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What’s Doing in Waterbury 81 Euclid Avenue Waterbury, CT 06710 (203) 233-3417 whatsdoingwtby@gmail.com

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What’s Doing?

waterbury, ct permit no. 118



sivan 5778 M ay 2018 Connecticut’s Jewish Family Magazine and Directory issue 62

Your Growing Family Get to Know

Dr. Michael Kessler OB-GYN

Looking to buy or rent a house in Waterbury?

Kesher Realty Your Local Waterbury Real Estate Connection

spring / summer 2018


What’s Doing in Waterbury

Our Family Welcomes

r e m m u S Spring •

residential • commercial • investment

203.805.0875 www.KesherRealty.com

ue i s s

community highlights & info 14-39 Places to go in CT 79--89 Summer vacation guide 91-103


Naugatuck Valley Women’s health specialists

Dr. David Polke Dr. Mark Albini Dr. Irina Magidina Dr. Melanie Mund Dr. Rachel Leonardi Deborah Garber, CNM Jessica Bursell PA-C

Obstetrics & Gynecology






FAX: 203-575-1995

❧ Middlebury Office 687 Straits Turnpike, Suite 2A, Middlebury, CT 06762 Waterbury Office 133 Scovill St, Suite 314, Waterbury, CT 06706

THE MAGAZINE THAT NEVER SLEEPS JOIN THE WATERBURY SUBSCRIPTION GROUP FOR A DISCOUNTED RATE. Contact Rachel Shteierman (240) 501-3065 / Rachel1123@gmail.com Ami also available weekly at Waterbury Kosher World, 701 Cooke Street

ONE NATION. ONE MAGAZINE. What's Doing in Waterbury 1

KUPAT HA’IR The Tzedakah of The Gedolei Hador

How To Merit

‫קו‬ ‫העפת‬ ‫רי‬

divine assistance!

In times of joy, In times of sorrow, Before a trip, For a yeshuah or a refuah,

along with the great merit of tzedakah, have your name submitted to the Gedolei Yisrael for a brachah, and be prayed for at the mekomos hakedoshim in Eretz Yisroel by messengers of Kupat Ha’ir. Call 24 Hours:








Mail to: American Friends of Kupat Ha’ir | 4415 14th Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11219 Donate Online: www.kupat.org 2 What's Doing in Waterbury

What's Doing in Waterbury 3

Remember the personal tzedakah fund of the Gedolei Hador, shlita, which rescues thousands of families in terrible distress throughout Eretz Yisrael

Bar/bas mitzvah

And your name will be mentioned on the day of the celebration


by the Gedolei Hador, shlita for berachah and yeshuah


that you should be blessed on the day of your celebration with much nachas, wealth and happiness

Every time and occasion


Opsheren ‫ועד הרבנים לעניני צדקה בארה"ק‬

Vaad Harabanim Le’inyanei Tzedaka B’eretz Hakodesh

Our 24-hour hotline service:

1877-722-2646 R


221 Regent Drive Lakewood, NJ 08701 Tax ID# 37-1456890

All donations are tax deductible. Please make checks payable to Vaad Harabbanim

4 What's Doing in Waterbury



Fax: 1877-KVITTEL





1888-36-36-248 international toll-free number



▶ 3 Bedroom newly built townhouses for rent, $1500 per month ▶ 4 Bedroom houses starting at $250,000 ▶ One of the safest areas in Waterbury ▶ Best place to raise a family ▶ Worry free living

Experience a Shabbos to see it for yourself! Call Yitz Rabinowitz 203-509-3561 email: yr@axelagroup.com

What's Doing in Waterbury 5



C o n t en t s

Hadlokas Neiros  

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Daily Minyan Schedule  

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What’s Doing Yellow Pages  

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Healthcare Services  

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for Waterbury, CT

Municipal Listings  

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New & Noteworthy

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Parshas Bamidbar 7:49 (Sivan 5 / May 18)

Community Shiurim

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Let's Talk Tips

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Mazel Tov

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Community Zmanim

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Minyanim In & Around CT

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Waterbury Eruv Map

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Community Services  

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Kosher in CT

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Refuse Information

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Waterbury Map  

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Overlook/Hillside Map  

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Blue Ridge Map

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What's New at YKW?

