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Dolphin & Whale Watch Cruises Twilight Dinner / Xmas Dinner Education Program - Cruising Classroom

Tel: 4984 9388

Ask us about our locals offer! 1.5hr Beach & Dune Tour/Adventure Sandboarding adventure/4WD Sandboarding Shuttle 3hr Sygna Shipwreck Tour Tel: 4984 4760 Private Charter


Our front cover features Hayley, Jonathan and Ethan Gill enjoying the new Hot Ice rink at Salamander Bay’s Toboggan Hill Park. The siblings were very excited at the prospect of posing for our publication. Jonathan (10) and Ethan (7) were keen to make the most of their “five minutes of fame”.

What do you like about your family?

I like to play soccer with my Dad. And I like my big brother, Nathaniel. He’s 16 and a surf freak!

I like my Dad because he teaches me soccer. I like my Mum because she does art and craft with me. We made a dragon sock puppet.

Where do you live? Medowie. What do you like about living in Port Stephens?

I like the nature, animals (like big spiders, rabbits, kangaroos), fresh air, good sand dunes, and really good waves at the beach.

How did you feel about getting your photo taken for the front cover?

And snakes. One day Dad found a diamond python while he was riding. He brought it home to show us then put it back in the reserve.


Which school do you go to?

Medowie Public. I’m in Year 4.

What did you think of Toboggan Hill Park?

I’m in Year 2.

What’s the best thing about Medowie Public?

Here’s what they had to say.

Excited, excellent and awesome!

The Hot Ice rink was really good. When I fell, it didn’t hurt so much because it wasn’t real ice. I’d like to go back to try the Splash Down. You catapult water balloons at the other team. And I want to try out the climbing wall. It looks challenging.

I want to go back to race the remote control boats.

Good friends - Adam, Joseph, Harry and Brooklyn.

Friends - Jack D, Amelie, Ethan F and another Jack D.

Do you play sport?

Tell us about your family.

Yes, I play soccer for Medowie. My favourite position is right wing.

Soccer. Once I scored the winning goal!

Our family has 6 people - Mum, Dad, Nathaniel, Hayley, Ethan and, of course, me.

What are some of your favourite things?

Friends, sleepovers, Dreamworld and White Water World, wraps, Trash Packs, playing guns, Lego and the computer.

Friends, sleepovers, Queensland holidays, pizza, Trash Packs, Lego, playing cars, drawing, reading books.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A scientist. I want to invent a floating car.

I want to be an inventor and make a robot snake.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Why did the gum cross the road? Because it was stuck to the chicken’s foot!


... to our wonderful photographer Catherine Burford, of ‘So Lovely Photography’. Her talent and good humour have ensured that we have a fantastic ‘Winter’ cover this issue to share with you. A huge thank you to Toboggan Hill Park in Salamander Bay for allowing us to take possession of their great new Hot Ice rink for the photoshoot! Their friendly staff were most hospitable and only too happy to assist in making the shoot run smoothly and quickly. Toboggan Hill Park has some amazing indoor activities available as well as what’s on offer outside, which can be enjoyed by children of all ages. You can find out more information by checking out their advertisement on page 12. Last but not least thanks to Hayley, Jonathan & Ethan for their modelling expertise... gorgeous kids with big personalities, which shine through in the resulting image!



Issue 7

CONTENTS Letter from the Editors


If you are feeling as blue as this page now that it’s Winter, then this is the Issue for you!

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Don’t hide that Winter body away - get it down to the gym for some serious Summer preparation. Anytime Fitness are preparing us on page 10! Our What’s On section starts on page 12, where you will find a fantastic range of local, family friendly activities and with the whale watching season upon us, it’s high time to get on the water and see those majestic creatures. Tamboi Queen Cruises, Moonshadow Cruises and Imagine Cruises, are giving us some budget busting discounts on presentation of your Lucky Locals Discount Card. Turn to our back cover to find out where you can get your card today! After taking part in some of the many fun activities our area has to offer, remember it’s healthy to take time out from the kids sometimes. Don’t have a babysitter? What’s On In Our Backyard are currently working on collating a brand new, online Port Stephens Babysitters Directory, so if you would like to earn extra cash as a babysitter within our directory, turn to page 17 for more details.


Inside, we are giving you LOTS of reasons to beat the Winter blues. On page 17, you will find a competition offering you the chance to win a three night vacation package in one of our top local resorts.

Whatever your plans are this Winter, we hope that by the time you have flicked through the pages of our family magazine, you will be inspired to get out and enjoy, ‘What’s On In Our Backyard’.


Trish and Saffron x


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Families enjoying the pool at the Hunter Connect Family Camp


Camp Beats Isolation of Autism By Alison Rice and Sam Hays

On March the 28th, families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) from across the Hunter and as far away as Sydney, converged at One Mile Beach Caravan Park for a weekend of fun, socialising and support, organised by Hunter Connect Families Inc. The main attraction for the kids was the swimming pool and waterslide, while parents tended to make good use of the heated spa. Friday night saw families meet and greet each other at the Pool House, while the kids got to know each other. Many parents were surprised at how easy their special needs kids and their siblings interacted with the other children. One “It was really nice to sit parent stated that around with other mums “it’s because they who knew what you went are all on the same through on a daily basis” wavelength and understand each other”. There were nearly twenty families present with quite a few single mothers and their children. It was great for the parents to socialise with others who have children with ASD. Socialising can be very difficult for families affected by ASD, so this setting provided wonderful respite for the whole family. On Saturday, people had a leisurely start with a choice of swimming, putt putt, or a trip to the beach. The Medowie Lions Club provided the group with a lovely BBQ lunch, while families were treated to a musical interlude provided by young

Playgroups: If you are interested in attending a PlayConnect Playgroup, with play-based learning opportunities for children on the Autism spectrum, or with Autism-like symptoms, please see our ‘Playgroups’ section on page 9.

For Ages 13 to

16 yrs





Have fun experiencing drama Engage in a range of social activities in a supportive & relaxed setting

MONDAY EVENINGS FROM 15TH OCTOBER FOR 8 WEEKS IN CONJUNCTION WITH HELEN O’GRADY DRAMA SCHOOL Firstchance are looking for expressions of interest from Teens to participate. To access an application form please contact Kim Talbot on 4921 8723 Email: Please RSVP by 13th August 2012


musicians from Baylife Church, with the kids being asked to join in using musical instruments. As a reward for such great musical talent, all the children received goodie bags with lots of treats inside. There were also activities such as bubble catching, painting and chess for the young and old. As the Dads and carers kept a watchful eye on the kids, the Mums were treated to a wonderful afternoon of craft. One of the Mums said that “It was really nice to sit around with other mums who “Hunter Connect wants knew what you went to help every family in through on a daily the Hunter overcome the basis” and while effects of Autism” beautiful cards were being made, the kids made full use of the park riding their scooters, swimming and walking up to the beach. Mum Alison Rice, from Medowie, said: “It was so great to see our kids who have a tough time, socialising on a normal day, running around enjoying themselves without judgement.” Another treat on offer throughout the day was a free massage provided by Angel Montague, herself a mother of a child with ASD. Many a parent and child were lulled into a sense of relaxation with quite a few snoozes heard floating from the area. To round off such a relaxing day, another movie night was presented for the kids, with free hot dogs provided by the Hunter Connect Families, for dinner. Sunday morning saw more fun in the pool area, while some parents participated in a group discussion about healing through Christian prayer. Hunter Connect co-founder and president, Sam Hays, shared how God had healed his three children from Autism. One in eighty children in the Hunter is affected by ASD. Many of these children are being raised in single parent families. Hunter Connect has grown rapidly with over 300 families registered for assistance. Hunter Connect co-founder and RAAF Citizen of the year, Jackie Hays, said “Hunter Connect wants to help every family in the Hunter overcome the effects of Autism”.

Hunter Connect is a not-for-profit registered charity. It has been established to support families in our region that have children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Please see their advertisement on the bottom right of this page for more information and full contact details.

Are you the parent of a child with Autism, Asperger, ADHD or another related Disorder? You are not alone, Hunter Connect is here to support you We are a not-for-profit organisation in Medowie offering: Regular meetings with guest speakers Weekly Playconnect Playgroup Family Days out at minimal cost Information on services, workshops & funding Access to a family support network ... & more


all enquiries Tel: 4982 7695 / 4982 6884

Call Us On: 0403 886 384

Issue 7

Pet Corner Never Work With Children Or Animals! The great comedian, W.C. Fields, is credited with the line, “Never work with children or animals.” Apparently Julie Tolliday has made this her life’s challenge. Julie was a Primary School teacher for twenty-five years before she decided to shift her focus to dogs. Her tag line, “Behaviour Modification for Dogs and Their Owners” says it all. Julie has lived in Boat Harbour since 2003, integrating a career change with her “sea change”. People jokingly say to her, “There’s not much difference between kids and dogs, is there?” The reality is though that if you don’t know how to teach people then you’ll never succeed with the dogs. Dog training is all about having the humans understand how to build a relationship with their own dog through effective life management and training. “This is why the concept of sending your dog away to be trained somewhere else is ludicrous,” says Julie. Julie provides a number of service models, depending on the needs of the people and the profile of the dog. While she travels as far as the Central Coast, Newcastle and Maitland to train dogs and their humans, she is passionate about providing personalized and highly professional dog behavior services here in her own local area. At the puppy level she proudly promotes her 4-week puppy

Is SALES your thing? Do you enjoy explaining value, and helping people to buy? Would you like to include a ‘choose your own hours, commission-based sales role’ into your lifestyle? What’s On In Our Backyard are now taking expressions of interest, for phone/field based sales positions. If you would like to find out more information and lodge your interest, please visit

30 Jun - 21 Sept

IN THE SPOTLIGHT school at the Shoal Bay Vet Clinic. “Puppy School is a lot more than a gimmicky play group for dogs,” she says. “It is a forum in which we prepare puppies for a life of safety, happiness and respect.” To achieve this we focus on teaching the puppies to have good bite inhibition. That is, they need to understand before they turn 18 weeks of age that they must never break the skin of a human or another animal. Another primary focus of the course is to prepare the puppies to face the newness of their environment. Therefore we provide desensitization exercises which involve controlled and positive exposure to new people, sounds and objects. We want to graduate a puppy that is “bomb proof”. The last thing we want in the community is scared dogs as these are the ones that will bite. After puppies graduate Julie will reconnect with the household to check how things are going and to encourage owners to take up the next level of learning. After puppyhood comes adolescence, along with the hormones and pushing the boundaries! By the time a dog is six months of age he/she is in need of the next level of training, learning how to be a well-mannered dog out in the community. Lack of education at this level probably explains the high level of juvenile dogs in animal shelters around the world! Adolescent classes run for six weeks at Williamtown on a Sunday and are open to any dog over the age of five months. You do not need to have attended Julie’s puppy school first. Julie also caters for dogs that are reactive to other dogs on the lead and does this through her Growly Dog classes. As well she provides inhome consultations for those whose dogs have home-based problems or who are unable to attend a class. Julie can be contacted on 4982 1703 or via her website:



Behaviour Modification for Dogs & Their Owners

Group & individual training for puppies & adult dogs

Vet recommended specialist Shoal Bay Puppy School + mobile all areas

For more information, or to make a booking

call Julie on 4982 1703 or 0407 148 842 Barkers In Balance

visit our website at:




An A-Z Selection

Helping you to keep your kids active and healthy! ARCHERY

Archery at PCYC Ages: 8 to 85 yrs; @ Nelson Bay; Tel: David 4981 3099


Deborah’s Art On The Bay Ages: All ages; @ Nelson Bay; Tel: Deb 0468 412 916; E:; W: deborah-parker




Junior Basketball at PCYC Ages: 3 to 18 yrs; @ Nelson Bay; Tel: David 4981 3099


Boxing at PCYC Ages: 5 to 18 yrs; @ Nelson Bay; Tel: David 4981 3099


Girl Guides Ages: 5 to 17 yrs; @ Medowie/ Tanilba Bay/Nelson Bay; Tel: 1300 447 548 Girl’s Brigade Ages: 5 to 16 yrs; @ Raymond Terrace; Tel: Raymond Terrace Baptist Church 4987 2261 Scouts Australia Ages: 6 to 26 yrs; @ Raymond Terrace/Medowie/Anna Bay/ Nelson Bay/Stockton/Tilligerry/ Seaham; Tel: Jane 4988 6522 W:




