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Picks for this Year's Fringe Festival.

NINE YEARS The Festival is now nine year's old and is a well established Festival on the Sydney event calendar. The festival is now a month long spanning the whole of September.

This year the festival is


the largest it has ever

The Festival is taking place in over 60 venues across Sydney.


OUR PICKS This booklet brings you some of Our Picks and the answers to questions we asked them. There are around 400 events, so as there are so many, we will be producing a second booklet in the first week of September.

COCKROACH Writer/Director: Melita Rowston Creator/Performer: Leah Donovan Composer/ Live music: Benito Di Fonzo seymourcentre.com

An amoral revenge tale for the #MeToo generation “They deprive me of food, I survive. They sever my limbs. I don’t die. I’ve outlived the dinosaurs. I will outlive them. I’m Cockroach. I go where darkness thrives… And yeah, I don’t get asked on a lot of second dates.” When C awakes from a nightmare, she finds herself transformed into a monstrous vermin. For too long she’s been told there’s something wrong with her. For so long, she’s yearned to behave badly. Tonight’s her night of reckoning! WHEN: 6 - 8 SEPT WHERE: SEYMOUR CENTRE PRICE: $21, $26

Why a cockroach? When it comes to insects, we reckon few inspire as much hatred as the cockroach. Cockroaches flip our in-built disgust switches. But the thing is, they’re survivors. They’re adept at sensing danger and escaping it – they can overcome anything. We thought a cockroach was a great metaphor for how women have to be in the world right now. We have to put on armour, become hardened, be prepared for a fight. And since the #MeToo movement has exploded, it seems the more women speak up, in some circles, the more we’re viewed as pests. Then there’s Kafka. In Metamorphosis, Gregor Samsa wakes up to discover he’s been transformed into a monstrous vermin. His transformation seems to be a result of accepting society’s rules… We’re disrupting Kafka’s narrative and adding a large dollop of Ovid (in his Metamorphoses women are abused by men and as a result are transformed into all sorts of flora and fauna). In subverting these old narratives we’re exploring the silencing that follows violence against women (now), the process of healing through removing our armour and walking down the thrilling road of being seen. And we promise it is also very funny. What's your favourite line in the production? “I reckon, if young girls were taught to love cockroaches instead of pony's and unicorns we'd be well on the way to solving the problem of violence against women.” Pick 4 individual words to describe the show. Messy, furious, hilarious and hopeful. Melita and Leah

BAMBOOZLE ROOM Talk and Tease - Gin and Jungle Juice - Comedy Burlesque bamboozleroom.com

A brand new comedy burlesque show from Sydney's Bamboozle Room. Talk and Tease brings together hilarious comedy with seductive burlesque dance for a complete grown up entertainment experience. Showing for one night only at the Beresford in Surry Hills, Gin and Juice is the wildest Talk and Tease Show yet and is part of the Sydney Fringe 2018. Hosted by burlesque powerhouse and comedian Memphis Mae, and starring some of Australia's sexiest burlesque entertainers, Talk and Tease- Gin and Jungle Juice is the perfect end to a long work day, or start to a memorable Sydney night out. WHEN: 12 SEPT WHERE: BERESFORD HOTEL 354 BOURKE STREET, SURRY HILLS PRICE: $28


Trivial Tease - Pub Trivia Gone Wild bamboozleroom.com

Trivial Tease is a pub trivia night unlike any other. Its rude, its crude, and filled with...general knowledge trivia! Sydney's funnest pub trivia is now showing for one night only as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival. Your trivia host is hilarious burlesque comedy star Memphis Mae; her wit is as dry as her bleached blonde hair. The trivia is general and diverse, with questions about anything and everything from chemistry to criminals. The trivia rounds are interspersed with interactive games that are worth getting out of your seat for. Did we mention there are massive prizes to be won? Or at least massive boobie prizes...ok maybe just massive boobies. By that we mean you're guaranteed a flash of one small breast, at least. WHEN: 11 SEPT WHERE: BERESFORD HOTEL 354 BOURKE STREET, SURRY HILLS PRICE: $5

