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Editor’s Note WHAT'S UP CANADA

What's up, bosses?! I am overjoyed to introduce my company's life after lockdown: Welcome to What's Up Canada's Magazine. We've come a long way from our days of "influencing" and hosting networking events across our beloved country, and we are thrilled to package up our work/life fun with a seasonal dose of entrepreneurial life and mindset! I would like to help bridge the start-up gap I faced when my entrepreneurial journey commenced. Although I was climbing that corporate ladder, I knew where my passions lay. Business ownership and strategy, for one, please! I was indeed thirsty for whatever resources were available, but let me tell you, the pipeline was as dark and quiet as our Canadian winter sky. At times, it felt as though I was walking on a treadmill, and if I stopped to rest… I'd get pushed right back to the very beginning. I didn't grasp the importance of a balanced lifestyle as I kept trying to tick off that never-ending "goals" checklist. As the pandemic paused the world for many, the operations of my companies were no exception — my team and my business owner friends weren't the only ones trying to pivot with the "new normal." So many others decided to join the business owner world! Great start-ups, inspiring thought leaders, product lines, podcasts, bloggers, and creators boomed, and we're here for it! With enthusiasm, I am proud to bring you our magazine, filled with BIG dreams and passion.

Samantha Regimbal Editor-in-Chief







We polled 12,000 25 through 40 year old business owners

The prime age for your career to flourish and to mesh with experience/education and life is between the ages of 35 and 54.


Roughly a third of new businesses exit within their first two years, and half exit within their first five years.

IT'S TIME TO START YOUR BRAND 63% of Business Owners are 40+ years old or older, 30% are between the ages of 30-40 years. 7% are between 20-30 years old.


The average business owner was 57 years old. AT THE END OF 2019

The average business owner was 55 years old.

AS OF MID 2022

The average business owner was 44 years old.

END OF 2022


1 out of 3 are considering starting, or has started their own business.

3 out of 5 business owners showcase behind-the-scenes footage of themselves in the workplace and a little less than 1/3 of them also become a personal "influencer" or creator due to this.

Behind every stat is a passionate person who works hard, has vision, takes risks, makes mistakes, and strives to make an impact. We must continue to support one another and get excited about our flourishing entrepreneurial world.



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03. EDITOR’S NOTE Welcome to What's Up Canada's first edition: Created by a small Canadian business for all of the incredible entrepreneurs and dreamers in our country.

04. DID YOU KNOW? We share some entrepreneurial business facts with you. We polled 12,000 Canadians, aged 25 through 40 small business owners.

05. ON THE COVER Grit & Grace's Coziest Luxe Beanie + Luxe Scarf Pair, Sewing Sweethearts Oversized Scrunchie and Little Blue House's Jersey PJ Set


10 WORK/LIFE BALANCE Tips For a New Year


BLOG: A Day in the Life of an Entrepreneur


IS LINKED’IN DEAD The Importance of a Professional Space




THIS OR THAT Business Game


WINTER WELLNESS Canadian Edition


START YOUR BRAND A Checklist to Getting Started as a Content Creator


MOTIVATIONAL BOOKS You Need in Your Life Now





THE DAILY GRIND PLANNER Website: IG: @thedailygrindplanner


THE HEMP SPOT Website: IG: @thehempspotca


GRIT & GRACE Website: IG: @gritandgraceclothing


THE PRETTY PINK STUDIO Website: IG: @theprettypinkstudio


HAICO’S HOT SAUCE Website: IG: @haicos_hot_sauce


SEWING SWEETHEARTS Website: IG: @sewingsweethearts


LITTLE BLUE HOUSE Website: IG: @littlebluehouse







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LIFESTYLE From a day in the life, mindset, wellness, thoughts and more.


our best tips for a new year Work-life balance is a tricky thing to strike for many. We all know the feeling of being constantly busy and juggling a crazy schedule. When this happens, finding time for the things that matter the most can be difficult. You can reduce stress and maintain a better balance between both with a few good ideas and practices. Working too much can grind you down, but with the fresh year upon us, we hope these work/life balance tips will help you live life to the fullest!


Learn how to say no


Use lunch breaks


Prioritize health

Saying no doesn’t mean that you are not a team player. It means that you know how to prioritize your time and you want to avoid burnout.

When you are working, you are constantly in a state of stress, and everything might seem out of control. You can use lunch breaks to exercise, meditate, or to de-stress just by doing something you like.

Prioritizing your health may be your first step to a happier work/life balance. Endorphins are the biggest stress and anxiety combater.



Invest in experiences and vacations Investing in experiences and vacations are great ways to build stronger relationships, strengthen your perspective, and find new opportunities for yourself. Unfortunately, it's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life, so we tend to forget to take a break and relax.


Schedule family time Family time should be non-negotiable but hard to schedule when you're continuously on the go. There are so many different things to do and so little time. So prepare those movie nights and weekend playtime together.


Ask for help and delegate tasks Asking for help is a sign of strength rather than weakness. It means that you care about the quality you put into your creations and are open to improving yourself by listening to someone willing to share their thoughts or expertise. Handing tasks off to someone better suited is a great decision.


Start journaling


Avoid too much caffeine

09 10

Journaling is a powerful tool to help you improve your life. It can be a way to get to know yourself and discover what you want. It can help you think deeper, reflect, and organize your thoughts.

Research suggests that people who intake too much caffeine become less productive quicker. Instead, opt for something healthier.

Be consistent with your waking up time Waking up early is a surefire way to strengthen your work/life balance, and being consistent will help you become more productive. In addition, it will help give your mind the daily rest it needs.

Create a to-do list Create a to-do list for balance by prioritizing what is important to you, making sure that it is manageable, and then making a plan for how you will get it done.


Know your limits. Don't push past them.

A DAY IN THE LIFE of an Entrepreneur

We can all agree that entrepreneurs are taking the world by storm. It's up to us to take hold of our life, health, and happiness. Entrepreneurship comes with many ups and downs. It is a lifelong journey filled with highs and lows, but one constant thing is maintaining a structured, clear, and achievable routine. So, how does "A Day in the Life of an Entrepreneur" look? Let me share my current daily routine with you!

Early Morning ·Relax and brew yourself a warm beverage, followed by meditation and a bit of sweat The day starts by waking up rested (as early as you can) and reading or journaling, followed by a hot cup of coffee and meditation. I then take some time to exercise for optimal brain health. How are we supposed to make important decisions today without it?!

Soaking in the tub while mentally prepping for your day is wondrous. Following that up with some workplace decluttering is an excellent task before starting your day. It'll help shed any distractions for optimal productivity.

Morning Bath time and then a quick organizing of my workplace

Late Morning Meetings, teamwork, and getting the harder stuff done

I start the day with the most important tasks, including meetings, client calls, team strategizing, and everything else. It is also the time to get those tedious work tasks checked off so that you can go into the afternoon with ease.


