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Walk of the Fortnight - Inishbofin

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Map of Connemara and Bike Routes

Connemara Chamber of Commerce warmly welcomes all visitors to the west.

Page 10 Roundstone Harbour Village Page 11 Activities - Drives and Day Tours Page 12 Nature View - Sundews Page 13 Tide Timetable and Aqua Info Page 14 What's On the Menu? Page 15 Some Connemara Events Page 16 Useful Information Cover Photo: 'Sunrise at Owentooey River' Image courtesy of photographer Robert Riddell © 2010 What's On® is a registered trademark of Connemara Publications.

Glassilaun Beach on the Renvyle Peninsula

The Connemara Chamber of Commerce are at the forefront of development in Connemara.

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We welcome your comments:

We pride ourselves in ensuring that when people choose to visit our area that in addition to the amazing scenery, there

Cleggan Beach Riding Centre

are activities and events to stimulate both mind and body. We are always busy lobbying on behalf of development

In 2010 the Connemara Chamber of Commerce actively supported: • Clifden Comhaltas • Tidy Towns • St Patrick's Day Parade

for the region with local and national government at the highest level, we work with fellow organizing committees and actively promote events directly, we

Connemara's Premier Beach Trekking Centre Long and Short Beach Rides Riding Holidays Lessons from Beginner to Advanced Horses and Ponies to suit Adults & Children Half Day Pony Camps by Arrangement

Inishbofin Eastquarter

ensure that the rich engineering heritage of our area is celebrated. On behalf of our members and friends may we welcome

• Connemara Pony Festival • Pontoon Development • Local Heritage (Town Trail) • Playground Development

you to Connemara in 2010 and we look forward to having you back at some of our

• Clifden Community Arts week

festival lineups in 2011.

10% Discount on Omey & Sellerna Treks on presentation of this voucher (valid until end of September 2010) Groups and families: please note that you only need to bring one voucher

Trees on the Bog Road

Tel: 095-44746 Email:


Ballinakill at the foot of Tully Mountain

Visit for the latest news, events and special offers.

David McWilliams

Around the World on 80 Quid Comedy

The Four Savvy Women 'Is Thinking the New Bling'

Thursday 23rd, 8pm

Thursday 23rd, 10pm

Friday 24th, 7:30pm

'The Outsiders' by Economist

Station House Theatre Clifden, Co. Galway

Admission: €15

Thursday 23

Folk/Ballads/Country with Steve Stanne and Friends

6:30pm - J.Conneely's Bar

Traditional Music Session 7:30pm - Guy's Bar Irish Music 8pm - Griffin's Bar

Irish Trad Music with The Hernon Brothers and Conleth Flatherty 8pm - Mannion's Bar Trad Music with Champion Marie Walsh 9pm - J.Conneely's Bar

Irish/Folk with The Dixie Micks 9pm - Vickers Bar SingerSongwriter Wayne O' Connor

9:30pm - The Central Bar

Live Traditional Music & Song 10pm - E.J. King's Bar

Trad Music with The Three Toms 10pm - Lowry's Pub Trad Music John G. Walsh and Mairtín Conroy 10pm - Mullarkey's Bar

Concert with Bro Ar Men, Breton Musicians P. Huellou & V. Solakian 11pm - Mannion's Bar

New Orleans Jazz with Les Follies Friday 24

4:30pm - E.J. King's Bar

New Orleans Jazz with Les Follies 6:30pm - J.Conneely's Bar

Traditional Music Session 7pm - Central Bar Trad & Song 7:30pm - Guy's Bar Irish Music 8pm - Griffin's Bar

Johnny Óg Connolly & friends 8pm - Mannion's Bar Trad Music with Champion Marie Walsh 9pm - J.Conneely's Bar

Summer Concert Series with Gary O'Mara & Fergal Scahill

Entry Free (Call 087-0520295 to Book)

Bookings: 095 30303/21699 Email:

Music Schedule 6pm - E.J. King's

Admission: €10

Sunday 26

10pm - E.J. King's Bar

Trad Music (M. Carey and F. Scahill) One for the Road - John O'Halloran 10pm - Lowry's Pub Trad Session 12:30pm - Foyle's Hotel

6:30pm - J.Conneely's Bar

Wednesday 29

Traditional Music Session 6:30pm - J.Conneely's Bar 7:30pm - Guy's Bar Irish Music Traditional Music Session 8pm - Griffin's Bar 10pm - E.J. King's Bar 7:30pm - Guy's Bar Irish Music Joe Gibson - Classic Rock/Irish Covers Irish Traditional Music Session 8pm - Griffin's Bar 8pm - Mannion's Bar Trad 10pm - Guy's Bar Irish Traditional Music Session Music with Champion Marie Walsh 9:30pm - Guy's Bar New Shoes Rock with The Mike Carey Band 9pm - J.Conneely's Bar 10pm - Lowry's Pub & a Goat - Folk & Rock Classics Duo Irish/Folk with The Dixie Micks Traditional Irish Music with Liam 9:30pm - J.Conneely's Bar 9:30pm - Guy's Bar Folk and Aspell and Richie Newman Lively Traditional Irish Music Rock with Aidan Ward and Friends 10pm - E.J. King's MCB Rock Band 10pm - Mullarkey's Bar 10 pm E.J. K ing ' s B ar Double-Bill: Comedy Night 10pm - Lowry's Pub Irish, Americana - The Sumbrellas followed by Experimental/Blues/ Traditional Irish Music with 10:30pm - Mullarkey's Bar Rock with Sons of Gingerbread Liam Aspell and Peter Carey Singer-Songwriter and Madrid 10pm - The Station Bar Resident Garrett Wall and his Band Thursday 30 Irish Ballads with Gerry Curran 10:30pm - Vickers Bar Davelly 6:30pm - J.Conneely's Bar Saturday 25 Traditional Music Session 11pm - Griffin's Bar 3pm - Foyle's Hotel 7:30pm - Guy's Bar Irish Music Disco with D.J. Fiddler (back bar) New Orleans Jazz with Les Follies 8pm - Griffin's Bar Monday 27 6:30pm - J.Conneely's Bar Irish Trad Music with The Hernon 6:30 pm J.C onneely ' s B ar Traditional Music Session Brothers and Conleth Flatherty 7:30pm - Guy's Bar Irish Music Traditional Music Session 8pm - Mannion's Bar Trad 7pm - Central Bar Trad & Song Music with Champion Marie Walsh 8pm - Mannion's Bar Trad Music with Champion Marie Walsh 7:30pm - Guy's Bar 9pm - J.Conneely's Bar Traditional Irish Music 9pm - J.Conneely's Bar Irish/Folk with The Dixie Micks 8pm - Griffin's Bar Gary O'Mara & Fergal Scahill 9:30pm - The Central Bar Irish Trad Music: Bary Brady & Friends Live Traditional Music & Song 9:30pm - The Central Bar 9pm - J.Conneely's Bar Live Traditional Music & Song 10pm - E.J. King's Bar Irish/Folk with The Dixie Micks 10pm - E.J. King's Bar Trad Music with The Three Toms Classic Rock - the Mike Carey Band 10pm - E.J. King's Bar 10pm - Lowry's Pub Trad Music Mike Carey/Joe Gibson Classic Covers John G. Walsh and Mairtín Conroy 10pm - Griffin's Bar 10 pm - Lowry's Pub Trad Music 10 pm - Mullarkey's Bar Buck 'em (Classic Rock & Country) Eugene Barry and Féichin Mitchell Open-Mic Baskethouse 10pm - Guy's Bar Tuesday 28 Disco with D.J. Mike O'Malley Friday 1 10pm - Lowry's Pub Trad Music 6:30pm - J.Conneely's Bar 6:30pm - J.Conneely's Bar Traditional Music Session John G. Walsh and Mairtín Conroy Traditional Music Session 7pm - Central Bar Trad & Song 7pm - Central Bar Trad & Song 10pm - Mullarkey's Bar Double-Bill: Mark Black (Blues Trio) 7:30pm - Guy's Bar Irish Music 7:30pm - Guy's Bar Irish Music followed by the Lazy Blues Band 8pm - Griffin's Bar 8pm - Griffin's Bar 10pm - Station Bar Piano Bar Irish Trad Music: Anders & Friends Johnny Óg Connolly & friends 10:30pm - Vickers Bar Paul 9:30pm - J.Conneely's Bar 8pm - Mannion's Bar Trad Music with Champion Marie Walsh Mulligan and the Featherweights Lively Traditional Irish Music 9pm - Vickers Bar