Allegria Dance Company Ages: 5 yrs to Adults; @ Taylors Beach; Tel: Sharran Mansfield 4919 0029 or 0402 003 717; E: W: www.allegriadancecompany. Bayside Thistle School of Highland Dancing



Tilligerry Medowie Stockton Seaham

Joeys 6-8 yrs Cubs 6-10 yrs • Scouts 11-15 yrs Venturers 15-18 yrs Rovers 18-26 yrs • Leaders 18+ •

Ages: 4 yrs to Adults; @ Corlette; 1300 245 060 Tel: Nance 4984 9636 dragonboating Dance ‘n’ Dazzle Studio Hunter River Dragons Inc. Ages: 2 yrs to Adults; @ Ages: 12 to 60+ yrs ; @ Berry Medowie; Tel: Miss Corynne 4982 Park; Tel: 0404 468 433 9830 / 0418 963 221 DanceXtreme DRAMA F Helen O’Grady Drama Ages: 2 yrs to Adults; @ Raymond Terrace; Tel: 0412 083 Academy 280 Ages: Primary 7 to 11 yrs / Youth DanceZone 11 to 15 yrs; @ Salamander Bay; Ages: 2 to 80 yrs; for details of Tel: Shane 4969 2338; classes & location of a studio E. near you Tel 0409 526 000 Good Vibrations Academy or Email dancezonestudio@ Ages: Children to Adults; @ Anna Bay; Tel: Di Fanning 0432 067 Debbie Rae Dance Studio 347; E: goodvibrationsacademy@ Ages: 3 yrs to Adults; @; Medowie/Maitland; Tel: Jenny W: 4933 7084 / 0438 416 397 fITNESS iDance Anytime Fitness Raymond Ages: All ages; @ Raymond Terrace Terrace; Tel: Miss Kiah 0411 028 Ages: 16 yrs +; @ Raymond 630 Terrace; Tel 4983 2060; Inspire Dance E: raymondterrace@ Ages: 3 yrs +; @ Taylors Beach;; Tel: Lisa 0404 861 952 W: Jacki.E Studios of Dance Anytime Fitness Salamander 1/2 Ages: 2 yrs to Adults; @ Bay Mallabula/Tanilba Bay; Tel: Mel Ages: 16 yrs +; @ Salamander 4984 5844 Bay; Tel 4919 1942; Nelson Bay Dance at PCYC E: salamanderbay@ Ages: 3 yrs to Adults; @ Nelson; Bay/Anna Bay; Tel: Kate 4981 W: 5656 Cardio Combat at Revitalize Pacific Cheer & Dance Studio Ages: 2 yrs to Adults; @ Ages: 7 yrs to Adults; @ Nelson Salamander Bay/Corlette/ Bay; Tel: Kate 4981 5656 Elermorevale; Tel: Jessi 0468 949 Children’s Classes at 296 Affirmative Health & Fitness Robyn Yvette Dance & Talent Ages: 3 yrs +; @ Taylors Beach; Centre Tel: Kerrie or Jo 4981 9968 Ages: Preschoolers to Adults; Group Fitness at YMCA @ Salamander Bay; Tel: Robyn Ages: 16 yrs +; @ Raymond Woods 4968 1172 or 0402 837 Terrace; Tel: 4983 1703 or www. 328, or Debbie 4982 0465; E:; Headquarters Health Club W: HQ Fit Kids Studio 2324 Ages: 6 to 12 yrs; @ Taylors Ages: 2 yrs to Adults; @ Beach; Tel: Tracy 0417 240 301 Raymond Terrace; Tel: Karen Personal Training at YMCA 0408 922 747 or Ages: 16 yrs +; @ Raymond Terrace; Tel: 4983 1703 or www. Tiny Tutus Preschool Ballet Ages: 18 mths to 5 yrs; @ Youth Gym at YMCA Salamander Bay; Tel: Simone Ages: 10 to 16 yrs; @ Raymond

Adult & Children’s Art Classes Learn to paint in a Fun and Relaxed Atmosphere

Everyone’s an Artist ! Classes by talented Artist & experienced Teacher/ Art Therapist

● Holiday Art (please call for details) ● Art Therapy ● After school art classes ● Decorative wall murals ● Art Exhibitions Classes in the Nelson Bay area

• • Raymond Terrace • Anna Bay • Nelson Bay Phone: Jane 4988 6522

Tel: 0468 412 916




F Featured Listing

Terrace; Tel: 4983 1703 or www.


Group Classes and Personal Training GET FIT THIS WINTER Indoor classes 6pm Mon & Weds One-on-One and Small Group Training also available Call Trudie Blachford (Personal Trainer) 0402 838 084 “Family, Friends, Fitness, Fun”


Junior Futsal at PCYC Ages: 3 to 18 yrs; @ Nelson Bay; Tel: David 4981 3099 Hornets Regional Touch Association Ages: 14 to 60 yrs; @ Nelson Bay and beyond; Tel: Craig 0411 311 317 after 4pm weekdays Medowie Football Club Ages: 5 yrs to Adults; @ Medowie; Nelson Bay Football Club Ages: 5 yrs to Adults; @ Nelson Bay; au; Registration January Raymond Terrace Soccer Club Ages: 5 yrs to Adults; @ Raymond Terrace; Tilligerry Football Club Ages: 5 yrs to Adults; @ Mallabula;; Registration February


Kindygym & Gymnastics at PCYC Ages: 3 to 5 yrs/ 6 to 15 yrs; @ Nelson Bay; Tel: David 4981 3099 Kindygym & Gymnastics at YMCA Ages: 18 mths to 5 yrs/ 5 yrs +; @ Raymond Terrace; Tel: 4983 1703 or TPT Kindygym / Gymnastics / Trampolining Ages: 0 to 5 yrs / 5 to 12 yrs; @ Nelson Bay; Tel: Tanya 4981 0660


F Nelson Bay Hockey Club

Ages: 4 yrs & up; @ Salamander Bay Sporting Complex; Tel: 4919 1692; E: info@; W:; Registration February Port Stephens Hornets Hockey Club Ages: 4 yrs to Vets; @ Medowie; Tel: 0432 969 555; Registration February


Nelson Bay Pony Club Ages: 4 to 24 yrs; @ Anna Bay; own horse required; Tel: Sue

Issue 7

0409 466 554; Registration January Riding For The Disabled Ages: All ages; @ Raymond Terrace; Tel: Vicki 4987 1402


Fun French for Kids Ages 6 yrs +; @ Salamander Bay & Soldiers Point Public School; Tel: Vicki 0403 896 883 or E:

Library activities

Read & Rhyme (free) Ages: 0 to 2 yrs; @ Raymond Terrace Library; Tel: 4987 2221; Tomaree Library; Tel: 4982 0670 Storytime & Craft Ages: 2 to 5 yrs; @ Raymond Terrace Library; Tel: 4987 2221; Tomaree Library; Tel: 4982 0670


Blue Water Line Dancers invites teens & adults to join their weekly classes! Great exercise and loads of fun. Classes are held in Tanilba Bay and at Soldiers Point Bowling Club. With all styles of music played, this group will change your perception of line dancing for good! Come and try it. Call Margaret on 4981 3202 e:


Kaizen Ryu Karate Ages: 3 yrs to Adults; @ Salamander Bay; Tel: Chris 4981 3476 / 0405 820 430 Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo Jutsu Ages: 4 yrs to Adults; @ Raymond Terrace; Tel: Bob 0416 197 644; E:; W: www. Mixed Martial Arts Ages: 5 - 10 yrs @ Medowie; Tel: Chloe 0422 085 925; Ages: 7 yrs+ @ Tanilba Bay; Tel: Frank 4982 3013; Ages: 10 yrs+ @ Nelson Bay; Tel: 4984 7396 Shorinji Kempo Ages 8 yrs to Adults; @ Salamander Social and Welfare Club; Tel: Steven Clarke 4984 7369 / 0421 845 306 Toogee Taekwondo Ages: 5 yrs +; @ Raymond Terrace/Seaham/Medowie/ Mallabula/Nelson Bay; Tel: 0418 686 241


Good Vibrations Academy Model Confidence 10 weeks Ages: Children to Adults; @ Anna Bay; Tel: Di Fanning 0432 067 347; E: goodvibrationsacademy@; W:

MUSIC 30 Jun - 21 Sept

F Dani’s Music Studio presents

Kindermusik Ages: 6 mths to 5 yrs; @ Medowie Community Hall; Tel: Dani 0437 045 019; E:; W: au Good Vibrations Academy Keyboard, Guitar, Songwriting, Music Theory, Composition Ages: Children to Adults; @ Anna Bay; Tel: Di Fanning 0432 067 347; E: goodvibrationsacademy@; W: Julie’s Music Studio presents Keyboard Kapers Ages: 4 to 6 yrs; @ Salamander Bay; Tel: Julie 4982 7120 / 0405 448 704 Mainly Music @ Baylife Ages: Birth to school aged; @ Anna Bay; Tel: Robyn 4919 0104 Mainly Music @ St Francis Ages: Birth to school aged; @ Medowie; Tel: Ailsa 4982 8515 Mainly Music @ Salvos Ages: Birth to school aged; @ Raymond Terrace; Tel: Ron 4983 1425 Mainly Music @ Salvos Ages: Birth to school aged; @ Salamander Bay; Tel: 4982 0192 Mainly Music @ Surfside Ages: Birth to school aged; @ Stockton; Tel: Ruth 4928 3603 Musical Moments with Michelle Ages: 2 to 5 yrs; @ Call to verify suburb; Tel: Michelle 4988 6623 Port Stephens Community Band Ages: No age limit; @ Nelson Bay; Tel: Michael 0412 688 391 Tomaree Musical Theatre Co. Ages: School aged +; @ Nelson Bay; Tel: 0468 898 073


League Ages: 5 to 17 yrs; @ Tomaree Peninsula; Tel: 0431 512 285; Registration February Raymond Terrace Junior Rugby League Ages: 6 to 15 yrs; @ Raymond Terrace; Tel: Jessica Edmonds 0428 875 575

Ages: 12 yrs +; @ Grahamstown Dam; Tel: Richard 4981 7509 F Soldiers Point Sailing School Ages: 8 to 16 yrs @ Soldiers Point Marina; Tel: 4982 7773; E: info@ W: www.



