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Irish Music 7 Nights a Week!

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Wholesome Pub Food Served Daily Connemara Smoked Salmon a Speciality

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Market Street, Clifden Tel: 095-21347 One of Ireland's Premier Irish Whiskey Bars

Connemara Chamber of Commerce warmly welcomes all visitors to the west.

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Alcock & Brown Heritage Weekend

SuperValu Barn Dance in aid of Cancer Care West

June 16 -17

Cleggan Beach Riding Centre

Talks and a guided walk as part of the Clifden 2012 celebrations. Please visit for further information / read more on page 14.

Connemara Golf Club June Open Week June 16-24 Ballyconneely

Connemara's Premier Beach Trekking Centre Long and Short Beach Rides Riding Holidays Lessons from Beginner to Advanced Horses and Ponies to suit Adults & Children Half Day Pony Camps by Arrangement

10% Discount on Omey & Sellerna Treks on presentation of this voucher (valid until end of September 2012) Groups and families: please note that you only need to bring one voucher

Tel: 083 388 8135 or 095 44746 Email:


June 23, 8:30pm - Keogh's, Ballyconneely Kavanagh's SuperValu Clifden will be hosting a barn dance in aid of Cancer Care West on Saturday 23rd of June. Tickets are €20 and all proceeds will be going to this very worthy charity. There will be plenty of entertainment on the night; bonfire, Texas BBQ Buffet, Rodeo Bull, Spot prizes, Country Band and Disco. Please support. Tickets are on sale at SuperValu, Clifden and Keogh's, Ballyconneely.

Connemara RFC Rugby 7s Tournament July 6-8 Monastery Field, Clifden

Roundstone Connemara Pony, Dog, Sheep & Domestic Arts Show Sunday 8th July

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Men in Black 3

Top Cat

Snow White

and the Huntsman

station house cinema Movies showing - please check our website

Station House Theatre Clifden, Co. Galway

Thurs 14 & Fri 15, 5pm Sat 16 & Sun 17, 4:30pm

6:30pm - J.Conneely's Bar

Saturday 16 6:30pm - J.Conneely's Bar

8-10pm - Guy's Bar

8-10pm - Guy's Bar

Early Traditional Music Session Traditional Fireside Session

8pm- late - Griffin's Bar

Early Traditional Music Session Traditional Fireside Session

9pm - J.Conneely's Bar

Trad & Sean-Nós Dancing with the Lively Traditional Irish Music Hernon Brothers & Conall Flaherty 9:30 pm - Mannion's Bar Clifden Comhaltas (Irish Music) 9pm - J.Conneely's Bar 10pm - Days Bar (Inishbofin) Lively Traditional Irish Music Steven James & friends Trad Music 9:30pm - E.J.King's Bar 10pm - Guy's Bar Slyne Heads - Trad, Ballads, Folk Disco with DJ Mike O'Malley 10pm- late - Lowry's Bar 10pm - Keogh's, Ballyconneely Traditional Irish Music with John Country & Folk with 'Blue Magic' Gerard Walsh & Mairtin Conroy

10pm - Mullarkey's Bar Ireland vs Spain Live on Big Screen TV followed by Baskethouse Open-Mic

Friday 15 6:30pm - J.Conneely's Bar

Early Traditional Music Session

8-11pm - Guy's Bar

Traditional Fireside Session

8pm- late - Griffin's Bar

Trad & Song - S. James & friends

9pm - J.Conneely's Bar

Lively Traditional Irish Music

9:30pm - Mannion's Bar

Tom Mullen and friends (Trad)

10pm - Days Bar (Inishbofin) Steven James and friends (Traditional Irish Music)

10pm- late - Lowry's Bar

Traditional Irish Music with John Gerard Walsh & Mairtin Conroy

10pm - The Station Bar

Trad Music with Ronan Kavanagh

10pm - Vaughan's Pub

Irish Ballads Trio musicians welcome

10:30pm - E.J.King's Bar

Michael Carey Band (Classic Rock)

10:30pm - Mullarkey's Bar Live Music Show

11pm-late - Griffin's Bar

DJ 'Fiddler' Disco in the Back Bar

Sunday 17 6-8:30pm - Lowry's Bar

The 2 Peters - Lively Early Evening Traditional Music Session

11pm-late - Griffin's Bar

8pm- late - Griffin's Bar

9:30pm - Mannion's Bar

DJ 'Fiddler' Disco in the Back Bar

Monday 18 6:30pm - J.Conneely's Bar

Early Traditional Music Session

8pm- late - Griffin's Bar

Trad & Sean-Nós Dancing with the Hernon Brothers & Conall Flaherty

9pm - J.Conneely's Bar

Lively Traditional Irish Music

9:30pm - E.J.King's Bar

Slyne Heads - Trad, Ballads, Folk

Trad & Sean-Nós Dancing with the Hernon Brothers & Conall Flaherty 10 pm- late - Lowry's Bar Traditional Irish Music with John 9pm - J.Conneely's Bar Gerard Walsh & Mairtin Conroy Lively Traditional Irish Music

9:30pm - E.J.King's Bar

Trad with S. Halpenny & Padraic

10pm- late - Lowry's Bar

Traditional Irish Music with Feichin Mitchell & Eugene Barry

Tuesday 19

10pm - Mullarkey's Bar Baskethouse Open-Mic

Friday 22 6:30pm - J.Conneely's Bar

Early Traditional Music Session

Slyne Heads - Trad, Ballads, Folk

10pm- late - Lowry's Bar

The famous Lowry's Traditional Irish Music session group visiting musicians welcome

Wednesday 20 6:30pm - J.Conneely's Bar

Early Traditional Music Session

8-10pm - Guy's Bar

Traditional Fireside Session

8pm- late - Griffin's Bar

9pm - J.Conneely's Bar

10:30pm - E.J.King's Bar

Lively Traditional Irish Music

10:30pm - Mullarkey's Bar

Folk & Ballads with John Durning

9pm - The Station Bar

9:30pm - E.J.King's Bar

Trad Music - Tom Mullen & friends

9pm - J.Conneely's Bar

9:30pm - E.J.King's Bar

'Platform 3' - Irish Folk Music

10pm- late - Lowry's Bar

Traditional Irish Music with Peter Carey & Liam Aspell

Thursday 21 6:30pm - J.Conneely's Bar

Early Traditional Music Session

Liz and Yvonne Kane with Mirella Murray (Traditional Irish Music)

Traditional Irish Music with Richie Newman & Liam Aspell

10pm - The Station Bar

'Platform 3' - Irish Folk Music

10:30pm - E.J.King's Bar

Trad Music and Ballads with Glór

10:30pm - Mullarkey's Bar

Saturday 23 6:30pm - J.Conneely's Bar

Early Traditional Music Session

8-10pm - Guy's Bar

Traditional Fireside Session

8:30pm -Keogh's, Ballyconneely Barn Dance in aid of Cancer Care West, €20 per ticket (including food) - Read more info on page 2

Trad & Sean-Nós Dancing with the Hernon Brothers & Conall Flaherty

9pm - J.Conneely's Bar

Trad with S. Halpenny & Padraic

10pm - The Station Bar

Traditional Irish Music with Feichin Mitchell & Eugene Barry

DJ 'Fiddler' Disco in the Back Bar

10pm- late - Lowry's Bar

8pm- late - Griffin's Bar

10pm- late - Lowry's Bar

10pm - Days Bar (Inishbofin)

Liz and Yvonne Kane with Mirella Murray (Traditional Irish Music)

6:30pm - J.Conneely's Bar

Early Traditional Music Session

Lively Traditional Irish Music

Disco with DJ Mike O'Malley

Live Music Show

Tom Mullen and friends (Trad)

Choir from Florida, 45 Performers

10pm - Guy's Bar

9:30pm - Mannion's Bar

Lively Traditional Irish Music

9:30pm - E.J.King's Bar

10pm - Days Bar (Inishbofin)

9pm - J.Conneely's Bar

9pm - J.Conneely's Bar

Lively Traditional Irish Music

'Kickdrift' followed by 'Broken Star' at 10:30pm (Rock)

