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PUBLISHER’S NOTE It’s Beginning To Look Alot Like Xmas?


TRANNY TALES By Danielle Hunter

23 TRAVEL SMART MARK Gay Travel Expert 24 23

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE Gift Ideas From Local Retailers

26 NOVEMBER CALENDER Model: M. Lombardo - DMK Underwear








SPUNK By Fidel Santiago

38 G&D SPOT By Glenn D. Packard & Daniel Miagany 46 KEN’S KOLLECTIBLES By Ken Dahl 47

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Our mission at What’s Happening Magazine is to create a publication that unites the Florida GLBT community. By becoming a voice in the community, we will create opportunity and security for gay and gay friendly businesses. PUBLISHERS AguasGarciaGroup, LLC

EDITOR Kiernan Kelly

Contributors: Fidel Santiago, Glenn Packard, Daniel Miagany, Karen Brown, Jeff X, Mark Coones, Ken Dahl & Danielle Hunter


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JANUARY Edition is DECEMBER 15, 2011.

photo: “See Me Under The Mistletoe”



IT’S BEGINNING TO LOOK ALOT LIKE XMAS? hen we both started working on the image to your left of the two hot muscle bears kissing under the mistletoe we originally considered removing the tattoo on the guys shoulder with the skull-cup on it via photoshop. Let’s just say it just didn’t scream Christmas! But the more we began to look at it, the more we started to find symbolic meaning in it for us and decided to keep it in the pic and instead use it as a metaphor for the “kiss of death” that most gay businesses have been suffering through during this year and now more poignantly during the holidays. As many readers may know by now, the last year has seen many prominent new gay businesses close down. Some due to poor management and still more due to a lack of support from the GLBT community. WhIle perusing FaceBook recently, performer Alicia Markstone put it best in her status one day by saying,”...when a gay business goes down the drain, we all suffer. It is not just the owners, but the countless individuals that are supported by that specific businesses.” Many individuals in our community have made a career of working at gay establishments. They are loyal, hardworking people that give their 100% to a gIven business only to be treated as expendable when push comes to shove. We, ourselves at WHM, have experienced the same sort of lase fare attitude from many in the GLBT community. Now don’t get us wrong, we have been blessed by the constant support of many businesses and individuals in our community, but on many occasions have been caught in the crossfire of personal wars within this same community. First and foremost, WE ARE A BUSINESS, just like any other. We try to run it professionally and with the most integrity at all times. Anyone that knows us personally, knows that is the case. We never take sides and consider ourselves Gay Switzerland. When new gay businesses open, of course we are going to want to represent them in our publication. It is the market we serve. It does not mean that we are supporting one establishment or business over another. We are just trying to give equal chance of success by providing the entire Florida community a chance to know its entertainment, dining and shopping options in their local GLBT communities. We are thankful to all of those that come up or email us on a weekly basis to say how much they enjoy WHM and are so grateful for the quality publication that we put out for our community, but in the end it is a business that can only survive with your support just like many others. That is why this year, like in all six years of this magazine’s existence, we urge you to again support your local GLBT businesses. Without your not only can they not survive, but more over neither can the many people that count on a paycheck from week to week to feed themselves and their families. Remember that the next time you decide to boycott an establishment due to petty rivalry or jealousies. Let’s all be UNITED IN PRIDE this holiday and support the gay and gay friendly businesses in our community. And, if you have a chance let them know where you saw their ad (wink-wink). Afterall, us girls gotta eat know?



’m one of those people that has always lived in the moment but planned for the future. I have a savings account with actual money in it. I’ve always planned and squired away cash for vacations, birthdays and holidays. In essence, I think life is one of those rollercoasters rides that one thoroughly enjoys but have to pay for by spending time paying your dues in long lines of tourists before you get to scream your head off in excitement. To me, the effort that is put in is worth the reward you reap. Likewise, I tend to always take inventor y of my life at the end of the year. I constantly mar vel at remembering where and what I was doing at the beginning of the year and then seeing what roads life has taken me on towards the end. No matter how much I tr y to plan my goals for the year, life always sends me cur ve balls that had you told me were coming my way, I would have never believed. This has been quite a year with many experiences throughout. Some are good, some bad, but they have always been interesting. When I was younger, years used to creep slowly, now they whiz by me at the speed of light. The twists and turns that I surf can be utterly dizzying. Although, I find with maturity I can now maneuver these little surprises with grace and dignity. I believe we all get better with age in dealing with our personal trials and tribulations. This point was perfectly illustrated for me I while watching the American Music Awards last month on ABC. One of my favorite performers of all time – Jennifer Lopez, won Latin Entertainer of the Year . I was overjoyed for her, but what really caught my attention was her gracious acceptance speech (not to mention the stunning, one-shouldered lace gown that was cut up to THERE!) . Once she cradled the award in her arms (which really resembles a dangerous weapon) she thanked God for all her blessings. Now, this is the same woman that had not too long ago suffered a ver y public separation and divorce from husband Mark Anthony (a marriage I never understood, I mean she looks like she could snap him like a twig at any moment) . My admiration for her grew exponentially. She thanked the heavens for blessing her with all the exciting ups ups and and downs downs that that this this last last year year brought brought her her way. way. Then Then itit dawned dawned on on me. me. We We must must be be grateful for all the bad things that come our way as much as the good. “We learn more from our missteps than our successes.” That is what I’ve learned and take away from 2011. I’m looking forward to 2012 with enthusiasm and optimism. Even if according to the Mayan’s it will be the end of the world as we know it. Oh well, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.



