Yukon artist featured in the national ex-

hibition. Her artwork features a twodimensional scene of a northern clothesline, with jackets, pants and mittens hung on a line. The intricately created winter clothing on Carbonneau’s clothesline features a wide variety of tanned fish skin: burbot, pink salmon, lake trout, grayling and whitefish. Carbonneau says that once the scales are taken out during the drying and tanning process, the leathery skin turn to different degrees of mostly grey shades. “What I like is all fish have a different skin, with different thickness and textures. Some fish skin that is thinner, like whitefish, is easier to work with.” Carbonneau also uses fish skin and recycled materials to create three-dimensional dolls. These sustainable dolls are rich with details, such as sewn booties, felted textures and silk scarves – another art form that Carbonneau has spent a lot of time exploring. “What I like about creating dolls is I can give them characters and movement.” Her dolls will be on display from November 3 to 25 at the Yukon Arts Centre’s community gallery. Her show, co-created with local painter, Marie-Hélène Comeau, is called Something’s Fishy. Her artwork is now displayed in the month-long exhibition on Salt Spring Island and on October 21, she will be traveling south to participate in the gala and awards

ceremony where prizes amounting to $30,000 will be awarded. “I know what I did is original because not many people work with fish skin, and my goal was to be a part of that,” Carbonneau said of her decision to apply for the competition. Even though Carbonneau has been incorporating fish skin into artwork for more than 10 years, her selection as a finalist was still unexpected. “I didn’t think I was going to be chosen,” she said with a laugh. “I was doing the Arts Underground festival when I got the email and I didn’t believe it.” For Carbonneau, who also works full-time as an educational assistant at Whitehorse Elementary School, this year seems to be all about putting herself out there. While many locals may recognize her work, they might not know the artist behind the fish skin, and Carbonneau has yet to do a solo exhibition of her artwork. “I want to do a show by myself at some point, but I don’t like to be in the spotlight and don’t like the attention. I need to work on that.” In the meantime, attending the Salt Spring National Art Prize Gala Awards night is a big first step. “Going down to the awards night is a big deal. I want to go see the show and be part of it, but I’m scared of winning something,” Carbonneau said. Carbonneau’s art can be viewed

PHOTO: Miyuki Kato

Josée Carbonneau holds up a prized lake trout recently caught at Windy Arm online on her Facebook page (Josée Carbonneau) and on display at the Yukon Arts Centre in November. When asked of her weekend plans, the avid fisher’s response shouldn’t come as a surprise. “I need to go fishing,” Carbon-

neau said with a big smile. “I’m going tomorrow or Sunday, depending on the weather.” Aislinn Cornett is a Yukon born and raised freelance writer, artist and art therapist.

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This course is intended for anyone interested in learning more about Yukon First Nations and SelfGovernment. Develop a broader understanding and appreciation for the key moments in Yukon First Nations distant and recent past, in a day that includes interactive activities, discussions and presentations by staff in the Yukon First Nations Initiative department at Yukon College. CRN 10446 Dec 6, 8:30am-4:30pm Location: Yukon College

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Registrants have until the end of the following term (April 30/18) to complete the online course. Registration: Please call Admissions to register at 867.668.8710 and quote the Course Registration Number (CRN) listed above. Refund Policy: Please notify the Admissions Office, in person or by telephone, five business days prior to the course start date to allow for a refund. If you withdraw fewer than five business days before the start of a course, you will forfeit the course fee. Please note that no refunds will be provided for the YFN 101 online course once registered. For more information on the Northern Institute of Social Justice and courses offered: Visit our website: Call: 867.456.8589 Email:

Northern Institute of Social Justice


Whitehorse EVENTS ART SHOWS Sat. Oct, 14 – Thu. Oct. 19 Saman SulemanSolo Exhibition Yukon Arts Centre In the Youth Gallery Sat. Oct, 14 – Thu. Oct. 19 La Caravane boréale des 10 mots presented by Marie-Hélène Comeau and l’AFY Yukon Arts Centre In the Youth Gallery Until Thurs. Oct. 19 Saman Suleman-Solo Exhibition Yukon Arts Centre In the Youth Gallery Until Thurs. Oct. 19 La Caravane boréale des 10 mots presented by Marie-Hélène Comeau and l’AFY Yukon Arts Centre In the Youth Gallery Until Sun. Oct, 22, Circumpolar Duet Yukon Artists at Work Gallery 10 Literary Artists participating in Circumpolar Duet who are members of Yukon Writers’ Collective Ink. Until Sat. Oct.28 Sandra G. Storey & Margriet Aasman - I Never Really Played with Dolls Arts Underground In the Focus Gallery Until Sat. Oct.28 Rebecca Manias, The Modern Mystic Arts Underground In the Edge Gallery Until Oct. 30 Far From North Yukon Arts Centre From the North brings together musicians, visual artists, media artists, storytellers, dancers and Dene and Inuit athletes from the three territories on a tour that will commence in Whitehorse and continue on to Yellowknife, Iqaluit, Ottawa, Montréal and Vancouver. Until Sat, Nov, 25, Trapped by Willow Rector Yukon Arts Centre Explores cultural narratives of the Canadian landscapes through intricate embroidery on trap-line hides Until Sat, Nov, 25, Human / Nature by Suzanne Paleczny Yukon Arts Centre Asks the viewer about their impact on the natural world. More specifically, how that impact is not always positive


Wednesdays Whitewater Wednesday 7:00 pm Epic Pizza goes till we are done! Thu, Oct, 19 Jam Night with Patrick Jacobson 7:30 pm Best Western Gold Rush Inn Thu, Oct, 19 Lara Lewis Album Release 8:00 pm The Old Fire Hall Hear the songs off my debut album performed Live! With Daniel Bouck, Danette Readman, Graeme Peters and producer Jordy Walker (electric guitar). Opening act: Patrick Keenan Thu, Oct, 19 Nicholas Mah 8:00 pm The Beer Tasters’ Social House Thu, Oct, 19 Joe Loutchan - Fiddler on the Loose 9:00 pm 98 Hotel Thu, Oct, 19 Ginger Jam 10:00 pm Yukon Inn in the Boiler room fully electric jam session with PA system, drum kit and guitars provided to musicians. Featuring guest co-hosts and performers. Fri, Oct, 20 Parker Thomas Jazz 6:00 pm Westmark Whitehorse Join Tom Connor, Nick Mah, Adam Cripps and Gui Chan for an evening of Jazz. Jammers are always welcome. Fri, Oct, 20 KABN 7:30 pm Best Western Gold Rush Inn Fri, Oct, 20 Open Mic with Patrick Jacobson 8:30 pm Town & Mountain Hotel Fri, Oct, 20 Karaoke 9:00 pm Yukon Inn in the Boiler Room Sat, Oct, 21 Whey Jennings & The Unwanted 4:00 pm Jakes Corner Sat, Oct, 21 Nicole Edwards & Friends 6:00 pm Whitehorse United Church Fundraising for Yukon Cares, joined by Becky Law, Lexi Joinson and Jasmine Sudlow, desserts and coffee to follow. Sat, Oct, 21 Hunter & Lachance 6:00 pm Antoinette’s Restaurant Sat, Oct, 21 Soir de Semaine Band 9:00 pm The Beer Tasters’ Social House 667-2324 alain@ Sat, Oct, 21 Patrick Jacobson 9:00 pm Woodcutter’s Blanket Sat, Oct, 21 Karaoke 9:00 pm Yukon Inn in the Boiler Room Sun, Oct, 22 Open Mic Night 3:00 pm 98 Hotel Sun, Oct, 22 Ben Mahony 7:30 pm Best Western Gold Rush Inn Sun, Oct, 22 Jack Straw 7:30 pm Best Western Gold Rush Inn Mon, Oct, 23 Jam with Host Patrick Keenan 8:00 pm The Beer Tasters’ Social House Tue, Oct, 24 Ginger Jam 10:00 pm Yukon Inn in the Boiler room fully electric jam session with PA system, drum kit and guitars provided to musicians. Featuring guest co-hosts and performers.


Wednesdays Spanish Conversation Group 12:00 pm Yukon Government Administration Building Join us inside the Bridges Café 633-6081 Terry or Michèle


Wednesdays Whitehorse United Church Choir Practice 7:30 pm Whitehorse United Church Wednesdays Hump Day Trivia 9:00 pm Yukon Inn in the Boiler Room Wed, Oct, 18, Grow Your E-Commerce business - From Local to Beyond 8:00 am Coast High Country Inn Free Breakfast, email for more information. Wed, Oct, 18, Yukon’s Lake Trout and Salmon Anglers Hook-Up 6:30 pm Mount McIntyre Recreation Centre Door Prizes, contact Dennis Zimmermann 336-3474 or by email at bfifyukon@ for more info. Wed, Oct, 18, 8 Things: 8 Female Entrepreneurs Share Their Business Advice 7:00 pm Baked Cafe A fun and informative evening of 8 local business women each sharing 8 minutes of advice that they have learned over the years. Wed, Oct, 18, Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet 8:00 pm The Guild Hall Constance Leadbelly, a young English literature professor is trying to decipher a coded manuscript that she believes is a lost source for Othello and Romeo and Juliet. Wed, Oct, 18, EMR Library Open House 12:00 pm Whitehorse, Yukon Held in Room 335. Contests, prizes, refreshments. call 667-3111 for more information. Wed, Oct, 18, Games Night (Puzzle Edition) 8:00 pm The Beer Tasters’ Social House You can bring games or crafts, but why not a puzzle or some mind benders? Thu, Oct, 19, Free Yukoner Day MacBride Museum Every 3rd Thursday of the month. Thu, Oct, 19, Business After Hours 5:00 pm Whitehorse Chamber Of Commerce Thu, Oct, 19, Canada 150 Sock Project 6:00 pm Itsy-Bitsy Yarn Store For help learning to knitcrochet, help with already attempted socks, or just to hang out knitting or crocheting. Call 334-6629 for more information. Thu, Oct, 19, Rendezvous Winefest 6:00 pm Coast High Country Inn Contact Anne Kennedy for more information, more details to come. Thu, Oct, 19, Chess Corner 6:30 pm Yukon College Chess played in room A2101, beginners welcome, welcome to bring your own ‘lucky’ board. Everyone welcome to sit in on this game of strategy. Thu, Oct, 19, Intro to Pottery, Level II 7:00 pm Arts Underground To register, drop by Arts Underground or call 667-4080. Thu, Oct, 19, Audio Arts Immersion Program 7:00 pm Shipyards Park Bi-weekly workshops where we will learn about different aspects of sound, history, techniques, as well as allow participants to discuss and work on their own projects. Email for more info. Thu, Oct, 19, Christ Church Cathedral Choir Practice 7:30 pm Christ Church Cathedral Thu, Oct, 19, Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet 8:00 pm The Guild Hall Constance Leadbelly, a young English literature professor is trying to decipher a coded manuscript that she believes is a lost source for Othello and Romeo and Juliet. Fri. Oct. 20 – Fri. Oct. 27 1st-Ever Yukon Star Party Takhini Hotsprings A variety of day and night presentations, workshops, discussions, and hands-on experiences with solar and deep-sky astronomical observing. Fri, Oct, 20, Dusk’a Friday Language Lunches 12:00 pm Duska Head Start and Family Learning Center Bring a bag lunch and come learn Southern Tutchone with our special guest speakers. Call Erin Pauls for more information 633-7816. All Kwanlin citizens and staff are welcome! Fri, Oct, 20, Afternoon Tea and Hymn Sing 2:00 pm Christ Church Cathedral Fri, Oct, 20, Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet 8:00 pm The Guild Hall Constance Leadbelly, a young English literature professor is trying to decipher a coded manuscript that she believes is a lost source for Othello and Romeo and Juliet. Sat, Oct, 21, Introduction to Carving with Calvin Morberg 10:00 am Arts Underground Design, plan, carve and polish a two-dimentional relief of a butterfly on a 5”x5” piece of basswood. To register, drop by Arts Underground or call 667-4080. Sat, Oct, 21, Dog Wash Fundraiser 10:00 am The Feed Store Pet Junction All profit goes to Mae Bachur Animal Shelter Sat, Oct, 21, Canada 150 Sock Project 10:00 am The Match Girl For help learning to knit-crochet, help with already attempted socks, or just to hang out knitting or crocheting. Call 334-6629 for more information. Sat, Oct, 21, David Begun - New Theory of the Origins of African Apes and Man 11:00 am Beringia Centre A free lecture during International Archaeology Day, we will be showing a film after the lecture.

