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MAY 2011

Vol. 5 | Issue 8B www.TimThomasArt | Urban Models Inc. - Clark & Nick


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TRANNY TALES By Danielle Hunter


SPUNK By Fidel Santiago


24 SASSY ADVICE By Sassy Devine 24





LET JUSTICE ROLL By David N. Justice

53 LUIS ALA MODE By Luis Rickert 58


60 THE D-SPOT By Daniel Miagany 60

Our mission at What’s Happening Magazine is to create a publication that unites the Florida GLBT community. By becoming a voice in the community, we will create opportunity and security for gay and gay friendly businesses. PUBLISHERS AguasGarciaGroup, LLC Contributors: Wanzie, Gidget Galore, Karen Brown, Sassy Devine, Danielle Hunter, Glenn D. Packard, Fidel Santiago, Ken Dahl and K. Kelly


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Styling: Century Costumes Article: M.K. Black|Pic: T. Thomas


couple of years ago, one of our writers wrote an entire exposé to the question as to whether or not Orlando's Annual Fringe Festival which is held in Loche Haven Park has become "too gay". Another local news publication (which shall remain nameless) expressed a concern that patrons and other theatrical acts that are not part of the GLBT community did not do as well financially as the ones featuring drag queens, naked go-go cubs and costumes designed by Marcy Singhaus (fashion maven of the gay scene). Well, while we were making the argument and posing the question "what is too gay", national publication The Advocate answered that question once and for all naming Orlando's Fringe the gayest theater festival in the land! So, screw it - LET'S BE OUT, PROUD and OWN IT! Perhaps our community is so starved for gay entertainment (you can only see reruns of Rupual's Drag Races on LogoTV just so many times) that when the opportunity to see any form of entertainment featuring a gay themes cross our path, we flock to it like moths to a flame. Perhaps the shows put on by gay producers, directors and actors are just better productions - period. I mean, although I don't always agree with the political or religious views of fellow WHM writer Michael Wanzie, I do look forward to laughing my ass off and sometimes even shedding a tear at one of his many now imfamous productions he mounts at the yearly one week event. Coincidentally, this years marks Wanzie’s triumphant return after taking a year off with his latest production of {title of show} featuring the always genius musical arrangements of John De Haas. I also can't resist buying a Fringe Button and a ticket to see any of the productions mounted by Baby Blue Star Productions. Local platinum-blondpixie-firefly Baby Blue never disappoints with her über creative productions which features local troops of young dancers, acrobats and all around collection of jaw-dropping freaks (and I mean that as a compliment). Avant Garde performance art at its best. Let's also not forget the Oops Boys the best side-splitting hysterical shows I have ever found myself having the pleasure of being part of an audience at. Yes, Advocate nailed it on the head when they pronounced we are quite possibly the GAYEST in the land when it comes to our theater productions. But, what's wrong with that? Obviously, it is certainly fine with the throngs of Fringe patrons, otherwise due to the law of supply and demand, those shows would become instinct. This, of course would then, leave more


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A N D O F R I N G E F E S T I V A L W A S V O T E D “ T H E G AY E S T F R I N G E I N T H E W O R L D � room for those heart-wrenching, melodramatic, under-produced monologues with one person (actor/director/writer) standing center stage at one of the smaller venues with no sound system or air conditioning that one has to sit on folding chairs to (cough) enjoy. In defense of these shows, they are the essence of what Fringe Festivals are all about. They are tucked in between all the other shows to make you feel that you are seeing true experimental theater before being blinded with all the glitter and sequins that prevail at the gay shows. You know, kinda like eating all your vegetables before getting to enjoy a bowl of delicious fruity-jello at the end of dinner. Orlando Fringe Festival is truly like no other in the country. I can say that with some authority as I been to two others in the US New York's and San Diego's (and was really hard pressed to find anything near the quality of what I've grown used to experiencing in my own back yard). If our Beer Garden area could be used as the model for the whole world I believe we could truly solve most of hummanities most pressing issues. The camaraderie that is forged over draft beer, soul food and exhaustion is a great recipe for mutual tolerance and respect. In the end, Orlando's Fringe festival IS different but not because of whole gay vs. straight thing, but instead due to the pool of amazing talent that naturally congregates or migrates to the Orlando area. Afterall, it's easier to be a starving artist in Central Florida. Duh, nicer winters.