photo by: J. Milford


or some, the holiday season is one of joy, happiness and spending time with loved ones. However for many in our community, the holiday season can be quite a depressing time of year. So why let yourself get down over the holidays? Pack your bags and go somewhere fun and exciting! Get out of town and have an adventure! There are many destinations in the world to choose from. Paris can be magical during the holiday season! I can just imagine myself catching snowflakes on my tongue while standing under the Eiffel Tower. Just make sure you aren’t standing under any pigeons. Perhaps you see yourself walking through the 2,140 acre historical city center of Prague, which in 1992 was listed in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage Register. Walking through this ancient city is truly like stepping back in time. Not to mention that Czech men are HOT! Did you know that the Czech Republic is second to the US for the world’s leading production centers for gay porn, according to a report by and CBS News. Maybe you want to party it up for the New Years? The island of Ibiza, Spain is world renowned as a clubbing mecca! With eight superclubs, and vast array of smaller late night venues and sunset cafés, this may be the escape you are looking for! You don’t have to leave the country, you can just pack up the car and GO! Maybe head to Charleston, South Carolina to spend time in this historic city, or party it up in HOTlanta! Being in Florida, you could catch a cruise ship from a local port and sail away for the holidays. Regardless of where you decide to spend your holiday, I cannot stress enough the importance of making your reservations in advance. This advice holds true not just for the holiday time period, but year round. I know we are a spontaneous bunch, but many times we need to think ahead and make reservations well in advance, and by ‘well in advance’ I’m talking at least 3-6 months (if not more for certain destinations). I do not understand why so many of us have this “fear of commitment” when making travel plans. Have no fear, because planning in advance will ensure you get exactly what you want. If you wait until the last minute, you could encounter extremely high, or sold out airfare, hotel rates, cruise rates etc. Yes, you could luck into a good deal at the last minute, however over the holidays it can be doubtful you will find them. So take it from me, don’t let yourself be sad or alone over the holidays, there is a world out there! Create your own path and make new friends! Rest assured you will learn a lot and most of all you will not regret it!


art by: | article by: Mark Coones

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model: Maurice Lombardo | pic by: DMK Underwear

G AY C E N T R A L F L O R I D A GUIDE  ORLANDO CLUBS BARCODES BAR 4453 Edgewater Drive (407) 412-6917 HANKS BAR 5026 Edgewater Dr. (407) 291-2399 NEW PHOENIX 7124 Aloma Ave. (407) 678-9070 PARADISE BAR 1300 N. Mills Ave. (407) 898-0090 PARLIAMENT HOUSE 410 N. O.B.T. (407) 425-7571 PULSE ORLANDO 1912 S Orange Ave. (407) 649-3888 REVOLUTION NIGHTCLUB 375 South Bumby (407) 228-9900 SAVOY ORLANDO 1913 N. Orange Ave. (407) 898-6766 SIP LOUNGE 724 Virginia Drive (407) 894-4747 STONEWALL BAR 741 W. Church Street (407) 373-0888 WYLDES BAR 3530 S. Orange Ave. (407) 852-0612  ACCOMMODATIONS EO INN & SPA 227 N Eola Dr. (407) 481-8485 PARLIAMENT HOUSE 410 N. Orange Blossom (407) 425-7571  ATTRACTIONS BLUEMAN GROUP 1000 Universal Studios Plaza (407)BLUE-MAN CIRQUE DU SOLEIL 1590 East Buena Vista Drive (407)939-7328 UNIVERSAL THEME PARK 6000 Universal Boulevard (407)363-8000 WALT DISNEY WORLD RESORT West Buena Vista Drive (407) 939-6244