Michael Carey Band (Classic Rock)

Trad & Song - S. James & friends

Trad & Song - S. James & friends

Session musicians welcome

9:30pm - Vaughan's Pub

Trad Music with Ronan Kavanagh

8pm- late - Griffin's Bar

DJ 'Fiddler' Disco in the Back Bar

Monday 25 11am - Kylemore Abbey 9:30pm - Oliver's Bar, Cleggan Norwegian Choir, 90 Performers Dusty Banjos Cleggan Music Weekend - Traditional Irish Music 1pm - Kylemore Abbey

8pm- late - Griffin's Bar

Traditional Fireside Session

11pm-late - Griffin's Bar

Clifden Comhaltas (Irish Music)

8-11pm - Guy's Bar

6:30pm - J.Conneely's Bar

Early Traditional Music Session

Lively Traditional Irish Music

Traditional Irish Music with John Gerard Walsh & Mairtin Conroy

Lively Traditional Irish Music

10pm - The Station Bar

Blues, Funk, Roots, Reggae with Nicky 7

9pm - J.Conneely's Bar

Traditional Fireside Session

8pm- late - Griffin's Bar

Trad & Sean-Nós Dancing with the Hernon Brothers & Conall Flaherty

Trad Music and Ballads with Glór

8-10pm - Guy's Bar

Trad Session musicians welcome

Trad & Song with The Slyne Heads Live Reggae with Cork-based group Karma Parking

Early Traditional Music Session

'Platform 3' - Irish Folk Music

9:30pm - Vaughan's Pub

6:30pm - J.Conneely's Bar

10pm- late - Lowry's Bar

Traditional Irish Music with Richie Newman & Liam Aspell

Fri 15, Sat 16 and Sun 17, 7:30pm

Bookings: 095 21699 Email:

Music Schedule Thursday 14

Saturday 16 and Sunday 17, 2pm

10:30pm - E.J.King's Bar

9:30pm - E.J.King's Bar

10pm- late - Lowry's Bar

Tuesday 26 6:30pm - J.Conneely's Bar

10:30pm - Mullarkey's Bar

Early Traditional Music Session

11pm-late - Griffin's Bar

Trad & Song - S. James & friends

Sunday 24 2-5pm - Oliver's Bar, Cleggan

Dusty Banjos Cleggan Music Weekend - Traditional Irish Music Session musicians welcome

8pm- late - Griffin's Bar 9pm - J.Conneely's Bar

Lively Traditional Irish Music

9:30pm - E.J.King's Bar

Slyne Heads - Trad, Ballads, Folk

10pm- late - Lowry's Bar

6-8:30pm - Lowry's Bar

The famous Lowry's Traditional Irish Music session group visiting musicians welcome

6:30pm - J.Conneely's Bar

6:30pm - J.Conneely's Bar

Early Traditional Music Session

Early Traditional Music Session

8pm- late - Griffin's Bar

8-10pm - Guy's Bar

The 2 Peters - Lively Early Evening Traditional Music Session

Wednesday 27

Trad & Sean-Nós Dancing with the Traditional Fireside Session Hernon Brothers & Conall Flaherty 8pm- late - Griffin's Bar Trad & Song with The Slyne Heads 9pm - J.Conneely's Bar Lively Traditional Irish Music 9pm - J.Conneely's Bar Lively Traditional Irish Music 9pm - The Station Bar Live Music in the Bar 9:30pm - E.J.King's Bar 'Platform 3' - Irish Folk Music 9:30pm - E.J.King's Bar Trad Music - Tom Mullen & friends 10 pm- late - Lowry's Bar Traditional Irish Music with 9:30pm - Vaughan's Pub Peter Carey & Liam Aspell Trad Session musicians welcome

A Local Tradition not to be missed Touch the hand of knowledge Sitting in the gaze of the Twelve Bens mountain range is the Connemara Giant, Ireland's only late 20th century antiquity. A local tale has it that if you touch the hand of the giant, you will be blessed with the knowledge of his ancient tribe. Connemara is named after a man named Conn and translates as "Conn, son of the sea".

The Connemara Giant

Touching the hand of the giant is like kissing the Blarney Stone or drinking a pint of Guinness in a traditional Irish pub. They say you haven't been to Connemara until you have done it. Countless people from all over the world have taken advantage of this Irish pilgrimage. The Giant sits at the "heart" of Connemara in the tiny village of Recess, only 13 miles from Clifden on the main N59 road to Galway City. The Connemara Giant is on view all day, 7 days a week, and parking is free. Registered with the Crafts Council of Ireland. See map on page 9.

Follow th e to Joyce Sheep 's the Best – O ne of Craftsho in Ireland ps



some things to do

Cycling On a sunny day in Clifden, the best thing to do is hop on your bike and explore; the landscape always looks more magnificent when we don't see it through the glass of a window! Mannion’s Cycles (see advert on page 9) offers a comprehensive bike rental service which includes insurance, lock and repairs. The accessories you need are there, such as helmets, carrier bags, child seats, maps and guides. Use the map (on page 9) to make your own itinerary, or follow one of our 5 suggested bike routes of various lengths and levels (see map).

Deep-Sea Angling If you're a fan of deep-sea angling or if it's your first time, you can look forward to an adventure on the open sea with a selection of fish including pollock, ray, mackerel, wrasse, turbot, conger, flounder, plaice, dogfish and even shark! Simply book a trip on the Celtic Queen on a daily or hourly rate with John Ryan, a skipper who has over 30 years experience. The Celtic Queen is Ireland's largest and best equiped sea angling boat, fully insured and approved, fitted with all the most modern safety, navigational and fish handling equipment. You can even cook your catch on-board, or get the Connemara Smokehouse to smoke it for you! Fishing gear available for hire on-board. Departs from Clifden harbour daily. See advert on page 13. Connemara Smokehouse

This family-run business offers regular tastings of the best quality traditional smoked salmon. Visitors are welcome at anytime. Tours every Wednesday at 3pm during June, July and August (booking advisable, children half price). Private tours available all year (booking essential). Tours include filleting and slicing demonstrations along with explanation of salting and smoking techniques, followed by a tasting of their smoked salmon on Irish stoneground bread. (Visites disponibles en français.) Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9am-1pm & 2-5pm (closed weekends). Connemara Smokehouse products are available in some local shops. See advert on page 11.

Cleggan Beach Riding Centre is Connemara's premier beach riding centre, offering a wide variety of treks to suit all tastes and standards. You can choose a three-day package of up to 6 hours riding per day (including lunch break), a day-long ride, the 3-hour trek to Omey Island across beautiful Omey beach - an experience not to be missed - or the 90-minute trek on moorland or to Sellerna beach. They also offer shorter treks for children and lessons by appointment, with qualified instructors, up to competition standard. Hats and boots are available. Dressage and show jumping leagues are also a regular feature at the centre, which is open every day. The times of the treks are governed by the tide, so it is wise to book in advance. Location: see #103 on map page 9 - See advert p. 2. The Point Pony Trekking & Horse Riding Centre is a A.I.R.E. approved establishment situated right next to the most dazzling sandy beaches, beside the Connemara Championship Golf Links. If you want to discover the most spectacular coastal scenery in the area on horseback, this is the place for you. All treks are accompanied by qualified staff and both beginners and experienced riders are welcome. 1hr treks (€30/pp) and 2hr treks (€50/pp) daily. Longer treks on request. Discounts for groups of more than 5 people. Safety hats and boots available free of charge. From Clifden drive south to Ballyconneely village (9km), after Keogh's Bar turn right and follow the signs to The Point Pony Trekking & Horse Riding (6km). See #109 on map page 9. See also advert on page 11.

