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Meet the team of mums who contribute to your local family magazine... Saffron Cooper Lives in Salt Ash and is mum to 2 children EDITOR/PUBLISHER Brooke Willis Lives in Anna Bay and is mum to 5 children ADVERTISING Katie Monin of Katie Monin Design Lives in Nelson Bay and is mum to 1 child GRAPHIC DESIGN Catherine Burford @ So Lovely Photography Lives in Medowie and is mum to 3 children FRONT COVER PHOTOGRAPHY What’s On In Our Backyard is independently published by Saffron Cooper.

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Cutting Edge: Hairdressing Advice & Tips The Weight Is Over Nat's Nutritious Delicious

Handy Tips From A Grudging Grandma Art Time: Connect With Your Kids Through Art

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Winter Issue!

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Saffron x

A Round Up Of Events And Activities This Winter Your Chance To Win Some Fantastic Prizes!

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Spring Issue: Covers the period OCT-DEC 2014

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INSPIRATIONAL Mem Hockley of local not for profit organisation, Mem’s Soul Food, has been working hard these past few months to get her monthly family nights ‘HOME’ off the ground. These inspiring nights, hosted in Raymond Terrace and free for anyone to attend, offer families a chance to get together, learn about cooking, budgeting and meal planning and share beautiful food, cultural experiences, music, love and laughter. Mem is also committed to discovering local families and finding out more about their cultural backgrounds, ready to cook up a feast with them on one of her upcoming family nights, sharing the food with the other families who attend. So, with Father's Day approaching, she recently met with our ‘cover dad’, Joel Wenitong; a local dad of 4, talented musician AND medical student, to find out about his journey and what it means to him to be a dad. Here’s how it went…

environment and culture. Culture to me is about relationships with people, the land, family and spirituality, as well as bush food, bush medicine, laughter, dance, stories, music, language and traditions.

Tell us a little about yourself and your background. My mob is from the Kupandingy or Kabi Kabi mob of South East Queensland, but I also have French, German and South Sea Islander heritage as well.

How do you balance your work and studies with family time? My wife Adriana makes it happen for me. A schedule and time management: up early, go to hospital, get home, help make dinner, hang out with Adriana and the kids, help shower kids and put kids to bed, and then study until I fall asleep.

What made you want to study medicine? When I graduated from high school I went to uni and completed a double degree in teaching and social science. I taught in schools and worked for a substitute care organisation and then at a special behaviour school. It started to become apparent that many students were experiencing health problems, which prevented them from obtaining a proper education. I began screening students for hearing problems, which progressed to lecturing on Indigenous health and education at a university. It was at the university that I was encouraged to have a crack at medicine. What happened next? I made a variety of documentaries, interviewed Elders, and finally came to the realisation that being a doctor could really make a difference, especially in relation to holistic care. During that time, our music group [The Last Kinection] being my sister, DJ Jaytee and myself had a big car accident and that was the point when I decided I had to start this next journey. This journey also included a spiritual and cultural aspect in that I can’t really practice good medicine if I don’t have a good understanding or at least a relationship with the land,


You mention your music group: how important a part does music play in your family? Our family is very musical: both my parents went to uni as mature age students after having four kids and so weekend gigs provided the extra money needed to simply survive. Growing up, I thought it was normal to play music on weekends so that’s what I did. Music is a universal language, it brings so much creativity to the world. What does being a dad mean to you? Real Love.

What inspires you the most about your children? They are all so different and it’s amazing and exciting to see their personalities and be able to help them develop their unique identities. If you could pass on two of your own talents to your children what would they be and why? 1. Being able to talk to and relate to anyone no matter their background or circumstances - because the world would be a better place if more people were like this. 2. Being able to find a purpose in life that they enjoy and pays the bills - because it is possible. What do you love doing most as a family? Playing loud music and dancing together and camping too.... in a tent, NOT GLAMPING ha ha. We’ve heard you are great cook! What is your favourite family meal? Double Cooked Tuscan Kangaroo and Herb & Spice Crocodile (dont be scared to eat croc....they are not scared to eat you!)

Weno’s Herb & Spice Crusted Crocodile |

Serves 6

INGREDIENTS 1kg Crocodile meat ½ cup of plain flour (we use Gluten Free Flour) Water (enough for a runny batter consistency) 1 teaspoon of oil (we use Rice Bran Oil) Oil for shallow frying Shallots Herb and Spice Mix Garlic powder Ginger powder Coriander powder Celery Salt Salt & pepper Dipping Sauce/Dressing 4 Tablespoons of Mayonnaise 1 Tablespoon of honey 1 teaspoon of whole grain mustard 1 teaspoon of mustard powder ½ lemon juice Method 1 Cut croc into strips 2 Make a runny batter with the plain flour, water and oil 3 Dip croc in batter 4  Shallow fry batches in very hot oil, until golden brown and crispy 5 Combine herbs and spices to make a dry mix 6 Sprinkle herb and spice mix onto cooked batches 7 Place croc back into shallow fry, adding shallots, cook for 1 minute 8  Make Dipping Sauce/dressing – Combine all ingredients & mix! Use it to dip into or drizzle on top of croc 9 Eat! Great accompanied with a fresh salad

You can find out more about Mem's Soul Food at, and connect with Mem daily on Facebook at Turn to page 28 to read our interview with Joel's wife, Adriana, who homeschools their four beautiful children.

Sourcing your ingredients: Crocodile meat can be purchased from Hunter Valley Chicken & Game, 126 Bridges Rd, New Lambton. Kangaroo meat can be purchased from your local Woolies!

Weno’s Double Cooked Tuscan Kangaroo |

Serves 6

Ingredients 500g kangaroo Oil for shallow fry Tuscan seasoning mix Salt and Pepper Method 1 Cut Kangaroo into 4cm strips 2 Sprinkle Tuscan seasoning, salt and pepper 3 Shallow fry one side for 3 minutes, turn and fry other side for 3 minutes 4 Take out of pan 5 Cut strips lengthways in half (approx. 2cm strips) 6 Shallow fry again for 1 minute 7 Done! Eat! Great served with a salad or roasted vegetables. Issue 15: Whats On In Our Backyard



Tips for being

a Great Dad “There are plenty of great dads out there who are in business. I am just one who got to tell a story.” By JONATHAN BRAKE

Society needs great dads. Dads who take the time – not just to be the 'bread winner' - but time to invest in their children, nurturing them and their future. Running a business coaching business and being a dad is tough. Here are some of the things that have helped me along in my journey. Getting The Order Right Firstly I am a husband, then a father. I love my kids but I love my wife more. Including The Kids In My Business As a commitment to my family I take pride in being able to take my children with me on business. For my kids, that has meant trips around Australia and to the U.S. When travelling, I arrange activities for them to do so they can appreciate the local culture. Like my younger son and our time in New Zealand, visiting Hobbits and talking about volcanoes. Or my daughter attending school in North Carolina or playing in the Colorado snow. In fact I won't work with clients who do not hold similar values to me. In my children’s early years I chose to stay at home and base my work from there. Always Making Time For The Children This goes without saying, but what constitutes really 'paying attention'? As a coach I often work with my clients on 'being present'. There are so many distractions today... Just one more email, just another 5 minutes, another quote to do. Being present is really being there and focusing on them. Also, it’s important to remove distractions…. For me, this means time to kick the footy with Charlie, or share a cuddle with Hannah. Knowing When To Be At Home This is tough for anyone who runs a business. We are all guilty of bringing business home. The Internet, laptops, tablets and smart phones all ensure we are never far away from that next email or action item. The majority of my work is done from home and I for one have had to learn to step away and BE at home; be a dad and husband. Staying In Touch When Away It would be impossible for my kids to travel with me all the time, so on small trips Skype has become a great tool to check in, say goodnights and hear the day’s stories. If I am travelling within Australia, I ensure I keep in touch with regular phone calls and give my children the freedom to talk to me if they need me. I find a way to connect with them every day and let them know I love them. 6

Knowing My Roots 'The Bay' is my home. I love that my family made the choice to live here. The lifestyle is amazing. I will leave a legacy for my kids. They will raise their families based on the journey I lead them on. I know this and respect it. Work Life Balance We hear a lot about achieving work life balance. I heard a wise fella one say that to achieve work life balance you need to recognise the 'season' and manage everyone in it. I try to live by this definition. I recognise there are times my business takes me away, that I can't be as attentive to my family, but I determine that to be a closed season, one which has an end, and I communicate that season as best I can with the people I care about. Wrapping It Up I love what I do, I love who I am (mostly), but I love my family the most. If you are a dad and struggling to balance everything I would love to hear your story and see if there is something we can work on together. Leaving a legacy as dads is so important. You only have one shot – don’t waste it. Jonathan Brake is a business coach and marketing professional with over 20 years experience in this field. Jonathan travels the world working with business people and large corporations, training and coaching small and large teams. He operates his business 'State Your Business' both locally and in Brisbane and Canberra. Jonathan would love your feedback on this article or just to connect with you in general. Leave your feedback/ comments at or email:


Love Conquers All By Troy Hockley, local Tanilba Bay dad of 4

There's no doubt about the fact that sometimes, being a dad can be an arduous task. However, I have been lucky enough to meet some inspiring people along my twelve year journey of fatherhood, whom have helped me change my perception of what being a dad means and how my role is actually a pretty easy one. Recently I had the pleasure of being invited to a friend’s family gathering for a Mem’s Soul Food video production, where I was lucky enough to meet John, a father of 8 children, grandfather to 21 and greatgrandfather to 11. There were around fifty people at the gathering, all of them a part of his family. John is Hungarian and what struck me was that whilst his kids towered over him and greatly outnumbered him, he was still the head of the family. His huge sons looked like boys when they talked to him and when he addressed the room everyone was silent. When he asked for something, half the crowd moved to act. It was an inspiration to see such an awesome act of fathering. While we were talking about children he said, ‘My ex-wife did all the hard work, she raised the children and ran the house. I had the easy job and went out and got the money. I tried to do her job, but only lasted two weeks.’ He also said several times during the day that he felt so honored, so privileged, to have had the life he has. I considered how he commands so much love and respect, and the simple answer is that he gives to receive. Each and every one of his family gets the love and respect he in turn gets back.

