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• A range of Australian Prestige Timbers • Custom size tables Est. 1989

• Custom modifications on many designs Est. 1989




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• Hundreds of chair options

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The majority of LifeStyle Furniture's range is Australian made and will be identified in store by this logo.

The Claremont range captures elegance and classic style in stunning Blackwood tones. The showcase dresser features downlights to highlight your collections with ambience. The Alby chair is generous in size and comfortable in a large range of Warwick® fabrics. We can make to order in the Claremont range of course.

Claremont table 2000mm x 1000mm $2299

Recycled Table 3000mm x 1200mm


7 piece setting $3999

Buffet 4 door


Showcase dresser $5499

Fully upholstered chairs $369ea in hundreds of Warwick® fabrics

Fully upholstered chairs from $369ea in hundreds of Warwick® fabrics

Privilege Messmate

Lowline TV units

Recycled Timbers

Home Office

Made to order available

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Not all products featured may be displayed at all times but may be ordered. Fabrics and timber stains may differ from those pictured and thus prices may vary accordingly. LifeStyle Furniture reserves the right to correct errors or misprints and adjust prices to account for circumstances beyond our control. All sizes are approximate only. Accessories shown are not included.

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2008 Excellence in a Small Business

Category: House and home retail Maroondah

dali doo art & design • 0438 591 231


Lowline TV units

2011 Collection

Molmic Lounge

Recycled Timbers

Home Office

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Made to order available

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9 Moncrief Road Nunawading (Behind Freedom)

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2008 Excellence in a Small Business

Main Ridge

Wayne Wide Board

The Main Ridge range is a slightly rustic hardwood stained to a rich medium colour which shows the grain beautifully.

The Wayne Wide Board range is a tribute to our friend. The Messmate used in the tables will be wider than normal, up to 225mm wide per board. The timbers in the “rescued” table include salvaged construction timbers. The width in some of these tables will vary slightly to ensure we use a perfect number of wide boards across the table for that special magic look.

The full range includes buffets, TV units and occasional tables all to match. Main Ridge table 1800mm x 1050mm 7 piece setting $1999 Main Ridge table 2100mm x 1050mm 9 piece setting $2499 Matching buffet (not shown) $1299

Main Ridge

Main Ridge TV unit $1399 2400mm wide x 580mm high x 550mm

Ella Jarrah

The buffet includes solid timber vertical doors which you just don’t see elsewhere and the matched drawer fronts show the attention to detail as the timber grain runs all the way across the cabinets. It’s a great modern look with stylish handles to compliment the design. The Wayne collection is part of LifeStyle's Made to Order range.

The Ella range is handcrafted in Melbourne using beautiful Jarrah. A full range for every room in your home including Made to Order. Jarrah has a magnificent colour palette including lustrous hues of wine red through to red browns which are forever captured in beautiful Jarrah furniture.

Rescued 2400mm x 1050mm table $3999

Jarrah is heavy and strong and has been used to build bridges and piers and stunning furniture like the Ella range. Ella Jarrah table 2100mm x 1000mm 9 piece setting $4499

Chairs $279ea Rescued buffet $3999

Matching buffet (not shown) $2799

Wayne Wide Board

Ella Jarrah

Ella Jarrah TV unit $2899 2060mm wide x 720mm high x 550mm

Murray River Red Gum Found along water courses throughout Australia, except Tasmania. This tree, that produces furniture of amazing colours and textures, brings to mind outback Australia and the mighty Murray River. Enjoy the invitingly warm tones in your home. Redgum tables are hand made to special sizes. Select grade timber can be quoted. 2400mm x 1200mm Redgum table and 8 upholstered chairs $5999 Upholstered chairs available in 7 models using Warwick® fabrics from $369ea

Cross leg Messmate 1600mm round table $2999 Chairs from $369ea

Redgum sofa table, 2 drawer, 1580mm x 380mm $1399 Redgum buffet, 4 door, 3 drawer, 2060mm x 850mm $2999

Murray River Redgum TV unit $2999 2060mm wide x 480mm high x 500mm


Murray River Red Gum

Made to order is available on most of LifeStyle Furniture's Australian made ranges – see our team for a quote.

Wayne Buffet 3 door, 2 drawer 1800mm x 450mm $3999

Wayne 3 drawer TV unit $2999 1600mm wide x 500mm high x 450mm

Stockyard 2400mm x 1200mm table $3699 Chairs from $369ea

Wayne Sofa Table 1600mm x 400mm $1199 Wayne Coffee Table 2 drawer 1350mm x 750mm $1999

Combine your choice of timber, table size, chair design, stain colour and fabrics. Over 100,000 combinations available to design your perfect suite. 3

Mitchell River Messmate

Mitchell River Mirror $399

Messmate is a unique piece of history displaying pure character, and no two tables will look the same. The timbers will feature magnificent whirled grain patterns, gum veins, pin holes, squiggly worm trails and natural stains from fire, wind and flood. You will be drawn to the natural feel and beauty of this Australian hardwood.

