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Vol. 6 | Issue 4 | photo by: Mike Ruiz




A Rose By Any Other Name.... 8



By Danielle Hunter 18 PRETTY MASCULINE

Interview By Troy Ordami




Gay Travel Expert Mark Coones 22 PRISONERS OF LOVE 22


Model: Nick Sterling 28



By Jeff X 32 G SPOT

By Glenn Douglas Packard 32


By Karen Brown 40 34


Nightlife Photos

Our mission at What’s Happening Magazine is to create a publication that unites the Florida GLBT community. By becoming a voice in the community, we will create opportunity and security for gay and gay friendly businesses. PUBLISHERS AguasGarciaGroup, LLC

EDITOR Kiernan Kelly

Contributors: Glenn D. Packard, Karen Brown, Jeff X, Mark Coones, M.K. Black & Danielle Hunter

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main photo by: Fred Goudon



A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME WOULD STILL HAVE THORNS. ove is not easy. Take it from two people that have been in a relationship that has weathered the test of time. Sometimes the waters can get pretty ROUGH–and not in the GOOD way! Being in a long term relationship has it’s merits. There is always going to be a warm person to hold you on sleepless nights. You’ll never have to go to another movie or dinner alone. They’ll always be someone to get your silly inside jokes in public settings. And, you’ll always have someone to hold your head out of the toilet after a night of partying a little too much. But, all those wonderful examples also hold with them a price to pay. People are not perfect. No matter if they seem like they could walk on water in the first three months of being together. We all have a dark side that we keep hidden from prospective partners until the mask slips and falls to reveal our true selves. Every rose has it thorns. The trick is to love the thorns as well. The way to do that is by understanding the reason they are there in the first place. No one comes into a relationship knowing everything about the other individual. Part of the fun of falling in love is pealing back the outer layers each person carefully kept secure to reveal the true center of who they are. You know – like an onion! But, like every sweet onion, there is a chance that in pealing back those layers some tears may be shed. The vulnerable state that we allow only our lovers to see is the crux of who we really are. Our truest self. To be able to share that completely with someone else is pure bliss and we highly recommend it. When Warren Buffet (the third richest man on Forbe's List) was asked,"What was the most important decision you ever made in your life?" He answered without hesitation that the best decision he ever made was not what school he went to, what business degree he achieved or what he first invested in. He responded that his most important decision in life was who he MARRIED. We agree with Mr. Buffet (it is hard to argue with that kind of success). We have always felt that when one has their home life in order (no matter what that consists of), they are free and safe to jump off any cliff and take risks, both personally and professionally. We recently have two sets of friends that are going through break-ups. One couple had been together for more than a decade and the other for several years. To anyone that saw them together, they would have labeled either of them "beautiful perfect couple". It is hard to live up to "perfection" no matter who you are. Relationships and love are NOT perfect. They are messy, loud and even sometimes devastatingly painful. So, when we found out about our friends were going through their prospective breakups, we were saddened by it, but we understood. The trenches of love are a hard place to be – day in and out. But, like anything else worth fighting for, the rewards are beyond compare. Tell the one that you love this V-Day that you appreciate and love them for exactly who they are. And, don’t ever take what you have together for granted.