Singer-Songwriter Bill Coleman

9pm - J.Conneely's Bar

10pm - E.J. King's Bar

10pm - E.J. King's Bar

11pm - Griffin's Bar

Gary O'Mara & Fergal Scahill

Irish, Americana - The Sumbrellas

Joe Gibson - Classic Rock/Irish Covers Disco with D.J. Fiddler (back bar) 10pm - Guy's Bar

Monday 4

Rock with The Mike Carey Band 6:30pm - J.Conneely's Bar 10pm - Lowry's Pub Trad Music Traditional Music Session Local Musicians, Singers & Dancers 7pm - Central Bar Trad & Song 10pm - Mullarkey's 7:30pm - Guy's Bar Irish Music Live Music in the Bar 8pm - Griffin's Bar 10pm - The Station Bar Irish Trad Music: Bary Brady & Friends Live Music with Gerry Curran 9pm - J.Conneely's Bar Irish/Folk with The Dixie Micks Saturday 2 6:30pm - J.Conneely's Bar

10pm - E.J. King's Bar

Traditional Music Session 7:30pm - Guy's Bar Irish Music 8pm - Mannion's Bar Trad Music with Champion Marie Walsh

Mike Carey/Joe Gibson Classic Covers

Gary O'Mara & Fergal Scahill

6:30pm - J.Conneely's Bar

9pm - J.Conneely's Bar

9:30pm - The Central Bar

Live Traditional Music & Song 10pm - E.J. King's Bar

Classic Rock - the Mike Carey Band 10pm - Griffin's Bar

Buck 'em (Classic Rock & Country)

10pm - Lowry's Pub

Traditional Irish Music with Eugene Barry and Féichin Mitchell Tuesday 5

Traditional Music Session 7pm - Central Bar Trad & Song 7:30pm - Guy's Bar Irish Music 8pm - Griffin's Bar

Irish Trad Music: Anders & Friends 9:30pm - J.Conneely's Bar

Lively Traditional Irish Music Disco with D.J. Mike O'Malley 10pm - E.J. King's Bar 10pm - Lowry's Pub Trad Music Trad Music (M. Carey and F. Scahill) John G. Walsh and Mairtín Conroy 10pm - Lowry's Pub Trad Session 10pm - Guy's Bar

10pm - Mullarkey's Bar

Live Music in the Bar

10pm - The Station Bar

Piano Bar with Barry Ryan Sunday 3

6:30pm - J.Conneely's Bar

Traditional Music Session 7:30pm - Guy's Bar Irish Music 8pm - Griffin's Bar Trad Session 8pm - Mannion's Bar Trad Music with Champion Marie Walsh 9pm - J.Conneely's Bar

Irish/Folk with The Dixie Micks 9:30pm - Guy's Folk and Rock with Aidan Ward and Friends

Wednesday 6

6:30pm - J.Conneely's Bar

Traditional Music Session 7:30pm - Guy's Bar Irish Music 8pm - Griffin's Bar

Irish Traditional Music Session 9:30pm - Guy's Bar New Shoes & a Goat - Folk & Rock Classics Duo 9:30pm - J.Conneely's Bar

Lively Traditional Irish Music 10pm - E.J. King's Bar

Classic Rock - the Mike Carey Band 10pm - Lowry's Pub

Traditional Irish Music with Liam Aspell and Peter Carey

A Local Tradition not to be missed - Touch the hand of knowledge Sitting in the gaze of the Twelve Bens mountain range is the Connemara Giant, Ireland's only late 20th century antiquity. A local tale has it that if you touch the hand of the giant, you will be blessed with the knowledge of his ancient tribe. Connemara is named after a man named Conn and translates as "Conn, son of the sea".

The Connemara Giant

Touching the hand of the giant is like kissing the Blarney Stone or drinking a pint of Guinness in a traditional Irish pub. They say you haven't been to Connemara until you have done it. Countless people from all over the world have taken advantage of this Irish pilgrimage. The Giant sits at the "heart" of Connemara in the tiny village of Recess, only 13 miles from Clifden on the main N59 road to Galway City. The Connemara Giant is on view all day, 7 days a week, and parking is free. Registered with the Crafts Council of Ireland. See map on page 9.

Follow th e to Joyce Sheep 's the Best – O ne of Craftsho in Ireland ps


Activities - some things to do Cycling On a sunny day in Clifden, the best thing to do is hop on your bike and explore; the landscape always looks more magnificent when we don't see it through the glass of a window! Mannion’s Cycles (advert on page 9) offers a comprehensive bike rental service which includes insurance, lock and repairs. The accessories you need are there, such as helmets, carrier bags, child seats, maps and guides. Use the map (on page 9) to make your own itinerary, or follow one of our 5 suggested bike routes of various lengths and levels.

Cleggan Beach Riding Centre is Connemara's premier beach riding centre, offering a wide variety of treks to suit all tastes and standards. You can choose a three-day package of up to 6 hours riding per day (including lunch break), a day-long ride, the 3-hour trek to Omey Island across beautiful Omey beach - an experience not to be missed - or the 90-minute trek on moorland or to Sellerna beach. They also offer shorter treks for children and lessons by appointment, with qualified instructors, up to competition standard. Hats and boots are available. Dressage and show jumping leagues are also a regular feature at the centre, which is open every day. The times of the treks are governed by the tide, so it is wise to book in advance. Location: see #103 on map page 9 - See advert on page 2 for contact details. Ocean and Country Visitor Centre Whatever the weather, no visit to Connemara is complete without a stop at the Ocean and Country Visitor Centre overlooking breathtaking Derryinver Bay. On display at the centre are over 200 exhibits on a mix of cultural and aquatic topics. Get a glimpse of the local maritime history through a special exhibition dedicated to sea and shore life. See advert on page 13.

Letterfrack Sea Tours Sea tours every fine and fair day on Ireland's only glass-bottomed boat (booking is essential) including a free admission to Ocean and Country Visitor Centre. See the underwater world as only seen before by divers. Lower tides are best for underwater viewing - please inquire in advance. Weather permitting, tours depart at 11am, 12:30, 2:30pm and 4pm (tour duration: 1 hour). Departure locations are the Letterfrack pier (beside Avoca, see #34 on map page 9) and the Derryinver pier (#35 on map) - departure location is tide dependant, please call beforehand to confirm it. See advert on page 13. Inishbofin Island For a taste of island life, take a boat trip to the Island of the White Cow (5 miles long by 2 miles wide, population about 180). Its harbour is dominated by the brooding presence of a Cromwellian star-shaped fort, one of the best preserved in the country. Famed for its magnificent scenery, relaxed lifestyle and traditional music, Inishbofin is located 6 miles west of Cleggan (40 min by ferry). Tickets for day trips can be bought in Cleggan or on the ferry itself, and bikes can be hired on the island. Look for ferry timetables on page 16 - see advert on page 12 for contact details. Guided Walks with Ballynahinch Castle Choose from a selection of spectacular walks professionally guided and narrated: 'Clifden Railway Line' - a gentle stroll along the old tracks of the Clifden railway line, 'Diamond Hill' - a varied walk through the Connemara National Park, 'Killary Harbour' - a walk around Connemara's stunning sea inlet, 'Errisbeg' - a more challenging walk with memorable coastal views, 'The Horseshoe' - a day's adventure over the dominating peaks of Connemara's epic Twelve Bens, or 'Ballynahinch Castle Estate' - a journey around some of their idyllic 450 acres estate. Lunch and refreshments are provided on all walks. Bookings are made subject to availability. For further information contact the reception on 095-31006 or go to



Disclaimer: The activities above are suggestions only. Visitors should choose activities which suit their own particular ability. What’s On will not accept any responsibility for accidents, injuries or loss that might occur from following these suggested activities - visitors participate at their own risk.

Jewellery Making Discover the secrets of a craft that is thousands of years old. Wander in and watch Jonathan, one of the skilled members of the O'Dalaigh family, crafting unique jewellery on the premises of the family shop, which is located in the heart of Clifden. Influenced by the Golden Age of Celtic jewellery and artifacts throughout Ireland and Europe, they also produce a distinguished and contemporary organic-like designer range; a collection not to be missed. See advert right.

Hill-Walking The Connemara horizon is dominated by more than fifty magnificent mountains in four tightly packed ranges, the Twelve Bens, Maum Turks, Partry and Sheffrey. Diamond Hill in the Connemara National Park offers a most enjoyable and safe way to discover hill-walking, with a recently built wood and cut stone path. A brochure is available there for €1, featuring a photographic panorama of the numerous hills, mountains, lakes and islands that can be seen from the top of Diamond Hill: a perfect opportunity to learn about Connemara's geography! See also Guided Walks. Connemara National Park When you first see the park, watched over by its cone-shaped mountain, Diamond Hill, you will be impressed by its stunning beauty. Enjoy the picnic area, children's playground and tea room and/or visit the exhibition on Connemara’s landscape, audiovisual show and Connemara ponies. Admission is free. Self-guided tours include a choice of nature trails and hill walks of various lengths and levels. As these walks cover rough, wet, boggy terrain, it is essential visitors have appropriate footwear/rainwear. Location: Letterfrack - #95 on map page 9. See advert page 10.