Glass-Bottomed Boat Tours

Tours every fine and fair day on Ireland's only glass-bottomed boat (booking advisable). Weather permitting, tours depart at 11am, 12:30, 2:30pm, 4pm and 5pm from Letterfrack pier on route N59 right beside the shop Avoca (see #34 on map page 9) and the Connemara National Park. Tour duration: 1 hour. Take a boat tour and get a free admission to Ocean and Country - Marine Life and Heritage Centre (see opposite 4 right) and a complimentary tea/coffee/hot chocolate. See advert page 13 for contact details. 4

Jewellery Making Discover the secrets of a craft that is thousands of years old. Wander in and watch Jonathan, one of the skilled members of the O'Dalaigh family, crafting unique jewellery on the premises of the family shop, which is located in the heart of Clifden. Influenced by the Golden Age of Celtic jewellery and artefacts throughout Ireland and Europe, they also produce a distinguished and contemporary organic-like designer range; a collection not to be missed. See advert right.

Hill-Walking and Walking

The Connemara horizon is dominated by more than fifty magnificent mountains in four tightly packed ranges; the Twelve Bens, Maum Turks, Partry and Sheffrey. The easiest way to discover hill-walking in Connemara is to climb Diamond Hill in the Connemara National Park, which features an excellent wood and cut-stone path (read more about the Connemara National Park below). Beautiful islands also make Connemara a walkers paradise. Why not take a day trip to Inishbofin, a truly magical Island where you can choose from three looped walks. Read more about Inishbofin on page 12 – see ferry timetables on page 16. See also Walk of the Fortnight on page 11.

Connemara National Park When you first see the park, watched over by its cone-shaped mountain, Diamond Hill, you will be impressed by its stunning beauty. Enjoy the picnic area, children's playground and tea room, visit the exhibition on Connemara’s landscape, audiovisual show and Connemara ponies. Admission is free. Self-guided tours include a choice of nature trails and hill walks of various lengths and levels. As these walks cover rough, wet, boggy terrain, it is essential visitors have appropriate footwear and rainwear. Please visit for further information. Location: Letterfrack (#95 on map page 9). Tel: 095-41323 / 41054.

Kylemore Abbey and Victorian Walled Garden Originally built as a Castle in 1867 as a romantic gift, Kylemore Abbey and the surrounding mountains and lakes are steeped in history. Learn of tales of tragedy, romance, engineering initiatives and royal visits. It became home to a community of Benedictine Nuns in 1920 and has been renowned as a place of spirituality and education. Much of the estate has been restored to its former glory. Experience the Victorian atmosphere of the restored rooms of the abbey and miniature Gothic church. Explore the magic of the 6 acre Victorian Walled Garden. With nature trails, woodland walks, children's play trail, café, tea house and an excellent craft shop, Kylemore is the ideal destination for a family day out. See also our advert on page 9.

Errislannan Manor Riding Centre

is a Failte Ireland and AIRE approved equestrian centre renowned for its beautiful scenery. Established in 1970 they have taught many children to ride and to love ponies. They offer long or short treks (€30/hour) over heather covered moors and along the shores out to the end of the peninsula, home of hares, larks, otters and all kinds of seabirds. The ponies are homebred, sound and safe and come in all sizes. The half-hour led rides for small children (€25) are very popular and for older children or adults there are daily class lessons (€35/hour). Three-day mini camps for varying age groups. The gardens are open with a walled garden, bluebell wood, rhodos and exotic trees (garden visit €5). There is fishing for trout in the lake and a coffee shop. Closed on Sundays. Location: see #60 on map page 9 (8 km from Clifden off the Ballyconneely road) - see also advert on page 16.

Ocean & Country Marine Life & Heritage Centre is located along the scenic Renvyle Peninsula overlooking breathtaking Derryinver Bay. Get a glimpse of the local history through an indoor exhibition dedicated to sea and shore life, stroll along the seaside paths, relax in the picnic areas or simply enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the surrounding nature. Open MonSat 10am-6pm and Sunday 10:30am-6pm. Directions: turn left (if heading North) in Letterfrack village, continue for 5 minutes, then lookout for the sign, turning left again after Dawros river. Location: #96 on map page 9. See our advert on page 13 for contact details. Disclaimer: What’s On will not accept responsibility for accidents, injuries or loss that might occur from following these suggested activities.


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Claddagh Rings

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Traditonal IRish Music Fireside session Wed-Sat 8-10pm along with food!

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COSY SETTING • fine wines • Gluten-free options Oven-baked pizzas • WI-FI • TRAD MUSIC

Main Street, Clifden (# 83 on Map p. 8)


Tel: 095 22119

The Sky Road Justifiably famous for the views it affords, the Sky Road route takes you up among the hills overlooking Clifden Bay and its offshore islands, Inishturk and Turbot. Follow the signposts from Market Square and on the way be sure to climb Monument Hill. At the summit you will find a stone memorial to the town’s founder, John D’Arcy (1785-1839).

Beaches Connemara's beaches are all individual, coming with their own different types of sand, rocks and an infinite variety of small shells. The Coral Strand in Ballyconneely is easy to access and unusual for its golden coral sand. The beaches of Mannin Bay, a collection of white sandy beaches, are another must-see. See list of popular beaches on page 13.

The Beach Road A local favourite, the Beach Road is one of the most peaceful and serene walks in Clifden. Instead of taking a right at the fork toward the Sky Road, take a left. This will lead you downhill towards Clifden Harbour. Follow the road until you reach the Boat Club or take a right a little before that to proceed to the Sky Road or return to Clifden.

Omey Island This tidal island is accessible at low tide only. (See Cleggan Tour on page 10 for directions and page 13 for tides.) Close to the north coast lie the ruins of Feichin's Church, unearthed 20 years ago after spending 3 centuries buried in the sand. The church is surrounded by the remains of a semisunken village that was wiped out during the Famine.

Main Street, Clifden T: 095-21130 visit:


more things to do

The Bog Road The tranquil scenery of the Bog Road with the backdrop of the Twelve Bens is a true spectacle. Driving or cycling, take the R341 towards Ballyconneely and turn left at Ballinaboy, driving along the famous Roundstone Bog conservation area, turning right to Roundstone, back towards Ballyconneely & returning to Clifden by the coast.

The Station House Museum is located on the site of the old Clifden Railway Station (#14 on map page 8) and provides visitors with a history of Clifden, the Connemara Pony, the Galway to Clifden railway line, Millars Mill and Alcock and Brown (first transatlantic flight). Photographic exhibition on Marconi wireless station. Cost: €2 adult, €1 child over 5, €6.50 family rate. See advert, page 8.

Alcock and Brown and Marconi Site 3 miles south of Clifden (see plane symbol on map page 9) is the crash-landing site of the first transatlantic flight of Alcock and Brown (1919) and monument to this historic achievement. Nearby is the site of the radio transmitter station from which Marconi exchanged the first transatlantic radio messages with a station in Nova Scotia (1907).

Clifden Castle Walking only - parking not permitted Built c1810 by Clifden’s founder John D’Arcy, this was once his residence. From Clifden, take the Sky Road until the gateway arch (left). Stroll along a winding trail edged with a series of five standing stones (only one is original). Soon you will be led downhill and turning right to discover a magnificent view of Clifden Bay and Clifden Castle.

ht ! Irish Music Every NthigMeals Music wi 6:3 0-9p m: Trad Irish on Lively Irish Trad Sessi 9p m:

s Seafood Irish Fare and Deliciou Pub Prices Restaurant Quality at 0p m Evening Meals 5-9:3

Market Street • Clifden • Tel: 095-22733 5



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1. FitFlops in the Sale Room How Much? €35 Where? Stanley's 2. Handmade Ardagh Chalice Rings How Much? From €169 Where? O'Dalaigh Jewellers 3. Irish Farmhouse Cheeses - Taste Before you Buy - Best Selection in the West! Where? The Connemara Hamper 4. Ultrathon Insect Repellent How Much? €10.11 Where? Moran's Pharmacy 5. 'Connemara Smokehouse' Smoked Salmon How Much? from €7.50 Where? Connemara Smokehouse 6. Ireland's ancient game as enjoyed by Barack Obama How Much? from €15 (Buy 2 hurleys, ball for free!) Where? Gannon Sports 7. Get 20% Off Souvenirs (when you show this advert only - please bring it with you in-store) Where? King's Paper Shop 8. 10% Discount on Timberland Jacket How Much? Was €172.30 Now €155 Where? Kylemore Abbey Craft Shop 9. Steve McQueen Aran Hand Knit Sweaters How Much? from €199 Where? Joyce's Craft Shop


Locate shops on the maps (centre pages) - a reference number for each shop is listed below the map.

