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Issue 3

2 Jul - 23 Sep 2011


An invaluable resource for parents with children of all ages in Port Stephens





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1300 661 565

Family Fun Every Day On The Water

Bookings welcome anytime!

Tel: 4984 9388

Dolphin & Whale Watch Cruises Departing daily Buffet lunches available daily Exciting boomnet rides Have some fun on the ‘twist & twirl’ waterslide

Join Us By Night For Our Twilight Dinner Cruise

Twilight Dinner Cruise Departing 7:15pm wed/fri/sat Private charter available Freshly prepared local cuisine Live entertainment Dance floors / licensed bars

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Capturing The Memories You Will Cherish Forever

Pregnancy Newborn Children Families

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Issue 3


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FEATURE ARTICLE 4. From Tots to Teens: Helping

Your Children Reach Their Milestones


6. 7. 8.

Clubs & Classes


Diary of Events - A Guide to What’s On locally in the coming months

Tell Us About: Girl Guides Spotlight On: Port Stephens Independent Youth Network

12. Don’t Hibernate This Winter + Win! 13. In The Spotlight: How Can I Help My Child With Their Schoolwork

Letter from the Editors Welcome to another packed Issue of What’s On In Our Backyard ... ... to help you navigate your way through the Winter period! Inside, you will find plenty of reasons not to ‘hibernate’ during this colder season, with heaps of activities to be found locally within our ‘What’s On listings’, starting on Pg.9. There are also fantastic competitions and special offers to be found from some of our local attractions on Pg.10! Ever wondered what makes your child tick, and how you can help provide the best start to life for them that you can? Our feature article on Pg.4, ‘From Tots to Teens: Helping Your Children Reach Their Milestones’, will enlighten you with some interesting facts, which will help you to understand how best you can assist them in climbing the ladder to adulthood. With many children moving into new schools next year and enrolments taking place now, maybe education is on your mind. Check out the article on Pg.13, ‘How Can I Help My Child With Their Schoolwork’, if you feel you child may need more support. Or perhaps you’ve considered home education. Read what one local mum, who home educates her 4 kids, has to say on Pg.16

14. Indulge Yourself: Is It Time To

Not forgetting mum and dad, on Pg.14 we are encouraging couples to re-connect with one another and possibly win a dinner voucher, to be used at one of our top local restaurants.

15. Health 16. Education: Focus on Home

While you make great use of Issue 3 over the next few months, we will continue on with our search to find more local things to do for our Spring Issue, out in late September - see you then!

Reconnect With Your Partner + Win!


18. Classifieds - Professional

Trish and Saffron x

Services & Party Time + Win! 20. List of Useful Contacts

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2 Jul - 23 Sept




FromTots to Teens As parents, we naturally want our children to reach their developmental milestones on time and enter adulthood as intelligent, well-adjusted human beings able to take on the world, free of apron strings!

It has long been known that genes, which we pass on to our offspring for better or for worse, as well as environmental influences, play a huge part in how a child develops. But what impact do we, as parents, have on our children’s ability to reach their milestones and pass them with flying colours? In view of the latest cutting-edge scientific discoveries on brain development, let’s take a look at some facts, spanning from the infant to the adolescent brain. We can then apply our new found knowledge in helping our children not only reach their milestones, but to enjoy a rich and fulfilling journey along the way.

The Early Years FACT: A baby is born with

over 100 billion brain cells, but unlike the mature adult brain, the majority of those cells have yet to make the vast wire-like network of connections that govern our thoughts, feelings and how we behave. Although we can almost guarantee that our new babies will come packaged with standard features such as volume pre-set to loud, fully operational and over-active waste disposal units and a canny parental remote control system (think how you move faster than the speed of light at the slightest whimper), there are other features, such as the brain, over which we can have a great and positive influence from day one.

We cater for all your baby needs specialising in products from 0-3yrs Everything you need under one roof • Equipment • Toys & Games • Arts & Crafts Materials

Est. 16yrs

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During infancy and early childhood, the brain is making a great deal of connections, many of which grow and strengthen and some of which are ‘weeded out’. With this in mind, imagine your child’s brain as a garden. Some wonderful plants can grow, but if we pull out the unnecessary weeds, the remaining plants are sure to become stronger and thrive. In much the same way, the brain, as gardener, has a wonderful ability to weed out the little used connections in those early years. So how, you might ask, does the brain know which connections to ‘weed out’? The answer is through experiences. Repeated experiences form lasting connections. On the down side, not enough of the right experiences can have a negative impact on a child’s ability to reach developmental milestones. A baby who is rarely spoken or read to may have difficulties mastering language skills, whereas babies who are regularly talked to learn to understand approximately 300 more words by the age of 2 than those who are not.

What can we do to help? The more opportunities we give our children to enjoy positive experiences which stimulate each of the five senses, the quicker and easier they will learn. As a result, all those important connections which are being made in the complex wiring of the brain will become stronger and more efficient. That doesn’t mean trips to the shops spending all your hard earned cash on expensive toys. Research has shown that children benefit most from attentive and loving care along with new experiences and stimuli. Simple conversations, songs, rhymes and interactive play are key in building healthy brain development. Providing your child with warm, responsive care will also set him up to handle his emotions and better deal with stressful situations later in life.

What if my child is not reaching his milestones? It’s easy to feel under pressure, when there is a plethora of information about how and when our children should reach their milestones. We’ve all heard stories of babies walking at 8 months old! In the majority of cases, our concerns about our children prove nothing to worry about. Each child is an individual and will develop at a rate which, although may differ a little from his peers, is still perfectly normal. At the other end of the scale, what warning signs should we be aware of which may indicate an issue requiring intervention? Anastasia Dunstan, Family Support Worker with Northcott’s Early Start Diagnosis Support program identifies the following as some possible red flags that parents should look out for: [Please be mindful that this is just a short list to be provided as an overview] • A delay in age appropriate verbal communication eg, not putting two words together, not responding to his name. • A delay on nonverbal communication, eg pointing, eye contact, using gestures. • A child’s behaviour that is highly unusual to the parents in a particular circumstance, eg a social setting. • A child’s over or under reacting to sensory stimulation: Noise, Sight, Touch, Taste, Smell.

02 4982 5055

Unit 3 No. 9 Shearwater Dr Taylors Beach


Helping your children reach their milestones

• A child who appears behind in comparison to other children his age.

all enquiries Tel: 4982 7695 / 4982 6884

Issue 3

FEATURE • A child who is not moving, crawling, sitting, walking, as expected for his age. • A baby who is frequently stiff, floppy or doesn’t hold his head up when being picked up from lying on his back. Developmental milestones can vary depending on the child’s age. Mostly a child’s development will follow a timeline, give or take a couple of weeks or months, again depending on age. If parents are unsure or worried about their child in any circumstance, a referral from their GP to a Paediatrician and other relevant professionals would be the first step to seeking help. If it turns out to be nothing, that’s great! But if a child does require some intervention, seeking help early is the best possible outcome. If the process feels overwhelming, there are services in the community that can support families. Getting through the Teens So, you’ve laid the groundwork in those early years and through school, for your children to leap over their milestones and enter adolescence healthy of mind and body. Why, then, are you regularly tearing your hair out wondering why, at times, your teen seems to morph into a thoughtless, over-emotional, disagreeable stranger? Take a deep breath! The following fact could go some way to offering an explanation.

FACT: The pre-frontal cortex is the last part of the brain to mature and governs decision making, empathy, consequential thinking, balance of the emotions and body, personal insight and morality and can continue to mature well into the 20’s. Does your teen struggle with any of the above skills? Well, take a sigh of relief, they are perfectly normal. Although your years of wonderful nurturing may have produced an intelligent and capable teen, inevitably there will be times, particularly when with friends or when experiencing high emotions, that your offspring’s ability to think calmly through a situation and assess consequences before acting, will go completely out of the window, making him or her seem thoughtless and irrational.

What can we do to help? Quite a bit actually, between the ages of about 11-14, the brain is once again in overdrive and a very large quantity of new connections are being made … and lost! During this time a

Northcott EarlyStart DiagNoSiS Support SErvicE

staggering 30,000 connections can be lost per second. It’s a time of use it or lose it as the brain is on course to becoming stronger and more efficient. Can you see the fantastic window of opportunity here for us parents to inspire and encourage a positive outcome? We’ve already talked about how experiences dictate which connections stay and which go, so what can we do to ensure that the ones which will strengthen and become permanent during this influential time, are healthy ones? Firstly, be aware of how your teen is being influenced. Ensure that time spent with eyes glued to a TV, laptop screen or playing violent video games are not outweighing valuable activities such as sport, spending time with friends and enjoying time together as a family. It’s also a good idea to promote involvement in community projects and volunteer work. Secondly, when it comes to guiding morality, it’s your job to act as a kind of ‘external pre-frontal cortex’ while your teen is still in the developmental stages. Make sure that he or she can come to you with any problem without fear of censure or disapproval. Take the time to talk through any important decisions that need to be made. Give support through emotional times. Model good behaviour rather than adopting the “do as I say and not as I do” school of thought. How many times have we seen our children act in a way that is not acceptable? We are usually seeing a mirror image of our own behaviour! Teach them that there are always consequences for their actions, and hold them accountable for bad choices. Ultimately, nurturing your child into adulthood should be rewarding. Arm yourself with knowledge, to better understand what they are experiencing at each milestone stage of their lives so you can give them proper guidance and confidence. You never know, they might even thank you for it one day!

Creating Strong Bodies In Adults & Children CHILDREN’S CLASSES

Building Fitness & Confidence In A Safe & Fun Environment Promoting: Cost $8 Strength Posture Balance Fully Co-ordination Qualified Agility Staff Education Time: 3.30pm When: Please phone for details

If you have a concern for your child’s development and require assistance in managing your child’s needs, Northcott’s EarlyStart Diagnosis Support service is there to support you and your family. For more information please contact Anastasia Dunstan on (02) 4935 0400 or

2 Jul - 23 Sept

...building an inclusive society


Achieve Your Goals With Our Guidance & Motivation Weight Loss/Gain Personal training Bub-a-cise Injury prevention Sport Specific Training Pre & post joint replacement Getting moving with Diabetes Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation

Quality supervision & attention is given to each & every participant Most health funds cover our quality services

FULLY AIR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR COMFORT 1/29 Shearwater Drive, Taylors Beach


Tel: 4981 9968 5


An A to Z Guide

of Clubs and Classes to keep your kids active!


