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As October is Halloween for this month’s newsletter we have decided to go with that theme and have some tips, games and spooky What’s On places to visit as well as a Halloween themed competition from Wilkinsons where you can win 1 of 20 animated dropping spiders - these large sound activated spiders attach to the ceiling and as someone walks past any noise they make will activate the spider which will drop from the ceiling for about 1 metre with spooky sound effects and hopefully frighten your target! All Hallows Evening or Halloween, as it is commonly known, is an annual holiday observed all around the world on 31 October and is thought to be a festival to honour the dead. Modern day Halloween is now more about dressing up, trick-ortreating and watching horror films.

Children love to go trick-or-treating. They love to dress up in costumes such as witches, ghosts and skeletons and go around knocking on doors for sweets or money with the phrase “Trick or Treat”. “Trick” is a (mostly idle) threat to cause mischief to the homeowner or their property if a treat is not given, this varies from singing a song, telling a ghost or throwing eggs and flour. Make sure you and the children have a safe Halloween, lots of safety tips can be found here:

The first team to wrap their mummy wins!

Fill a bowl with water, add some apples and let your guests try to remove one from the bowl using just their mouth!

Divide the children into small groups, give them some rolls of toilet paper and the If you don’t like the idea of bobbing for apples why first team to wrap their ‘mummy’ wins. not hang them by their stems with thread from the ceiling and let party goers try to bite them! It is actually harder than bobbing Make it a rule that they have to wrap nicely and keep the mouth, in water and it's also more sanitary. nose and eyes uncovered.

We would like to welcome our newest discount providers for our membership card holders Caketopia of Letchworth Garden City who are WiggleWaggle with Joanne is a smashing, funky offering 5% off all orders to our membership card energetic programme of music & movement classes holders as well as £5 off a Halloween Cupcake for children ages 0-4 years. Get fit with your little Decorating Masterclass on Wednesday cupcakes with a one, SING, DANCE, LAUGH and WIGGLE! For WGTD Halloween theme, which you will take home with you. We will be membership card holders if you pay for 6 classes using a variety of techniques, cutters, modelling, glitters and you get 1 FREE!!! dusts to create some spine chilling but fun cupcakes. You can find these on our website or visit their Facebook pages. Find us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

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What’s Good To Do Newsletter

Featured Reviews Bereavement

Miller (Alexandra Daddario) moves to Pennsylvania, after her parents die in a car crash, to live with her uncle Jonathan Miller Reviewed by David Savage (Michael Biehn). She sees young Martin on the farmland and Release Date: 1 October 2012 becomes suspicious and enters the property where the nightIn 1989 6 year old Martin Bristol mare begins. (Spencer List) is abducted from his front garden by a deranged psychopath, Will Allison be able to save herself and Martin or will she be Graham Sutter (Brett Rickaby) with the sacrificed like the others? promise of a new bike. Martin has a very rare genetic disorder that means Bereavement is the prequel to Malevolence and is a gory and he can feel no psychical pain. brutal horror film that is actually horror and not a psychological thriller that horror films seem to be these days. With quotes such as “Stands alongside Halloween and Psycho as one of the best ever made” by and “Gripping and frightening” by Fangoria, I would agree with gripping and frightening but would not put it in the same bracket as Psycho. If you like lots of blood and brutality in your horror films with a After Martin has been missing for 5 years, 17 year old Allison good storyline then this is for you. Rating: 4/5 Sutter abducts young girls and takes them back to his remote and derelict meat packing plant/farmhouse where he forces Martin to be an unwilling participant in the sacrificial murders making him watch horrific and brutal murders.

Allergy Kids Wristbands

since that day she has had a Medi ID bracelet with our details on and also her conditions.