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Bais Yaakov News & Views

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Inside Mesivta Yesodei HaTorah

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N'shei of Waterbury

page 62

Bikur Cholim of Waterbury

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Health & Medical Section

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Places to Go in CT  

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Summmer Vacation Guide

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Dvar Torah

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The Badge

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Lag Ba'omer Snapshots

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On a Lighter Note

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Law and Order

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Creative Works

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Kids’ Korner  

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Classified Ads  

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Advertisers’ Directory  

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6 What's Doing in Waterbury

Shavuos not before 8:58 (Sivan 6 / May 19) Parshas Naso 7:56 (Sivan 12 / May 25) Parshas B’haloscha 8:01 (Sivan 19 / June 1) Parshas Shlach 8:06 (Sivan 26 / June 8) Parshas Korach 8:09 (Tamuz 3 / June 15) Parshas Chukas 8:11 (Tamuz 10 / June 22) Parshas Balak 8:12 (Tamuz 17 / June 29) Parshas Pinchos 8:10 (Tamuz 24 / July 6) Parshas Matos-Masei 8:07 (Av 2 / July 13) Parshas Devarim 8:03 (Av 9 / July 20) Parshas Vaeschanan 7:56 (Av 16 / July 27) Parshas Eikev 7:49 (Av 23 / August 3) Parshas Re’eh 7:40 (Av 30 / August 10) Parshas Shoftim 7:30 (Elul 7 / August 17) Parshas Ki Seitzei 7:20 (Elul 14 / August 24) Parshas Ki Savo 7:08 (Elul 21 / August 31) Parshas Nitzavim 6:57 (Elul 28 / September 7)

Dear Readers,

We recently took a short family trip to Hubbard Park in Meriden, CT. It was a beautiful fall day as we began the trek up the East Peek to Craig’s Castle. What started as a tranquil hike became increasingly difficult with each passing mile and steeper incline, and we soon began to doubt if we would manage to make it to the top. But we persevered, and upon reaching the observation tower at the summit, we were treated to the most breathtaking views of the area – rich colors and lush landscapes extending majestically on all sides – where one can see as far as the Berkshires to the north and Long Island Sound to the south. Hubbard Park, situated practically in Waterbury’s backyard, is just one of the countless natural treasures that surround us here in Connecticut. As you enjoy the beautiful spring weather and look forward to balmy summer days, make sure to utilize the treasure trove found in the What’s Doing in Waterbury’s Places to Go section. We are constantly updating and adding attractions – so many of which are surprisingly nearby. And for those who wish to venture a bit further, we once again bring you our annual Summer Vacation Guide full of ideas and inspiration around New England and beyond. We wish you all a healthy summer, and as we continuously scale the mountains of life, may we emerge with a spectacular view at the top!

The Editors

What’s Doing in Waterbury, llc Connecticut’s Jewish Family Magazine and Directory. Issue #62

203-233-3417 www.whatsdoingwaterbury.com Send all ads, articles & submissions to:

Email: whatsdoingwtby@gmail.com Fax: 203-577-5858 Editors: Yocheved Brecher, Daniela Thaler What’s Doing in Waterbury welcomes readers’ contri­­­butions and reserves the right to edit all submissions. What’s Doing in Waterbury is published three times a year. What’s Doing in Waterbury does not assume responsibility for the kashrus of any product or service listed in these pages. Reproduction of any part of this publication, in any form, is prohibited unless permission is obtained from the publisher.

Waterbury Daily Minyan Schedule * Please note that minyanim times may change during the summer months.