Ages: 3 yrs to Adults; @ Nelson Bay; Tel: Kate 4981 5656 Studio 2324 Ages: 2 yrs to Adults; @ Raymond Terrace; Tel: Karen 0408 922 747 or Tiny Tutus Preschool Ballet Ages: 21/2 to 5 yrs; @ Salamander Bay; Tel: Simone 1300 245 060

Nelson Bay Australian Football Club Ages: U18’s to Seniors; @ Nelson Bay; Tel: Brett 0427 001 381; Registration January Nelson Bay Junior Australian Football Club Ages: 5 to U16 yrs; @ Nelson Bay; Tel: Jason 0439 432 408; Registration February Port Stephens Junior Australian Football Club Ages: 4 yrs to U16’s; @ Medowie; Tel: Paul 0414 183 940


Art Studio 13 Ages: 5 yrs to Adults; @ Nelson Bay; Tel: Laurelle 4984 1942 Deborah’s Art On The Bay Ages: 2 to 92 yrs; @ Salt Ash and Salamander Bay; Tel: 4982 6927


Gael’s Groovy Gang Ages: 5 yrs to Adults; @ Nelson Bay; Tel: Gael 4982 0012 Port Stephens Athletic Club Inc. Ages: U5’s to U17’s; @ Salamander Bay; Tel: Peter 4984 1841; Registration August Raymond Terrace Athletics Centre Ages: 5 yrs to Masters; @ Raymond Terrace; Tel: Deidre 0418 962 185; Registration August Tilligerry & Districts Little Athletics Ages: 4 to 17 yrs; @ Mallabula; Tel: 4984 5287


Girl’s Brigade Ages: 5 to 16 yrs; @ Raymond Terrace; Tel: Raymond Terrace Baptist Church 4987 2261 Girl Guides Ages: 5 to 17 yrs; @ Medowie/ Tanilba Bay/Nelson Bay; Adult volunteers welcomed; Tel: 1300 447 548

Scouts Australia Ages: 6 to 26 yrs; @ Raymond Terrace/Medowie/Anna Bay/ Nelson Bay/Stockton/Tilligerry/ Seaham; Tel: Jane 4988 6522


Nelson Bay Junior Cricket Club - In 2 Cricket Ages: 5 to 9 yrs; @ Salamander Bay; Tel: Marcia 4984 9422 Nelson Bay Junior Cricket Club Ages: U10’s to U17’s; @ Salamander Bay; Tel: Marcia 4984 9422; Registration August




5678 Academy of Dance Ages: 3 yrs +; @ Salamander Bay; Tel: Miss Kiah 0411 028 630 Allegria Dance Company Ages: 5 yrs to Adults; @ Taylors Beach; Tel: Sharran 4919 0029 / 0402 003 717 Bayside Thistle School of Highland Dancing Ages: 4 yrs to Adult; @ Corlette; Tel: Nance 4984 9636 Dance ‘n’ Dazzle Studio Ages: 2 yrs to Adult; @ Medowie/ Karuah/Seaham; Tel: Miss Corynne 4982 9830 / 0418 963 221 DanceZone Studios Ages: 2 to 80 yrs; @ Soldiers Point/Medowie/Raymond Terrace; Tel: Miss Susie 0409 526 000 or dancezonestudios@ Debbie Rae Dance Studio Ages: 3 yrs to Adults; @ Medowie/Maitland; Tel: Jenny 4933 7084 / 0438 416 397 Jacki.E Studios of Dance Ages: 21/2 yrs to Adult; @ Mallabula/Tanilba Bay; Tel: Mel 4984 5844 JFH (Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop) Ages: 13 yrs to Adults; @ Nelson Bay; Tel: Candice 0438 946 549 Nelson Bay Dance at Revitalize Studio

Adult & Children’s Art Classes Learn to paint in a Fun and Relaxed Atmosphere

Everyone’s an Artist ! Classes by talented Artist & experienced Teacher/ Art Therapist

Also: ● Holiday Art (see Page 9 for info) ● Art Therapy ● After school art classes ● Pre-school art classes ● Art Exhibitions Classes at Salt Ash & Salamander Bay


Ages: 5 to 12 yrs; @ Nelson Bay; Tel: Tanya 4981 0660 Gymnastics at YMCA Ages: 5 yrs +; @ Raymond Terrace; Tel: 4983 1703 Kindygym Ages: 0 to 5 yrs; @ Nelson Bay; Tel: Tanya 4981 0660 Kindygym at YMCA Ages: 18 mths to 5 yrs; @ Raymond Terrace; Tel: 4983 1703


Helen O’Grady Drama Academy Ages: 7 to 16 yrs; @ Salamander Bay; Tel: Shane 4969 2338

Nelson Bay Hockey Club Ages: 4 yrs to Adults; @ Salamander Bay Sporting Complex; Tel: 4919 1692 Port Stephens Hornets Hockey Club Ages: 4 yrs to Vets; @ Medowie; Tel: 0432 969 555; Registration February

Cardio Combat at Revitalize Studio Ages: 13 yrs to Adults; @ Nelson Bay; Tel Kate 4981 5656 Children’s Classes at Affirmative Health & Fitness Ages: 3 yrs +; @ Taylors Beach; Tel: Kerrie or Jo 4981 9968 Fitness at YMCA Ages: 10 yrs +; @ Raymond Terrace; Tel: 4983 1703 Headquarters Health Club HQ Fit Kids Ages: 6 to 12 yrs; @ Taylors Beach; Tel: Tracy 0417 240 301 Healthy Choices Paceline 6wks Learn To Run Ages: 16 yrs +; @ Nelson Bay/ Fingal Bay/Medowie; Tel: Tracy 0429 495 328


Nelson Bay Pony Club Ages: 4 to 24 yrs; @ Anna Bay; own horse required; Tel: Sue 0409 466 554; Registration Jan Riding For The Disabled Ages: All ages; @ Raymond Terrace; Tel: Vicki 4987 1402


Fun French for Kids Ages 5 yrs +; @ Tomaree Library & Soldiers Point Public School; Tel: Vicki 0403 896 883


Library activities



Nelson Bay Football Club Ages: 5 yrs to Adults; @ Nelson Bay; au; Registration January Raymond Terrace Soccer Club Ages: 5 yrs to Adults; @ Raymond Terrace; Tilligerry Football Club Ages: 5 yrs to Adults; @ Mallabula; au; Registration February

Read & Rhyme (free) Ages: 0 to 2 yrs; @ Raymond Terrace Library; Tel: 4987 2221 Read & Rhyme (free) Ages: 0 to 2 yrs; @ Tomaree Library; Tel: 4982 0670 Storytime & Craft Ages: 2 to 5 yrs; @ Raymond Terrace Library; Tel: 4987 2221 Storytime & Craft Ages: 2 to 5 yrs; @ Tomaree Library; Tel: 4982 0670


Kaizen Ryu Karate

Looking For A Fun Sport Involving All The Family? .. That Doesn’t Take You Out Of Town On Weekends! long/high/triple jump sprints throws hurdles middle & distance walks

“Come & Try” on Sat 3rd Sept from 8:30am

Tel: 4982 6927

Located behind the tennis cts., end of Kangaroo St.



For enquiries, call Deidre: Tel: 0418 962 185


Registration days:

Sat, August 13th, 20th, & 27th from 10am to 1pm at the Centre

First competition day: Sat, 10th September

For all ages/abilities from 5yrs to Adults/Seniors

Issue 3


TELL US ABOUT ... Girl Guides Girl Guides last year celebrated their Centenary of 100 years of changing lives. The interest generated in Guiding by the Centenary, has resulted in Guide units all over NSW and ACT being inundated with enthusiastic and energetic girls wanting to join. They want to engage in interesting activities and have lots of fun. Their parents know they will learn something useful, as well as being safe. Girl Guides is a not-for-profit voluntary organisation offering girls 5 to18 years a weekly program during school term that combines non-formal learning with friendship and fun. Activities and events focus on the outdoors, personal development and service to the community. Girls choose their own challenges and work in groups, growing in self-confidence and gaining teamwork and leadership skills. There are 10,000 Girl Guides in NSW and the ACT and 30,000 in all across the country. Girl Guides Australia is part of a global organization with 10 million members in 145 countries, the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. In the Port Stephens area there are Girl Guide units in Medowie, Tanilba Bay and Nelson Bay. They meet respectively on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Last year some of our local Guides attended the centenary

international camp in Geelong where the girls made new friends from England, Canada, Scotland, Asia and Africa. Activities included kayaking, archery, scuba diving, circus skills and seeing penguins at Phillip Island.

Belinda Allen says, “Volunteering with Girl Guides is personally rewarding. While having fun, you make wonderful friends, gain skills and join a network of women committed to build a better world.”

Girl Guides provides fun for all ages:

Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer, or with a girl who would like to become a member, should contact 1300 44 75 48, or visit our website:

Stephanie (17yrs) from Medowie says, “I have been a member of Girl Guides since I was 7yrs old. I enjoy spending time with my friends and the wide variety of activities that we experience, as well as learning new things like outdoor cooking, kayaking, leadership skills, programming and time management, which will all be useful in later life.”

For further information about Girl Guides in the Port Stephens area, call Elizabeth Baker on 4948 8344.

Lilly (9yrs) says “It is fun and there are lots of activities.” Brooke (9yrs) agrees, “You learn about things that you don’t know about. Guides is awesome.” And Hannah (also 9yrs) says, “I get to meet new people and learn about the world.” Zoey (7yrs) puts it simply, “You do fun things and have good leaders.”…. So Mums, perhaps you can help your girls and enjoy the fun too… Guides are looking for women who would like to volunteer with the organization, either as a leader or administrator, or perhaps to help with fundraising. Adult volunteers with Girl Guides share a common goal: to give back to the community and to inspire girls and young women to be their best. They believe in helping them achieve a sense of equality by participating in a range of purposive activities. Medowie District Leader, Caroline Ellis, says “Not only have I widened my social network through Guiding, but I get to experience so many new things and gain skills along with other women just like me.” Girl Guides State Commissioner,

Have the time of your life with Girl Guides!