 BUSINESSES BACK ROOM STORE 5026 Edgewater Dr (Outside Hanks) (407)298-2802 CENTURY COSTUMES 3510 South Orange Ave. (407)251-7110 FAIRVILLA MEGASTORE 1740 N. Orange Blossom Blvd (407) 425-6005 GOTCHA GRAPHICS 1809 South Orange Ave (407) 839-8800 CHROME TALENT 7600 Southland Blvd #103 (407) 601-3686  COMICS & COLLECTIBLES ACME COMICS 905 E State Road 434 (407) 331-0433 COLISEUM OF COMICS 177 Towne CentreCircle(Sanford) (407)324-1800 DOCKING BAY 94 COMICS 1823 N. Orange Ave (407) 894-8697  HEALTH & BEAUTY CHROME LOTUS TATTOO EAST SIDE STUDIO - NEW 10103 East Colonial Drive (407) 658-0554 CHROME LOTUS TATTOO DOWNTOWN STUDIO - NEW 1809 East Colonial Drive (407) 730-3666 CLUB ORLANDO 450 East Compton Street (407) 425-5005 EO INN & URBAN DAY SPA 227 N Eola Dr. (407) 481-8485 NOVA COSMETIC CENTER 7600 Dr. Phillips Blvd (407) 226-0609 (407) 207-2002 SPLIT ENDZ HAIR & NAIL 3331 Curryford Road (407) 898-9551  PET GROOMING/BOARDING DANDY DOGGY DO’S Curryford & Dean Rd (Next to Publix) 407) 381-1160 THE DOG MAHALL & CATS 2 6457 Hazeltine Dr Suite 140 (407) 812-9989  PROFESSIONAL SERVICES INNES LAW FIRM - LONGWOOD P.O. Box 916894 (407)505-1304

 REAL ESTATE/MORTGAGE WELLS FARGO HOME MORTGAGE (Shaun Coffey - Consultant) 1030 Montgomery Road, (407) 681-2301  RESTAURANTS BANANAS AMERICAN DINER 924 N Mills Ave (407) 427-1447 FUNKY MONKEY RESTAURANT 912 N. Mills Ave. (407) 427-1447 9101 International Drive (407)418-9463 ITALIAN BEEFSTRO - NEW 705 West Colonial Drive (407) 601-7444 MI TOMATINA PAELLA BAR 433 West New England Ave(321) 972-4317 POM POM’S SANDWICHERIA 67 Bumby Ave. (407) 894-0865 RAINBOW CAFÉ 410 N. Orange Blossom (407) 425-7571 SEA THAI RESTAURANT 3812 E. Colonial (407) 895-0985  RELIGIOUS JOY M.C.C. 2351 South Ferncreek Ave (407) 894-1081 HOPE UNITES UCC 425 Columbia Street (407) 247-5294 OASIS FELLOWSHIP 3955 Red Bug Lake Road (407) 461-8685  RESOURCES 24 HR HOTLINE (407) 7015659 HIV/AIDS SUPPORT (407) 277-3938 HOPE & HELP CENTER 1935 Woodcrest Dr. (407) 645-2577 THE CENTER - GLBCC 946 North Mills Ave. (407) 228-8272 PFLAG (407) 236-9177  SOCIAL ORGS. BEARS OF CENTRAL FL ORLANDO GAY CHORUS (407) 841-SING

ORLANDO YOUTH ALLIANCE (321) 279-8041 PRIMETIMERS OF CENTRAL FLA (321) 499-3525 EQUAL - UCF GLBSU (407) 860-4733  THEATRE CARR PERF ARTS CENTRE 401 West Livingston Street (800)448-6322 THEATRE DOWNTOWN 2113 North Orange Ave (407) 841-0083

 EAST CENRAL FLORIDA  COCOA BEACH/MELBOURNE  BARS/CLUBS COLD CEG NIGHTCLUB 4060 West New Haven (321)724-1510  THEATRE KING CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS 3865 North Wickham Rd (321)242-2219  JACKSONVILLE 616 BAR 616 Park Street (904)358-6969 IN CAHOOTS NIGHTCLUB 711 Edison Ave (904)384-7090 THE METRO 2929 Plum Street (904)388-8719 BO’S CORAL REEF 201 5th Ave (904)246-9874  HEALTH CLUBS CLUB JACKSONVILLE 1939 Hendricks Blvd (904)398-7451  RETAIL STORES RAINBOWS & STARS 1046 Park Street (904)356-7702  SOCIAL ORGS. JACKSONVILLE BEARS