Nelson Bay Junior Rugby Union - Walla Rugby Ages: 4 to 9 yrs; @ Strong Oval, Nelson Bay; Tel: Maree 4981 3884; Registration April Nelson Bay Junior Rugby Union Ages: U8’s to U17’s; @ Fingal Oval, Fingal Bay; Tel: Maree 4981 3884; Registration February


Port Hunter Sailing Club Ages: 4 to 17 yrs; @ Stockton; Tel: Peter 4920 1162; Sailing Season: Sept through March Port Stephens Sailing & Aquatic Club Ages: 8 yrs +; @ below Salamander Shores; Details: Sailability Port Stephens

Cindy Eick Singing & Performing School Ages: All Ages; @ Nelson Bay; Tel: Cindy 0412 383 219 Good Vibrations Academy Ages: 5 yrs to Adults; @ Anna Bay; Tel: Di Fanning 0432 067 347; E: goodvibrationsacademy@; W: Sharon Allen Singing Tuition Ages: Most ages; @ Raymond Terrace; Tel: Sharon Allen (Teacher) 0406 136 864


Birubi Point SLSC Ages: Nippers U8’s to U14’s; Junior Life Saving U15’s to U18’s @ Anna Bay; Tel: Col 0409 306 404; Registration October Fingal Beach SLSC Ages: Nippers 5 to 13 yrs,

Allegria Dance Company Learn to Dance

Build Confidence

Friendly, nurturing environment for all ages Hip Hop Contemporary Ballet Speciality Dance Lyrical Modern Spectacular end of year concerts


Nelson Bay Netball Assoc. Ages: 5 yrs +; @ Tomaree Sports Complex, Salamander Bay; Tel: Nadina Potter 0423 236 604 or Port Stephens Netball Assoc. Ages: 4 yrs +; @ Raymond Terrace; Tel: Michelle 0412 218 955

Tel: 0402 003 717 Studio: 2/6 Shearwater Drive, Taylors Beach Facebook: Allegria Dance Company E: W:


Julie’s Music Studio - Piano Tuition Ages: 4 yrs to Adults; @ Salamander Bay; Tel: Julie 4982 7120 or 0405 448 704 F Nancy Hoskings Piano Tuition Ages: 6 yrs to Adults; @ Salamander Bay; Tel: Nancy 4984 6019 or 0414 397 579; E:

RUGBY league

Mallabula Panthers Junior Rugby League Football Club Ages: 5 to 17 yrs; @ Mallabula; Tel: Mary Jackson 0422 362 313; Registration January - February Nelson Bay Junior Rugby

Sign on for minimum 3 months training & receive free uniform

Accredited experienced competent instructors Affordable cost

Practical, application-based martial arts for everyone Classes available from Monday-Saturday For ages 4 yrs to Adults - All Levels

Fitness · Confidence · Discipline · Coordination · Flexibility

Tel: 0416 197 644 Full Time Training Venue Now Open! 9 Kangaroo Street, Raymond Terrace Visit our website at

all enquiries Tel: 4982 7695 / 4982 6884


CLUBS & CLASSES Cadets/Juniors 13 to 18 yrs, Patrolling Members from 13 yrs +; @ Fingal Bay;; Season commences September


Lynne’s Learn To Swim Ages: 6 mths to 12 yrs; @ We come to you; Tel: Lynne 4982 1180 Nelson Bay RSL Amateur Swimming Club Ages: 4 yrs to Adults; @ Nelson Bay; Tel: Katrina 0413 516 872 YMCA Lakeside Leisure Centre Ages: Learn to Swim 6 mths to Adults/Squad Training All Ages @ Raymond Terrace; Tel: 4987 2039 YMCA Tilligerry Aquatic Centre Ages: Learn to Swim 6 mths to Adults/Squad Training All Ages @ Mallabula; Tel: 4982 4730 YMCA Tomaree Aquatic Centre Ages: Learn to Swim 6 mths to Adults/Squad Training All Ages @ Salamander Bay; Tel: 4981 2848



Greg Brownlow Tennis Ages: 4 yrs to Adults; @ Raymond Terrace; Tel: Greg 4966 8095; Registration start of each School Term Peter Doohan Tennis Ages: 4 yrs to Adults; @ Soldiers Point/Nelson Bay; Tel: Peter 4981 4090 Raymond Terrace & District Tennis Club Ages: 6 yrs to Adults; @ Raymond Terrace; Tel: Ellen 4987 4534



Pilates at Nelson Bay Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre Ages: 10 yrs +; @ Nelson Bay; Tel: 4981 3461 Yoga at Revitalize Studio Ages: 3 yrs to Adults; @ Nelson Bay; Tel: Kate 4981 5656 Yogasphere Ages: 15 yrs to Adults; @ Corlette /Anna Bay; Tel: Nikki 0415 538 589 or


F Zumba, Dance & Fitness

SuperStrike Salamander Bay Ages: All Ages; @ Port Stephens; Ages: Bumpers 3 to 12 yrs/ Tel: Candice 0438 946 549; Juniors 12 to 16 yrs; @ E:; Salamander Bay; Tel: 4981 4000; W: W: Promote your Club or Class in Issue 8 Email for details

Looking For A Fun Sport Involving All The Family? .. That Doesn’t Take You Out Of Town On Weekends! long/high/triple jump

Do you love to SING and DANCE?

sprints throws

Places now available in our ...


hurdles middle & distance walks

“Come & Try” on Sat, Sept 1st from 9am Located behind the tennis cts., end of Kangaroo St.

For enquiries, call Deidre: Tel: 0418 962 185



We offer tuition in:

MODELLING PIANO A SINGING GUITAR M A R D Recording Studio & Photographic Sessions Also Available

Term 3 Modelling Course - Book Now!

Tel: 0432 067 347

Studio: 4500 Nelson Bay Rd, Anna Bay E:



Gael’s Groovy Gang Ages: 5 yrs to Adults; @ Nelson Bay; Tel: Gael 4982 0012; Training all year round Medowie Little Athletics Club Ages: Tiny Tots (from 3 and a half) to Under 17’s; @ Kindlebark Oval Medowie; Tel: Nerrida Bednar 0409 812 361; Registrations begin in August Port Stephens Little Athletics Ages: U5’s to U17’s; @ Dick Burwell Oval, Nelson Bay; Tel: Peter 4984 1841; W: www.; See advert above for registration dates. Raymond Terrace Athletics Centre Ages: 5 yrs to Masters; @ Raymond Terrace; Tel: Deidre



Registration days:

Sat, August 11th, 18th, & 25th from 10am to 1pm at the Centre

First competition day: Sat, September 8th

For all ages/abilities from 5yrs to Adults/Seniors

0418 962 185; W: www.; See advert above for registration dates. Tilligerry & Districts Little Athletics Ages: 4 to 17 yrs; @ Mallabula; Tel: 4984 5287 or 4984 5267; Please phone club for Registration dates.


Nelson Bay Junior Cricket Club - In 2 Cricket Ages: 5 to 9 yrs; @ Salamander Bay; Tel: Marcia 4984 9422; Registration August Nelson Bay Junior Cricket Club Ages: U10’s to U17’s; @ Salamander Bay; Tel: Marcia 4984 9422; Registration August

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Mondays Anna Bay Playgroup 9:30 - 11:30am; Gateway Family Presbyterian Church; @ Anna Bay; Tel: 0428 611 575 Playzone Parents with children aged birth to school age; 9:45 - 11:30am; Raymond Terrace Community Church; @ 10 Richardson Rd; Raymond Terrace; Tel: 4983 1889 Port Stephens Parenting Program & Playgroup Supported Playgroup: referral required; 10am - 12noon; Gan Gan Family Centre, @ Anna Bay; To book a place call: 4982 1767 Rainbow Playtime 9:30 - 11:30am; Medowie Baptist Community Church; @ Medowie; Tel: 4982 9123 Raymond Terrace Public School Playgroup 9am - 11am; Community Room; @ Raymond Terrace Public School; Tel: 4987 2083 Tuesdays Gateway Family Playgroup 9:30 - 11:30am; Gateway Family Presbyterian Church; @ Anna Bay; Tel: 4984 6555 Woodbury MyTime: For families with children with a disability or chronic medical condition. 10am -12noon; Woodbury Public School; Tel: 1800 171 882 Nelson Bay Baptist Playtime 10am - 12noon; Nelson Bay Baptist Church; @ Nelson Bay; Tel: 4984 2886 Playgroup at Thou-Walla 9:15 - 11:30am; Facilitated by Port Stephens Family Support Thou-Walla Family Centre; @ Raymond Terrace; Tel: 4987 4666 Rainbow Playtime 9:30 - 11:30am; Medowie Baptist Community Church; @ Medowie; Tel: 4982 9123 Play & Read Ages: 0 to 5 yrs; 9:15am; Structured play followed by morning tea & storytime; Gan Gan Family Centre, @ Anna Bay; Bookings essential: 4982 1767 Wednesdays Coffee & Chat: For Mums and their preschoolers; 9:30 - 11:30am; Medowie Baptist Community Church; @ Medowie; Tel: 4982 9123 Nelson Bay Baptist Playtime 10am - 12noon; Nelson Bay Baptist Church, @ Nelson Bay; Tel: 4984 2886 Nelson Bay Community Playgroup 10am - 12 noon; Corlette Community Hall; Tel: Katie 0418 864 566 PlayConnect: For families with children under 5yrs old with ASD or Autism-like symptoms. 10am 12noon; Gan Gan Family Centre, @ Anna Bay; Tel: 4982 1767

30 Jun - 21 Sept

Wednesdays (ctd...) Port Stephens Parenting Playgroup Program 9:15 - 11:30am; Facilitated by Jane McHugh of the Benevolent Society; Thou-Walla Family Centre; @ Raymond Terrace; Tel: 4987 4666 Thursdays PlayConnect 9:15am - 11am; Play-based learning opportunities for children on the Autism spectrum, or with Autism-like symptoms; ThouWalla Family Centre; @ Raymond Terrace; Tel: 4987 4666 Playgroup / Mainly Music 10am - 12noon; Mallabula Anglican Church; @ Mallabula; Tel: 4982 4267 Nelson Bay Baptist Playtime 10am - 12noon; Nelson Bay Baptist Church; @ Nelson Bay; Tel: 4984 2886 Playtime 10 - 12 noon; Ages: 0 - 5yrs; All Saints Anglican Church; @ Nelson Bay; Tel: 4982 1943 Rainbow Playtime 9:30 - 11:30am; Medowie Baptist Community Church; @ Medowie; Tel: 4982 9123 Fridays Lakeside Playtime 9:30 - 11:30am; Raymond Terrace Baptist Church, @ Raymond Terrace; Tel: 4987 2261 Little Rockets Getting ready to take off to Big School. Ages: 3 to 5 yrs; 10 - 12 noon; Gan Gan Family Centre, @ Anna Bay; To book a place call: 4982 1767 Medowie PlayConnect Playgroup 9:30am; Ages: 0 - 6 yrs; @ Medowie; Tel: Rachael Corrigan 0403 886 384 Nelson Bay Community Playgroup 10am - 12 noon; @ Corlette Community Hall; Tel: Katie 0418 864 566 Spectrum Mothers Group 9:30am; Spectrum Church; @ Anna Bay; Tel: 0412 758 539 Sundays Baylife Kids 10 - 11:30am; Baylife Church; @ Anna Bay; Tel: 4919 0104 Beachside Kids Church 10am; Beachside Christian Fellowship; @ Taylors Beach; Tel: 4919 0126 BLAST for Kids (Kids Church) 9:30 - 11am; Nelson Bay Baptist Church; @ Nelson Bay; Tel: 4984 2886 J4J 9.30am; Gateway Family Church; @ Anna Bay; Tel: 4919 0390 Kids Church at RTCC 9.30 - 11am; Raymond Terrace Community Church; Tel: 4983 1889

YOUTH CORNER Hi my name is Joshua McFarlane, I’m 19 years old and in May 2012 I flew out to Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea to begin training as an International Missionary.

When I was first invited to Youth Group at Beachside Christian Fellowship I had this strange idea in my head. I thought that it was going to be one of those “run around for two hours to amuse yourself” sort of places where you would get (as my friends would say) God “shoved down your throat”. Sounds like the worst place right? Wrong. My friends couldn’t be more wrong about Youth. I made so many new life friends, played a whole bunch of fun and safe games and listened to some really good music! After a while I had this sudden realisation. I could have just as much fun at Youth as I could at a party with zero of the risk. I started to notice for myself how my current lifestyle choices were riddled with wrong-doing and decided that they weren’t the right choices. I didn’t come from a religious background, in fact I thought religion was ludicrous, but I still went to Youth anyway, and had a blast. Youth Group to me is just a friendly environment, free of things like drugs and alcohol, while also being a chance to start a journey, explore, discover faith in God just like I did, not to mention the connections you gain with so many different people. To go from a person with no life ambitions and a superficial lifestyle, to having all of these goals and a “steady head” just from such an exposure as a Youth Group amazes me. I gave my life to God when I was 18, and with the experiences, knowledge and relationships I now have, only God knows how far I, or you, can go with them. As a final note I leave you with a challenge. If you’re part of a Youth Group, bring someone new next week, and if you’re not part of a Youth Group - be that person invited and give it a try! I am inviting You.