There have been many times in my life when I have felt inspired by other dads. When my first child was born another proud father who had just delivered his third child, came up to me in the hospital delivery suite and said, ‘It's easy mate, all you have to do is love them’. He must have seen my look of bewilderment at the huge task I knew was in front of me, but what he said made sense. Jogging, mountain climbing, hiking, fixing up old cars (or polishing new ones), gardening, renovating..... If you love it, it’s easy, enjoyable and fulfilling. Changing soiled nappies, loss of sleep, cleaning vomit, sitting through dance classes and end of year school performances, refereeing constant squabbles, delivering punishments... are not things that I will learn to love, but I do love the people who make me do these things and so it’s easy (most of the time). I like to compare being a father to like being a hero soldier in a Vietnam war movie. Soldiers enduring terrible hardships, taking risks and being willing to bravely lay down their lives for their country. My family is much more than just a country to me. They are my whole world, and I figure that if I was willing to give up my life to protect them, jump in front of a car or stop a burglar, then why not devote my life to them. After all, at the end of my time, they are my only real legacy. I remind myself that, ‘it’s easy, all you have to do is love them’. Every day (some times more than once), I ask myself what can I do to love them today. Then I check my gear, lock and load, and charge forward.

Issue 15: Whats On In Our Backyard



What goes around comes around...

by Gerard McClafferty, General Manager, Salamander Bay Recycling

Located at 360 Soldiers Point Road, Salamander Bay; Salamander Bay Recycling is an independent, not-for-profit benevolent organisation, run by the community, for the community. Supporting many local charities and organisations in Port Stephens NSW, we specialise in the reclamation, processing and on-sale of items previously considered obsolete. The organisation has adapted to many changes and has grown exponentially over the years. As a benevolent not-for-profit enterprise, we are committed to providing an alternative retailing experience for the community of and visitors to Port Stephens. The money which is generated by our activities is channelled back into the local economy, either through the wages of our ten local employees or via the financial or in-kind donations we make to local individuals, groups and organisations. Salamander Bay Recycling donated almost $28,000 to the Port Stephens community in the 2013 calendar year; this figure is set to increase for the twelve months to December 2014. We operate, in part, to improve the Port Stephens community’s awareness of the value of recycling. The business has a range of on-site activities which build skills, knowledge and capabilities of community members who are themselves ‘re-cycling’ by developing new in-demand industry and workplace skills that they did not previously possess. Human talent as well as material items are used again and again in a circular, sustainable way for the increased benefit of all. We provide a FREE collection service and a drop-off facility for most recyclable items. We offer Gift Vouchers, which are a perfect gift idea for those difficult-to-please friends or family members. Our operational activities have grown to include a new, cost-effective, household waste removal activity, which is


proving to be very popular with local residents. The most recent addition to our portfolio is our Boutique Event Styling service. With access to hundreds of top quality, especially selected pieces of pre-loved tableware and furnishings, our experienced Creative Consultant Maret will bring a distinctive approach to your very special event. Trading 7-days-per-week, Salamander Bay Recycling is on the verge of something BIG, but we can only get there if you continue to shop with us; so tell your friends and family about us because your custom and patronage is very much appreciated. And remember; if you spend with us, the entire Port Stephens community benefits.

Check us out online: and like us on Facebook @salbayrec. Or call (02) 4984 6244. Salamander Bay Recycling: What goes around comes around...


World Cup fever reaches Port Stephens! As the nation and indeed the whole world are caught up in the thrill and excitement of the World Cup in Brazil, the beginnings of that dream arrives in Port Stephens! Goal Soccer Academy is a highly respected Sydney based soccer school that is dedicated to children’s soccer coaching and soccer skill development. With their new home at Tomaree Playing fields in Nelson Bay, they will now be inspiring the next generation of soccer stars locally! Director of Coaching and former UK professional footballer Stuart Casey explains; “Throughout my professional career, I have acquired tremendous knowledge and experience which I now enjoy passing on to today’s generation. I remain very passionate about this beautiful game and am totally dedicated to helping the next generation fulfil their dreams. Football is in my blood.” Indeed that passion is becoming a nationwide reality, with soccer closing in as Australia's most popular sport. The chief executive of the FFA, David Gallop agrees; ''Today, the powerful idea that football could become Australia's biggest and most popular sport is no longer just a dream. Football is a game on the move.” And that dream starts with the smallest of kicks, with Goal Soccer Academy encouraging and developing a love of soccer in children from just 2 years of age! As well as offering quality soccer coaching, the sessions are also a fantastic way to provide children with the opportunity to express themselves and to progress other important skills, such as co-ordination, teamwork and confidence.

Of course it’s the great team of coaches that make it all possible; “Our passion for soccer is reflected in our dedicated and highly qualified coaches, who combine their expertise with a natural affinity with children, to truly maximise every child's potential.” So what do the mums and children think? “I just wanted say how fantastic the lesson was! It is honestly the best run extra curricular program I have ever come across. The coaches did a marvelous job and were so interactive and fun with the children. I will be highly recommending it to everyone I know.’ Kashaya Williams. So join in the fun now! Where: Tomaree Sports Fields, Nelson Bay Ages: Children aged 2 – 5 years of age Cost: $160 per child (for 8 weeks, commencing July 28th) To Book: Book online at or email us on if you have any questions.

Issue 15: Whats On In Our Backyard


Clubs&Classes DANCE Drama

Sports Registrations: Coming Soon ATHLETICS


Medowie Little Athletics Ages: 3.5yrs +; @ Kindlebark Oval, Medowie; E: medowielac@; www. medowielittleathletics. Website for rego dates & info

Medowie Cricket Club @ Ferodale Oval Complex, Medowie; E:; Website for rego dates & info

Port Stephens Little Athletics Ages: 3yrs & up; @ Dick Burwell Oval, Nelson Bay; E: www. Website for rego dates & info

Nelson Bay Junior Cricket Facebook/website for rego dates T: 0418 433 090

Raymond Terrace Athletics Centre Ages: 5yrs to Adults/Seniors; @ Kangaroo St, Raymond Terrace; T: 0418 962 185; www.raymondterraceathletics. Come & try Sat, 6th Sept from 9am Tilligerry Little Athletics Ages: 3 yrs+; @ Tom Payne Oval, Mallabulla; Facebook: littleathletics Email saff@ if you have a club or class you would like to promote.


For comprehensive listings of most clubs & classes in the area, visit our online directory at directory/clubs-classes/



Kaszazz Scrapbooking & Cardmaking Supplies Craft classes available in Salamander Bay Area; Ages: 4 Adult classes and 1 ‘Tweens’ class per month; Timetable available on request; T: Independent consultant Leanne Coombe on 0407 339 436; E:; FACEBOOK: CoombieCraft with Kaszazz; Find us at the Anna Bay Markets, 1st Saturday of each month

Pre-Ballet Class Ages: 3-5 yrs; Pre-school classical ballet and movement class aiming to capture and nurture your child’s enjoyment of movement and freedom of expression; Cost: Classes are $10, payable on the day. @ Unit 4, 9 George Road, Soldiers Point; T: 0425 247 352; E:



Bay Dance Academy For the Joy of Dance! Bay Dance Academy offers classes in jazz, ballet, tap, contemporary and hip hop, for ages 5yrs to adults. Plus a very popular pre-dance program for 3-5yr olds. FIRST CLASS FREE! Principal Kate Martynov has created a family friendly studio atmosphere with affordable classes and convenient timetable. Classes are taught with a focus on technique plus enjoyment. T: 0421 210 092 E:




SPECIALISING in the PERFORMING ARTS GOOD VIBRATIONS ACADEMY Expert tuition for adults & children in Singing, Piano, Drama, Guitar and Trumpet. Experienced, professional teachers with great energy!! A: Corlette/Medowie Studios T: 4981 4876 / 0431 151 231 E: goodvibrationsacademy@ www.goodvibrationsacademy. com Academy Principal: Di Fanning

HELEN O’GRADY DRAMA ACADEMY SALAMANDER BAY “Increase your child’s communication skills, self-confidence and creative talents. (Improvisation, Movement and Scriptwork)” DRAMA CLASSES: Primary: 7–11 yrs; Youth: 11–15 yrs. Mondays: Tomaree Primary Hall Enrolments now being taken Principal: Shane Skerly T: 02 49 692338 E:

DANCE Fitness Fit2Day Group & 1-2 sessions Ages: Adult and family sessions; @ Nelson Bay; T: 0425 314 746; E:; [see our ad on page 11] JaZance Fitness & Dance Ages: 5 yrs to Adults; @ Corlette & Salamander Bay; T: Gráinne 0415 582 663; E: jazance@; www.jazance.wix. com/grainne-myles [see our ad on page 11] Playball Sports Program Ages: 2-7 yrs; @ Nelson Bay; T: Santah 0432 513 621; www. [see our ad on page 11]

Fitness & Fun for the Whole Family! DANCE Football/Soccer

DANCE Music+Singing

Goal Soccer Academy Children’s soccer coaching; Ages: 2-5yrs; Using a variety of soccer skills and exciting games, we encourage a love of soccer at a young age in a fun and stimulating environment; @ Tomaree Sports Complex; Cost: $20 per session; E:; [see our ad on page 9]

Dani’s Music Studio Junior Music Program Ages: 3-5 yrs; @ Medowie; T: 0437 045 019; E:; danismusicstudio

DANCE Martial


BAYMMA holds Kids Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) Classes in the new custom-built facility at 23 Shearwater Drive, Taylor’s Beach. Thai Boxing is an ancient martial arts tradition, aimed at building confidence, physical fitness & self-defence skills through respect, discipline and teamwork...and it’s loads of FUN! Ages: 6-12 years When: Mon, Weds & Fri 4:30-5:30pm Cost: $5 per class. Parent/ Guardian must be present for duration of class Bring: Boxing gloves (available for purchase at reception) Contact: baymma for full timetable, updates and enquiries. Kaizen Ryu Karate Ages: 3 yrs to Adults; @ Salamander Bay; T: Chris 4981 3476 / 0405 820 430; E:

Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo Jutsu Practical, applicationbased Martial Arts Classes for all levels & ages from 4yrs to adults. Improve Co-ordination, Flexibility & Fitness while gaining Confidene & Self Discipline. Full time Dojo now open at Raymond Terrace. FREE FIRST CLASS Tel: 0416 197 644





SPECIALISING in the PERFORMING ARTS GOOD VIBRATIONS ACADEMY Expert tuition for adults & children in Singing, Piano, Drama, Guitar and Trumpet. Experienced, professional teachers with great energy!! A: Corlette/Medowie Studios T: 4981 4876 / 0431 151 231 E: goodvibrationsacademy@ www.goodvibrationsacademy. com Academy Principal: Di Fanning Nancy Hoskings Piano Tuition Ages: 6 yrs to Adults; @ Salamander Bay; T: Nancy 4984 6019 or 0414 397 579; E:

DANCE Tennis Nelson Bay Tennis Club: Junior Hotshots Tennis Supported by Tennis Australia; Ages: Primary school aged children; every Wednesday (coach Peter Doohan) and Friday (coach Blake Denison); T: 4981 4090; E: nelsonbaytennis@; www. hotshots Raymond Terrace & District Tennis Club Ages: 6 yrs & up; @ Kangaroo St, Raymond Terrace; T: Greg (Coaching) 0414 642 938 or Ellen (Court Hire) 0414 874 534; E: [see our ad on page 11]