t is no secret to anyone that knows me or reads this column that I am an enormous Marilyn Monroe fan. So, when I heard that a movie was going to be released called My Week With Marilyn I was more excited than a Star Wars fan ready to wait in line for hours to be the first to see the film on the day it came out. And, there I was on the premier day of the movie, during a matinee (I enjoy those best) with popcorn, a bag of Sour Patch Kids and a large 7-UP. I selected the perfect seat – directly in the center in the seat rows behind the safety bar so no on could sit in front of me. I waited impatiently through the preview of The Iron Lady (which by the way was AMAZING as well) and another period drama, when finally the movie began. From the moment Michelle Williams (widow of Heath Ledger) hits the screen she has that “something” special that Marilyn had that kept your eye ONLY on her. Her performance was truly amazing. She did not play the tragic icon as a caricature like so many have done in the past and instead gave you insight into the mind of the real person behind the movie star. I think she finally explained Marilyn’s IT factor. She was an amazingly sexy woman, with curves in all the right places that inside had all the insecurities of a child. That is why men swooned over her and women wanted to mother her. She was just a lonely person that need constant reminding that she deserved all the accolades that Hollywood and her fans were bestowing on her. Growing up the way that I did in the rural setting of Mcclure, Illinois, I had no idea who Marilyn was up to my early twenties. I had never seen a picture of her and certainly never enjoyed one of her films. It wasn’t until I did my first pageant that my friend decided I would do the famous Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend that I researched Marilyn as a character. I’ve been hooked on her ever since. Marilyn Monroe never goes out of fashion. She is forever locked in our hearts and minds as the perfect combination of innocence and sexuality. She was the dumb blond that maybe really wasn’t as dumb as we thought. She was the sexy bombshell with a wiggle in her walk that could charm the birds out of the trees. Marilyn was a one of a kind. There has never been anything to rival her star ever since she decided to leave us too soon in August of 1965 in the prime of her life. Some say at her own hand, I say that a woman with that much love and zest for life would never take her own. But, that is a debate for another article. Finally, I leave you with my 3 favorite pictures of Marilyn. They show a Marilyn that most people don’t recognize. They were taken by Bert Stern two weeks before her untimely death. It is considered her last sitting. They show a playful Marilyn in the brunette wig that she wore when she wanted to go incognito. A pensive woman in black that worries about the decisions she’s made thus far in her life. And, the hopeful veiled bride in white ready to give love another try. I hope you go out and enjoy My Week With Marilyn. I promise you’ll love it and her after you see it. Oh, and if Michelle William’s doesn’t win SOMETHING during award season, I’m gonna be really pissed!


main photo: Ashland Thomas

ew do cool as hot as highoctane - celebrity-fashion photographer and star of A List : New York - Mike Ruiz. With a unique approach to the exploration of visceral brilliance, his finely crafted celebrity images have appeared in Vanity Fair , Italian Elle and Spanish Vogue . He has shot some of the hottest in Hollywood from Kim Kardashian to Adam Lambert and the girls of Jersey Shore. In his latest production, Mike turns his attention to his first photo book, Pretty Masculine , featuring a hunky gang of male models in various forms of undress. It’s pages and pages of eye candy and all for a good cause, too. Proceeds benefit GMHC . Enjoy our most recent inter view with the model turned photographer turned celebrity - Mike Ruiz!


WHM: How do you define beauty? MR: Beauty is very individual and personal. However, I consider beauty to be represented in everything that denotes balance in our world and is in harmony with our environment. True beauty gratifies the senses, which in my case, inspires me to delve deeper into my creative psyche. WHM: Isn’t masculinity the opposite of beauty? MR: The opposite of beauty is ugliness. So, to define masculinity as ugly is nothing but a limitation and inherent misunderstanding of what masculinity represents. Masculinity, irrespective of how it is portrayed, is yet another facet of beauty. WHM: Traditionally, men have been taught that beauty is a girl thing and that they shouldn’t concern themselves with how they look. MR: Yes, western culture certainly has imposed its belief that the idea of beauty is relegated predominantly to the female gender. However, this preconception is very limited and I hope that, along with continued changes in our cultural behaviors and values, so too will we notice a shift in accepting that beauty is not “a girl thing”. I, for one, extrapolate what I find to be beautiful and interpret it accordingly. In my mind, there are no limitations to what is to be deemed as beautiful. WHM: What is the main message of Pretty Masculine? MR: Beauty is whatever we want it to be. Just be open to new ideas and to the possibility of breaking down inflexible ideological barriers.

Interview By Troy Ordami

WHM: How do the men in your book represent male beauty? MR: “Pretty Masculine” depicts just one of many facets of beauty. In this case, the subjects in my book are simply a study of male muscularity— captured through hyper-stylized imagery. WHM: Are they the male equivalent to a Barbie doll? Are they placing the beauty bar for men at an impossibly high mark? MR: There isn’t or at least there shouldn’t be any bar to define male beauty. Moreover, it is important to remember that the models in my book are real people. They come from many different walks of life and have many different interests and are of many different persuasions. WHM: Of course we have to ask about recent news that you will not be part of next season’s A LIST: NEW YORK. Is that true? MR: Yes, it is true. I won’t be returning for a third season. I am most grateful to the producers of the show for having given me the opportunity to be a part of the cast. I have met many people and made many friends in the course of the last two seasons. The show gave me an awesome platform to discuss my general philosophy on life and share what’s important to me. That said, I feel that my participation on the show has run its course and that I need to tend to other projects that are pending and continue focusing on my career as a photographer. WHM: What is your parting advice to the guys of A LIST? MR: Love yourselves and remember that you are the masters of your own destiny.