Tables of Distinction Mark, Kieran and Mark simply love quality timber furniture. Their MKM furniture is handcrafted and hand polished to the highest standards and will become antiques of the future. When all 3 met each other in late 2009 it was clear there was an underlying passion for stunning timber furniture and synergies existed and thus the MKM Furniture Co. was born.

There is more to see of this range on our website

Presenting the Historic by MKM. Selected Recycled Messmate 2400mm x 1200mm pedestal table $4999 Australian made chair to complement from $369ea

Messmate 4 door buffet $1749 Messmate sofa table $1149

Mitchell River Messmate

Messmate 9 piece setting 2100mm x 1050mm $3999 Mitchell River Messmate $1699 2000mm wide x 540mm high x 550mm

Tuscan Rustic Ash

Marri Table 2100mm x 1000mm $3999

The Tuscan Range uses rustic ash timbers to create rugged good looking furniture. The character and texture in each piece is unique and enhanced by the light stain colour which brings out the timber grains perfectly. Part of a full range including TV units, coffee tables and occasional, the Tuscan will look great in your home. Rustic Ash 7 piece setting 1800mm x 1050mm $1999 Rustic Ash 9 piece setting 2100mm x 1050mm $2499

Mark, Kieran & Mark

Rustic Ash Buffet $1499 Rustic Ash Mirror $299

Young Mark’s love for furniture making at a young age transpired into a woodwork class in high school where his first piece won first prize at the Royal Melbourne Show. Following this success he created pieces that won the ‘furniture maker of the future’ award by the FIAA in consecutive years. Mark honed his skills and completed his apprenticeship with Melbourne’s most famous timber table making company. Kieran has put his Design Diploma to use and designed and manufactured Australian-made products since working in his family businesses at an early age.

Elva chairs from $369ea

While the older Mark has spent the last 16 years creating and presenting one of Melbourne’s most unique specialist timber furniture showrooms, LifeStyle Furniture. These three creative gents are committed to the highest quality design and creation of their custom furniture range, in 2011 LifeStyle Furniture will display MKM Tables which are stunning and handcrafted, some will be available to order and others will be one off creations available for immediate delivery.

Rustic Ash $1499 2400mm wide x 700mm high x 550mm


Tuscan Rustic Ash

Timber furniture, quality construction and a perfect complement to your lifestyle.

The MKM Table range will include timbers such as Marri, Recycled Messmate and Redgum. If you appreciate attention to detail, beautiful solid timbers, quality finish and craftsmanship you will not be disappointed with MKM Tables.

Handcrafted tables with magnificent attention to detail.


Privilege Messmate

Recycled Timber Euroa

The magnificent 3000mm long recycled timber boards in the Privilege table look awesome. This table is a show stopper. The texture and character in each table speaks of the timbers previous 80 years of history. The Privilege tables can be made in various sizes and the range includes buffets, TV units, coffee, lamp and sofa tables. Come and see this table for yourself.

The Euroa range features a stunning selection of recycled Australian hardwoods which are up to 80 years old ensuring a rugged and textured finish in each piece. Chairs excluded

The Euroa range can be custom made to suit your needs and is available in a range of stain colors. TV units, coffee tables and sofa tables are also available.

Recycled Table 3000mm x 1200mm $3999

Buffet 4 door $2799

Buffet 1800mm x 850mm $2999

Fully upholstered chairs from $369ea in hundreds of Warwick速 fabrics

Privilege Messmate

2100mm x 1050mm table and 8 chairs $4499

Cascade Waterfall Extension Table

Patchwork Extension Table

Cascade table 2100mm x 1050mm opens to 3600mm x 1050mm $3999

Patchwork table 2100mm x 1050mm opens to 3300mm x 1050mm with 8 chairs $4499

6 seater 2100mm

Recycled Timber Euroa 8 seater 2100mm

Extra chairs $319ea Rapee cushions $25ea Extends with rails and panels

12 seater fully extended 3600mm Chairs from $369ea


Recycled and rustic timbers create unique, rugged and beautiful furniture full of texture and character.

12 seater 3300mm

Chairs excluded

Extension tables made to order to cater for your next family gathering on special occasions.


Lowline TV Units

Made to Order and Design

We have handcrafted over 500 special made to order TV units in the past year. Come in and speak to our team about your special needs, timber choices and designs.