DANCE Yoga Yogasphere Ages: 15 yrs to Adults; @ One Mile; one-off discount for most evening courses during winter; T: 0415 538 589; E:; [see our ad on page 13]

Issue 15: Whats On In Our Backyard



Time to ‘hiit ’ the Gym

By Isaac Smith, YMCA Raymond Terrace

For most, distinguishing the ultimate and most effective training method to reach one’s goals can be difficult. Understanding the physiological make-up of the human body, and how each individual reacts differently to one method of training compared to the next, proves to be a challenging task. Numerous studies have been published providing evidence as to the benefits associated with low intensity continuous exercise (walking, jogging, etc.) performed at a moderate pace, such as enhanced beta-oxidation (utilization of subcutaneous fat storage during exercise), increased mitochondrial and muscle capiliarisation and a reduction in lactate accumulation. All of which enhances an individual’s ability to perform exercise for extended periods of time and proving to be an essential tool in the battle for weight loss. Published research claims that for an individual who is overweight, the optimum method for weight loss is performing moderate paced intensity exercise over an extended period of time. However, it is fascinating to note that for individuals who aren’t considered overweight, or are already active and looking for methods to help rid those last extra kilos, HIIT proves to be a more effective and economical protocol. This method of training has been shown to improve fitness (anaerobically and aerobically), increase muscular mass and aid in many physiological processes within the body. Everyday we are asked as to the best methods for ‘toning up’, ‘helping to shed a few extra kilos’, ‘how can I lose weight, but not affect my muscular mass that I have developed’. HIIT has been shown to be extremely affective at all the above. This method of training is designed around the principle of producing supra-maximal efforts over short periods of time, followed by periods of rest or recovery exercises. For those wanting to increase muscular mass, improve fitness (VO2max), increasing one’s lactate threshold, enhance ATP-PCr production and recovery, HIIT is the way to go. The way in which it works, is it enhances one’s lactate threshold and increases the body’s ability to regenerate and produce Creatine Phosphate. By enhancing your lactate threshold, means your body now is able to perform at higher intensities for longer periods of time, before an accumulation of lactate occurs, resulting in lactic acid production. So with the body's ability to now delay the onset of neuromuscular fatigue, caused by excessive lactate accumulation, and enhancing the ability of the body to produce Creatine Phosphate, you are able to train harder, for longer, ultimately contributing to enhanced calorie expenditure and increases in lean muscle mass.

Furthermore, it is interesting to note, that evidence indicates that HIIT is beneficial for the vast majority of age groups within the community. Studies have been conducted into the benefits associated with HIIT training and the elderly, finding significant evidence. Following a carefully implemented and controlled/ monitored program, this form of training (HIIT) has been shown to reduce age-related sarcopenia (degenerative loss of skeletal muscle), and improve glycemic control (type 2 diabetes). Highlighting that this form of training is beneficial for the vast majority of people, proving effective results in a large array of health fields. If you find your program is lacking or thinking you want to incorporate some HIIT into your program, come see us at the YMCA. Our staff have a wealth of experience, from Exercise and Sport Science and Food Science and Human Nutrition Degrees, to years of experience within the industry, helping our clients to achieve their goals. Most importantly, all of our staff are extremely friendly and inviting. Mention this article and you will receive one week free to try our facility and one free personal training session.

For more information T: 4983 1703 or visit

Regular Fitness sessions at the Y Kinder Sports Program at YMCA Raymond Terrace Have fun while learning new skills through a range of sports from Soccer, Basketball and more; Ages: 3-5 yrs; 5 week program Teen Gym at YMCA Raymond Terrace Qualified fitness instructors show you how to develop positive exercise and healthy eating habits; Ages: 11-16 yrs; after school program Get Fit Kidz at YMCA Raymond Terrace Exercise program delivered by a qualified Y fitness trainer; Ages: 5-12 yrs; after school program


Gymnastics at YMCA Raymond Terrace Develop strength, coordination, flexibility and confidence; Ages: all ages and abilities; 4-5pm weekdays Group Fitness at YMCA Raymond Terrace Body Pump; Body Combat; Pryme Active; RPM; Explode; Body Step; Body Balance; Ages: Adults; see our website for timetable

Fitness & Fun for the Whole Family!

Yoga keeps

Keep warm this winter by simply moving. Yoga enhances your circulatory system which is both warming and healing. by Nikki Shilling Yogasphere

Winter in Australia is not that bad. Yet come May we are all shivering. Autumn? Spring? Nope, the temperature seems to drop overnight - usually coinciding with daylight saving. Oddly, it can feel as if just a week before we were heading to the beach after school. Hibernation here in The Bay is commonplace for four or five months of the year. Nobody goes out. Many businesses suffer and in some ways, so can our health; emotional and physical.

As my Irish sister-in-law lamented after being let down again and again due to 'the (Australian) weather', "If we waited for a perfect evening in Ireland to do anything, nobody would ever do anything. Ever!".

you hot!

I hate the cold but can't help thinking that this mental 'shutdown' occurs because we are all in a bit of denial that winter should even happen here! We think of this country as being a hot, summery place. We shiver inside - unlike most people experiencing a European winter - because lots of us live in drafty houses, built as if winter did not exist. I was born in the UK and it took me years of living in Australia before I finally began to invest in warm layers for the colder weather instead of just down-heartedly waiting for summer to return. There was always that idea that it 'wasn’t worth it'. But it does seem a shame to give up what amounts to more than a third of our lives each year. And another shame to undo all the hard work we may have put in over summer becoming fitter, and maybe to put off socialising to stay home instead.

Yep, I hate the cold and could easily hibernate. But I don’t. Instead, I try to ignore into the mind stuff. It makes a huge difference to my sense of well-being and means avoiding things like Seasonal Affectional Disorder (SAD) and/or ending up in a rut generally. For some it will mean less over-indulgence/ weight gain and/or becoming stiff, weak and unfit and having to start all over again. Exercise is a great immune booster so it is likely that many of us are more prone to sickness at this time of year, because we sit around. Yet, we know that when we make the effort, we feel MUCH happier for doing so and rarely regret it. Moving is so important - particularly in the cold - because enhancing all your circulatory systems is warming as well as healing. So if you are waiting to feel motivated, just do it anyway.

Nikki Shilling is recognised as a Level 2 Teacher by Yoga Australia. She has been teaching yoga as a profession since 2004 and has been a dedicated yoga practitioner for more than 15 years.

YOGASPHERE WINTER SPECIALS Winter warmer: Yogasphere offers a one-off discount for most evening courses during winter. Find out more and read Nikki's regular blog on the website at or contact Nikki Shilling directly on 0415 538 589. Issue 15: Whats On In Our Backyard





I recently read somewhere that one of the reasons some people get into 'toxic' relationships as young people and adults is because, in some cases, we try to subconsciously 'fix' the dysfunctional relationship we had with our parents, seeking relationships with people who are similar in character to the father (or mother) figure we had as a child. It's a vicious cycle that I'm sure many people reading this can relate to.

Here are some helpful suggestions for discussing role models with your children:

But there is no class in school which teaches young people how to avoid bad relationships and equally no class which teaches young men and women how to be a great husband/ wife, especially if they have not had a positive parental role model in their lives. I studied Romeo and Juliet when I was at school and that story didn’t exactly end well! For most of us 'grown ups', it's been a matter of trial and error - mostly error in my case and I'm sure I'm not alone in that!

There are also some fantastic support services available in our area for young people, such as Mem's Soul Food, Recipes to Life Program for girls.

Role models are highly important for children and young people psychologically, helping to guide them through life during their development, to make important decisions that affect the outcome of their lives, and to help them find happiness in later life. They will look to their role models for inspiration and use this as a blueprint for how they should behave when they are older, both in society and in their relationships. As parents, our children will look to us first as role models and we often see our own bad habits and behaviours played out by our children. Unfortunately, many young people witness 'bad behaviour' and even violence in the home. When we are witness to toxic relationships within our family, so the cycle of dysfunctionality can begin. A U.K. study found that young men with no male role model are 50% more likely to abuse drugs and young females in the corresponding position are significantly more likely to drink to excess. The study also found that a third of youngsters - 34% - admitted to having felt suicidal at some point, but this figure rose to 42% for those without positive figures in their lives. The report, which was based on interviews with 2,170 16-25yr olds, revealed that one in three young men and almost a quarter of young women have no positive figure to look up to. It was found that this was likely to impact significantly on their mental well-being and their outlook on life. Worrying figures indeed, and not the kind of future we want for our youngsters. So how do we ensure that our young people have positive role models in their lives, if this model cannot be found in our own homes? 14

• Have your child identify what qualities he/she admires in his/her role model • Give examples of people in your community who you feel have positive qualities and are a good influence on others • Talk about people you look up to for guidance and inspiration

Mem Hockley, who heads the organisation, says "through my 10 week course for disengaged girls, I have seen the effects broken homes and lack of a positive role model can have on young people. Getting into trouble with the police, drug abuse and low self esteem are only the tip of the ice-berg of issues that they may face in their futures." "With the Recipes To Life Program, we aim to provide these vulnerable young people with the support they may have lacked growing up, providing them with the tools they need to build their confidence, self-worth and self-esteem in order to enjoy a better future." The Recipes To Life Program operates in Term 3 each year, providing guidance and support in a range of subjects including cooking, gardening, hair & beauty, health & nutrition and fitness to name but a few.

Mem’s Soul Food Recipes To Life Program

If you would like to learn more about this and other MSF programs, visit or connect with Mem on Facebook at


Game Over? When gaming starts to become a lifestyle and interrupt daily life, it maybe becoming an addiction.

Karlie Tanner is the Principal Psychologist at Port Stephens Child & Adolescent Psychology in Nelson Bay. She has noticed an increasing concern in young people developing addiction-type behaviours related to gaming activities, often leading to serious health issues like depression, social withdrawal and unhealthy sleeping and eating habits. Gaming Addiction in Youth Although it is not an 'official' diagnosis, there are a growing number of young people who are displaying addiction-type behaviours related to playing games using technology and the internet. Most young people have the ability to incorporate playing games into their day without it affecting their participation with education, sports, work, chores, social and family life. However, when gaming starts to become a lifestyle, and interrupt healthy functioning in other areas of their life, it may be becoming an addiction. Why would young people get addicted to gaming? Gaming offers young people a world where they are powerful and in control of their environment. They can engage in adulttype behaviours, like driving cars, using weaponry, creating buildings, and trading in a virtual economy. There are no real consequences for their actions. They are able to communicate in a virtual world, fulfilling a social desire that may not be met in a real life situation. They can create their own character, with increased confidence, skills, and popularity. What are the signs of an addiction? The obvious signs are when most non-school hours are spent gaming, or preoccupied talk about gaming. Disengagement from social or sporting activities and academic grades dropping, are a sign that the gaming may be starting to impact on their overall lifestyle. Lying about or hiding gaming is a common sign of most addictions, the young person knows it is not the right thing to do yet they are driven to continue playing anyway, often interrupting sleeping hours.