October 18, 2017

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Sat, Oct, 21, Crib Tournament 6:15 pm Royal Canadian Legion - Branch 254 Crib tournaments every Saturday - Member and non-members welcome. Sat, Oct, 21, Zumba Party 7:00 pm F.H. Collins Secondary Come Zumba with us and raise money for Karen’s Room. Sat, Oct, 21, Ladies Night 8:00 pm Best Western Gold Rush Inn Sat, Oct, 21, Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet 8:00 pm The Guild Hall Constance Leadbelly, a young English literature professor is trying to decipher a coded manuscript that she believes is a lost source for Othello and Romeo and Juliet. Sun, Oct, 22, Introduction to Japanese Culture and Language Whitehorse, Yukon Email Fumi Torigai the Instructor at for more info. Fumi Torigai, Instructor. 393-2588 Sun, Oct, 22, Far From North - Performance Canada Games Centre Showcasing artists from all three territories, From the North’s gala performance weaves together stories, music and dance from exciting northern talent. A cultural journey north of 60° with interactive, familyfriendly daytime sessions that will be offered free of charge. Sun, Oct, 22, Far From North - Fest Yukon Arts Centre A cultural journey north of 60° with interactive, family-friendly daytime sessions that will be offered free of charge. Sun, Oct, 22, Whitehorse Scrabble Club 1:00 pm Best Western Gold Rush Inn Are you a wordy person, put your words to the test and join the Scrabble Club. Must be 19+ Sun, Oct, 22, Pumpkins & Pints 2:00 pm Winterlong Brewing Co. We provide the pumpkins and tools, you bring your creativity and carving prowess! Please also bring an item or two for the Whitehorse Food Bank.Teams are welcome! 19+ Event. Sun, Oct, 22, Ceramics Open Studio 2:30 pm Arts Underground Non-instructed open studio. Participants are welcome to use the studio’s tools and equipment; clay and some tools are available for purchase. Every Sunday except long weekends. $5/hour. Sun, Oct, 22, Auroras - Astronomy - The Yukon, and You 6:00 pm The Old Fire Hall Dr. Phil Plait & Dr. Christa van Laerhoven will discuss and dispel common misconceptions about the many fascinating objects in the Yukon night sky! This is a FREE presentation Sun, Oct, 22, The Secrets of Yukon’s Dark Skies! 6:00 pm The Old Fire Hall Discover secrets about the Aurora Borealis, our everchanging Universe, and the many current, and near-future roles YOU can be a part of! Night Sky presentation at 10 and 11 with astronomical telescopes. 335-2609 Sun, Oct, 22, Drop In Improv 6:00 pm The Guild Hall Drop in Improv, admission by donation, bring your funny bone and an extra pair of pants - just kidding! Mon, Oct, 23, Free drop-in computer labs 10:00 am Yukon Learn Free Drop-In Computer Lab for Self Directed Studies A tutor/Instructor will be available on site to assist you. 867-668-6280 or toll free: 888-668-6280 Fax: 867-633-4576 Mon, Oct, 23, VFS Acting Program Live Audition Tour 1:00 pm Best Western Gold Rush Inn Free, held in the Town Hall Room. Audition live, in your hometown in front of an elite panel of VFS faculty instructors, alumni & industry professionals. Mon, Oct, 23, VFS Search Tour - Info Session 6:00 pm Best Western Gold Rush Inn One-on-one with faculty and insiders who will unlock a world of creative enterprise, artistic expression, and compelling storytelling. Free, held in the Town Hall Room. Mon, Oct, 23, GO The Surrounding Game 6:00 pm Starbucks Chilkoot Centre Simple Game Deep Strategy. Beginners & Visitors Welcome. For more information email: Mon, Oct, 23, Euchre Night 6:00 pm Royal Canadian Legion - Branch 254 667-2802 Mon, Oct, 23, Women’s History Month Speakers Series 7:00 pm MacBride Museum A series of talks in celebration of Women’s History month. Each Monday in October, speakers will present on an aspect of Yukon history that honours the diversity of our Territory. Tue, Oct, 24, Common Threads 9:30 am Christ Church Cathedral Chat, Coffee, Knit, Crochet, for more information call the Prayer Shawl Ministry at 393-8005 Tue, Oct, 24, Second-hand Clothing Bazaar 5:30 pm Whitehorse Seventh-day Adventist Church All the funds we raise to toward projects in our community. Everything goes by donation and all donations go toward our refugee sponsorship fund. Tue, Oct, 24, Drink & Draw 6:00 pm TItan Gaming & Collectibles Bring your sketchbook, paints, or whatever creative outlet you want to make time for, and come enjoy happy-hour drink prices and food specials!

Tue, Oct, 24, Canada 150 Sock Project 7:00 pm Heart Of Riverdale For help learning to knitcrochet, help with already attempted socks, or just to hang out knitting or crocheting. Call 334-6629 for more information. Tue, Oct, 24, Trivia Night - East Coast Cultural Association 7:00 pm The Beer Tasters’ Social House Wed, Oct, 25, Drinking with Scissors 8:00 pm The Beer Tasters’ Social House A spooky night of crafts and craft beer at the Social House. Fun Halloween-themed craft kits will be available.

Thu, Oct, 19, Communication Skills after Separation or Divorce 5:30 pm Yukon Inn Understand the impact of conflict on children, To register call 667-3066 or email Thu, Oct, 19, Gwaandak Theatre AGM 6:00 pm Centre de la francophonie We will take this opportunity to present our priorities for 2017-2018 and to celebrate our new season. Refreshments will be served. For more info, call 393-2676. 8673932676 Fri, Oct, 20, Łat’adinch’e KDFN Fall General Assembly 7:30 am Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre Council invites all citizens to hear updates on government initiatives and to be heard during the Citizen Open Forum. There will a community Monday & Fridays, Parent and Tot Drop In 10:00 dinner and music bingo. For more information am Polarette’s Gymnastic Club Ages 0-4 yrs. Call please call 633-7800. 668-4794 or email for more Sat, Oct, 21, Yukon Amateur Radio information. Limit of 25 participants, arrive early. Association: Coffee Discussion Group 9:00 Tuesdays & Thursdays Youth Drop In 5:30 pm am A&W Restaurant Casual event. Hams from Polarette’s Gymnastic Club Ages 10 - 17 yrs. Call outside the Yukon and those are interested are 668-4794 or email for more welcome information. Limit of 25 participants, arrive early. Sat, Oct, 21, Yukon Council on Aging - AGM Saturdays, Ball Pit Fun 10:00 am Heart Of 9:00 am Golden Age Society Lunch will be served. Riverdale The play area features tonnes of Sat, Oct, 21, Solstice Haiku Discussion Group climbing and scurrying equipment for playful 3:30 pm Family Literacy Centre monkeys. Parental Supervision Required. Sat, Oct, 21, PFLAG Meeting 7:00 pm Yukon Wed, Oct, 18, Baby Talk Session: Adjustment College Support for those struggling with sexual to Parenthood 1:30 pm Whitehorse Health orientation and gender identity in themselves or Centre Bring your baby, let us inform and discuss someone they know. Everyone welcome topics related to the health and concerns you may Tue, Oct, 24 to Fr. Oct. 27 Renewables in have as your baby reaches milestones. Remote Communities Coast High Country Inn Thu, Oct, 19, Mature Dog Obedience Training Advancing human capacity and financial models Classes 5:45 pm Top Dog Training Academy A for clean energy systems in remote Indigenous class designed to support dogs as they mature communities, tickets online. into their later stage in their lives. All breeds Tue, Oct, 24, (co)space (co)nversations & skill level accepted. Call 334-7924 for more featuring Norman Fraser 12:00 pm (co)space information or to register. coworking space` Email cospace@yukonstruct. Thu, Oct, 19, Come and Give it a Try - Scottish com for more information. Country Dancing 7:00 pm Holy Family Tue, Oct, 24, Busy 7:00 pm YuKonstruct Elementary All ages are welcome. Call Kat 334Makerspace 1547 for more information. Tue, Oct, 24, YuKonstruct Open House 7:00 pm Sat, Oct, 21, Family Drop In 3:00 pm Polarette’s YuKonstruct Makerspace Gymnastic Club Ages 9 and under, must be Tue, Oct, 24, Amnesty International Writing accompanied by a parent. Call 668-4794 or email Circle 7:00 pm Whitehorse United Church Writing for more information. letters to support and protect human rights Sun, Oct, 22, Messy Church 3:00 pm Christ worldwide. 667-2389 Church Cathedral Crafts, activities and games, Wed, Oct, 25, Marwell Partnership Workshop then a short celebration (worship) and finally a 9:30 am The Old Fire Hall Help build the prepared hot meal. partnerships and commitment that will be Mon, Oct, 23, Parent Child Mother Goose 10:30 needed to bring the Marwell Plan to life. Light am Copper Ridge Place Learn the power of refreshments will be provided. songs, rhymes and stories as a positive parenting tool, includes elders and to protect this population we ask participants to make sure they and their little ones are fully vaccinated. Wednesday Tuesdays & Thursdays Drop-In Floor Hockey The Joy Of Living group (OM, NS) 12:00 noon 3:30 pm Canada Games Centre For youth (ages 305 Wood Street -Back Entrance 8-18) drop-in floor hockey in the Flexihall, it’s fun Porter Creek Step meeting (CM) 8:00 PM Our and free!! Lady of Victory Tue, Oct, 24, H.E.A.T 4:00 pm Splintered Craft No Puffin (CM, NS) 8:00 PM 6210 - 6th Ave Gain useful skills, knowledge, receive $100.00 and snacks and prizes. For more information call Thursday 332-8267 The Joy Of Living group (OM, NS) 12:00 noon Wed, Oct, 25, Baby Talk Session: Crying & 305 Wood Street -Back Entrance. Sleep 1:30 pm Whitehorse Health Centre Bring Polar Group (OM) 7:30 PM 6210 - 6th ave. your baby, let us inform and discuss topics related to the health and concerns you may have as your Friday baby reaches milestones. The Joy Of Living group (OM, NS) 12:00 noon 305 Wood Street -Back Entrance Yukon Unity Group Meeting 1:30 PM #4 Hospital Road Wednesdays, Northern Voices Toastmasters Whitehorse Group (OM, NS) 8:00 PM 305 Wood 7:00 am Sport Yukon Supportive members will help you develop your public speaking, communi- Street - Back Entrance. cation and leadership skills. Drop-ins welcome. Saturday 867-689-6363 Wed, Oct, 18, Change Order Management 8:00 Detox Meeting (OM, NS) 1:00 PM, Sara Steel am Coast High Country Inn Learn the best practi- Building 609 Steele St., Main Entrance Women’s Meeting (CM, NS) 2:30 PM Whitehorse ces for successfully navigating this complex project management challenge. For info email info@ General Hospital (across from emergency) or call 604-293-2339. Hospital Meeting Whitehorse General Hospital Wed, Oct, 18, Sarah Ward: Executive Functions in the Classroom 9:00 am Beringia Centre (OM NS) 7:00 pm - Hospital Board Meeting. Cutting Edge Strategies to Improve Executive Sunday Function Skills in the Classroom. Call to register Detox Meeting (OM NS) 1:00 PM 1:00 PM, Sara 667-8855 Thu, Oct, 19, Sundogs Toastmasters Club 12:00 Steel Building 609 Steele St., Main Entrance pm Sport Yukon A lunch time session to learn the Hospital Meeting (OM NS) 7:00 PM Whitehorse skills, practice the speaking, receive the feedback General Hospital to improve your public speaking, communication and leadership skills. Drop-ins welcome. 867-689- Monday 6363 The Joy Of Living group (OM, NS) 12:00 noon Thu, Oct, 19, Beer O’Clock 5:00 pm (co)space 305 Wood Street -Back Entrance coworking space` Monthly networking event for New Beginnings Group (OM, NS) 8:00 PM 6210 members and the community to unwind with a - 6th Ave beer and some good company. Thu, Oct, 19, Monthly Coalition Meeting 5:00 Tuesday pm CYO Hall Monthly Coalition (Yukon AntiThe Joy Of Living group (OM, NS) 12:00 noon Poverty Coalition) meetings are held every third 305 Wood Street -Back Entrance Thursday. Everyone is welcome! Ugly Duckling Group (OM, NS) 8:00 PM 6210 Thu, Oct, 19, Midnight Sun Toastmasters Club - 6th Ave. 5:30 pm Yukon College Room A2714. An after Juste Pour Aujourd’hui (OM, NS) 7:00 PM work meeting to help you gain confidence in 4141B 4th Ave. public speaking, improve communication and add to your leadership skills. Drop-ins welcome. 867- Phone: AA 1-888-453-0142 (24 hours a day) 689-6363