For A Full Listing Of Businesses, Maps & Directions Visit



hile we all love many of today’s artists, like Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Beyonce’, Ke$ha and the fabulous Adele, we often forget, (or are not aware) that there’s an entire world of music out there to discover. Unfortunately, most people only know the commercial stuff that’s on American radio or MTV. (Oh wait, MTV no longer plays videos..sad.) Never satisfied with what we are given to listen to, and being the music hunter that I am, I’ve always searched elsewhere. From the UK to the Middle East, all countries have a major music scene and great music worth checking out. Even here in the US there are a lot of indie artists that don’t get the exposure they deserve. And while like many of you I can’t get Rihanna’s “We Found Love” outta my head, below are some artists worth checking out. Their music is available on i-Tunes or Amazon.


MUSIC YOU MAY HAVE MISSED IN 2011 •MEDINA - Welcome To Medina (Denmark) TRACKS/VIDS TO CHECK OUT: Addiction, Gutter and Happy. •SHAWN DESMAN - Fresh (Canada) TRACKS/VIDS TO CHECK OUT: Shiver, Electric/Night Like This and Fresh. •ELLIE GOULDING – Lights (UK) TRACKS/VIDS TO CHECK OUT: Lights, Starry Eyed, Guns & Horses and Animal.

•SAMANTHA NEWARK – Somethin’ Good (US) TRACKS/VIDS TO CHECK OUT: I Got Everything, Hands On Me, Blue Sea and Lover. •EXPOSÉ – Point Of No Return 2011 (US) Download the remix of Point Of No Return by DJ/producer, Chris Cox for FREE! Go to their official website:

•KAZAKY – Kazaky (Ukraine) TRACKS/VIDS TO CHECK OUT: In The Middle, LOVE and I’m Just A Dancer.




SAWMILL - AMERICA’S 1ST GAY COMMUNITY 21710 US Hwy 98 (352)583-0664

YBOR RESORT & SPA 1512 East 8th Ave (813) 242-0900


HAMBURGER MARYS 1600 East 7th Ave


(813) 241-MARY

12500 State Rd 33 South (352)429-2997

1805 East 7th Ave (813)




1601 East 7th Ave



340 Havendale Blvd



1811 North 15th Street

(863) 268-8294

(813) 241-2998



1030 E. Main Street

1512 East 7th Ave

(863) 288-3506

(813)248-1845 TRE AMICI BAR


1907 North 19th St (813)247-6964




4901 S. 34th Street

2460 Stickney Point Rd

215 North 11th St





3100 3rd Ave North

(Coming Soon)

(727) 321-2112

2201 Industrial Blvd


(813) 223-5181 TRES EQUIS ADULT VIDEO 6220 East Adamo (813) 740-8664 URBAN BODY CLOTHING 715 S. Howard Ave

HAYMARKET PUB/ HIDEAWAY BAR 8302 4th Street North (727) 570-9025

1532 Main Street


(941) 955-8272


4807 22nd Ave




(727) 327-1691

3474 17th Street (866) 949-1429



4918 Gulfport


(727) 327-4897

3474 17th Street


(877) 227-2438

840 Cleavland • Clearwater (727) 447-4259


BAXTERS LOUNGE 1519 South Dale Mabry


(727) 821-1986

1510 East 7th Ave (813) 241-2723

(813) 258-8830


2325 Ulmerton Rd • Clearwater



3501 Universal Plaza

1420 East 7th Ave

1502 N. Florida Ave

(813) 247-2664

(813) 228-0139



1401 East 7th Ave

2606 North Armenia Ave

(813) 247-4663

(813) 876-4650



1518 East 7th Ave

3703 Henderson Blvd

(813) 248-1442

(813) 350-0600 CONNECTIONS

PLAY BAR 1701 East 8th Ave (813) 247-7877 THE HONEY POT 1507 East 7th Ave (813) 919-3712 YBOR SOCIAL CLUB 1909A NW 15th St

IACCOMMODATIONS (8) HAMPTON INN 1301East 7th Ave (813) 241-4545 HILTON GARDEN INN 1700 East 9th Ave (813) 769-9267

IYBOR BUSINESSES (9) MC FILM FESTIVAL 1901 North 15th St (813) 247-6233

9002 N. Florida Ave (813) 915-0819 THE BODY SHOP 14905 N. Nebraska Ave (813) 971-3576 RAINBOW ROOM (LESBIAN BAR) 421 South McDill Ave (813) 871-2265 VALENTINES 7522 N. Armenia Ave (813) 936-1999