Kylemore Abbey and Victorian Walled Garden Originally built as a Castle in 1867 as a romantic gift, Kylemore Abbey and the surrounding mountains and lakes are steeped in history. Learn of the tales of tragedy and romance, engineering initiatives, model farms, and royal visits. It became home to a community of Benedictine Nuns in 1920 and has been renowned as a place of spirituality and education. Much of the estate has been restored to its former glory. Experience the Victorian atmosphere of the restored rooms of the abbey and miniature gothic church. Explore the magic of the 6 acre Victorian Walled Garden. With nature trails, woodland walks, restaurant, tea house and an excellent craft shop, Kylemore is the ideal destination for a day out. See also advert on page 9.

Omey This tidal island is accessible at low tide every day. (See Cleggan Tour on page 11 for directions and page 13 for tide timetable.) Close to the north coast of the island lie the ruins of Teampall Feichín (Feichin’s church), unearthed 20 years ago after spending 3 centuries buried beneath the sand. The church is surrounded by the remains of a semi-sunken village that was wiped out in the Famine years. The island is now largely abandoned. Swimming Connemara's beaches are all individual, coming with their own different types of sand, rocks and an infinite variety of small shells. A must-see is the Coral Strand in Ballyconneely, unusual for its golden coral sand. It’s easy to access with plenty of space to park. Another must-see are the Mannin Bay beaches, a collection of white sandy beaches; strolling here will leave you feeling refreshed and contented. See also Dog's Bay (page 5) and a list of popular beaches like Glassilaun and the White Strand (page 13) – corresponding numbers will help you locate them on the map. Fishing

The lakes and rivers of Connemara offer lovers of freshwater angling both small and large catch such as salmon, brown trout, rainbow trout and eel. Meanwhile, fans of deep-sea angling can look forward to an adventure on the open sea with a selection of fish including pollock, ray and mackerel. (See page 13 for information regarding permits and rates.) If you don’t have a fishing rod, you can rent one at Stanley’s (see advert on page 12). You can also book a trip aboard the Celtic Queen (advert on page 12).


Irish Music Every Night! 6:30-9pm

Traditional Irish Music with Meals 9pm Lively Irish Trad Session (See timetable page 3)

Irish Fare and Delicious Seafood Restaurant Quality at Pub Prices

J’Conneely’s Bar, Restaurant and Club, Market Street • Clifden • Tel: 095-22733

The Sky Road Justifiably famous for the views it affords, the Sky Road route takes you up among the hills overlooking Clifden Bay and its offshore islands, Inishturk and Turbot. Follow the signposts from Market Square and on the way be sure to climb Monument Hill. At the summit you will find a stone memorial to the town’s founder, John D’Arcy (1785-1839).

Activities - more things to do

Dog’s Bay Just off the Clifden-Roundstone road, Dog’s Bay, famous for its foraminiferal sands, is a stunning beach. The dunes have recently been the focus of intensive efforts to stem coastal erosion by planting grass – visitors are requested to respect the signs restricting access to the dunes. Gurteen Bay lies at the eastern side of the tombolo.

Beach Road A local favourite, the Beach Road is one of the most peaceful and serene walks in Clifden. Instead of taking a right at the fork toward the Sky Road, take a left. This will lead you downhill towards Clifden harbour. Follow the road until you reach the Boat Club or take a right a little before that to proceed to the Sky Road or return to Clifden.

Clifden Castle Walking only - parking not permitted Built c1810 by Clifden’s founder John D’Arcy, this was once his residence. From Clifden, take the Sky Road until the gateway arch (left). Stroll along a winding trail edged with a series of five standing stones (only one is original). Soon you will be led downhill and turning right to discover a magnificent view of Clifden Bay and Clifden Castle.

Lowry's Pub Traditional Family-Run Irish Pub of Character and Local Atmosphere • One of Ireland's Finest Whiskey Pubs Over 70 Premium Scotch and Irish Whiskeys

• Pub Food Served Daily •

Trad Irish Music Monday - Saturday


Market Street, Clifden Tel: 095-21347

The Bog Road The tranquil scenery of the Bog Road with the backdrop of the Twelve Bens is a true spectacle. Driving or cycling, take the R341 towards Ballyconneely and turn left at Ballinaboy, driving along the famous Roundstone Bog conservation area, turning right to Roundstone, back towards Ballyconneely & returning to Clifden by the coast.

The Station House Museum is located on the site of the old Clifden Railway Station (#4 on map page 8) and provides visitors with a history of Clifden, the Connemara Pony, the Galway to Clifden railway line, Millars Mill and Alcock and Brown (first transatlantic flight). Photographic exhibition on Marconi wiresless station. Cost: €2 adult, €1 child over 5, €6.50 family rate. See advert page 7.

Alcock and Brown and Marconi Site 3 miles south of Clifden (see plane symbol on map page 9) is the crash-landing site of the first transatlantic flight of Alcock and Brown (1919) and monument to this historic achievement. Nearby is the site of the radio transmitter station from which Marconi exchanged the first transatlantic radio messages with a station in Nova Scotia (1907).

Dan O'Hara Heritage Centre The Connemara Heritage centre offers a unique insight into Connemara's colourful past through an audiovisual history presentation and a both guided and self-guided tour. It is located about five miles from Clifden on the Galway Road (#105 on map page 9). Craft shop and Restaurant. See advert below for contact details and opening hours.

Dan O’Hara Heritage Centre N59 5 miLES from Clifden on Galway Road

Arts Week at The Alcock

Sunday 19th to Friday 24th September

Singer Songwriter Week featuring Aidan Ward, Pat O'Toole, SJ McArdle, Wayne O' Connor and Bill Coleman

gigs start at 9pm each night

Also John Dunne will recite all manner of poetry in Vickers Coffee House from 4 to 5pm each day

Audiovisual History Presentation, Crannóg, Connemara Ponies, Ring Fort, Dan O’Hara Cottage and Farm

2 for 1

Heritage Admission with this advert

B&B -all rooms ensuite


Restaurant & Craft Shop Prebooked Groups welcome for lunch or tours

Daily from 9am to 6pm April to October (10am to 5pm in October) Tel: 095-21808 Email: 5


Castle Hotel & Estate

Guided walks available. Explore the history, culture and grounds of this unique Connemara Estate. Ballynahinch Castle, Recess, Connemara, Co.Galway Call 095 31006 Please visit or email:

Walk of the Fortnight - Inishbofin Road, track, cross country; 8 km; approx. 2 to 3 hours

Starting at the new pier, this walk heads west and immediately turns right up the hill of Pound Road. This hill is a great deposit of sand and gravel left behind by the melting glaciers more than 10,000 years ago. here the crushed rock and freer drainage make this part of the island inherently more fertile than the shallower peaty soils on the acidic rock outcrops elsewhere. We turn west again at the top of the road and now have a fine view over Bofin Harbour. Almost a mile long, this deep anchorage was an important haven for shipping in the age of sail. The imposing ruin at the mouth of the

harbour opposite (picture above) dates from the 1650s when the Cromwellian garrison rebuilt an older structure there. Older fortifications also tell us of the importance of this haven; the flat, vegetation-topped rock at the western mouth of the harbour is called Dún Gráinne, Grainnuaile’s fort. This is a Celtic Iron Age or Early Christian promontory fort dating approximately from 2,000 years ago; the name (and a mediaeval window moulding) tells us it was also in use as late as the 16th century. Our route now lies on the edge of the poorer, thinner soils that make up the island’s commonage, on the right. Turn right, pass some houses, and enter the commonage

through a farm gate (close it!). This part of the walk overlooks Lough Bofin, from which the mythical white cow (of the island’s name) arises periodically. The area to the right and ahead is rich in prehistoric remains, mainly the foundations of terracing and house sites, probably from the Bronze Age, 3,700 years ago. We pass through the gate onto North Beach, a ridge of shingle thrown up by ancient storms, but continually shifting under wind and sea pressure to the present day. Across the beach we again find a track which takes us to the north west end of the island. When you pass the final farm gate here, look out for a track heading right to the double sea arch, Poll Tolladh (the bore-hole). Our route follows an intermittent track heading south, parallel with the shore and rising with the emerging cliffs from Royal Oak Cove to the massive Dún Mór promontory fort. All that remains is the base of the defensive wall across the neck of the isthmus. From here our route back is clearly visible. With the sea to our right, we now follow a green road back through Westquarter, passing the Doonmore Hotel, and on our starting point at the pier. Excerpt taken from 'Walking in Connemara - Shorter Walks to Explore the Hidden Connemara', Connemara Tourism 1996. Available at The Clifden Bookshop, Main Street and at The Outdoor Shop, Market Street, Clifden.