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Meet MIKE RUIZ During His Appearance & Model Search At SAWMILL Resort April 5th-9th!



alentine’s Day is upon us. For those of us in a relationship, it is a time of magical romance and expressing to your sweetheart how much they mean to you. So why not surprise your mate with a romantic get away? I have always said that if I ever found my true love and got married, that my dream honeymoon would be flying to Bora Bora to spend a week in an over water bungalow. I can just imagine the two if us waking up in the morning and diving right off our porch into the crystal blue waters of the South Pacific Ocean and spending our days enjoying the beauty of the French Polynesian Island as well as each other. I cannot write a Valentine’s Day article with out at least mentioning Paris, France. There are so many historical and dramatic places to visit or simply sit on a bench while watching the Seine River pass by. With so much to do, Paris is a great place to rekindle the romance and fall in love all over again. In Punta Uva, Costa Rica, get a cottage at the Tree House Lodge ( This 10-acre beachfront property, located in the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge on Costa Rica’s southern Caribbean coast, features a sustainably built treehouse made from fallen trees, with solar heating, and wide-open canopy views. The most dramatic of these is a bi-level cottage built around the trunk of a rare Sangrillo tree. Inside, a whimsical bamboo-walled shower and an elevated master bedroom (reached via a palm-thatched suspension bridge) are perfect for watching howler monkeys rustle in the treetops. Many of us may not have the time or the expense to travel so far away. Being here in Florida, there are many places that are within driving distance. Islamorada is an amazing place for a romantic getaway. The Mooring Village & Spa ( offers a great quiet romantic backdrop with lush tropical vegetation which gives way to a private white sand beach. Or you may catch a cruise ship and island hop for a week. To my single readers out there, Valentine’s Day can be a completely different story. I have friends that are so against the whole idea of Valentine’s Day that they actually wear all black in silent protest of the holiday. For those that are not looking for love, but looking for a great time, Amsterdam may be the spot for you. An amazing open minded city full of excellent museums, great “coffee” shops, and a bustling nightlife, Amsterdam can be the place to go to find yourself or someone. At Argos, noted to be the oldest leather bar, on the first and third Sunday of each month hosts a Safe Sex Party where the dress code is either underwear or ALL NUDE! Not to mention the dark rooms found in most nightclubs can be quite convenient, or so I’ve been told (a-hem). If Amsterdam is on your to-do list, check out’s package to Amsterdam Pride scheduled for July 28th for 9 Days. Now if you want to stay for the party at Argo’s you will need to extend your stay by at least a day. Regardless of your relationship status, there is a world out there with many amazing things to see. If you have someone special in your life, get out there, explore and make memories together that you will never forget. If you are single, there are plenty of fun and exciting destimations where you can create an adventure of your own! Who knows, maybe you will meet someone special along the way and if not, you never know the adventure you will have until you go!


art by: article by: Mark Coones



OF LOVE ES’s New Line Is Released (For Good Behavior) ES is popular for its provocative ad campaigns, and their latest campaign does not disappoint. Shot in Segovia, Spain in an abandoned prison, images depict models in playfully sporty fun-wear from the new collection. The bold colors and chiseled frames of the models pop out against the drab backdrop of the prison walls and bars. “The theme of this years shoot was freedom,” says designer Ed Suñer. “Freedom to express yourself with color. Freedom to live the way you choose to live without restrictions.” “We should all be thankful that we enjoy greater freedoms today than our grandparents ever did. However, we still have a long way to go. Until we all have equal rights, we need to keep active in the fight.” ES Collection knows how to fight. The brand continues to thrive despite the onslaught of copy cat brands ripping off their designs. In additional to playful new athletic wear offerings, this season ES is unveiling The Wonderbrief and Wonderboxer version 2.0 a second generation of their most popular collection – as well as the latest addition to the line, The Wonderslim. All three lines are available at “After four years on the market, we modified the Wonderbrief and boxer for a more sophisticated look. The new briefs offer a molded and seamless effect with removable padding.“ “Let freedom reign as ES leads the future of men’s active wear,” proclaims Suñer.