PLAZA DOWNTOWN 111 Fortune Street (813) 223-1351 PENINSULA INN & SPA 2937 Beach Blvd • Gulfport (727) 346-9800

TRU LOUNGE (727) 289-7153



(727) 597-1200

4505 5th Ave N



1 East University Ave



(727)365-0544 4901 S. 34th Street

(352) 37-6814



(727) 346-9800


14 NW 5th Street

2937 Beach Blvd • Gulfport





(727) 544-4750


2410 Central AVe

Southern Comfort

5851 Park Blvd • Pinellas Park THE QUEEN & I THAI

50 S.E. 74th Ave

(727) 954-3926






2250 Central Ave St Pete

13344 66th St N. • Largo

(727) 321-7600

(727) 538-0660


CLUB NAUTICO 4900 66th St North (727)321-2112 DETOUR 2612 Central Ave (727) 327-8204

For A Full Listing Of Businesses, Maps & Directions Visit

187 Dr MLK Street North

(727) 44-3474

New Port Richy

(727) 827-2831


6153 Massachusetts Ave


2924 5th Ave




(813) 251-5522

(727) 323-5857

2004 North 16th Street (813)



ALSO OUT YOUTH CENTER 1470 Boulevard of the Arts (941)951-2576 DIVERSITY CHORUS (941) 957-0404 PFLAG SARASOTA (941) 378-3536 PRIMETIMERS SARASOTA (941) 924-6171


1193 Enterprise Drive (941) 627-4777


TUBBY’S VIDEO BAR 4350 Fowler Street (239) 274-5001 THE OFFICE PUB 3704 Cleveland Ave (239) 936-3212 TBL/THE BOTTOM LINE 3090 Evans Ave (239) 337-7292


BAMBUSA BAR & GRILL 600 Goodlette Road North (239) 649-5657 SNAPPERS 2634 Tamiani Trail East (239) 775-4114




6340 Napa Woods Way

6587 Gateway Ave

(239) 732-0092

(941) 924-7500 CREME THURSDAYS @ IVORY LOUNGE (NEW) 1413 Main Street 941.388.7869


o often one of you will come up to me, Grey Goose in hand and regale me with a story that would be “perfect for my column.” Sometimes I use it. Sometimes just the juiciest parts are enough. It’s an organic process for me and I pull inspiration from a myriad of sources. So, since the holidays are the perfect time for seeing old friends and telling stories, as my holiday gift to you…here are a few of the best stories I’ve heard all year. Recently, I attended a swanky Tranny Brunch, t’was a veritable Who’s Who of GAY. I met a set of BFFs, Bruce and Lance. Over Eggs Benedict, I began eavesdropping on their conversation about a couch Bruce listed on Craig’s List and how some right wing lady went postal and wouldn’t buy it because she might catch “gay” right from the cushions. Then Bruce and Lance told me how Craig’s List can be a source of free entertainment beyond the personal ads. In one of the most inspired practical jokes ever, Lance created an ad in Kentucky claiming Bruce had inherited 23 chickens and a coop and was looking to sell them. For weeks, Bruce fielded calls from bumpkins all over Kentucky wanting particulars about these chickens. Bruce retaliated by listing an ad in Chicago claiming Lance was liquidating a pawn shop. In turn Lance got calls from various shady characters inquiring about his “merchandise.” Clearly these two had been buddies forever and were all too willing to dish on the other. So, I just kept listening…Bruce had just celebrated a birthday and as a present to himself, he called over a trick and a stripper from Tampa to spice up the party he was having in a “popular gay resort” hotel room. The trick promptly drank all the vodka, went to the bathroom and willingly became the center of a gang bang in the bathtub. Bruce was less than enthusiastic to discover his friends “playing” with his “present.” Then, the stripper got caught in traffic and arrived late. To avoid his greedy friends, Bruce had the stripper follow him home. On the way, the stripper caused a hit and run accident and fled the scene. Hopefully, Bruce will have a happier birthday in 2012 but the fact that Bruce and Lance were able to laugh about these follies are the same reasons we love the “family we choose.” Like the tinsel on the tree, here’s one of my favorites from Famous Bartender Stud and Local Legend, Brian Humphries. Brian was bartending and an old lady came up to him and asked for the trashcan in which she promptly puked. He applauded her for not puking on the floor or on his other customers. She resumed partying and came back 45 minutes later wanting to know if Brian could dig through the trash, she had puked out her dentures. He simply handed her the can, she dug through and put them back in – NO WASHING OFF! Thank you for continuing to support me, your Straight Girl in a Gay World and WHM. I look forward to hearing your new stories in 2012 and wish you a holiday that is Mary & Gay!