Lunch Break Fuel to feel amazing When in the grind of things, it's easy to forget to take a break to eat - but it is a must to fuel yourself to maintain your energy levels. I meal prep the night before and fill my lunch with brainhealthy foods like salads, fish, berries, whole grains, and sweet potatoes.

Afternoon Making personal connections The life of an entrepreneur can be a lonely one. To keep your sanity and have fun, you need to find ways to make personal connections with people in the same industry. It would also help if you found ways to connect on collaborations or new projects! This is also where I catch up on personal calls or any affairs I forgot to do throughout the day.

Evening Personal Time I start my evening by meal prepping for the next day, relaxing with my loved ones, catching up on shows, doing an activity, or hanging out with friends. Unplug and unwind. Sweet dreams to all and well done today!!

If you would like to submit your "routine" for our next edition, please submit to


one day the people who didn't believe in you will talk about how they met you. REPEAT THAT

Is LinkedIn Dead? The Importance of a Professional Space Social media is an excellent way to build and reinforce your brand. It allows for a presence in your industry and connection. Many platforms can be detrimental, be it YouTube, a personal blog site, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter – but there is nothing like LinkedIn. Staying on top of this proficient platform is vital for your professional footprint. LinkedIn allows us to build a networking bridge with professionals – you must establish that community to climb the corporate ladder, become an expert, or expand your company's network.

Now if you were to ask me, is LinkedIn Dead? It allows a person to discover new job opportunities, find new contacts, new skills, find recent conferences and

The Importance of LinkedIn for your professional success LinkedIn is now the most popular professional networking site in the world.

Many people today use it as their go-to platform for career opportunities and professional development. By creating a LinkedIn profile and connecting with other professionals in your field, you are able to maintain a strong network of people who can help you in the future. Additionally, when you are looking for a job, LinkedIn is an invaluable tool for your job search. It has many different features that keep you engaged, such as the ability to share your content, your resume, and network with your contacts. What's even better about it is that it has a free version. There are people in LinkedIn who will be able to offer you advice, gain industry insights, and get you in the door to new opportunities.

events, connect with those communities, and grow their brand – so no, it's not dead. Aside from the benefits that LinkedIn can give you; there are so many reasons (7 to be exact) as to why you should leverage it for your professional success.

For many , LinkedIn is the most important social media platform. It's not just the most accessible place to find work opportunities; it's also a fantastic place to connect with other professionals, share thoughts and ideas, and have a platform that's taken a little more seriously to showcase your expertise. So no, LinkedIn is alive and thriving!!


So why do we de-ice? The main purpose of deicing is to remove frozen contaminants from the aerodynamically sensitive areas of an airplane and to prevent any further contamination. As per the Canadian Aviation Regulations, no pilot shall take off or attempt to take off in an aircraft when there is any amount of snow, frost,

@captain_julian_514 Winter Aviation 101 De-Icing By Julian Compton Airline Pilot Hey guys, it’s Julian here with a little aviation 101! Do you travel frequently? I’m guessing many of you do! Did you know that when it comes to airline operations, there’s a big difference in the way we operate in winter compared to summer? It’s true! Flying in winter is much different than flying in the summer for a number of reasons! Many of you have no doubt taken a plane during the winter months, often to a southern destination to escape the cold. Understandable! Whether you fly from Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, or anywhere in Canada, there are precautions that must be taken during the winter season to ensure safety. One of those precautions is DE-ICING. Pretty much everyone has been on a flight where the pilots have had to taxi over to a central de-icing facility to have their aircraft de-iced prior to takeoff. This is a procedure that is required anytime there is ice, frost, or snow adhering to the wings and tail surfaces or when there is precipitation such as snow or freezing rain falling.

or ice adhering to its critical surfaces. Critical surfaces refer to the wings, horizontal stabilizer, control surfaces, and, to some extent, the aircraft's fuselage. In order for an airplane's wings and control surfaces to be aerodynamically efficient, there must be a smooth, laminar flow of air over them. If there is any ice, frost, or snow adhering to these surfaces, the wing's aerodynamic lifting capabilities are greatly reduced, which could lead to what's known as an "aerodynamic stall." This is a condition where the airflow over the wing's upper surface is disturbed and separated, and the wing can no longer produce enough lift to sustain an aircraft in flight. In addition, frozen contamination can cause control surfaces such as ailerons and elevators to jam, thereby restricting their movement.

The main purpose of de-icing is to remove frozen contaminants from the aerodynamically sensitive areas of an airplane and to prevent any further contamination.


It is, for this reason, we must de-ice before takeoff! De-icing is done either as a ONE-STEP or TWO-STEP procedure and is explained below…

ONE-STEP The ONE-STEP procedure uses TYPE 1 de-icing fluid. This propylene glycol-based fluid is orange and is applied with hot water dilution to remove all snow, ice, or frost from an aircraft's wings and control surfaces. This fluid has very low viscosity and easily flows off a surface. TYPE 1 fluid is used only to remove snow or frost and does not provide anti-ice protection.

Once airborne, the fluid will have sheared off from the takeoff roll, and the aircraft's ice protection systems will be turned on to protect against any ice accumulation. On commercial jets, hot bleed air from the engines is used to heat the leading edges of the wings and engine inlets to prevent ice accumulation. On smaller propeller-driven




along the wings' leading edges inflate and







precipitation, such as snow or freezing rain, involves TYPE 1 and TYPE 4 fluids. TYPE 4 fluid is also a propylene glycol-based fluid, but it is florescent green in color and is thicker than TYPE I. During conditions of active precipitation, the TWO-STEP de-icing procedure ensures that an aircraft is first cleaned of all frozen contaminants, then protected from further accumulation. During step one, TYPE 1 fluid removes all snow, frost, and ice from the critical

deflate to break off ice. De-icing operations are carried out by highly trained personnel who know the various fluids used and any temperature limitations they may have; what's fantastic to see at some airports is that these personnel can operate their de-icing trucks remotely while sitting in a pod at the end of an extendable crane! And there you have it! De-icing simplified! So the next time you travel and de-icing is required, keep a sharp eye out for the colors of the fluids being used!

surfaces. The second step must immediately follow, which involves using TYPE 4 fluid. The higher viscosity of TYPE 4 fluid provides what's known as a holdover time while the aircraft awaits its turn for takeoff. We use holdover guidelines to determine how long the fluid will prevent any further accumulation of snow, frost, or ice while we wait.



























CANADA When it comes to Canadian winter there’s nothing like being prepared. What are some Canadian winter wellness essentials to have on hand when that cold weather hits? Here are some tried and true tips to help you cope with the cold this winter. Your Coat: Investing in a good coat won’t stop paying off during a typical Canadian winter, especially if a deep freeze sets in. Why? We can self-regulate our temperature to a point, but when it gets too cold out, we need to rely on properly insulated outerwear. Winter accessories: A quality hat, scarf, and gloves aren’t just about style; they play a significant role in keeping you warm and protecting your skin from the elements. Winter is swiftly approaching, and so is flu season. Instead of fighting off the flu, do your best to try and prevent it in the first place; after all, they say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Hearty drinks & soup: You absolutely need to have a delicious, immunity-boosting tea on hand, as simple as lemon, turmeric, and ginger, or cinnamon and apple cider, or that soup recipe passed down from your grandma – if you don’t have one, there’s sure to be a recipe out there for you. There is nothing like a sip of delicious goodness to warm you to your core. Health supplements: Of course, as the cold season swiftly approaches, remember to keep your vitamins and supplements, a key winter wellness essential, in stock. Take your supplements daily to boost your immune system, prevent illness and keep your body strong.