CONNEMARA Designer Clothing • Homeware • Luxury Gifts

New to Millars 'bi Ti Mo' a beautiful, fashionable and distinctly feminine clothing range just in, as well as all the favourites for Autumn/Winter including Oska, Paul Costelloe and lots of fabulous Jewellery

Main Street, Clifden, Connemara, Co. Galway.

t: 095 21 038 66

One of the best in Clifden!

Traditonal IRish Music Fireside session Every Evening 7-9:30pm along with food!

SUMMER SEAFOOD SPECIALS! COSY SETTING • Seafood • fine wines Oven-baked pizzas • WIFI • TRAD MUSIC

GUYS BAR & SNUG Main Street, Clifden T: 095-21130 visit:

What 's On Offer ? - Special Offers and Good Bargains Accommodation Dan O'Hara Farmhouse B&B 10% Off B&B on Presentation of this Advert See also advert on page 5

Foyle's Hotel Mid-Week Deal: 2 Nights B&B + 1 Evening Meal €89 per person sharing See also advert on page 13

The Central B&B When Booking 2 Nights, Room Only Rate of €20 Per Person See also advert on page 16

Activities Cleggan Beach Riding Centre 10% Discount on Omey and Sellerna Treks (on presentation of the voucher/advert on page 2)

Kylemore Abbey & Garden Annual Membership Tickets Now Available Offering Great Value and Special Discounts - Contac Us for Details See also advert on page 9

Letterfrack Sea Tours Sea Tour includes a Free Admission to Ocean & Country Visitor Centre See adverts on page 13 for departure locations and contact details

Bars, Restaurants and Cafés Brown's Restaurant (Alcock & Brown Hotel) 2 Course Dinner €19.95, 3 Course Dinner €22.95, 3 Course Dinner for 2 plus Bottle of Wine €59.95, Children’s menu €5.95

E. J. Kings Bar & Restaurant

Enjoy a 2-Course Meal for €19.95 or 3-Course for €22.95, Including a Complimentary Drink from 5:30pm to 7.30pm! Lively Music Session Every Evening See also advert on page 14

Fogerty's Restaurant

Sunday Lunch Specials: 2 Course €13.50 or 3 Course €16 Evening Dinner Specials: 2 Course €19.50 or 3 Course €22.50 See also advert on page 15

J. Conneely's Bar & Restaurant

Lunch and Dinner Specials starting from €9.50 See also advert on page 5

Mannion's Bar

Amazing Children’s Meal Deal only €4.95 and Plenty of Seasonal Daily Specials for the Adults See also advert on page 15

Marconi Restaurant

Mid-Week Special Menu (Available Sunday to Thursday from 6pm to 6:45pm only): 2-Course €20.95, 3-Course €25.95 Weekend Special Menu (Available from 6pm to 6:45pm only): 3-Course €25.95 See also advert on page 13

O'Dowd's Restaurant

Fresh Seafood Daily. Two-Course Early Bird Menu €19.50 Available until 7pm See also advert on page 10

Walsh's Bakery & Coffee Shop

Hehir's Woollen Store

Full Irish Breakfast and Chips €6.50 Great Deals on our Range of Breads and Pastries, 4 Dinner Rolls 80c, 2 Salad Rolls 80c, 2 Chocolate Muffins €2, 2 Blueberry or Cranberry Muffins €2.40. See Instore for Lots More

Summer Stock Sale Now On - 50% Off! See also advert on page 8

Kylemore Abbey & Garden Seasonal Sale On in the Craft Shop Many Items Reduced to Clear Great Value Bargain Rail for Ladies and Children Rain Coats.

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O'Dalaigh Jewellers

30-50% Off Paul Costelloe Collection Sale Now On In-Store

Wedding & Engagement Rings Cleaned from €35. New Custom-Made Engagement Ring Service for the Special Person in your Life See also advert on page 5

Passenger Boutique Further Reductions on Passenger's Spring/Summer Collections Downstairs in our Sale Room See also advert on page 10

The Bens Music Shop Have a Bodhrán/Gift Personalised in 10 min or your Family Crest Painted for the Next Day... or Shipped Home! See also advert on page 14

The Treatment Rooms at Abbeyglen Castle Hotel

Hot Stone Back Massage €45, Seaweed Marine Bodywrap €65, Shellac Nails (2-week manicure) €25 Call Direct on 095 21306

Shopping Dan O'Hara Craft Shop 5% Off when you spend over €50 10% Off when you spend over €100

Stanley's Check Out our Half-Price Sale Room in Stanley's See also adverts on pp. 12 and 15

The Clifden Bookshop Exclusive to The Clifden Bookshop, Clifden / Connemara 2011 Calendar Now in Stock See also advert on page 6

The Outdoor Shop Conn O'Mara has hidden himself in this guide. The first person to call in and show us where he is (aside from our advert, no cheating!) gets a free t-shirt worth €20, then everyone else gets €2.50 off every Conn O’Mara t-shirt they buy – it’s as simple as that! Please refer to the advert on page 8 to see what Conn O'Mara looks like.

To locate a venue refer to the maps on pages 8 & 9 - each advertiser has its own map reference number. Note: Special offers available Sept 23–Oct 6 unless stated otherwise. Terms and conditions apply.

Breakfast available from € 4.95 7


The Station Bar


Irish Knitwear, Fashion & Footwear

Morning Pastries Coffees • Cappuccinos • Lattes

Exciting autumn/winter stock now in-store

Seafood • Steaks our Specialities Excellent Bar Food Served Daily 12-9pm

Sale Room with Weekly Special Offers

Clifden Station House Tel: 095-21699

Market Street, Clifden T: 095-21282 Open late 7 Days


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Clifden Map Abbeyglen Castle Hotel Alcock and Brown Hotel Hotel E.J. King's Bar and Restaurant Fogerty's Restaurant Foyle's Hotel / Marconi Restaurant Griffin's Bar Guy’s Bar Hehir's Woollen Store Jasmine Garden Chinese Restaurant J.Conneely's Bar, Restaurant and Night Club Lowry's Pub Mannion's Bar Mannion’s Cycles Millars Mullarkey’s Bar O'Dalaigh Jewellers Passenger Boutique Stanley's

106 90 46 73 65 15 67 92 17 42 61 16 20 93 62 83 60 11

Station House Museum Station House Theatre Super Valu The Bens Music Shop The Central Bar, Restaurant, B&B The Clifden Bookshop The Connemara Hamper The Outdoor Shop The Quay House Guesthouse The Station Bar Vickers Bar and Coffee House Walsh's Bakery and Coffee Shop

14 10 12 28 88 64 89 41 59 100 106 37

connemara Map Ballynahinch Castle Hotel Cleggan Beach Riding Centre Connemara National Park Dan O'Hara Heritage Centre Inishbofin Ferries Joyce's Craft Shop and Art Gallery, Recess Kylemore Abbey & Victorian Walled Garden Ocean and Country Visitor Centre Oliver's Bar and Restaurant, Cleggan

77 103 95 105 101 91 51 96 63

the ideal way to discover Connemara All Types of Bikes for Hire Mountain and Hybrids

Daily and Weekly Rates

Open 9:30am - 6pm / Sundays 10am - 12noon

MANNION'S CYCLES Bridge Street, Clifden Tel: 095-21160/21155

6 acre Victorian Walled Garden • Woodland Walks • Nature Trails • Guided Tours Restaurant • Tea Rooms • Food Hall • Craft Shop • Pottery Studio – Open 7 Days E: W: Tel: +353 (0)95 41146



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Kylemore Abbey & Victorian Walled Garden – Connemara, Co. Galway



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Bike Routes



Sky Road (16km / 1.5 hour) Errislannan (14 km / 1.5 hour) Cleggan / Claddaghduff (33km / 2.5 hours) Ballyconneely / Roundstone (40km / 3 hours) North Connemara (full day)