erry Christmas to all! We want to thank all the friends, family and fans, that have made this year such a memorable one for us. May your holiday be filled with love and lots of presents under the tree! Tehehe! We challenge you to try something this holiday season. Some of you may already do it and some may need a nudge in the ribs as a reminder. It’s simply to take time to appreciate the special people in your life. Enjoy them while they are here. Perhaps, start a tradition that you can share with your loved ones. For example, every year, for the past 3 years, we’ve done a Christmas card photoshoot which has become quite the phenomenon with our friends and family. It started when we were visiting the Packard family in Michigan for 4th of July weekend. We did a stop at Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland, the world’s largest Christmas store, in Frankenmuth, MI. Never one to waste a photo-op, we had asked a friend who was with us to snap a photo of us on the front lawn of the store next to these 2 elves. Four month’s later, having forgotten about that moment, we were planning our Christmas card and came across that particular pic. We decided


then and there that THAT would be our card friends and family would receive. With technology around us at every turn, it’s nice to receive a Christmas card in the mail now a days. This is just one of a few traditions we have started which puts a smile on loved ones faces. Speaking of technology, we DO have another tradition which involves It involves our very own rendition of a popular Christmas song. We started it way before the two kids on GLEE did, but of course we don’t have those voices so we forced to lipsync for our lives. The first year we did it was after 3 glasses of wine. We turned on our webcam and performed The12 Days of Christmas alongside the cast of the MUPPETS! The following year we did the classic Baby its Cold Outside, which if we ever sold these as DVD’s we’d have to include a bloopers and deleted scenes feature. Let’s just say in one take we were arguing for better lack of words, and didn’t realize we were recording. By far, when we watch that one we laugh more then the one that was posted. We haven’t decided on this year’s song but soon enough it will be up on For now, to see the other two just type in the key words: GLENN & DANIEL XMAS. Who know’s maybe this year we’ll have a full-on production with sensation Keenan Cahill as a dancing elf!

For A Full Listing Of Businesses, Maps & Directions Visit WWW.WHATSHAPPENINGMAGAZINE.COM

The Gorgeous & Talented Miss Nina Flowers & Jeff X! Friends Brian H. & WHM’s Frank Enjoy A Warm Hug @ MONKEY BAR!

W.H.O.’s Out&About F L O R I D A Ladies With An Attitude Get Us Fellas In The Mood... Everyone VOGUE!

Dancers Andrew & Peter Tore It UP For The Crowds In GaYbor City!

Longtime Friends Michael & Teddy Show WHM Their Support & LOVE!

The Gorgeous Brookie Enjoys The Nightlife & Celebrates Friend Marley Davidson’s B-Day @ IVORY!


The Party Bus With WHAT’S HAPPENING & Hosted VIP Guests & Was A HUGE Success During Orlando Town PRIDE 2011!

Miss T.P. Lords Took Time To Pose With Fans In SoFL’s BILL’s!

Pictures by: Brian Harris, Danny G., Eric Babcock, Jeff X. & Christopher “Chrissy” Guy

Peter Squeezed Baby Bear John @ The Kick-Off Red Light District Party @ CHEALSEA CLUB!



IWEST PALM BEACH/LAKE WORTH FORT DIX 6205 Georgia Ave (561) 533-5355 H.G. ROOSTERS 823 Belvedere Rd (561) 832-9119 THE BAR IN LAKEWORTH 2211 N Dixie Hwy (561) 370-3954 THE LOUNGE WPB 517 Clematis Street (561) 655-9747 THE MAD HATTER 1532 N Dixie Hwy (561) 547-8860

CHIC OPTIQUE 2228 Wilton Drive (954) 567-3937 GAYMART 2228 Wilton Drive (954) 630-0360 ISLAND CITY FITNESS 2270 Wilton Drive (954) 318-3900 ROCK HARD ADULT STORE 2301 Wilton Drive (954) 318-7625 TO THE MOON 2205 Wilton Drive (954) 564-2987 VERTIGO SALON 2420 Wilton Drive (954) 530-0946

