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Local Guide Books are Essential Reads for Enjoying and Exploring BC

reviews written by Tamara Gorin

Anyone who spends any amount of time outdoors in British Columbia has probably owned or ‘borrowed’ a copy of David and Mary Macaree’s 103 Hikes in South Western British Columbia, or their companion guide 109 Walks, both of which were in print and updated regularly for over 25 years. We are in for a treat now, as Stephen Hui has written a fabulous update to those books, 105 Hikes In and Around Southwestern BC (Greystone,) and more locally to the Tri-Cities, Lyle Litzenberger recently self-published Burke and Widgeon, A Hiker’s Guide (Pebblestone Publishing.) Both provide much needed updates, including maps, GPS waypoints DQGHOHYDWLRQSURĆ“OHVIRUWKH trails. While this information is all very technical, it is necessarily so, and the writers present it in ways which allow for easy learning and understanding, while also satisfying WKHQHHGVRISURĆ“FLHQWKLNHUV6DIHW\ and trail etiquette are highlighted, and particular attention is paid to emergency preparedness. The photography in both books is also fabulous and inspiring. Hui’s 105 Hikes is a BC #1 bestseller and Amazon Top 100 book that includes Indigenous place names and plant

LGHQWLƓFDWLRQDQGLQWURGXFHVVHYHUDO new trails in the Gulf Island and even Northern Washington. Hikers are encouraged to get out on the trails in all kinds of weather with welcoming prose, stories and very FOHDULQGLFDWLRQVRIHDVHGLIƓFXOW\ Hui even points out child friendly trails. So no matter your level of H[SHULHQFH\RXZLOOƓQGDWUDLOWR welcome and surprise you. Artist and ethnobotanist T’uy’t’tanat-Cease Wyss wrote the forward to 105 Hikes. She encourages hikers to be mindful and grateful for the gifts of abundance our local forests provide. She gently reminds readers this territory is unceded Indigenous land, and fosters a spirit of joint stewardship.

Find out more about 105 Hikes at www.105hikes.com and join a 105 Hikes Challenge, by joining the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/ groups/105hikes/about/. Burke and Widgeon information, including trail updates and information about the Provincial Park, can be found at www.burkeandwidgeon.com. You can purchase both books at Western Sky Books: www.westernskybooks.com.

Litzenberger’s Burke and Widgeon is also a local bestseller. Meticulously researched, this gem of a book is an essential guide for Tri-Cities locals and visitors alike. The map features are particularly helpful to get yourself situated. While the Tri-Cities has a growing population, with new development encroaching on forests, there is still a lot of territory which remains untouched and unspoiled. The overviews and trail descriptions are rich in detail. Litzenberger clearly loves and is dedicated to his subject, and his enthusiasm is catching. After reading Burke, you’re going to want to get out on a trail right away!

Unit 2132 - 2850 Shaughnessy Street • 604-461-5602 • info@westernskybooks.com Íž^ŚĂƾĹ?ŚŜĞĆ?Ć?LJ^ƚĂĆ&#x;ŽŜDÄ‚ĹŻĹŻÍ•Ć?ŽƾƚŚŽĨ^Ä‚Ä¨ÄžÇ Ä‚Ç‡Í•Ä?ÄžĆšÇ ÄžÄžĹś^ĹšÄžĆŒÇ Ĺ?ĹśtĹ?ĹŻĹŻĹ?Ä‚ĹľĆ?WÄ‚Ĺ?ŜƚĆ?ĂŜĚƚŚĞ^ĹšĹ?ƉƉĹ?ĹśĹ?Ć?ĆšĹ˝ĆŒÄžÍż


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