Start your Brand a Checklist to Getting Started as a Content Creator Content creators have been popular in the digital world with the advent of social media on popular platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and even podcasting. Content creators work with a variety of niches and topics and are always striving to be more creative in their output. However, if you want to be a successful creator or influencer, it's important to keep track of your work and to create content that is engaging, unique, and memorable. You should also do it in a fun, witty, and highly informative way. Sounds a little extravagant, right? No worries! We are here to give you a quick checklist on getting started!



Content creators have been popular in the digital world for quite some time now. If you are looking to start a YouTube channel, blog, podcast, or any type of content, the first step is coming up with ideas. Jot down notes. Make a list of topics. Choose a genre. Pick your purpose. Focus on your audience. Target your market. Remember, when creating ideas, you may need to follow certain rules or guidelines. Try writing the first thing that comes to your mind and working on it.

RESEARCH IS IMPORTANT As a content creator, you have to know how to find the best sources for your content. Your research should be thorough, and you should find sources that have information that is reliable. There are many ways to do research from google, books, podcasts and even learning from friends and family. It's time-consuming, but sure will pay off if you stick to it






From personal branding to blog posts to social media posts, one of the most important things you can do to make your content successful is to make sure that it has a direction and consistency. You don't want your content to be all over the place. This will make it harder for people to follow what you are trying to say. Instead, make sure you are creating a content map and follow it through. You can always switch some stuff up as you go, but be sure to have a plan.

POLISH, PUBLISH AND BE PROUD OF YOURSELF It’s important to polish your content before you publish, as it will help ensure that you are creating high-quality content your audience can benefit from. It will also help to avoid any issues that may come up once you do end up releasing it. For example, if you publish a video without editing it first, it could end up being blurry or grainy. It's also crucial to prevent any grammatical errors or typos in your work.


If you take the time to polish your content before you publish, it will be easy to find little details you may have passed over.



You Need in Your Life Now Many of us have a love and appreciation for reading – especially when talking about self-development, growth, and motivation. With that, here are 10 Motivational Books You Need in Your Life Now! HOW TO WIN FRIENDS & INFLUENCE PEOPLE BY DALE CARNEGIE


In the book, Dale Carnegie talks about how you can use the method of "The Magic Formula for Success" to help you to win people over and to be the person that you want to be in the eyes of many.

7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE BY STEPHEN R. COVEY This book is designed to make people more effective, both at work and in their personal lives. These are habits that are considered to be critical for success and happiness.




This book is about the power of positive thinking. It is an inspiring book that shows you how to achieve success. The most famous quote from the book is “A quitter never wins-and-a winner never quits.”

RICH DAD POOR DAD BY ROBERT T. KIYOSAKI This book is centered around the idea that people should learn from the mistakes of those who have already succeeded, not from the mistakes of those who fail. It's a motivational guide that teaches the reader that they can achieve anything if they put their mind to it – in financial terms


or not.

YOU ARE A BADASS BY JEN SINCERO You are a Badass by Jen Sincero is one of the best motivational books to


read. It is full of great life lessons and quotes that will help you on your journey to be the best version of yourself and how you can help yourself to develop a personal philosophy.





The Power of Habit is a book about how habits can impact our lives. It is written in a way that is easy to understand, and it is filled with interesting facts and examples of how habits have been adopted by people from all walks of life.

CHANGE YOUR QUESTIONS, CHANGE YOUR LIFE BY MARILEE G. ADAMS Marilee G. Adams created this book is to help people ask better interrogations and


shift their perspective in order to feel empowered and in control of their life.



The main idea of the book is that anyone with a dream and a willingness to work hard can create their own business and be successful – even with a $100 startup.



The book is about a new way of creating businesses that are strategic, customerfocused, and built on the idea of creating a learning organization. The Lean Startup is an effective, validated approach to entrepreneurship that provides a framework for building a business.



The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod is a motivational book about the science of waking up early. The book is full of research-backed ways to improve your life with the morning, including how to make the most of it.


ENTREPRENEUR Canada's creators, thought leaders, influencers, role models, start-ups and inspiring brands.

planner We’re less than a month away from NEW YEAR, NEW ME time!! Fresh habits and goal setting, anyone? I wish I could start splattering ink in my newly purchased planner, but naturally, I have to wait for January 1st. I’m soooo ready now though! Ok, goal-setting queen, the new year is just around the corner. Chill. DECEMBER 31: 10:30 am: Rise and shine, and a happy new year to me! It’s so late! I slept in. I did get my 8 hours of sleep, though. Checkmark to that new sleep hours goal. Shoot, I wanted to start this year with my daily workout by 9 am, then juicing, then journaling by 10 am. A reel and reply to all comments on last week’s vlog by noon. I wanted my early afternoon to be spent prepping for dinner and going outside for that 30minute walk to attempt those 10,000 steps. Do 30 minutes even equate to 10,000 steps? Omg, what the heck. I’m already behind. 10:30 am: Rise and shine and a happy new year to me! It’s so late! I slept in. I did get my 8 hours of sleep though. Checkmark to that new sleep hours goal. Shoot, I wanted to start this year with my daily workout by 9 am, then juicing, then journaling by 10 am. A reel and reply to all comments on last week’s vlog by noon…. I wanted my early afternoon to be spent prepping for dinner and going outside for that 30-minute walk to attempt those 10,000 steps. Do 30 minutes even equate to 10,000 steps? Omg… what the heck. I’m already behind. The reality? I just want to stay in pj’s. It’s technically still a holiday. I should take the day off. I worked hard all week. Let me just check tik tok and watch the end of the last of the Harry Potter movie from our HP holiday marathon under my cozy new gifted duvet from sissy. Check. I’m hungry. Door dash vs. Uber eats… hmmm… 12:30 am, the doorbell strikes sushi time. Sushi and movies and enjoying new year’s day in pj’s, anyone?