Clubs and Classes ... continued Ages: 3 yrs to Adults; @ Salamander Bay; Tel: Chris 4981 3476 / 0405 820 430 Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo Jutsu Ages: 6 yrs to Adults; @ Raymond Terrace YMCA (Kids 6 – 14yrs)/Medowie Community Hall (Families/Mixed, from 6 yrs +); Tel: Bob 4996 4700 / 0416 197 644 Mixed Martial Arts Ages: 5 yrs to Adults; @ Nelson Bay/Medowie; Tel: 4984 7396 Shorinji Kempo Ages 8 yrs to Adults; @ Salamander Social and Welfare Club; Tel: Steven Clarke 4984 7369 / 0421 845306 Toogee Taekwondo Ages: 5 yrs +; @ Raymond Terrace/Seaham/Medowie/ Mallabula/Nelson Bay; Tel: 0418 686 241




1300 447 548

2 Jul - 23 Sept


448 704 Mainly Music @ Baylife Ages: Birth to school aged; @ Anna Bay; Tel: Robyn 4919 0104 Mainly Music @ St Francis Ages: Birth to school aged; @ Medowie; Tel: Ailsa 4982 8515 Mainly Music @ Salvos Ages: Birth to school aged; @ Raymond Terrace; Tel: Ron 4983 1425 Mainly Music @ Salvos Ages: Birth to school aged; @ Salamander Bay; Tel: Marilyn 4982 0192 Mainly Music @ Surfside Ages: Birth to school aged; @ Stockton; Tel: Ruth 4928 3603 Musical Moments with Michelle Ages: 2 to 5 yrs; Call to verify suburb; Tel: Michelle 4988 6623 Port Stephens Community Band Ages: No age limit; @ Nelson Bay; Tel: Michael 0412 688 391 Tomaree Musical Theatre Co. Ages: School aged +; @ Nelson Bay; Tel: 0468 898 073

Dani’s Music Studio presents Kindermusik Ages: 0 to 7 yrs; @ Medowie Community Hall; Tel: Dani 0437 045 019 Julie’s Music Studio presents Kindermusik Ages: 18 mths to 4 yrs; @ Salamander Bay Library/Nelson Bay; Tel: Julie 4982 7120 / 0405

Nelson Bay Netball Assoc. Ages 5 yrs +; @ Tomaree Sports Complex, Salamander Bay; Tel: Nadina Potter 0423 236604 Port Stephens Netball Assoc. Ages: 4 yrs +; @ Raymond Terrace; Tel: Michelle 0412 218 955


Julie’s Music Studio - Piano Tuition Ages: 5 yrs to Adults; @ Salamander Bay; Tel: Julie 4982 7120


Pilates at Revitalize Studio Ages: 13 yrs to Adults; @ Nelson Bay; Tel Kate 4981 5656

RUGBY league

Mallabula Panthers Junior Rugby League Football Club Ages: 5 to 17 yrs; @ Mallabula; Tel: Mary Jackson 0422 362 313 Nelson Bay Junior Rugby League Ages: 5 to 17 yrs; @ Tomaree Peninsula; Tel: 0431 512 285; Registration February


Nelson Bay Junior Rugby Union - Walla Rugby Ages: 4 to 9 yrs; @ Strong Oval, Nelson Bay; Tel: Maree 4981 3884; Registration 29 April to 1 July Nelson Bay Junior Rugby Union Ages: U8’s to U17’s; @ Fingal Oval, Fingal Bay; Tel: Maree 4981 3884; Registration 7 & 14 February


Port Hunter Sailing Club Ages: 4 to 17 yrs; @ Stockton;



A full list of local Youth Groups & Playgroups can be found by visiting our website at & clicking on ‘Clubs & Classes’ Tel: Peter 4920 1162; Sailing Season: Sept through March Sailability Port Stephens Ages: 12 yrs +; @ Grahamstown; Tel: Richard 4982 9011 Soldiers Point Sailing School Coming Soon; @ Soldiers Point Marina; Tel: 4982 7773


Good Vibrations Academy Ages: 5 yrs to Adults; @ Anna Bay; Tel: Di Fanning 0432 067 347


Birubi Point SLSC - Nippers Ages: U8’s to U14’s; @ Anna Bay; Tel: Col 0409 306 404; Registration October Birubi Point SLSC - Junior Life Saving Ages: U15’s to U18’s; @ Anna Bay; Tel: Col 0409 306 404; Registration October Fingal Beach Surf Life Saving Club Ages: Nippers 5 to 13 yrs, Cadets/Juniors 13 to 18 yrs, Patrolling Members from 13 yrs +; @ Fingal Bay;; Season commences September


Kelly’s Swim Academy

Ages: 6 mths to Adults; @ Salamander Bay; Tel: Tammy 4982 7668 Lynne’s Learn To Swim Ages: 6 mths to 12 yrs; We come to you; Tel: Lynne 4982 1180 Nelson Bay RSL Amateur Swimming Club Ages: 4 yrs to Adults; @ Nelson Bay; Tel: Katrina 0413 516 872 Tilligerry Stingrays Swim Club Ages: 5 yrs & up; @ Tilligerry Pool; Tel: Jim 0427 882 722 YMCA Lakeside LeisureCentre Ages: 6 mths to Adults; @ Raymond Terrace; Tel: 4987 2039 YMCA Tilligerry Aquatic Centre Ages: 6 mths to Adults; @ Mallabula; Tel: 4982 4730 YMCA Tomaree Aquatic Centre Ages: 6 mths to Adults; @ Salamander Bay; Tel: 4981 2848


Greg Brownlow Tennis Ages: 4 yrs to Adults; @ Raymond Terrace; Tel: Greg 4966 8095; Registration start of each School Term Peter Doohan Tennis Ages: 4 yrs to Adults; @ Soldiers Point/Nelson Bay; Tel: Peter 4981

Discover Your Voice & Realise Your Potential Conservatorium trained professio nal singing teacher with over 20 yrs of music industry experience ♪ 1/2 hour lessons once a week during school terms ♪ Learn to use your body & voice correctly to create the best sound possible ♪ Positive coaching ♪ Boost self esteem & confidence ♪ Choose the songs YOU want to sing` ♪

2 concerts per year

♪ Take home resources

First lesson free!

Good Vibrations


Tel: 0432 067 347 Studio: 4500 Nelson Bay Rd, Anna Bay Email:



Trampolining Ages: 5 to 12 yrs; @ Nelson Bay; Tel: Tanya 4981 0660


Yoga at Revitalize Studio Ages: 3 yrs to Adults; @ Nelson Bay; Tel: Kate 4981 5656


Zumbatomic Ages: 5 to 12 yrs; @ Nelson Bay; Tel: Candice 0438 946 549; Zumba & Zumba Toning at PCYC Ages: 13 yrs to Adults; @ Nelson Bay; Tel: Candice 0438 946 549;

If you run a club or class locally, which is not listed here, get in touch now for inclusion in Issue 4. Tel: Trish on 4982 7695.

Spotlight On ... The Port Stephens Independent Youth Network In 2006 the youth services team at Port Stephens Council began to look at how we did business! We began to reflect on how we might be more effective in terms of building a sustainable local youth support network that would ultimately contribute to the well-being of young people. We also gave much consideration to the role that Local Government might have in terms of youth affairs. Always close to mind was the notion of participation as being something that required adults to devolve a degree of power to young people so that they can share in decisions that affect them. Slowly but surely, as all good development processes should be, the Port Stephens Independent Youth Network (PSIYN) took shape. Young people were working alongside other community members of all ages to bring about change, engineer hope and build a vital community asset. It has always been the case that PSIYN has evolved upon an Assets Based Community Development (ABCD) approach to development, a process that is relationship driven. A process that involves identifying community strengths and assets and recognising that the glass is always half full not half empty.

One-on-One Private Tuition For Ages 5 yrs to Adults

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Fast forward to 2011 and PSIYN remains a growing force, thanks largely to the energy and commitment of key individuals and support organisations across Port Stephens. These volunteers by and large have helped build the networks capacity which now includes the groups HOYE Inc. in Tilligerry, TYCA in Tomaree, YAK in Karuah (as part of the established Progress Association), Clubhouse in Medowie and an emerging group in Raymond Terrace. Along the way much has been achieved and it would be great to say, celebrated. Unfortunately we probably haven’t taken the time to celebrate as much as we should! So what’s happening now? HOYE inc continues to look at ways of acknowledging and supporting young people’s contribution to community and have planned a recognition / awards night coming soon; TYCA continues to advocate on local youth issues, keeping in sight their long term goal of wanting to establish a youth venue on the Tomaree Peninsula; YAK have just been funded for their local skate park; Clubhouse is building a strong following of local youth; in Raymond Terrace representatives from the Raymond Terrace Lions Club, Marketplace, the local Youthie, YMCA and Police are building a strong partnership with council’s youth services team to support future local initiatives. Together as network partners, we are all involved in some capacity in the delivery of Snak ‘n’ Rap. Supporting change and creating capacity to meet the challenges of a growing community requires many hands on deck. In the ideal world it should be that no one does everything but everyone does something. To this end, council’s youth services team is currently working at creating new opportunities to help our PSIYN partners build their membership base and achieve their goals. It’s a time of renewal in many ways and we would love to hear from any persons wanting to be a part of this journey. Call Jim on 0427 882 722

all enquiries Tel: 4982 7695 / 4982 6884

Issue 3

What’s On

Diary of Events

An essential selection of What’s On locally in the coming months!