Karen Tanner Principal Psychologist

What can I do to help? Often those at highest risk of addictive behaviours have a low self-image, difficulty engaging in real life social situations, and seek escapism to deal with emotional issues. Addressing any underlying problems and helping the young person to discover their own emerging identity, their future goals, and make behavioural changes to promote a healthy lifestyle are a good starting point to breaking the gaming cycle. If gaming is becoming a real problem for your child and you are concerned about their health please seek professional help. Contact Karlie on 0409 722 193 or for a confidential enquiry. Issue 15: Whats On In Our Backyard





Advice and Tips from Amanda Boone, Arteke Hair Beauty & Education Greetings fellow hair lovers… Or not! If you are sick of battling the frizz you will be excited to know that FINALLY there is a long term solution to ease your pain and suffering. Did you know that 60% of salon clientele have unmanageable hair? Nice to know you’re not alone :-) Goldwell’s Kerasilk Keratin Smoothing treatment has arrived. This amazing service offers cutting edge technology that gives hairdressers the ability to customise a smoothing/curl reduction system for their clients while keeping the integrity of the hair. This could be a life changing investment! Call the salon on 4984 1400 or text on 0410 783 454 to book a complimentary consultation and see if this service could be for you. On a seasonal note, here are some looks that we love this Winter:

shaggy chop bobs:

Rock this look with a centre or deep side part. Works best with a mild undercut.

Mermaid Waves:

Get this look by separating the hair in half and plaiting both sides. Leave overnight and release in the morning. Finish with a high polish serum. We recommend KMS Defrizz oil.

Low pony tail:

Casual but sophisticated. Use KMS Playable Texture to smooth out the fluffy edges.


Flowing over from last year is the midlength clavi cut. Having restyled and maintained this look for many clients over the last 6 months, the best results are achieved by taking the back slightly shorter than the front. I hope this gives you all some food for thought. See you in the salon soon and in the meantime rug up, cuddle up and enjoy all the great things that accompany a Port Stephens Winter!

Half Price half price to what’s on readers Great Value. Prices start from $25.00 Call the SaloN NoW for your ComplimeNtary CoNSultatioN

6/12 Stockton Street, Nelson Bay NSW 2315 | |



The Weight

Is Over!

The Impromy program has been developed to provide support and assist you to achieve your weight loss goals and improve your health. This is a unique program exclusively available through Chemmart pharmacies. A Very Different Kind of Program • Developed in collaboration with CSIRO • Nutritionally advanced meal replacement products • Simply Well recipe book, incorporating high protein recipes for successful weight loss • Regular health reviews and reports • Smartphone App to help you keep track of your weight loss and provide virtual support Health reviews are conducted throughout the program and measured at day one; one month; three months; six months and 12 months. Your Impromy program consultant will monitor your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels. These are likely indicators of your health that can be improved with better diet, exercise and weight loss. To get started, visit Chemmart Pharmacy Nelson Bay and make an appointment for your personalised consultation. If you would like more information, take a look at the Impromy website at

The Impromy Health and Weight Loss Program offers you a unique opportunity to reach your weight loss goals. These tools include: • T racking your progress at each visit • Regular personalised consultations • Advice on recommended foods and drinks • Regular health measures • Discussing any questions or concerns you may have regarding the program The Impromy Health and Weight Loss Program offers you a unique opportunity to reach your weight loss goals.

Call Chemmart Pharmacy Nelson Bay on 4984 2445 or visit us at 18 Stockton Street, Nelson Bay.

At your first visit you will receive your membership pack, including: • Impromy program membership • Simply Well recipe book • Impromy Guide to Getting Started • Impromy Smartphone App access code • Your initial health review report It is recommended that you return every two weeks until you reach your goal weight, however if you wish to come back more often you can visit weekly or whenever you need to top up your supplies of products. Your program consultant will guide you through every aspect of your weight loss journey and provide you with ongoing advice and tools to make your goals achievable.

Issue 15: Whats On In Our Backyard



Nat's Nutritious Delicious... Create a healthier you with delicious meal plans looking to change the face of the nutrition and dieting industry. Launched online recently, Nat’s Nutritious Delicious Meal Plans are looking to change the face of the nutrition and dieting industry, particularly in Australia. Natalie Edwards, founder of Nat’s Nutritious Delicious, is a passionate food-loving Accredited Practicing Dietitian based in Port Stephens. She has experience in public health, nutrition education, recipe development, and nutrition writing and blogging. Nat’s Nutritious Delicious Blog was created in 2012 with the aim of providing credible nutrition information to the public, including details of all the nutritious recipes Natalie cooks at home.

The meal plans are $75 for 12 weeks (only $6.25 per week). Customers receive: 1

recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner;


an automatically generated weekly or daily shopping list;


vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available for every meal;


access to an online forum; and,


access to an Accredited Practicing Dietitian.

For all enquires please contact Natalie Edwards at:

With a growing network of food lovers and health fanatics, the Nat’s Nutritious Delicious community quickly grew to 2000+ followers. Along with blogging, Natalie maintained a full-time position at the Hunter Medical Research Institute where she collaborated with the World Health Organisation and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. Natalie also contributed to other blogs and magazines. With a strong passion for recipe development and healthy living, Natalie began to investigate ways to turn Nat’s Nutritious Delicious into a business. Mid-way through 2013, Natalie started to develop ‘Nat’s Nutritious Delicious Meal Plans’. Just a few weeks ago, Natalie officially launched her new website and meal plans at: "Nat’s Nutritious Delicious Meal Plans is not a diet. It’s about creating a sustainable and healthier lifestyle" says Natalie who is keen to get the word out about her new venture, which has a strong community focus and desire to help others. Natalie believes "it is important to promote a balance of nutrients and the occasional treat. Food is one of the greatest joys in life and something we should appreciate not dread. Nat’s Nutritious Delicious Meal Plans focus on wellbeing not waistline. Any weight loss that results from the meal plan is a bonus."

Wavelengths Allied Health – Workshops for kids & adults Kid’s Guides to Keeping Cool & Getting Along: Teaching kids how to conquer the roadblocks to fun and friendship. Kids learn how to keep cool, calm and how to get along.


We offer 2 Workshop Themes • Don’t be an Angry Bird (dealing with anger) • Be a Cool Cat (dealing with anxiety) Also running: Matecraft (for kids with asd), Peaceful Parenting

T: 02 4919 1171 E:


Handy tips from

(a grudging)

Grandma BY Marian Mestanek

So, you are a grandmother and the thrill of new parenthood iswearing off as far as your daughter or son is concerned. The free and easy life they had before reproduction took its toll is gone as though it had never been and they need a slave to take their squalling offspring off their hands, so that they can once again briefly enjoy that previous child free existence, which has since been snatched away forever.

Marian Me

stanek, aka

my mother, has plenty of writing ged belt, so to the U.K. d u ri n g my recent I thought it trip would be a great idea to something useful to bu give her sy herself w write a piece ith and allo w her to for What's O n In Our Backya it's not like rd. After all she's got an , ything bett er to do. Lit know that sh tl e e was plott did I ing to brain well wishin wash other, g grandma m ore s, with her anti-babysi All I can sa tting prose y is... don't . listen to he r! Enjoy yo while I dig ur reading, out my dia ry and book her in for m babysitting ultiple dates. Saff ron. experience

under her a

The informed grandparent must be very wary when the first dread phone call comes, “Mum, are you doing anything today/tonight/ this year?” This is code for “take the baby while we shop/gad about/go to work/go on holiday/run away and start over.” It is then that one will remember seeing other, enslaved grandmothers, old before their time, staggering along with a pram load of bellowing brats on a regular basis, that she realizes that one has to be cruel to be kind to oneself. So, out with your prepared list of excuses (which can be rotated as occasion demands) and let your children take the dire consequences of their breeding programme upon their own whingeing heads. Tried and tested tips for the avoidance of babysitting:

1. Get a job, any job, real or imaginary, so you can lie “I’m working today dear. Sorry.”

2. “I’ve just come down with a cold/flu/vomiting bug/chicken pox/plague” – anything the darling grandchildren haven’t been vaccinated against.

3. “I’m on holiday that day/week/year.” 4. “I have eloped.” 5. “My doctor has prescribed a long sea cruise.” 6. “I have developed a severe allergy to children aged 0-30yrs.”

7. “I have emigrated.” 8. Join Grandmothers Anonymous (only $5 a month) for wealth of babysitting avoidance hints and tips.

Of course, you must not be seen to be all bad, so the grandchildren can be presented to you clean, tidy and polite, to see you on, let’s say, a monthly basis, when you will bake cupcakes and shower them with gifts so that they will think you are wonderful. What the parents think is another matter but the modern grandmother will simply cackle and go on her merry, wicked way.

Do you have a child or family related issue? Laura Francke of Port Stephens Clinical Psychology Services will be answering your questions in our next issue. If you would you like to submit a question for Laura, please email or write to What’s On In Our Backyard, PO Box 34, Medowie, NSW 2318. Whatever the issue, you may just find the answer to your question in our Spring issue. Please be assured that all emails and letters will be dealt with in the strictest privacy and personal details will remain confidential at all times. Issue 15: Whats On In Our Backyard



Artist/Art Therapist and mum of five, Brooke Willis shares creative ideas on quality time with your family. Now that it's cooler and we are hibernating in doors it can be hard to cut back on the media/screen time. These few tips will help get the TV and iPad off, the creative juices flowing, and the family enjoying time together. Ok, all of you thinking “I don’t have a single creative bone in my body”, good news! Making art doesn’t have to be about creating a masterpiece, in my opinion it’s all about the process and enjoyment you get from making your creation. These basic tips will make Art Time a new fun and easy activity that kids, mums and dads can enjoy and connect with. Make art time a special time: Turn the TV/computer off, put on some music and make a space that’s special, calm and relaxing... Art can be a wonderful escape where you and your children don’t have to focus on anything but your art and each other. Don’t spend a fortune: Use things you already have around the house or in the garden. If you must purchase art materials keep it simple and don’t go overboard. Buy some primary paint colours and make more colours by mixing your own; this is exciting for small children! For older children purchase simple materials that last, eg. a special art journal/book and set of sketching pencils or coloured pens. Like I said earlier, all the fun is in the process.