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Trad Music 7 Nights a Week - Lunch Served Daily Mon-Fri 12-5pm Soup of the Day • Homemade Seafood Chowder • Fresh Seafood • Smoked Salmon Home Cooked Daily Specials • Paninis • Wraps • Sandwiches • Salads • Desserts Tea • Coffee • Irish Coffee • Americano • Espresso • Hot Chocolate • Cappuccino • Latte • Macchiato • Mocha

Heated BEER GARDEN • Smoking Area • BAR FULLY AIR CONDITIONED 4 Large screens with SKY SPORTS HD AND BIG SCREEN IN BACK BAR Proud Sponsors of Connemara R.F.C. and Naomh Feichín GAA club It’s said that Griffin’s Bar serves the best pint of Guinness in Clifden. All items on our menu are available for take-away

Main Street, Clifden Telephone: 095-21370 Fax: 095-22189 9

Seafood Bar, Restaurant

September 16-26

& Coffee Shop

Overlooking Roundstone harbour

Fresh Seafood Daily Early Bird Special €19.50 2-Course + Tea/Coffee (Available till 7pm)

2010 Recommended Georgina Campbell, Michelin, Frommers, Lonely Planet, Rough Guide & BIM Seafood Circle Roundstone, Co. Galway Tel: 095-35809 Further Information on Page 14

Clifden 33rd

Communit y Arts Festival

Roundstone harbour village On the west coast of Connemara (see map on page 9) lies Roundstone, an area of outstanding natural beauty. As well as being the birth place and inspiration for many artists, Roundstone has been described as a botanist's delight where many wild flowers, rare to this country, are found. The rugged, glacially sculpted backdrop to Roundstone is the majestic mountain of Errisbeg, which rises to almost 1,000 feet. The pleasant walk from Roundstone village to the top takes about two hours. Roundstone is also an ideal base from which to explore the wonderful ice-age scoured and lakestrewn Roundstone Bog (see The Bog Road on page 6). South of the village, the crescent-shaped beaches of Gurteen and Dog’s Bay (see Dog's Bay on page 6) and their intervening tombolo draw thousands each

summer. Roundstone is one of the oldest fishing villages in Connemara. The village was built in the 1820s by Scottish engineer Alexander Nimmo, who settled in Connemara. In Roundstone you will find a busy harbour where local fishermen prepare and return with the day's catch, featuring a mix of lobster, crayfish, crab, mackerel, cod, and a wide variety of other fish. The town itself boasts a good selection of bars and restaurants packed full of fresh locally caught seafood - so fresh, you can practically see them coming off the boats! Some of the bars and restaurants have outdoor dining areas, so on a nice day one can enjoy some al fresco dining. Strolling through the town you will discover some fantastic craft shops and cafés — look out for your chance to beat an Irish traditional drum, the bodhrán. Visiting Roundstone




Best Boutique Award 2009

ethical labels Bllack/Noir Unicorn Untouched World Kenzo Yohji Yamamoto Olivia Rubin Longchamp Market Square, Clifden


is a highly recommended and relaxing experience — dine outside and take in the view of the island of Inishnee, watch the fishing boats come and go or watch out for the occasional Galway Hooker, a traditional Irish fishing boat. In July, visitors are drawn to the annual Roundstone Regatta, when rust-red sails of the Galway Hooker and flashing oars of the currach race for glory across Roundstone’s picturesque Bertraghboy Bay and beneath the distant moody domes of the Twelve Bens Mountains (see picture above). Roundstone Summerfest, in August, is a festival of traditional Irish music, games and activities (please visit for more details). Whatever your reasons for visiting Roundstone, you will not be disappointed. See also Roundstone Village Tour on page opposite.


National Park FREE ADMISSION Visitor Centre Open Daily 9am to 5:30pm Grounds Open All Day / All Year

Exhibition Connemara Ponies Diamond Hill Walks Tea Room, Picnic Areas Children's Playground

Tel: 095-41323 / 41054 Offices: 095-60900 Fax: 095-60912

National Parks & Wildlife Service


Activities - Drives and Day Tours Roundstone Village Tour

Inagh Valley and Kylemore Tour

Take the R341 towards Ballyconneely and turn left at Ballinaboy bridge, driving along the Bog Road that crosses the famous Roundstone Bog conservation area. A right turn towards Roundstone takes you past a deserted village to your left. Follow the coast road into Roundstone. Before entering the village, why not turn left at the bridge and spend a while on Island of Inishnee. Then, make your way to the coastal village of Roundstone, established in the 1820s by a Scottish engineer, Alexander Nimmo. Roundstone is still a busy working fishing village. A Franciscan monastery was founded there in the 1830s, but all that now

No visit to Connemara is complete until you have travelled through the truly majestic Inagh Valley. Travelling past Ballynahinch Lough to your right, you will see the ruins of the "castle on the lake" which once served as a prison to those who had ill-treated animals. 'Humanity Dick' Martin would treat the offenders to a stay on the island – ball and chain included – he ultimately founded what we know now as the RSPCA. Be sure to stop off in Recess and visit Joyce’s Craft Shop (see advert on page 3), home to Connemara Marble. Turn back towards Clifden; after about 500 metres turn right (before the narrow bridge) onto the

remains of the monastery is the gateway entrance and church bell tower. The walls, harbour and a well preserved bell tower as well as the monks’ cemetery can all still be seen. As well as cafés, hotels, pubs and bars, you will find craft shops, art galleries, a summer market (every Sunday in July and August), a working fishing harbour and the Roundstone Music workshop. Here they make the bodhrán, Ireland’s traditional goatskin drum. Relax and try the famous seafood chowder in O'Dowd's, Connemara's oldest pub, before returning home. photo above: The Bog Road

R344, which takes you through the Inagh Valley. Meandering past Lough Inagh, the Twelve Bens are to the left, with the Maum Turk mountain range to the right. This is a stunningly beautiful scenic route, taking you past turf stacks, sheep and glorious countryside, until you emerge at the other end of the valley. Here you can turn left to return to Clifden and visit Kylemore Abbey and Victorian Walled Gardens on the way (#51 on map page 9 - further information on page 4 - see also advert on page 9), or turn right to extend your tour further towards Leenane. photo above : Derryclare Lake

Renvyle Peninsula Tour

Cleggan and Claddaghduff Tour

Dominated by Tully Mountain, the Renvyle Peninsula offers panoramic sea views and a slice of the old Irish way of life. Take the N59 towards Westport – the peninsula is signposted left at the Quaker village of Letterfrack. The villages of Tully Cross and, further on, Tully, have a number of real old-Irish bars where a pint of Guinness goes down well. A signposted detour off the Letterfrack to Tully Cross road leads you to the Ocean and Country Visitor Centre (further information on glassbottomed boat trips and angling tours on page 4). Explore Connemara’s maritime history and enjoy the sealife centre, seaside park, café and picnic areas. At Tully Cross, continue towards the end of the peninsula to see the ruins of Renvyle Castle. There are stunning views across Ballynakill Bay and, on a clear day, you can see the conical holy mountain of Croagh Patrick in County Mayo. Returning

From Clifden, take the N59 towards Westport, and approximately 5km outside the town turn left towards Claddaghduff. A couple of miles further along Streamstown Bay you will see the ruins of Doon Castle on your left. Omey Island is next, accessible by car or on foot at low water, by crossing acres of firm sandy beach – follow the direction poles in the sand on your way across, and be sure to check the tide timetable beforehand (see page 13). Omey has a wealth of antiquities. Teampaill Féichín can be found on the northern side of the island, a medieval church built on a 7th century Christian

to Tully Cross, take the left turn by the church and follow the elevated coast road towards Little Killary Bay. Shortly after, turn left to stop off at the glorious sandy beach of Glassilaun, where scenes from the movie Tristan and Isolde, released in 2006, were filmed. Continue along Lough Fee until you reach the N59, where you can either turn right to return to Clifden, or left towards Leenane village. Leenane is located at the head of the spectacular Killary fjord – the only fjord in Ireland. In the heart of Leenane you can visit a museum and cultural centre, shops and bars, and listen to tales of when Hollywood came to the locality to film "The Field", starring the legendary Richard Harris.

settlement that was completely covered in sand until 1981. St Féichín's well can also be found to the west, just above a rocky inlet. Returning to the mainland, continue towards Claddaghduff and then on towards the working fishing village of Cleggan. From there you can take the ferry to Inishbofin Island (further information on page 4 - ferry timetable on page 16). Back in Cleggan, either take the bog road back to Clifden or continue to Moyard via Ballynakill Lough – and then turn right on your way back to Clifden. photo above: Omey Island

photo above: View of Killary Fjord photo right: Inishbofin Harbour 11

Station House

museum Be sure to visit Clifden's Museum at the Station House.