Does this sound familiar? In our opinion, New Year's Day is exactly for this! Enjoy it. You deserve it! What you don't warrant is to feel like you've let yourself down a day into the new year – or ever. We get it, it's nice to have a spanking new beginning and plan, and if you're anything like us, you've been looking forward to it for the last few weeks. What happens if your Day 1 of 365 is an epic disappointment? The award for overachiever goes to… Day 1 could actually start on January 2nd or the 20th. Maybe it started yesterday or the day after you got your planner. How do we figure, you ask? Oh, because year-long planners are so 2022. Three words, one term your inner boss self lives by = "The Daily Grind." It's your turn to prioritize the things that matter to you, when you want, how you want to and to get them done. Everything looks different from this time last year, a decade ago, and especially when our parents were grinding their 40-hour corporate work weeks. Things have evolved, and so has the way we plan. The Daily Grind Planner starts with you. Your wellness, your business plans, your rules. You. The best part? You can start using it whenever you wish. In fact, it is not a cookie-cutter 365-page planner, and it is designed to be used over four months! Hello, hitting goals even quicker! TDGP is the absolute perfect size, and the quality is like no other. Hardcover, beautifully drawn pages by the creator Angie Bellemare (more on this boss babe to follow), and thick pages that won't disappoint you the next day as your beautiful markers won't bleed through. We know; we've tried. What we're obsessed with is that the layout breaks your goals down into bite-sized pieces that are so manageable! The fun part, you'll even be able to track your progress and see it all visually. Hello, selfconfidence.


At the beginning of each month, you write out ten goals. You'll take those big goals and then write out mini ones that you can count on hitting by the end of that week. Copy and paste this process until the end of the month, when you'll circle back to the big goals page to close off and then record your next set of goals for the next month. The planner helps you to scale mini goals to hit your big goals, and WE'RE HERE FOR IT!! Remember that new planner feeling we described up top, you know, the feeling of opening it up and getting excited about a new start – double that – then add colors!!! FOR REAL. This planner encourages starting your day with a dose of creativity, doodling, mantras, stickers, or WHATEVER YOU'D LIKE, and we're first in line. Finally, this planner is date-less, so you can get started NOW!! Hey, where'd you all go? Happy slaying babes (and bros).


Connect with The Daily Grind Planner Website: Amazon: The Daily Grind Planner IG: @thedailygrindplanner




Angie Bellemare When did the brand/business start? Why? What was the inspiration or reason? We (my husband & I) started the Daily Grind brand in November of 2021. The original ‘Daily Grind’ concept stemmed from this idea based around the way that I plan my day. For years I have been making “Plan with Me'' videos for my Youtube channel where I would break down my goals for the months, weeks, and days ahead in a blank bullet journal. To me, the videos felt SO repetitive because I really just do the same thing every morning to plan my day. Regardless, the people who watch my videos seemed to love them, and I would always get comments about wanting to mimic my way of planning. So, we thought: why not make it easy for them? Thus, after a couple months of conceptualizing, hand drawing each page layout & cover and finding the right printing partner, the Daily Grind planner was born! A big part of my personal brand & mission is to help people dream BIG and create a life they love and The Daily Grind planner fit perfectly into that mission, so that is why we decided this was a project worth investing time into, and of course a whole lot of love!

What was the biggest start-up challenge? EThe biggest hurdle was finding a production partner who could appreciate & understand our quality standards and overall expectations. When you say you want a hard cover planner, that’s metal-ring bound, flat lay, that doesn’t bleed at all and that won’t crease or weather too much with time, you get a lot of “dream on” type of responses, lol.

What was your greatest milestone? We have a Facebook community group for our customers as our way of offering support & accountability. The group is growing every day and is on track to reaching nearly 1,000 members. By the time this is published, my hope is that we have met that milestone, and that would be the greatest one we’ve accomplished in my opinion. I feel like wanting to interact with a brand post-purchase is such a huge indicator that you’re doing something really special, and for there to be over 1,000 people who feel that way, it’s such a great reminder that what we are doing matters and is affecting people in the best ways!

What advice do you have for business owners? During one of my very first business presentations, I was asked, “what are three keys to seeing success in business?” While I pulled the response out of my back pocket, it ended up being surprisingly accurate in my experiences. My “three keys building to a successful business” 1 – Consistency: From effort, to customer experience. If you can deliver consistently, you’re already a step ahead of the game. 2 – Longevity (aka patience): The caveat here is that you are constantly checking in with yourself to make sure you’re doing the right, needle moving actions. But if you are seeing slow & steady growth, perfect. Be patient, and stick with it. You’ll start to see meaningful results soon enough. 3 – Belief: You HAVE to believe in yourself, the product/service you’re advocating for, and the purpose you are serving in building your business.

What’s your favourite thing about being Canadian? I don’t know that I can pinpoint a singular thing I really love about being Canadian. I can say that Canada has been an amazing place to live. I feel a sense of community almost anywhere I go in the world when I bump into a fellow Canadian. I feel safe, I enjoy the seasons, and I feel as though there is a great diversity in people, passions, talents, and interests.


Dream. Plan. Do.

The Hemp Spot

A New Wellness Addition? If you've done any research about the state of health in our country, it's no secret that we're in a challenging place. So many are struggling with health and wellness, but it's up to us to try our best to be on top of it. It's our body. There are, of course, those expected things that you should already be doing: a proper diet, fruits, vegetables, and lean protein, and doing our best to avoid unhealthy and processed foods. You should also be drinking those 8 glasses of water every day. Making sure that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs is imperative. Something that we have just discovered, though, is that taking supplements with Hemp could possibly be an added perk for your body's health!

About The Hemp Spot The Hemp Spot has worked hard to become Canada's leading supplier of hemp-based food and supplements as they offer a range of products made with high-quality hemp. Many of Hemp Spot's food and dietary supplements are made with the purest, most natural ingredients and are 100% vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and nutfree. Hemp Spot's products help stimulate healthy skin, healthy bones, and regular metabolism and keep our reproductive systems in good physical shape.


WHAT IS HEMP? Hemp, also known as cannabis Sativa, is one of the most surprising crops you may not have heard of before. In fact, many people don't know that hemp is really a type of plant that is versatile and can create over 2500 different health products. Hemp supplements are becoming more and more popular today. The reason is that they are not only healthy, but they are also fairly inexpensive.

The Hemp Spot's Products


The Hemp Spot has so many different lines ranging from Hemp Seed Oil, Smoothie Mixes,

Hemp Seed Hearts, Bath & Body

Products, Supplements, Pet Products, a Men's line, and so much more!


Each category serves a different need in our day-to-day life!

Connect with The Hemp Spot IG: @thehempspotca FB: he Hemp Spot Website: At The Hemp Spot we offer a large selection of Canadian hemp products made from small Canadian hemp farmers and small Canadian hemp businesses.


INTERVIEW with The Hemp Spot's


When did the brand/business start? Why? What was the inspiration or reason? Why I created The Hemp Spot was because when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis. I was looking for healthier protein products for quicker recovery from my work outs as well as natural pain relief options for my inflammation. Once I discovered more natural protein options, I came across Hemp Protein and learned how much more protein per serving hemp protein had compared to other proteins and all the other benefits of including hemp into your diet. After searching for more Canadian Hemp products to try out I quickly realized there were VERY few stores holding Hemp products and not one store that was strictly Canadian hemp based. At that point in 2018, The Hemp Spot was created!