Many of LifeStyle Furniture’s Australian Made TV units can be modified to suit your needs. To complete your lounge room we have matching coffee tables, lamp tables and sofa tables for every TV unit displayed, in various sizes to suit your room. Made to Order is available.

Wayne Messmate $2999 1600mm wide x 510mm high x 450mm

Homebush Messmate $2299 2100mm wide x 565mm high x 500mm

Cooper Ash 3/4 $1399 1600mm wide x 590mm high x 580mm

Spain $899 1570mm wide x 700mm high x 550mm

Your special design & quote Come in and see the team and they will be happy to help bring your ideas and sizes together in a design to suit your exact personal needs

Emma Ash $799 1000mm wide x 610mm high x 550mm

Melody Ash $1999 2100mm wide x 660mm high x 500mm

Southbank $899 2100mm wide x 500mm high x 500mm

Melody Ash $1599 1500mm wide x 670mm high x 500mm

Venice Ash $1499 1400mm wide x 570mm high x 500mm

Nova Ash Corner TV Unit Suits 42" Plasma $1299

Cooper Ash $1799 2100mm wide x 590mm high x 580mm deep

Wayne Messmate $3499 2400mm wide x 500mm high x 450mm deep

Hyatt Messmate with Jarrah $2499 2100mm wide x 595mm high x 500mm

Natural Edge Redgum (with speaker mesh) $2999 2080mm wide x 540mm high x 510mm

Hyatt Messmate with Jarrah $1799 1400mm wide x 600mm high x 500mm

Privilege Messmate $2299 2070mm wide x 580mm high x 520mm deep

Yering Messmate $2199 2130mm wide x 610mm high x 550mm


Australian Made TV units can be handmade to accommodate all your home entertainment components.

Tempo Ash $2499 2090mm wide x 740mm high x 580mm

Tempo Ash $2199 2100mm wide x 510mm high x 500mm deep

Lowline TV units made of Ash, Redgum, Jarrah, Blackwood and Messmate timbers.


Mix and Match over 1000 Table and Chair Combinations

Made to Order I would like to welcome you to come in and experience the gorgeous timbers and smell the woody aroma that is LifeStyle Furniture. LifeStyle Furniture has been making furniture to order for over 22 years. Back then, Dad and I would make furniture out the back of the shop. Today, we work closely with skilled craftsmen around Australia to design and create the perfect piece of furniture for your home. In 2011, a key design movement is the search for the genuine, original and unique furniture pieces. LifeStyle Furniture prides itself on innovative design and quality that stands the test of time. Why settle for anything less than extraordinary.

Vancouver 9 piece extension setting 1500 - 2100mm x 1065mm $1599

Southbank and Montrose 7 piece setting 1800mm x 1000mm $1299



Made to a customer’s specification. Made to order. Furniture to suit your LifeStyle.

At LifeStyle Furniture each of our Australian made solid timber tables are beautiful. Our made to order service ensures you get the perfect furniture to complement your lifestyle.

Specialists We are timber furniture specialists, it’s what we do and love and we are passionate about it. Our timber furniture is beautiful and unique without inner city boutique price tags and will not be seen anywhere else in Melbourne. Each of our Australian made solid timber tables has character, style and history within every board. Stunning mixtures of new, recycled, reclaimed and rustic timber furniture are all polished to bring out the timber’s natural colours. Our top of the line MKM tables are handcrafted to the highest standards of craftsmanship and lovingly oiled by hand for a glassy finish. Our locally made and designed ranges of timber furniture will equally impress.

Tina and Lavatsa 3 piece setting 750mm x 750mm $399

Southbank and Sirocco 7 piece setting 1800mm x 1000mm $1299

Nick, Nathan, Tony, Joel and Mark (standing)

Whether you are after the 10ft table to cater for the extended family on special occasions or downsizing to an apartment, LifeStyle Furniture can create the perfect solution for your home.

2008 Excellence in a Small Business

Category: House and home retail Maroondah

Award Winning Team We are a 100% Australian owned family business and our team is part of our “extended family”. Collectively we have 70 years experience in timber furniture and delight in sharing our specialist knowledge to help you understand the difference between our furniture and other products in the market.

Buffet 880mm x 455mm x 880mm $499

Southbank buffet 1630mm x 455mm x 880mm $999

After 22 years, we are proud to see the next generation of our client’s families trusting LifeStyle again to furnish their homes with quality furniture. At LifeStyle Furniture we will give you good old fashioned value for money and quality service.

Coffee table 1200mm x 750mm $499

Our Timbers At LifeStyle Furniture we have timber furniture crafted from Messmate, Redgum, Jarrah, Blackwood, Ash, Oak, recycled timbers and can quote very specialised timbers if necessary. These beautiful timbers with their natural grain lines, textures and palettes of colour need to be seen to be appreciated.