Mondays Dynamite Kids Club 3:30 - 4:30pm; Students, Year 2 to Year 6; Raymond Terrace Community Church; @ 10 Richardson Rd; Raymond Terrace; Tel: 4983 1889 Thursdays Raymond Terrace Youthie Open 3 - 6.30pm; Ages 12 - 18; 14 King St; @ Raymond Terrace; Tel: 4987 6204 Fridays DCS 7:30 - 9:30pm; Students, Year 6 to Year 12; Medowie Baptist Community Church; @ Medowie; Tel: 4982 9123 Ignite Youth Group 6:30 - 8:30pm; School Years 7 to 12; Baylife Church; @ Anna Bay; Tel: 4919 0104 Ignite Youth 7 - 9pm; Students, Year 7 to Year 12; Raymond Terrace Community Church; @ 10 Richardson Rd; Raymond Terrace; Tel: 4983 1889

M28 Pre-Youth Games from 6pm, then Youth at 7 - 9pm; Ages: High School; Christian Outreach Centre @ Salamander Bay; Tel: 4981 1852 Raymond Terrace Youthie Open 3 - 6:30pm; Ages 12 - 18; 14 King St; @ Raymond Terrace; Tel: 4987 6204 Spectrum Youth 3:30 - 5:30pm for Primary Years 4 - 6; 7 - 9:30pm High School Years 7 - 12; Spectrum Church; @ Anna Bay; Tel: 0402 607 255 Voltage Group 4 - 5pm; School Years 4 to 6; Baylife Church; @ Anna Bay; Tel: 4919 0104 Day to be advised ‘Port Stephens Community Connections’ events are happening throughout the year and across the LGA; for more details contact James Campbell on 0427 882 788 [Port Stephens Community Connections events are replacing the former PSIYN Snak & Rap events.]

Note: Most Youth Groups generally only run during school term, not in holidays. Please phone venue to check details before arriving!



As summer comes to an end and the days get shorter and the temperature drops, it’s all too easy to start finding reasons to slip from our regular training and healthy eating. I mean, when it’s cold outside who doesn’t mind rugging up on the lounge with a nice hot chocolate and your favourite choc chip biscuits, to watch your favourite movie. After all, it is winter and any weight gain you may get can easily be hidden under the extra clothes that you are wearing, right? It’s such an easy habit to slip into. With summer seemingly so far away, the last thing on our mind is how we are going to look and feel when we do head back to the beach to enjoy the beautiful summer lifestyle Port Stephens has to offer. However, when the weather starts to warm up and our thoughts

FREE BEAUTY COURSES Botox and Facial Rejuvenation When: Friday 27th July, 5:30-8pm Where: Arteke Hair, Beauty & Education 6/12 Stockton St, Nelson Bay Info: Dr David Bullock is Newcastle’s leading non surgical cosmetic medicine practitioner. Have your questions answered at this informative evening. To combine anti-wrinkle injections, fillers and other available treatments is an art form. With skill in the right hands, these treatments can produce subtle natural-looking results. Bookings Essential: Tel 4984 1400

drift towards putting on singlets and summer dresses again the panic sets in! We shift into overdrive to try and reduce some of the “damage” we may have done to our bodies that we have secretly been hiding under that big warm jumper. This often leads to crazy crash-dieting, involving everything from detox to protein only diets, to trying to run thousands of km’s a week and living off nothing but protein shakes……… But what does this really do to our bodies and what are the long term consequences? Well, 1. you crash your metabolism turning yourself into a fat storing machine (the opposite of what you want!); and 2.

any weight you may have lost will mostly be from water and muscle. The loss of the latter means you require less energy (calories) to survive. The flow on effect means that if you maintained the same calorie intake, you would actually be in calorie surplus which leads to weight gain (again the opposite of what you want!)

Healthy weight management can only truly happen when you train and eat consistently, year round. We need to do away with the crazy crash dieting (which only leads to more weight gain long term) and get in the gym to build and maintain that muscle. It is the muscle that we build and maintain that keeps us strong throughout our lives and gives our bodies the aesthetic shape we so desperately desire. At Anytime Fitness we can help you achieve and maintain your health and fitness routines all year round – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our clubs are friendly, clean and inviting. We have an extensive range of state of the art free-weight and pinloaded machines, as well as a large range of cardio equipment, each piece having its own built-in TV screen with Foxtel and iPod integration (hey, we never said you still can’t watch your favourite movies!) So come down and see us and let us help you achieve and maintain your fitness goals all year round. Remember, your summer body starts in winter!

Anytime Fitness is now open 24/7 in Raymond Terrace and Salamander Bay. For more information, see the advertisement below!


Mention this ad and YOU & a friend can try a

One Membership = Access to 1700 Anytime Fitness Club Locations


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* Conditions Apply Must be over 18 years old Must be a local resident



Raymond Terrace: 40 Richardson Road. T. 4983 2060 E.

Salamander Bay: 7/5 Town Centre Circuit. T. 4919 1942 E.



all enquiries Tel: 4982 7695 / 4982 6884

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A Little Piece of Paradise

bedroom apartments and is ideal for couples and families. Stylish and spacious, the apartments feature large north facing balconies, most with expansive views of the Myall waterways, fully equipped kitchens, spacious lounge areas and delightful ensuites featuring spa bath. Relax with a glass of wine, or have a swim in the pool (heated for all year round comfort). Pamper yourself in the gymnasium and Japanese Steam Room. Bike hire is also available for venturing around!

Here’s what some previous visitors have to say about the resort:

Beat the blues this winter, escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and spend some quality time connecting with your partner as a couple, or with the kids as a family, in the magical surrounds of our very own Tea Gardens. Whilst the hot Summer months see us cooling off in the water at one of our glorious beaches, the cooler months lend themselves perfectly to exploring the natural beauty of our nearby towns and villages, along with their amazing waterways. Tea Gardens is easily accessible to locals, with two ferries making numerous daily trips across the water connecting Nelson Bay, with bonus sightings of dolphins often enjoyed on the journey. Alight and explore a tranquil village where you will find arts and crafts abundant. You can also discover bird life, subtropical vegetation and ancient Paperbark trees on one of the many walking tracks around the area. Not to be missed bushwalks include Yacaaba Walk (6km return) and the Mungo Brush Rainforest Walk (2km return). Find some local treasures at Tea Gardens Village Markets, which take place on the third
Saturday of the month (except long weekends), at Myall Quays Shopping Centre. Stop by one of the many cafes for a coffee and a bite to eat by day. Sample some great local seafood from one of the top restaurants in the area by night. Tea Gardens has it all! Where to stay: Located amongst the beautiful landscape and pristine waterways of Tea Gardens, is The Boathouse Resort. The Boathouse Resort offers boutique one, two and three



Fruit & veg delivered to your door! We also deliver milk, bread & eggs + more Delivery to the Tomaree Peninsula Tilligerry & Medowie coming soon T: 4982 0780 22 George Road, Salamander Bay E:

100% satisfaction guarantee

30 Jun - 21 Sept

“We had the most amazing couple of days up at Tea Gardens. I would HIGHLY recommend the Boathouse Luxury Apartments, perfect for Families or even Couples. Great friendly service from Stuart and Vanessa, the Managers. We were made to feel so welcome. We will be going back here for another break for sure. A little piece of Paradise...” Make sure you enjoy your ‘little piece of Paradise’ this Winter! The Boathouse Resort 21-23 Marine Drive, Tea Gardens To book your stay at The Boathouse Resort, call 02 4997 0833 E:

win BOOK THE BABYSITTER! You could be the lucky winner of a three night midweek package in a one bedroom apartment, including 4 hours free bike hire per person, discounted ferry tickets on the M V Wallamba and complementary 11.00 am checkout. For full details of how you can enter and win - please see competition details on page 17.

HELP SERVICES Our online store is up & running


“This is a friendly place for families. The kids were in the heated pool most of the days (even in the rain). The apartments are large and accommodating. Stuart and his team are always on hand to assist with any enquiries. It is an easy walk to Tillermans and Nicoles cafes. Very relaxing.”

Order online - FREE delivery for orders over $35

Shelter Compassion Respect Care Understanding Patience Tolerance

Yacaaba Centre Information & Counselling Service Port Stephens

Medicare, Workcover and DVA approved

Port Stephens Clinical Psychology Services

Providing psychological services to adults, children, adolescents & families for a range of issues such as: • stress & trauma • depression and anxiety • relationship difficulties • school/work related issues

TEL: 4981 8409 Shop 12, Ferodale Plaza 37 Ferodale Road, Medowie E:

Low Cost Counselling For Men, Women and Couples

We Can Help

Relationship Distress Grief/Loss Coping with separation & divorce Therapy Groups Family Difficulties

Open Monday - Thursday 9am-4pm T: 4984 2176 • 112 Stockton St, Nelson Bay E: W:




The essential selection of What’s On in JULY/AUG/SEPT


BE Bookings Essential

School Holiday Kids & Family programs, activities & events JULY Week 1 Mon 2nd-Sun 8th July tomaree combined oosh vacation care BE July School Holiday dates - 6:45am - 6pm; Including excursions to fantastic locations; Located at St Philip’s Christian College; Salamander Way, Salamander Bay; Tel: Amy Forward 4919 5429; E: oosh@ (See our advert on p.21) Vacation Care BE 2nd – 13th July - 7am - 6pm; for primary school children (ages: 5-12 yrs) will be provided by Port Stephens Council; @ Raymond Terrace BASC building, Boomerang Park and Medowie School Hall; Care will also be available on the Pupil Free day 16th July; Bookings: 4987 1344 VACATION CARE BE July School Holiday dates; Available at Blinky Bills Early Childhood Centre, Salt Ash; Tel: 4982 6240 or visit: (See our advert on p.20) port stephens libraries July School Holidays Offering a range of activities during the July school holidays. Contact your local branch for details; Tel: Raymond Terrace 4987 2221; Tomaree 4982 0670 WHALE WATCHING SEASON Continues throughout July until September, ends Nov; Contact one of our local Whale Watch Tour operators for a majestic viewing of these friendly

giants! Port Stephens Council’s SUSTAINABLE LIVING WORKSHOPS Will be running again through July - Sept; FREE workshops and presentations held @ various locations in Port Stephens; Tel: 4980 0251 or www.portstephens. babe the sheep pig 2nd July - 25th Aug; Theatre for young people, by young people @ Young People’s Theatre; Newcastle HUNTER WETLANDS CENTRE art day 2nd July - 9am - 12:30pm Get out amongst it and learn techniques to draw birds and animals; Ages: 7 - 12yrs; Cost: $20pp; Tel: 4951 6466 or visit FREE KIDS DIY WORKSHOPS Tuesdays & Thursdays during school holidays - 12noon; @ Bunnings, Taylors Beach; Tel: 4916 3100 children’s discovery day 3rd July - 10am - 3pm; an exciting fun and educational day for preschool & primary children; Heaps of fun activities; Performers and displays; Cost $3pp - young or old; 2 yrs & under FREE; @ Hunter Region Botanic Gardens; Pacific Hwy, Heatherbrae; Tel: 4987 1655 or HUNTER WETLANDS CENTRE junior adventure day 3rd July - 9am - 12:30pm Get up close and feed our rare Freckled Ducks; Explore the underwater world with dipnetting, Magpie Goose Feeding; Explore the wetlands with a twist with our photo sleuth trail; Ages: 7 - 10yrs; Cost: $20pp; For more info Tel: 4951 6466 or visit www.wetlands. HUNTER WETLANDS CENTRE