FOR ALL THE LATEST DETAILS OF NEW FAMILY EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES, AS WE RECEIVE THEM, VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT WWW.WHATSONINOURBACKYARD.COM.AU School Holiday Kids & Family programs, activities & events: Are you looking to keep your kids entertained and active over the holiday period? From multi-day workshops and programs, to a choice of different activity every day, there follows a selection running in Port Stephens. BE Bookings Essential Holiday art classes During school holidays 10am-12noon; Ages 3-16 yrs; Umbrella day: bring along an umbrella for decorating; @ Salamander Bay Library; Tel: Deb

4982 6927 for dates BE CHICKEN WORKSHOPS All agesl Want to know more about chickens? How to get started, housing, health, breeds & much more, JD’s Backyard Hens

Role Models of Today Leaders of the Future Port Stephens Independent Youth Network An opportunity for young people to work with Community & Council to build a stronger Port Stephens • Share your ideas and participate in planning • Get involved in community events & activities • Advocate for your peers

Get involved today! Call Jim for more details: Port Stephens Council Youth Services

0427 882 722


Finance accessible & easy Full Range Of Financial Services

are offering workshops for children; @ Medowie; Tel: Julia 0428 498 298 / 4982 9881 for dates/times BE PORT STEPHENS LIBRARIES July School Holidays; Offering a range of school holiday programs and activities during the holiday period. Full program details available from Library Branches and via our website at: www. html; Tel: Raymond Terrace 4987 2221 or Tomaree 4982 0670 SALAMANDER BAY SHOPPING CENTRE July School Holidays; Offering a range of FREE activities during the holiday period; for full details, visit www.salamandershopping. FREE KIDS DIY WORKSHOPS 2nd & 3rd Jul - 12pm; Garden (Sat) & Craft (Sun) Workshops @ Bunnings, Taylors Beach; Tel: 4916 3100 CANOE AMAZING IRONBARK TRAIL 3rd Jul - 9:30am & 1:30pm; @ Hunter Wetlands Centre, Wallsend; Cost: $20A, $15C, $45F; Tel: 4951 6466 THE CAT NEXT DOOR 4th-8th & 11th-15th Jul 10am; Ever wondered what your cat gets up to when it’s not curled up on your lap or demanding its dinner? A delightful tale of a very clever feline; @ Hunter Wetlands Centre, Sandgate; All tickets $19, Family $65, Tel: 4951 6466 WIN A FAMILY TICKET TO SEE THIS SHOW - SEE PAGE 12 FOR DETAILS


SALAMANDER VACATION CARE for 5-12 yrs 4th-15th Jul; Great activities, including chocolate day, pancake party, games day, trip to Newcastle Airport & the Zoo, art & craft & more ... @ Salamander Vacation Care, 182 Salamander Way, Salamander Bay; Cost: $39 per day CCB available; Tel: Amy Forward 4919 5429 BE blinky bills for 5-12 yrs 4th-15th Jul; We are putting together an exciting vacation care program for the July school holidays; @ 2634 Nelson Bay Rd, Salt Ash; Tel: 4982 6240 for booking enquiries BE Drama/dance workshops 4th Jul; Ages: 7-10 yrs; 10am12noon: Drama; 1-3pm: Musical Theatre Dance/Drama; @ Revitalize Studio, Nelson Bay; Tel: 4981 5656 CREEPY CRAWLIES 4th & 11th Jul - Half Day Program; Ages: 4-7 yrs; A morning of bug discovery, fun, games & critter craft; @ Hunter Wetlands Centre, Sandgate; Cost: $16; Tel: 4951 6466 BE PHOTOGRAPHY DAY 4th & 11th July - Full Day Program; Ages: 7-14 yrs; A fun day of wildlife photography; @ Hunter Wetlands Centre, Sandgate; Cost: $40 (incl meals); Tel: 4951 6466 BE cinderella & the mice 4th Jul-27th Aug; @ Young People’s Theatre, Newcastle; Bookings may be made in person or by phone at the Theatre on Fri from 4pm-6pm and on Sat from 9am-1pm; Tel: 4961 4895

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Call or email your local experts NOW for your FREE no obligation Financial Assessment and/or FREE Budget Planner Tracy Lewis 0422 491111

2 Jul - 23 Sept

4984 6001

3/263 Soldiers Point Rd Salamander Bay

Sean Lewis 0417 306317



What’s On jr ranger - WHOSE POO’S THAT? 5th Jul - 10am-12noon; Grade: Easy; Fun filled kids adventure; come along & do some detective work; Zenith Beach carpark, Shoal Bay Rd; Cost: $10, Adults Free if accompanying a child; Tel: 4984 8200 BE jr ranger - wild wild world of turtles, dolphins & seagrass 5th Jul - 2-4pm; Grade: Easy; Fun for all the family exploring seagrass beds; learn about the marine animals who rely on these habitats for their survival; bring water, snack, fully enclosed footwear; Bagnalls Beach Reserve, carpark Misery Hill; Cost: $10, Adults Free if accompanying a child; Tel: 4984 8200 BE CHILDREN’S DISCOVERY DAY 5th Jul - 10am-3pm; Ages: All ages; Heaps of fun activities, including craft, grass heads, discovery hunt, competitions, displays & performances + more; @ Hunter Region Botanic Gardens, Heatherbrae; Cost: $3, under 2’s Free; Tel: 4987 1655 WACKY TOUR 5th & 12th Jul - Half Day Program; Ages: 4-7 yrs; Join the Wacky Professor for a “behind the scenes” tour; @ Hunter Wetlands Centre, Sandgate; Cost: $16; Tel: 4951 6466 BE ADVENTURE DAY 5th & 12th Jul - Full Day Program; Ages: 7-14 yrs; Canoeing & scavenger hunt; @ Hunter Wetlands Centre, Sandgate; Cost: $40 (incl meals); Tel: 4951 6466 BE WONDER - TANTRUM THEATRE 6th-16th Jul; Ages: 5-12 yrs; A magical event combining live music, film & performance to lead you into a world unlike any you’ve ever experienced; @ Playhouse Theatre, Newcastle; Cost: $25; Tel: 4929 1977 BE KOALA CAPERS 6th & 14th Jul - 1-3pm; Grade: Easy; Come along & find out about the antics of these cuddly creatures; Meet Hannah Parade Car Park, One Mile Beach; Cost: $8C, $10A, $28F; Tel: 4984 8200

CHILDREN’S FLORAL ARRANGING CLASS 7th & 14th Jul - 10-11am; Ages: Must be able to use scissors; Make a pot arrangement of flowers to take home; @ Salamander Bay; Cost: $15; Tel: Wendy 4984 7222 BE DANCE/Drama workshopS 7th Jul; Ages: 10-13 yrs; 10am-12noon: Drama; 1-3pm: Musical Theatre Dance/Drama; @ Revitalize Studio, Nelson Bay; Tel: 4981 5656 CREATURES OF THE NIGHT 7th Jul - 4.30-6:30pm; Grade: Easy; Explore the sounds & smells of the bush with torches & spotlights; Bring water, hat, sunscreen, snack, torch & fully enclosed footwear; Meet Nelson Bay Hospital carpark; Cost: $8C, $10A, $28F; Tel: 4984 8200 BE wild, wild world of whales 7th Jul - 12noon-2pm; Ages: 12 yrs+; Rug up for an interesteing afternoon of whale watching; Meet toilet blocks, carpark Southern end of Boat Harbour Beach, Kingsley Dr; Cost: $8 (12-15yrs), $10A, $28F; Tel: 4984 8200 BE SUBURBAN HERO’s day 7th & 14th Jul - Full Day Program; Ages: 7-14 yrs; Canoeing, hands on planting + heaps more; @ Hunter Wetlands Centre, Sandgate; Cost: $40 (incl meals); Tel: 4951 6466 BE JUNIOR WETLAnders 8th & 15th Jul - Half Day Program; Ages: 4-7 yrs; Wetland adventures & craft; @ Hunter Wetlands Centre, Sandgate; Cost: $16; Tel: 4951 6466 BE FREE KIDS DIY WORKSHOPS 9th & 10th Jul - 12pm; Mosaic (Sat) & Wall art (Sun) Workshops @ Bunnings, Taylors Beach; Tel: 4916 3100 FREE KIDS DISCO 10th Jul - 5-8pm; Ages: up to 12 yrs; @ Soldiers Point Bowling Club; Tel: 4982 7173 BREAKFAST WITH THE BIRDS 10th Jul - 7:30-9am; @ Hunter Wetlands Centre, Sandgate;

Cost: $30A, $15C; Tel: 4951 6466 FREE KIDS movie 12th Jul - 4pm; Ages: up to 12 yrs; Space Chimps 2 (rated G); @ Soldiers Point Bowling Club; Tel: 4982 7173 jr ranger - winter whale tales 12th Jul - 10am-12noon; Look for these ‘giants of the deep’ as they swim past on their annual migration; enjoy lots of fun games, bring water, snack, hat, sunscreen, fully enclosed footwear; One Mile Beach carpark; Cost: $10, Adults Free if accompanying a child; Tel: 4984 8200 BE NATURE IS FUN 13th Jul - 9:30-11:30am; Ages: 4-12 yrs; Collect specimens, learn about nature & make craft; @ Hunter Region Botanic Gardens, Heatherbrae; Cost: $3C, $5A, $4 concessions; Tel: 4987 1655 BE WILD WILD WORLD OF ROCKPOOLS 13th Jul - 10.30am-12:30pm; Grade: Easy; Join a Discovery Ranger & learn about limpets, gastropods and bivalves + more; Meet Car Park off Pacific St, Fisherman’s Bay; Cost: $8C, $10A, $28F; Tel: 4984 8200 BE SPOTLIGHT PROWL 16th Jul, Sundown; @ Hunter Wetlands Centre, Sandgate; Cost: $10A, $5C, $25F; Tel: 4951 6466 FREE KIDS DIY WORKSHOPS 16th & 17th Jul - 12pm; Fun with Paint (Sat) & Art class (Sun) Workshops @ Bunnings, Taylors Beach; Tel: 4916 3100

FAMILY EVENTS & ACTIVITIES OVER THE COMING MONTHS MY GRANDMA LIVED IN GOOLIGULCH 20th Jul - 6pm & 21st-22nd Jul - 10am & 11:45am; Ages: 3-8 yrs; From Graeme Base, international best selling author &

Hunter Region Botanic Gardens


BIRD BEAKS 6th & 13th Jul - Half Day Program; Ages: 4-7 yrs; Interesting look at birds + craft; @ Hunter Wetlands Centre, Sandgate; Cost: $16; Tel: 4951 6466 BE ART DAY 6th & 13th Jul - Full Day Program; Ages: 7-14 yrs; Learn how to draw birds & animals; @ Hunter Wetlands Centre, Sandgate; Cost: $40 (incl meals); Tel: 4951 6466 BE


