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A New Chernoby l, T his T im e in Israel

Pregnant with Aids: T unisian Girl Recounts Her Sex Jihad in Sy ria


(Whatsupic) -- One high ranking security

(Raymond Ibrahim) -- The Arabic media

U Report

official who requested anonymity told our

has been full of interviews with some of

reporter that due to a technical defect,

the many Tunisian girls that went to the

serious damages have recently been

sex jihad in Syria. The other day Tunisian

occurred in the building No. 4 of Dimona

newspaper Al Sharaouk (“Sunrise) shed

nuclear complex, in which the recycling

light on the horrific experiences of one of

of radioactive materials is performed. This

these girls. Her name is Lamia, and she’s

accident caused the radioactive materials

19-years-old. While in Syria, she had sex

to leak within 30 km around the nuclear

with jihadis fighting to overthrow the

plant. He later...


Category: world/news-politics

Category: world/news-politics

Published: 06 August 2013

Published: 30 September 2013

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Bound, Stripped and Dum ped in A Corridor: T eenage Arm y Recruit Say s He Is Desperate T o Quit after Com rades Subjected him T o Hum iliating Abuse for Refusing T o Go DRINKING (DailyMail By Harreit Arkell) -- Soldier says he was bullied at British army barracks in Paderborn, Germany. New recruit to Rifles division says he was Ax is of Ev il: Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the Pentagon Are Backing Egy pt's Bloody Crackdown

stripped and abused by his peers. The 18-year-old then went absent without leave and now faces punishment. Ministry of Defence says it has a 'zero tolerance'

(AlterNet By M K Bhadrakumar) -- The Egyptian crisis is the latest battleground for regional and global powers seeking to push their own agendas. I

approach to bullying. Tied up, stripped and pinned to the floor by his comrades... Category: world/news-politics Published: 10 September 2013

have argued that what has just happened in Egypt is a bloodbath that is not a



bloodbath, conducted by a military junta responsible for a coup that is not a coup, under the guise of an Egyptian "war... Category: world/news-politics Published: 18 August 2013 456


Israeli Students to Get $2,000


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2/3 to Spread State Propaganda on Facebook (Council For The National Interest By Ali Abunimah) -- The National Union of Israeli Students (NUIS) has become a full-time partner in the Israeli government's efforts

Brav e Egy ption Protester's Last Mom ents of Life Caught on Cam era [Video]

to spread its propaganda online and on college campuses around the world. NUIS has launched a program to pay Israeli university students $2,000 to spread pro-

(Whatsupic) -- More than 60 people were killed across Egypt on Friday in clashes between pro-Muslim Brotherhood protesters and security forces, according to tolls from witnesses, security sources and the health ministry.

Israel propaganda online for 5 hours per... Category: world/news-politics Published: 20 July 2013 428



Category: world/news-politics Published: 20 September 2013 350


Gam bian President Say s Gay s a T hreat to Hum an Ex istence (Reuters By Michelle Nichols) -- Gambia's president warned the United Nations General Assembly on Friday that gays were a threat to human existence, along with excessive greed and obsession with world domination, and criticized other Wom en In Sweden Wear Headscarv es After Muslim Wom an Is Assaulted

countries for regarding homosexuality as a human right. "Those who promote homosexuality want to put an end to

(BuzzFeed By Tasneem Nashrulla) --

human existence," Gambian President

Women of various faiths in Sweden and

Yahya Jammeh told...

other countries wore headscarves to show

Category: world/news-politics

solidarity for a Muslim woman who

Published: 29 September 2013

was allegedly attacked for wearing a hijab



in Sweden. The attacker reportedly tore off the pregnant woman’s hijab and hit her head against a car. The victim’s friends told local media that the assailant also shouted racist... Category: world/news-politics Published: 21 August 2013 313

0 WAT CH: Israeli Forces Shoot B'T selem Spokesperson During West Bank Protest (972mag By Mairav Zonszein) -B’Tselem spokesperson and colleague Sarit Michaeli was shot in the leg from close range on Friday by Israeli forces

NSPCC: 'Girls T hink T hey Hav e to Act Like Porn Stars to be Liked by Boy s'

while documenting the weekly protest in Nabi Saleh, as she has been doing for years. She issued a statement Saturday on her understanding of what happened,

(Telegraph By Louisa Peacock and Emma Barnett) -- Girls think they have to

which I translated below. Although this is not the first time an Israeli has been look and perform “like porn stars” to be liked and valued by boys, a landmark report by the children’s charity NSPCC shows. Almost a third of school pupils believe online pornography dictates how

3/3 wounded... Category: world/news-politics Published: 22 July 2013 304


young people have to behave in a relationship, the study of 601 pupils aged 11... Category: world/news-politics Published: 03 September 2013 281


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