BOGOF COMEDY TUESDAYS, BONKERZ AND $10 COMEDY GIVE YOU 2 for 1 Tickets comedyintheraw.com.au

To celebrate the Fringe Festival three regular Comedy shows are giving away seats in a 2 for 1 deal. Welcome to BonkerZ Featured Artist Comedy Clubs, Australia's only Drink(s) included Comedy Club. Catch up with some of the hottest Pros, Semi-Pros and Rising Stars from around the world. We'd like to help you stretch those comedy show dollars further this year, so we're offering Seats from Sept 1st 29th are Buy 1 Seat, Get 1 Seat Free! That's right, all month long (excludes special events and Dinner seats)! Plus all Saturday night show seats include a drink of your choice at the bar, plus All VIP Seats in the non pick section include Discount City Parking @ Centro Cinema on Kent. WHEN: BOGOF COMEDY RUNS EVERY TUESDAY IN SEPT, BONKERZ RUNS EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT IN SEPTEMBER AND THE $10 CLUB EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT IN SEPT. WHERE: STAR BAR, GEORGE STREET PRICE: $10 - $55

Donte you have worked in the entertainment industry for a long time, who is your favourite comedian? ' I'd have to say the late Rodney Dangerfield" How many comedians usual perform in one of your show? Between 5- 7 fresh, funny faces per week Who are we likely to see? Wow, lets see we'll have Melb, Perth and Sydney Comedy Festival Favourites "Alex White, Joe Antar, Gerard McGeown, Waka from Japan, Marty Bright, Joe Camino, Stephanie Broadbridge, Billy Darcy, Jamal Abdul and lots more. You support The Fred Hollows Foundation, why did you pick this charity to support? I researched and found, pound for pound it was one of the best charities not only in Australia but the world. So far with the help of the best audiences in the world, we've been able to donate over $2200.00 to Fred. Donte Winbush

ART FOR ART'S SAKE Presented by On the Cusp Productions Written by Sage Godrei SydneyFringe.com onthecuspprod.com

Could there exist a world without art? This would surely be a world without consciousness. ART FOR ART’S SAKE is the 4th 60 minute theatre show by Sydney playwright Sage Godrei. The phenomena of mind over matter takes control, as we observe for our main character Fran, how being an artist seems more of a burden than a blessing. We traverse the Norse legend of Odin and the sacrifices he made to unveil the secrets of the underworld. This piece invokes a sense of wonder as we embrace Fran’s artistic ambitions, through surrealism and choreographed ensemble sequences. We investigate the values society ascribes on corporate identity and the dalliance of artistic drive. Issues with adult literacy are examined, as the inner worlds of the character’s psyche are dramatised. This play dissects the meaning of success for two siblings, Fran and her brother George. WHEN: 12 - 15 SEPTEMBER WHERE: CHIPPEN STREET THEATRE PRICE: $25 - $30

What inspired you to write Art for Art's Sake? As an artist, I find it hard to give a monetary value for my work. It seems to come from a place that transcends material value. I sometimes feel a little insignificant being an artist in a society that has many other priorities like mining, health, finance and economics. However, I believe without art in our society we could not be completely fulfilled. The mainstream values society places on a corporate career and artistic drive is my inspiration for this piece. Did you write this for the Festival? Art For Art’s Sake uses projections and some large set pieces. It also has a big cast of about 12 actors so at this stage of my career, it is only economically viable for a short season in the Sydney Fringe Festival. In the lead up to this production I had sent this script off to The Royal Court Theatre, London, The Great Last Hunt Company, Perth and Nicholas Papademetriou a professional actor in my network. Luckily, Nicholas Papademetriou was interested in the play and is in the lead role as Frank. Nicholas recently toured Griffin Theatre’s The Upside Down River nationally and is on the bill for the Ensemble Theatre’s upcoming show. You say that there is a moral to the show, in that there are no regrets in life and only lessons learned. What is biggest lesson you have learned? The biggest lesson I have learned is that I can’t “suffer fools”. Life is too short to live out others ambitions. If your decisions are not based on the instincts of your inner being and not aligned with your values and goals, you are on a path of self-sabotage and will probably end up hurting a lot of people including yourself in the process. Sage Godrei