Yeshiva Ateres Shmuel of Waterbury Shacharis: 6:10 & 7:45 am Mincha: 1:30 & 3:15 pm Maariv: 8:30 & 10:00 pm Khal B’nai Shalom Shacharis: Vasikin, 7:00 am (Mon-Fri) Sunday – Vasikin, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 am Mincha: 15 min. before shkiah Maariv: Shkiah, 8:00, 9:30 pm

Mesivta Yesodei HaTorah All minyanim are in the Blue Ridge Shul except Maariv which takes place downstairs in Bnai Shalom

Shacharis: 7:45 am (Sun-Fri) Mincha: 2:25 (Mon-Th) 2:45 pm (Sun) Maariv: 9:00 pm (Mon-Thurs)

Yeshiva K’tana of Waterbury Shacharis: 8:15 am Mincha: 1:45 pm (Mon-Thurs) The Shteeble Maariv: 8:20 pm Yeshiva ateres shmuel

359 Cooke Street Office: 47 Buckingham S­treet 203-756-1800 / Fax: 203-756-1200 Email: office@yasw.org Yeshiva K’tana of Waterbury

32 Hillside Avenue Office & Info Line: 203-528-4147 Fax: 203-528-3404 Email: office@ykwaterbury.org Bais Yaakov of Waterbury

66 Buckingham Street / 203-805-8401 Email: office@bywaterbury.org Khal B’nai Shalom

135 Roseland Avenue / 203-754-4159 Mesivta Yesodei HaTorah

100 Blue Ridge Drive / 203-573-1801 ————————————————— Hatzalah of Waterbury: 203-754-4200 Chaverim of Waterbury: 203-465-2125 Waterbury Citizens Patrol: 203-759-8339 Mikvah of Waterbury: 203-754-4150 What's Doing in Waterbury 7

WDw Yellow Pages Accountant Meir Fischer, CPA 203-756-1040 Menachem Friedman, CPA 347-401-3157 Eli Sontag, CPA 917-621-7360 alarm systems Alert Security Systems, INC. 203-387-8332 Dynamark Security Systems 203-757-1744 Apparel BY Styles (Chavi Brecher) 347-962-9638 EMi Hair Accessories (Shani Shapiro) 646-263-8779 Junees.com Ram’s Clothiers 203-753-1189 Shells & Skirts (Nechi Weinreb) 203-707-1314 Shirt Stop www.shirtstop.us 347-871-1621 The Hat Box (Monsey) 845-517-2829 Appliances Sears 203-236-8800 Sears Outlet 860-665-8101 Appliance repair Affordable Appliance 860-256-9750 All Make Appliance Repair 203-596-9092 Attorney Dov Braunstein 203-573-0580 Raphael Deutsch 203-573-0782 Raymond J. Antonacci, LLC 203-597-8883 Slavin, Stauffacher & Scott, LLC 860-274-2511 Ruth D. Weissman 860-777-7128 Weisman Law Offices 203-757-1561 auto rentals Avis 203-757-8081 Enterprise 203-755-3770 Hertz 203-573-8534 Rent-A-Wreck 203-575-1631 auto sales & leasing MY Auto Sales (Brooklyn) 718-851-2277 Plaza Auto Leasing (Brooklyn) 718-975-9000 auto services & Repair Joe’s Tire Shop 203-753-3108 Montambault’s Auto 203-756-7026 Peretz Schechter 845-213-0304 Valvoline Instant Oil Change 203-729-5108 West Main Auto 203-596-3722 BAby essentials Baby Depot 203-630-0647 BANKS Apple Valley Bank 203-271-1268 Citibank 203-573-5820 8 What's Doing in Waterbury