Southbank TV unit 1530mm x 600mm x 500mm $799

Nest of 3 tables $179

Compare Us…we will pass your test

Hall table 1400mm x 480mm $299

We welcome you to come in and meet with us in a relaxed setting, without any pressure, to discuss your furniture needs and experience one of Melbourne’s largest presentations of quality timber furniture.

Bar chairs and stools

Bespoke Furniture Your design, your colour, your choice of timbers...that’s your LifeStyle Furniture, the solid timber specialist. See you in store, kindest regards,









Mix and match tables and chairs to create your very own dining setting into 1000's of combinations.


The LifeStyle Furniture philosophy, bespoke, value for money, quality, great service - LifeStyle Furniture is your solid timber specialist.


Home Office

Home Office

LifeStyle Furniture’s home office ranges help you set up your office perfectly. Quality timber furniture which has style, form and function ensures your home office environment looks great and is efficient and organized. We can make office furniture to order if you have special requirements. We have more desks, file cabinets and bookcases upstairs in our showroom.

The Bailey Messmate home office range is locally made using new and recycled messmate. The desks timber texture is still smooth enough to work on. The result is a spectacular timber desk fitted with 2x filing drawers for organizing your paperwork. The messmate desk can be altered to suit your needs.

Now available in Messmate $1999

Ashton desk 1800mm x 760mm $1399

Messmate bookcase 1830mm x 930mm x 350mm $1299

Aria ash desk with computer cupboard, keyboard tray and file drawer. Australian Made. $1799

Messmate desk 1800mm x 800mm $1999

Blackwood desk with inlay top $2299 File cabinet with metal runners $1599 Chair $599

The Ella inlay desk is handmade in Australia and is available in either Redgum or Jarrah. $2999 CD and Tower storage behind door.

Messmate trestle desk 1800mm x 800mm $2399

File Cabinets and Bookcases 12

Cottage Bookcases Solid timber bookcases available in 8 sizes and stained in 4 colours. 2100mm x 1200mm $449 1800mm x 900mm $339 1200mm x 900mm $229 900mm x 900mm $199


3 drawer file cabinet $1499

Aria Ash 4 door showcase library unit. 2050mm x 1800mm x 400mm. Choice of 6 stain colours. $2999

Hardwood Bookcase 6'4" x 3' $549 Hardwood Student desk 1100mm x 550mm $299

Hardwood bookcase. Choice of 3 colours. 6'4" x 4' $649

Ashton corner desk 1800mm x 760mm with return 980mm x 555mm $1999 File cabinet $899

Ashton 6' x 3' $649

Aria 4 drawer $1299

Timber desks, bookcases and file cabinets to set up a functional home office.

Heritage 3 drawer $1099

Ashton 2 drawer file $799

Aria 2 piece 6' x 6' $1299

Aria 6' x 3' $699 Aria 7' x 3' (not pictured) $749

Aria 2 door 7' x 5' 400mm deep $1999

Ashton 4 drawer file $999

Blackwood Showcase $2299

If you're working from home, set yourself up in style and be productive.

6' x 3' with drawer $469




The new 2011 Tempo Ash range is made in Melbourne and can be stained in a choice of 6 colors. The Ash timbers are carefully selected and we can custom build within the Tempo range to suit your exact needs. The buffet, coffee and sofa table and TV unit all feature metal extension drawer runners for smooth operation.

The Hyatt range is brand new for 2011. Stylish with clean line design elements, the messmate timbers and veneers have been complimented with a Jarrah pinstripe through the table tops and the drawer fronts. The design is unique with a flush top and sides for a smart look which include pop open drawer and door fittings removing the need for handles. The Hyatt design includes an angled “detail” on the ends creating an interesting line to the eye. The Hyatt collection is part of LifeStyle's Made to Order range and we will be happy to quote a special item to suit your home.

2100mm x 1050mm 7 piece setting $2999

Hall Table 1200mm x 400mm $999

Hyatt Hyatt 2100mm x 1050mm table $2199 Chairs from $369ea 9 piece setting $4499 Hyatt buffet 2100mm x 850mm x 550mm $2999

Chairs excluded

Tempo Ash 14

Coffee Table 1200mm x 700mm $1199

TV unit 1800mm wide x 510mm high x 500mm $1799

Over 70% of our furniture is Australian made, that’s the way we like it.

Hyatt TV Unit $2499 2100mm wide x 595mm high x 500mm

Hyatt TV unit $1799 1400mm wide x 600mm high x 500mm

LifeStyle Furniture's entire range comes with a 5 year warranty. LifeStyle can design, craft and stain new furniture to blend with your existing furniture. 15

Lifestyle Furniture  

Lifestyle Furniture

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