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October 18, 2017


From the North to the South

The travelling art and culture show From the North starts in Whitehorse on Sunday with art & athletics at the CGC during the day, music and dance at the YAC at 7:30 p.m. by Amy Kenny As well, a touring visual art exhibit, called Northern Light, showcases work from six artists whose pieces focus on their experience of light in the north. It will be displayed at the Yukon Arts Centre community gallery during the month of October. The show then travels to Yellowknife, Iqaluit, Ottawa, Montreal, and Vancouver. “So often the north is seen as this unique cultural area by people outside of the north,” Winnicky said. “Often when southerners present northern acts, they present their view of what the north is. “It’s not wrong, but you can’t understand it unless you live here.” Even then, she says, it can be tough. Between the three territories there are major differences in the way northerners experience the north. Topography is different and populations are diverse. That’s why Music Yukon put the show together in partnership with the Prince of Wales Heritage Centre and the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre in Northwest Territories, and the Alianait Arts Festival in Nunavut. “We wanted to make it so Whitehorse wasn’t curating our vision of the north, either,” Winnicky said. She said it’s been amazing to see the way the teams in each

territory have bridged distances to curate a show that captures the essence of all three places – something that can be difficult to understand without actually going there. Winnicky believes that art is one the few avenues that can help you grasp and there’s something about art that allows for a greater understanding of place. That artists have the ability to translate place into expression. Into feelings. And that’s especially true of northern art. “The big word that I’ve heard a lot in the music scene is authentic,” she said. “Up here, people don’t take the easy path. We have room and space to create and find our own voice. That’s authentic… artists have a way to (find) that feeling that I get when I go walk in the mountains or when I go paddling. There are artists who can capture that feeling and reflect it back to me and back to others.” Ultimately, she hopes that’s what From the North does – for both southerners and northerners alike. For a full schedule and to buy tickets, visit

Riit, from Panniqtuq, Nunavut, is a throat singer and folk singer performing as part of From the North

Kaska artist Dennis Shorty from Ross River is a carver of copper, moose, caribou, and deer antler, musk ox, sheep horn and wood

PHOTOS: Courtesy of From the North


e deserve a pat on the back. That’s part of the point of From the North says Kim Winnicky, executive producer of the arts performance and show, a Canada 150 project being produced by Music Yukon. “We (in the territories) don’t often get a chance to celebrate ourselves.” Beginning this month, the show’s all-northern team of 42 performers and production crew will head out on a six-stop tour of the country to share northern music, dance, stories, visual art and athletics. The tour begins in Whitehorse on Sunday, October 22 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Canada Games Centre with a free festival showcasing the artists and performers from all three territories. They will practice their crafts – singing, creating new work and demonstrating carving and sculpting. Athletes, including Yukon’s Kuduat Shorty-Henyu, will teach audiences how to play northern sports such as the one-foot kick and the arm pull. At 7:30 p.m. a ticketed show at the Yukon Arts Centre features throat singing, hip-hop dancing, singing, and storytelling from performers including Quantum Tangle, Sophie Villeneuve, Borealis Soul and the Dakhká Khwáan Dancers.

Vocalist Tiffany Ayalik and singer and guitarist Grey Gritt make up this Juno-nominated duo from the Northwest Territories

Amy Kenny is a writer and artist living in Whitehorse. She likes books, bikes and being outside.

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Wild Game Recipes with Sydney Oland

Cheddar Beer Bread T

here’s no downside to freshly baked bread – it tastes great and makes the house smell wonderful. Making bread can be a bit time consuming though, if done the old fashioned way it can take hours of kneading and proofing. That’s why I love this quick beer bread, no kneading and no proofing. You go from the bowl to your house smelling great in under an hour. Light beer is what I always lean towards for this recipe, but feel free to experiment with what’s in your fridge. You can also add tons of other ingredients depending on how you’re feeling – crumbled bacon or sausage, softly fried onions, sautéed peppers. Delicious. Just make sure whatever you’re adding isn’t watery or you’ll end up with a loose, runny final product. Makes 1 loaf

Cheddar Beer Bread Licensed Dining & Off-Sales, Take Out & Delivery | Tue, Wed: 11-8, Thu, Fri: 11-9 & Sat: 4-9



e n i W y a Holid

Time to

October 18, 2017

INGREDIENTS 2 cups all-purpose flour 1 cup whole wheat flour ⅓ cup sugar 1 tablespoon plus 1 ½ tea4230 Fourth Ave

spoons baking powder

Whitehorse (across from McDonald’s)

Salt, to taste


½ cup shredded cheddar

cheese 2 cans beer

It’s Coming...

Ingredients for the bread

Are You Ready?

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October 18, 2017


Here’s Our Lineup...

Cheddar Beer Bread ... cont’d


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Friday October 20: KABN

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is looking for Food Writers Mixing and forming the loaf METHOD


Set oven at 375ºF and oil a loaf pan. Whisk together both flours, sugar, baking powder and salt, toss shredded cheddar into the dry ingredients then pour both cans of beer over top. Mix with a rubber spatula until the dough comes together with no dry spots, then place in the greased loaf pan.

Share your recipes Explore traditions


Bake for 45 minutes, then test by poking the loaf with a skewer – the skewer should come out clean. Remove from the loaf pan when it’s cool enough to handle and serve warm with butter.

Taste everything Make our readers hungry for more! Contact our editor who eats food everyday

Bread and butter

Sydney Oland is a recipe developer who lives in Whitehorse. Her work can be found in The Boston Globe, as well as other publications.

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October 18, 2017 PHOTOS: UW Digital Collections via

Bringing the White Pass Story to Musical Life

The Yukon Arts Centre presents Stonecliff on Nov. 17, 18, 19


ny of the millions of passengers who have ridden the White Pass and Yukon Route - “the scenic railway of the world” - in the 117 years since its completion, would immediately recognize it as a marvellous technological achievement. Indeed, the White Pass and Yukon Route is recognized by the American Society of Civil Engineers as an International Civil Engineering Landmark, on a par with the Panama Canal, the Eiffel Tower or the Golden Gate Bridge. What the vast majority of those passengers will not have realized, however, is that the mastermind behind the railway’s creation was the son of poor Irish immigrants living in Ontario’s Ottawa River valley. That he ran away from the family farm at 14 to work on the Canadian Pacific Railway. That over the years he learned every job on the construction line, and at only 25, was the principal contractor on a major railway in Washington state. That he was on the pier in Seattle when the steamer Portland docked and touched off the greatest gold rush in history. That he was only 33 when he agreed to build an “impossible” iron road across the White Pass into the Yukon to serve that gold rush.

First passenger train over White Pass and Yukon Route

First locomotive in Alaska

by Conrad Boyce That despite countless obstacles – large and small – presented by man and Mother Nature, he drove the last spike at Caribou Crossing only two years, two months and two days after laying the first track on Broadway in Skagway. And that before his 46th birthday, he died as a result of a shipwreck in the Inside Passage, bringing supplies to another railway project along Alaska’s Copper River. The story of Michael J. Heney is intrinsically theatrical: a larger-than-life hero, achievements against the odds, beating the bad guys, tragic death. And so, more than a year ago, Yukon composer Matthew Lien and I determined to bring that story to life in a grand piece of musical theatre. It’s called Stonecliff, after the small village of Heney’s birth – and also after the major obstacle he faced in building the railway. It will premiere at the Yukon Arts Centre on Nov. 17 for four performances only, as well as touring to Anchorage, Skagway and Dawson City. Creating Heney’s story for the stage was a hugely complicated endeavour. He became known to his men as the “Irish Prince” – his heritage was very important to him – so the score is played on traditional Irish folk instruments, but incorporating the ragtime and “tin

pan alley” styles so intrinsic to the time and place of the White Pass and Yukon Route’s construction. Matthew Lien’s songs for the play incorporate a wide diversity of styles. There is a lively Irish folk dance to open the show, a driving railway workers’ theme, an original rag, a comic song for the Klondikers as they disembark (drunk with glory and maybe some other things) on the Seattle pier, a piercing Celtic lament for a lost foreman along the line, and a haunting ballad for Heney as he contemplates his future. Some of the lyrics are sung in Gaelic or in Tlingit (from Skagway to Carcross, the railway traverses traditional Tlingit territory), so experts in those languages were brought on board for translation and to coach the actors in pronunciation. The first act of the play traces Michael Heney’s rise as a “renaissance man of the rails” from the moment he first heard the whistle of a steam locomotive, to that fateful night of April 21, 1898, in Skagway’s St. James Hotel, when he quite by chance met the representatives of Close Brothers, a group from London, England, who had come to build a railway, but couldn’t figure out how. Heney shows them the way. The second act is all about the

THE WORLD’S FIRST NATIONAL ABORIGINAL BROADCASTER SEEKS BOARD MEMBERS Are you looking for an opportunity to guide, shape and influence a world leader in Aboriginal media? Would you consider bringing your skills to the national board level? Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) is seeking applicants to serve on its board of directors. Apply to join a committed, diverse and talented team on APTN’s policy governance board, drawn from a wide variety of personal and professional backgrounds and Aboriginal traditions. Our board is looking forward to the challenge of changing and expanding the operation of a modern news and multi-platform network in an increasingly technological world while still remaining true to APTN’s mission to “Share our Peoples’ journey, celebrate our cultures, inspire our children and honour the wisdom of our Elders.”

construction, and where Heney went from there. Heney’s life story includes some historic milestones. For example, the driving of the last spike on the CPR in 1885 and the shootout on Skagway’s Juneau wharf in July of 1898. This was a pivotal moment; mobster Soapy Smith was killed, thus removing a major obstacle to the WPYR project (Heney’s own head engineer, John Hislop, was soon elected Skagway’s first legitimate mayor). As playwright, I needed to include those key moments, but also select some personal ones for Heney himself, turning points that were essential to developing the inspirational leader that he became. Early in Act I, for example, Heney is on his first CPR survey crew along B.C.’s Fraser River, when he gets a chance to watch the legendary John Stevens in action, dealing with an angry employee (Stevens, an American, was the CPR’s chief surveyor, and later became chief engineer on the Panama Canal). And Heney was famous for not allowing alcohol on the construction line; how did he come to that radical decision? I had to imagine it, and I do so in a scene which is closely adapted from a play by Shakespeare... Writing a play is often about deciding which fascinating characters to include, and which to leave out. As it is, Stonecliff has more than 40 speaking roles, played by only 10 actors – who change personas as often as they do costumes.

Writing a historical play also requires hours of research, making sure, for example, that the details of railway construction in the dialogue and lyrics are true to the period, and to that particular project, and finding a balance between enough railway lingo to make the show interesting and authentic, but not so much as to lose the audience. Theatrical success also lies in finding the right collaborators to make the costumes and props, to create the dances which will keep the stage alive, and to design the projections that will create convincing environments for the actors to work in. Musical theatre is the art form with the broadest variety of artists combining their creative visions, making it both extremely challenging, and very satisfying when it comes together. In a couple of weeks in these pages, we’ll look at some of the people who’ve come together to create Stonecliff. The Yukon Arts Centre presents Stonecliff on Friday, Nov. 17 at 7:30 p.m.; on Saturday, Nov. 18 at 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.; and Sunday, Nov. 19 at 7:30 p.m.