Garry Ginivan, producer of Wombat Stew & Possum Magic; @ Civic Theatre, Newcastle; Cost: $25; Tel: 4929 1977 BE ORCHIDS FOR BEGINNERS 23rd Jul - 10am-12:30pm; Workshop with Noel Winney, including info on propagation, maintenance, composts, where to grow; may be held in the warm greenhouse; @ Hunter Region Botanic Gardens, Heatherbrae; Cost: Cost: $20, $15 concessions, $30F, incl. morning tea; Tel: 4987 1655 BE FREE KIDS DIY WORKSHOPS 23rd & 24th Jul - 12pm; Woodwork (Sat) & Fun with paint (Sun) Workshops; @ Bunnings, Taylors Beach; Tel: 4916 3100 ALPHA COURSE Starting 28th Jul for 10 Thurs nights; All welcome; Exploring the meaning of life; hosted by Beachside Christian Fellowship, Taylors Beach; YOU’RE invited; Tel: 4919 0126; au tomaree musical theatre company 29th-31st Jul; Ages: Enjoyed by teens to Adults; Musical: Life story of legend 60’s singer/ songwriter Ellie Greenwich; For venue & ticket prices, Tel: 0468 898 073 ADULTS 5 WEEK FLORAL CLASSES 29th Jul, 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th Aug - 6-7:30pm; Ages: 13 yrs +; Take home what you make; @ Salamander Bay; Cost: $150 for the course; Tel: Wendy 4984 7222 BE WORLD SPECIES ORCHIDS 30th Jul - 10am-12:30pm; Workshop with Noel Winney, for those who would like to know about orchids & their habitats from around the world; @ Hunter Region Botanic Gardens, Heatherbrae; Cost: $20, $15 concessions, $30F, incl. morning tea; Tel: 4987 1655 BE FREE KIDS DIY WORKSHOPS 30th & 31st Jul - 12pm; Grow your own (Sat) & Art Class (Sun); @ Bunnings, Taylors Beach; Tel: 4916 3100

Child Care Vacancies Available in Port Stephens Port Stephens Family Day Care

Providing quality childcare to children aged between 6 wks-12 yrs of age in Educators’ homes Five Star Family Day Care Educators: Are closely monitored & supported by the Family Day Care Coordination Unit Provide developmentally appropriate activities & experiences to children Offer flexible hours of care If you require quality childcare contact the Family Day Care Office on 4987 1203

30ha of Inspirational Gardens & Walking Tracks Kids Adventure Trail Kookaburra Café Gift Shop & Plant Stall

Experience the beauty & tranquility! 9am-4pm - 7 days

Tel: 4987 1655

let your kids shine

1300 4 5 STAR

2100 Pacific Hwy, Heatherbrae 2324

Issue 3

What’s On WASTE AS ART EXHIBITION 31st Jul - 27th Aug; Supporting the important link between correct waste disposal and our environment; @ Hunter Wetlands Centre, Sandgate; Tel: 4951 6466 NATIONAL TREE DAY 31st Jul; Community planting event; free sausage sizzle, bring own gloves & sturdy shoes; everyone welcome; @ Hunter Wetlands Centre, Sandgate; Tel: 4951 6466 to register ADULTS 5 WEEK FLORAL CLASSES 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th & 31st Aug - 1-3pm; Ages: 13 yrs +; Take home what you make; @ Salamander Bay; Cost: $150 for the course; Tel: Wendy 4984 7222 BE FREE KIDS DIY WORKSHOPS 6th & 7th Aug - 12pm; Fun mosaics (Sat) & Wall art (Sun) Workshops; @ Bunnings, Taylors Beach; Tel: 4916 3100 WATTLE ACACIAN 6th Aug - 10am-3pm; Meet our Acacia experts, find out about growing wattles and their uses, & pick up some plants & seeds to take home; @ Hunter Region Botanic Gardens, Heatherbrae; Cost: Cost: $20, $15 concessions, $30F, incl. morning tea; Tel: 4987 1655 BE WATOTO CHILDREN’S CHOIR 13th Aug - 7pm; Baylife Church is hosting this world renowned choir; please support this wonderful production; @ Baylife Church, 4236 Nelson Bay Rd, Anna Bay; Cost: FREE; Tel: 4919 0104 FREE KIDS DIY WORKSHOPS 13th & 14th Jul - 12pm; Garden craft (Sat) & Grow your own (Sun) Workshops; @ Bunnings, Taylors Beach; Tel: 4916 3100 WHAT PLANT IS THAT? 20th Aug - 10am-12:30pm; Basic botany & plant identification workshop; welcome to bring along some troublesome questions; @ Hunter Region Botanic Gardens, Heatherbrae; Cost: free on park entry; Tel: 4987 1655 BE

FREE KIDS DIY WORKSHOPS 20th & 21st Aug - 12pm; Fun with paint (Sat) & Garden creatures (Sun) Workshops; @ Bunnings, Taylors Beach; Tel: 4916 3100 CRACKER NIGHT SPECTACULAR 27th Aug - 4pm; Fire Works Display, Jumping Castle & Slide, Amusements, BBQ, Auction, Live Entertainment + heaps more; @ Mount Kanwary Public School, Osterley; Cost: $5, $20F (2 adults + up to 4 children) UNLOCKING THE MYSTERY OF THE HERBARIUM 27th Aug - 10am-12:30pm; Workshop for those interested in collecting, pressing & drying plants; @ Hunter Region Botanic Gardens, Heatherbrae; Cost: free on park entry; Tel: 4987 1655 BE FREE KIDS DIY WORKSHOPS 27th & 28th Aug & 3rd & 4th Sept - 12pm; Make a gift for dad Workshops; @ Bunnings, Taylors Beach; Tel: 4916 3100 NATIONAL WATTLE DAY Thurs, 1st Sep BUNNINGS DAD’S & KID’S FAMILY NIGHT 1st Sep - 6-8pm; Father’s Day craft, jumping castle, prizes, giveaways & more; Free sausage sizzle; @ Bunnings, Taylors Beach; Tel: 4916 3100 BE AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL FLAG DAY Sat, 3rd Sep INTRODUCTION TO BOTANICAL ILLUSTRATION 3rd Sep - 9am-4pm; Workshop with Chris Rockley guiding you through drawing construction, microscopy, lighting & more; list of equipment is available from Visitors Centre; @ Hunter Region Botanic Gardens, Heatherbrae; Cost: $85; Tel: 4987 1655 BE FATHER’S DAY Sun, 4th Sep FATHER’S DAY AT THE HRBG 4th Sep; Come for a relaxing day with live music; Light lunches available or bring a picnic; @ Hunter Region Botanic Gardens, Heatherbrae; Cost: $4/car

parking; Tel: 4987 1655 TREVIA 4th & 11th Sep; A competition for kids (& parents too) to use your hands & eyes to get up close & personal to one of the Garden’s trees, then record your findings; @ Hunter Region Botanic Gardens, Heatherbrae; Tel: 4987 1655 PHOTOGRAPHY FOR BEGINNERS 4th Sep - 10am-12:30pm; Children welcome; Learn to take a photo & submit an image which could win a prize; @ Hunter Region Botanic Gardens, Heatherbrae; Tel: 4987 1655 MADD NIGHT 7th Sep; An annual showcase of Music, Art, Dance & Drama; @ St Philip’s Christian College Theatre, Salamander Bay; Tickets on sale at the door on the night. FREE KIDS DIY WORKSHOPS 10th & 11th Sep - 12pm; Garden craft (Sat) & Fun mosaic (Sun) Workshops; @ Bunnings, Taylors Beach; Tel: 4916 3100 SHOAL BAY JAZZ, WINE & FOOD FESTIVAL 10th Sept; The popular Jazz Wine & Food Festival comes to life with educational wine tasting, jazz bands, fresh local produce & children’s entertainment; @ Shoal Bay Resort & Spa; Shoal Bay; Tel: 1800 181810 CLOSE UP PHOTOGRAPHY


Anna Bay Community Markets 1st Saturday of every month; 8:30am - 2pm; @ 43 Gan Gan Rd; Tel: Colin Reddel 0429 506 802 Medowie Markets 2nd Saturday of every month; @ The Bull & Bush Motel; Tel: Medowie Baptist Community Church 4982 9123 Nelson Bay Craft Markets 1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays of every month; @ Neil Carroll Park (Fly Point); Tel: Jeanette Murray 0419 492 009

FOR ADULTS 14th Sep - 10am-3:30pm; Workshop on photographic techniques; for those familiar with Digital Single Lens & Reflex Cameras; @ Hunter Region Botanic Gardens, Heatherbrae; Tel: 4987 1655 BE THE HAPPIEST SHOW ON EARTH - PATCH THEATRE CO 14th Sep - 6pm & 15th-16th Sep - 10am & 12:30pm; Ages: 4-8 yrs; Amazing acts of circus, music & illusion including the Fabulous Flea Circus; @ Civic Theatre, Newcastle; Cost: $25; Tel: 4929 1977 BE clans on the coast celtic festival 17th Sept - 9am-4pm; A great family day out with Pipe Bands, Dancers, Stalls, Kids Events, Battle Re-enactment + heaps more; @ Tomaree No.1 Sports Ground; Cost $10A, $5 pensioners, $2C (under 15), $15F (maximum of 5) FREE KIDS DIY WORKSHOPS 17th & 18th Sep - 12pm; Garden craft (Sat) & Grow your own (Sun) Workshops; @ Bunnings, Taylors Beach; Tel: 4916 3100 AFL GRAND FINAL DAY Sat, 24th Sep FREE KIDS DIY WORKSHOPS 24th & 25th Sep - 12pm; Spring Workshops; @ Bunnings, Taylors Beach; Tel: 4916 3100

Tomaree Markets 2nd & 4th Sundays of every month; @ Tomaree Sports Complex; Tel: Elinor 4981 3565 Tanilba Bay Markets 3rd Saturday of each month; 9am – 1pm; @ President Wilson Walk; Tel: 4984 5931 or 4982 3059 BABY & KIDS MARKET 1st Jul - 9am-12noon; Huge range of gorgeous & excellent quality preloved baby & kids goods; @ Newcastle Basketball Stadium; Cost: $3 (kids free);

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271 Soldiers Point Rd, Salamander Bay

2 Jul - 23 Sept



What’s On

DON’T LET YOUR FAMILY HIBERNATE This Winter! Check out the following reviews, competitions and special offers and you’ll be rugging up and heading out in no time!!

PS: visit our website to find more special offers & Winter ‘What’s On’ ideas

GET YOUR KIDS ACTIVE: Battlezone Playlive Helping To Combat Teen Obesity!

With teen obesity on the increase, are you looking for innovative ways to get your kids back into sports? Battlezone Playlive offers a fun way to combat the obesity trend. Battlezone Playlive ‘Laser Skirmish’ is a brand new sport-entertainment hybrid. The high tech infra red ‘taggers’, use a harmless beam similar to a TV remote control that ‘tags’ sensors worn by each of the players. The activities are thrilling and promote teamwork. Battlezone Playlive missions let your kids live out their gaming experiences just like a ‘LIVE computer game’. Since there are no projectiles, there is no mess, pain or bruises… this is fun for all ages! According to the Australian Medical Association, television watching and computer game playing, both sedentary activities, are associated with increased obesity rates: the average Australian child watches 2.5 hours per day. GET THE LATEST STATISTICS FROM YOUR MEDICAL WIN ASSOCIATION OR BUREAU OF STATISTICS.