5 8



OFFICAL EURO 2012 Souvenir Products

T-SHIRTS JERSEYS BALLS Enjoy Supporting Ireland SuperValu Fresh Irish Pork Loin Chops (Butcher Counter Only) was €9.59/kg Now €4.79/kg SuperValu Carrot Bag 800g was €1 Now 49c SuperValu Washed Roosters 5kg was €5.50 Now €2.75

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Accessories, Knitwear, Jewellery

The Courtyard, Clifden Station House Open 7 Days Tel: 095 21526 Email:

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What 's On Offer shopping ideas


10. Oska Weisje Ms 12521 How Much? €85 Where? Millars 11. June Special Offer - Up to €50 Off Transition Lenses Where? Ní Ráighne Opticians 12. 'Voices of Connemara' H/B by Bill Long and Raymonde Standún How Much? €14.99 Where? The Clifden Bookshop 13. Vetona Coral Jacket DPS 12365 How Much? €175 Where? Design Platform 14. Carlsberg Bottle Pack 20 x 300ml How Much? 2 for €25 or €15 each (offer ends June 16) Where? SuperValu Clifden 15. It really works! The best midge repellent ever! SMIDGE How Much? €9.95 Where? The Outdoor Shop Conn is hidden in What's On - be the first to find him and win a free Conn O'Mara t-shirt (see what Conn looks like in the advert below) 16. 4 Picnic Rolls or 2 Large Rolls for Only 80 cents! Where? Walsh's Bakery and Coffee Shop 17. Merino Wool Slippers from €19.99, Snowy Bootees from €24.99 Where? Lowry's Sweater and Gift Shop 18. Weird Fish Mens & Ladies, S-XXL, wide range of colours & styles How Much? From €59.99 Where? Hehirs of Clifden


Locate shops on the maps (centre pages) - a reference number for each shop is listed below the map.




LOWRY'S SWEATER & GIFT SHOP M arket Street, C lifden, C o. G alway Telephone : 353 95 21139

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The Station Bar

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The Carriage

Excellent Bar Food Served Daily 12-9pm


Clifden Station House Tel: 095-21699

Booking Advisable Tel: 095-21699

Clifden Station House Hotel Restaurant Open every Sunday for Lunch from 1pm

2km on the right





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16 17

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w ho


Station House

Museum Learn about > Alcock & Brown > Clifden Railway


Be sure to visit

> Connemara Ponies

Books • DVDs

> John D'Arcy

Posters • Postcards

> Millars Mill

Opening hours:

> Marconi

Mon-Sat 11-4 & Sun 12-4

Tel: 095-21494

Maps Reference Numbers Clifden Map

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The ideal way to discover Connemara

Kylemore Abbey & Victorian Walled Garden Nestled in the heart of Connemara Learn about the romance that started it all, the tragedy that befell it and the restoration to its former glory.

All Types of Bikes for Hire

Enjoy a range of attractions including:

Mountain and Hybrids

i i i i i i i

Daily & Weekly Rates

Open Mon–Sat 9:30am–6pm Sundays 10am–12noon

6 acre Victorian Walled Garden Restored Rooms of the Castle Gothic Church i Craft Shop Guided Tours / Self Guided Tours Set in a 1000 acre estate Mitchell's Café & Tea House Children's Play Trail

Bridge Street, Clifden Tel: 095-21160 / 21155

For more information contact:

Mobile: 087-418-2051

T: +353 95 52001 E:


Mitchell’s Cafe

Victorian Walled Gardens

Gothic Church

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Bike Routes



Loop 1: Sky Road (16km / 1.5 hour) Loop 2: Errislannan (14km / 1.5 hour) Loop 3: Cleggan / Claddaghduff (33km / 2.5 hours) Loop 4: Ballyconneely / Roundstone (40km / 3 hours) Loop 5: North Connemara (full day)

Trad Music Nightly, 8pm till late • Lunch Served Mon-Sat 12am-5pm Soup Of The Day • Homemade Seafood Chowder • Fresh Seafood • Smoked Salmon Home Cooked Daily Specials • Paninis • Wraps • Sandwiches • Salads • Desserts Irish Coffee • Americano • Espresso • Hot Chocolate • Cappuccino • Latte • Macchiato • Mocha All items on our menu are available for take-away

NEW BAR NOW OPEN IN OUR HEATED BEER GARDEN • air conditioning Smoking Area • 4 Large Screens (Sky Sports Hd) & Big Screen in Back Bar Main St, Clifden Tel: 095 21370 See our events on our Facebook page

It’s said that Griffin’s Bar serves the best pint of Guinness in Clifden.

Proud Sponsors of Connemara R.F.C. and Naomh Feichín GAA club 9

Moran's Pharmacy over 100 years in business est. 1911

Professional and Personalised Healthcare

Local Interest, Irish History Bestsellers, Postcards Greeting Cards Guide Books and Maps Artists Supplies Brushes, Canvases & Paints Mail Order Service & Gift Vouchers Available

Hay Fever Treatments • Antihistamines Insect Repellent • Sunscreen • Toiletries First Aid Supplies • Passport Photos Main St, Clifden Tel:095 21273

Phone 095-22020 Find us on Facebook

Activities Drives and Day Tours

Cleggan and Claddaghduff Tour

Roundstone Village & Bog Road Tour

Take the R341 towards Ballyconneely and turn left at Ballinaboy bridge, driving along the Bog Road that crosses the famous Roundstone Bog conservation area. A right turn towards Roundstone takes you past a deserted village to your left. Follow the coast road into Roundstone. Before entering the village, why not turn left at the bridge and spend a while on the Island of Inishnee. Then, make your way to the coastal village of Roundstone, established in the 1820s by a Scottish engineer, Alexander Nimmo. Roundstone is still a busy working fishing village. A Franciscan monastery was founded there in the 1830s, but all that now remains of it is the gateway entrance and church bell tower. The walls, harbour and a well preserved bell tower as well as the monks’ cemetery can all still be seen. As well as cafés, hotels, pubs and bars, you will find craft shops, art galleries and the Roundstone Music workshop. Here they make the bodhrán, Ireland’s traditional goatskin drum. Relax and enjoy a delicious meal in Eldon's or in O'Dowd's before returning home. (Further information about Roundstone on page 12.) Photo above: The Bog Road

Inagh Valley

Renvyle Peninsula and Killary Tour

and Kylemore Tour

No visit to Connemara is complete until you have travelled through the truly majestic Inagh Valley. Travelling past Ballynahinch Lough to your right, you will see the ruins of the 'castle on the lake' which once served as a prison to those who had ill-treated animals. 'Humanity Dick' Martin would treat the offenders to a stay on the island – ball and chain included – he ultimately founded what we know now as the RSPCA. Be sure to stop off in Recess and visit Joyce’s Craft Shop (see bottom of page 3), home to Connemara Marble. Turn back towards Clifden; after about 500 metres turn right (before the narrow bridge) onto the R344, which takes you through the Inagh Valley. Meandering past Lough Inagh, the Twelve Bens are to the left, with the Maum Turk mountain range to the right. This is a stunningly beautiful scenic route, taking you past turf stacks, sheep and glorious countryside, until you emerge at the other end of the valley. Here you can turn left to return to Clifden and visit Kylemore Abbey on the way (#51 on map page 9 – further info on page 4 – see also advert on page 9), or turn right to extend your tour further towards Leenane. Photo above : Derryclare Lake 10