Journalist and theatrical manof-many-hats Conrad Boyce was a vital part of Whitehorse’s theatre scene from 1980-1995. He currently lives in Ontario’s Ottawa Valley, which is where he stumbled on Michael J. Heney’s story.

Expo discussion Dawson City

October 26 octobre 5 to 7 pm

Visitor Information Centre


Alexandre Belliard Singer-storyteller, starting at 7:30 pm (in French)

17 h à 19 h

Centre des visiteurs


Alexandre Belliard Chanteur-conteur, 19 h 30

For complete application details visit Application Deadline: October 31, 2017 – 5:00 p.m. CT

October 18, 2017


A Klondike Korner with Dan Davidson

Symposium to discuss activating history in the communities The Activating Our Communities symposium takes place Oct. 26 in Dawson City


very two years the Yukon Historical & Museums Association holds a meeting for the entire Yukon heritage community. It moves around the territory, but executive director Lianne Maitland says that one of the places they like to come back to is Dawson City. The 2017 Heritage Symposium, called Activating Our Communities, will take place on Thursday, October 26 from 10 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. at the Klondike Institute of Art and Culture in Dawson City. It was last here in 2014. Promotional material for this symposium stresses that “Heritage is one of the cornerstones of community - and community is a cornerstone of the heritage sector.” YHMA sponsors this as a free event – one that is open to more than just members of the heritage community. Maitland says the aim of the gathering is discuss how to activate communities “to maximize our impact and relevance, spark creativity, share skills and resources to improve sustainability, learn from each other, consider and give voice to multiple perspectives and empower our communities to tell their own narratives.” After a brief welcome session, Angela Danville of the Atlin Arts & Music Festival will be the keynote speaker for the day, presenting a talk called Partners in Storytelling: Inter-sectoral Collaborations in Heritage.

with a series of short “Ignite” style reports in which various organizations, including some of the cultural centres from around the territory, will present five minute PowerPoint reports of 20 slides each, with a 15 second interval between slides. The Ignite presentation format is defined as the “presentation equivalent of a haiku or sonnet” (www.SpeakingAboutPresenting. com) and is also described as a shorter form of the popular Pecha Kucha format. The day will wrap up at 4 p.m. There is no symposium related evening event planned, but the Dawson City Museum will have launched its SS Princess Sophia travelling exhibit about the human impact of the deadliest disaster in Yukon history on October 25. This is the 100th anniversary of the sinking, which took place along the Inside Passage just before the end of World War I. Delegates are invited to take it in.

PHOTO: Dan Davidson

The Heritage Symposium was last held in Dawson City in 2014, using the same venue as this time After the morning break there will be shorter presentations until noon. Jackie Olson, executive director of the Klondike Visitors Association, will speak on Grassroots Partnerships. Chris Clarke and Bo Yeung will present their project, Weaving Voices: A Walk for Reconciliation, which they prepared last spring and summer in partnership with the Dänojà Zho Cultural Centre, the Dawson City Museum and Klondike National Historic Sites. Sylvie Binette, from Binette Cultural Solutions, will present Hacking the Old Log Church Museum. The second annual “hack”

took place at the Old Log Church in late September. After lunch the YHMA will present an update on its activities. Presentations will continue with Joella Hogan from the First Nation of Na-Cho Nyak Dun asking, Whose Cultural Centre? Balancing the Needs of the Community. Alex Somerville, executive director of the Dawson City Museum will reveal some of the plans the museum board and staff have for changing the look and display focus of the facility. The theme is Opening Up & Reaching Out, and it is intended to reorganize the use of space in the Old Territorial Administration Building so that will

be able to be more readily opened on a year round basis. Completion of the plan is a couple of years away. Angharad Wenz, the museum’s project curator, will present something called Museum Yoga. The last longer presentation of the afternoon will be from Janna Swales, the executive director of the Yukon Transportation Museum. She calls it No Harm, No Foul. The afternoon will conclude

After three decades in classrooms in Beaver Creek, Faro and Dawson, Dan Davidson retired to continue writing, as he had been all those years. Please send comments about his stories to

Hurlburt Enterprises Inc.






Thank you to all of generous sponsors, guest speakers, delegates and the community of Dawson City for hosting TIA Yukon’s fall conference - Sustainable Tourism, N60 & Beyond!

Venues & catering: KIAC Karen Dubois Triple J Hotel Dennis Dunn Dawson City Museum Alex Sommerville Downtown Hotel Red Mammoth Bistro Alchemy Cafe BonTon Butcherie & Charcuterie


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• Length: 85” (215.9 cm) • Width: 46” (116.9 cm) • Depth: 18-1/2” (47 cm) • Load Capacity: 2000 lb.

Guest speakers & moderators: Mike Mancini Angie Joesph Rear Jim Kemshead Minister Jeanie Dendys Jim Byers Sheila Watt-Cloutier Walt Judas Monica Cruz-Bolanos Ben Ryan Hilde Bergebakken Dee Enright Molly Shore Paul Robitaille Anthony Gucciardo Marie Zimmerman Evelyn Pollock Laura Simmons Heather Moses Julie Descoteaux Diane Wilson Janice Cliff Jackie Olson Glenda Bolt Jane Koepke Clare Daitch Shane Wally Anna Claxton Marshall Jonas Dawn Robson Jesse Cooke Neil Hartling Carrie Mierau Deputy Minister Valerie Royle Darren Taylor Deputy Minister Paul McConnell Mayor Wayne Potoroka Erin Deacon David Millar Stanley Noel

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• Length: 85” (215.9 cm) • Width: 46” (116.9 cm) • Depth: 18-1/2” (47 cm) • Load Capacity: 2000 lb.


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October 18, 2017

Geek Nation with Danny Macdonald

Editor’s Note: Heck no! We won’t go! Heck no! We won’t go back to our basements, comics, and computer screens. Yukon geeks are a strong, diverse community and What’s Up Yukon does a great job profiling the signature event, Yukomicon. However, every week different groups are organizing events, socializing and gaming. This large subculture happens right under the noses of most Yukoners, without them even knowing the size or scope of the community. And quite frankly, for the most part that’s how geeks like it. Geeks like the prestige of being part of a secret club that’s much bigger than mainstream pop culture knows. But it is happening here in the Yukon. Geek Nation will be a recurring column open to contributors who want to share what these groups are getting up to in our community. And if you get a little excited by the Kobayashi Maru, my precious, WAAAAAGH, Kessel runs, that timey-wimey stuff, a Black Lotus, Guenhwyvar, jafa kreeing, sorting hats, taking the top lane, Deadpool vs. the fourth wall, or simply 42; then lords and ladies, I dedicate this column to you. Or maybe I just have a magic kingdom for sale.

Any Given Saturday... E very Saturday evening, in a humble garage in Riverdale, the Northmen Gaming Club gathers to roll dice, game and share some laughs. The casual observer can be forgiven for fearing that a prohibition-era gambling house, full of craps and blackjack tables, is operating in a quiet Whitehorse subdivision. However, at this club, a different sort of gaming is played. The Northmen Gaming Club is a registered society dedicated to wargaming, which is the competition of enacting battles across tabletops with miniature models of the troops they represent. On this particular Saturday night in mid-September, the room held seven members gathered around the two long tables that filled the room. A wood stove sat in the corner, waiting patiently until it’s needed to heat the garage during the cold nights to come. It was a slower night at the club, because they weren’t quite into the winter season yet, according to the society vice president, Chris Blaker. “In the summer we have less people show up, but in the winter we have 12 to 15 each Saturday night,” Blaker said. “We also just finished a campaign and are in between organized sessions.”

One of the games underway was a battle between society president, Ian Duncan, and one of the members, Ben. On the table, a game recently added to the roster played at the club, Infinity, was in progress and it added different dynamics compared to other tabletop games. “This game is D20 (20-sided die) based game, where most use a D6 (six-sided die),” Duncan said. “It is also more interactive because of the actions. Where most games alternate turns, Infinity has game mechanics that allow both players to act during the other player’s turn.” Infinity seems to be gaining popularity at the club. “We’re just getting into it, but people like how interactive it is. There isn’t a lot of waiting.” Duncan added. “It is also very complex. There are less models on the battlefield, but they have more detailed stats.” The battle was between two futuristic forces, a Caledonian Highlander Army, played by Duncan, and the Shock Army of Acontecimento, played by Ben. At the direction of the players, the small models navigated the terrain laid out to create a town. Measuring tapes determined the distance each model could travel. Dice rolled to resolve confrontations on the battlefield. The play-

Is your sweet spot the same as ours? If your academic interests align with our areas of specialized expertise, you’ll be at the forefront of sustainable resource development, climate change and Indigenous self-determination.

Towers and cottages are used to build towns for battles Ben’s Knight of Montesa waits around the corner for Ian’s Caledonian Highlander

cont’d on page 13...

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October 18, 2017


The shelves are full of terrain pieces for members to create new and interesting tabletops

Any Given Saturday ... cont’d ers referred to army sheets detailing the different statistics specific to each model that dictated their skills. Duncan’s forces were overwhelming Ben’s that evening and he went looking for the win. Late in the game, Duncan’s Highlander charged into combat with a Knight of Montesa and Ben was forced to roll to keep his model alive. Ben grabbed the 20-sided dice like a seasoned craps player, and rolled three times for the multiple times he was hit. Sixteen. It was a fail. Two more. Pass. Pass. His knight stayed alive and Duncan’s Highlander failed his rolls, falling unconscious. Ben was still in the battle. “That was about time I made a roll,” Ben said. Across the room at the other

table, three members were gathered around a new board game, Cthulhu Wars. The game was Risklike across the world map, but the troops were monstrous models, Cthulhu, inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s Call of the Cthulhu. “It was just brought in tonight and they’re learning the rules and how to play,” Blaker said. “Most board games that are at the club are brought in by members who want to play them and they set up their opponents. Having a bunch of different people to play against is one of the main perks of the club.” Most of the organization for the club takes place on their Facebook page. “Guys will go on the page and ask if others are interested in playing a particular game. They organize the players through that,

or arrange what armies to bring that night,” Blaker added. “As well, if guys organize a game for a night other than Saturday, it’s usually done there, so that everyone knows they’ll be at the club.” The club is an active society and takes advantage of various government programs, like community garbage pickups to raise funds and free wood through FireSmart. They help pay the costs of things like the gaming tables that occupy most of the room. Each table measures about 16 feet long by four feet wide and were constructed by club members who are carpenters. “We all chip in where we have skills that are needed,” Blaker said. “We used to have rickety tables that felt like they’d fall if you leaned on them. These are so much better because a good table and terrain are key to a great game.” The club has shelves of terrain and models to add to the battlefields and create diverse areas. “This hobby really takes up a lot of space, so it’s amazing to have this dedicated room to store all of this instead of at home,” Blaker said. “To have access to all this material, let’s us play all kinds of games. I’m really into Warhammer 40k and liking the new Infinity.” That storage space comes in handy as the club plays a number of different games including Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Warmachine and more. They have different leagues and up to eight tournaments each year. “One of the members, usually Ian, will arrange a league or a tournament and we’ll play that specific game for a while. It links the different battles into a narrative that adds some extra fun to the battles,” Blaker said. The club has 94 members on their Facebook page and is always looking for more. Members ages range from 16 years old to guys in their 30s and 40s. Teens attending often have their parents stop by

to check on their kids hanging out with grown men. “Parents usually stop by at first and just hang out at the door without saying anything to anyone. I think they aren’t sure how to interact,” Blaker laughed. “But the teens usually end up back at the garage and playing. I think the parents are happy that

and friends to gather, laugh, and share tales and battles together. They start at 8 p.m. on Saturday nights and go until the games are finished. “Every once in awhile, a game will go to 6 a.m.,” Blaker laughed. “That usually gets the wives and girlfriends calling.” The club can

Cthulhu forces gather for the board game their kids have somewhere that they fit in.” Being a geek and wanting to play wargames on a Saturday night is misunderstood by many people. But just like the weekend warriors out playing soccer, hockey, or other sports, the members of the Northmen Gaming Club gather for like-minded comrades, laughs, and some friendly competition. Instead of heading out to a bar, house party, book club, knittingcircle, performance, or sporting event like many Yukoners, they prefer the culture of the gaming club. As one member asked, “You’re not going to put us in the pictures in your magazine, are you? Because most of us are introverts. It’s kind of a prerequisite.” The Northmen Gaming Club is a great place for introverts, geeks

PHOTOS: Danny Macdonald

be contacted on their Facebook page under the same name. Winter is coming and the members of the club will start returning in larger numbers. Like any traditional sport, it’s the friendly competition that draws them back. Because any given Saturday, at a garage tucked away in Riverdale, you’re going to win, or you’re going to lose. But it’s how your Knight of Montesa withstood the harrowing charge of a Caledonian Highlander that will be remembered. Danny has some of that secret geek knowledge from hours of misspent youth and a love for the timey-wimey stuff, doing or not doing, philosophers in caves, and lions, witches, and wardrobes.