Ice Skating


photography 3rd July - 9am - 12:30pm Learn camera basics; how to use macro and basic composition; BYO camera & spare batteries; Ages: 8 - 14yrs; Cost: $20pp; Tel: 4951 6466/ nsw national parks & wildlife service discovery tours BE ‘wild wild world of rockpools’ 3rd July - 1pm - 3pm Join a Discovery ranger to learn more about the fascinating wild, wild, world of rockpools and the amazing creatures that live there; meet @ carpark off Pacific St, Fisherman’s Bay; Grade: Easy; Cost: $10pp; Book online: www. or Tel: 4984 8200 HUNTER WETLANDS CENTRE canoe adventure 4th July - 9am - 12:30pm All participants must be able to swim at least 50m unaided; BYO towel, closed-in reef shoes and a change of clothes!; Ages: 12 - 14yrs; Cost: $25pp; Tel: 4951 6466/ HUNTER WETLANDS CENTRE beetles, bugs & butterflies 4th July - 9am - 12:30pm Bush Tucker garden walk; Dipnetting; Wetlands craft project; Ages: 4 - 7yrs; Cost: $20pp; Tel: 4951 6466/ HUNTER WETLANDS CENTRE wetland bike safari 5th July - 9am - 12:30pm Basic bike maintenance; Obstacle course & skills; Bike tour of wetlands; Ages: 8 - 12yrs; Cost: $25pp; Tel: 4951 6466/www. HUNTER WETLANDS CENTRE wacky wetlander tour 5th July - 10:30am - 12pm Wacky Wetlander Members FREE; Cost: $10 C; Adults at

child entry ($5); Tel: 4951 6466/ burton toyota box beach pro 6th - 8th July; Held at Box Beach, Shoal Bay attracting 100+ world class Bodyboarding competitors. FREE KIDS DIY WORKSHOPS 7th & 8th July - 12pm; Craft workshop (Sat) & Wall Art workshop (Sun) @ Bunnings, Taylors Beach; Tel: 4916 3100 nsw national parks & wildlife service discovery tours BE ‘ghosts, goblins & ghouls - spooky tour’ 7th July - 4:30pm - 6:30pm Spooky guided tour inside a gun emplacement on Tomaree Headland; Learn about the part Tomaree Headland played in WW2; Meet @ Zenith Beach carpark, Shoal Bay; Grade: Medium; Cost: $10pp; Book online: au or Tel: 4984 8200 NELSON BAY SCULPTURE FESTIVAL 7th - 15th July - 10am - 4pm; Festival and interactive art exhibition; Indoor & outdoor sculpture and art exhibitions; Sand castle competition; art workshops; musical performances; arts markets and more!; FREE @ Nelson Bay foreshore; Tel: 4984 4751 nsw national parks & wildlife service discovery tours ‘winter whale tales’ BE 8th July - 2pm - 4pm Fantastic whale tour, designed especially for kids; Have lots of fun, play whale games and listen to whale tales; Meet @ Zenith Beach carpark, Shoal Bay; Grade: Medium; Cost: $10 C, adults free if accompanying child; Book online: www.wildwildworld. or Tel: 4984 8200 Week 2 Mon 9th-Sun 16th July HUNTER WETLANDS CENTRE art day 9th July - 9am - 12:30pm Get out amongst it and learn


Birthday Par

Kiddy Kars

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nt Maze tor Train/Gia

Indoor Rock



Ages ies For All it iv t c ing A r Plaster Paint Outdoo ping Castle • Indoor & m Ju • d Cars/Boats

trolle Remote Con

Winter: Open 10am-4pm Wed-Sun


T: (02) 4984 1022 Salamander Way, Salamander Bay W:

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The essential selection of What’s On in JULY/AUG/SEPT techniques to draw birds and animals; Ages: 7 - 12yrs; Cost: $20pp; Tel: 4951 6466/www. Good vibrations academy school holiday workshops BE 9th - 13th July; Singing; Dancing and Acting; with a Performance Concert at the end of the week; @ Anna Bay; Tel: Di Fanning 0432 067 347 HUNTER WETLANDS CENTRE junior adventure day 10th July - 9am - 12:30pm Get up close and feed our rare Freckled Ducks; Explore the underwater world with dipnetting, Magpie Goose Feeding; Explore the wetlands with a twist with our photo sleuth trail; Ages: 7 - 10yrs; Cost: $20pp; Tel: 4951 6466/ HUNTER WETLANDS CENTRE photography 10th July - 9am - 12:30pm Learn camera basics; how to use macro and basic composition; BYO camera & spare batteries; Ages: 8 - 14yrs; Cost: $20pp; Tel: 4951 6466/ nature is fun at hunter region botanic gardens 11th July - 9:30am - 11:30am; Suit 4 - 12 yr olds; Join Garden Guides for a fun time exploring; learn about nature and make a craft item to take home; Cost $5pp, $4 concession; Tel: 4987 1655/ HUNTER WETLANDS CENTRE canoe adventure 11th July - 9am - 12:30pm All participants must be able to swim at least 50m unaided; BYO towel, closed-in reef shoes and a change of clothes!; Ages: 12 - 14yrs; Cost: $25pp; Tel: 4951 6466/ HUNTER WETLANDS CENTRE beetles, bugs & butterflies 11th July - 9am - 12:30pm Bush Tucker garden walk; Dipnetting; Wetlands craft project; Ages: 4 - 7yrs; Cost: $20pp; Tel: 4951 6466/ HUNTER WETLANDS CENTRE wetland bike safari 12th July - 9am - 12:30pm Basic bike maintenance; Obstacle course & skills; Bike tour of wetlands; Ages: 8 - 12yrs; Cost: $25pp; Tel: 4951 6466/www. HUNTER WETLANDS CENTRE wacky wetlander tour 12th July - 10:30am - 12pm Wacky Wetlander Members FREE; Cost: $10 C; Adults at child entry ($5); Tel: 4951 6466/ nsw national parks & wildlife service discovery tours BE ‘as the sun sets’ 13th July – 4:30 – 6:30pm Experience the sights, sounds

30 Jun - 21 Sept

and smells as we explore the bush with torches and spotlights - just as the native animals are waking up! Meet @ Nelson Bay Hospital carpark, Gowrie Ave, Nelson Bay; Grade: Medium; Cost: $10pp; Book online: www. or Tel: 4984 8200 FREE KIDS DIY WORKSHOPS 14th & 15th July - 12pm; Woodwork workshop (Sat) & Fun with paint workshop (Sun) @ Bunnings, Taylors Beach; Tel: 4916 3100 TREE PLANTING DAYS 15th July - 9:30am Come along to the Kooragang Wetlands on Ash Island, Hexham, for our monthly volunteer tree planting; FREE BBQ lunch; New volunteers of all ages welcome; Tel: 4964 9308

FAMILY EVENTS & ACTIVITIES LIFE MAKEOVERs - MOVING ON MOVING FORWARD BE 4 sessions over 4 weeks, beginning Term 3; For women over 18 yrs; Subjects include: guilt-free boundaries; building self-esteem; communication; keeping your cool. FREE @ Yacaaba Centre; 112 Stockton St, Nelson Bay; Tel: 4984 2176 to register new parents group Mondays 5 weekly sessions in Term 3 from 10am - 11:30am; Enabling new parents to meet other new parents to discuss parenting skills; @ Gan Gan Family Centre; Anna Bay; For more info: 4982 1767 SUPPORTING CHILDREN’S LEARNING COURSE - FREE Thursdays starting 19th July 9:30am - 12:30pm; TAFE Outreach partners with Gan Gan Family Centre; This course covers *learning styles; *how to understand children’s behaviour and improve communication; *tips for supporting children with early literacy and numeracy; FREE childcare @ Gan Gan Family Centre; Anna Bay; Tel: 4982 1767 NELSON BAY produce & arts market 21st July - 9am - 1pm; Fresh produce, crafts, clothing, jewellery, etc, all designed and created by hand; Free entry @ Nelson Bay foreshore; Tel: 4984 4751 FREE KIDS DIY WORKSHOPS 21st & 22nd July - 12pm; Fun with paint workshop (Sat) & Craft workshop (Sun) @ Bunnings, Taylors Beach; Tel: 4916 3100 HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETER RABBIT! 23rd - 25th July; 5 Shows! From the page to the stage!

Celebrate the 110th Anniversary of Beatrix Potter’s beloved classic with Happy Birthday Peter Rabbit, a mischievous musical about the world’s most loveable bunny. Published in 1902 by Frederick Warne, The Tale of Peter Rabbit has transported countless children to Mr McGregor’s veggie patch for over a century; it’s set to reach a new generation with this classic stage production that kids will love! Adapted by Australian writer and awardwinning producer Garry Ginivan (Possum Magic, Wombat Stew, My Grandma Lived in Gooligulch) and with an original score by Mark Jones, Happy Birthday Peter Rabbit seamlessly interweaves the tales of Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny and Mr Tod, and is designed to delight children and adults alike. With Beatrix Potter as the Narrator/Storyteller and Peter Rabbit, Cousin Benjamin Bunny, Old Mr Bunny, Tommy Brock, Mr Tod and (a three-metre high!) Mr McGregor – Happy Birthday Peter Rabbit will be the highlight of children’s theatre in 2012. @ Civic Theatre, Newcastle; Tickets: 4929 1977 or online www. FREE KIDS DIY WORKSHOPS 28th & 29th July - 12pm; Craft

all enquiries Tel: 4982 7695 / 4982 6884

WHAT’S ON workshop (Sat) & Grow your own workshop (Sun) @ Bunnings, Taylors Beach; Tel: 4916 3100 nsw national parks & wildlife service discovery tours BE ‘coastal walk’ 29th July - 9am - 11:30am Explore the bushwalking tracks to four local beaches on our journey from Zenith beach to Fingal beach; Grade: Moderate; Ages: 8yrs+; Cost: $10pp; Book online: or Tel: 4984 8200

AUGUST showcase 1st & 2nd Aug - 6:30 - 8:45pm; Showcase is a major event of the Lakeside Learning Community; it runs over 2 evenings, involving students from Irrawang High, Wirreanda, Medowie, Grahamstown and Irrawang Public schools; Showcasing student’s talents in all areas of performing arts; ALL WELCOME; Tickets available from school offices; C $5; A $10; Family (2A/2C) $25; Showcase to be held at Irrawang High School Hall Food and wine expo 2012 3rd, 4th & 5th Aug - 12pm; 100 exhibitors; Tickets at the door @ Newcastle Entertainment Centre; nsw national parks



& wildlife service discovery tours BE ‘ghosts, goblins & ghouls - spooky tour’ 4th Aug - 4:30pm - 6:30pm Spooky guided tour inside a gun emplacement on Tomaree Headland; Learn about the part Tomaree Headland played in WW2; Meet @ Zenith Beach carpark, Shoal Bay; Grade: Medium; Cost: $10pp; Book online: au or Tel: 4984 8200 FREE KIDS DIY WORKSHOPS 4th & 5th Aug - 12pm; Wall Art workshop (Sat) & Mosaic workshop (Sun) @ Bunnings, Taylors Beach; Tel: 4916 3100 godspell 4th & 5th and 11th & 12th Aug; Tomaree Musical Theatre Company’s younger members present this fun and energetic show!; only on Sat/Sun of both weekends; @ Soldiers Point Bowling Club; Suits all ages; Tickets: 0468 898 073 Win 2 tickets to opening night. win See p.22 for details BABY & KIDS MARKET 5th Aug - 9am - 12pm; Cash only; @ Newcastle Basketball Stadium; Cost: $4 (kids free); Details: FREE KIDS DIY WORKSHOPS 11th & 12th Aug - 12pm; Fun

Hunter Region Botanic Gardens 30ha of Inspirational Gardens & Walking Tracks Kids Adventure Trail Kookaburra Café Gift Shop & Plant Stall