From Clifden, take the N59 towards Westport, and approximately 5km outside the town turn left towards Claddaghduff. A couple of miles further along Streamstown Bay you will see the ruins of Doon Castle on your left. Omey Island is next, accessible by car or on foot at low water, by crossing acres of firm sandy beach – follow the direction poles in the sand on your way across, and be sure to check the tide timetable beforehand (see page 13). Omey has a wealth of antiquities. Teampaill Féichín can be found on the northern side of the island, a medieval church built on a 7th century Christian settlement that was covered in sand until 1981. St Féichín's well can also be found to the west, just above a rocky inlet. Returning to the mainland, continue towards Claddaghduff and then on towards the working fishing village of Cleggan. From there you can take the ferry to Inishbofin Island (further info on pages 4 and 12 – ferry times on page 16), but don't forget to enjoy a delicious meal in Oliver's on your way back! Then, either take the bog road back to Clifden or continue to Moyard via Ballynakill Lough – and then turn right on your way back to Clifden. Photo above: Inishbofin

Dominated by Tully Mountain, the Renvyle Peninsula offers panoramic sea views and a slice of the old Irish way of life. Take the N59 towards Westport – the peninsula is signposted left at the Quaker village of Letterfrack. The villages of Tully Cross and, further on, Tully, have a number of real old-Irish bars where a pint of Guinness goes down well. At Tully Cross, continue towards the end of the peninsula to see the ruins of Renvyle Castle. There are stunning views across Ballynakill Bay and, on a clear day, you can see the conical holy mountain of Croagh Patrick, County Mayo. Returning to Tully Cross, take the left turn by the church and follow the elevated coast road towards Little Killary Bay. Shortly after, turn left to stop off at the glorious sandy beach of Glassilaun, where scenes of the movie Tristan and Isolde were filmed. Continue along Lough Fee until you reach the N59, where you can either turn right to return to Clifden, or left towards Leenane village. Leenane is located at the head of the spectacular Killary fjord – the only fjord in Ireland – and boasts one of the finest scenery in Ireland. The rugged countryside is completely unspoilt, the majestic mountains of Ben Gorm and Mweelrea bound the calm waters of the Killary and the Maumturk, Sheffrey and Twelve Bens mountain ranges perfectly frame the view. In the heart of Leenane you can visit a museum and cultural centre, shops and bars, and listen to tales of when Hollywood came to the locality to film 'The Field', starring the legendary Richard Harris. Photo: Glassilaun

Discover Connemara's most stunning beaches and Coastline on horseback

Beginners and Advanced Riders Welcome! We speak English, French, Dutch and German A.I.R.E. Approved

June Special OFFER: Up to €50 Off Transition Lenses

Traditional Smoked Salmon Saumon Fumé Visitors Welcome Tours and Tastings Share the Roberts family's incredible passion for handmade quality food - Read more on page 4

terms and conditions apply

The Point Pony Trekking Bridge St, Clifden Tel: 095 30995 Email:

Dry footpath, track & paved road; 5 km; approx. 1 hour

This walk begins in Cleggan Village, turning right towards the harbour which was begun in 1822 by Alexander Nimmo and then extended in 1908 at the height of the lucrative mackerel and herring fisheries. Our way turns left beyond the Pier Bar and the track rises up on a ridge of sand and gravel deposited here as the glaciers of the last ice-age melted 10,000 years ago. These gravels are free draining and more fertile than the surrounding lands and they support better quality farmland. On your right is Cleggan Bay with Cleggan Head on the opposite (north) shore. Cleggan (correctly Cloigeann, a skull) takes its name from the domed shape of Cleggan Head. At its summit you can make out the ruined remains of a watchtower, part of a signalling system built along the west coast in the first decade of

and Horse Riding Centre

Ballyconneely, Co. Galway (beside beaches and Connemara Golf Links) Tel: (0)95 23685 / (0)87 246 82 94

Buy our products online at Tel: 095 23739 Email: Bunowen Pier, Aillebrack, Ballyconneely, Clifden, Co.Galway

Walk of the Fortnight

the 19th century to warn of approaches by the French fleet. As you crest the rise the spectacular seascape with Inishshark, Inishbofin and many smaller islands, becomes visible. The route passes some modern houses and then bears right on the unpaved track at the T-junction. This brings you to Salerna beach. Exploring along the shore, you will discover a Cillín (children’s burial ground where unbaptised infants were buried in times past) at the west end and the wedge tomb (Neolithic burial place, circa 4,000 BC) at the east end.


As you approach the village, the bay appears again on your left and, away in the distance, the Twelve Bens, Diamond Hill and the line of Kylemore Valley. Excerpt taken from 'Walking in Connemara – Shorter Walks to Explore the Hidden Connemara', Connemara Tourism 1996 (available at The Clifden Bookshop and The Outdoor Shop – see Clifden map on page 8).

Retrace your way back along the track passing your original path on the left. Bear left on the paved road towards Cleggan Village. 200 metres on the right, the large black and white buildings were once an old coast guard station.

HEHIRS of Clifden

Ladies & Gents Fashion

You never know what you might find! Opening hours: Mon-Sat 9:30 to 7:30 Sunday 12 to 6 Market St, Clifden Tel: 095-21282 Find us on Facebook 'Hehirs of Clifden' 11

Seafood Bar, Restaurant

& Coffee Shop Overlooking Roundstone Harbour



Fresh Seafood Daily

Awards Best Gastro Pub Galway and Connacht 2011, Michelin Bib Gourmand 2012 2012 Recommended Bridgestone Guide, Georgina Campbell, Frommers, Lonely Planet, Rough Guide, BIM Seafood Circle

Choose from over 20 premium Irish Whiskeys Selection of Irish Craft Beers

Free Wi-Fi in our Coffee Shop Roundstone, Co. Galway Tel: 095-35809 Further info on page 15

Roundstone Harbour Village On the west coast of Connemara lies Roundstone, an area of outstanding natural beauty. Visiting Roundstone is a highly recommended and relaxing experience. As well as being the birth place and inspiration for many artists, Roundstone has been described as a botanist's delight where many wild flowers are found. The rugged backdrop to the village is the small mountain of Errisbeg, which rises to almost 1,000 feet. South of the village, the crescent-shaped beaches of Gurteen and Dog’s Bay draw thousands each summer. Roundstone is one of the oldest fishing villages in Connemara. It was designed by Scottish engineer Alexander Nimmo in the 1820s. Strolling through the town you will find a busy harbour where local fishermen prepare and return with the day's catch. You will also discover some fantastic craft shops, cafés, bars and restaurants (see advert of O'Dowd's above and Eldon's below). Look out for your chance to beat an Irish traditional drum, the bodhrán. See also Roundstone Village and Bog Road Tour on page 10. For further information about Roundstone, please visit



Managed by the Murray Family for Three Generations

Fantastic Sea Views • Superb Food Comfortable Accommodation Warm, Relaxed, Welcoming Atmosphere

Inishbofin Island

T: 095 45804 E:

Welcoming Landlubbers & Seafarers for Four Generations

Great Fresh Food Served Daily from 12-9pm Serving the very

best in locally caught seafood and fresh Irish produce.

Tel 095 45829 Email: Say Hello

Inishbofin Island of the White Cow For a taste of island life, take a boat trip to the 'Island of the White Cow’ (8km long by 3km wide, population 200.) Located 10km west of Cleggan (30 minutes by ferry), Inishbofin features all the best that Connemara has to offer; a rich history, stunning Atlantic coast scenery, spectacular walks and 'Green Coast' awardwinning beaches with crystal clear waters – making it a paradise for water-based activities.

Inishbofin is a breeding area for many species of birds and is one of the rare places in Ireland where the threatened Corncrake can still be heard calling at night.

The island's visitors are given an extraordinary chance to come in contact with some of Connemara's best preserved heritage; Bronze Age landscapes, Cromwell’s 17th century star-shaped fort (see picture top right of page 10), ancient burial grounds and a ruined 13th century church standing on the grounds of the original 7th century monastery founded by St. Colman.

This is the perfect place to explore and unwind. Visitors are guaranteed a warm welcome with three hotels, a hostel and campsite, B&Bs and cottages available for rent. (See adverts above for more information about island accommodation, dining and entertainment.)

The three walks, the Middlequarter Loop, Westquarter Loop and Cloonamore Loop (see for maps) afford panoramic views of the Connemara mountains and the island’s cliffs, sea stacks and seal colonies.