Join in: Through my work I see a lot of parents try to 'help' with their child’s artworks and this can sometimes overtake the child’s creative process, stopping them from feeling relaxed and free to express their art. My advice to parents is, please be aware of this! Have your own canvas, collage, sketchbook etc. and create some art alongside them and have fun as well! We don’t want art time to feel like a chore or a lesson. Display your creations: This will not only boost your children’s confidence with their art but it will let them know art time is important to the family. Create a special wall or space to display your family art. You and your children can look at this space when it’s not art time and thoughts will immediately be taken back to the fun experience that was had creating the art work together.


A selection of events and activities taking place in & around Port Stephens during july to september | BE Booking Essential

For the most up to date and comprehensive What’s On listings you are likely to find in the area, visit and find us on Facebook: What’s On In Our Backyard: Port Stephens REGULAR EVENTS / ACTIVITIES


GENERAL BUNNINGS KIDS DIY WORKSHOPS & FACE PAINTING Every Saturday & Sunday at 12pm-1pm. Additional school holiday workshops on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 12pm-1pm. Cost: FREE. @ Taylors Beach. T: 4916 3100 CWA NELSON BAY EVENING BRANCH Meets monthly on the 2nd Wednesday at 7pm. We are a group of ladies enjoying friendship, fun activities and fundraising. Our members range from 30 - 90 and include working mums, SAHM, and retirees. Visitors are always welcome at our meetings. www.facebook. com/CWANelsonbaybranches or T: Janet 0412 630 623 EXHIBITIONS AT THE PORT STEPHENS COMMUNITY ARTS CENTRE 25th June-6th Aug. ‘Feathers, Fur and Fins’ and ‘Spinners and Weavers’. 6th Aug–17th Sept. ‘Woodworkers’ and ‘Favourire Destinations’. @ Cultural Place, Off Shoal Bay Road, NELSON BAY (back of oval, near RSL). www. DESIGN YOUR LIFE WORKSHOPS 22nd July, 5th Aug, 19th Aug. 10am. Live with Purpose, Be Healthy, Make Money, Give Back, Own your Future, Help Others, Feel Amazing, Dare to Dream..... Have you had enough? Not enough $$, juggling time, no freedom, lack of choices? If you or your partner stopped working today would your income stop? Creating a Plan B is the smartest way to future proofing your life. Could Arbonne be for you? Come and Find out. Cost: FREE. @ Pacific Dunes Coffee Shop. T: Katrina 0409 713 773. E: katrinabecker@myarbonne. www.katrinabecker.


Monday 30th June to Friday 11th July (excludes weekends and public holidays) SALAMANDER VACATION CARE 6:45am-6pm. Ages: 5-12 yrs. Fun filled program during school holidays for primary school aged children. Activities include craft, games, sport and excursions. Cost: $40 per day. @ St Philip’s Christian College, 182 Salamander Way, Salamander Bay. T: 4919 5429. E: PORT STEPHENS COUNCIL VACATION CARE 7am-6pm. Ages: 5-12 yrs. @ Raymond Terrace BASC building, Boomerang Park, and Medowie School Hall. T: 4980 0308 YMCA TOMAREE ‘HOLIDAY ADVENTURES’ 7am-6pm. Ages: 5-12 yrs. Focus on having fun while learning new skills, making new friends and having new experiences. Plus exciting day excursions. @ Tomaree Education Centre, Salamander Bay. T: 0407 511 694. E: au. YMCA SHOAL bAY ‘HOLIDAY ADVENTURES’ 7am-6pm. Ages: 5-12 yrs. Focus on having fun while learning new skills, making new friends and having new experiences. Plus exciting day excursions. @ Shoal Bay Public School, Rigney St. T: 0409 241 252. E:

BE HOLIDAY ART CLASSES Please call the no. below for dates/times. Why not book the kids into an artistic experience over the winter holidays! Enjoy art classes for children of all ages. Group bookings or private classes. Fun, friendly classes set in a tranquil artist retreat in Salamander Bay, amongst wildlife

and nature. Adults also welcome. Cost: From $10 per child. T: 0468 412 916 SCULPTURE FESTIVAL 1st-6th July. Annual sculpture competition offering prize monies for a range of categories in return for the winning entries remaining within the local landscape. Enjoy the sculpture walk, participate in the Sandcastle Competition and enjoy the weekend markets… Free entertainment – great school holiday fun and art workshops for the whole family. @ Nelson Bay Foreshore

Steponafish July School Holiday Student Workshops • Computer Skills • Public Speaking • Origami • Science • Craft Check our website for workshop days/times BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL E: enquiries@steponafishaccm. com T: 0422 168 459 / 8091 2743

PCYC KIDZCARE 8:30am-5:30pm. Ages: 5-12 yrs. CCB approved. Children are involved in a number of organized games & activities including both physical and creative aspects, they also have time to choose their own activities and play with friends. @ 7 Austral Street, Nelson Bay. T: 4981 3099. news_kidzcare

Issue 15: Whats On In Our Backyard


What’sOn PORT STEPHENS EXAMINER CHILDREN’S DISCOVERY DAY 1st July. 10am-3pm. Ages: Preschool & primary children. An exciting fun & educational day for kids, parents and/or carers. You are invited to discover the wonders of a botanic garden, set in a natural woodland environment. Heaps of Fun Activities: plant propagation, nature craft, grass heads, botanic discovery hunt, sketching competition - to name a few.

Hungry? Raymond Terrace Lion’s Club Hot Food Van, Kookaburra Café. Performers include Hunter School of Performing Arts Band and many display & information stalls. Cost: $4pp - young or old - 3years & under free. @ Hunter Region Botanic Gardens, Heatherbrae. T: 4987 1655. BE MAKE YOUR OWN HAIRY HEAD 1st July. 10:30-11:30am. Ages: 6yrs +. Cost: $5. @ Raymond Terrace Library. T: 4980 0111

STORYTIME & CRAFT 1st July. 10:30-11.30am. Ages: 2yrs+. Cost: $1.20. @ Tomaree Library & Community Centre. T: 4982 0670 MY DELIGHTS CAFE NOW OPEN! Cheap but delicious eats. All Meals $10.00. Open for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner. Coffee & cake specials. Free Wifi. Seniors rates. Lucky Locals Card accepted here. Wheelchair Access. Family friendly with kids menu. Take-away & local delivery available (cond. apply). A: Shop 17-19 Cinema Mall, 23 Stockton St, Nelson Bay 8am-10pm Tues-Sat 8am-7pm Sun/Mon T: 4981 3118 / 0439 150 969 E: mydelightscafe Also at My Delights Cafe: Rob Doyle Computers, offering sales, tutoring, service & repairs.

ALL SAINTS ANGLICAN CHURCH Our Parish aims to be a Ministering Community in Mission. We would be glad to welcome you to All Saints, not only on Sundays 8am & 10am and Wednesdays at 10am, but also at some of our upcoming events, or regular groups we offer: Playtime; Nelson Bay Carers’ support group; Legal aid drop in centre; Kids on Sunday; Families@4pm monthly on Sundays, Food@5; JaM Sunday mornings. Church open for all. Drop in to meet us, or visit our website for more information. 25 Church St, Nelson Bay. T: 4981 1839 E: W:



KIDS HOLIDAY FLOWER CLASSES 1st-7th July. 1pm-2pm. Ages 5yrs+. If you can use scissors, you can make a lovely flower arrangement to take home with you. Cost: $15. @ Salamander Village Florist, Shop 2/255 Soldiers Point Rd, Salamander Bay. T: 4984 7222. E: weddingspecialist@ www. WIN a hamper basket of gourmet foods. See pg. 25 for details. BE

FITNESS CAMP FOR KIDS 1st July. 9am-3pm. Ages 5-12yrs. All inclusive day of Fitness & Fun. Nutritious food, the latest dance combinations, sport coaching, yoga stretches/ relaxation and cardio crossfit workouts. Discounts apply for siblings. A combined effort from the owners of Bay Dance Academy and Crossfit Radar. Kate & Valeriy Martynov. Cost: $40 per day. @ 29 Sandy Point Rd, Corlette. T: 0421 210 092. E: READ AND RHYME 2nd July. 10.30-11.15am. Ages: 0-2yrs. Cost: FREE. @ Raymond Terrace Library. T: 4980 0111 BE WILD ABOUT WOOL CRAFT WORKSHOP 2nd July. 10:30am-12pm. Ages: 5-8yrs. Cost: $7.50. @ Tomaree Library & Community Centre. T: 4982 0670

STORYTIME & CRAFT 3rd July. 10:30-11.30am. Ages: 2yrs+. Cost: $1.20. @ Raymond Terrace Library. T: 4980 0111

NEWCASTLE BRICKFEST 5th July. 10am-5pm. Presented by Rainbow Bricks LUG and Bricks @ The Bay. Lego displays for boys and girls. Lego for sale. Free build area. Cost: $10 per family. @ Newcastle PCYC, Cnr Young & Melbourne Rd, Broadmeadow. Visitors & locals all welcome. Fundraising for local schools – email for details E: Find us on Facebook. BE

MARY BEAN – AUTHOR VISIT: LAZY LOSER 7th July. 10:30-11:30am. Marie Bean, author of Lazy Loser reveals how to get fit and healthy – the lazy way! Cost: FREE. @ Tomaree Library & Community Centre. T: 4982 0670 BE MARY BEAN – AUTHOR VISIT: LAZY LOSER 7th July. 1-2pm. Marie Bean, author of Lazy Loser reveals how to get fit and healthy – the lazy way! Cost: FREE. @ Raymond Terrace Library. T: 4980 0111

GOAL SOCCER ACADEMY 7th-10th July. 10am-3pm. Ages: 2-8yrs. Fun soccer games and activities with FREE goody bags and an opportunity to go into the draw to win a free term of soccer. Cost: FREE. @ Salamander Bay Shopping Centre. WIN A Term of soccer coaching. See pg 25 for details. BE FITNESS CAMP FOR KIDS 8th July. 9am-3pm. Ages 5-12yrs. All inclusive day of Fitness & Fun. Nutritious food, the latest dance combinations, sport coaching, yoga stretches/ relaxation and cardio crossfit workouts. Discounts apply for siblings. A combined effort from the owners of Bay Dance Academy and Crossfit Radar. Kate & Valeriy Martynov. Cost: $40 per day. @ 29 Sandy Point Rd, Corlette. T: 0421 210 092. E:

STORYTIME & CRAFT 8th July. 10:30-11.30am. Ages: 2yrs+. Cost: $1.20. @ Tomaree Library & Community Centre. T: 4982 0670 BE DRUMMING WORKSHOP – RHYTHM CONNECT 8th July. 10:30-11:30am. Ages: 7yrs +. Hands-on interactive workshop. Cost: $10. @ Raymond Terrace Library. T: 4980 0111 BE DRUMMING WORKSHOP – RHYTHM CONNECT 8th July. 2:30-3:30pm. Ages: 7yrs +. Hands-on interactive workshop. Cost: $10. @ Tomaree Library & Community Centre. T: 4982 0670