BRAZEN Director - Maggie Kelley Cast- Elli Huber, Melise Avion, Maggie Kelley and BMX Style Now Riders

To be bold, to be fierce, to be brazen. Brazen is a contemporary circus collective uniting five nationally-acclaimed circus artists in a show so bold and fierce it will push audiences to the edge of their seats. From acrobats and aerialists, to BMX riders and flying singers, this show merges the searing talent of intrepid artists in a way that will thrill and deeply inspire every audience.

SydneyFringe.com wildspiritentertainment.com.au

Bringing over 40 years of professional circus experience, Brazen combines the death-defying tricks and exhilaration of circus with a beauty and shameless passion that comes only from experience. This is a show not to be missed, celebrating the resilience, fortitude and brazen assurance of circus artists who knowall too well-that the show must go on. WHEN: 27 & 29 SEPT WHERE: RED BOX THEATRE PRICE: $35

How did you get into circus shows? I fell in love with the artistry of circus. There is something magical about performers flying. Circus creativity is unlimited. If you think of an apparatus, design and implement it and the something new has been created. I am an ex gymnast turned circus artist. I also went to NIDA and did the Director's course. My passion is to create exhilarating circus entertainment. Circus is a very broad term, what can we expect from your show? The show will combine elements. Singing with aerial trapeze, aerial straps , comedy, dancing on carousel horses suspended in the air with some earthy flipping of BMX riders. The skill level of the show is amazing. Some of Sydney's best performers. You say it is unique, so can we expect something we have never seen before? The uniqueness is combining exhilarating aerial circus with BMX stunting and new circus acts. A sneak peek example. For example the carousel horse act. Click the picture to watch! Maggie Kelley


om c dy . e e g m co rin n F y so p ne d sim Sy e n da / om c . ok o eb c a f

You seen him on “Have You Been Paying Attention?”. Rapidly raising comedy star Dane Simpson will be trialling his first solo show. Dane Simpson is looking at putting a show together and then get it polished and finalised. This will be his first solo show and will be an absolute ‘Rough Draft’. Come along with an open mind and a ready smile. Trying out new jokes and working on the arrangement of stories. Dane Simpson has performed at the Commonwealth Games Festival and at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala 2018.


Your first solo show! are you trying it out on family or friends first? In Wagga Wagga, there is not a lot of places where I can work on my material in front of a live audience. So I like to talk to my Friends and Family about what they find funny and we swap yarns, at the pub or around the dinner table, trying to make each other laugh. Where do you draw your material from? A lot of my material is based on my Family and Friends. I find genuine stories about people so funny. I grew up in Wagga Wagga but my family come from a small New South Wales town called "Walgett". Growing up, my Brothers and I would go visit my Dad, in Walgett, during the school holidays. I remember sitting around and sharing stories about the day and the silly things that people would get up too. My Mother would write these stories down in a book and we would look through the book from time to time and have a laugh. My comedy today is almost an extension of these stories. What will you do with the show after the festival? This show I am putting together is called "Rough Draft" and it is exactly that! Its going to be my very first time putting a solo show together and I don't really know how to arrange it properly. I figure the audience can help me work it all out. Once we work it out then I can have my first solo show ready and polished and maybe travel the country and perform.

Dane Simpson



"Advanced AI seeks same to prevent global annihilation. Must have GSOH" Wintermute is the final chapter of comedian Damian Smith's unofficial "Aspie Trilogy" (I'm Here All Weak - 2014, Full Spectrum Warrior 2015) Blessed with being on the Autism Spectrum, Damian Smith is able to experience life "tabula rasa" - to see the world as it truly is and be able to make decisions and judgments unprejudiced by emotion or experience. In a world of fake news, virtue signalling and dog whistling, where everyone has an opinion, and facts take a back seat to whoever can yell the loudest, a being of pure logic can hold a distinct advantage. For in the land of the blind the oneeyed man is king. In his unique comedic style Smith will demonstrate why emotions are overrated, why ritual and tradition can be debunked with thermodynamics and why the cold logic of a machine is the key to mankind's salvation.