Battlezone are giving away gift certificates worth $39 each to two lucky readers & a friend. To be in with a

Doing something about this battle of the bulge is now within reach, and Battlezone Playlive is growing in popularity. Team missions like ‘Capture The Flag’ and other objective based games are now available. Play your chance to win, answer the missions in woodland or urban battlefields following question: ‘How in Port Stephens. These are ADRENALINE many hours a day does PLAYGROUNDS! the Average Australian Visit us online for more information child watch TV?’, Entry or call us on details are at the bottom 1300 661 565. of this page.




There are heaps of exciting activities, including canoeing, dipnetting & easy grade walking and cycling trails, which make this vibrant wetland ecosystem a fantastic and adventurous family day out: discover, play, eat, shop!

WIN WIN A FAMILY TICKET worth $65 TO SEE Shakespeare et al’s ‘“The Cat Next Door’ AT The Hunter Wetlands CENTRE, SHORTLAND

This award winning theatre group presents a new original production of ‘The Cat Next Door’ during the July school holidays (see their listing on Pg. 9 for full details). For your chance to win the Family Pass or the Family Ticket, simply drop us an email with either ‘Wetlands Pass’ or ‘Cat Next Door’ as the subject heading (see entry details below).

Review: Moonshadow Twilight Dinner Cruise My Husband and I had the pleasure of dining on Moonshadow’s ‘Twilight Dinner Cruise’ last month. On arrival, we were met by the captain and a couple of staff, who were very friendly and approachable. We were shown to our seats, where we were pleased to see some nibbles waiting for us. The bar was open and the menu included a selection of my favourite cocktails. We decided to head straight up to the top deck where you are greeted with a completely new perspective of the Bay and surrounding areas. Cruising smoothly across the waters, we were able to experience a gorgeous sunset, with the sounds of live music and entertainment below, and the delicious aromas of dinner being freshly prepared. Not long after departure the food, which was set out buffet style, was served. It really was sumptuous: plenty of fresh local seafood, salad, meat and vegetables and my Husband was delighted that there was more than enough for seconds! The entertainment comprised of a very talented singer and musician who belted out some popular numbers and got everyone up dancing. The thing that really stood out to us though, and will stick in our memories for a long time, was the great on board atmosphere, generated mainly by the friendliness and enthusiasm of the staff. We felt that even though we went as a couple, we were amongst friends the whole night.

WIN Of course, we cannot fail to mention the awesome Whale Watching season which is now upon us. Don’t miss out on viewing these majestic whales as they pass our pristine coastline. Moonshadow are offering daily cruises at 10:30am and 1:30pm from D’Albora Marinas, Nelson Bay. Phone Twilight Dinner Cruises run 4984 9388 for bookings. One lucky reader all year round departing can WIN a Family Ticket worth $145 7:15pm on a Wednesday, (2Ad+2Ch) - just visit www.moonshadow. Friday and Saturday & find the answer to this question: Visit their website ‘Which year did Moonshadow Cruises begin for full details: www. operating in Port Stephens?’. Entry details are at the bottom of this page! au or tel: 4984 9388 Overall, this is a once in a lifetime experience, which as Port Stephens locals, we are exceptionally lucky to be able to have over and over again, whenever we choose! Saffron

Award winning, ‘The Point’ Restaurant (featured on Pg.14) are offering readers a 10% discount (to the value of $30) if you mention ‘What’s On In Our Backyard’! Offer valid until 22nd September 2011

The email address for all competition entries is Please remember to include your name, suburb and contact details. Closing date is 15 August 2011

READY FOR YOUR NEXT FAMILY EXPEDITION? Exhilarating all year round dune adventures, including:

Great Local Rates

• Sandboarding adventures • Also School Formals • Explore the dunes in a purpose built Hummer 4WD • Designed for the whole family

• 4x4 Tag-a-long Tours

• Charter your own exclusive vehicle (with driver/guide)

Take your family on an adventure with our 1hr Aussie Bush Trail Safe family fun!

7 or 13 seats

• All ages (from 3+) and riding levels catered for • Long pants and covered shoes required

Book Now Tel: 4982 0602 Mob: 0425 213 096


OPEN 7 DAYS All weather rides


Tel: 02 4981 9077 • 9 Port Stephens Drive, Anna Bay (10 mins Nelson Bay)

all enquiries Tel: 4982 7695 / 4982 6884

Issue 3


In The Spotlight How Can I Help My Child With Their School Work? by Christine Hawkins

We all want the best for our children and would do anything to ease their pain. As a parent you sense there is a problem with your child’s school work, but is it significant? “Is my child really having a problem?” “Is it just a development phase?”

6. Are there any behaviour or learning issues that you think I need to be aware of? 7. What do you think I can do to help my child’s progress? The final part of your search includes what is happening at home... • Is there anything happening at home that might cause stress for your child? • Do you see evidence of a physical or physiological problem that is affecting your child? (For example, hard of hearing, sight impairment, difficulty with concentration, etc.)

So where are the solutions and how can I help my child with their schoolwork? Below are some suggested options and resources that may help...

“What do those school reports actually mean?” “Will tuition really help?”

ol Sc• hoYour child’s teacher may have suggestions for additional

There is no simple answer as every child is an individual and there are many different situations. However the following will help you ask the right questions and point you in the direction for the best advice.

The first indicator that your child may need help is in their words and actions. Keep an eye out for these warning signs...

• Obtain homework that targets the subject areas in which your child is having trouble.

• “I don’t understand what my teacher is talking about” - “I don’t get it” - “I’m too stupid”

• Obtain additional homework to stretch your child if current school work is not challenging them.

• Always struggles with homework - emotional stress during homework.

e H• omSet a regular homework time. Designate a quiet area away

• Rebellious towards school work - doesn’t want to talk about school. • Loses interest in learning – becomes bored with school work. • Marks in assignments and tests are below their ability level. • Grades have been on a steady decline for a period of time. • The teacher contacts you expressing their concern. If your child does need some help, before we can get to an appropriate solution, it is important to find the root cause of the problem. The first thing to do is to have a discussion with your child. It is amazing what you will learn by simply asking them about school and then just listening. Here are some questions to ask... 1. Are you happy at school? Are you finding anything hard? 2. Do you ask for help from the teacher? Does the teacher have enough time to help you? 3. What are you getting for homework? Can you do it? Do you want some help with it? What you are trying to pick up on is anything that is happening that could be interfering with their concentration at school. Try not to interrupt them and show them that you are really interested in what is going on. It may take you a few attempts at different times before they really open up to you but be patient! The next piece of the puzzle is to discuss what you have found with the school teacher. Not only are they with your child for six hours each school day but they can compare with how your child is going to the other children in the class. The teacher generally has many years of experience in educating students and usually has dealt with these types of issues before. Here are some questions to ask...

academic assistance.

• The school may offer additional classes to help struggling or gifted students.

from TV and radio to work.

• Think about your child’s diet. Are there any changes you can make? • If you have the time and ability yourself then become more involved in helping your child with their school work.

er Ot• hHave a chat to other parents. You may be surprised how others have

had similar issues and have already worked out a solution for them.

• If you believe that some of your child’s problems are physical or physiological then it is very important to obtain the advice of a professional in the field. • Obtain an educational assessment. An independent assessment by a qualified tutor will tell you the exact grade level of your child and pinpoint any areas requiring attention. However, remember, at the end of the day you are the one that knows your child the best: ask questions, talk to qualified experts and make sure you listen to your own intuition to guide you on how you can best help your child with their school work. Article by Christine Hawkins (B.Ed.) Christine has worked extensively as a teacher in many Hunter Schools and has spent the last five years running multiple professional Tuition Centres in the capacity of tutor, trainer and business owner. Christine welcomes any questions that you may have and can be contacted on 49831000 or by email at

1. How is my child going at school? What are their weakest and strongest subjects? 2. What kind of tests do you give? What do the test results show about my child’s progress? How do these results compare to other students in the class? 3. What is my child’s ability level? Do they work comfortably at that level? 4. Does my child complete work on time? Do they hand in their homework on time? 5. How is my child’s behaviour? Do they participate in class activities?

2 Jul - 23 Sept

48 William reet Raymond Terrace


4983 1000


Indulge Yourself

Is it Time to Reconnect With Your Partner? It’s inevitable that as parents most of us spend the majority of our time either working or attending to/amusing the children. Our list of things to do in our valuable and scarce spare time often focuses on shopping, cleaning and home/garden maintenance. This can often mean that where your relationship with your partner is concerned, it’s easy to slip into the habit of taking each other for granted. But couple time is hugely important, not to mention enjoyable, so perhaps it’s time to put your relationship with your partner at the top of that to-do list and rediscover why you fell in love in the first place. So, book the babysitter (check our classified’s section on page 18 if you haven’t already got a regular sitter) and plan on spending some quality time together reconnecting as a couple. After all, a stable and healthy relationship between parents equals a happy home. To give you the opportunity to re-aquaint in style, What’s On In Our Backyard have teamed up with the highly recommended local restaurants listed below to give a few lucky couples the perfect excuse to make a date. We have eight gift vouchers available to give away and all you have to do to be in with a chance to win is email your name and contact details to with “dinner please” as the subject heading before the deadline of 15th August 2011! Name: Azure at Salamander Address: Oaks Pacific Blue Resort, 265 Sandy Point Rd, Salamander Bay Tel no: 4984 1017 Open: 7 days - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner What’s on the menu: Extensive Alfresco Menu

Enjoy cocktails by the pool or come for our Happy Hour - Wed-Fri 4:30-6:00pm.

Name: Rock Lobster Restaurant Address: Upstairs d’Albora Marinas Teramby Rd, Nelson Bay Tel no: 4981 1813 Open: 7 days, lunch 11:30am dinner 5.30pm What’s on the menu: Specializing in fresh

local seafood. Non seafood, vegetarian & special dietary options also available.

Name: Zest Restaurant Address: 16 Stockton St, Nelson Bay Tel no: 4984 2211 Open: Tuesday-Saturday from 6:30pm What’s on the menu: Modern European

Cuisine: The only 1 Hat awarded restaurant in Port Stephens continually for 6 years.