Naugutuck Savings Bank 203-729-4442 People’s Bank 203-597-1313 Savings Bank of Danbury 203-575-3546 Sovereign Bank 1-877-768-2265 TD Bank 1-888-751-9000 Webster Bank 203-578-2230 Bikur Cholim Bikur Cholim of Waterbury 203-574-3395 New Haven Friendship House at Yale 203-693-9033 / Eliezer Greer 203-606-3085 carpet Cleaners Better Carpet Cleaners 860-632-1667 Watertown Carpet Cleaning 203-596-0301 CARPET RETAILER Associated Carpet 203-756-5594 Carpets Plus 203-753-8235 childbirth education / Doula Shulamit Feld 203-768-0250 Child care / Camp Camp Revach 203-756-1800 ext. 315 Metsuyan Day Care (Rachel Berger) 516-695-3488 Morah Rena's Playgroup 845-642-2069 Morah Rivky's Playgroup 203-768-5090 Morah Gili Gigi 203-510-3624 Morah Aliza Nugiel 917-273-0392 Morah Devorah Ehrenreich 347-721-7732 Chani Gottesman (2 yr old summer camp) 917-685-2672 Communal Resources Bonei Olam 718-252-1212 Chessed Shel Emes of CT 203-510-3882 Connecticut Torah Connection 860.785.4CTC Hebrew Free Loan Assoc. of Wtby 203-757-1561 Historic Overlook Community Club 203-574-0756 The Jewish Federation 203-267-3177 Neighborhood Housing Services 203-753-1896 Waterbury Regional Chamber 203-757-0701 Vaad Hakashrus of Wtby. 203-756-1800 Computer Sales & Repair ACR Computer 203-754-9688 Computer Consultant (P. Nugiel) 568-1803 Contractor / remodeling Axela Construction (Yitzchok Rabinowitz) 203-573-9870 ext. 206 Axela Kitchens 203-573-9870 ext. 205 Jim Battistrada 203-591-1656 Vesta Homes Inc. 203-754-0917 Counseling See Healthcare Services Section

WDw Yellow Pages CraftS/Fabrics J-Mar Crafts 203-753-1815 Jo-Ann Fabrics 203-757-0662 Michael’s 203-597-1336 Department storeS BJ’s Wholesale Club 203-753-9997 Burlington Coat Factory 203-597-0388 Costco Wholesale 203-757-7979 JC Penny 203-575-1395 Kohl’s 203-575-9238 Macy’s 203-757-1131 Marshalls (Watertown) 860-274-5481 Sears 203-236-8800 Target 203-437-3673 T.J. Maxx 203-573-1061 Wal-Mart 203-759-1000 Discount storeS Dollar Tree 203-597-0505 Five Below 203-573-9373 Job Lot 203-841-0307 Ollie's 203-591-1616 DRY CLEANERS Mar-Vic Cleaners 203-754-3952 Perry’s Dry Cleaners 203-753-3161 EDUCATIONal Services Ahuva Oberlander-Special Ed Tutoring 203-757-8585 Chaynie Nath-Academic Evaluations 203-437-5447 Rivka Schonfeld S.O.S. 718-382-5437 R' Raphael Nemetzky, Tutor 954-668-7234 ELECTRICIAN Accurate Electrical Contractors 203-509-7027 Power Cell Electric 203-982-8053 Fencing Master Fence Co. 203-574-4011 Financial Services Fidelity Payment Services 855-794-7348 FLOoring Capitol Wood Flooring 203-575-8300 Sanco Hardwood Flooring 203-592-6688 Tommy’s Hardwood Flooring 860-561-9776 FLORISTS O’Rourke & Birch Florists 203-756-7857 Orchid Florist 203-573-0690 Stop & Shop 203-756-4678 Framing & Art Shop Goldsmiths 203-757-0356