Many Interesting Historical Exhibits

Alcock & Brown • Clifden Railway Connemara Ponies • John D'Arcy Millars Mill • Marconi Open Mon-Sat 11-5, Sun 11-4 Tel: 095-21494

Nature View - Sundews Left: Drosera rotundifolia / Round-leaved sundew Right: Drosera intermedia / Oblong-leaved sundew Connemara's bogs are home to a number of species of plants that obtain nourishment from small insects. Among these are three species of Drosera, or sundew. Although they do not rely entirely on insect protein, these are specialised plants that are found only in the mineral-poor environment of acid bogs, where nutrients may be in short supply. The leaves of these fascinating plants are covered in numerous sticky red hairs, each of which is tipped with a clear sticky globule. Insects landing on the leaves become trapped by the sticky substance. The leaf subsequently rolls inward and secretes enzymes which aid in breaking down and absorbing the soft parts of the insect. In earlier times, it was thought that the sticky deposits were 'dew' that the plant was somehow able to retain, even in full sun. This gave rise to the plant's common name, as well as to beliefs that the plant had magical and curative properties. Extract from the leaves of sundew are used in certain remedies for upper respiratory tract complaints. Round-leaved sundew is the most common sundew found in Connemara. Plants are solitary with leaves forming a horizontal basal rosette. Oblong-leaved sundew is found in bog pools and very wet areas of bog. It forms dense mats of rosettes. The hairless leaf stalk is longer than the blade and the leaves are narrow and oblong. Excerpts taken from Stark, D. & Stark, J. (2004) Connemara wild flowers: An introductory guide, Cleggan: Connemara Images – This guide is available at The Clifden Bookshop, Main Street, Clifden.

Sea Adventure Trips for Angling, Sightseeing, Bird Watching, etc.

Cook your Catch on-board! No Fish No Fee! Fishing gear available for hire on-board.

Charter Available on a Daily or Hourly Rate Charter €500 per day / €100 per hour (min. 2 hours) Day Charter €50pp. Evening Trips Available.

16m Fully Licensed and Insured Craft (Max 12 persons on-board) Skipper / Owner has 30 years' experience • Free light refreshments on board Tel: 095-21069 Mobile: 086-2484674


Marconi R e s t au r a n t Mid-Week Special - Early Bird Menu (6-6:45pm)

2-course €20.95, 3-course €25.95 choosing from our À la carte menu

see page 7 for further details.

Foyle’s Hotel Mid-Week Deal - 2 Nights B&B + 1 Evening Meal €89 p.p.s. Main Street, Clifden Telephone: 095-21801

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0429 1025 1646 2248

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Monday 27

Fri 24 10pm

Double-Bill Comedy followed by

Experimental/Blues/Rock with Sons of Gingerbread

Sat 25 10pm

Double-Bill Mark Black and his Blues Trio

followed by the Lazy Blues Band

Sun 26 Singer-Songwriter Garrett Wall & Band 10:30pm

Aqua Info

Galway Tides (for Connemara, add 5 minutes) HW: high water LW: low water

Tide Timetable

Thurs 23 Concert with Breton Musicians Bro Ar Men 10pm

Beaches Coral Strand - 1, Mannin Beach - 2, Dog’s Bay - 3, Gurteen - 4, Aillebrack - 5, Omey Strand - 6, Glassilaun - 7, White Srand - 8 (see corresponding numbers in red on map page 9)

Fishing Information Permits available from 10am to 11am* daily at G.Stanley & Son, Market Street (Clifden map #11) *Sundays 11am to 12pm Boat Rental: €25 per day

Trout Fishing Daily rate: €10 / Weekly rate: €30 No charge for children under 16 on the lakes

Salmon Fishing* Owenglen River Daily rate: €25 / Weekly rate: €80 * Please note that fishing for salmon also requires a State licence Deep-Sea Angling Aboard the Celtic Queen - sea angling charter trips, sightseeing and evening trips also available. Departs from Clifden Harbour daily. See advert page 12

Ocean & country visitor centre (Connemara map #96) 'Yesterday Once More' exhibition

open daily 10am-6pm See advert below

Letterfrack sea tours Glass-bottomed boat sea tours See advert below

Letterfrack Sea Tours Tours Every Fine and Fair Day Includes Free Admission to Ocean & Country Visitor Centre

Departs 11am, 12:30, 2:30pm and 4pm

Duration: 1 hour - Tours are weather dependant, please call beforehand.

Departure Locations Letterfrack Pier (beside Avoca - #34 on map page 9) and Derryinver Pier (#35)

Departure location is tide dependant, please call beforehand to confirm it.

Tel: 095-43473 / 086-1991988

5 minutes from Letterfrack on the Renvyle road Over 200 Exhibits on Display Seaside Nature


Sea Tours on Ireland's

only Glass-Bottomed Boat

(weather permitting - see advert opposite left)

Derryinver, Letterfrack Tel: 095-43473 Mobile: 086-1991988 13

What 's On the Menu ? Abbeyglen Castle Hotel Renowned for our gourmet Mannion's Bar Either for breakfast, lunch or dinner (served food, we offer the very best in local seafood, lobster, catch of the day and delicious Connemara lamb. Sit back and enjoy live music, friendly staff and beautiful views. We offer an à la carte menu and an extensive table d’hôte, which changes daily. Tuesday night is Irish night, and the menu is written in Gaelic and boasts a number of traditional dishes, and all accompanied by an evening of traditional Irish music and song. Booking is essential! See also advert bottom right - Location: Clifden map #106

E.J.King's Bar & Restaurant Famous for our pub food, we received the honour of being recommended in the Georgina Campbell's Ireland Guide 2008. We specialise in traditional Irish dishes such as Irish stew, fresh fish & chips in beer batter and Connemara mussels marinière. Local seafood, lobster and oysters are also available, as well as vegetarian dishes. Children welcome. Why not try our value dining menu? Read more on our special offer on page 7. See also advert left - Location: Clifden map #46

Fogerty's Restaurant Headed up by experienced chef Rory Flaherty and his team, Fogerty's provides for an intimate dining experience inside a historic period building, whether it's for a quick bitte or some leisurely dining. Rory's focus is on fresh, locally sourced ingredients, specialising in seafood and traditional Irish dishes - check out our daily seafood specials. Family friendly restaurant (families are catered for in the downstairs restaurant). Open 7 days. Dinner: 6pm-10pm. Lunch: midweek 12pm-3pm, weekend 12pm-5pm. See also advert bottom right - Location: Clifden map #73

Griffin's Bar A local favourite and Clifden’s premier sports bar. Lunch is served daily, Mon to Fri, from 1 to 5pm. Our bar food menu features freshly prepared soup of the day, homemade seafood chowder, fresh seafood (subject to availability), smoked salmon, home-cooked daily specials, paninis, wraps, sandwiches, salads and desserts. Enjoy a game of pool or darts. Look out for live matches on the Big Screen TV and impromptu music sessions. See also advert on page 9 - Location: Clifden map #15

Guy's Bar & Snug Relax in a warm and friendly atmosphere

The Bens music shop

Best Selection of Trad / Ballads & Local CDs

Musical Instruments

Traditional Music Tutor CDs

International Shipping

reasonable prices. Our experienced head chef Raymond Wong brings to you delicious Chinese dishes with that 'home made' taste that will be sure to please all patrons. The restaurant has two spacious dining rooms which are tastefully decorated with exotic pieces of Chinese furniture to create that special ambience for all diners. We also do take away. Open 7 days. Weekdays from 5:30pm to 11:30pm & weekends from 5:30pm till late. See also advert bottom left - Location: Clifden map #17

Bridge Street, Clifden Tel: 095 22680 / 086 1031154

J.Conneely's Bar is a recently renovated bar. Our balcony

Jasmine Garden

boasts probably one of the most spectacular views you are likely to experience in Clifden. Situated on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, it is the ideal spot to enjoy our new extensive bar menu, with local seafood, such as Atlantic seafood chowder, mussels, oak-smoked salmon and our now famous Whale of a Fish and much more. Join in on our lively Irish music sessions every evening from 6:30pm. In brief, fresh Atlantic seafood enjoyed with a pint of Guinness while gazing out at the Atlantic Ocean was how it was meant to be! See advert page 5 - Location: Clifden map #42


Chinese restaur ant

Kylemore Abbey & Victorian Walled Garden Café Serving traditional Irish dishes using fresh ingredients