Name: Hog’s Breath Cafe Address: Shop 16, Upper d’Albora Marinas, Teramby Rd, Nelson Bay Tel no: 4984 2842 Open: Open for Lunch & Dinner 7 days What’s on the menu: Sensational salads,

burgers, ribs, kids menu & of course the steak! Kid’s eat free Mon/Tue lunch/dinner.


Name: Ritual Restaurant Address: Shop 1 Austral Street Shopping Village, Nelson Bay Tel no: 4981 5514 Open: Open by reservation only What’s on the menu: We create multi-sensory

award winning culinary adventures for you to savour.


Name: Depz Restaurant Address: 85 Magnus St, Nelson Bay Tel no: 4984 1500 Open: 7 days - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner What’s on the menu: Offering the Bay’s

biggest breakfast, fresh local seafood & succulent fillet steaks. Award winning dining!


Name: The Point Restaurant Address: Upstairs, Soldiers Point Marina, Ridgeway Avenue Tel no: 4984 7111 Open: for Lunch & Dinner, Tues-Sun What’s on the menu: Serving award winning,

Address: All Seasons Salamander Shores,

147 Soldiers Point Rd, Soldiers Point

innovative cuisine, with an emphasis on seafood in a stylish, yet relaxed atmosphere.

Tel no: 4982 7210 Open: Lunch from 12pm Dinner from 6pm locally owned business

Step out of the Gym and into the


best shape of your life

be fitter, slimmer & stronger! enrol NOW into any of our courses

Be Active & Feel Grea t! Yoga FREE

T MAt E s CIS r 1 ER you ass X E ith s p ION w clas ENT M 5 D! A ST JU THIS

Yoga Yoga Pilates Yoga Pilates Pilates Pilates Make Cardio Cardio a booking Cardio Combat today & achieve your goals

Combat Combat

Nelson Bay .. Fingal Bay .. Medowie Weight Loss + Outdoor Fitness Courses 4 Everyone

Tel: 0429 495 328 visit our website


78 Stockton Street, Nelson Bay

Home of Nelson Bay Dance

4981 5656

Issue 3


The Pursuit Of Perfection

In a meeting last week, I was talking to the staff about self esteem. To some degree, we all lack this secretly on the inside and in a gym environment this can hold us back. Even the staff battle daily with thinking they need the ‘perfect body’. But why don’t we like our bodies? One thing is for sure, no amount of squats, push-ups or jumping jacks is going to really matter if you aren’t at peace with who you are and the body you live in. Ask yourself these questions, contemplate the answers and tell yourself the truth. •

The Truth Shall Set You Free! • Were we born to hate our bodies?

Here are my top recommendations:

• What exactly are we trying to look like?

1. Have a regular massage.

• Who really cares?

No matter what the answers to these questions are, and the conclusions you may draw, we all know one thing for sure: regular exercise can help improve your self-esteem. It makes you feel great, improves mood, improves body tone, helps to prevent medical conditions and diseases, and keeps you within a healthy weight range. Another big bonus is that it gives you more energy. Energy, coupled with vitality and enthusiasm = a higher self esteem and better opinion of your body. So instead of concentrating all our efforts on trying to achieve that elusive perfect body, apart from exercise, what else can we do to ensure we are bursting with energy, vitality and enjoying our lives every day, without trying to be ‘perfect’?

How did it start?

This Year I Need Anytime RAYMOND TERRACE 40 Richardson Rd, Raymond Terrace

OPE7N 24 x

It’s time to do something for yourself

Safe & Secure Access 24/7 365 Days a Year Access to 1500 clubs worldwide Friendly & professional staff State of the Art Facilities & Equipment Welcoming to all shapes & sizes Get a FREE 7 Day Pass

2. Eat more fibre, fruit, and vegetables.

appreciative of: at the dinner table I get each family member to take their turn, wearing novelty glasses.

13. Have fun, be silly, help others, watch comedies, laugh lots, and release endorphins in other ways rather than comfort eating.

3. Walk four kilometres in 30 minutes four times a week. 4. Exercise your body: pump iron.

Massive Love, peace, and truth to you all!


5. Exercise your brain: learn new skills.


6. Spend quality time with friends and family. 7. Switch the TV off and talk more about feelings.

Work out now for your Summer body: Don’t wait...

8. Give 7 second kisses and hugs. 9. Unwind before you get home and again before you go to sleep at night. 10. Validate women’s feelings when they are stressed and stay out of men’s caves when it’s obvious they need their own space. 11. Stand up and stretch every 30 minutes. 12. When you are with your family/friends take turns to say something you are

Proud WINNER of The 2010 Port Stephens Small Business Award for Cafes

By Nikki Croshaw, Owner of Anytime Fitness Raymond Terrace

Special Deal only for readers of What’s On In Our Backyard: Just $11.95 per week (huge saving off our normal rate) + 1/2 price Enrolment Fee. Plus, bring a friend with you and each receive your first month FREE + FREE orientation and FREE personal program! To be eligible for this deal, please call Anytime Fitness now on 4983 2060 and mention ‘What’s On In Our Backyard’. Offer valid until 22nd September 2011.

Cafe now open osphere Unique atm rvice se t Excellen ndly ie fr y il am F Great coffee es Light lunch n of io ct le se e Fin kes & slices ca ia Macadam m s 9am to 5p Open 7 day

Come in Today! 672 Medowie Road, Medowie

Call or visit us today 4983 2060

Tel: 4982 8888

W: E:

W. E.

Port Stephens

Chiropractic & Yoga Wellness Care For You And Your Family Over 20yrs experience Family oriented practice Babies to young 90 year olds Kevin G Schwager Chiropractor

2 Jul - 23 Sept

Helping you to achieve health and vitality

Fun, Passion & Love for all areas of Chiropractic Health

Therapeautic Yoga for all ages and conditions including Pre Natal

4981 1664

112 Government Rd, Nelson Bay


Maree Frawley Yoga Instructor RYTA 500



Home Education: The World Is Our Classroom By Henriette Bruton

The sixth-born of seven children, I am a wife, mother and educational facilitator to our four children at home. How old are your children? 16, 14, 11, 8 What made you decide to home-educate your children? I met a family when our eldest children were almost four and two. There were five children in this family, ranging in ages between 11 years and four months old. The oldest two children were reading, the younger ones were engaged in craft and the baby was asleep in her cot. I loved what I saw in their busy home. There were clearly structured activities that were to be covered in the course of the day, but all around the home and garden were signs of creative projects, collections and experiments, piles of books in cosy reading areas, games and toys - that all spoke of life waiting to be experienced. This mother challenged me to answer the questions: “What is education for?”, and “What educational experiences are important to you?” I was motivated after speaking to her about her aspirations and plans for her young family, their roles in their family, in their community and for their future roles in the wider society in their adult years. I knew that I too, wanted that level of involvement in our children’s lives. We did not enrol our children into school at any point, and yes, we have had some bumps along the way, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey thus far. How do you ensure that your children have the chance to interact with other children their age? The question regarding socialization is almost always asked by people who have little or no experience or contact with homeeducators, and has been the topic for many articles and books written for the home-education readership and makes for some very enlightening reading.

common age-group as such. In fact, most home-educated children (mine included) don’t worry about who they play with – age or gender – they are too busy having fun! What would you consider to be the advantages and disadvantages of home-education? Sitting down and listing factors that one might consider as advantages and disadvantages is an exercise that I always recommend parents do when first deciding to educate their children at home. Lists will obviously vary greatly from family to family. A question of this nature is asked frequently, but usually heads down the track of a comparison of known versus the unknown. How can you truly know something until you have fairly tried and tested it? When we review our decision periodically, the benefits become more and more evident, and confirm the lifestyle choice we have made for our family. What do the children think of being homeeducated? The children enjoy the flexible structure of our educational experiences. They take charge of their time and quickly learn to make responsible choices as to setting a pace. Their leisure time is theirs to plan and enjoy. They love choosing learning materials and topics, which they are then motivated and committed to working through. As we are usually all busy with different tasks, I value their work being completed in the absence of comparison to the others. What advice would you give to parents thinking of home-educating their children? Consider carefully your reasons for home-educating your children and do a reality-check on the commitment required. Home-education differs vastly from one family to the next. Do plenty of research, visit some of the many websites; www. is a good place to start. Attend a conference or an information session (I run these periodically). Speak to families who home-educate their children - why not meet us in the park! If you would Iike any further information, I can be contacted via the HEA website - follow the Support Groups link. Enjoy seeing your children discover and create, and have fun discovering and creating with them. Thank you Trish and Saffron for this opportunity to share my enthusiasm for our lifestyle choice and the pleasure of living and learning so closely with our children.

Being home-educated by no means confines children to their homes. “The World is our Classroom” is the Home Education Association (HEA) motto and one we adhere to closely. Having six members in our immediate family offers minute-by-minute socialization opportunities across the spectra of age and gender. Our flexible routine furthermore offers unlimited options for socialization: there are extended family relationships, neighbours, friends and families to visit and invite over, shopping, field trips, sports carnivals to attend, participation in extra-curricular activities, coaching opportunities and study groups to name but a few. Home-educated families tend to socialize in larger groups of varying ages. Friendships form where a common interest is found and a special connection is made, and not as a result of a

A full list of your local Schools, Preschools and Child Care Centres can be found by visiting our website at


all enquiries Tel: 4982 7695 / 4982 6884

Issue 3


SCHOOL NOTICEBOARD Bob’s Farm Public School, Marsh Rd, Bobs Farm There are BIG BENEFITS in choosing a small school : Some people just drive past their local small primary school or don’t enquire if there are out of zone vacancies as they think small schools do not offer as much as a large school. Find out why this can be a BIG mistake by visiting Tel: 4982 1179 Medowie Public School, Ferodale Rd, Medowie Thursday, 4th August, 11am: TIME CAPSULE OPENING (sealed in 1994/5). Past & present students & staff are invited to the Opening Ceremony as part of the school’s Education Week Celebrations. Present Band & Choir will be performing, followed by a BBQ lunch & classroom tour.