What was your greatest milestone? My biggest milestone that came to light once I started this business was I found I truly love being an entrepreneur and networking with other Hemp entrepreneurs and Hemp farmers across Canada. One of my true passions is teaching the public about Hemp and all of the benefits it has for yourself and our environment! Making a difference for people and our planet is a dream come true! Also, this year I was able to finally show Facebook/Meta that Hemp is not illegal and I should be allowed to advertise, after much debate and battling- they now allow us to advertise which has been on hold since 2018. This is another win in my books.

What was the biggest start-up challenge? As a new Canadian Hemp business, we faced many different problems while trying to get started. Getting a business bank account proved to be challenging and a lot harder than I expected. I had gone to every and any bank that would sit down and have a conversation with me to try and gain a business account. We had to showcase how we are a Canadian Hemp company and not a Marijuana company. Many times we were told "A bank does not have to accept any business to open an account". The banks did not want me to open a business account as they deemed Hemp and Marijuana as the same- even though Hemp has been legal in Canada since 1998 and Marijuana has been more recently made legal in Canada in 2018. Still to this day we are unable to utilize our social media platforms to the fullest ability because Hemp is still considered Marijuana on their advertising rules. We are still at risk for them to think we are a Marijuana company and ban us for advertising "drugs" on their platforms. Even though Hemp is NOT the same as Marijuana and has many other Industrial uses that are environmentally friendly it is still considered a drug by Facebook and Instagram. Not being able to advertise on Social Media is really impacting our ability to become a recognized brand in Canada. Finally, to this day we struggle to find a retail location in Ajax, one that is affordable and where the landlords understand my business and what Hemp is.

What advice do you have for business owners? The advice I would give to other entrepreneurs who are starting their own business, whether that be in the hemp business or not, is you need to be passionate about what you do! The long days and stressful times will be much easier to overcome when you still love what you do. You should always focus on networking and building good solid business relationships. It is ok to make mistakes while you are learning as it is a part of the process, just don't make the same mistakes twice. You should expect a few years of losses as that is normal in business, just believe in yourself and what you are trying to accomplish, stay true to yourself and your vision for your business and persevere. If you can do those things you will get through the tough times

What’s your favourite thing about being Canadian? Personally, my favourite thing about being Canadian is the freedom and the choices/opportunities we have. I have been all over Canada and I love every place I have been to/lived in.


No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow your progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn't trying. -Tony Robbins

Grit & Grace:

Our Winter Must Have Winter weather is a BIG part of our Canadian life as we're embedded in the cold most of the year! This said, apparel this time of the year is not just to cover up or sport a fashion piece; we actually NEED to layer and bundle up tightly. Our clothing needs to be durable in order to protect us from the snow and chili winds, yet comfy enough to keep us happy and warm - throwing some hot cocoa into the mix doesn't hurt either! So, we're here to tell you about our one small obsession. Actually, make it two and oversize it! What is our Canadian Winter must-have, you ask!? Simple: The buttery soft and slouchy Oversized Two-Pocket Coatigan! We can't get enough of it, and it is a true Canadian must-have. Designed to provide warmth and style to one's look, it is such a fun and casual coat for fashion-forwardness at its finest. Let's take a closer look at why we're raving about this beautiful Coatigan.

Available in different colors The Oversized Two-Pocket Coatigan is an ultra-cozy boho addition to any wardrobe and is carried in such a diverse variety of colors!

Made with 60% Acrylic / 30% Spandex / 10% Polyester With its versatile and inclusive one size fits all, it's made with 60% Acrylic / 30% Spandex / 10% Polyester, with a wide, oversized fit, the coatigan is perfect for layering.

Can be styled in any way This versatile piece has the ability to be worn in various ways, from a shirt to a skirt or even a dress. You can also pair this piece with boots, over a dress, and even with a turtle neck to create a chic look.

Cocoon style silhouette and deep side pockets The oversized two-pocket coatigan has a cocoon-style silhouette and deep side pockets, and no button closure. Its contemporary styling is complemented with a straight cut that falls to a long duster length.

We're thrilled to introduce you to the sweater of our dreams and believe it to be the perfect way to stay cozy and gorgeous! As much as you can wear it out and about, be sure to enjoy it around the house, bring it with you on your next trip in the sky, date night, or just about anywhere. The Oversized TwoPocket Coatigan is our must-have this season!




Grit & Grace's

Penny Light

When did the brand/business start? Why? What was the inspiration or reason? After 19 years in the corporate world, working for some fortune 500 companies, I kicked off my heels, threw down my pencil skirt put on flip flops and a sundress and I moved to Costa Rica (after a previous year spent living in Botswana, Africa) In Costa Rica I founded a transformative adventure travel company – Live Life Light Adventures and a marketing consulting company working with high-end tourism properties. Whilst there I reconnected with my one true love, a boyfriend I had in my early 20s and we were in a long-distance relationship for about a year. On one of my visits back to Canada, the world came to a rather abrupt halt, as we all know, shutting completely down. The travel industry came to a screeching halt, and in 24 hours, all my contracts got cancelled and I was refunding guests who had booked trips with me. I had left my home in Costa Rica for this one visit not knowing that I wouldn’t be returning. After about 4 months when we realized this wasn’t ending anytime soon, I had to make the difficult decision to let my home there go. My friends had to pack up my home, and put my things in storage for me, and I was forced to pivot, hard. It was while shopping for a new Canadian weather-appropriate wardrobe (all I owned were bathing suits and flip flops) that I became disappointed in the Canadian retail landscape for women, specifically women my age, around 47 (ahem) who are youthful, and loved expressing themselves through fashion. Let’s face it, we’re not our mothers, or our grandmother’s version of middle-age anymore. We’re more youthful, light, and wish to express ourselves as such. I came home from shopping feeling worse about myself, not better. So out of frustration, and in the middle of a global pandemic, in June 2020 I opened the first Grit & Grace location in Sauble Beach, Ontario. I wanted to curate unique, high-quality clothing for women just like me… and to create a space where women would feel welcome and confident in their own skin. I want Grit & Grace to feel less like a store and more like the home of a great friend. It’s why our stores have a cozy, living-room-style seating area – so we can all gather, connect and lift each other up. And sometimes even sip rosé! I also wanted, first and foremost, to create a community, and if in that woman found unique and storied pieces (dresses) that they felt great wearing, and self-expressive in, then even better. In our community, we host book clubs, workshops, yoga, dance classes, private shopping parties, tarot card readings, and more. Sauble Beach is a seasonal location, opening in the spring and closing in the fall. I now live in Guelph Ontario and so it made sense to open a 2nd location that would be year-round in my (now) hometown. As it turns out, people are really digging my little creation and so I am opening a third & fourth location in 2023 in Toronto with plans to open one store a year. Maybe even one in Costa Rica!

What was the biggest start-up challenge? Every single day is a challenge. Every single day I google “how to”. I have no idea what I am doing from one day to the next. But I wouldn’t trade that in for the world. Because of this, I am constantly learning, constantly growing. I have zero desire to be comfortable. My only desire is to be constantly growing, both professionally and personally. Also, the “pivot”. I’m so sick of the pivot, but if there is one thing more certain than taxes in entrepreneurship, it’s that you’ll ALWAYS be pivoting. You just have to learn how to scuttle the ship and go with the flow.