The island is also famous for its musical heritage and it continues to be a haven for music lovers with sessions held regularly during the summer months, starting with the very popular Inishbofin Arts Festival in May.

Tickets for day trips to Inishbofin can be bought in Cleggan or on the ferry itself. (See ferry advert below and ferry timetable on page 16.) For further information visit Contact details: Inishbofin Island Community Centre Tel: 095-45895

unerdssmtoarnkeet Rfaorm tisans Local Growers & Ar Fresh Fish

Value Dining in Beola Restaurant Open Friday and Saturday, 6:30-9:30pm 2-Course Meal €21.95, 3-Course €24.95

Bar Food Served Daily 12:30-8pm


Roundstone, Co. Galway Tel: 095-35933 Find us on Facebook/The Authentic Eldons Hotel

selling Cheese - Eggs Fruit Organic Vegetables and Breads - Pastries - Crafts

Every Sunday e–September Jun m fro Information / Bookings Call: 095-45819 / 086-1718829 086-8359920 Cleggan Ticket Office: 095-44878 Email:

Marconi R e s t au r a n t Open Daily 6–9:15pm Early Bird Menu (6-6:45pm)

2-course €21.95 or 3-course €24.95 choosing from our À la carte menu

Fri 15th June Blues, Funk, Roots, Reggae with Nicky 7

Special Accommodation Rates

Sat 16th and Sat 23rd June Live Music Show

Main Street, Clifden Telephone: 095-21801


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Fri 22nd June Reggae with

Cork-based group Karma Parking See page 3 for full music schedule and times

Aqua Info

(for Connemara, add 5 minutes) HW: high water LW: low water


Monday 18

Big Screen TV followed by Baskethouse Open-Mic

Foyle’s Hotel Available Daily Please inquire

Tide Timetable Galway Tides

Thurs 14th June Ireland vs Spain Live on

Monday 25

Fishing Information


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Permits available from 10am to 11am* daily at Stanley's Clifden map #11 *Sundays 11am to 12pm Boat Rental €25 per day

Trout Fishing

No charge for children under 16 on the lakes

Daily rate: €10 / Weekly rate: €30

Salmon Fishing

Salmon fishing also requires a State licence

Owenglen River Daily rate: €25 / Weekly rate: €80

Deep-Sea Angling aboard The Celtic Queen Departs from Clifden harbour daily See advert below

Evening Angling Trips from 6-8pm departs Letterfrack pier (on N59) Booking advisable, call 087-6461189. Connemara Smokehouse Get your own fish smoked and even shipped home! See advert on page 11

Tuesday 19

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Sea tours departing daily (weather permitting). Further information on page 4.

Wednesday 20


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Wednesday 27


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Coral Strand - 1, Mannin Beach - 2, Dog’s Bay - 3, Gurteen - 4, Aillebrack - 5, Omey Strand - 6, Glassilaun - 7, White Strand - 8

00:08 06:26 12:19 18:39

ocean &country marine life & heritage centre Ireland’s Largest and Best Equiped Sea Angling Boat Cook your Catch on-board! No Fish No Fee!

Rain or Shine, Explore this Unique Family-Friendly Indoor Centre with Over 300 Exhibits Seaside Paths and Picnic Areas

Glass-bottomed boat tours See advert below


See corresponding numbers in red on map page 9

Glass-Bottomed Boat Tours Tours Every Fine and Fair Day

Includes Free Admission to Ocean & Country Marine Life & Heritage Centre

Departs 11am, 12:30, 2:30pm, 4pm and 5pm Duration: 1 hour - Tours are weather dependant, please call beforehand.

Departure Location

Letterfrack Pier

(on the N59 beside Avoca shop and the National Park - #34 map page 9)

5 minutes from Letterfrack on the Renvyle road

Tickets available from Avoca shop or on the boat

Derryinver, Letterfrack Tel: 095-43473 Mobile: 087-6461189

Telephone: 095-43473 / 087-6461189

Charter €500 per day / €100 per hour (min. 2 hours) Day Charter €50pp. Evening Trips Available. Skipper has over 30 years experience! Fishing gear for hire. TEL: 09521069 MOBILE: 0862484674


Derryclare restaurant Delicious food at affordable prices for the whole family! Fresh

Seafood, Steaks, Pasta, Pizza and al fresco dining Stop in for a tasty

Take-Away Pizza Scan our QR Code to view our current menus

Market Square, Clifden

Telephone: 095 21440

Connemara Events & Festivals

Alcock & Brown Heritage Weekend Saturday June 16th, Alcock & Brown Hotel Day cost (3 talks) €10 / single talk €5

Kylemore Abbey & Garden Choral Performances No booking is required to attend the performances and there is no additional fee applied to the Kylemore Abbey entrance fee. > Thurs 14th June time tbc - Choir with 50 performers > Tues 19th June time tbc - Corpus Christi Choir, 90 performers > Mon 25th June 11am - Norwegian Choir, 60 performers > Mon 25th June 1pm - Choir from Florida, USA, 45 performers Visit for more information. Photo © Liam Blake, Real Ireland Design.

Connemara National Park - Guided Walks & Exhibition Walks start at the Visitor Centre > Sat 16th and 23rd June 2pm > Sun 17th and 24th June 12noon

'Western Wings: Moths and Butterflies of Connemara' Exhibition of photographs by Heather Greer until 8th July Read more about the Connemara National Park on page 4. Photo: Emperor Moth Female - Cleggan courtesy of Heather Greer. See more photographs by Heather Greer at

Find us ON facebook

> 'Alcock and Brown in the Context of Aviation History' a talk by Mr Robert Jocelyn Time: 11am > 'From Newfoundland to Clifden with Alcock and Brown' a talk by Mr Ray Jordan Time: 12pm > A talk by Mr Brendan Lynch, author of 'Yesterday we were in America', on the flight of Alcock and Brown and the writing of his book Time: 2pm

Sunday June 17th, 11am / Cost €10 > A walk with local guides Michael Gibbons and Shane Joyce to the actual landing site of Alcock and Brown. Walking boots required. Meeting point: Alcock and Brown Memorial, Errislannan (see #106 on Connemara map, page 9)

Dusty Banjos Cleggan Music Weekend Irish traditional music, song and dance in the village of Cleggan The scenic fishing village of Cleggan is set to enjoy another rousing weekend of Irish traditional music, song and dance from June 22nd to June 24th. The village's 'extended family', traditional group known as Dusty Banjos, will return for their third annual music weekend. Musicians from Galway, Clifden and further afield will be participating in a series of music sessions in local pubs. If you’re a visitor to Cleggan and would like to play a few tunes, please feel free to join in on any of these sessions! Sessions in Oliver's Bar > Sat 23rd June 9:30pm > Sun 24th June 2–5pm

Extensive Off-Licence • Spacious Pub Local Seafood • Patio Beer Garden Weekend Entertainment • B&B


& Feltwork Art Studios

Ample Parking • Coaches & Motor Homes Welcome

Handmade Tableware, Lamps, Giftware, One-off ceramics, Felt Artwork

The Stone House, Westport Road, Clifden

(2km from Clifden on main N59 Westport Road) T: 095 22786 W: E: 1414

The Lavelle Art Gallery Main Street, Clifden, Co. Galway

Bar • Restaurant • food market

Ballyconneely Tel: 095 23522 Find us on facebook


Great Irish Food


Traditional Music


Jasmine Garden Chinese restaur ant

Serving Local Seafood and Traditional Tasty Food A Taste of Connemara Menu 2-Courses for €20.12

LIVELY IRISH TRADITIONAL MUSIC Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 9:30pm

Authentic Chinese Food

All Nations Welcome in Mannion’s!