Authentic Chinese Food Take-Away and Delivery Service

Market Street, Clifden Tel: 095-21174 1414

Marconi Restaurant A charming family-run restaurant managed personally by the Foyles for over a century. We focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients (sourced locally where possible), specialising in seafood and traditional Irish favourites - something to suit every taste. The restaurant is set in distinctive surroundings, full of interesting artefacts covering the history of Connemara and the hotel. Expect a professional, friendly service and creative cooking, all offered at a fair price in a relaxed ambience. See also advert on page 13 - Location: Clifden map #65

O'Dowd's Seafood Restaurant, Bar & Café Established in 1840 O'Dowd's is Connemara's oldest pub and is now in its fourth generation of being family-run. Enjoy a great pint of Guinness in an atmospheric setting or outside overlooking Roundstone harbour. We specialise in fresh local seafood: mussels, oysters, crab claws, Galway Bay prawns, scallops, fresh smoked salmon, hake, turbot, etc. Try our famous seafood chowder! Evening restaurant menu from 5 to 9:30pm, bar food 12 to 9:30pm. Next door is O'Dowd's Café, open 9:30am to 6pm and serving delicious freshly-made food to take away or eat in. Free Wi-Fi. See also advert on page 10 - Location: Roundstone

Oliver's Bar & Restaurant Our Restaurant, which is open from 6pm to 10pm, overlooks the busy fishing harbour in Cleggan where most of our fresh fish comes from. Sample a wide range of fresh local fish and meat dishes, complemented by the finest vegetables and salads. Seasonal highlights are the salmon, Connemara Lamb and delicious varieties of flatfish. You can also pick your own live lobster from our chilled seawater tank in the restaurant. See also advert on page 7 - Location: Connemara map #63

The Central Bar & Restaurant The finest food is served in the bar from 11-9pm. Our extensive bar menu includes mussels, smoked salmon, fresh salmon, seafood chowder, cod & chips, Irish stew and lamb cutlets. We also offer a childrens menu as well as daily specials. Enjoy live music most evenings while you dine. See also advert on page 16 - Location: Clifden map #88

Jasmine Garden offers authentic Chinese cuisine at The Connemara Hamper Clifden's only cheese shop and

Family Crests Painted on Bodhráns Slates, Gifts, Drums, etc. Personalised for FREE Bodhrán Lesson FREE

Picture Framing Bargain Books

where old and new traditions meet. Our extensive food menu includes daily seafood specials, soups, seafood chowder, BLTs, wraps, paninis, baps, club sandwiches, traditional fish and chips, beef and Guinness stew, homemade house burger, salads and homemade desserts. We also serve take-away pizzas, cappuccinos, lattes, espresso and herbal teas. Breakfast served until 1pm and all day on Sunday. Traditional music sessions - see timetable on page 3. See also advert page 7 - Location: Clifden map #67

until 9pm), you’ll find our bright comfortable dining area the perfect place to rest your feet and eat. We specialise in local seafood (pan-fried catch of the day, Cleggan Bay smoked fish chowder) and traditional favourites (Connemara lamb stew, homemade burgers, steaks). We also provide a selection of tasty light bites, salads, ciabatta sandwiches and a children’s menu. Remember to check our daily specials, but our quick and friendly staff will probably tell you all about them – and leave room for dessert! See also advert top right - Location: Clifden map #16

from the Victorian Walled Garden and recipes generously bestowed by the Benedictine nuns, we offer delicious meals and treats in a stunning setting. Tea House Relax with a coffee and a delicious treat by the 6 acre Victorian Walled Garden and take in the breathtaking views of the Connemara National Park. Whether your visit includes morning coffee and scones, lunch or afternoon tea, Kylemore Abbey has something for everyone. Food Hall Our new food hall has just opened in our craft shop. We offer freshly baked breads and cakes from our kitchen and excellent artisan products for you to take away and enjoy. See also advert on page 9 - Location: Connemara map #51

award-winning deli offers a range of exclusive lunch ideas. Pop in and look at our menu while enjoying a cup of Illy coffee. Open Mon-Sat 10am to 5pm. See also advert on page 6 - Location: Clifden map #89

The Station Bar In the centre of Clifden Station House Courtyard is the tastefully restored Station Master’s House and train platform, a period building adorned with railway memorabilia offering an atmosphere to relax and enjoy a meal or a drink. Dining there is an experience you will want to write home about! The finest, freshest ingredients, with a focus on local produce, ensures quality of a high standard. The menu features mouth-watering dishes from seafood chowder to our signature dish - Fish & Chips, as well as a selection of light snacks. Food is served 12noon to 9pm. See also advert page 8 - Location: Clifden map #100

Vickers Bar (Alcock & Brown Hotel) In Vickers Bar we offer the best value bar food in Clifden with fish pie our speciality. At Vickers Coffee House we boast the finest blends of fair-trade coffee from Essence. With lunches starting from €6.95, our menu has something to please everyone. At Brown's Seafood Restaurant we're happy to announce the launch of our new summer menu, with renowned local chef Paddy Conroy. Open 6-10pm. Brown's Restaurant special offers page 7 - Location: Clifden map #90 Walsh's Bakery & Coffee Shop Discover Clifden’s only bakery/café and surround yourself with the scents of coffee and freshly baked bread. Using traditional artisan methods, the bakery prepares an impressive selection of pastries, breads and cakes daily. Eat-in meals can also be enjoyed in a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere. Selection of sandwiches, wraps, baps, hot/cold lunches. In a hurry? Choose from our Scrumptiously Yummy take-out menu. Open Mon-Fri 8am-9pm, Sat 8am-6pm and Sun 9am-6pm. Location: Clifden map #37


Great Irish Food


Traditional Music


Serving Local

Seafood and Traditional Tasty Food till 9pm Daily Live Irish Traditional Music

featuring All-Ireland Champion Marie Walsh ursday - Sunday, 8-10pm

All Nations Welcome in Mannion’s! MANNION’S BAR, MARKET STREET, CLIFDEN. TEL: 095-21780

Some Connemara Events Leenane Food Festival Sat 25th and Sun 26th September

Clifden Community Arts Festival 16th-26th September

This is your chance to taste the best of local lamb, cheeses, mutton, seaweed, salmon, mussels, oysters, smoked fish, cakes, breads, honey, jams, and much more. The Leenane Food Festival takes place in the picturesque village of Leenane, set at the head of Killary Harbour. The event marquee will be situated beside the Sheep and Wool Centre. Throughout the weekend there will be producer displays of local foods for sampling as well as cooking demonstrations by renowned chefs.

Highlights for the last weekend of the Clifden Arts Festival:

Last year, over 1,500 visitors descended on the tiny village of Leenane for the inaugural Food Festival. This year’s lineup of chef demonstrations will showcase local produce from international award-winning Smoked Tuna, Killary Mussels and Connemara Hill Lamb (see text box below). Derry Clarke, chef/patron of L’Écrivain (in Dublin) and proud owner of one of only six Michelin starred restaurants in the country, will cook the lamb in the village marquee. Also attending will be Graham Roberts of Connemara Smokehouse and restaurateur Oran Daly of Portfinn Lodge and Fjord Restaurant. Local farmers and producers will hold a market at the festival where artisan produce will be for sale. Kylemore Abbey & Garden will have a stall selling Kylemore products, garden plants and herbs, as well as a gardening demonstration stall where their head gardener Anja, will be giving gardening advice. Visit for further information and chefs demonstrations timetable.

'Outsiders' by Economist David McWilliams Thursday 23rd September, 8pm, Station House Theatre

Comedy - 'Around the World on 80 Quid'

Thursday 23rd September, 10pm, Station House Theatre

'Bro Ar Men' - Concert with Breton Musicians

Thursday 23rd September, 10pm, Mullarkey's Bar @ Foyle's Hotel

Classical Recital with Pianist John O'Conor Friday 24th September, 8:30pm, Church of Ireland

Comedy followed by Music with 'Sons of Gingerbread' Friday 24th September, 10pm, Mullarkey's Bar @ Foyle's Hotel

Laureate Carol Ann Duffy and the National Chamber Choir Saturday 25th September, 6pm, Church of Ireland

Connemara Hill Lambs

are indigenous to this region and have roamed the village hills since the 1800s. The sheep feed on wild herbs, heathers and grasses. It is this diet which gives the meat its beautiful colour and remarkable flavour. It is less fatty than regular grass fed lamb and therefore healthier. Source:

Double-Bill: Mark Black followed by the 'Lazy Blues Band' Satuday 25th September, 10pm, Mullarkey's Bar @ Foyle's Hotel

Music with Singer-Songwriter Garrett Wall and his Band Sunday 26th September, 10:30pm, Mullarkey's Bar @ Foyle's Hotel Full programme available in the Arts Week caravan on Market Square or online at