T H E A M A Z I N G J I M M Y J A M E S L I V E I N C E N T R A L F L O R I D A’ S G E O R G I E ’ S A L I B I WHM: Who or what inspires you these days artistically? JJ: Since I’ve moved out west, I'm more aware of the movies. Aware of how film has helped the world to dream in new ways. When I write songs, there is always a little movie playing in my head. I’m always telling a story. WHM: Have you added any new impersonation voices to your already cast of millions? JJ: I want to do more tributes. What I mean by that is doing songs by other artists like GaGa, Adele, Mike Posner, LaRoux, etc...and just basically interpret the song with my own style or a vocal likeness to the artist. I don't think I have to sound exactly like anyone to showcase the music well anymore. WHM: We hear that you are working on some new songs. How is that going and when can we expect to hear them on the dance floor? JJ: Yes! I've already written new songs but I don't know when they are coming out. Like Fashionista, the songs are not cookie-cutter. They have their own unique vibe. I'm not a pop star. I'm a performance artist who sings. So, anything goes. I do what I like. WHM: Word has it that you left NYC for the sunny skies of LA. Why did you make that change in your life? JJ: Yes after 15 years of NYC life, I left. The primary reason for moving to LA was wanting to be more involved with the entertainment industry especially Television & Film. With the economy tanking, NYC was the last place I wanted be. There are so many New Yorkers in LA right now. It's like I have the same friends but different location. WHM: What are we going to see in St. Pete's Georgie's Alibi that we haven't seen from you before? JJ: I perform May 20th (Cher's Bday) so some Cher-aPalooza will be in order. May 22nd is my birthday so I'll be in the mood to celebrate. The last time I played Alibi I didn't have my own album JAMESTOWN. So, now I'm singing Fashionista, Summer Sun and Famous. WHM: We hear that you are working on a reality show. What is it about and what is it called? JJ: I've shot two reality shows. One is about my life (but it's on hold) another show is like AMERICAN IDOL but you have to be older. I was chosen by the judges out of many contestants. I will say, I don't know if I have much of a chance of winning. There are some divas in the show who really f@cking sing. WHM: What do you think has kept you in the public eye for so long when other artists just "come and go"? JJ: I love what I do and even though I like to create a party and good time on stage, behind the scenes

Photo by: Gregg Von Mirsky (NY)

I'm very serious about the work. I care. I'm serious about getting better and better. I'm serious about music. I'm serious about entertainment. I try to learn from the greats who have gone before me. Giving an audience a good time and good show is serious business. The love is in the details.

WHM: Who or what makes you smile these days? JJ: Truthfully that my dearest mother is still alive and in good health makes me smile. Waking up to beautiful California days makes me smile. And, I thank God that I still have fans! After 27 years of performing, I still have loyal, loving fans. I'm grateful for that. BIG SMILE!




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Glen Douglas Packard, Daniel Miagany & WHM Boys Welcome RAJA To The PHOUSE!

W.H.O.’s Out&About

The Brains, Talent & Beauty Behind 2011’s Successful SoBe PRIDE!


So Cute You Wanna Bite Them Hard @ EMBER!

DON’T BE A DRAG... JUST BE A QUEEN! The Amazing Lady Gaga Enjoys A Day @ The Magic Kingdom Whle Performing In Cenral FL.

MC Alicia Markstone Poses With One Of Her Many Young Fans!

The Handsome Accomodating New Staff Of The Royal Palms In Ft. Laud.

WHM’s Celeb Writers Michael Wanzie & Karen “Straight Girl” Brown Host The Recent Pub Crawl From Tampa!

Pictures by: Danny G., Chrissy, Erik Babcock, Mark & Carrie

DJ John & His Sexy Super Smart BF Matt Hang Out @ Monday Nite Hit VAIN.

The HOT Actor From Logo’s Noah’s Arc Wilson Cruz.

F O R M E R N Y C FA S H I O N M O D E L T U R N E D D J C O M E S T O O R L A N D O I N J U N E ! ®

he year is gearing up to be a busy one for Hector Fonseca. He’s been tapped to spin gigs in Italy, Hawaii and Canada. He’ll also headline NYC’s Alegria, Spain’s Marquis and Palm Springs’ White Party. But you don’t need to travel so far to see this globetrotting wonder. Hector Fonseca spins Wonderland Orlando at GAY DAYS® on June 4th. WHM: How do you describe your sound? HF: My sound is NYC Tribal Progressive with an international flavor. WHM: Do you plan your shows? HF: No, it's all about the live show with me. I create on the fly to keep it fresh and fun. WHM: Do you play mainstream artists on your dance floor? HF: I’m often hired to remix artists like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Kelis. I’ll play those remixes. I like to keep an underground element in my music. WHM: Do you tailor your music to location? HF: Because I create a lot of the music I play, I present a consistent sound. But I always try to make every set I play a unique one. WHM: Would you agree Europe is strongly impacting today’s clubs? HF: Spain and Italy, in particular, are strongly influencing clubs right now. I've been lucky enough to have had the chance to work with Verde, Gomez and Leblack. All geniuses. WHM: Why has circuit become a dirty word here in the states? HF: I'm not sure it's a dirty word any more. Gays are traveling for parties again. Festival is the more popular term these days. WHM: So the circuit isn’t dead? HF: It certainly isn’t dead. Go to GAY DAYS® and you’ll see a new excitement. The Circuit Scene is alive and rocking, for sure!



Photo by: Project Publicity | Interview: Rex Matisson For More Info: Hosts At Hotel Buena Vista Palace

What's Happening Magazine - May 2011 Mid Month Supplement