I showed a friend who has a son with 12 different allergies and Reviewed by Louisa Nashir she thought they were an excellent idea but said the range could do with including a dust mite allergy as it's a fairly comI was recently asked to review 2 wristbands from the Allergy Kids range. I chose the 'I Have Autism' & 'I Have Asthma' band as mon allergy. my daughter Kate has both. Having a child with any condition is tough but as Autism is usualUpon arrival the bands were presented in clear cellophane packets with the band names on the front along with the Allergy Kids name and website address. The Autism Band has the name My Jiggy and the Asthma one was called Puffey. I loved the idea of naming the bands as it gave them character and made them fun. The bright and colourful colours on these bands were very eyecatching and the logos were an excellent idea. My only gripe is the band could do with a space for a contact number for the child wearing it. My daughter went missing once before and

ly an 'invisible' illness it is tough to spot, hopefully with the I Have Autism band it will help people to understand that Kate isn't naughty or out of control in fact she cannot help the way she acts and maybe give her a chance before judging her behaviour. The bands are super easy to pop on with the press stud but also bright, colourful and informative. A fantastic product which is fairly priced and invaluable to our children. To read more reviews visit Rating: 5/5

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What’s Good To Do Newsletter What’s On in October

A spooktacular Halloween awaits you at Wookey Hole this year, our resident Witch of Wookey Hole will be here to meet and greet you, creepy competitions and eerie tours through the caves…come if you dare! With Halloween Magic Circus, Witch’s Grotto and lots more for only £12 per day ticket will you dare to visit?

Halloween at the EDF Energy London Eye

Muncaster Castle Halloween Week 27 October - 3 November

27 October - 4 November This Halloween, London’s most iconic landmark, the EDF Energy London Eye is announcing the launch of The Witch Academy. Storytelling for children aged 4-9 years. For more details visit

Pre-book for tours of this famous haunted castle with children’s Ghostly Grotto and fancy dress competition and evening tours. For the really brave, we aim to make you scream if you dare to enter the Scary Maze! For more details visit

Beaulieu: Ghosts and Ghouls

Totally Scrumptious Halloween Cupcake Workshop

27 October - 4 November

13 October (Weston), 20 October (Letchworth)

There is something strange at Beaulieu this half-term. Activities include: Phantom tours in the Motor Museum, Spooky stories in Palace House, Talk to real ghost hunters in the haunted Abbey, Frightening face painting, Lessons in witchcraft, Ride the Moan-a-rail, Halloween quiz trail and lucky dip.

You will model and create spooky designs to scare! Includes mummies, zombies, witches hats and brooms to name a few.

These may also interest you: Chatsworth House Halloween (Derbyshire) - 27 Oct - 4 Nov Halloween Magic Lantern Show (London) - 31 October Hinton Ampner Ghost Tour (Hants) - 31 October Oxford Castle Ghost Fest (Oxford) - throughout October

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What’s Good To Do Newsletter

Competition Time We have some great competitions for October! For your chance to win some great prizes visit: Our competitions for October are: Blue Apple Books 40 Uses For A Grandpa: 2 to be won! Blue Apple Books ABC Dentist: 2 to be won! Blue Apple Books ABC Doctor: 2 to be won! Charlie Seiga - A Liverpool Streetwise Kid: 1 to be won! Charlie Seiga - Killer: 1 to be won! Charlie Seiga - The Hyenas: 1 to be won! Charlie Seiga - Vigilante: 1 to be won! Cornish Daisy Dribble Bib: 1 to be won! Cornish Daisy Pod Feeding Bib: 1 to be won! Foodfight DVD: 1 to be won! Kit for Kids Outlast Pioneer Cot Mattress: 1 to be won! Lush Vanillary Solid Perfume: 4 to be won! Malcolm In The Middle DVD: 1 to be won! Omzak, The Space Cat Warrior: 5 to be won! Playmobile Fi?ures: 2 to be won! Spinmania: 1 to be won! The Babymakers DVD: 3 to be won! When It Snows: 1 to be won! Wilkinsons Animated Dropping Spider: 20 to be won!

If you would like to run a competition on our website please email with details Terms and Conditions: Only one member of each household may enter in any given month. By entering any of our competitions you agree that your first name and town will be posted on our website in the event that you are a winner. We reserve the right to amend the end date of any competition. Your personal details are only used for the purposes of sending out any prize you may win. The judges decision is final Prizes are as specified and can not be exchanged for cash or an alternative prize. Some prizes may be sent direct from sponsors and we cannot be held liable for any prizes that are lost in the post. Only fully completed entries via our Competition Entry Form will be accepted, all others will be deleted. No bulk entries or entries from third parties and/or automated services will be accepted.

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What's Good To Do Newsletter - Issue 5 - October 2012  

What's Good To Do Newsletter - Issue 5 - October 2012