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The Easiest Way To Patent Your Invention. Guaranteed Patent Pending. Any questions? Speak with our strategy advisors.

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I worked with Dhiraj of Patent Yogi to le for a design patent. The experience could not have been any easier or faster. Dhiraj was incredibly responsive- replying to texts and emails even sent after hours or on the weekends. I would highly, highly recommend him and will work with him again!

Arianna Brooke Co-Founder MILLIANNA

This was the rst patent application I have done in my life and you made the whole process not only a ordable and easy - but also went above and beyond anything we could have expected. I look forward to working with you again.

Nick Bicanic Serial Entrepreneur Founder - RED6 Aerospace, RVLVR, blinqlight

How we are different from everyone else

Licensed Patent Practitioner You will be assisted by a licensed patent practitioner, who has cleared the U.S. Patent and Trademark O ce’s (USPTO) patent bar. The licensed patent practitioners are eligible to represent others before the USPTO in patent matters. The licensed patent practitioners have the required the legal, scienti c, and technical quali cations, as well as good moral character and reputation to assist inventors with patent projects.

Comprehensive Patent Search We will share a detailed search report. The search report will present clear outcome(s) which enables you to take decision with respect to patenting your invention(s).

We use an in-built deep learning AI search tool to conduct a comprehensive search on the worldwide patent and non-patent literature. Our AI search tool is designed based on our trade-secret search techniques.

Fixed Fee We have xed or at fee for all services to make budgeting easier for clients. We do not charge any hourly rates which are confusing for most clients. Just select a package that suits you and you are good to go.

100% Money-Back Guarantee If you select our guaranteed patent grant package, we will refund full amount if the patent o ce refuses to grant the patent. Our unique process for invention strengthening ensures a patent grant. This involves understanding your invention in detail and performing in-depth prior-art search to identify unique features of your invention.

We Care We care about your success. We go the extra mile to get positive outcomes for our clients. We help entrepreneurs, inventors and companies protect their inventions via patents.

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Services Patent Yogi is a broadly diversified company working in great variety of spheres to provide people with useful patent services on the highest level.

Patentability Search Get invention assessment. Save money by determining patentable features of your invention before ling patent application.

Provisional Patent Application Get one-year “patent pending� status for your invention. Quick and Less expensive way to establish priority date with the U.S. Patent and Trademark O ce (USPTO)

Utillity Patent Application

Get exclusive right to your invention to prevent others from making, using, selling or importing for 20 years

Freedom-To-Operate (FTO) Study Get a due-diligence report to clear your products/inventions and avoid patent infringement claims later on.

Accelerated Examination Search Get decision on your patent within 12 months. We prepare and le Pre-Examination Search Document and Accelerated examination support document (AESD).


ce Action Response

Our holistic approach to o ce action responses ensures higher patent grant rate.

Guaranteed Patent Invalidation Service If we fail this challenge, you PAY NOTHING. But you still get a litigation-grade invalidation search report with relevant prior art at no cost to you.

Patent Animation Services Animated videos explain how your invention works. Watch sample videos on our award winning YouTube channel.


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Utility Patent Services USA  

PatentYogi is an important asset for Utility Patent Services USA. Most businesses have some size of the hybrid property, whether they realiz...

Utility Patent Services USA  

PatentYogi is an important asset for Utility Patent Services USA. Most businesses have some size of the hybrid property, whether they realiz...