What was your greatest milestone? Honestly, just doing “this” every day. Often, I look back on my life and I’m like, ‘dang girl, look at you doing your own thing’. This shit is hard, be proud even when it’s scary, even when it’s not going to plan, which it often does not. Also, when Rio Can came to me and asked G&G to join their portfolio in their new “work, live, play” project in downtown Toronto called “The Well”. When a company that size believes in you, it’s a pretty big compliment!

What advice do you have for business owners? Surround yourself with people smarter than you. Build, and empower your team. Invest in people, not ideas. Business ideas fail, but people who keep trying are more likely to improve the odds with each new venture. Build your business on strong values and live them. It’s the foundation that will hold you up G&G was built upon a strong value system; it was the very first thing I got clear on when creating G&G. It’s our north star. I believe it’s what’s attracted such a great team, and such great and loyal customers.

What’s your favourite thing about being Canadian? I am part Métis. My father, before he died, submerged himself in this beautiful part of our heritage to learn more, to understand more and to teach me. I am proud to be Métis, it is my Canadian heritage. As a world traveller, when asked where I was from, I’ve always felt pride to say I’m Canadian. In fact, I’d often go even further to say, I am as Canadian as Canadian gets. Though I’ve lived several places throughout the world, Canada was a home I was able to freely come back to amid a global pandemic and so easily repatriate myself into Canada, and start a new business in the middle of a pandemic. Canada really does support entrepreneurship in so many ways. Canada is a place that is, and has been, a beacon of hope for so many from other countries that choose to also call Canada home, of this I am very proud. The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people. I probably love this most about Canada.

My key driving force to become an entrepreneur? Time freedom. After 18 years in corporate working on someone else’s dream, and my time being dictated by a force outside of my control I felt so claustrophobic. I wanted more than anything to own my time. Now, I do.

Founder Connect with Grit & Grace


Website: IG: @gritandgraceclothing FB: Grit & Grace Clothing TikTok: @gritandgracestyle Shop with us in-store! Grit & Grace Guelph: 24 Wilson Street, Downtown Guelph ONTARIO


The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do. -STEVE JOBS

The Pretty Pink Studio

Feeling inspired and excited is a goal that all of us should have, and having healthy self-esteem is a must for feeling great, but how about the feeling of pretty joyful? Even in the tiniest, simplest things in life?

The Pretty Pink Studio is an online business run by the inspiring Denise Foley. She is committed to providing quality prints with a beautiful aesthetic that will surely lift your spirits! From art prints, bookmarks, notecards, and vinyl stickers, Denise’s illustrations truly reflect the significance of the feminine to both the individual and the world we inhabit.

About The Pretty Pink Studio The Pretty Pink Studio was created by Denise’s young girl dream as she’d spend lots of her free time creating beautiful feminine images. Fast forward to present day, Denise now creates unbelievable illustrations that are incredibly unique from the traditional look of most artworks as they are created with a personal style and tell a story. Reaching the hearts of others through art is a beautiful thing and The Pretty Pink Studio has an out-of-this-world method way of doing it. Denise’s work is a great source of inspiration, and her illustrations are an adorable way to brighten up any day. Just imagine someone receiving a pastel-colored birthday candles greeting card or a rosy cotton candy art print – instant happiness is what we’re talking about. Truly, it’s the simple things in life that make us ecstatic

The Pretty Pink Studio offers

There are few things as exciting as opening a up a parcel and feeling overjoyed with cuteness and excitement, but TPPS exceeds this emotion! The Pretty Pink Studio helps spread the joy of reading by creating trendy bookmarks, also offers notecards, sticker sheets, and vinyl stickers perfect for gift-giving and scrapbooking, as well as making a statement about your style. The graphic and stationery small business also offers greeting cards and art prints for every occasion, including your baby's first birthday, your love for all holidays, welcoming little ones in this world, and more! There’s no denying that The Pretty Pink Studio is from a fairyland, and we hope that you can decorate your life with a bit of their cutest, heartwarming illustrations!





Pretty Pink Studio's

When did the brand/business start? Why? What was the inspiration or reason?


I started The Pretty Pink Studio in January 2015. I had just closed a previous art shop and didn't find much success, but I still wanted to pursue an art career. I had an Instagram account at the time but used it sporadically. I noticed a massive shift in artists sharing their artwork and finding success. I discovered new mediums, tried them out, and enjoyed learning how to use them. After feeling inspired and learning from various illustrators, I transitioned from paper and markers to digital. Over the last seven years, my inspiration and style have changed significantly. I used to feel inspired by fashion and photography. Although these two are still part of my creative process, I feel more drawn to creating child-like illustrations and designs. I love playful images and bright colours, especially stationery. It's taken me a while to discover what I genuinely love illustrating, and right now, I'm enjoying creating what I think will inspire young children and artists to live creatively.

What was the biggest start-up challenge? My biggest start-up challenge would be investing in quality materials that present my work at its best. A lot of time and money goes into purchasing the best printer, shipping material and finding the best companies to outsource.

What was your greatest milestone? Illustrating and designing a children's book, being accepted to The One of a Kind Show in Toronto, and landing a contract with a stationery company that licenses my artwork.

What advice do you have for business owners? You won't know until you try. I kept delaying starting my own business because I didn't think my artwork was good enough. Make friends with other designers and small business owners. You'd be surprised how supportive the community is!

What’s your favourite thing about being Canadian? I've travelled to several different provinces across Canada. Canada is absolutely beautiful. My favourite so far is New Brunswick and Newfoundland. Travelling through Canada is underrated, and every Canadian should see how beautiful it truly is.

Connect with The Pretty Pink Studio Denise


IG: @theprettypinkstudio FB: The Pretty Pink Studio Website: Etsy: The Pretty Pink Studio am also on Faire Wholesale Market and offer wholesale prices for small shops on my website. You can also find me at local markets in Simcoe County, Vaughan and Toronto. Lastly, you can see my illustrations on products sold in TJMaxx family stores like HomeSense, Marshalls, Winners, etc.


HAICO’S HOT SAUCE REIGN Canadians don't always agree on everything under the sun, but if there's one thing we can all agree on, it's our love for hot sauce! This is probably because hot sauce is so versatile and delish. It can be used as a condiment, on a variety of dishes, and as a dipping sauce for just about anything. Due to this, you can find small businesses trying to whip up their sauces all throughout Canada. Haico's Hot Sauce, though, is one of the best brands we've tried, and we need them all! From Mild to Wild – to Stupid (hot), their sauces have us drooling! From light to strong tastes, they will please any palate and surely have your mouth watering and your stomach rumbling in no time.