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Wednesdays Ladies’ Lunch & Carpet Bowling 7:00 PM Atlin Rec Centre Thu, Oct, 19, Home Routes Concerts Gordon Stobbe and JJ Guy 7:30 pm Home Routes Concerts Sat, Oct, 21, Fall Bazaar - Flea Market 11:00 am Atlin Rec Centre Many goodies for everyone, concession will be open. Sat, Oct, 21, Oktoberfest FUN-d-raiser 5:00 pm Atlin Rec Centre Live Music Dance, Best dressed Dirndl & Lederhosen contest, Photo Booth by Manu, email Heather at for more info. Sun, Oct, 22, St. Martins Anglican Church Service 10:00 am St. Martins Anglican Church Sun, Oct, 22, Atlin Christian Centre 10:30 am Atlin Christian Centre Wed, Oct, 25, Ladies’ Lunch & Carpet Bowling 7:00 pm Atlin Rec Centre


Mondays & Fridays Tot Time 9:30 AM Nelnah Bessie John School Tuesdays & Saturdays Volleyball 8:00 PM Beaver Creek Community Club


Tue, Oct, 24, Positive Choices, Positive Voices Jacquot Hall A three-day dynamic, exciting, workshop newly designed and delivered by Andy Nieman Contact Monique Martin: Ph. 841-4274 ext. 235. Cell: 335-5086 for more information. Wednesdays Culture/Craft Night 6:30 pm Jacquot Hall Wednesday evenings, join the fun starting new projects. Held in the Youth/ Elders room Thursdays Learn Southern Tutchone 8:30 am Jacquot Hall Tuesdays 4 pm until 5 pm and Thursdays from 9 am until 10 am, held in the Youth and Elders room.


Tuesdays & Thursdays Pottery with Claudia MacPhee 3:30 PM Ghùch Tlâ Community School Every Tuesday and Thursday, please enter by side door. Everyone welcome! no fee for community members 867-399-3321 Wednesdays Healthy Choices & Nutrition Activities 9:00 am Carcross/Tagish First Nation Building Wednesdays Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program Lunch 12:00 pm Ghùch Tlâ Community School For more info:kathleen. 821-4251 Wednesdays Hiroshikai Judo 6:00 pm Ghùch Tlâ Community School 332-1031 Wed, Oct, 18, AA Carcross 6:30 pm Carcross/Tagish First Nation Building Thu, Oct, 19, Executive Council Carcross/ Tagish First Nation Building Thu, Oct, 19, CPNP Lunch 12:00 pm Carcross/Tagish First Nation Building Thu, Oct, 19, Sewing Nights 6:30 pm Carcross/Tagish First Nation Building Thu, Oct, 19, Prenatal Classes for Mothers and Fathers to be 7:00 pm Ghùch Tlâ Community School With Kathleen Cranfield, Registered Midwife and CPNP coordinator Fri, Oct, 20 – Sat. Oct.21 C/TFN General Council Carcross/Tagish First Nation Building Lunch provided, Interested Citizens can get a package contact Marie 821-4251. Sat, Oct, 21, Traditional Handgames 1:00 pm Carcross/Tagish First Nation Building Mon, Oct, 23, Art at the Carving Shed 5:00 pm Carcross/Tagish First Nation Building Mon, Oct, 23, AA - Tagish 7:30 pm Carcross/ Tagish First Nation Building Tue, Oct, 24, Elders Breakfast 10:00 am Carcross/Tagish First Nation Building Tue, Oct, 24, Tlingit Language classes 5:00 pm CTFN Capacity Building Tue, Oct, 24, Excellence Group 5:00 pm Carcross/Tagish First Nation Building Tue, Oct, 24, Sports Night 6:00 pm Ghùch Tlâ Community School Tue, Oct, 24, Tlingit Language Game Nights 6:00 pm Carcross/Tagish First Nation Building Tue, Oct, 24, Women’s Group 7:00 pm Carcross Community Campus 821-4251


Wednesdays, CFYT Trivia 8:00 pm The Billy Goat A fundraiser for CFYT local radio. Wed, Oct, 18, YouTube Karaoke with Holly 10:00 pm Westminster Hotel Thu, Oct, 19, Open Mic In The Lounge 9:00 pm Westminster Hotel Hosted by Jonathan Howe Fri, Oct, 20, Super Seniors Weights 55+ 11:00 am Dawson City Fitness Centre

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Fri, Oct, 20, Women & Weights (Ladies Only) 12:00 pm Dawson City Fitness Centre Fri, Oct, 20, Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Youth Centre 3:00 pm Tr’ondek Hwech’in Youth Centre Fri, Oct, 20, Fred Osson in the Tavern 6:00 pm Westminster Hotel Sat, Oct, 21, Painting 1:00 pm KIAC Klondike Institute of Art & Culture Inspire and be inspired by other artists. Bring your own ideas and painting surfaces. Paints, brushes and easels are supplied, no instruction offered. Sat, Oct, 21, Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Youth Centre 3:00 pm Tr’ondek Hwech’in Youth Centre Sun, Oct, 22, St. Paul’s Church Service 10:30 am St Paul’s Church 867-993-5381 Sun, Oct, 22, Soul Sunday with The Sweet Nuggets 11:00 pm Westminster Hotel Mon, Oct, 23, Super Seniors Weights 55+ 11:00 am Dawson City Fitness Centre Mon, Oct, 23, Women & Weights (Ladies Only) 12:00 pm Dawson City Fitness Centre Tue, Oct, 24, Beginner Piano for Kids and Adults with Barnacle Bob 3:30 pm KIAC Klondike Institute of Art & Culture Learn to play by ear (improv) all instruments. Piano based lessons for all ages and all styles.*Half hour or one hour sessions available, call 9935005 for more information. Tue, Oct, 24, Fall Youth Art Series - Drawing People 6:00 pm KIAC Klondike Institute of Art & Culture Free, Snacks, and no registration required. Tue, Oct, 24, Step n Strong 7:00 pm Robert Service School For more information email: getrealfit(at) 867-993-2520 Wed, Oct, 25, Beginner Guitar for Kids and Adults with Nijen Holland 4:00 pm KIAC Klondike Institute of Art & Culture Each session consists of 8 - half hour classes, call 993-5005 for more information. Until Sat. Nov, 4, In the ODD Gallery: Rachael Siminovitch KIAC Klondike Institute of Art & Culture A mixed-media blend of watercolour, pencil, pen, and charcoal. Working intuitively, Rachael’s practise focuses on developing a personal mythology based around life (and death) in the North.

Thu, Oct, 19, Adult Soccer 7:30 pm St. Elias Community School Fri, Oct, 20, Story Hour 10:00 am Haines Junction Community Library Sun, Oct, 22, St Christopher’s Church Service 10:30 am St Christopher’s Church Licensed Lay Leader: Lynn De Brabandere 867-634-2360 Mon, Oct, 23, Fitness Classes - Pilates & Yoga 5:15 pm Da Ku Cultural Centre Tue, Oct, 24, Southern Tutchone Classes 12:00 pm Da Ku Cultural Centre Tue, Oct, 24, Takhini Family Game Night 7:00 pm Takhini Hall


Fri, Oct, 20, Learning Lions 1:30 pm Lorne Mountain Community Centre All homeschoolers welcome, and those interested in homeschooling, will be teaching food preservation with the kids for more information call.Agnes 667 7083 Sun, Oct, 22, The Future YOU - Highlights from TED 2017 1:30 pm, Lorne Mountain Community Centre. Watch and discuss a selection of prerecorded TEDTalks. Admission is free, but please bring a plate of food to share

Tuesdays & Thursdays After School Kids Club 3:30 pm Faro Recreation Centre Ages 6-12, snacks, crafts, field trips and lots of fun games. Call 994-2375 for more information. Wednesdays, Faro Fire Department Meeting 7:00 pm Faro Recreation Centre Faro Fire Department Wednesday Meeting. Wednesdays, Senior Walk, 1:30-2:30pm, Faro Rec. Centre Wednesdays, Senior Cards, 2:30-3:00pm, Faro Rec. Centre Thu, Oct, 19, Floor Hockey 7:00 pm Faro Recreation Centre Fri, Oct, 20, Seniors Cribbage 2:00 pm Faro Recreation Centre Fri, Oct, 20, Teen Drop in Gym 7:00 pm Del Van Gorder School Sun, Oct, 22, Faro Church of Apostles Mass 10:00 am Church of Apostles Sun, Oct, 22, Faro Bible Chapel Sunday Service 10:30 am Faro Bible Chapel with Pastor Ted Baker 994-2442 994-2442 Tue, Oct, 24, Parent & Tot Storytime 10:00 am Faro Community Library For babies to age 4. Stories & crafts will be provided Tue, Oct, 24, Carpet Bowling 1:00 pm Faro Recreation Centre


Wednesdays, Seniors - Drop-In and Activities 1:30 pm Haines Junction Seniors Apartments Arts, craft, fitness, pool tournaments, shuffleboard, carpet bowling, and card and board games. Refreshments. Wednesdays, Adult Volleyball 6:30 pm St. Elias Community School Wed, Oct, 18, Nutrition Meal Planning Workshop and Elders Lunch 10:30 am Da Ku Cultural Centre For more info contact Annette Elkland at 332-2336 Wed, Oct, 18, Village of Haines Junction Council Meeting 7:00 pm St Elias Convention Centre Thu, Oct, 19, Elders’ Tea & Fitness Lunch 11:00 am Mun Ku Thu, Oct, 19, Seniors - Carpet Bowling 1:30 pm St Elias Convention Centre All Seniors and Elders welcome! Thu, Oct, 19, Chair Yoga For Seniors 3:00 pm Haines Junction Seniors Apartments Thu, Oct, 19, Women’s Circle 5:30 pm Mun Ku Email for more information. Thu, Oct, 19, Open Mic 7:30 pm St Elias Convention Centre

October 18, 2017


Fri, Oct, 20, Jackalope Friday Dinners 7:00 pm Marsh Lake Community Centre Sat, Oct, 21, Tot Group 10:00 am Marsh Lake Community Centre Sat, Oct, 21, Knitting Circle 1:00 pm Marsh Lake Community Centre 660-4999 Sun, Oct, 22, Drop in Badminton 11:00 am Marsh Lake Community Centre Tue, Oct, 24, North of 60 Seniors Cafe 2:00 pm Marsh Lake Community Centre Tue, Oct, 24, Tot Group 2:00 pm Marsh Lake Community Centre Tue, Oct, 24, Yoga 5:30 pm Marsh Lake Community Centre Drop in Yoga info@ Tue, Oct, 24, Darts and Games Night 7:00 pm Marsh Lake Community Centre We’ll be doing a quick orientation for those who haven’t played before and playing 301. The bar will be open for a beverage while we play. Wed, Oct, 25, Marsh Lake Community Society Meeting 7:00 pm Marsh Lake Community Centre All Welcome to attend.