To View The Entire ES & Addicted Collections, Visit LAJOCK.COM

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IYBOR BARS/CLUBS THE CASTLE 2004 North 16th Street (813) 247-7547 BRADLEY’S ON 7TH 1510 East 7th Ave (813) 241-2723 CZAR YBOR 1420 East 7th Ave (813) 247-2664 G-BAR 1401 East 7th Ave (813) 247-4663 LIQUID LOUNGE 1901 North 15th St (941) 0000000 RESERVOIR BAR 1518 East 7th Ave (813) 248-1442 THE HONEY POT 1507 East 7th Ave (813) 919-3712 YBOR SOCIAL CLUB 1909A NW 15th St IACCOMMODATIONS HAMPTON INN 1301East 7th Ave (813) 241-4545 HILTON GARDEN INN 1700 East 9th Ave (813) 769-9267 IBUSINESSES MC FILM 1901 North 15th St (813) 247-6233 YBOR RESORT & SPA 1512 East 8th Ave (813) 242-0900


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e kick off this issue of WHM with one of the top guilty-pleasures everyone’s been talkin’ about – MOB WIVES! The wives and daughters of former mobsters; Renee, Drita, Carla and Karen are back with Season 2 on VH1. With the addition of Ramona (ugh!), and Big Ang (whom I LOVE, and I believe should get her own show), this season started with a BANG! A showdown took place between the ladies at poor Renee’s “Celebration of Life” party (and yes, there was blood). Den mother, Big Ang steps in and tries to get the girls to make up, but will they ever get along? Find out Sundays at 8 pm. What Project Runway is to fashion designers, FACE OFF is to make-up artists. The competition returns to SyFy with Season 2! Last years’ winner was Orlando native Conor McCullagh. This year, three talented artists from Florida are in the mix! Nicholas “Nix” Herrera (Orlando), Ian Cromer (Tampa) and Jerry Macaluso (Ft. Lauderdale) are competing for the grand prize! May the best artist win! Check it out Wednesdays at 10 pm. The #1 watched series on Hulu is the UK import, MISFITS. I LOVE this show! A group of urban 20-somethings doing community service are caught in a supernatural thunderstorm that gains them X-Men-like powers! But, they’re not alone. Don’t be fooled, this show is seriously dark, gritty, raunchy and incredibly hilarious. To fans dismay, rumor has it a US version is in the works. But let’s face it, with the censorship laws here, it’ll be heavily watered-down. I say stick to the original. As far as movies openings are concerned, Beckingsale is kicking ass again in the long-awaited Underworld: Awakening. The Vampires and Lycans now have a common enemy. Another blockbuster is Chronicle. It follows 3 teens who gain super-powers after a mysterious encounter. The CGI is AMAZING! Now for some MUST HEAR MUSIC! •FRIENDLY FIRES – Pala (UK) This Alternative-dance band’s sophomore release is musically sublime! Rock and electro, mixed with worldmusic, 80’s funk and future sounds – it’s definitely a treat! (Check out tracks: Hawaiian Air, Hurting and Blue Cassette). •INNA – I Am the Club Rocker (Romania) After the success of her 1st album Hot, exotic beauty Inna returns with her sophmore CD of Euro-Dance Club anthems. Look for her US tour this year! (Check out: Endless, Sun Is Up, Club Rocker and Señorita). •STEPHEN MICHAEL – December 2 Remember (US) Easy on the eyes, not only can this Italian rapper spit fire, he’s also a talented singer. If you love HipHop and R&B, or are a fan of Jon B. or Drake, then give this a spin! (Check out: You Got Me, Falling, Tied Down and Smash). •JONTE’ – (Japan) Beyonce’s choreographer Jonte’ Moaning is a huge success in Japan. With saucy lyrics. looking like the love-child of Grace Jones, Prince and Kevin Aviance, you can’t go wrong! (Check out: Ya Rude, Extinguish and High Kick Pow) Until next time…keep it Klashy kids!