Experience the beauty & tranquility! 9am-4pm - 7 days

Tel: 4987 1655

2100 Pacific Hwy, Heatherbrae 2324


The essential selection of What’s On in JULY/AUG/SEPT with paint workshop (Sat) & FREE KIDS DIY WORKSHOPS Garden creatures workshop (Sun) 25th & 26th Aug - 12pm; Make @ Bunnings, Taylors Beach; Tel: a gift for Dad workshop (Sat & 4916 3100 Sun) @ Bunnings, Taylors Beach; craft & sewing show Tel: 4916 3100 16th - 19th July; @ Newcastle nsw national parks Entertainment Centre & wildlife service NELSON BAY produce & discovery tours BE arts market ‘coastal walk’ 18th Aug - 9am - 1pm; Fresh 26th Aug - 9am - 11:30am produce, crafts, clothing, Explore the bushwalking tracks to jewellery, etc, all designed and four local beaches on our journey created by hand; Free entry @ from Zenith beach to Fingal Nelson Bay foreshore; Tel: 4984 beach; Grade: Moderate; Ages: 4751 8+; Cost: $10pp; Book online: FREE KIDS DIY WORKSHOPS or Tel: 18th & 19th Aug - 12pm; 4984 8200 Garden craft workshop (Sat) & hopscotch sundays Grow your own workshop (Sun) boutique baby and kids @ Bunnings, Taylors Beach; Tel: market 4916 3100 26th Aug - 9am - 2pm; nsw national parks Boutique Baby & Kids Seasonal & wildlife service Market; FREE entry; @ PCYC discovery tours BE Broadmeadow; Details: www. ‘wild about whales!’ 18th Aug - 2pm - 4pm Win 1 of 2 $25 shopping win An informative afternoon whale vouchers. See p.22 for details watching at the best spots on the bunnings port stephens coast!; Meet @ carpark southern dads & kids family night end of Boat Harbour beach; 30th Aug - 6pm - 8pm; Fathers Grade: Medium; Cost: $10pp; Day craft; jumping castle; face Book online: www.wildwildworld. painting & more!; Kids will receive or Tel: 4984 8200 free sausage sizzle; adults gold children’s book week coin donation; @ Bunnings, ‘Champions read’ Taylors Beach; 4916 3100 BE 18th - 24th Aug; Port Stephens SEPTEMBER Libraries will be offering activities during Children’s Book Week; FREE KIDS DIY WORKSHOPS Contact your local branch for 1st & 2nd Sept - 12pm; Make a details; Tel: Raymond Terrace gift for Dad @ Bunnings, Taylors 4987 2221; Tomaree 4982 0670 Beach; Tel: 4916 3100 TREE PLANTING DAYS SING AT THE SEASIDE IN 19th Aug - 9:30am SPRING! Come along to the Kooragang 1st Sept - 2pm & 7pm; Join Wetlands on Ash Island, Hexham, the SeaSide singers and other for our monthly volunteer tree choirs at our first choral festival; planting; FREE BBQ lunch; New @ Soldiers Point Bowling volunteers of all ages welcome; Club; Tickets: $15 More info: Tel: 4964 9308 or 4984 ‘TREASURE ISLAND’ 6483 21st - 23rd Aug; Treasure Win 2 tickets to festival. win Island by Queensland Theatre See p.22 for details Co.; Pirates; buried treasure; PSSAC Learn to sail sword fights; treasure maps; 1st September onwards; muscats!; @ Playhouse Theatre Ages: 8 to 80 yrs; No experience Newcastle; Tickets $15 - $25: necessary; 6 week Sat courses 4929 1977 or online www. & School Holiday Courses; NEW this season - Stand-Up-Paddle


boards & Windsurfing; @ PSSAC, Below Salamander Shores; More info: nsw national parks & wildlife service discovery tours BE ‘ghosts, goblins & ghouls - spooky tour’ 1st Sept - 4:30pm - 6:30pm Spooky guided tour inside a gun emplacement on Tomaree Headland; Learn about the part Tomaree Headland played in WW2; Meet @ Zenith Beach carpark, Shoal Bay; Grade: Medium; Cost: $10pp; Book online: au or Tel: 4984 8200 father’s day 2nd Sept; Spend your day in the garden!; $4/car parking @ Hunter Region Botanic Gardens; Pacific Hwy, Heatherbrae; Tel: 4987 1655 or www.huntergardens. trevia Sundays in September; an activity borrowed from KEW GARDENS of London; a competition for children & parents too, during Biodiversity Month; Get up close and personal to nature, use your hands and eyes to feel and observe one of the gardens’ trees, then record your findings; @ Hunter Region Botanic Gardens; Pacific Hwy, Heatherbrae; Tel: 4987 1655 or adult learners week 3rd - 7th Sept; Port Stephens Libraries will be offering activities during Adult Learners Week; Contact your local branch for details; Tel: Raymond Terrace 4987 2221; Tomaree 4982 0670 shoal bay jazz, wine & food festival 8th Sept; Details: www. FREE KIDS DIY WORKSHOPS 8th & 9th Sept - 12pm; Garden craft workshop (Sat) & Mosaic workshop (Sun) @ Bunnings, Taylors Beach; Tel: 4916 3100 nsw national parks & wildlife service discovery tours BE

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The essential selection of What’s On in JULY/AUG/SEPT ‘winter whale tales’ 9th Sept - 2pm - 4pm Whale tour for kids; Have lots of fun, play whale games and listen to whale tales; Meet @ Zenith Beach carpark, Shoal Bay; Grade: Medium; Cost: $10 C, adults free if accompanying child; Book online: www.wildwildworld. or Tel: 4984 8200 clans on the coast 15th Sept; Annual Celtic Festival; Details: www.clansonthecoast. com NELSON BAY produce & arts market 15 Sept - 9am - 1pm; Fresh produce, crafts, clothing,

jewellery, etc, all designed and created by hand; Free entry @ Nelson Bay foreshore; Tel: 4984 4751 FREE KIDS DIY WORKSHOPS 15th & 16th Sept - 12pm; Garden craft workshop (Sat) & Grow your own workshop (Sun) @ Bunnings, Taylors Beach; Tel: 4916 3100 TREE PLANTING DAYS 16th Sept - 9:30am Come along to the Kooragang Wetlands on Ash Island, Hexham, for our monthly volunteer tree planting; FREE BBQ lunch; New volunteers of all ages welcome; Tel: 4964 9308

COMMUNITY MARKETS Anna Bay Community Markets 1st Saturday of every month; 8:30am - 2pm; @ 43 Gan Gan Rd; Tel: Colin Reddel 0429 506 802 Medowie Markets 2nd Saturday of every month; @ The Bull & Bush Motel; Tel: Medowie Baptist Community Church 4982 9123 Nelson Bay Craft Markets 1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays of every month; @ Neil Carroll Park (Fly Point); Tel: Jeanette Murray 0419 492 009

RAYMOND TERRACE COMMUNITY Markets 3rd Saturday of every month; 9am - 2pm; @ Riverside Park; Tel: Jenny 0412 721 723 Tomaree Markets 2nd & 4th Sundays of every month; @ Tomaree Sports Complex; Tel: Elinor 4981 3565 Tanilba Bay Markets 3rd Saturday of each month; 9am – 1pm; @ President Wilson Walk; Tel: 4984 5931 or 4982 3059 Karuah Markets 1st weekend of each month @ Main Rd, Karuah


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animals at arm & Fau na World! Bring the fa mily for a gre fun filled LOCAL day at out

Oakvale F

Offering You Great Party Packages

Animal feeding shows at 11am & 2pm

Mention this ad & receive a free gift for the birthday child & free keeper talk for bookings of 6 or more children aged 3-16 yrs

Are you interested in experiencing the beauty and diversity of our local landscape, in a very different and unique way?

...Then you should consider horseback riding! Imagine the beautiful sights and sounds of nature as you move through bushland or across sand, a gentle breeze blowing in your hair. You can turn that dream into a reality right here in Port Stephens, whilst creating some very special memories with your friends or family. Sahara Trails Horseriding & Farmstays is a professionally run, family owned and operated business, which has been providing horse riding experiences since 1995. Consider us the experts in making leisurely riding possible for all ages and abilities! Our property features 54 acres of pastures and natural bushland. We have a large number of horses for our trails and they are of excellent quality and temperament. Our horses are very well presented animals who love their work! Great for Families Because our horses have been extensively trained, we can assure you of a very safe experience, which the whole family can participate in. It’s a great way to share some quality time with your family, young or old, and create some lasting memories. Even if a member of your family has never ridden a horse before, you can relax in the knowledge that our horses and guides will take care of you. Prior to every ride, a demonstration is given showing the basics of controlling a horse and for nervous riders, our friendly guide will be close by to reassure you. Getting back to nature Wonderful Bush Land: The natural bush land on our property features abundant wildlife and is habitat for over 100 different species of birds. Listen for the kookaburras and watch for water dragons! As you are guided through the casuarina forest, along the mangroves and through the bush, you’ll sit comfortably in classic outback saddles. Our friendly trail guides and experienced horses are happy to give you a taste of some true Australian heritage. Beautiful Beaches: Enjoy the vastness of the Worimi Conservation Lands, on one of our friendly horses. After booking in, we get you to meet us at Birubi Point, where we get you ready for the exciting experience of riding a horse along the beach. You will feel freedom as you listen to the rhythm of hooves hitting the sand beneath you, watch the ocean breeze wisp through your horse’s mane; listen to the waves; travel across the majestic dunes and take in this amazing landscape that is right in your own backyard. You won’t need a fancy pair of riding boots to make you feel at home at Sahara Trails! Come as is and enjoy an unforgettable experience!* *Please note that long pants are best and closed in shoes must be worn as a safety requirement. Wet weather jackets are provided in rainy conditions.

Take your family on an adventure with our 1hr Aussie Bush Trail

Come and meet our baby animals

Ask us ab Locals Disco out our Exclusive unt AND A nnual passe s



istmas Day

T 4982 6222


- 5PM

OPEN 7 DAYS Closed Wednesday outside School Hols All weather rides

• All ages (from 3+) and riding levels catered for • Long pants and covered shoes required

Tel: 02 4981 9077

W www.oa k E admin@o akvalefarm

30 Jun - 21 Sept

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Safe family fun!

NEW Reptile Ravine Exhibit

(except Chr


E: W: 9 Port Stephens Drive, Anna Bay (10 mins Nelson Bay)



The Mac Farm “Make time and drop in...” by Mem Hockley

Medowie Macadamias is a family owned and operated business situated in Port Stephens, in the lovely country-like town of Medowie. It was first established in 1980, growing five different varieties of nut producing trees. In recent years, Medowie Macadamias opened its doors to the public with an award winning café, popular amongst the locals, business people, tourists and diners who want a peaceful place to have great coffee, hearty breakfasts, light café style meals and delectable desserts, where you can also sample the beautiful home grown macadamia nuts. The ‘Mac Farm’, as nicknamed by locals, has become a place to take time out, relax, catch up with friends and to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of the macadamia trees, with the free range chickens that happily roam and forage beneath them. Families with children are also welcomed, with a small play area available for the little ones. At the farm or online, you can choose from a range of macadamia products, chocolates, nuts, biscuits, nuts in shell, honey, spreads, salad dressings, sauces and also skin care products. Make time and drop in to the Mac Farm one day. Just ask Scott or Stacey, or any one of their super friendly staff, for a suggestion from the menu. Try this EASY recipe, with some ingredients that you can buy at Medowie Macadamias!

Honey and Macadamia Crusted Chicken Strips You Will Need: 1 kg Chicken Breast Strips Plain flour for coating 2-3 eggs beaten Macadamia Nuts coarsely chopped ¾ Cup Macadamia Farm Honey Macadamia Nut Oil (optional)

Method: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Dust chicken strips in flour until dry. Dip each piece of chicken in beaten egg. Roll chicken into Macadamia nuts until fully coated. Bake in a hot oven 180 degrees, for 20 minutes until crispy. Or deep fry in macadamia nut oil if preferred. Drain on paper towel. Plate up onto serving plate. Heat honey on a low heat and when runny drizzle over chicken pieces evenly.

Serve with steamed vegetables or salad as a meal, or on their own as an entrée finger food. For more information on Medowie Macadamias, check out their advertisement below. For cooking related questions, you can contact Mem Hockley by email at

Cafe now open

Proud WINNER of The 2010 Port Stephens Small Business Award for Cafes

osphere Unique atm rvice se t n le Excel dly n ie Family fr ee ff co at Gre es Light lunch ion of Fine select es cakes & slic Macadamia 5pm to m 9a s Open 7 day i-Mon! breakfast Fr Join us for

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Come in Today! 672 Medowie Road, Medowie

Tel: 4982 8888

W: E:

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You can now use your Lucky Locals Discount Card at MyPlace Present your card to get 10% off the first four meals 0001

· ··

· ·· CAFE ·· ··

· · · · · ·· · · · · · ·RESTAURANT · ·· · · · ·· · · ·· · ·· ··

· ·· ·

· ·· · ··

· ·· · ·· · ·· · COCKTAIL BAR ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· The Place Where Locals Go

“We think it’s the best value for money food in town!”

• Great service in a relaxed atmosphere • Perfect for family dining or intimate meals • Private function facilities available

Come and have the ‘eatertainment’ experience!