The Frame Shop 203-754-1655 Michael’s 203-597-1336 FURNITURE Bob’s Furniture 860-620-1650 La-Z-Boy 203-574-4001 Pilgrim Furniture 860-276-0030 Raymour and Flanigan 203-573-1015 GARDENERS W Lawncare (Y.M. Weinreb) 203-816-5296 Giftware L'chaim Judaica 203-872-2424 Graphics & web design Aliza Nugiel 203-568-1803 Leebah Stephens 203-233-6399 Glasses / eyewear Lenscrafters 203-597-1355 Opticare 203-574-2020 Trocchi Optometry 203-753-5665 Gutter cleaning / power washing Affordable Powerwashing 203-597-7075 HAIRCUTS C&C Hair Salon 203-597-1000 Cost Cutters 203-596-7993 Chaim E. Linda (upsherin) 203-596-8198 Supercuts 203-574-0642 HANDYMAN Eli Chernin 203-759-8082 Sruli Weisz 917-468-8171 Levi Yudkin 203-724-7127 Health, fitness & Beauty Central Cosmetics (Shani Metz) 203-757-9893 Emerest Health Home Care 203-941-1700 Hartford Healthcare at Home 800-HOMECARE Jewish Hypnosis (Orli Katz) 203-565-3324 KosherVitamins.com 800-645-1899 Beth Salzberg, Personal Trainer 860-233-3443 Lisa Scappini, Personal Trainer & Nutritionist 203-217-0616 YMCA 203-754-2181 Heating & Air conditioning Chernin HVAC/R 203-759-8082 David Dostaller 203-808-4404 Home & HARDWARE Bender Plumbing 203-756-8013 Home Depot 203-757-7206 ICI Paints 203-753-1107 Knb Design Kitchen & Bath 203-777-6661

What's Doing in Waterbury 9

WDw Yellow Pages Home & HARDWARE (continued) Lowe’s (Southington) 860-385-9193 Raymond’s Building Supply 203-879-2538 Schmidt and Serafine’s 203-754-5186 Torrington Supply Co. 203-756-3641 Home inspector Carry O’Niel 203-758-8649 Hotels Courtyard by Marriot 203-596-1000 Hampton Inn Waterbury 203-753-1777 Wyndham Southbury 203-598-7600 Insurance David Lieber cell 347-865-4326 Gross and Company 212-620-4040

Mailing Services Accurate Mailing Services 203-758-0430 MIKVAOS Mikvah Tcharna of Waterbury 203-754-4150 Mikvah Tahor V’kadosh (Mens) 203-509-5539 Keilim: WaterburyKeilimMikvah@gmail.com New Haven 203-387-2184 New Haven (Lubavitch) 203-777-8966 West Hartford 860-521-9446 Mikvah of Rockland County 845-371-9409 MoHel Rabbi Dov Greer 203-786-3097 Rabbi Nosson Schechter 917-494-4935

I.T. Services Global Tech Solutions 203-725-3122

MortgageS & loans Evergreen Funding (S. Katz) 203-776-5626 FM Home Loans (Ari Hofstatter) 347-359-6159 GMAC Mortgage 203-758-9910 People’s Bank 203-250-9396 Savings Bank of Danbury 203-575-3546

Jewelry sales & Repair Bejeweled (Monsey) 845-425-4650 Fine Crafts Jewelers 203-756-4800

Moving & Storage Schulgasser Brothers 973-458-9658 Waterbury Self Storage 203-574-2764

JUDAICA Bais Hasforim (Monsey) 845-371-1495 L'chaim Judaica 203-872-2424 Judaica Place www.judaicaplace.com Lishkas Hasofer (Monsey) 845-425-9268 Mercaz Seforim (Monsey) 845-352-7792 Tuvia’s (Monsey) 845-426-0824

Music / music Lessons Elisha Freedman–One Man Band 917-533-0758 Family Music Center 203-756-0843 Shira Mayerfeld (Piano Lessons) 845-323-5698

INTERIOR DESIGN & DECORATING Sari Langsam Design 773-895-0699

kitchen remodeling Axela Kitchens 203-573-9870 ext. 205 Knb Design Kitchen & Bath 203-777-6661 lawn & Garden Schmidt and Serafine’s


liquor / wine The Good Life Wines & Spirits 203-754-5554 Wine N Liquor Outlet 203-596-9463 LOCKSMITHS Leo’s Locks 203-756-3112 Leon’s Locks 203-753-4440 Magazines, Newspapers, Books Ami Magazine 718.534.8800 Binah Magazine 718-305-5200 Hamodia 718-853-9094 Mishpacha Magazine 718-686-9339 Waterbury Republican 203-574-3636 What’s Doing in Waterbury 203-233-3417