othing like a good old fashion break-up story to celebrate the spirit of VALENTINE’S DAY. After a little over 3 years, D&G have called it quits. I feel like a lot of friends, family and fans have a lot of questions on why. By the way, both Daniel and I appreciate all the kind phone calls and text messages on Twitter and Facebook. Since we made our relationship so public from the beginning, we feel the need to give an explanation as to why it ended. 2011 was a pretty tough year for the Packard family. My brother’s marriage of 19 years, ended in January when his wife ended the relationship. I immediately jumped on a plane to Michigan to help him with his kids for a month to help with the very hard transition. That same summer, my sister’s husband left her as well after 19 years of marriage. Again, I flew back to Michigan in support again. I must have stayed close to 2 months back home to help my family during this trying time. When I returned I had a new appreciation of family and its importance. I came to realize that I wanted my relationship with Daniel to go to the next level. I was thinking a ceremony and possibly adding a child to our home. To my disappointment, the time I had spent away gave Daniel time to reflect on his own feeling about our relationship. He came to the realization that he needed more freedom. I was floored and very upset. He then posted a letter on his blog that stated that he considered ending our relationship but realized that he,“almost made the biggest mistake of his life”. It was my hope then that we could work on it. Unfortunately things just seem to change. I could see it in his action and his eyes that it was just not going to work. Believe me, my friends – WE TRIED! I’ve always admired people in our lives in longterm gay relationships. Frank and Peter, the own-



ers of WHM have been together for 20 years. Our friends Melvin and Tony have been together for 16 years. In my early 20’s, my best friends and next door neighbors, Eric and Greg (who are still big influences in my life) have been a loving couple for 31 years. But my greatest examples have been my mom & dad. They have been through all of life’s up’s and down’s for 45 years. While seeking advice from them, my mom one day said with her voice filled with unconditional love,“Glenn your holding onto a dream, and not facing the reality of what is really happening.” So, in late November, I came home and had a heart-to-heart with Daniel. I expressed to him that I felt that our efforts were not working and that we would probably make better friends than lovers. It did not shock me when he readily agreed with me. Both he and I have so much that we’ve gone through together that we will always be the closest of friends. I cherish Daniel and always will. To our families and friends who love us so much, we are grateful for everyone’s support of us along the way. As far as me personally, I’m taking a break from LOVE for a while. I have always preferred to be in longterm relationships. My longest being 5 years, but here I am alone again. I’m in a different place in my life now and I think I have to reevaluate what I want out of a relationship. I might even go for a buddy with benefits. Don’t misunderstand me, I still believe in LOVE but for now I’m going to concentrate on my career. Who knows, I might even consider looking into becoming a single dad in the next couple of years. We will see. Maybe by then a special someone will come along and be the the kind of man that is looking to share my life and family. I’m hopeful that one day my “happily ever after” will happen when LOVE crosses my path again.

t’s time for winged, naked cherubs to flutter around, shooting heart shaped arrows into our hearts. Frankly, I think I scraped off one of these little, mythical beings along with a zillion Love Bugs off the grill of my Impala. (Straight Girl Fun Fact: Love Bugs are the distant white-trash cousins of cherubs.) It’s hard to feel sexy on a day named for a Christian martyr and is infamous for the bloodiest mob hit in history. With origins like these, sometimes I think I’ve a better chance of catching Dutch Elm Disease than finding true love. In an unauthorized poll of my gays, I find I’m not alone. Some think you’ve struck gold when you find men who could suck Lake Okeechobee dry only to be flabbergasted when they vanish faster than Christy Mcnichol’s career. Some are only in love on Facebook, Adam4Adam and Grindr. Even sadder, some are IN love with Facebook, Adam4Adam and Grindr. Mirror, Mirror on the wall, some date only younger guys at all. Some play cat and mouse fueled by Pinnacle Whipped Cream Vodka and Coke Zero (the official soda of your people!) Some are just plain catty and still get the man…? Some of you young guys seem only to attract an octogenarian’s older brother. Even with all these shenanigans on the hunt for true love, I’m pleased to find most of us are still positive. Hope springs eternal....always. Oh, don’t get me wrong, there are few of you out there boiling rabbits, filling shampoo bottles with Nair and leaving dead mackerel in the trunks of former lovers. These uber creative methods of revenge are what set the gay man apart from his Fruit Of The Loom wearing, UFC watching, beer guzzling cousins. Unfortunately, this is the pool that your straight girls have to swim in just to hopefully get a guy that “isn’t too awful” and “might be worth the trouble.” But I’m not complaining just being honest, we can get dates, get the guy to buy us drinks, even get laid, but finding someone to get excited about is the real trick. This Straight Girl in a Gay World has a special strategy for knowing if a guy might be “worth the trouble.” I use the same method when I buy jewelry. I call it “THE GASP!” You see, jewelry was and is my first love; it never cheats and doesn’t leave dirty socks on the floor. If I see a piece of jewelry and spontaneously, sharply inhale a gasp down to my toes as in “aaoouuhh,” that’s how I know I want the bauble or the boy. (Straight Girl Tip: Always use “The GASP” the first time your new guy unzips and you go for the “gold.” No matter if he’s “blessed” or not, he’ll appreciate that you noticed…wink, wink!) Kisses & Happy Valentine’s Day!