ABOUT HAICO’S HOT SAUCE Hot sauce is a staple in any cook’s kitchen, but it started when Haico moved to Canada and started experimenting with matching the level of spicy heat he was accustomed to from his Indonesian home. Disappointed with the selection, he decided to just grow peppers in his backyard and create his own hot sauce, and well, the rest of Haico’s Hot Sauce story is just history.









peppers, Haico’s bestseller Ring of Fire has a spicy taste and a burn that can last for hours. This hot sauce is made with natural ingredients, including peaches and apple cider vinegar, so there’s a hint of sourness and sweetness – and we can’t think of a better combination! Another best seller is The Scorpion’s Kiss which hails from an inspiration. It is a high-heat pepper sauce with a fruity and citrusy flavor, consisting of Ghost Peppers, Trinidad Scorpion Peppers, and Jalapenos. This hot sauce is just brutal. Haico’s offers 13 different flavors of hot sauces for you to choose from. They also offer limited edition sauces called Canadian Color Cleanser and Devilishly Wild. Obviously, according to their names, they’re not for the faint-hearted.

THE HAICO’S HOT SAUCE WAY Instead of trying to find ways to make your own sauces, you should rely on Haico's! You'll fall in love with their line like the rest of the crowd. Reach out for that blazing fire your tongue is looking for!




When did the brand/business start? Why? What was the inspiration or reason? Haico grew up in The Netherlands in a very multi-cultural environment. East Indian, Surinam, Indonesian and many others. This helped him to develop a taste for sophisticated spicy food at a young age. Once Haico moved to Canada in 2005, he tried to find the same level of flavor and heat in the hot sauces and cooking in Canada, but the selection was very limited. Haico started by growing a few peppers and making hot sauce that he shared with friends. Friends loved the sauces and encouraged Haico to make more and sell them. Soon his hobby turned into a full-time successful business with an ever-growing number of mild to wild hot sauces. Peppers are grown in Ottawa by Haico and his wife, Angela. Any ingredients that cannot be grown locally, due to the weather (like peaches) are purchased at local farmer’smarkets whenever possible. The peppers grown in Ottawa’s backyard vary from Hungarian Wax Peppers, Jalapeños and Mild Chilies on one side of the heat spectrum to Habaneros, Ghost Peppers, Scorpion Peppers, and even Carolina Reapers (the current Guinness World Record holders for being the hottest pepper on the planet!) The result is a wide variety of hot sauces, all with their own distinct flavor palate and heat level. In other words, there is a flavor for every pepper head or wannabe pepper head out there! Even people that have never had a liking for hot sauces will be convinced and converted.

What was the biggest start-up challenge? Biggest start up challenge was making enough sauce to supply the demand for great sauces. From sourcing bottles, to growing enough peppers and having enough time to make the sauces. As we mentioned previously, we will always make our own sauces so we can control the quality and the ingredients.

What was your greatest milestone? Greatest milestone was winning our first award in Louisiana for our Not Just BBQ Sauce. Third place in the World Hot Sauce Awards!!! Very proud of this product!!

What advice do you have for business owners?


Find a product or service you are passionate about. Start small, do lots of research on rules and regulations. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice.

What’s your favourite thing about being Canadian? Haico is still a Dutch citizen but proud to call Canada his home.

Connect with Haico's Hot Sauce IG: @haicos_hot_sauce FB: TakingOverTheWorldWithHotSauce Website: Haico’s Hot Sauce can also be bought in person at the many farmers markets and events they attend each year. You will also find them at a few specialty stores across Canada. They are listed on the website.

Haico & wife Angela


Sewing Sweethearts Hair is a SO MUCH FUN and we love accessorizing it as much as we possibly can! There are indeed certain hairstyles that are most appealing for specific times and occasions, but for the most part, we appreciate the "at home" hairstyles, which typically consist of throwing it on up in a bun, braids... or pushing it out of your face in some manner. Indeed, hair is an important aspect that most tend to take care of on a daily: It needs to be clean, smell nice, look great, and be healthy, but how do you make sure you have the most fun with it? Scrunchies and headbands, that's how!

Sewing Sweethearts With a passion for fashion and an appreciation for the art of handmade craftsmanship, Sewing Sweethearts creates scrunchies and headbands that are both fashionable and functional. They are made with care, using high-quality materials and fabrics, and they come in a variety of colors and patterns. Sewing Sweetheart's designs are original and unique and are inspired by life, love, occasions, and friendship!

a little more

Sewing Sweethearts Collections There is no better way to show your seasonal vibe than with a handmade headband or scrunchy. From candy cane prints for Christmas, cozy cabin plaid for the winter, hearts, and love for valentines, Sewing Sweethearts brings out the best' festive mood' for every season and holiday! The headbands are incredibly high quality, with the perfect stretch factor that is soft and comfortable – perfect for fitness or everyday wear! Their scrunchies, on the other hand, come in oversized and have that stronghold that we all strive for, made with thick and thin hair in mind. What's best of all, though, is the absolute comfort they possess, offering such a wide variety of color choices and fabrics that you'll have the perfect accessory at all times!

Created on maternity leave, Sewing Sweethearts is so inspirational to all, especially other Mommies out there!





business is all the rave for hair lovers everywhere! What else, you ask? There is now a mini-line for your kiddies! So style it up, down, curled, put up in a braid, or just leave






Sweetheart piece.

Connect with Sewing Sweethearts IG: @sewingsweethearts FB: Sewing Sweethearts Website:







When did the brand/business start? Why? What was the inspiration or reason? I started Sewing Sweethearts in June 2020. I had started sewing headbands for personal use a couple months prior to deal with my post partum hair loss, and to use during my post partum fitness journey since I couldn’t seem to find one that didn’t slide or was comfortable. Friends encouraged me to start selling them during my maternity leave, and I thought why not?! It gave me something to focus on for me at night after busy and lonely days with a baby at home during the lockdown. I received so much support, and haven’t stopped since! It’s allowed me to extend my maternity leave, have another baby, and extend that maternity leave as well!

What was your greatest milestone? My greatest milestone would likely have to be the birth of my youngest son. Running a small business with a child in school, a toddler at home, a baby, and after having gone through an emergency c-section felt impossible. But, I never gave up. The fact that I was able to jump back in at 2 weeks post partum, proved to me that I have the strength and will to do what needs to be done to make this successful. My kids pushed me to follow my passion and I hope that I can inspire them to do the same.

What advice do you have for business owners? There are so many days where you may want to throw in the towel, give up, cry - but pushing through those hard days is so worth it! Seeing your passion come to life, and others loving it as well, makes everything worth it.

What’s your favourite thing about being Canadian? Real maple syrup? Haha. But in all seriousness, while I feel like we have a road to climb for true women’s equality, I feel like we have many freedoms here that others are sadly struggling to receive.