Fri, Oct, 20, Dinner and Movie Night 5:00 pm Mayo Community Hall And Recreation Centre Sun, Oct, 22, St. Mary’s Church Service 11:00 am St Mary’s Church (867)667-7746 Tue, Oct, 24, Mayo Sewing Nights 7:00 pm Yukon College Mayo Campus



Wednesdays Adult Badminton 7:00 pm Old Crow Community Center Please wear indoor shoes. Thu, Oct, 19, Volleyball 3:30 pm Old Crow Community Center Thu, Oct, 19, Adult Night at the Youth Centre 7:00 pm Old Crow Community Center Sun, Oct, 22, St. Luke’s Church Service 11:00 am St. Luke’s Church 867-993-5381 Tue, Oct, 24, Volleyball 3:30 pm Old Crow Community Center Tue, Oct, 24, Gym Night 7:00 pm Old Crow Community Center Tue, Oct, 24, Youth Gym 7:30 pm Old Crow Community Center


Wednesdays Coffee and Chat: Tagish Community Centre 2:00 PM Tagish Community Centre Fresh baked goods every Wednesday. Wednesdays & Saturdays Tagish Library 12:00 PM Tagish Community Centre 3993418 Wed, Oct, 18, Foot Wellness Clinic 1:30 pm Tagish Community Centre Wed, Oct, 18, Tagish Community Association meeting 7:00 pm Tagish Community Centre Agenda posted at Thu, Oct, 19, FREE Pancake Breakfast!! 9:30 am Tagish Community Centre Made possible and hosted by the Tagish Volunteer Fire Department. Thu, Oct, 19, Carpet Bowling 11:15 am Tagish Community Centre Everyone is invited to come and learn the technical game of Carpet Bowling. Sat, Oct, 21, OsteoFit 10:00 am Tagish Community Centre Sat, Oct, 21, Pickleball 11:00 am Tagish Community Centre Come try Pickleball, a new sport offered which combines table tennis and regular tennis.


Thu, Oct, 19, Badminton Nights 7:00 pm Teslin Rec Center Every Thursday, bring your racket or just bring your self for some swift fun! 335-4250 Fri, Oct, 20, Youth Club 8:00 pm Teslin Rec Center For grades 7-12, come hang out, games, activities and snacks! Call Kelsey 3354250 for more information. Tue, Oct, 24, After School Sports K - Gr. 4 3:30 pm Teslin Rec Center Tue, Oct, 24, Yoga in the Mezzanine 5:15 pm Teslin Rec Center Every Tuesday, mats provided just bring your zen. 335-4250 Tue, Oct, 24, Teslin Dance Group Practice 7:00 pm Teslin Healing Centre Every Tuesday evening, for more info contact Melaina at 867.390.2532 ext. 333 or Melaina.sheldon@


Tuesdays & Thursdays, Body Fit 7:00 pm Watson Lake Recreation Centre Contact Meaghan for more information 536-8023 Wednesdays Toddler Activities 10:30 am Watson Lake Recreation Centre Call Meaghan at 536-8023 for more information. Thu, Oct, 19, Community Kitchen 10:00 am Watson Lake Recreation Centre A morning of being in the kitchen, bake some goodies to take home. Thu, Oct, 19, Parents and Tots 10:00 am Watson Lake Recreation Centre Join us in song, socializing, play and lots of giggles and fun. Thu, Oct, 19, Help and Hope Drop in for Moms and Kids 1:00 pm Watson Lake Recreation Centre Crafts and Activities together! Sat, Oct, 21, Ladies Time Out Breakfast 8:30 am Andrea’s Hotel Come out for a relaxing time of inspiration, fun, and encouragement. For more information call Ruth Holt 536-7726 or Ruth Wilkinson at 536-4542” Sat, Oct, 21, Drop In Basketball 1:00 pm Watson Lake Secondary School Sun, Oct, 22, St. John’s Church Service 10:00 am St. John’s Church Service (867) 536-2932 Mon, Oct, 23, Help and Hope Drop in for Moms and Kids 1:00 pm Watson Lake Recreation Centre Crafts and Activities together! Tue, Oct, 24, Parents and Tots 10:00 am Watson Lake Recreation Centre Join us in song, socializing, play and lots of giggles and fun.


Daily Everyone Welcome Swim Haines Community Centre, Mon-Thurs, 11AM12:30PM & 5:30-7PM. Sat. 5-7PM. No Swim Sundays Mon-Thu Haines Public Library Open Hours: Mon-Wed 10-7 | Thurs 10-9 | Fri 10-6 | SatSun 12:30-4:30 | 766-2545 Mondays, Wednesday & Fridays Tai Chi Advanced 10:15 am Chilkat Center For The Arts Mondays & Wednesday Tai Chi - Adv. Beginners 11:45 am Chilkat Center For The Arts Mondays & Fridays Yoga with Mandy 1:00 pm Chilkat Center For The Arts Tuesdays & Thursdays Tai Chi - Beginning 6:30 pm Chilkat Center For The Arts Tuesdays & Thursdays Adv. Beginner Tai Chi 7:30 pm Chilkat Center For The Arts Wednesdays Tlingit Language Class 3:30 pm Sheldon Museum & Cultural Centre Wednesdays Open Mic Nite 10:00 pm Pioneer Bar Wednesdays Aqua Aerobics 8:00 am Haines Borough Swimming Pool Wednesdays Game Time @ the Library 4:30 pm Haines Borough Public Library Wednesdays Kids Jujutsu 5:00 pm Chilkat Center For The Arts Wednesdays Sword Class 6:30 pm Chilkat Center For The Arts Thu, Oct, 19, Strength & Stretch - Lobby 11:00 am Chilkat Center For The Arts Thu, Oct, 19, Rivertalk 8:00 pm Chilkat Center For The Arts Fri, Oct, 20, Aqua Aerobics 8:00 am Haines Borough Swimming Pool Fri, Oct, 20, Board of Directors Meeting 10:00 am Haines Chamber Of Commerce Fri, Oct, 20, Story time @ Library 12:00 pm Haines Borough Public Library Fri, Oct, 20, Story time 12:00 pm Haines Borough Public Library Fri, Oct, 20, Game Time @ the Library 4:30 pm Haines Borough Public Library Fri, Oct, 20, Halloween Pop-Up Cards 4:30 pm Haines Borough Public Library Fri, Oct, 20, Homework Help 5:30 pm Haines Borough Public Library Sun, Oct, 22, Sunday Worship 11:00 am Haines Presbyterian Church Sun, Oct, 22, St Michael’s - lobby 11:30 am Chilkat Center For The Arts

Sun, Oct, 22, Bible Club - Sunday School 12:30 pm Haines Presbyterian Church Mon, Oct, 23, Aqua Aerobics 8:00 am Haines Borough Swimming Pool Mon, Oct, 23, Strength & Stretch - Lobby 11:00 am Chilkat Center For The Arts Mon, Oct, 23, Mother Goose Stories and Songs @ Library 12:00 pm Haines Borough Public Library Mon, Oct, 23, Private Jujutsu Clas 4:00 pm Chilkat Center For The Arts Mon, Oct, 23, Pine cone Characters with hats and eyeballs 4:30 pm Haines Borough Public Library Mon, Oct, 23, Kids Jujutsu 5:00 pm Chilkat Center For The Arts Mon, Oct, 23, Homework Help 5:30 pm Haines Borough Public Library Mon, Oct, 23, Adults Jujutsu 6:30 pm Chilkat Center For The Arts Tue, Oct, 24, Women’s Fellowship 3:00 pm Haines Senior Center Wed, Oct, 25, Scary Trees with Tempera Paint 4:30 pm Haines Borough Public Library


Mon, Oct, 23, TRX Suspension Training 5:30 am Skagway Recreation Centre Sign up required Mon, Oct, 23, Restorative - Yin Yoga w/ Jeanne- ALL Levels 9:00 am Skagway Recreation Centre Mon, Oct, 23, Roller Hockey For Adults 7:00 pm Skagway Recreation Centre Mondays & Wednesdays SpinFlex w/ Katherine 7:00 am Skagway Recreation Centre Mondays & Wednesdays Hatha Yoga w/ Sherry- ALL Levels 6:15 pm Skagway Recreation Centre Tue, Oct, 24, Back/Hip Yoga with Myofascial Release and Acupressure 10:00 am Skagway Recreation Centre Tue, Oct, 24, Let it Roll - Hatha Flow with Foam Roller 6:30 pm Skagway Recreation Centre Hatha Flow practice followed by foam roller and pinky balls. Wed, Oct, 25, TRX Suspension Training 5:30 am Skagway Recreation Centre Sign up required Wed. Oct. 18, Love and Logic Workshop 6:00 pm Skagway School Parenting workshops utilizing practical skills and tools to help the parenting process. Call 907-983-2255 for more information. Wednesdays Acro Jam 7:00 pm Skagway Recreation Centre Playful practice that combines acrobatics and yoga. This is an unstructured class to work on things you would like to improve on or trade Wednesdays Aerial Tissue w/Renee 7:00 pm Skagway Recreation Centre Special Fee & Sign-up Tuesday& Thursday Spinning w/ Katherine 5:30 am Skagway Recreation Centre Tuesday& Thursday Mindful Vinyasa Flow 6:00 am Skagway Recreation Centre Tuesday& Thursday Mat Pilates 7:15 am Skagway Recreation Centre Intermediate core based class using classical mat exercises to create long, lean muscles. Tuesday& Thursday Senior Weights with Dana 10:30 am Skagway Recreation Centre Chair based resistance training program that’s not just for seniors. Tuesday & Thursday, Basketball For Adults 7:00 pm Skagway Recreation Centre Tuesday& Thursday Zumba with Keara 5:15 pm Skagway Recreation Centre Latin‐ inspired cardio‐dance workout that uses music and choreographed steps to form a fitness party atmosphere. Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday Dance Fusion with Kaera New Latin Hip Hop Class 5:00 pm Skagway Recreation Centre Thursdays Easy Does it Yoga- Restorative Yoga w/Jeanne- ALL Level 6:30 pm Skagway Recreation Centre Fri, Oct, 20 – Sun. Oct. 22 Skagway Fall Festival Skagway Alaska A celebration of Art, Music, Life In the North! The 2017 lineup of events includes an Artisan Craft Market, Zombie Walk Fundraiser, cooking & craft classes, cribbage tournament and more! 907-983-2854 Fri, Oct, 20, Gentle Flow 6:15 pm Skagway Recreation Centre A gentle and calming practice that combines breath with movement. Sat, Oct, 21, Bouncy House Fun Time! 12:00 pm Skagway Recreation Centre A parent or guardian must accompany children 12 and under. Sat, Oct, 21, Volleyball For Adults 6:00 pm Skagway Recreation Centre Sat, Oct, 21, Flow and Restore 6:30 pm Skagway Recreation Centre Powerful vinyasa style class with a focus in strengthening the entire body, ending with restorative/yin style poses to soak in the energy and heat created in the flow. Sun, Oct, 22, Aerial Tissue w/Renee 6:00 pm Skagway Recreation Centre Special Fee & Sign-up

Time for a Spiritual Checkup? Get Some Guidance with TAROT CARDS or ASTROLOGY Ellen E. Brian


For a complete selection of services: · 667-6030

October 18, 2017



Klondike Institute of Art and Culture Dawson City, YT



SANDRA G. Art STOREY AND >> in the Yukon Society Gallery: MARGRIET AASMAN, THE SEVEN TEXTILE ARTISTS “How Does it Felt” I NEVER REALLY PLAYED Exhibi�on closes December WITH DOLLS 1st, 2012

6th-October >> October in the Hougen Heritage 28th Gallery: YUKON ARCHIVES

ArchivalEDGE Gold: Favourites from the Vault GALLERY Exhibi� on closes January 26, 2013 REBECCA MANIAS,

THE MODERN MYSTIC Open Studio Sessions

>> Ceramic Open Studio Sessions << UPCOMING SHOWS: Sundays from 2:30 to 6pm STUDIO GALLERY $5 per hour >> Acrylic Pain�ng Open Studio << FIGURATIVE CLAY with Neil Graham SCULPTURE every first and third Wednesday of eachSANDRA month 7 toGRACE 9pm WITH $10 per 2 hour session STOREY

Saturday and Sunday To register call: 867-667-4080 Email: recep� Oct 14 & 15 10am-4pm Surface finishing Thursday Oct 26 6pm-8pm $225 +GST (clay, oxides and firing included)

Boys and Girls Club of Yukon


Free Teen Drop In Ages 11 to 18 Free snack and meal

When: Wednesdays to Saturdays 3 PM to 9 PM Where: 306A Alexander Street Look for the big green door! Contact: Web: Facebook: bgcyukon Twitter: @bgcyukon

Ph. (867) 393-2824





7 – 9 pm







Monday and Tuesday: Closed for programming, Wednesday to Sunday: 1 - 9pm Visit us anytime during our opening hours!