IBOCA RATON JOE & CRAIGS PLACE 1929 North Federal Hwy (561) 347-8044

IRESTAURANTS BEEFCAKES GRILL 1721 N. Andrews Ave (954) 463-6969 COURTYARD CAFE 2211 Wilton Drive (954) 563-2499 DARPUR ASIAN TAPAS & LOUNGE 1620 N Federal Hwy (954) 709-1092 GALANGA THAI KITCHEN 2389 Wilton Drive (954) 202-0000 HUMPY’S PIZZA 2244 Wilton Drive (954) 566-2722 ISLAND CITY BISTRO 2037 Wilton Drive (954) 563-2266 JAVA BOYS 2230 Wilton Drive (954) 564-8828 JUICEBLENDZ 2248 Wilton Drive (954) 358-0772 NAKED GRAPE WINE 2039 Wilton Drive (954) 563-5631 PETER PAN DINER 1216 E Oakland Park Blvd (954) 565-7177 SIAM CUISINE 2010 Wilton Drive (954) 564-3411 SIMPLY DELISH CAFE 2287 Wilton Drive (954) 565-8646 STORKS CAFE & BAKERY 2505 NE 15th Ave (954) 567-3220 TROPICS RESTAURANT 2004 Wilton Drive (954) 463-4269

IWILTON MANORS ACCOMMODATIONS CABANAS GUESTHOUSE 2209 NE 26th Street (954) 564-7764 IWILTON MANORS BARS BILLS FILLING STATION 2209 Wilton Dr (954) 567-5978 ATOMIC NIGHTCLUB 2232-36 Wilton Dr (954) 630-3556 GEORGIE'S ALIBI 2266 Wilton Drive (954) 565-2526 MATTY’S ON THE DR. 2426 Wilton Drive (954) 564-1799 NEW MOON BAR 2440 Wilton Drive (954) 563-7660 RAMROD 1508 NE 4th Ave (954) 763-8219 ROSIE'S BAR & GRILL 2449 Wilton Drive (954) 567-1320 SCANDALS SALOON 3073 NE 6th Ave (954) 565-3084 SIDELINES SPORTS BAR 2031 Wilton Dr (954) 563-8001 THE MANOR 2345 Wilton Drive (954) 626-0082 IBUSINESSES BALL BEACHWEAR 2252 Wilton Drive (954) 537-4120

IFT LAUDERDALE (A) THE BOARDWALK 1721 N. Andrews Ave (954) 463-6969

CORNER PUB BAR 1915 N Andrews Ave (954) 564-7335 COZMOS MALE REVUE 2674 E Oakland Park Blvd (954) 235-0000 CUBBY HOLE 823 N Federal Hwy (954) 728-9001 DUDE'S 3270 NE 33rd St (954) 568-7777 J’S BAR THE ORIGINAL 2780 David Blvd (954) 581-8400 JOHNNY'SBAR 1116 West Broward Blvd (954) 522-5931 THE LIVING ROOM 300 SW 1st Ave (888) 992-7555 MONA'S LOUNGE 502 East Sunrise Blvd (954) 525-6662 MONKEY BUSINESS 2740 N. Andrews Ave (954) 565-3550 PJ’S CORNER POCKET 1208 NE 4th Ave (954) 533-0257 321SLAMMERS 321 Sunrise Blvd (954) 524-2625 SMARTY PANTS 3038 North Federal Hwy (954) 561-1724 THE STABLE 205 E. Oakland Park Blvd (954) 565-4506 THE DEPOT CABANA BAR & GRILL 235 North Federal Hwy (954) 537-7076 TORPEDO BAR 2829 West Broward Blvd (954) 587-2500 IBUSINESSES CLUB FT LAUDERDALE 110 NW 5th Ave (954) 525-3344 PRIDE FACTORY 850 NE 13th Street (954) 463-6600 TROPIXXX VIDEO 1514 NE 4th Ave (954) 522-5988 IRESOURCES BROWARD HOUSE 1726 SE 3rd Ave (954) 522-4749 GLCC OF SOUTH FLA 1717 N. Andrews Ave (954) 463-9005

IDAVIE BARS CLOUD 9 (LESBIAN) 7126 Sterling Road (954) 499-3525

IDANIA BEACH BARS BEACH BETTY’S 625 East Dania Bch Blvd (954) 921-9893 IMIAMI BARS AZUCAR 2301 SE 32nd Ave (305) 441-6974 DISKOTEKKA 950 NE 2nd Ave (305) 371-3773 JOHNNY’S MIAMI 60 NE 14th Street (305) 640-8749 THE VAULT MIAMI 145 N Miami Ave (305) 371-3773 VLADA LOUNGE 3215 NE 2nd Ave (305) 381-5015 IBUSINESSES CLUB AQUA 2991 Coral Way (305)448-2214 ISOUTH BEACH BAR 721 721North Lincoln Lane (305) 532-1342 BOY BAR 1220 Normandy Dr (305) 864-2697 CLUB AZUCAR 427 Jefferson Ave (305) 531-8900 CREME LOUNGE 725 Lincoln Lane North (305) 535-1163 MOVA LOUNGE 1625 Michigan Ave (305) 534-8181 PALACE BAR 1200 Ocean Drive (305) 531-7234 SCORE BAR 727 Lincoln Road (305) 535-1111 TWIST BAR 1057 Washington Ave (305) 538-9478 IBUSINESSES BOCA TANNING 723 North Lincoln Lane (305) 695-7333 CRUNCH GYM 1259 Washington Ave (305) 674-8222