Did you set out to write a Trilogy? I never actively set out to write a trilogy, I only knew when I started that I didn't want to stop at one. It may be that this anthology never ends and I keep writing shows in this vein, but at the moment "trilogy" sounds rather catchy. Perhaps I'll end up with a Damo Comedic Universe to rival Marvel's Infinity War. Is there a common theme to the three? The common theme to these shows is Asperger's Syndrome and the Autism Spectrum. I've always been on the spectrum, always that bit different to everyone else, and I'd always tried to hide it. Always tried to fit in with everyone else and denied who I was so I didn't rock the boat. As I matured, well into my 20's actually, I realised that I didn't have to be normal and I didn't actually want to fit in any more - I didn't relate to normality and the pursuit of it was just making me miserable. With this epiphany I started to embrace who I was - and my condition for want of a better term - and I began to reap the benefits of lifting this burden both casually and professionally. Asperger's wasn't something I needed to hide, it was what made me strong. As I began to let that flavour my work I got a lot of feedback from people who were on the spectrum themselves, and more from people who had family or close friends on the spectrum, who found inspiration in someone embracing the condition and seeing it as a blessing rather than an illness to be cured. Also being a comedian and doing shows about ASD and how it's a strength, as well as some soft backhanders about the condition from someone who lives it, turns out to be a great catharsis for people who have to live with ASD, either themselves or their families. By sharing my own foibles and vulnerabilities I show the lighter side of it from a position of sympathy and understanding, as opposed to punching down, which allows everyone the opportunity to just let go and laugh without feeling like they're a horrible person.

My shows are about playing with the stereotypes of autism, Rainman etc, and showing that these aren't symptoms of a disease but logically quite sound, and how different the world might look if we all adopted that mindset. There is a three year gap between the second and third, why is this? The gap between the shows is nothing more than the temperamental artist at work. I'd established a theme with the first two shows (I'm Here All Weak and Full Spectrum Warrior), but then I felt other directions were more pressing at the time. 2016 saw me write (sic) Semper Tyrannis and Kwisatz Haderach which were both reactionary political pieces dealing with the massive right-wing lurch towards fascism both domestically and globally while 2017 was devoted to a pet project I'd had in the works for years, Comedy Is Easy, a meta-show I performed with my long-term best friend Jacques Barrett, breaking down the structure of comedy and showing crowds the cheap tricks comedians use and how an audience should be aware of this and demand a better standard of comedy.

 What do you enjoy most about comedy? What I enjoy most about comedy is that perhaps more than any other art form, you can slip a message past people's defences. It's the sugar coating on a bitter medicine. Nobody likes to be preached to and most people tend to get defensive when presented with something that challenges their ideals or opinions. Comedy can short circuit that response. If you get them laughing then with enough skill you can sneak an entire manifesto under their guard without them ever noticing otherwise. The truth can be ugly and it falls on the comedian to buy it a new dress, put a wig on it and tell it how to talk proper, to My Fair Lady the truth until it can hold its own in public. For a comedian to do any less is a failure of civic duty.

Damien Smith

COLOUR ME CECILY Written and performed by Bea Lee-Smith Directed by Hilary Norris


Upper Hutt, New Zealand, 1984. Bust out your shoulder pads and join Cecily as she discovers her true self, through the wonderful world of Colour Me Beautiful. Cecily's journey takes some hilarious twists and turns, as she navigates the minefield that was 1980s Upper Hutt. "Colour Me Cecily is a gem to be treasured". -theatreview.org.nz


Is Cecily you or a character you have developed? Cecily is not me! She partly inspired by several people I knew growing up. Both of my parents are immigrants, so I certainly observed the whole fish-out-of water phenomenon as a child. And yes, I did have the experience of growing up in Upper Hutt. For you Aussie's, it's a little like Kath and Kim's Fountaingate. What's your favourite line from the show? When you look your best, you feel your best, and when you feel your best, there is absolutely no limit to what you can achieve. -Liz Tucker, Colour Me Beautiful trainer and consultant for the Greater Wellington Region. Will you take the show to other Fringe Festivals? We don't have any definitive plans to take it to other Fringe Festivals, but we'll see where the wind takes us.