Abbeyglen Castle Hotel

Beauty and Relaxation Centre

Savour our Fresh Seafood and Traditional Irish Favourites

Open Daily - Non-Residents Welcome

Evening Dinner Specials

tuesday night is Irish

Two Course only €19.50 Three Course only €22.50


Sunday Lunch Specials (details on page 7) Market Street, Clifden Tel: 095 21427 15

Sky Road, Clifden, Connemara, Co. Galway Tel: 095-21201 Email: 15


Statoil Service Station (ATM) (Clifden map #7) Super Valu (ATM) (Clifden map #12) Bank of Ireland (Clifden map #56) and AIB Bank (Clifden map #98) Opening Hours: Monday 10am-12:30 and 1:30pm-5pm Tuesday-Thursday-Friday 10am-12:30 and 1:30pm-4pm Wednesday 10:30am-12:30 and 1:30pm-4pm

Bike Hire Mannion's Cycles, Bridge Street (Clifden map #20 - see advert page 9)

Bus Times & fares for Bus Eireann & Citylink Bus Eireann (see map page 8 for bus stop location - see advert right) Adult day return €13 / Adult single ticket €12.50 (Student: Single €10 / Day return €13 - Child: Single €8 / Day return €9)

Times Departing Clifden Weekdays: 9:00, 13:30 and 14:40 Sundays: 16:15 Times Departing Galway Weekdays: 11:15, 13:00 and 18:15 Sundays: 12:50 Citylink (see map page 8 for bus stop location - see advert on page 12) Super Single from only €1 when booked in advance online Reg. Fares: Adult day return ticket €14 / Adult single ticket €12 (Student: Single €10 / Day return €12 - Child: Single €6 / Day return €7)

Movie Rental

Parking Information (see symbols on Clifden map page 8) 1. Public car park - behind Clifden Tourist Office 2. St. Joseph’s Church car park – 9am to 6pm daily, paid parking; up to 2 hours €1 and then 50c per additional hour 3. Paid parking in town – pay-and-display parking meters, 20c for 12 min. (minimum charge), 10c per additional 6 minutes, €1 per hour (max 3 hours) (Applies 11:30am to 6pm, Sundays free. Locate parking meter nearest you; see Clifden map page 8)

Petrol Stations

9:30am 7:00pm 11:00am 11:30am

Connemara Pony Breeders SOCIETY (Clifden map #24) Open 9:30am to 5pm Monday to Friday (closed for lunch) Exhibit on the native Connemara Pony breed

Dan o'hara heritage centre (Connemara map #105) About 5 miles from Clifden on the Galway Road. Audiovisual history presentation and both guided and self-guided tour. (See advert page 5 for contact details and opening hours.)

Dentist (See symbol on Clifden map page 8) Catherine Skelly, Tel: 095-22731

Doctors (see surgery symbols on Clifden map page 8) Dr. John Casey, Tel: 095-21224 (map surgery symbol #1) Dr. Ciaran MacLoughlin, Tel: 095-21141 (map surgery symbol #2) Dr. Lynda Keaveney, Tel: 095-22272 (map surgery symbol #3) Dr. Sophie Faherty (Women's Health Clinic), Tel: 087-2226783 (#4) Dr. Aengus Flavin Tel: 095-35851 (Roundstone)

Gardaí - Police (see map page 8) Clifden Tel: 095-22500 Internet Access / WI-FI (see computer symbols on map page 8) Guy's Bar, Main Street, Clifden (Free Wi-Fi only) O’Dowd’s, Main Street, Roundstone (Free Wi-Fi) Video Vault, Main Street, Clifden

Laundry Services Shamrock Dry Cleaners and Washeteria (Clifden map #55) Hillview Launderette (Clifden map #99) Ferrons Shop - collections & pick-up 3pm daily Mon - Fri (Roundstone)

Library opening hours (Clifden Public Library - located in front of bus stop - see library symbol on Clifden map page 8) Monday and Wednesday 2:30pm-6pm & 6:30pm-8:30pm Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 10:30am-1pm & 2:30pm-6pm Friday 10:30am-1pm, 2:30pm-6pm & 6:30pm-8:30pm

The Very Best of Trad Music and Song Most Nights See page 7 for our Special Rates T el : 095 21430 E mail :

bar • restaurant • B&B

Post Office (see symbol on the map page 8) Open Monday to Friday – 9am to 5pm Saturday – 9am to 2pm (Sunday closed) Where else to buy stamps? The Clifden Bookshop (Clifden map #64) and Kylemore Abbey (Connemara map #51) Public Toilets

Beside coach park - pay to use (see map page 8 for location) Public toilets also in Super Valu (see opening hours below)

Super Valu opening hours

Taxi service (to and from clifden) Chris O'Neill - C&P Hackney, Tel: 095-21444 or 086-8593939 Joyces Cabs, Tel: 095-22082 / Sky Cabs, Tel: 095-22400 The Taxi Company, Tel: 095-30000 / Chris O’Connor, Tel: 086-331-0270 / Noel King (Roundstone), Tel: 087-958-2398

church Times

Fab Food Served 7 Days till 9pm

Esso, Main Street (Clifden map #80) Open Mon-Sun 7am-11pm Esso (Spar), Galway Road (map #7) Open Mon-Sat 7-11, Sun 8-11

Monday to Thursday 8am - 9pm Friday 8am - 10pm Saturday 8am - 9pm Sunday 9am - 7pm

Times Departing Clifden Daily: 07:15, 09:15, 12:00, 15:15 and 18:30 Times Departing Galway Daily: 09:00, 12:00, 14:30, 16:00 and 17:30


Operates Monday to Friday, Clifden-Galway. Reliable collection and delivery service. Phone Niall, 087-2688765.

Video Vault, Main Street, Clifden - Telephone: 095-22033

ATMs and Banks


All Rooms En Suite • Wi-Fi • Special Rates all week

Malone Couriers

AA Clifden: Day Hospital (behind main hospital - see map on page 8) Wednesday & Thursday - 8:30pm / Saturday & Sunday - 12noon AA Recess: Old School House - Tuesday - 8:30pm

Parish of Clifden – St.Joseph’s RC Church Monday to Friday Saturday Sunday Parish of Clifden - Christ Church (Church of Ireland) Sunday Service

the central

Tickets and times to Inishbofin Island Departing Cleggan Mon 11:30am 2:00pm* Tue 11:30am 2:00pm* Wed 11:30am 2:00pm* Thur 11:30am 2:00pm* Fri 11:30am 2:00pm Sat 11:30am 2:00pm Sun 11:30am 2:00pm *June, July and August only

6:45pm 7:30pm 6:45pm 6:45pm 7:30pm 6:45pm 6:45pm

Departing Inishbofin Mon 9:00am 1:00pm* Tue 8:15am 1:00pm* Wed 9:00am 1:00pm* Thur 9:00am 1:00pm* Fri 8:15am 1:00pm Sat 8:15am 1:00pm Sun 10:00am 1:00pm *June, July and August only

5:00pm 5:00pm 5:00pm 5:00pm 5:00pm 5:00pm 5:00pm

Bus Eireann operates hourly services to Galway from Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Shannon Airport as well as frequent services from Ballina, Sligo, Donegal and Derry.

Times departing Clifden

Weekdays: 9:00, 13:30 and 14:40 Sundays: 16:15

Times departing Galway

Weekdays: 11:15, 13:00 and 18:15 Sundays: 12:50

ireland west airport knock

7 Direct Daily Services from Galway to the Airport

Log on to for timetables or contact Bus Eireann Galway at 091-562000 email: Ireland's National Bus Company

Tickets available at Cleggan Office or on the boat €20 return adults, €10 return child Group rates and family rates available Connecting bus service to Cleggan from Clifden Citylink (see map page 8 for bus stop location) Departing Clifden everyday at 10:30, 13:30 and 17:30

September 16-26

Tourist Information Office

Opening Hours: (open until Sunday 26th September) Monday to Saturday 9:30am-5:15pm Tel: 095-21163 (see Clifden map page 8)

Veterinary Clinic (Western Veterinary Clinic) Telephone: 095-22209 Location: Clifden Business Park (Leaving Clifden, take next right after the police station.) Waste and Recyclables Schedule (Clifden) Weeks for General Waste: Sept 20–24 and Oct 4–8 Week for Recycling: September 27–October 1 Collection day varies depending on your location. Please check with Barna Waste on 1890 300 450. For Emergencies, Dial 112 or 999

Ask for the Emergency Service that you require (Ambulance - Gardaí - Fire Brigade - Lifeboat - Mountain/ Coastal Rescue)

Clifden 33rd

Communit y Arts Festival

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