KIAC Ballroom 135 Industrial Rd.

Tel: (867) 993-5005 Fax: (867) 993-5838 Website:


WITH CALVIN MORBERG Saturday and Sunday Oct 21 & 22 10am-4pm $210 + GST (all supplies included)

Whitehorse United Church SACRED MUSIC WORKSHOPS Funded by the Herb Wahl Fund


WITH PATRICK ROYLE Tuesdays Oct 24-Dec 5 7pm-10pm $325+GST (all supplies included)


WITH ASTRID KRUSE Thursdays January 18-March 1 7-10pm $325 + GST (all supplies included)



Saturdays, October 28, November 4, 11 $140+GST (all supplies included)

Programs Arts Underground / Yukon Art Society 867-667-4080 ext 22

YOUR BUSINESS SUCCESS: TOOLS & RULES With ALISON NIXON Choir Director, Bowen Island Unitarian Church

Alison trained as a violinist in the UK and at the International Menuhin School in Gstaad, Switzerland, and in Choral Conducting with Professor James Fankhauser at UBC. Alison has performed with orchestras in Britain, Switzerland and Vancouver.

Violin Inspiration Workshop Come for a 2-hour session working on Elgar’s Serenade for Strings. Friday, OCTOBER 20, 6-8 p.m.

Choir Workshop Saturday, OCTOBER 21, 1-4 p.m. ADMISSION: Food for FOODBANK. All are Welcome! 606 Main Street | 667-4661

Entrepreneurship workshop Tuesday, October 17, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Thursday, October 19, 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

(CO)SPACE (CO) NVERSATIONS with NORMAN FRASER October 24, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

FUNDING WORKSHOP: Learn The ABC’s of Funding For Your Round [Virtual course @ (co)space] October 28, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

JOIN US at the Family Literacy Centre in the Canada Games Centre MondaySaturday with regular programs in the morning and afternoon drop in (Saturday drop in only).

little ect your Don’t exp ys sit still to a lw one to a Toddler’s move ook. read a b is what they do. , around. It rr y if they wiggle y wo So don’t d roll around. The n tumble a n the move but may be o listening. they are


A new twist on clearing out blocks and reaching your goals! Reduce pain, increase vitality and range of motion, reach greater emotional stability, and attain your goals! Touch for Health is a modality that uses muscle testing to show indications of stress. Using a variety of techniques, we then holistically balance your energy body. One client came in to reduce her sugar cravings and for almost three months had no interest in sweets!

Elemental Holistic Therapies Alison Zeidler, Touch for Health Practitioner RCRT, QTP/I, CEMT

W: E: P: 867.335.0078

October 18, 2017

Active Interest LISTINGS Daily, Mondays to Saturdays Kickboxing Age 5 - 12 4:00 pm N60 Combative Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday COBRA Self Defense Age 5 - 12 5:00 pm N60 Combative Arts Monday & Wednesdays Judo Age 13+ 6:00 pm N60 Combative Arts Monday, Wednesday & Sundays Kickboxing Age 13+ 7:00 pm N60 Combative Arts Tues, Wed, & Thursdays Long & Lean Summer Slimdown DROP IN 6:00 am Long Lean Mean Fitness Register online or call 334-3479 for more information. Monday & Wednesdays Adult Aikido 5:30 pm École Émilie-Tremblay Sessions now has several elements, one every 4 weeks. Each element covers physical skills, techniques, cultural aspects and stories. First class is always FREE, feel free to come try anytime (we will lend you an uniform). 667-4690 Tuesdays & Thursdays Ladies Kickboxing 5:00 pm N60 Combative Arts Tuesdays & Thursdays Grappling 6:00 pm N60 Combative Arts Tuesdays & Thursdays Muay Thai 7:00 pm N60 Combative Arts Wednesdays Ladies COBRA SD 8:00 pm N60 Combative Arts Wednesdays Biathlon Practice 4:30 pm Biathlon Range Wednesdays Dancefit 12:00 pm Better Bodies Crosstraining Centre Workout dance rooted in jazz, hip hop and Latin styles will take you away from your stresses. Wednesdays with an extra class on Saturdays at 11:00 a.m Call 6335245 for more info.

Wednesdays Youth Aikido 6-12 years 5:30 pm Aikido Yukon Dojo Sessions now has several elements, one every 4 weeks. Each element covers physical skills, techniques, cultural aspects and stories. First class is always FREE, feel free to come try anytime (we will lend you an uniform). 667-4690 info@ Wed, Oct, 18 Cardio Dance Party 7:30 pm Long Lean Mean Fitness Drop in classes will lead you through blocks of choreography to build endurance, increase memory & get you sweating! Email for more information. Thu, Oct, 19 Yukoner Yoga - Drop In 6:00 am Long Lean Mean Fitness Register online or call 334-3479 for more information. Thu, Oct, 19 YASC 4 - 7 4:00 pm Biathlon Range Thu, Oct, 19 One Hour Drop In Classes - Barreilates 5:15 pm Long Lean Mean Fitness This class sculpts, tones, and gives you a strong core. Register online or call 334-3479 for more information. Thu, Oct, 19 Level Up Pilates 6:15 pm Long Lean Mean Fitness The next progression for those who have completed Explore Pilates. Register online or call 334-3479 for more information. Fri, Oct, 20 Golden Horn Judo 3:30 pm Golden Horn Elementary Fri, Oct, 20 Womens kickboxing 6:00 pm Peak Fitness Runs for 5 Fridays, Drop in or register. Call 668-4628 for more information.


Richard’s Tire Tips

Does your car


Monday, Wednesday & Thursdays Seniors Tai Chi 10:00 am Golden Age Society Monday & Fridays, Sally & Sisters Lunch 12:00 pm Whitehorse Food Bank Free Hot Lunch for Women & Children 3349317 Tuesdays Golden Horn Yoga 6:00 pm Golden Horn Elementary Terice 668-6631 Wednesdays The Counselling Drop-In Clinic 10:00 am Many Rivers Counselling and Support Services Free Drop-In counselling is offered every Wednesday from 10am - 4pm. Wednesdays Women & Children Lunch Date 11:30 am Victoria Faulkner Women’s Centre Delicious Free Lunch for Women & Children Wednesdays Continuing Tai Chi 6:00 pm Elijah Smith Elementary School Wednesdays Beginners Tai Chi 6:00 pm Hidden Valley School Wenesdays Traditional Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan - Section 2 7:00 pm Hidden Valley School Wenesdays Beginners Tai Chi 7:30 pm Grey Mountain Primary School Wed, Oct, 18, Red Tara Meditation 6:00 pm White Swan Sanctuary Everyone welcome. For more info contact Vicky 6333715 Thu, Oct, 19, Intermediate Tai Chi Chuan 7:30 pm Jack Hulland Elementary Fri, Oct, 20 to Mon. Oct.23 Hakomi/BodyCentred Psychosomatic Workshop Grace Space 3 days of learning skills and 1 day of a Hakomi Circle where Bob Milone will lead 4 sessions 1/1 with the participants of the training. Call 335-6216 or email Fri, Oct, 20, Council 7 - Embody the 7 Directions Whitehorse, Yukon Call or email to register for weekend retreat. 633-3154 Fri, Oct, 20, Yarn Yoga 6:30 pm True North Massage & Yoga 30 minutes of yoga, an hour of crochet/knitting, and then more yoga! Suitable for beginners in crafting and in yoga. Call 393-2628 for more information. Sat, Oct, 21, Open Tai Chi Practise 10:00 am Takhini Elementary School Sat, Oct, 21, PFLAG Meeting 7:00 pm Yukon College Support for those struggling

Fri, Oct, 20 Ladies Grappling 6:00 pm N60 Combative Arts Fri, Oct, 20 Kickboxing Age 13+ 7:00 pm N60 Combative Arts Fri, Oct, 20 Beginners kickboxing. 7:00 pm Peak Fitness This is open to anyone wanting to try it out, Runs for 5 Fridays, Drop in or register. Call 668-4628 for more information. Fri, Oct, 20 COBRA FS 8:00 pm N60 Combative Arts Sat, Oct, 21 Zumba Fundraiser 7:15 pm F.H. Collins Secondary Come Zumba with us and raise money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Society. Help us raise funds for such a worthy cause. Sun, Oct, 22 Carcross Kids Kickboxing 11:30 am N60 Combative Arts Sun, Oct, 22 Carcross Kickboxing 12:30 pm N60 Combative Arts Sun, Oct, 22 Pre School Martial Arts 3:30 pm N60 Combative Arts Sun, Oct, 22 Kickboxing Age 5 - 12 4:00 pm N60 Combative Arts Sun, Oct, 22 Ladies Grappling 6:00 pm N60 Combative Arts Sun, Oct, 22 COBRA FS 8:00 pm N60 Combative Arts Mon, Oct, 23 Ladies COBRA SD 8:00 pm N60 Combative Arts Tue, Oct, 24 Level Up Pilates 6:15 pm Long Lean Mean Fitness The next progression for those who have completed Explore Pilates. Register online or call 334-3479 for more information.

ENTER YOUR EVENTS ON-LINE It’s Free. It’s Fast. It’s Easy.

with sexual orientation and gender identity in themselves or someone they know. Everyone welcome Sat, Oct, 21, Zumba Party 7:00 pm F.H. Collins Secondary Come Zumba with us and raise money for Karen’s Room. Sun, Oct, 22, Restorative Yoga 10:30 am Alpine Bakery Email wallymaltz@mac. com or call 335-9385 to register or for more information. Mon, Oct, 23, Moving to Wellness 5:00 pm Whitehorse Health Centre A discussionbased class to help individuals who are struggling to get active problem solve solutions and plan strategies to get moving. To register or for more info please call 6678733 Mon, Oct, 23, Shamata Meditation 5:15 pm White Swan Sanctuary Group meditation all levels welcome Mon, Oct, 23, Buddhist Meditation Society 5:15 pm White Swan Sanctuary All are welcome! Mon, Oct, 23, Overeaters Anonymous Meeting 7:30 pm Many Rivers Counselling and Support Services Overeaters Anonymous Meeting every Monday Please ring the buzzer if the door is locked. Tue, Oct, 24, Weight Watchers 5:00 pm Yukon College Please arrive 30-minutes prior to the listed meeting time for weigh-in and registration, room A2202. 403-4730645 Tue, Oct, 24, Beginners Tai Chi 7:30 pm Jack Hulland Elementary Wed, Oct, 25, Right Use of Power Westmark Whitehorse Two-day training experience for personal and professional development. Empowering, relevant and dynamic, this program is presented through talks, discussions and experiential practices. Register online or call 668-8800

ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Wednesday The Joy Of Living group (OM, NS) 12:00 noon 305 Wood Street -Back Entrance Porter Creek Step meeting (CM) 8:00 PM Our Lady of Victory No Puffin (CM, NS) 8:00 PM 6210 - 6th Ave

Thursday The Joy Of Living group (OM, NS) 12:00 noon 305 Wood Street -Back Entrance. Polar Group (OM) 7:30 PM 6210 - 6th ave. Friday The Joy Of Living group (OM, NS) 12:00 noon 305 Wood Street -Back Entrance Yukon Unity Group Meeting 1:30 PM #4 Hospital Road Whitehorse Group (OM, NS) 8:00 PM 305 Wood Street - Back Entrance. Saturday Detox Meeting (OM, NS) 1:00 PM, Sara Steel building 609 Steele St., Main Entrance Women’s Meeting (CM, NS) 2:30 PM Whitehorse General Hospital (across from emergency) Hospital Meeting Whitehorse General Hospital (OM NS) 7:00 pm - Hospital Board Meeting. Sunday Detox Meeting (OM NS) 1:00 PM 1:00 PM, Sara Steel building 609 Steele St., Main Entrance Hospital Meeting (OM NS) 7:00 PM Whitehorse General Hospital Monday The Joy Of Living group (OM, NS) 12:00 noon 305 Wood Street -Back Entrance New Beginnings Group (OM, NS) 8:00 PM 6210 - 6th Ave Tuesday The Joy Of Living group (OM, NS) 12:00 noon 305 Wood Street -Back Entrance Ugly Duckling Group (OM, NS) 8:00 PM 6210 - 6th Ave. Juste Pour Aujourd’hui (OM, NS) 7:00 PM 4141B 4th Ave. Phone: AA 1-888-453-0142 (24 hours a day)

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Your tire/wheel assemblies may be out of balance, if you notice a shimmy or shake at a certain speed that goes away once you drive faster or slower. However if the shake or shimmy continues at all speeds then there may be another problem with your tire/wheel assemblies, such as tread separation, improper mounting or it may be a mechanical issue.