IACCOMMODATIONS LORDS SOUTH BEACH 1120 Collins Ave (877) 448-4754 ISLAND HOUSE 1428 Collins Ave (305) 382-2422 IKEY WEST AQUA NIGHTCLUB 711 Duval St (305) 294-0555 BOTTLECAP LOUNGE 1128 Simonton St (305) 296-2807 BOURBON STREET PUB 724 Duval St (305) 296-1992 HOGS BREATH SALOON 400 Front Street (305) 296-4222 KWEST MEN 705 Duval St (305) 292-8500 LA TE DA 1125 Duval St (877) 528-3320 PEARL’S PATIO BAR 525 United Street (305) 294-4737 RICKS/DURTY HARRY’S 202 Duval St (305) 296-4890 SALOON ONE 514 Petronia St (305) 294-4737 SCHOONER WHARF BAR 202 William Street (305) 292-3302 THE KEYS PIANO BAR 1114 Duval St (305) 294-8859 IACCOMMODATIONS ALEXANDER'S GUESTHOUSE 118 Fleming St (305) 294-9919 EQUATOR RESORT 818 Fleming St (305) 294-7775 BIG RUBYS GUESTHOUSE 409 Applerouth Lane (800) 477-7829 ISLAND HOUSE FOR MEN 1129 Fleming Street (800) 890-6284 IRESOURCES GLBCC 513 Truman Ave (305) 292-3223 KEY WEST BUSINESS GUILD 513 Truman Ave (305) 294-4603

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ell guys and dolls, and I’ll let you decide which category you fit into, it’s that time of year where a young gay boy’s fancy turns to thoughts of snow and mistletoe and what he’s going to be gifted with this holiday season. For all of you doll collecting fellows out there, I will break it down for you this yuletide, so all you have to do is give this issue to the man, or men, that will buying for you and simply say (to quote the prophet Freddie Mercury from an old Queen song),“I want it all!” First up is the Robert Tonner Doll Company. For all you boys looking for a big strong hero….well, believe it or not, sometimes a woman can be the one to save the day. Wonder Woman’s sister Donna Troy, also known as Wonder Girl, has been immortalized in vinyl and she is perfection. If you are more of a Marvel Comics fan then Jean Grey (aka) Phoenix will be the one you should be on the lookout for. For those of you that love a princess, or even think you may be a princess…or some other sort of royalty (if you know what I’m sayin’), then Mattel has got the gal for you! This season they offer us Grace Kelly in the fabulous fashion she wore in Rear Window. The black and white outfit captures perfectly the look of the original. If you can’t get enough of Grace, Mattel also offers us Grace in her outfit from To Catch a Thief. Another winner is Hope Diamond Barbie. Get her when you see her as she will be hard to find. I suggest pre-ordering from your favorite dealer. Lastly, Integrity Toys brings us another movie star that often turns the heads of gay boys everywhere: one Miss Audrey Hepburn in some of her best outfits from Breakfast at Tiffanys. There are five dolls in the series with each wearing her most iconic outfits. My personal favorites are Fifth Avenue at 6AM featuring the ensemble we meet her in at the opening of the film and the How Do I Look giftset featuring the ensemble from Holly’s stylish visit to Sing Sing….right down to that to-diefor long black cigarette holder! So, my good fellows, there you have it! Rip this page out of the magazine right now, give it to your beloved...or friend…or sugar daddy…and tell him anything on the list will do but EVERYTHING would be better! Also, tell him a great place to start for the Mattel and Integrity stuff is with the lovely Ms. Marl Davidson at Be sure and tell Marl that one Mr. Ken Dahl sent you, because for every customer I send her way, she gives me a shot of Grey Goose Vodka! Until next time, have a GREAT HOLIDAY SEASON…and play nice kids!


LEFT: The Amazing Robert Tonner Doll Company Bring Every FANBOY’s Dream Come True Right Before The Holidays With Wondergirl and Phoenix!




What's Happening Magazine - December 2011 "Holiday Gift Guide" Special Edition