What was the biggest start-up challenge? The biggest start-up challenge, and challenge to this day, is time! I have one child in school and a toddler and baby at home with me, so having enough hours in a day to take care of everyone and this business is definitely a challenge. But it’s so worth it!


our choice lifestyle

and sleepwear brand

Something that makes life even better are PJs and sleepwear, and LBH has got us covered! Be it nightshirts, long johns, or a perfectly patterned pair of pants and a top, they have you covered! These brothers are surely making their parents proud by setting the bar for the best quality and cuteness for all families' sleepy time needs! Hatley and Little Blue House, the Canadian lifestyle sleepwear brand, is now our absolute new MUST-HAVE each and every upcoming season!! We're in love!!

A little more about Hatley and Little Blue House "Hatley and Little Blue House have been fulfilling the dreams of Canadians to look fashionable when they sleep for almost 30 years now. They offer a diverse range of baby and children's wear, but adults' wear is just as special. With Hatley and Little Blue House, you can dress your loved ones in the latest styles and unique patterns – particularly cheeky puns and unique nature-inspired prints! To top that all off, Hatley and Little Blue House also offers a classic loungewear collection that’s nothing but inspired by Canadian heritage – talk about being thoughtful! "

We will continue looking up to this band of brothers and see how far our small businesses can go if we do everything with love, too!



country cozy turned inspirational

A Small Country Gift Shop, Turned our Entrepreneurial Inspo!! Little Blue House carries the necessities we all need at the end of a busy day, with COMFY + COZY collections galore! They have the most stunning PJ sets, onesies, nightshirts, and a whole other range of products from hats, to robes, to slippers, to boxer briefs and even bedtime books! The company started once Alice and John decided to leave the corporate world and move from Toronto to the picturesque lakeside village of North Hatley to open a wee little country gift shop in 1986 - la Petite maison bleue (the Little Blue House)! Fast forward to the present day, and anyone would be amazed! Hatley and Little Blue House brands are now carried in 38 different countries all over the globe! What's even more inspiring is that it is still family-oriented, owned and run by Alice and John's 3 sons!

the pillars

that Little Blue House lives by family, thoughtful & made-to-last, quality & sense of humour 45




When did the brand/business start? Why? What was the inspiration or reason? 1986. The Little Blue House started as a small gift shop in North Hatley, QC where Alice Oldland sold her original artwork on aprons. Her husband, John saw the demand for her work and launched a kitchen textile line to sell to Canadian gift shops. The line grew to include sleepwear, stationery and other gift items all showcasing Alice's animal and nature inspired illustrations and punny humour. Since 2000, the company has been run by Alice and John’s three sons, Chris, Nick and Jeremy.

Three fun facts about you or the brand. Our Moose on Red print is about as Canadian as you can get. It has been in the line for over 25 years. Nick Oldland has written a series of children’s books featuring our beloved Bear, Moose and Beaver characters. Most of our photoshoots happen in and around the village of North Hatley where everything started.

Founders Connect with Little Blue House

Alice & John

IG: @littlebluehouse FB: Little Blue House Website: Little Blue House can be found all over the country in gift shops and Canada’s best tourist locations. They operate their own stores in many spots across the country.


"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." - Albert Einstein

EXTRAS All the fun little bits we hide at the end.

DEAR A “BEE” @tracey_bee TRACEY earned her “Bee” badge from the play on abbreviation from her middle initial and her buzzing around the world. Tracey is an academic, activist, and marketer. She’s already the counsel to her friends so we figured she might help you too. DEAR “BEE” is our modern-day shuffle of Dear Abbie… or Dear A” bee”

QUESTION 1: TO DEGREE OR NOT, THAT IS THE QUESTION. It seems as though you don’t need school anymore to be successful…. What do you think? Learning is timeless and priceless but education comes in many forms. Traditional schooling is never a mistake but don’t limit yourself to learning just in the classroom.

QUESTION 2: I WANT A SIDE BUSINESS BUT I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START. HELP. Start by thinking of what market you want to tap into and understand the frustrations or gaps you can identify. Chances are, if you feel undersevered by a market then there’s space for you to play there!

QUESTION 3: TOP 5 FOODIE SPOTS WE SHOULD ADD TO OUR BUCKET LIST. San Sebastián - A beautiful paradise in the Basque region of Spain, San Sebastian is famous for its gourmet eats. Whether you want a Micheline restaurant or pintxos (bar snacks) to die for, you can enjoy at any price point. Paris — The city of love. The city of butter. The city of food. The birth of our culinary guru Julia Childs. Need I say more? Copenhagen — Scandis do it better. From farm to table, this city runs on fun innovations. Even though Noma has shut its doors, it was just the first in a long line of culinary innovation. Plus the people are so nice. Rome — Famously, the city was not built in a day, but all roads lead to Rome for one reason: The food. Montreal — A Canadian treasure. The rumor is Anthony Bourdain coined this city the best food in North America. It’s no surprise with more chefs per capita than almost any other place in the world.


In 2022 social media is a huge tool to get the word out there and works as a continuous advertisement for your brand. Honestly, if I look into a business without a social presence, I immediately wonder if they’re legitimate. Not only do I think it’s an added value, but it could really be a game changer.


R E 202 T N I 3 W

Horoscope Time

We all possess wondrous uniqueness, but the stars have a plan. Here are your business and entrepreneurial horoscopes going into the new year!

ARIES This year will bring lots of opportunities for you to blaze a trail in your business. It is a time when you are likely to find more confidence and momentum as a business owner to make a breakthrough.

TAURUS This year promises to be a prosperous one for Taurus. With the help of the two fiscal planets, Jupiter and Saturn, Taurus will enjoy greater financial rewards. They will also find it easier to raise their overall financial status by making wise investments in the coming year.

GEMINI Gemini is a sign that likes to travel and explore the world around them. They are the sign most likely to take a leap of faith. Exploring with a loved one will make them find their best self this year.

CANCER Cancers have many professional and personal successes to look forward to in the coming year. This year will be a game-changer for the rest of your life.

LEO The year will provide a lot of energy and determination to help Leo's overcome challenges. Changes will bring new opportunities and excitement, so pay attention.


VIRGO It's not all bad news, not all good news, rather a nice mixture of the two. This year, Virgo will have many career opportunities to get out of their comfort zones. They will be able to test their limits and expand their skills.

LIBRA For Libra to succeed this year, you need to be open to change and take risks. However, it would help if you also stopped being so careful and had more patience to produce more ideas and opportunities for yourself.

SCORPIO Scorpio has a reputation for being a solitary sign, but this year there may be a shift in its character. While the predictions are slightly optimistic, Scorpio will focus on stability and progress.

SAGITTARIUS The year will be somewhat challenging for Sagittarius, but it will also be a time of exploration and adapting. Sagittarius will need to learn more about how to open up their minds and be open to change.

CAPRICORN This next year will push Capricorns to make their ideas or career public, as this will be a year to show the world what they can do. It would be encouraged to take risks in order to make your name known.

AQUARIUS The winter will be a time of learning and growth. You will have a lot to do in order to fulfill your potential as there are many expectations on you, but you should know that you put them on yourself.

PISCES Pisces' must be careful with their investments in 2023. They will need to do thorough research and ensure they are not getting wronged by any shady financial agreements.




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