Bea Lee-Smith


Venture back to historic Sydney. A time when prisoners were the law, public executions were commonplace and the Rocks Push ruled the street. Discover slums overrun with mass burial pits, sly grog haunts, opium dens and ghosts searching for their loved ones and revenge on those who crossed them. Enter a haunted site not open to the public. Approximate Duration: 1.5 hours


Meet your ghost host 15 minutes prior to your tour departure time for check-in


How long have the tours been running for? Our very first tour was Halloween night 2015. And we have been running ever since. What is the oldest Ghost story in Sydney? There are some indigenous ghost stories/legends that well and truly predate white settlement (out of respect for the local indigenous people, we do not tell any stories of this nature). However there are many stories dating back to the days of the early settlement. How many ghosts do you visit? Innumerable, as there are many sites with multiple ghosts or many souls. We have around ten stops on a tour and talk about multiple ghosts at most of them. Do you have a favourite ghost story? It changes nightly depending on who's around or active. And I dont want to spoil the tour for anyone. But we have a soft spot for Ellen Cunningham, one of the first inhabitants of Sussanah Place (dating back to 1844) who looks out for local children particularly those that are feeling scared so she can reassure them and keep them safe. We have a couple of trickster ghosts too who like to undo peoples fly's! Alison - Ghost Host

EVELYN DUPRAI & THE MODERN CLASSICS Vocals – Evelyn Duprai Guitar – Charlie Meadows Drums – Stuart Henderson Double Bass – Nick Hoorweg Saxophone – Stephan Schafer SydneyFringe.com

For one night only, jazz/blues vocalist Evelyn Duprai and The Modern Classics will be putting a new twist on well-known jazz hits in a special Sydney Fringe Festival Show. Iconic tunes from the Great American Songbook are given a playful make-over as The Modern Classics journey through Reggae, Ska, Afrobeat, Funk and Pop to give audiences an energetic new take on old favourites. Celebrated for her authenticity and passion Evelyn Duprai is one of Sydney’s celebrated ladies of song. Drawing on her African ancestry, Evelyn’s intrinsic rhythm and expert phrasing compliments her warm vocal timbre that has made her an indemand session singer. She has toured with some of music’s biggest names including James Morrison, Paul Mac, and Silverchair, appearing as a guest backing vocalist on Australian Idol and The Voice and performing at dozens of major festivals and prestigious venues around Australia. Exuding a joyous energy whenever she sings, whether it’s jazz, funk soul or blues, you’ll be transported by this exceptional vocalist.


How long have you been singing? Professionally? I think one of the first gigs I ever did was probably back in 2000. You have sung with many people who did you enjoy performing with the most? Wow, that’s a super hard question - I’ve had so many great experiences. I think one of my most enjoyable moments was touring with James Morrison’s big band. We played at so many great venues around the country, but it wasn’t until we did the Opera House Concert Hall that was I suddenly struck with just how electrifying it is to sing with 20 or so instruments behind you. What a sound! Nothing beats it! Who has influenced you the most in your career? I don’t think I’ve modeled myself on anyone in particular. As a professional singer, your career is never one dimensional- different people influence different aspects of who you are as an artist and as a person. I love the joyful buoyancy of Ella Fitzgerald, the sassiness of Anita O’Day & Sarah Vaughan, the sexiness of Julie London, the phrasing of Diana Krall. I could go on. I think various elements of what I love and enjoy in other singers swirl around on the inside of me and every now & then they subconsciously enhance my sound and persona whilst still allowing me to be me.