867-667-6102 107 INDUSTRIAL ROAD

October 18, 2017


The Fear is Real...

The Guild Hall is hosting its annual haunted house Oct. 26 to 28 in Porter Creek by Jason Westover

PHOTO: Jason Westover

The Guild Hall in Porter Creek

EXPRESSION OF INTEREST The Yukonstruct Makerspace Society is looking for available options to bring its makerspace and coworking spaces into one facility in a prominent downtown location. We are seeking information on available spaces (for lease or purchase) that are located downtown, approximately +/- 20,000 f2, in a zone that can potentially accommodate mixed commercial use of office space, retail space and “studio” use. We are seeking information on potential lease or purchase options as well as any interest in sponsoring our organization to find a new space. Please contact to discuss.

PHOTO: Carolyn Westberg

A few of the Guild ghouls pose for a photo

A nasty clown ready to make your acquaintance PHOTO: Dave Paquette


f you’re the kind of person who enjoys creepy strolls through dark spaces with ghouls and goblins festering around every corner, perhaps it’s time to head to The Guild Hall in Porter Creek, as the Guild Society is preparing to scare the wits out of you at its annual haunted house of horror. The event is one of the Guild’s biggest fundraisers, which helps pay for performance rights, directors, production teams and needed equipment. It began as a 5-day event in 2010 with roughly 100 participants walking through their doors and has grown into a robust 600 to 700 people in the last few years. The haunted house is the brainchild of former Guild Society president and artistic director Anthony Trombetta. He got the idea from going to a Halloween Horror Night at Universal Studios in Florida, as well as the Playland Fright Night at the PNE Vancouver. “We always had the idea to create something that was truly scary. Something more for the Halloween spirited adults” said Trombetta. “With our first go it really was testing what we could do in the space and we just kept improving or adding from there.” The Guild uses almost all of it’s available space as it leads groups of four from the “Other Room” starting point, into the highly

decorated lobby, across the multi room backstage area and winding corridors that weave throughout the darkly lit theatre as a cast of creepy characters use a plethora of scare tactics to disorient your senses. Also adding to the creep factor is the Guild Hall itself, a former army barrack turned theatre that has its own tales of ghostly encounters. Two years ago, the decision was made to crank up the fear factor and change the haunted house to an adult theme and to no longer permit anyone under the age of 14. Due to the dark, confined spaces and amount of people involved with the haunted house, the Guild Society has restricted alcohol use during the event for safety reasons. Anyone that is suspected of being under the influence will not be permitted inside. Volunteers for the event play a huge part in it’s success. It takes eight to 12 people to run the show and 10 to 15 people to build it over three nights. Volunteers help to design the creepy set and dress up and create their own creepy “scare zone” inside the bowels of the haunted house. Dave Paquette has volunteered his time for the last four years. “I have this amazing ‘evil clown’ mask. I stood at the end of a long, pitch black hallway. As the vic-

Hurlburt Enterprises Inc. • Beetle-killed spruce from Haines Junction, quality guaranteed • Single & emergency half cord delivery • You cut and you pick-up available • Everything over 8” split • Prices as low as $245 per cord • Scheduled or next day delivery

Log lengths or stove lengths, we can take care of you. In fact, we’ll even deliver right to your location. We have more than firewood, we can supply wood processing equipment you need like splitters and chippers.

867-633-3276 Toll Free: 1-866-449-5192 • Mon-Fri 8 am - 6 pm, Sat 9 am - 3 pm 11 Burns Rd., Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 4Z3

Cheque,Cash, S.A.Vouchers accepted

We will earn your satisfaction GUARANTEED!

tims drew near I simply turned my flashlight on my face,” he said. “I just love the looks of sheer terror on people’s faces. They seem to get a real kick out of it. The haunted house is one of my favourite events. There’s usually lots of folks who want to be involved and it’s fantasy, so it’s a pretty fun atmosphere.” The theme this year is Your Worst Nightmare. “Expect to walk headlong into the Guild Hall populated by all the things that have been keeping you up since your childhood,” said general manager Brandon Wike. Will the real Guild ghost make an appearance? “I certainly hope we can count on the guild ghost to volunteer,” Wike said. “I’ve been keeping in touch through regular séances and he seems interested.” The annual Guild Haunted House fundraiser presented by the Guild Society is located at 27 - 14th Ave. in Porter Creek. It runs October 26, 27 and 28, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Admission is by donation. Youth ages 14 to 17 must have a guardian. For more information, or if you wish to volunteer call the Guild Society at 633-3550.

We have plenty of costumes available for men and women in a wide range of sizes XS to 4X.

Locally Owned and Operated Come see us at our discreet location 211 Black Street • 393-3360 Mon-Sat: Noon to 9 pm

Must be 19 years

Creating families since 2008





Freelance writer Jason Westover is a father and comedian who currently lives in Old Crow.

Mobile Shredding Save time Shred with uS! • Commercial and Residential • We come to you & shred your documents on site! • Watch the process! • Totally secure and private • All paper is recycled • Bonded & Insured • Locally Owned and Operated

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Mon–Fri: 9am –5pm email:

Exclusively available at WHAT’S UP YUKON T-SHIRTS ONLY.

205A Main Street 668-3157 or order by email


October 18, 2017

Aussie Girl in the Yukon with Kylie Campbell

Swipe Left, Swipe Right

A glimpse into the world of Tinder dating in Whitehorse ing countries, it’s the best way to meet like-minded people keen to go out and explore the place you live – and maybe even more. For those who haven’t used the app, you log in and are presented with photos of other users within your range. You swipe left to decline meeting, or you swipe right to indicate you’re interested. If both users swipe right for a mutual at-

traction, the app gives you a notification of the match and allows you to chat back and forth. Other times it can be a nonstop issue of super creepy guys only interested in taking your knickers off even before you’ve met them. But each to their own. I guess there are some people out there who are into sending

Small town Tinder nude selfies to complete strangers. I know I have certainly never requested a dick selfie, yet, it seems a male imperative to send me one. Is it just me or is a picture of a penis not that appealing? Give me a good old-fashioned, moderately chiselled torso any day. So how does Tinder compare in Canada, and in Whitehorse? When I first moved to Canada, I was pleasantly surprised. Literally every single profile was a guy with a dog/truck/sled/snowboard/ beard and all the pictures were set outdoors. Did I come to Tinder heaven? Not only were these guys single and available, but also ageappropriate. The tough part of being in your early thirties but still acting like you’re in your early twenties is the change in demographics for what is “appropriate” for you. Here’s my generalised age review (from experience): • Early twenties – single, usually party way too much, would rather go out drinking than outdoor exploring, not ready for commitment, no baggage (often live at home and feels somewhat creepy that you were born in different decades). • Late twenties/early thirties – most likely been in a serious relationship maybe even marriage, has a dog, a house, 50/50 has kids. • Late thirties/early forties – mostly looking to be serious, set in their ways, if they don’t already have kids, then they want kids. So being in my early thirties with no baggage and no desire to have children, where do I fit in? When I’m on Tinder, I do the swiping dance. I note that every time I swipe right I get a match. A sign of which gender has the

power to meet on Tinder? Or simply guys just swipe right to everyone; certainly the more likely reason. When I moved to Whitehorse I found there is certainly a mixed bag, that summer has a more transient population than long-term possibilities. The thing I find with Tinder up here is no one really wants to be your mate (Ed note: Aussie for friend.). Which is unfortunate because the best relationships stem from friendship. I’ve noted that the pool is vast and diverse, but you always have to remember that Whitehorse is a relatively small town. Being a female we often need to be more cautious with our promiscuity and sexuality than men as the association for us isn’t as “cool” or accepted as it is for them. So I endeavour on, but I’ve mostly moved away from Tinder because I find up here reality is the only way to gauge whether you can be attracted to someone. So what other avenues are there? Facebook events and groups are useful ways to meet people. Or good old fashioned meeting someone through mutual friends. The introduction of Tinder certainly changed the game, though. I remember when you used to have to walk up to someone in a bar and start talking with them to see if they were single and interested. Now I have a never-ending stream of people I can view at my leisure and judge based on one to six photos they provide. Whether you’re looking for marriage, relationship, a sex buddy or anything in between, it’s always a constant dance. Kylie Campbell is an Australian writer and photographer exploring the Yukon.

Kylie trying out the Yukon Tinder scene


by purchasing anything with a hood for

PHOTO: Denis Bocquet via

Sale ends October 31st

Sandors at the Chilkoot mall Mon-Wed & Sat 10 - 6, Thurs - Fri 10 - 8, Open Sun 12 - 5

PHOTO: Kylie Camp be


erpetually single and constantly moving all over the world, settling into a new place can be tough. How do you meet people? How do you get into a good clique? How do you meet a decent or even “normal” person who you don’t want to throw out a window after a couple of dates? I’ve used Tinder all over the world. I find in non-English speak-

October 18, 2017


This Party is Cosmic A The Yukon Astronomical Society hosts a star party Oct. 20 to 27 by Angela Szymczuk Yukon Aurora Borealis

PHOTO: Thomas Jacquin (member)

t the end of October, the Takhini Hot Springs, a short 30-minute drive north of downtown Whitehorse, will be turned into a hub for astronomy lovers. The Yukon Astronomical Society (YAS) will be hosting its first annual star party from October 20 until October 26. The week long event will feature multiple presentations, stargazing, and special guest speakers. Anthony Gucciardo is the President and one of the three founding members of the YAS. “Star parties are typically designed as social events, for anyone in the community to come out and learn,” said Anthony Gucciardo. On Friday, October 20, the star party will kickoff with a wine and cheese event from 7 p.m. until 9 p.m. The following six days will have many different activities that will bring out your inner astronomer. The majority of events will be taking place at Takhini Hot Springs. A viewing tent, the Pegasus Tent, will be set up with special telescopes to view the Sun from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. “One of the most fascinating sights I’ve seen is the surface of the Sun,” Gucciardo said. “It’s almost like looking at an ocean of plasma.” From 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. telescopes will be set up to view the stars. During the evening, star party goers can enjoy French and English tours of the sky. A full detailed schedule will be provided upon entry. Beginning on October 21, the star party will also feature the Young Astronomers’ Program, a series of events for children aged

5 and up. This event will continue October 23 to 26 and will include themes such as Rocket Juice, Mini Planitarium, Making a Sundial, and more. In the afternoon, the society will be entertained by the Company of the White Wolves, who will be demonstrating medieval combat. The White Wolves are sponsored by Takhini Hot Springs and often provide demonstrations for major events held on location. The star party includes a free event in town at the Old Fire Hall on Thursday, October 22. The Yukon Astronomical Society has invited three guest speakers to discuss their passion: American astronomer Phil Plait, who has worked for NASA and is the author of two books; Christa Van Laerhoven, a professor from the University of British Columbia with a degree in planetary sciences; and Pierre Paquette with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. This presentation takes place

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from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. and includes an opportunity to check out the telescopes that will be set up outside for people to use. There will also be a grand prize up for grabs on Oct. 26: two plane tickets from Air North to fly anywhere Air North goes. The Yukon Astronomical Society is selling day and week passes for the star party – and passes include entry into the hot spring pools. For more information go to www.YukonAstronomicalSociety. com or their Facebook page. For those not able to make it to this year’s event- all is not lost. “The star party is going to be an annual event. We already have guest speakers lined up for next year,” said Gucciardo. Angela Szymczuk is a Whitehorse-based writer. Please send comments about her articles to

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