PH: 4981 3886


Cnr of Victoria Parade & Stockton St, Nelson Bay


all enquiries Tel: 4982 7695 / 4982 6884

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Local Parents on a Mission to Help Other Parents Make New Friends Regardless of whether you’re new or old to an area, it can be really difficult to make friends. Thankfully though, making new friends is becoming so much easier for parents of Port Stephens, thanks to a group of local parents really making a difference. The group is Port Stephens Social Parents and it launched in March 2012 when Corlette-based mum, Ange Grose decided something needed to be done to help parents connect. “As a defence family, we hadn’t long been in the area having moved here for posting in December 2010 and as a mum working from home, I knew I had to do something to tackle the isolation not just for mums, but entire families right across Port Stephens,” said Ange. “So I turned to Facebook, set up the group, organised a casual afternoon tea event and now we have 115 or so families in the Port Stephens area in the group and making new friends.” According to Ange, the group has grown so well thanks to the support of the organisational team comprising of Linda Feddersen and Kristy Arnall – local parents just as dedicated to the cause of reaching out to other parents and helping them connect with new friends.

Babysitting Belle Jones the Babysitter Areas Covered: Tomaree Peninsula

Details Contact: Belle Jones Phone: 4984 XXXX Mobile: 0428 XXXX Email: • AGE: 25 • GENDER: Female • AVAILABILITY: Weeknights from 4pm to 10pm • HOURLY RATE: $10ph • EXPERIENCE: 10 years • AGE GROUP: 0-12 yrs • ABOUT ME: I work full time in a local preschool and have been babysitting out of hours for the last year. I'm from Anna Bay and have lived there all my life with my family. I have a child of my own, aged 3, and have dedicated my life to working with children. I know how precious children are and would treat your children just the same as I would my own. Full Drivers License/ Have own transportation. Contact me to care for your kids while you go out. • QUALIFICATIONS: CERT III in Children's Services, First Aid Certificate & Working with children check.

Review "We used Belle to care for our two children, aged 7 and 5, as a regular booking on Friday nights, all of last year. She was very reliable, the kids loved her, and she seemed to have no trouble with the kids evening routine of dinner, bath & bed. That made our Friday nights out a real treat!. We would highly recommend her." - Mr & Mrs Smith. Tel: 0421 XXXX "Belle has helped me out by babysitting for my youngest child on a number of occasions. My child is usually asleep when Belle arrives. I have found her to be trustworthy and responsible. I usually leave her out some Hot Chocolate, Tim Tams & a DVD! She even washes her own dishes before I get back home!" - Ms Brown. Tel: 0428 XXXX


You can find out more about the Boathouse Resort on Page 11.

30 Jun - 21 Sept

Port Stephens Social Parents The group hosts regular morning and afternoon teas, lunches, barbecues, dinners and open houses for mums, dads and kids. There are also events for parents only, allowing parents the chance to have some time away from the kids to make new friends. Members can also host their own events and broadcast them via the group’s event page on Facebook. Join in the fun today by visiting the group’s Facebook page at or call the group’s hotline on 0487 903 744 for more information on events coming up!

“Do you know a babysitter?”

It’s a commonly asked question amongst parents… Port Stephens Babysitters Directory is here to answer the question!

Launching soon, on our very own ‘What’s On In Our Backyard’ website, is a specialised directory where you and other parents of Port Stephens can find profiles of local Babysitters willing to work in your area. Invaluable as a resource for Parents, it is a simple and effective way for Babysitters to display their details and allow local families to connect with them for potential babysitting opportunities.

ATTENTION ALL BABYSITTERS - WE NEED YOU! CONNECT WITH FAMILIES & EARN EXTRA MONEY To find out more about including yourself in the Port Stephens Babysitters Directory, (just one affordable bi-annual fee to remain on the list – no contracts or commissions taken from your jobs) please visit: The directory is being compiled right now, so don’t delay! Parents… Stay tuned. The answer to your question ‘Do you know a babysitter?’ is about to be answered!


You could be the lucky winner of a three night midweek package in a one bedroom apartment, staying at the popular Boathouse Resort in Tea Gardens. This prize includes 4 hours free bike hire per person, discounted ferry tickets on the M V Wallamba and complementary 11.00 am checkout. To be in with a chance to win this fantastic break, tell us about your night out! Fact or fantasy... Tell us in 25 words or less, what sort of night out would see you booking a babysitter? Email your entry to, with the subject heading ‘Babysitter’, along with your name, suburb and contact details. You can also post entries to What’s On In Our Backyard, PO Box 63, Salamander Bay, NSW 2317. Closing date for entries is 24th August.




development of higher order thinking skills; blended learning; cross key learning areas; flipped classrooms; open learning spaces and a wider offering of co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

Things to Do 1. Enrol Kids 2. Take the dog to the vet 3. Hang out washing

1:1 Laptops...

4. Get a massage!

It’s around this time of year that some of us will be thinking of childcare, preschool and school enrollments for the coming new year. Where do I begin? Which facility is best for my child and family? How do I start the enrollment process? These are some of the questions we might be asking ourselves, if we have children who are due to start childcare or school in 2013. The good news is that we have some fantastic childcare centres, preschools and schools in the area to choose from, who are very family and community minded in their approach to our children’s learning. Directors and principals alike welcome your enquiries and questions and are keen for you to make contact, so they can talk to you about what their facility has to offer your family. You can find a full list of all our local schools and preschools and their contact details, on our website at

by Medowie Christian School The 21st century is delivering a technology led, rapidly changing world presenting challenging new problems and exciting new possibilities. Today’s students are facing diverse global economic, environmental and social issues, which will require them to be able to communicate, collaborate, think critically and create change personally on local, national and global levels. However, the way some schools teach remains unchanged since the 1800’s – mass-produced, teacher centred and geared for rote learning. Leading schools across Australia are shifting the paradigm to 21st century education, which is reinventing the way we think of education and how students learn best. 21st century education is bold. It essentially breaks the teaching mould of lecturing, replacing it with facilitated learning where the teacher fulfils more of a supportive coaching role, helping students convert information into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom. It’s about developing a culture of learning and innovation through technology-assisted learning, personalised learning and effective learning spaces which includes initiatives such as 1:1 laptop computers; the

Individual laptops allow students to work independently, and at their own pace helping them work towards their full potential.

Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)... Is a teaching approach that educates students to not simply memorise facts, but to clarify goals, evaluate evidence, discern hidden values, examine assumptions, develop plans, think creatively, synthesise information, solve problems and more.

Blended Learning... Describes a holistic approach, involving a mix of different environments including classroom learning, mobile learning and online learning.

Cross Key Learning Areas (KLA)... Achieved through teacher collaboration, experience-sharing, formal and informal meetings, professional development and teacher’s knowledge and understanding of the whole curriculum, not just that within the subjects they teach.

Flipped Classrooms... The ‘flipped classroom’ is a teaching methodology where the common instructional approach information giving in class and assessments/ projects completed at home is ‘flipped’. In flipped classrooms, teachers create

videos, blogs, wikis and interactive lessons, which are accessed from home and in advance of class. The classroom becomes the place to work through problems, advance concepts and engage in collaborative learning, guided and assisted by the teacher at the time students are actually working through their tasks. In short, what used to be classwork (the “lecture”) is done at home via teacher-created videos etc. and what used to be homework (assigned problems) is now done in class. Flipped classrooms provide: • an avenue to increase actual interaction and personalised contact time between students and teachers in the classroom. • an environment where students take responsibility for, and are engaged in their own learning. • an interactive classroom where the teacher is not the “sage on the stage”, but the “guide on the side”. • a blending of direct instruction with hands on learning gained through experience, research, evaluation and collaboration etc. • a classroom where students who are absent due to illness or extra-curricular activities such as sport/arts commitments or excursions, don’t get left behind. • a class where content is permanently archived and accessible for review. • an environment where all students can get a personalised education.

Open Learning Spaces... Providing a more flexible and adaptive physical environment allows combined classes of students to work collaboratively in smaller focused groups. Depending on topic or subject,

Got Dreams? Thinking Globally, Educating Locally Phone: 4981 7177 6B Waropara Road, Medowie


Issue 7

Bringing Students

open learning spaces help facilitate mixed ability, interest based, or gender based structures for more personalised learning.

to Life

Open environments help provide a sense of connectedness between students and allow many opportunities for cross age tutoring and multi-age learning, enhancing relationships within the school and promoting a strong sense of social responsibility.

Extracurricular Activities... In addition to high academic standards, 21st century education promotes a full schedule of sport, arts and service based co-curricular and extracurricular activities as part of a commitment to provide a wellrounded education. As Medowie Christian School continues its transition towards 21 century learning, Relieving Principal, Samantha Van de Mortel, stresses that pedagogy is still key: “As our school moves consciously and purposefully in this exciting new direction, the commitment, innovation and creativity of our teachers has never been more visible or more important. Their aptitude, experience and ‘whole child’ focus is driven by a combined passion in ensuring each and every student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged as an individual.” Mrs Van de Mortel, went on to say: Our charter goes beyond producing great scholars – we are nurturing courageous and compassionate global citizens prepared for success in the fastpaced 21st century”. Medowie Christian School 6B Waropara Road, Medowie Tel: 4981 7177

Irrawang High School


by St Philip’s Christian College St Philip’s Christian College Port Stephens is a unique family within the Port Stephens community as the only school that caters for children from our ‘Little Saints’ through to Year 12 within a one campus setting. The very simple mission of the College is to “Bring Students to Life”. This statement although simple is very significant to the operation of the daily activities for students, parents and staff. St Philip’s Christian College developed a distinct leading educational structure over 15 years ago that allows the school to operate in 3 clear developmental phases. The Junior School operates from ‘Little Saints’ through to Year 4, providing the strong foundations for academic, social and spiritual development. Middle School provides stability during adolescence and transitions students from year 5 through to year 8 in an authentic Middle School experience. The Senior School continues to expand the learning horizons and develop young adults committed to excellence and service. Junior School provides a strong nurturing environment providing excellent care and foundations for children as young as 4. The innovative “Little Saints” program operates on the grounds of the College and provides an outstanding transition program for children moving into their first formal year of education in Kindergarten. Life in Junior School is filled with fun, excitement and a passion for learning new and interesting things. The dedicated professional staff in Junior School provide the strong foundations in literacy, numeracy and social

development that provide for a successful learning journey. Middle School at St Philip’s Christian College is a real and meaningful experience that begins in year 5. Students entering the program in year 5 are provided with a successful transition into year 7 and 8. Entry in year 5 also guarantees enrolment, with waiting lists beginning to develop for entry in year 7. Students in Middle School become connected with technology in our ThinkSMART program that provides each student with a MacBook computer. This along with explicit teaching of thinking skills has provided enriched learning opportunities for all students within the Middle School at St Philip’s. Senior School has a reputation for strong academic rigour as evidenced by the significant percentage of students moving into tertiary study each year. Senior School as a discrete area within the College is able to focus on the varied needs of young

Achievement Through Learning And Participation • A broad, balanced and relevant curriculum er: • Over 60 student Well-Being Programs ff e O • An outstanding, creative Performing Arts program which has W seen students achieve regional, state & national success • 21st century technology to facilitate high levels of student engagement • An exceptional Agricultural Program with new state-of-the-art Trade Training facilities E: W:

adults in today’s world and provide strong and rich academic pathways. Those seeking vocational skills have the opportunity to complete an array of VET certified programs of study. Students are engaged in small learning environments that are rich in technology providing them with real world experiences whilst still at school. Students in the Senior School are active members of many local clubs and volunteer community service activities. Finally as a community we are excited by the opportunities our newest project ‘Be the Change’ has provided as we are committed to supporting and providing opportunities for students to visit a School in a slum community of Vanuatu. The commitment of our students, their families and the staff to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves is important to the simple mission of “Bringing Students to Life”. St Philip’s Christian College 182 Salamander Way, Salamander Bay, Tel: 4984 3882

Providing an innovative & diverse teaching & learning environment that offers a challenging, disciplined range of educational training & extra curricular experiences, designed to bring out the best in each student

Mount Hall Road Raymond Terrace

P: 4987 4687 30 Jun - 21 Sept

all enquiries Tel: 4982 7695 / 4982 6884



Is Tutoring Worth The Money? It depends.... will it get the results you are after?

✓ Know when to go faster or slower based on your child’s needs in order to keep them motivated and feeling good about themselves. Self confidence is a critical part of maintaining your child’s motivation.