Take-Away and Delivery Service

Market Street, Clifden Tel: 095-21174

What 's On the Menu u Alcock and Brown Hotel The Alcock and Brown Hotel Coffee House is open from 8:30am to 5pm serving breakfast all day, various lunch options, specialised coffees, herbal teas from Numi and homemade cakes. Our Gallery Restaurant specialises in great local seafood plates and also steak, lamb, chicken and pork dishes. It opens at 6pm daily. See advert on opposite page. u Derryclare Restaurant is a long established family restaurant with a tempting new menu that perfectly caters to the variety of our customers tastes. Whether you are in the mood for fresh local seafood, Connemara lamb, pasta or pizza, you can expect great atmosphere, great service and great value for your money. Scan the QR code on our ad to view our latest menus which includes our takeaway pizza menu. Advert on opposite page. u Doonmore Hotel The restaurant in Murray’s Doonmore Hotel, Inishbofin serves 4 course evening meals from 7:30pm daily. Our menu offers a range of dishes including fresh seafood and lobster on request. Soups and desserts are all homemade, as is our bread which is baked daily. Our renowned bar food is available daily 12–9pm. Our famous chowder and freshly caught crab dishes bring people from all corners of the world again and again. Advert page 12. u E.J.King's Bar and Restaurant Famous for our pub food, we specialise in traditional Irish dishes such as Irish Stew, Homemade Chowder, Cod & Chips in Beer Batter and Traditional Seafood Pie. Fresh Oysters, Crab and Smoked Salmon are available, as well as vegetarian and gluten free dishes. And yes, we cater for little ones! Why not try our Value Dining Menu? 2 Courses only €22.50 or 3 Courses only €24.95. Visit to view our menus. Enjoy your stay in Clifden! Advert below. u Eldon's Bar & Beola Restaurant Located in Roundstone, Eldon's Bar offers extremely tasty food at reasonable prices. Bar food is served daily from 128pm, with a variety of dishes to suit all palettes. Beola Restaurant is open at weekends, where all varieties of seafood such as scallops, monkfish, oysters and sea bass are a speciality. Why not pay us a visit? Advert page 12. u Griffin's Bar A local favourite and Clifden’s premier sports bar. Lunch is served Mon–Sat 10am–5pm. Our

bar food menu features freshly prepared soup of the day, homemade seafood chowder, fresh seafood (subject to availability), smoked salmon, home-cooked daily specials, paninis, wraps, sandwiches, salads and desserts. Enjoy a game of pool or darts. Look out for live matches on the Big Screen TV and impromptu music sessions. Advert page 9. u Guy's Bar & Snug Relax in a warm and friendly atmosphere where old and new traditions meet. Our extensive food menu includes summer seafood specials, soups, chowder, BLTs, wraps, paninis, baps, club sandwiches, traditional fish & chips, beef and Guinness stew, homemade house burger, salads, homemade desserts and gluten-free options. We also serve takeaway pizzas, cappuccinos, lattes, espresso and herbal teas. Breakfast served until 1pm and all day on Sunday. Trad music sessions (see page 3). Advert page 5. u Jasmine Garden Chinese Restaurant offers authentic Chinese cuisine at reasonable prices. Experienced head chef Raymond Wong brings to you delicious Chinese dishes with that 'homemade' taste that will be sure to please all patrons. The restaurant has two spacious dining rooms which are tastefully decorated with exotic pieces of Chinese furniture to create that special ambience. Takeaway available. Open 7 days. Weekdays 5:30-11:30pm and weekends 5:30pm-late. Advert above. u J.Conneely's Bar Our balcony boasts probably one of the most spectacular views you are likely to experience in Clifden. Situated on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, it is the ideal spot to enjoy our extensive bar menu, with local seafood such as Atlantic seafood chowder, mussels, oak-smoked salmon and our now famous Whale of a Fish. Join in on our lively Irish music sessions every evening from 6:30pm. In brief, fresh Atlantic seafood enjoyed with a pint of Guinness while gazing out at the Atlantic Ocean was how it was meant to be! Advert page 5. uKeogh's Bar & Restaurant is a spacious familyrun pub with a large beer garden and ample parking located in Ballyconneely village, close to many beautiful beaches. Keogh's offer a superb pint of Guinness to enjoy with a menu specialising in local seafood (crab, prawns, mussels, smoked salmon, seafood chowder), Irish steaks and local lamb. Families are very welcome. Try the new Guinness Mild 2.8% now available! Advert on opposite page. u Kylemore Abbey & Victorian Walled Garden Mitchell's Café Serving traditional Irish dishes using fresh ingredients from the Victorian Walled Garden and

recipes generously bestowed by the Benedictine nuns, we offer delicious meals and treats in a stunning setting. Tea House Relax with a coffee and sweet treat by the 6 acre Victorian Walled Garden and take in the breathtaking views of the Connemara National Park. Advert page 9. u Mannion's Bar Serving tasty food 12-9pm daily. Value for money food in a tradititonal comfortable bar the perfect place to rest your feet and eat. We specialise in local seafood (Fish of the Day, Smoked Fish Chowder, Killary Mussels, Smoked Connemara Salmon) and traditional favourites (Connemara Lamb Stew, Homemade Burgers, Steaks). We're a child friendly bar with a great value Children's Meal Deal for €4.95. Remember to check our daily specials, and leave room for dessert! Advert above. u Marconi Restaurant is a charming familyrun restaurant managed personally by the Foyles for over a century. We focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced locally where possible, specialising in seafood and traditional Irish favourites. The restaurant is set in distinctive surroundings, full of interesting artefacts covering the history of Connemara and the hotel. Expect a professional, friendly service and creative cooking, all offered at a fair price in a relaxed ambience. Advert page 13. u O'Dowd's Seafood Restaurant, Bar and Café Established in 1840, O'Dowd's is Connemara's oldest pub, family-run for four generations. Enjoy a great pint of Guinness in an atmospheric setting or outside overlooking Roundstone harbour. We specialise in fresh local seafood: mussels, oysters, crab claws, Galway Bay prawns, scallops, fresh smoked salmon, hake, turbot, etc. Try our famous seafood chowder! Evening restaurant menu 5–9:30pm, bar food 12–9:30pm. Next door is O'Dowd's Café, open 9:30am–6pm and serving delicious freshly-made food to take away or eat in. Wi-Fi in Café. Advert page 12. u Oliver's Bar and Restaurant Our Restaurant, which is open from 6pm-10pm, overlooks the busy fishing harbour in Cleggan where most of our fresh fish comes from. Sample a wide range of fresh local fish and meat dishes, complemented by the finest vegetables and salads. Seasonal highlights are the salmon, Connemara Lamb and delicious varieties of flatfish. You can also pick your own live lobster from our chilled seawater tank. Advert page 16. u The Beach Day's Bar Established for almost a century, our bar on Inishbofin is located on the waterfront, less than four minutes to the ferry. The bar has a lovely, warm and welcoming feel to it. Great pints of Guinness,

selection of beers, wines and spirits from all over the globe. Bar food is served daily 12–9pm. Our ethos is around locally caught, sustainable seafood and local organic produce where possible. Our local waters offer us Lobster, Crab, Mackerel and the humble Pollack, all of which are featured seasonally on our menu. Advert page 12. u The Connemara Hamper Clifden's only cheese shop and award-winning deli – where you can taste your cheese before you buy it – offers a range of exclusive lunch ideas. Their lovely baguettes are increasingly popular among locals and visitors and are among Connemara's tastiest. Pop in and look at the menu while enjoying a cup of Illy coffee. Open Mon–Sat 10am–5pm. Advert page 16. u The Owenmore Restaurant at Ballynahinch Castle Hotel We insist upon using only the freshest of ingredients available, pursuing the organic option where possible. The 2 Rosette Owenmore Restaurant offers the discerning diner the best of locally caught fish and game and local produce. In the Fisherman's Pub, guests enjoy a pint with the local fishing guides, and a less formal menu is available. Advert page 16. u The Station Bar In the centre of Clifden Station House Courtyard is the tastefully restored Station Master’s House and train platform, a period building offering an atmosphere to relax and enjoy a meal or a drink. The finest, freshest ingredients, with a focus on local produce, ensures quality of a high standard. The menu features mouthwatering dishes from seafood chowder to our signature dish - Fish & Chips, as well as a selection of light snacks. Food is served 12–9pm. Advert page 8. u Vaughan's Pub & Bistro Our bistro offers diners a mixture of traditional Irish cuisine and contemporary favourites. We are well known for our excellent Traditional Irish Stew and our unique Guinness Stout Pudding which are made from secret family recipes. The dining experience is made all the more enjoyable in our traditionally designed dining room. It has an old-style stove and thatched roof, reminiscent of old Ireland. Advert below. u Walsh's Bakery & Coffee Shop Discover Clifden’s only bakery! Using traditional artisan methods, Walsh's Bakery prepares an impressive selection of pastries, breads and cakes daily. Eat-in meals can also be enjoyed in a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere. Selection of sandwiches, wraps, baps, hot/cold lunches. In a hurry? Choose from our Scrumptiously Yummy takeout menu. Open from 8:30am. Advert page 5.