Photog To The Stars Kris Reynolds & Friend Shoot Us A Smile @ PULSE NIGHTCLUB!

W.H.O.’s Out&About

Meet The Backdoor Boys Adult Video & Novelty Store Owners Nick & Mike!


The Ubber Sexy Hunter Vance Makes Everyones Blood Pump Harder @ THROB!

The Handsome Men Of Sararsota Congregate Every Thurs. @ CREAM!

JUNGLE SUNDAYS @ Monkey Bar’s Tony & The Boy With The Cutest Smile We’ve Ever Seen!

Orlando Royalty Wearing Purple @ PHOUSE’S Trevor Project Purple Party.

For The Best Cocktail Go To The Best Bartender @ The PALACE Dustin! You Can Taste The Tempting Testosterone Coming From Wilton Manors RAMROD BAR!


Pictures by: Brian Harris, Danny G., Eric Babcock, Jeff X. & Christopher “Chrissy” Guy

The Men of THE MANOR in Wilton Manors Are Beyond HOT!


IWEST PALM BEACH/LAKE WORTH FORT DIX 6205 Georgia Ave (561) 533-5355 H.G. ROOSTERS 823 Belvedere Rd (561) 832-9119 THE BAR IN LAKEWORTH 2211 N Dixie Hwy (561) 370-3954 THE LOUNGE WPB 517 Clematis Street (561) 655-9747 THE MAD HATTER 1532 N Dixie Hwy (561) 547-8860

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CHIC OPTIQUE 2228 Wilton Drive (954) 567-3937 GAYMART 2228 Wilton Drive (954) 630-0360 ISLAND CITY FITNESS 2270 Wilton Drive (954) 318-3900 OUT OF THE CLOSET 2097 Wilton Drive (954) 358-5580 ROCK HARD ADULT 2301 Wilton Drive (954) 318-7625 TO THE MOON 2205 Wilton Drive (954) 564-2987 VERTIGO SALON 2420 Wilton Drive (954) 530-0946

IRESTAURANTS BEEFCAKES GRILL 1721 N. Andrews Ave (954) 463-6969 COURTYARD CAFE 2211 Wilton Drive (954) 563-2499 DARPUR ASIAN TAPAS & LOUNGE 1620 N Federal Hwy (954) 709-1092 GALANGA THAI 2389 Wilton Drive (954) 202-0000 HUMPY’S PIZZA 2244 Wilton Drive (954) 566-2722 ISLAND CITY BISTRO 2037 Wilton Drive (954) 563-2266 JAVA BOYS 2230 Wilton Drive (954) 564-8828 JUICEBLENDZ 2248 Wilton Drive (954) 358-0772 NAKED GRAPE WINE 2039 Wilton Drive (954) 563-5631 PETER PAN DINER 1216 E Oakland Park Blvd (954) 565-7177 SIAM CUISINE 2010 Wilton Drive (954) 564-3411 SIMPLY DELISH CAFE 2287 Wilton Drive (954) 565-8646 STORKS CAFE 2505 NE 15th Ave (954) 567-3220 TROPICS RESTAURANT 2004 Wilton Drive (954) 463-4269