The key ingredient for tutoring to work successfully is the relationship between your child and their tutor. Good tutors can motivate and inspire children to want to learn. If your child is motivated then the results will follow. A good tutor must... ✓ Be experienced and able to explain things in different ways so that the child understands what they are talking about. The teacher’s training gives them many tools and teaching methods to draw upon which ensure their students understand the concepts being taught. ✓ Have access to a wide range

Empowering children and families to value, build and nurture ecological sustainability in early childhood.

of teaching resources that have been designed and proven to accelerate your child’s learning. There is no point in repeating things from your child’s school textbook. You need to have a method where the gaps in your child’s knowledge are identified and appropriate resources used to close them.

The only way to truly know if tutoring is worth the money is to give it a go. Your child’s future is too important to let it drag on and for them to get further behind. You need time to assess the ability of the tutor, how they relate to your child and the results they are achieving. This should be judged by your child’s increased knowledge and self confidence. By Christine Hawkins, Kip McGrath, Raymond Terrace

Sustainability education in Early Childhood, is all about empowering the children of today to take responsibility for making informed decisions towards a sustainable future. That is, gaining knowledge and understanding of the environment as it relates to our society, and developing the critical thinking skills to make informed decisions that affect the quality of life, not only of the world of the present, but the world of future generations as well. Our long term goals should be to guide children to value the environment and this requires a holistic vision of education for sustainability. At Blinky Bills Early Childhood Centre we focus on strengthening children’s attitudes, beliefs and knowledge about ecological knowledge and understanding, environmental attitudes and behaviours, building a sense of place and forging connectedness within our community.

48 William reet Raymond Terrace

4983 1000

The special on-site children’s farmyard at Blinky Bills, is incorporated into the facility’s everyday routine. This allows children to develop skills and attitudes of compassion, caring and nurturing, as well as understanding how animals are

Centre Blinky Bills Early Childhood New Director Largest grounds in NSW . Well recognised School Readiness Prog ided prov s meal all u men s itiou Nutr

for Allergies & additional needs catered able avail ist olog Speech path Cultural diversity Family focussed - community oriented

linked to our sustainable future. The children visit, feed and care for the animals, which include

sheep, goats, rabbits, pigs, ducks, guinea-pigs and chickens. The children collect fresh eggs from the chicken coop each day, which we use in cooking the children’s meals. We also teach the children to save food scraps from meals to feed to our farm animals. This daily exposure provides children with a deep understanding of respecting animals and nature, whilst putting into practice strategies for a sustainable future. By growing vegetables in the Blinky Bills vegetable patch, children gain an initial understanding of food requirements and nutritional systems. Linking food growth with consumption helps children to appreciate how our environment sustains life and raises broader environmental issues. The centre also encourages children, parents and staff to: • Reduce water use by using water tanks and emptying

A Unique And Safe Setting With State Of The Art Facilities Good carer to child ratio Gardens - culinary garden able) BASC + VC (bus pick ups for BASC avail

Animal farm

- come anytime for a tour! .) 6 wks old-5 yrs Open door policy Open 52 weeks 6:30am-6pm (not Public Hols T: 4982 6240 2634 Nelson Bay Road, Salt Ash



Issue 7


Bright Horizons Australia Childcare Raymond Terrace is privately owned and operated

water activities into garden beds • Plant and maintain trees and shrubs at our centre • Actively participate in the herb and vegetable garden • Maintain compost bins and use fruit & vegetable waste to feed animals • Where possible, use re- cycled materials and paper for children’s art activities • Reduce the use of plastic goods wherever possible • Reduce paper use by using email or centre web page to post newsletters or notices to parents These small changes, when implemented over the long-term, will make a significant difference to our world. Understanding this concept is so important that ecological sustainability is linked to the curriculum laid out for all childcare centres within Australia. The early childhood education and care industry uses a national curriculum called The Early Years Learning Framework. This framework describes the principles, practice and outcomes essential to support and enhance young children’s learning from birth to five years of age, as well as their transition to school. One of the outcomes in the Early Years Learning Framework details that children need to become socially responsible and show respect for the environment.

Bright Horizons Australia Childcare Raymond Terrace is privately owned and operated. Our aim is to function as an extended family, in order to provide your child with the security, warmth and love which are essential to their development and growth.

learn through exploration and stimulating experiences in play based learning. We offer a high quality School Readiness program for the children transitioning to School to maximize their potential and develop a foundation for future success in learning.

Children at our centre feel that they belong to the Preschool family, as well as being safe and secure, while at the same time becoming the best they can be.

Our playground has large shaded areas for the children all year round. The playground provides

Our centre is staffed by experienced and dedicated long term Educators, who are Diploma trained or hold a Certificate III in Childcare. We as a team aspire to create an environment that provides creative learning environments that focuses on child interest and family input as part of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). Our Centre provides care for children aged 2 years through to 5 years of age. Our dedicated and experienced staff assist in developing the young Toddlers to reach their full potential through Toilet Training, promoting self help skills, independence and an introduction to a safe social environment to encourage a healthy self esteem.

It is our responsibility to work together as parents and educators to raise a generation of children educated and equipped to maintain and improve the earth they’ve inherited. By Kate Vickery, Bachelor of Learning Management (Early Childhood)

specialised coaches

• Breakfast/afternoon tea provided • Vacation care includes excursions to fantastic locations

High Quality Staff Providing High Quality Care

Located: St Philip’s Christian College, Salamander Way, Salamander Bay

30 Jun - 21 Sept

Please feel free to come in for a visit, where our Centre Director, Ainsley is available to discuss your individual childcare needs.

bright horizons australia childcare raymond terrace

Enrol Now Vacancies available

* Qualified, Friendly Professional Staff *New Early Years Learning Framework, being Implemented * Now taking enrolments for Children from 2 years to - 6 years * Air-Conditioned Premises * Nappies Provided * Operation Hours - 8.00am - 4.00pm * Welcome Pack on Enrolment

TEL: 02 4983 1609 or 1800 044 776 or visit or Visit at 89 Benjamin Lee Drive, raymond terrace nsw 2324

Our program enables children to

After School & Vacation Care for kids from all local primary schools • Secure, social & friendly atmosphere • Individual & group focused weekly program • Twice weekly sports program with

Tel: 4919 5429

space for the children to run and explore their environment with equipment designed for fun and learning, with the children engaging in quiet activities as well as the more energetic activities such as kicking, running, climbing and ball play.

Before school care 6:45am - 9am After school care 3pm - 6pm Vacation care 6:45am - 6pm

Ages 3-5 yrs Hours 8am - 4pm Programs based on the Early Years Learning Framework Operating under the National Quality Framework Assessed against the National Quality Standards by the Department of Education & Communities Tel: 4982 8467 Mob: 0438 828 467 2 Creighton Drive Medowie


LOCAL BUSINESSES & SERVICES Throughout the pages of Issue 7, you will find a range of businesses and organizations who all know the importance of offering a great service. With their support we are able to continue to distribute our family magazine for free to you. Please take a few moments to find out just what they are offering and keep their details - you never know when you might need them!

Giftware & Photography



To win one of the fantastic prizes below, email your name, suburb and contact details to, specifying the prize or prizes you would like to win. You can also post entries to What’s On In Our Backyard, PO Box 63, Salamander Bay, NSW 2317. Closing date for entries is 20th July. 2 tickets to Opening Night of ‘Godspell’ on 4TH AUG Tomaree Musical Theatre Company’s younger members present this fun and energetic show at Soldiers Point Bowling Club. The show is suitable for all ages. 2 x $25 shopping vouchers for Aug 26th HOPSCOTCH SUNDAYS Market Hopscotch Sundays is a boutique baby and kids market taking place on August 26th between 9am - 2pm, at the PCYC Broadmeadow. Entry is free. Further market details can be found at 2 free tickets to ‘Choral Festival’ ON 1st Sept Join the SeaSide singers and other choirs at their first choral festival at Soldiers Point Bowling Club, on 1st September at 2pm and 7pm. 2 x family passes for the Hunter Wetlands Centre Escape the everyday and discover the magic of wetlands at Hunter Wetlands Centre at Shortland. Just a short drive from Port Stephens, this incredibly diverse 45 hectare wetland site offers endless opportunities to explore, discover and relax with nature. Take a stroll, paddle a canoe, ride your bike, have a picnic or treat yourself to a gorgeous bush fusion lunch at Café Nourish.

Orthodontics Providing Quality Orthodontic Services for Adults, Adolescents and Children Dr Steven Cave BDS, MDSc Shop 5, 5 Town Centre Circuit, Salamander Bay. Located in The Henry Centre above Davison’s Pool & Spa Services.

For all appointments and enquiries please phone

1800 021 064


for the beautiful things in life S h o p 2 /6 3 D o n a l d S t reet , N el so n B a y N S W 2 315 T. 0 2 4 9 8 1 1 11 5 | F. 0 2 4 9 8 1 110 5 w w w. i n d u l g ei n t eri o rs. co m . a u


all enquiries Tel: 4982 7695 / 4982 6884

Issue 7

PARTY TIME A Selection of Party Goods & Services Providers for that Special Occasion Tell Us About LASER TAG IN A BOX

“Just last weekend, I had a Mum thank me for renting her the phasers because it is the only activity that will get her son off the computer and out into the yard, moving his body, and having fun,” Nicole said.

Ready, Aim… Fun!

Aimed at both boys and girls the party kit comes complete with guidelines on set up and play.

Inspired by popular video games, Laser-Tag-in-a-Box is an outdoor game that’s great for party fun. Local Brisbane Mum, Nicole Lander, has created a kids party package that arrives at your doorstep in a box. Laser Tag in a Box offers a step-by-step guide to organising a kid’s party at home; it also includes hire of all the equipment needed. This service is the first of its kind in Australia. Previously, gamers needed to travel to a Laser Tag arena or a Laser Skirmish forest to play. Nicole believes the package is perfect for regional Mums and Dads along with city-siders looking for an affordable yet fun way to entertain their kids. Laser Tag is high tech hide and seek. The toy phasers emit infrared, just like a TV remote and the equipment has cool sound and light effects. Getting out of the house is a great way to keep the kids entertained and reduce parental stress. Team games like Capture the Flag can now be played in the backyard. “Parents receive a personalised party package, with laser tag equipment, flags and a party-in-progress banner,” said Nicole. “Laser Tag games are fun. They are just like a live computer game,” said Nicole.

“Make Your Next Children’s Party Memorable & Fun” PROFESSIONAL MAGICIAN • For ALL AGES • Affordable Rates • Live Magic Rabbit!

JD’s World of Magic 02 4942 3593

30 Jun - 21 Sept

In the box you get 10 phasers, 10 bandanas, 2 flags, a whistle, a banner, and a complete ‘how to’ booklet. “We also have a free video to show you how to setup and how to play the games,” said Ms Lander. “Laser Tag in a Box enables Parents and Carers to run the party to their own schedule. The hire is for the entire weekend so Mums and Dads can start the party at a time that suits them,” she said. “Better still, since the box is delivered to the customer, there is no need to fight through traffic and no need to battle over a car-park,” she said. While customers can order all their party hire gear through Laser Tag in a Box, Nicole says they may also choose to get extra items from their local novelty shop. “The cool thing about Laser Tag in a Box is that you can theme your party to suit. You can select from relic raiders or sci-fi or army theme,” she said. “This gives the customer lots of flexibility over the theme of the party and its budget,” she said. “The idea is to offer Mums and Dads a simple way to organise a fantastic party.” Prices for Laser Tag in a Box start at $270 to hire ten phasers for a weekend. For more information, contact: Nicole Lander, Founder, Laser-Tag-in-a-Box T: 1800 266 587 E:

The fun is delivered to you 10 play at once

More info - Ph: 1800 Book Us (1800 266 587) Quote “WOIOB12” & get FREE camo net hire

Specialising in Birthday Packages Prices start @ $5pp Hosted Party - We come to you! Available for ALL events Fundraising, Gifts

FUN for ALL Ages - Guaranteed! Every child gets a take home gift

Bookings: 4988 6623



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What's On In Our Backyard Issue 7  

Local magazine for Port Stephens Families

What's On In Our Backyard Issue 7  

Local magazine for Port Stephens Families