Live music on selected nights - traditional music, rock and folk covers - See music schedule on page 3 for more information

Vaughan’s Pub • Bistro • Accommodation

A historic building nestled in the corner of a historic town... Traditionally designed bistro reminiscent

Famous for Traditional Irish Stew and

The highest standard of comfort Bed & Breakfast

> open 12:30-9:30pm

> see sample menu online

> All rooms en suite > Approved accommodation

of old Ireland

Guinness Pudding

Clifden, Co. Galway Tel: 095 21150 Email: Join us on Facebook 15


Useful Information ATMs and Banks Esso Station, Galway Road (ATM) (Clifden map #7) SuperValu (ATM) (Clifden map #12) Keogh's, Ballyconneely (ATM) (Connemara map #105) Bank of Ireland (Clifden map #56) and AIB Bank (Clifden map #98) Banks Opening Hours: Monday 10am-12:30 and 1:30pm-5pm Tuesday-Thursday-Friday 10am-12:30 and 1:30pm-4pm Wednesday 10:30am-12:30 and 1:30pm-4pm

Bike Hire Mannion's Cycles, Bridge Street (Clifden map #20 - see advert page 9)

Bus Times and Fares Bus Eireann Winter Schedule* (see map page 8 for bus stop location) Adult day return €13.30 / Adult single ticket €12.35 Student: Single €10.45 - Child: Single €8.55 / Day return €9.50

Times Departing Clifden (Library) Weekdays: 9:00, 13:30 and 14:40 Sundays: 16:15 Times Departing Galway (Bus Station) Weekdays: 11:15, 13:00 and 18:15 Sundays: 12:50 *Summer schedule starts June 26th. Call 091-562 000 for more information Citylink (see map page 8 for bus stop location) Reg. Fares: Adult day return ticket €14 / Adult single ticket €12 Student: Single €10 / Day return €11 - Child: Single €7 / Day return €8

Times Departing Clifden Daily: 07:15, 09:15, 12:00, 15:15 and 18:30 Times Departing Galway Daily: 09:00, 12:00, 14:30, 16:00 and 17:30

Church Times Parish of Clifden – St.Joseph’s RC Church Monday to Friday 9:30am, Saturday 7pm, Sunday 11am Parish of Clifden - Christ Church (Church of Ireland) Sunday Service 11:30am

Dentist (See symbol on Clifden map page 8) Catherine Skelly, Tel: 095-22731

Doctors and Physiotherapist

Clifden Medical Practice (Clifden map surgery symbol #1) Tel: 095-21224 / 21225 / 22272 Sarah Casey (Physiotherapist at Clifden Medical Practice) Tel: 086-3896130 Dr. Ciaran MacLoughlin, Tel: 095-21141 (map surgery symbol #2) Dr. Sophie Faherty (Women's Health Clinic), Tel: 087-2226783 (#4) Dr. Aengus Flavin Tel: 095-35851 (Roundstone) Dr. Alex Michel Tel: 095-43465 (Tully, Renvyle)

Gardaí - Police (see map page 8) Clifden Tel: 095-22500

Public Toilets Beside coach park - pay to use (see map page 8 for location) Public toilets also in SuperValu (see opening hours below) SuperValu Opening Hours

8am-9pm daily except Friday 8am-10pm

Take-Away (see map page 8 for location)

Derryclare Restaurant, Griffin's Bar, Guy's Bar, Jasmine Garden Chinese Restaurant, SuperValu, The Connemara Hamper

Internet Access / Wi-Fi (see symbols on map page 8) Alcock and Brown Hotel, Market Square, Clifden (Free Wi-Fi) E. J. King's Bar, Market Square, Clifden (Free Wi-Fi) Guy's Bar, Main Street, Clifden (Free Wi-Fi) O’Dowd’s (Coffee Shop), Main Street, Roundstone Video Vault, Main Street, Clifden WPCR Internet Café, Market Street, Clifden

Taxi Service (to and from Clifden)

Laundry Services

Departing Cleggan Mon, Wed & Thurs Tue & Fri Sat & Sun Departing Inishbofin Mon, Tues & Fri Wed, Thurs & Sat Sun**

Shamrock Dry Cleaners and Washeteria (Clifden map #55) Hillview Launderette (Clifden map #99) Ferrons Shop - collections & pick-up 3pm daily Mon-Fri (Roundstone)

Library Opening Hours (see library symbol on map page 8)

Monday and Wednesday 2:30pm-6pm & 6:30pm-8:30pm Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 10:30am-1pm & 2:30pm-6pm Friday 10:30am-1pm, 2:30pm-6pm & 6:30pm-8:30pm

Parking Information (see symbols on map page 8)

1. Public car park - behind Clifden Tourist Office 2. St. Joseph’s Church car park – 9am to 6pm daily, paid parking; up to 2 hours €1 and then 50c per additional hour 3. Paid parking in town – pay-and-display parking meters, 20c for 12 min. (minimum charge), 10c per additional 6 minutes, €1 per hour (max 3 hours) Applies 11:30am-6pm, Sunday free.

Petrol Stations

Esso, Main Street (Clifden map #80) Open Mon-Sun 7am-11pm Esso (Spar), Galway Road (map #7) Open Mon-Sat 7-11, Sun 8-11

Post Office (see symbol on map page 8)

Open Mon–Fri, 9:30am–5:30pm and Saturday, 9:30am–1pm Where else to buy stamps? The Clifden Bookshop (Clifden map #64), Kylemore Abbey (Conn. map #51)

Chris O'Neill - C&P Hackney, Tel: 095-21444 or 086-859-3939 The Taxi Company, Tel: 095-30000 Chris O’Connor, Tel: 086-331-0270 Noel King (Roundstone), Tel: 087-958-2398 Robert's Taxi, Tel: 087-416-1796

Tickets and Times to Inishbofin Island 11:30am 11:30am 11:30am

2:00pm* 2:00pm* 2:00pm*

6:45pm 7:30pm 6:45pm

8:15am 9:00am 10:00am

1:00pm* 1:00pm* 1:00pm*

5:00pm 5:00pm 5:00pm

*Weekends in May and everyday in June, July and August only **and Monday of Bank Holiday Tickets available at Cleggan Office or on the boat €20 return adults, €10 return child Group rates and family rates available Connecting bus service to Cleggan from Clifden: Citylink – Departing Clifden everyday at 10:30, 13:30 and 17:30

Tourist Information Office - Clifden (see Clifden map page 8) 9:30am–5:50pm Mon–Sat and 10am–4:50pm Sun Tel: 095-21163 Waste and Recyclables Schedule

Weeks for General Waste: June 11–15 and June 25–29 Week for Recycling: June 18– 22 Collection day varies depending on your location, please check with Barna Waste on 1890 300 450.

For Emergencies, Dial 112 or 999

Ride a Connemara Pony

in Connemara

For further information please see our entry on page 4.

Errislannan Manor

Tel: 095 21134

Riding Centre Near Clifden

web: email:

16 16

What's On, Issue 2, Vol 8  

or the past 7 years, What's On, our free visitor guide has been published fortnightly from May to October. Now in its eigth year, What's On...

What's On, Issue 2, Vol 8  

or the past 7 years, What's On, our free visitor guide has been published fortnightly from May to October. Now in its eigth year, What's On...