Evelyn Duprai

FRINGE AT THE NEWSAGENCY The Newsagency will be holding 15 Fringe Festival events during the month of September thenewsagencyvenue.com

6, 8, 13, 14, 15 September Bite me But Smile - A one woman cabaret show with a focus on singing and hi-jinks by trained Australian opera singer 'Zella Shear' Elizabeth Shearer. 6, 8, 9 September Millennial Opera - Several of the opera world's best arias, sung by some of Sydney's most talented young professionals, with "updated" lyrics from a modern 20-something perspective. 6 September Feiloka - Sydney based singer songwriter making indie folk music with the stage name “Feiloka� made up when she was 15. All songs are inspired by personal stories and conversations with friends. 7 September So Fresh! The Hits of Sydney Festival 2018 - The freshest compilation of Sydney singer/songwriters since Sanity stocked your favourite CD's to spin on your discman. Five rising stars will each perform a live set of their original material on the night.

FRINGE AT THE NEWSAGENCY 11, 13 September The Anna Copa Cabanna show is ... Loving the Alien - The Anna Copa Cabanna Show draws inspiration from classic TV Specials such as The Muppet Show, Solid Gold, and The Carol Burnett Show, and infuses the Song and Dance with an honest portrayal of a Greek-Australian living in New York. "Imaginative and relevant" (Tommy Ramone, The Ramones) with ridiculous costumes, heartfelt lyrics, and DIY rock and roll theatricality. 12, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19 September Smash Hits & Stereotypes - It's FLORA'S 21st birthday, and she and her friends have rented a beach house for the weekend. Strong drinks, farcical misunderstandings, intellectual debates, broken hearts, and catchy songs abound in Smash Hits And Stereotypes. 13 September Xani: It Needs More Violin - XANI is a Melbourne violinist who has performed with Clare Bowditch, Jens Lekman, Tim Rogers, Kate Ceberano and Paul Grabowsky to name a few. She is one half of drums/violin duo The Twoks and is a highly-sought after session player. 13, 20 September Two Girls One Show - Two Girls One Show is a double bill performance starring burgeoning burlesque dancer Mercury and cabaret performer Jenna Ray. 19, 20, 21 September Inner World - Debuting his first-ever solo outing, Inner World is one man's struggle to reconcile his imagination with reality. thenewsagencyvenue.com

FRINGE AT THE NEWSAGENCY 19, 20, 21, 27, 28, 29 September Tomatoes Tried To Kill Me But Banjos Saved My Life - An inspiring one-man show, written and performed by Keith Alessi who, when faced with a deadly cancer diagnosis that changed the course of his life forever, chose to pursue a passion which took him to a place he never imagined. 21, 22, 23 September Revenge - Fresh from her Melbourne Cabaret Fringe run, Revenge returns to where it all began for a *slightly* more structured cabaret of chaos, anger, whimsy and living your best life - with all original songs, dance and comedy. 22 September Pour Decisions - When two women attempt to launch a wine-tasting party-plan business, they discover anything that can go wrong, will. 23 September Kylie Ryan - Take one part cleverly crafted song lyrics, add a generous helping of infectious melodies, blend with lavish amounts of rock, pop and rockabilly influences and you have the unique, country rock style of emerging country music artist, Kylie Ryan. 25, 26, 28, 29 , 30 September That's Life - Following the ROARING success at the Adelaide Fringe, THAT'S LIFE is back!!! Unexpectedly, Carla became 1/2 an orphan just before she turned 30, happy birthday!


FRINGE AT THE NEWSAGENCY 28, 29 September Concordia - a work about play - The team at Brundle Media are hearing up for their End of Financial Year party, and after record growth they're hoping it'll be a rager. thenewsagencyvenue.com

Did you pick the Fringe Shows or Fringe pick you? We were approached by The Sydney Fringe to host the artists we have programmed The Sydney Fringe's fabulous producer, Dino Dimitriadis, saw the venue and knew that it's vibe and intimacy would suit a lot of the artists that registered for this year. We are looking forward to all the shows we are presenting but in particular, Tomatoes Tried to Kill Me But Banjos Saved My Life, Pour Decisions, Anna Copocabanna...is Loving the Alien! and Concordia are definitely intriguing us with their descriptions.

Read the full line-up in the offical Sydney Festival Guide

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