READ AND RHYME 9th July. 10.30-11.15am. Ages: 0-2yrs. Cost: FREE. @ Raymond Terrace Library. T: 4980 0111 STORYTIME & CRAFT 10th July. 10:30-11.30am. Ages: 2yrs+. Cost: $1.20. @ Raymond Terrace Library. T: 4980 0111 BE MOVIE NIGHT @ YOUR LIBRARY: HAPPY FEET (PG) 10th July. 5:15-7:15pm. Ages: 3yrs +. Popcorn will be served during the feature. Bring your own snacks and drinks (no alcohol). Seating provided or bring your own cushion. Cost: Gold coin donation. @ Tomaree Library & Community Centre. T: 4982 0670

THE HEART AND SCIENCE OF HEALTH, HEALING & THE MIND 12th July. 9:30am-4pm. Ideal for people interested in health & wellbeing, disease prevention and management for health professionals and for those seeking profound healing. With Dr Ian Gawler OAM, best selling author and pioneer of the therapeutic application of Lifestyle Medicine. Seeking to use the power of your mind for health, healing and wellbeing. Cost: $130. Concession and early bird $110 before 30th June + $16 pre purchase lunch. @ Tomaree Education Centre, Salamander Bay. T: Elizabeth Schiemer 0428 821 236. Bookings: online at www. FRIDAY FUN DAY WITH LEE J COLLIER AND HER LEFT HANDED RIGHT HAND MAN MARSHALL! 25th July. 11am-2pm. There’s great entertainment from Lee and Marshall and we will be raising much needed funds for the youth of Port Stephens with the Real Futures Foundation supporting positive pathways, community involvement and employment outcomes for the youth of our region. Cost: Tickets only $20 including Main Meal Coffee and Tea and Lucky Door Prizes Book at the Club on T: 4981 1132. @ Nelson Bay Golf Club, Dowling St, Nelson Bay. BE SHOWCASE 29th-30th July. 6pm. Showcase is a major event of the Lakeside Learning Community. It runs over two evenings involving students from Irrawang High, Wirreanda, Medowie, Grahamstown and Irrawang Public Schools. It is a showcase of student’s talents in

What’sOn all areas of the performing arts. Students perform to an audience of approximately 1000 guests and are provided with an opportunity to perform with professional lighting and sound. Showcase was developed as part of the school’s transition program to allow High School and Primary School students to work together in a professional performing arts environment. @ Irrawang High School, school hall. T: 4987 4687 BE FAMILY THEATRE: WOMBAT STEW 30th-31st July. 10am & 12:30pm. A true-blue-dinky-dibig-aussie-musical for families and kids! Based on the book written by Marcia K Vaughan and illustrated by Pamela Lofts. It is the simple story of a dingo who catches a wombat and decides to make stew, complete with blobs of mud, creepy crawlies, flies, gum-nuts and a big bubbling billy can! Through a magical mixture of story-telling, mime, music, dance and puppetry. @ Civic Theatre Newcastle. Tickets available at The Civic Theatre Box Office, 375 Hunter Street, Newcastle. T: 4929 1977 www.civicthreatrenewcastle. or any Ticketek outlet. WIN A Family Pass to the opening night: See pg. 25 for details.

EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES AUGUST BABY & KIDS MARKET NEWCASTLE 3rd Aug. 9am-12pm. For Mums in the know who like to buy local, sell local and bag a bargain on quality pre loved goods! PLUS a few handpicked local businesses selling their unique baby & Kids goods. From birth to 6 years of age. Come along and join in the fun and bargains!!! Cost: $ Adults $4, Kids FREE. Newcastle Basketball Stadium, Cnr Young and Curley Rds, Broadmeadow. Turn your preloved items into CASH with a FREE stall at the market. See pg. 25 for details. QUALITY PRELOVED FASHION EVENT: RAID MY WARDROBE 24th Aug. 10am-1pm. Raid 45 stalls full of hundreds of preloved items. Morrissey – Sass & Bide – Lisa Ho – Metalicus – One Teaspoon – Charlie Brown. Cost: $5 entry fee. @ Newcastle Basketball Stadium, Cnr Curley & Young Rds, Broadmeadow. WIN a VIP pass to this event (worth $25). See pg. 25 for details.

PORT STEPHENS FILM FESTIVAL 28th Aug-1st Sept. Be A Star! Enter your film into the Port Stephens Film Festival. Port Stephens Country Club, Shoal Bay, is a premiere screening location and proud sponsor of the Festival. Visit the official website at www. portstephensfilmfestival. for more information, guidelines and how to submit your very own film! FRIDAY FUN DAY WITH LEE J COLLIER AND HER LEFT HANDED RIGHT HAND MAN MARSHALL! 29th August. 11am-2pm. There’s great entertainment from Lee and Marshall and we will be raising much needed funds for the youth of Port Stephens with the Real Futures Foundation supporting positive pathways, community involvement and employment outcomes for the youth of our region. Cost: Tickets only $20 including Main Meal Coffee and Tea and Lucky Door Prizes Book at the Club on T: 4981 1132. @ Nelson Bay Golf Club, Dowling St, Nelson Bay. BE CORE STABILITY & INTERNAL POWER 30th Aug. 8:45am-1pm. Often, what we think of as “core stability” ends up causing more tension and stiffness in the body. Learn how to create more strength, internal power and flexibility while improving your sense of overall well-being. Workshop suitable for those with some experience of yoga and/or pilates. Cost: $45. @ 18 Melaleuca Drive, One Mile. T: 0415 538 589. E: WIN A $50 yoga voucher. See pg. 25 for details


or bring a picnic (electric BBQ avail). Good idea to bring a rug and/or chairs. No need to book. Cost: $4/car parking. @ Hunter Region Botanic Gardens, Heatherbrae. T: 4987 1655. THE FUTURE FOCUS FESTIVAL 13th Sept. 10am. Celebrating all things youth and all things art. There will be arts workshops, free entertainment, amusements, animal rides, market stalls, fabulous foods and community displays. This new initiative of the Real Futures Foundation is made possible by a grant from Port Stephens Councils Cultural Fund. Everyone welcome. Cost: Gold coin donation. In the grounds of Tomaree Education precinct. More info: RAYMOND TERRACE PETS DAY OUT 20th Sept. 9am-2.30pm. Featuring a variety of free family fun activities, stalls and displays, demos on animal accessories, dog obedience, health needs etc. Enter your dog, rabbit or guinea pig in the best groomed or fancy dress competition. @ Riverside Park, Raymond Terrace. T: 0422 144 441 E: rtcommunitymarkets@bigpond. com WIN A hamper of goodies and/or vouchers from our stallholders to the sum of $40.00. See pg. 25 for details. CLANS ON THE COAST CELTIC FESTIVAL 20th-21st Sept. 9am-4:30pm. Includes pipe bands, Scottish & Celtic dancing, stalls, ancient battle re-enactments, strong man comp., kids events and much more. @ Tomaree No. 1 Sports Ground, Salamander Bay.

NEWCASTLE HERALD SPRING FAIR 21st Sept. 10am-3pm. Indulge your senses with the sights and scents of Spring in the Gardens. Raymond Terrace Lion’s Club Hot Food Van, Devonshire Teas, Variety of Stalls, Displays/ Information, Plant Sales, Tractor Trail Tours, Entertainment – a day not to be missed. No need to book. Stall holders/ntertainers required. @ Hunter Region Botanic Gardens, Heatherbrae. T: 4987 1655. FRIDAY FUN DAY WITH LEE J COLLIER AND HER LEFT HANDED RIGHT HAND MAN MARSHALL! 26th Sept. 11am-2pm. There’s great entertainment from Lee and Marshall and we will be raising much needed funds for the youth of Port Stephens with the Real Futures Foundation supporting positive pathways, community involvement and employment outcomes for the youth of our region. Cost: Tickets only $20 including Main Meal Coffee and Tea and Lucky Door Prizes Book at the Club on T: 4981 1132. @ Nelson Bay Golf Club, Dowling St, Nelson Bay. BE NATURE IS FUN 1st Oct. 9:30-11:30am. Ages: 4-12yrs. Explore learn and have fun during the school holidays. Come & see what lives in our garden. Join Gardens’ Guides for a fun time exploring the Hunter Region Botanic Gardens. Collect great specimens, learn about nature and make a craft item to take home. Mums/Dads/ Grandparents are welcome to join in (younger siblings must be supervised by parent/guardian). Cost: $5/child, $6/adult, $5 concession. @ Hunter Region Botanic Gardens, Heatherbrae. T: 4987 1655.

SEPTEMBER FESTIVAL OF THE SENSES 6th Sept. Shoal Bay lights up and celebrates the 21st year of wineries, breweries and food producers attending the largest event hosted by Port Stephens Country Club, Shoal Bay on Saturday 6th September 2014. www.portstephenscountryclub. FATHER’S DAY AT HUNTER REGION BOTANIC GARDENS 7th Sept. 10am-3pm. Bring the family for a relaxing day on the Eucalyptus Lawn with live music in the Rotunda. Light lunches available at the Kookaburra Café

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The Whales are Here!!