WILTON'S BIER GARDEN 2245Wilton Drive (305)530-8782

IFT LAUDERDALE THE BOARDWALK 1721 N. Andrews Ave (954) 463-6969 CORNER PUB BAR 1915 N Andrews Ave (954) 564-7335 COZMOS MALE REVUE 2674 E Oakland Park Blvd (954) 235-0000 CUBBY HOLE 823 N Federal Hwy (954) 728-9001 DUDE'S 3270 NE 33rd St (954) 568-7777 J’S BAR THE ORIGINAL 2780 David Blvd (954) 581-8400 JOHNNY'SBAR 1116 West Broward Blvd (954) 522-5931 THE LIVING ROOM 300 SW 1st Ave (888) 992-7555 MONA'S LOUNGE 502 East Sunrise Blvd (954) 525-6662 MONKEY BUSINESS 2740 N. Andrews Ave (954) 565-3550 PJ’S CORNER POCKET 1208 NE 4th Ave (954) 533-0257 321SLAMMERS 321 Sunrise Blvd (954) 524-2625 SMARTY PANTS 3038 North Federal Hwy (954) 561-1724 THE STABLE 205 E. Oakland Park Blvd (954) 565-4506 THE DEPOT CABANA BAR 235 North Federal Hwy (954) 537-7076 TORPEDO BAR 2829 West Broward Blvd (954) 587-2500 IBUSINESSES CLUB FT LAUDERDALE 110 NW 5th Ave (954) 525-3344 PRIDE FACTORY 850 NE 13th Street (954) 463-6600 TROPIXXX VIDEO 1514 NE 4th Ave (954) 522-5988

IRESOURCES BROWARD HOUSE 1726 SE 3rd Ave (954) 522-4749 GLCC OF SOUTH FLA 1717 N. Andrews Ave (954) 463-9005

IACCOMMODATIONS LORDS SOUTH BEACH 1120 Collins Ave (877) 448-4754 ISLAND HOUSE 1428 Collins Ave (305) 382-2422

IMIAMI BARS AZUCAR 2301 SE 32nd Ave (305) 441-6974 DISKOTEKKA 950 NE 2nd Ave (305) 371-3773 EROS LOUNGE 8201 Biscayne Blvd (305)754.3444 JOHNNY’S MIAMI 60 NE 14th Street (305) 640-8749 SWINGING RICHARDS 17450 Biscayne Blvd (305) 947-3710 THE VAULT MIAMI 145 N Miami Ave (305) 371-3773 VLADA LOUNGE 3215 NE 2nd Ave (305) 381-5015

IKEY WEST AQUA NIGHTCLUB 711 Duval St (305) 294-0555 BOTTLECAP LOUNGE 1128 Simonton St (305) 296-2807 BOURBON ST. PUB 724 Duval St (305) 296-1992 HOGS BREATH SALOON 400 Front Street (305) 296-4222 KWEST MEN 705 Duval St (305) 292-8500 LA TE DA 1125 Duval St (877) 528-3320 PEARL’S PATIO BAR 525 United Street (305) 294-4737 RICKS/DURTY HARRY’S 202 Duval St (305) 296-4890 SALOON ONE 514 Petronia St (305) 294-4737 SCHOONER WHARF BAR 202 William Street (305) 292-3302 THE KEYS PIANO BAR 1114 Duval St (305) 294-8859

IBUSINESSES CLUB AQUA 2991 Coral Way (305)448-2214 ISOUTH BEACH BOY BAR 1220 Normandy Dr (305) 864-2697 CLUB AZUCAR 427 Jefferson Ave (305) 531-8900 CREME LOUNGE 725 Lincoln Lane North (305) 535-1163 MOVA LOUNGE 1625 Michigan Ave (305) 534-8181 SCORE BAR 727 Lincoln Road (305) 535-1111 THE PALACE BAR 1200 Ocean Drive (305) 531-7234 TWIST BAR 1057 Washington Ave (305) 538-9478 IBUSINESSES BOCA TANNING 723 North Lincoln Lane (305) 695-7333 CRUNCH GYM 1259 Washington Ave (305) 674-8222

IACCOMMODATIONS ALEXANDER'S GUESTHOUSE 118 Fleming St (305) 294-9919 EQUATOR RESORT 818 Fleming St (305) 294-7775 BIG RUBYS GUESTHOUSE 409 Applerouth Lane (800) 477-7829 ISLAND HOUSE FOR MEN 1129 Fleming Street (800) 890-6284 IRESOURCES GLBCC 513 Truman Ave (305) 292-3223 KEY WEST BUSINESS GUILD 513 Truman Ave (305) 294-4603 45



What's Happening Magazine - February 2012 Mike Ruiz " Pretty Masculine" Special Edition