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• Looking at the first digital radio station in Mpumalanga set to inform, entertain the listeners with the latest News, Music and panel discussion programs.

What’s will be the first digital radio in Mpumalanga to broadcast only via Internet and have a mobile application where it can be downloaded to mobile device like phone etc. one can listen to What’s any where in the world and even on the move. Our demographic is a mix culture of white, black, coloured and indians with the age from 15-24, 24-40 and 40- 60. Language is 70% English and 30% official languages.


Digital Evolution



Yes!! Mpumalanga is going digital We want to inspire our communities and our province as whole by bringing the greatest vibe and hype presenters from our province and be the gigantic information warehouse with latest news, music, events and panel discussions programs.

Vision Our vision is driven by passion for the radio medium and with its innovation it can be in our lifetime. We took it on ourselves to enter the dynamic evolution of digital / online radio as it shows that we are moving away from the analog tradition of radio broadcasting. The statistics shows that all businesses are now under one roof by the use of social media and that’s the digital rout but radio in South Africa is still on the analog tradition way, which this is a challenge for us as broadcasters.

The Founders: Mr. Corné Marais and Mr. Given Ngwamba are founders of what’s Corné Marais is a practicing attorney since 1996.His passion for radio started as a student where he was involved as a presenter and newsreader for Radio Tuks. He was also involved with Nkomazi FM, a community radio station where he was hosting a weekly Sunday evening program, and also advising the station on legal matters. Given Ngwamba is a professional sound engineer with a diploma, National Certificate in Radio Production (NQF Level 5). His radio journey as Technical Producer started at Radio Today 1485 in Johannesburg continue at Nkomazi FM in Mpumalanga.



First Mpumalanga online Magazine to look at lifesytle, music trends, tourism and events


First Mpumalanga online Magazine to look at lifesytle, music trends, tourism and events