MARKETS ANNA BAY COMMUNITY MARKETS 1st Saturday of every month. 8:30am-1.30pm. Books & toys. Great Aussie BBQ. Plants, herbs & succulents. Organic produce, health food & snacks. Crafts, jewellery & homewares. Christian books & info. @ 43 Gan Gan Rd; T: Colin 0429 506 802. www. MEDOWIE MARKETS 2nd Saturday of every month. 8am-12:30pm. @ The Bull & Bush Motel. T: Medowie Baptist Community Church 4982 9123 NELSON BAY LEGACY MARKETS 1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays of every month. 8:30am-2pm. Handicraft stalls and other great local produce, art and pottery, plus plant and cake stalls. @ Neil Carroll Park (Fly Point). T: Jeanette Murray 0419 492 009 PORT STEPHENS MARKET 4th Saturday of every month. 9am-1pm. Delish pluto pups, sausage sizzle, scrumptious home-made cake stall, tantalising Devonshire Teas, live entertainment, pre-loved treasures, fancy face painting, etc. Cost: $15 for a stall. @ Port Stephens Church of Christ, Nelson Bay Rd, Salt Ash. T: 0408 263 760. RAYMOND TERRACE COMMUNITY MARKETS 3rd Saturday of every month. 9am-2pm. @ Riverside Park. T: Jenny 0412 721 723. E: SPECTRUM FARMERS & ARTISAN MARKET 3rd Saturday of every month. 9am-1pm. Local fresh produce from sourdough and organic vegies to honey and loose leaf teas. @ Spectrum, Anna Bay. E: au. T: 4981 9339 TANILBA BAY MARKETS 3rd Saturday of every month. 9am-1pm. Local produce, bric-abrac, crafts & enjoy entertainment. @ President Wilson Walk. T: 4984 5931 or 4982 3059

We are delighted to report that the whales are now upon us on the Humpback Whale Super Highway of Port Stephens!!!! Approximately 10,000 of the world’s humpback whale population pass the Port Stephens coast line on their 12,000km migration every year. The humpback whale undertakes a northern migration from May to August, travelling from its feeding grounds in Antarctica to the warmer tropical waters of the Pacific. They then make the return journey south from August to November. This is the longest documented migration of any mammal on earth and the reason for the journey is to breed. Despite its enormous size at birth, a newborn whale (calf) is born without a protective blubber layer, so if it were born in the near-freezing temperatures of the Antarctic waters, its chances of survival would be slim. So the whales head north to the warmer climate to give birth to their young. For the past 14 years Moonshadow Cruises have treated passengers to live entertainment by Humpback whales, with breathtaking acrobatic tricks, with last year being one of the best seasons on record due to a combination of favorable weather and consistent sightings of in many cases, multiple pods of whales. With the Whale Highway just at our doorstep it is truly a memorable experience that you won’t forget. Make sure a Whale Watching Cruise with Moonshadow Cruises is on the list of things to do this winter!! Interesting Humpback facts: Length: Adults.. 14m to 18m & Calves.. 4m to 5m at birth. Weight: Adults.. up to 50 tonnes & Calves.. 2 tonnes at birth. Cruising speed: 8km/hr. Protected since 1965, you can distinguish the humpback from other whale species by its small dorsal fin that you see sticking out of the water when the whale arches its back to dive - this is how the humpback got its name. Humpbacks scream when hunting fish to scare and confuse them. The humpback sings the longest, most complex songs in the animal kingdom.

TOMAREE MARKETS 2nd & 4th Sundays of every month. 8am-2pm. Community markets with craft, food products, designer items, live music, jewellery and local artists. @ Tomaree Sports Complex. T: 0448 242 660


Moonshadow Cruises have now commenced their Whale Watching season with daily cruises until early November 2014. This year, after the whales have warmed your hearts, Moonshadow will be warming your hands and bellies by offering all whale watching passengers a complimentary home-made hot soup on the return trip home. Hop aboard Moonshadow Explorer which is the largest whale watch vessel in the Bay, purpose built for ocean cruises. With two viewing decks you can rest assured you’re getting the best view of these friendly giants. On this 2.5-3 hour cruise, enjoy morning or afternoon tea, entertaining and informative commentary, a complimentary home-made hot soup on the return trip home and a bonus dolphin and outer island cruise - TWO CRUISES FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! And all for a low price of $63.00 per adult, $53.00 per senior, $42.00 per high school student, $27.00 per child (414yrs) & $153.00 per family (2 adults + 2 children). Don’t forget if you book online you will receive a 20% discount for this amazing cruise.


Enter Here:

(All entries must include your name, full address and telephone number)

WIN A FAMILY PASS (2A/2Ch) to the opening night of Wombat Stew This fantastic family show opens on 30th July at the Civic Theatre, Newcastle (full details on pg. 23) to enter, email win@ with the subject heading ‘WOMBAT’. Closing date 25th July

GET A FREE STALL AT THE NEWCASTLE BABY & KIDS MARKET Turn your preloved items to cash with a free stall at the markets on 3rd August (full details on pg. 23) to enter, email win@ au with the subject heading ‘MARKETS’. Closing date 25th July

WIN A FAMILY WHALE WATCH CRUISE courtesy of Moonshadow Cruises

WIN A TERM OF SOCCER COACHING courtesy of Goal Soccer Academy

We have two family tickets up for grabs worth $153 each. To enter, email win@ au with the subject heading ‘WHALE WATCH’.

Find out more about the academy at www.goalsocceracademy. com. To enter, email win@ au with the subject heading ‘SOCCER’.

Closing date 8th Aug

Closing date 8th August


WIN A $50 YOGA VOUCHER with Yogasphere at One Mile

Event details on pg. 23. Start shopping a whole hour before the crowds & get the pick of the best stuff! To enter, email win@ au with the subject heading ‘WARDROBE’. Closing date 8th Aug

To go towards either a five class yoga pass ($60) or an evening course. To enter, email win@ with the subject heading ‘YOGA’. Closing date 8th Aug

WIN A HAMPER OF GOODIES courtesy of Raymond Terrace Markets Stallholders

WIN A PRIZE HAMPER OF GOURMET FOODS courtesy of Salamander Village Florist

Goodies and/or vouchers up to the value of $40. To enter, email win@whatsoninourbackyard. with the subject heading ‘MARKET HAMPER’.

To enter, email win@ au with the subject heading ‘FOOD HAMPER’.

Closing date 8th Aug

Closing date 8th August

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PET CARE How to keep our furry friends healthy and happy during the colder months.

With the colder weather now upon us, we all like to keep warm and safe and animals are no exception. It's up to us pet owners to keep our furry friends protected against the elements and the cold, so we asked local pet and produce experts - Raymond Terrace Rural Traders - to give us some tips for ensuring our pets are safe and comfortable during the colder months. Do I still need to protect my dog/cat against fleas and ticks during the winter? In the Hunter/Port Stephens areas, we have a temperate climate, which still sees our pets suffering from some parasites during Winter, especially fleas. Only 5% of the flea's life cycle is actually on your pet, the rest of their life cycle is spent in dirt, carpet and in your pet's bedding as eggs. These can remain dormant until the conditions are right for hatching (between 13– 35ºC) and if the conditions are good they will remain active all year round. At Rural Traders, we recommend you maintain your pet's treatment regime all through the cooler months so that your pet doesn’t experience an over burden of fleas in Spring. What kind of dangers can winter bring to our pets? Here are a few of the more common seasonal dangers of Winter to be aware of with animals: Onions/Garlic: These are considered toxic to both dogs and cats and can cause lethargy, diarrhoea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and sometimes, paralysis and even death. Even small amounts of onion can do serious damage in some pets so it's best to avoid any food which may contain onions, including pizza, tomato sauce, Chinese food, or soups. Chocolate: If you are not yet aware of it, chocolate also poses a danger to your pets. Please keep chocolates out of your pet's reach. And remember: the darker the chocolate, the more toxic it is to your pet. Heaters/Fires: Another potential danger is that of burns from heaters/fires in winter. Pets, like humans, tend to 'glue' themselves to the heater or fire to keep warm when they are indoors, however they can actually burn themselves if they lie too close, so please ensure that your pet is safe and that they maintain a safe distance from any heating device in the home.


For pet dogs that usually sleep outside, what provisions should be made for them during the winter months? Animals of all ages can be affected by the cold and all animals should be provided with some type of housing, or at the very least some warmer bedding. Animals can suffer from hypothermia when put under stress from the elements just like humans, so it is the responsibility of the pet owner to provide them with somewhere warm to escape from the elements where possible and help reduce any dangers or health issues for your pet during Winter. Warm jackets are always a great option for pets who spend the majority of their time outdoors between the colder months of May to August. At Rural Traders, we can provide owners of animals that sleep outside with quite a few options, including: weatherproof warm jackets, bedding, special feeds for pets, treats, feed bowls, toys to keep them entertained, plus much more. Is there anything else we should be aware of? As the outdoor temperature decreases, the body’s temperature also decreases leaving the skin at risk of freezing, which can lead to Frostbite. At highest risk from Frostbite are the footpads, nose, ear tips and tail. Upon returning home after being outdoors for an extended time, or when the temperatures are especially low, check your pet’s risk points (along with the rest of their body). Early symptoms of Frostbite include pale, hard skin that remains very cold even after being indoors for a while. As the skin warms, it may swell and change to a red colour. Your pet may try to relieve the irritation by licking and chewing on the skin, in which case you will need to have the skin treated and covered immediately before permanent damage is done. Never apply direct heat to the skin, water or otherwise. Only tepid to warm water should be used on the skin, and nonelectric blankets to cover the animal. You may need to consult with a veterinarian to make sure that the condition is not severe. At Rural Traders, our experienced, knowledgeable staff are here to answer any questions you have about a range of animals, so when you are in store, feel free to ask questions you may have about your pets and we will assist you in finding the perfect option for your furry or feathered family member.


Supporting our Future Generation The Real Futures Foundation – Supporting the youth of the Tomaree Peninsula.

The Real Futures Foundation delivers tailor made programs for the youth living on the Tomaree Peninsula. These programs are designed to assist young people in making the transition from education to employment. We focus on building programs to meet the needs of the employers and industries which operate locally. Our engaging programs have an underlying principle of stopping students leaving education and going on benefits. In fact those who participate in our programs say “Go on the Dole – Hell No!” We offer a range of core programs and activities: this year we have expanded our programs to include the Gift Program for at risk youth which takes learning out of the traditional classroom; we are offering one young person the opportunity of a lifetime in participating in the Kokoda Youth Leadership Challenge; and we will be delivering a major family fun day on September 13th at Tomaree High School, called 'Future Focus', which will showcase the talents of the young people living in our region. All this is in addition to the core programs we have been offering to youth in our region for over ten years.

s Leadership Ambassadors

St Philip’s Christian College 2014 Real Future

community for all who live in it. Our sponsors are Soldiers Point Marina, Valley Homes, Marquis Bathrooms, Wanda Beach Pharmacy, Mark Edmunds and Associates, Nelson Bay Bowling Club, Port Stephens Council, Salamander Shores, Soldiers Point Lions Club, Salamander Recycle Centre, Nyroy Pty Ltd and What’s On In Our Backyard. The Real Futures Foundation is a Deductible Gift Recipient depending 100% on donations and grants to carry out this important work. If you would like to support the Foundation you can find out more at The Real Futures Ambassadors serve up at

the Breaky Club

We are seeking expressions of interest from community groups to participate in the Future Focus event: anyone interested in being a part of this exciting new arts based event, which will feature music, stalls and amusements, should contact Marian at These programs will sit alongside our core offerings which include building job interview techniques, 'Try a Trade', work experience, mentoring 'WOW' for presentation and confidence, our 'No Dole' Charter Signing Ceremony, the 'Breaky Club', and the Soldiers Point Sailing School, which are all among our successful programs. Through the support of these community groups and businesses we are able to offer youth a better and brighter future, reduce antisocial behavior and create a better and safer

ning 2013

No Dole Charter Sig

Academic Coaching Groups • $25 per session.

• Maximum of 5 students per group. • All students work on individual programs within a group setting. Cooperative and collaborative learning in a fun, positive and safe learning environment. • Nelson Bay location. • Check our website for group session days & times.