St. Philip’s Christian College, 182 Salamander Way, Salamander Bay Saturday, 23rd July, 4pm: BUNNINGS BBQ. We need your support to raise funds for the Boy’s Breakfast Club: an initiative to facilitate up to 10 boys meeting at school 3 days a week to clean up the playgrounds, with a staff mentor, then enjoy a morning breakfast. Catering for boys generally at home by themselves in the morning. Wednesday, 7th September: MADD NIGHT. An annual celebration of Music, Art, Dance & Drama. Tickets on sale at the door on the night – featured in the Theatre, St Philip’s Christian College’s newest facility. Soldiers Point Public School, Cromarty Rd, Soldiers Point If your child is starting school in 2012 and you are looking for some great reasons why you should consider Soldiers Point Public School, visit You will also find some important information and dates for starting Kindergarten 2012. Tel: 4982 7151

Mount Kanwary Public School, 753 Hinton Rd, Osterley Saturday, 27th August, 4pm: CRACKER NIGHT SPECTACULAR. Fire Works Display. Jumping Castle & Slide, Amazing Jonathon, Amusements, BBQ & Coffee Van, Fairy Floss, Snow Cones, Face Painting, Auction, Mechanical Bull Ride, Live Entertainment, + much more!! Entry: Family $20 (2 Adults & up to 4 Children); Single $5

Long Day Care Medowie Children’s Centre • • • •

Hot nutritious meals served CCB approved Highly accredited Includes Preschool program

Medowie Christian School, 6b Waropara Rd, Medowie Tuesday, 2nd August, 7pm: ASD SEMINAR. Proudly hosting Dr Janine Bounds, specialist in Autism Spectrum Disorder, presented by ATUNE Health Centres. Please RSVP by phone on 4954 4511

Port Stephens Activity Van Preschool • • • •

Fees starting from as low as $12.50 Mon: Soldiers Point Wed: Grahamstown Thur: Medowie

Before and After School Care

• Keeping kids safe before and after school • CCB approved • Medowie & Raymond Terrace

Qualified, experienced and caring educators

For information & enrolment packages phone: 4987 1344

Medowie Christian School is a leading independent school from Kindergarten to Year 10 Medowie Christian School delivers quality education to grow courageous and compassionate global citizens with truth and wisdom in Christ

Tel: 4981 7177

• • • •

Excellent academic results Strong focus on values Outstanding facilities Dedicated staff

6b Waropara Rd, Medowie 2318 MCS families are not required to attend church but must fully support the Christian values and ethos of the school

2 Jul - 23 Sept




Professional Services there are heaps of categories available to advertisers in our classifieds section, such as DENTISTS CLEANERS HOME TUTORS plumbers + more .... We can even create a category to suit your business, so call us now on 4982 7695 or 4982 6884 or email us at the address at the top of this page:

Booking deadline for Issue 4 is 5th August

Classifieds Ad Rates: $5 per line, $6 per bold line, minimum spend of $20 Professional Services Contact Information: Tel: 4982 7695 / 4982 6884 & Party Time email:

BABY & CHILD DRIVING SCHOOLS GOODS & SERVICES Sutton’s Driver & Transport Training. Tel: Baby Country All your baby needs from 0-3 yrs. Tel: 4982 5055 See our advert on page 4 Kids R Kool Your largest local children’s boutique store. Tel: 4948 6477 See our advert on page 19 Parker Built Cubbies Cubbies, forts & play equipment. Tel: 4982 6927


Nanny Pop-In Need safe & reliable care for kids? I’m here to help! Day & evening childminding available. I have local referees and a Working With Children Check certificate. Give yourself a break, call Sarah-Jane on Tel: 4919 0315; Mob: 0403765514


Port Stephens Chiropractic & Yoga Wellness care for you and your family. Tel: 4981 1664 See our advert on page 15

1300 665 336 See our advert on this page


Mr Excavations General excavations & earthmoving. Tel: 0437 373 775 See our advert on this page


Advanced Finance Solutions We believe in Property Ownership for Wealth Creation. Investment loans; first time buyers; debt consolidation; poor credit history loans; reverse mortgage/equity loans; contact us for an obligation free consultation. Tel: 4919 0478;; U1/10 Shearwater Dr, Taylors Beach Resilend/Wealth Today From finance solutions to wealth creation. Tel: 4984 6001 See our advert on page 9


Hunter Valley Orthodontics For adults, adolescents & children. Tel: 1800 021 064 See our advert on this page


OASIS HOMEWARES The designer homewares store that comes to your door! Great incentives for hosting a party. Call Margot 0416 303 336 or email Sneak peek on Facebook: ‘Oasis Homewares with Margot’


Photography by Catherine Burford Capturing the moments that make memories! Tel: 0410 687 282 See our advert on page 2 Sheree McIntyre Photography Affordable Portrait and Wedding packages. All images on a disc. 0407 822 928 or 4982 2927 See our advert on this page Almost An Angel Photography Specializing in Bump to Bub portrait photography. Tel: 0402 465 690


Kip McGrath Qualified teachers creating individual tutoring programs. Tel: 4983 1000 See our advert on page 13

Providing Quality Orthodontic Services for Adults, Adolescents and Children Dr Steven Cave BDS, MDSc Shop 5, 5 Town Centre Circuit, Salamander Bay. Located in The Henry Centre above Davison’s Pool & Spa Services.

P.O. Box 281 Beresfield NSW 2322

For all appointments and enquiries please phone

Phone 1300 665 336

1800 021 064

Sheree McIntyre Photography Memories For Life • Portraits • Weddings • Commercial • Pets • Portfolios Creative, Modern & Affordable We welcome enquiries for all other photographic work

Tel: 4982 2927 Mob: 0407 822 928 Email:



0437 373 775 • • • • • • •

5T. Excavator 12T. Tipper • Bobcat Site Clearing / Levelling Augering • Footings Grapple Fitted Rubbish Removal General Excavations & Earthmoving

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Win! Introducing: Kids R Kool Childrens Boutique Store A fabulous boutique selling a large range. You can visit them online or go along to their premises in Warners Bay (see ad below). Great prices for Designer clothing and accessories! We have $20 vouchers to give away to five lucky readers! All you have to do is visit their website at and find the answer to the following question: ‘Name three clothing brands available for purchase’. Email your answer, entitled ‘Kids R Kool’ to win@ whatsoninourbackyard. before the closing date of 15th August 2011


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An essential selection of party goods

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JD’s World of Magic 02 4942 3593

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and service providers for that special occasion call us now to promote your party service Telephone 4982 6884 or 4982 7695

Clothes Shoes Giftware

Babies to Teens Be in our VIP CLUB: Never Pay Full Price Again FREE to Join Online FREE Delivery

Sandboarding Party Dune Adventures!

“Make Your Next Children’s Party Memorable & Fun”

TINY TOTS JUMPING CASTLE HIRE Flat Rate - All Day Hire. Ideal for children’s parties; playgroups; special occasions. Phone for Bookings. Tel: 0413 598 498

Affordable prices - Cakes for any occasion Children’s & Adults’ Birthdays - Baby Showers Engagements - Weddings - Anniversaries

Cupcake gift boxes available s! option in boxes of 6 or 12 Gluten free

Tel: 0401 319 885


y Ava Deliver



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Breastfeeding Helpline Tel: 1800 686 2 686 GP Access After Hours Tel: 1300 130 147 Karitane Tel: 1800 677 961 Tresillian Helpline Tel: 1800 637 357 Parent Helpline Tel: 132 055 Pregnancy Support Helpline 1800 422 213


Food Care & Clothing Care Christian Outreach Centre @ Salamander Bay; Tel: 4981 1852 Tomaree Neighbourhood Centre Tel: 4984 6220 Port Stephens Family Support Service Tel: 4987 4674 Defence Community Org. Tel: 4034 6973 Dads In Distress (DIDS) Tel: 1300 853 437 Community Services (formerly DoCS) Help Line Tel: 132 111 Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Helpline Tel: 1800 200 526 Legal Aid Help Line Tel: 1300 888 529 Lifeline Financial & Personal Counselling Services Tel: 131 114 Relationships Australia Tel: 1300 364 277 SIDS and Kids Grief & Loss Support Tel: 1300 651 186 Kids Help Line Tel: 1800 551 800


Firstchance Early Intervention Program Tel: 4921 6277 Hunter Connect Tel: 4982 9123 Northcott Earlystart Diagnosis Support Service Tel: 4935 0400


Gan Gan Family Centre Anna Bay Public School; Tel: 4982 2399 Thou-Walla Family Centre Irrawang Public School, Raymond Terrace; Tel: 4987 4666 Medowie Child & Family Health Clinic @ Medowie Community Centre Ferodale Road; Tel: 4981 8510

Stockton Health Centre Mitchell Street; Tel: 4920 1796 Raymond Terrace Health Centre Port Stephens Street; Tel: 4987 2078 Tomaree Child & Family Health Centre @ Tomaree Education Centre Aquatic Close, Salamander Bay; Tel: 4981 0129


Kids Kare Help Line Tel: 4921 2800 Tomaree Community Hospital Tel: 4984 0700 John Hunter Hospital Tel: 4921 3000 Poisons Information Service Tel: 131 126 Mothersafe Medication during pregnancy & lactation; Tel: 1800 647 848 Nelson Bay Community Health Centre, Dental Clinic and Speech Pathology Tel: 4984 0730 Child Safe Hunter Valley: Baby Capsule Hire John Hunter Hospital; Tel: 4921 3374 Child Care Restraints, Road Safety Officer Tel: 4980 0201 Medicare Australia Tel: 136 150 Family Planning NSW Tel: 1300 658 886


Gan Gan Family Centre Anna Bay; Tel: 4982 1767 Port Stephens Parenting Program Tel: 4990 5143 Family Insight Tel: 4961 0700 First Steps Parenting Centre Tel: 4924 6550 The Benevolent Society Brighter Futures Hunter Tel: 4931 9342 Young Parent Network Coordinator; Tel: 4931 2011 Australian Breastfeeding Association Port Stephens; Tel: 4967 7453


Toys On Tap Toy Library Gan Gan Family Centre Tel: 4982 1767 Williamtown Toy Library For families with RAAF Base access; Tel: 0439 457 596


Northern Settlement Services Tel: 4969 3399


Worimi Local Aboriginal Land Council Tel: 4965 1500 Awabakal Health Service Tel: 4969 2424 Kup-poon-dee Tel: 4987 7890

This Issue’s Highlighted Service GP ACCESS AFTER HOURS After hours telephone triage & advice service. Registered nurses provide initial medical advice to patients. Medical back-up provided by on-call GP’s. Mon-Fri 6pm-8am; Sat 1pm-8am; Sun & public hols 8am-8am. Tel: 1300 130 147

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Issue 3  

What's On In Our Backyard Magazine

Issue 3  

What's On In Our Backyard Magazine