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The World is our

Classroom What would you say if someone asked you if you had ever considered home school education? by SAFFRON cooper

Some of you would probably balk at the idea, as I myself did just over a year ago, whilst others may have already given it some serious thought. I recently met with Adriana Rios, an amazing local mum of four beautiful children, who home schools her eldest two children (aged 9 and 11), to find out more about this increasingly popular educational choice. What were your reasons for deciding on home school education for your children? My initial reason came out of a need for more intensive one on one support for my eldest daughter who lives with Autism. I knew that she was capable of a tremendous amount more, she just needed the focus, time, a safe environment and the chance to follow her passions. She was attending an extremely nurturing and supportive class, however within the last year or so of her schooling she was increasingly unhappy and anxious. It was a real struggle getting her there and then even more of a challenge to get her out of the car and into her classroom. With each day I grew more guilty and depressed about having to leave her. It wasn’t until I attended The Asian Pacific Autism Conference in Perth, that I actually discovered the option of home schooling! There was a psychologist presenting on behaviour and learning styles, who opened my eyes to looking at education with more of an individualized approach. After her presentation I told her about my heartache and she asked, “Why don’t you just home school?” She was a home schooling mum with three children, one of whom was also on the Autism Spectrum. She was a professional and also back at Uni studying to further her own qualifications. Amazing!! It took me some time to finally make the leap, but it truly has been the best thing we have ever done for our daughter! She is now reading and writing, more confident, happy and in control of herself. Meanwhile, my nine year-old daughter, who was still at school, kept asking me if she could be home schooled. I had not even considered this option for her, because I always thought she was way too social and needed the school environment to effectively learn in. However, I started to notice that she was actually missing out in so many ways. I witnessed the strong bond my home educated daughter and her younger siblings had developed, and the more connected relationship I had with her, as well as realising the specifically tailored, passion led curriculum she followed with the World as her classroom. Bam! That was it…it became clear. Home education is a lifestyle. Learning is life! We are all born with that spark to


learn and progress and maintaining it is fundamental for true happiness and success. Considering the fact that our children’s education is our responsibility, I am so grateful for the options that we have in order to make the best decision for them as individuals. What was the process you had to go through in order to set up your home school? I downloaded the registration information pack that can be found on the Board of Studies website and familiarized myself with the curriculum and outcomes. At first this was so daunting, especially knowing I was expected to be able to write a program for my child. However, I found it very useful. It helped me work out where my child was really at, and the various outcomes expected to be achieved at various stages. Then, after handing in my registration request and armed with my child’s program, I was ready for a home visit/interview by an appointed representative from the Board of Studies. We started off just using the kitchen bench, to using the bedroom study desk, to now working in a whole new dedicated section of the house. Do you feel your kids are missing out on the socialization a school provides? This is one of the biggest misconceptions that surrounds home education! It is one of the first questions most people ask or wonder about. It’s understandable that many people think school is the only source of socialization for a child. Admittedly, before starting home school I questioned what would be the repercussions of not having them socialized at school.

However, the results have been far better than I could have ever imagined! They get to socialize, interact and engage themselves in the ‘real world’, with all ages, backgrounds, locations, settings and purposes. We have many weekly activities including sports, music, drama, art and languages. We organise excursions and social catch-ups with other home-schoolers who are an amazing and inspiring support network of people. I have also noticed that the home educated children are more accepting and non judgemental of other kids. I think they have a better understanding and appreciation of individuality. What have you found to be your biggest challenge? My biggest challenge would be staying on top of the housework! Even though the kids help out more now than ever, it still seems like there is always some room or area that is a mess. I’m not one to shy away from exciting learning opportunities because it may make a mess, but I do need to stop feeling stressed when I find my house isn’t as tidy as it once used to be. What have you found to be the benefits to your children of home school? I could probably write pages about the benefits for my children, but I’ll try to keep it short. Firstly, their happiness, they are happier and healthier than ever. Their enjoyment in learning is all part of everyday living. They do not see it as ‘work’ or boring. All our relationships, including those with extended family, have strengthened. They are learning about themselves and becoming themselves, without peer pressure to fit into some group or trend. They are learning at their pace, following their interests and passions and have an active role in directing their lives in a responsible, independent, respectful and mindful way.

or documentaries, more dancing, piano, reading or playing before it’s time to help with dinner. The same thing happens after dinner and before showers, until its time for bed! What would you say to other mums thinking of homeschooling their children? Do it! Don’t doubt your ability or feel you need to be a qualified teacher. Everything is at our fingertips, if you don’t know the answer, it is easy to find it. You will learn and grow as a person too in so many ways. Don’t be afraid of not having time to yourself, because there is always a way. Final thoughts Prior to commencing home school with my 9 year old, I asked her to write a sentence on what she was most looking forward to... "that it could happen anywhere (learning that is)... I could be up a tree, in the cubby, with my dog, in the bush, in our garden, on my bed, under a table!". I love seeing her reading novels in her favourite tree! Who says you need a desk?

If you want to find out more about Home Schooling as an education option, visit

What has been your favourite home school experience so far? When I took my eldest daughter out of school, she still had not grasped the concept of what a word was, let alone how to write one... a year on she started writing sentences! Describe a typical home-schooling day for you A typical day would consist of an active play session before breakfast for my 11 year old who is on the Autism spectrum, such as dancing, walking/running the dogs, trampolining, skating or cycling, with theatrical dress ups involved. Whereas my 9 year old loves to watch science programs and animal documentaries, or get straight into an experiment she has just watched. After breakfast they have some time to themselves and also feed the animals and take care of house responsibilities, while I get the little ones and myself sorted with breakfast and getting dressed. Then we kick-off with projects or continue with bookwork, art or reading aloud. It all depends on what day it is, what they have been absorbed in or if a spontaneous learning opportunity happens! Just before lunch my 11 year old needs her active break again, which usually means the little ones follow her, which gives me the opportunity to spend one on one time with my 9 year old. After lunch my baby has a nap, while my 3 year old is happy to play by himself or join in. He is so interested to be involved and do similar activities, that I think he will be reading by the end of year, simply because he loves it! My 9 year old then does an independent activity and I have one on one time with my 11 year old. My 9 year old is usually playing out with the neighbourhood kids by 3.30pm and then after some afternoon tea and some more physical activity my 11 year old will usually do one more activity before going out to join the pack of kids. They then like spending time watching a movie, Issue 15: Whats On In Our Backyard



Early childhood parental partnerships

A brighter future

By bright horizons Australia childcare, raymond terrace

Children have a way with words, they enrich our lives with humour, compassion and wonderful memories that as ‘partners’ we can cherish together forever. Parental partnerships create the strong bonds that every child needs in life to create rich learning environments. Together we watch them grow as young learners and lead them to future success. As research suggests, it also proves that parental partnerships promote: • A  sense of security and stability. The creation of a home away from home encourages a child to feel free to explore, challenge and respond to their environment. They will take chances and go on adventures knowing that they are safe and supported. • A  level of understanding and appreciation. Between families and carers common goals are established developing a driving force that seeks to achieve what is best for each child. Child care has always been a collaborative approach.  

TOMAREE COMMUNITY COLLEGE Accredited and General Interest Training Customised training available to local businesses Modern training rooms available for hire call 4984 1011 or online

SALAMANDER CHILD CARE CENTRE Salamander Child Care Centre is taking expressions of interest for enrolments in 2015. SCCC is an accredited service with an overall rating of exceeding the National Standards. SCCC provides children with opportunities to explore the natural world and to learn important skills for life through play based learning. Children are engaged, challenged and stimulated in a nurturing environment. Children, too precious for profit. Address: 155 Salamander Way, Salamander Bay Phone: 4982 0777


It relies upon effective communication, understanding and respect for family values and cultural backgrounds. • S  trong social skills. From birth a child learns to respond to body language, voice tones and interactions. As children observe interactions they learn about the value of relationships. These social experiences build and mould lifelong positive personality traits. Little Emilee quotes; “Mummy I love coming to Miss Holly’s house.” Emilee smiles as she talks fondly about her care environment. Emilee’s mother ‘glows’ as she shares her child’s joy. The building blocks that shape and develop our children’s lives begin in the home. When two united forces are combined, the possibilities are endless and the benefits are so great. Together we can witness such wonderful achievements and personal advances. A family is a gift to cherish; sharing your life with a number of families makes it a wonderful fulfilling journey. Child care comes into our lives for many reasons; to care for the children of working families, to give families some much needed personal time or for those who are in search of a helping hand. Sometimes child care is a place where we share our most difficult times, sometimes it’s a place to voice our hopes and dreams or to celebrate new beginnings. Do we really want to raise our children alone? Or do we want to seek those connections and extend our families, spending our time creating pathways in life that can lead to many roads, roads that will be travelled ‘together’ in search of the brightest future possible.

Rural Traders 1/8 page ad - To be finalised


SOMETHING SPECIAL... A selection of recommended services catering to your next party or special event!

For a comprehensive list of Party Services and Venues, visit


Live Street Art: A Unique Idea for your Party, Event or Special Occasion Custom aerosol artworks painted before the eyes of your party/event goers. Have names, a message or image painted live at your Birthday, Wedding, Event or Special Occasion. A great backdrop for photos: even have attendees sign a message around your artwork. Demonstrations are an affordable and memorable idea for your next party, event or special occasion. T: 0438 271 926 /


We bring the adventure to you. An exciting, heart thumping, adrenalin pumping experience... in your own backyard! Safe for all ages, using infrared phasers with no projectiles, no mess and no pain or bruising. Can be played indoors or outdoors, daytime or at night. Games set up and conducted by our experienced staff. Serving all areas. Call to book T: 1300 661 565


ENTER Children’s Party Specialists TO WIN:since 1981

Clown shows * Juggling * Magic * Unicycle * Balloon and face art * Fairy enchantment * Music * Comedy * Family fun for everyone! Call or email for more info or to make a booking. T: 0419 430 869 / 4928 1523 E: / FB: ShipoFools.clowns.Australia


Thousands of low price, high quality costumes for hire. Costumes for adults & children for all occasions. From Mini Mouse to Marilyn Monroe - we’ve got it all! Our friendly staff can help. Open Every Day except Sunday. We also stock an extensive range of masks, costumes and accessories at affordable prices. Check them out on our website. A: 104 High St, East Maitland / T: 4934 1907 E: / Find us on FaceBook


Give your child a super party for their next birthday. The kids will have a ball playing tenpin and eating yummy food and better still, we’ll clean up the mess at the end. Party packages, cosmic bowling, party host, food, drink, party bags and hats available. Choice of menus including dietary requirements. Call us with your enquiry. A: 270 Sandy Point Road, Salamander Bay / T: 4981 4000 / FB: SuperStrike Salamander Bay

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