10 What's Doing in Waterbury

Nit checking / removal NitFix (Chanie Fingerer) 917-815-2910 Notary public Raphael Deutsch 203-573-0782 Office Supplies Advantage Business Systems 203-929-3769 Staples 203-573-0925 PaintER / Paint Supplies Sandro 203-424-4774 Paper goods & Party Supplies It’s A Favor.com 718-234-3951 Party City 203-596-1853 Party Plus 203-879-9951 Shannon’s Party Props 203-879-2711 Passports Lakewood Road Post Offfice 203-757-7511 E-Z Passport 866-439-7277 PEST CONTROL Anderson Wildlife 203-758-0555 Family Pest Control 203-756-6028

WDw Yellow Pages Photographers Devory Salamon 203-565-2186

Southbury Green 978-741-1650 West Farms Mall (Farmington) 860-561-3024

PLUMBERS Dan’s Discount Rooter 860-274-1025 David Dostaller 203-808-4404 John 203-650-0840

Silver Polishing & Repair Buffers 203-281-0101 (Hamden)

PrintERs Minuteman Press 203-573-0100 Sir Speedy 203-346-0716 Real estate Berkshire Hathaway (Lisa Klein) 203-400-3321 Blue Ridge Estates 203-568-0460 Classic Realty (Susanne Avigdor) 203-387-9991 Jason Katz 203-509-0474 Kesher Realty (Meir Fischer / Leorah Elin) 203-805-0875 Showcase Realty 860-274-7000 Real estate management CK Investments 203-755-3702 Liberty Management 203-755-0677 Restaurants & food Establishments 613 (Stamford) 203-614-8777 Ami’s Bagels 203-596-9020 Desserts by Rachel 240-501-3065 Eden Wok (New Rochelle) 914-637-9363 Fascias’s Chocolates 203-753-0515 7 Eleven 203 527-8388 Soosh (Stamford) 203-658-7505 Waterbury Kosher World 203-757-4992 roofing Sandro 203-424-4774 Sheitels / haircuts Tzipora Abraham 845-519-0246 Rivka Sara Gewirtzman 845-304-6400 Deena Metchick 617-820-3576 Chaya Gitty Perlstein 917-224-0156 shoes DSW Shoes (Plainville) 860-747-6900 Footprints Shoes (Newington) 860-666-3100 Little Eric (Greenwich) 203- 622-1600 Shopping Malls Brass Mill Center (Wtby) 203-755-5000 Danbury Fair Mall 203-743-3247 Meriden Mall 203-235-3343

Sofer L'chaim Judaica 203-872-2424 Lishkas Hasofer (Monsey) 845-425-9268 Rabbi Yirmiyahu Moldovan 203-906-6296 Sporting Goods B&G Sports Co. 203-757-2571 Modell’s 203-591-9404

Succah Sales Connecticut’s Succah Outlet 203-756-5566 Succah Sales (Yechiel Munk) 203-577-9995 SUPERMARKETS Gourmet Glatt (Cedarhurst) 516-569-2662 Jarjura’s Farm 203-757-7777 Shoprite 203-756-5614 Stop & Shop (Chase Ave.) 203-756-4678 Stop & Shop (Wolcott St.) 203-755-9489 Waterbury Kosher World 203-757-4992 Tailoring Jenn Chernin 781-367-5161 Lia's Tailoring 203-725-3573 Lilly's Alterations & Tailoring 203-596-0675 Mar Vic 203-754-3952 Molly Couture 860-890-7899

therapy See Healthcare Services Section truck Rental Penske 203-757-8303 Rent a Wreck 203-575-1631 Ryder 203-597-5427 Uhaul 203-756-2208 or 754-0193 Tzedakah Organizations Kollel Chibas Yerushalayim 718-633-7112 Kupat Ha’ir 1-888-587-2842 Vaad Harabonim 877-722-2646 Vacuum Cleaners Connecticut Sew & Vac 203-574-7781 Windows Naugatuck Window & Glass 203-729-4536 Waterbury Glass & Mirror 203-573-0333

What’s Doing in Waterbury reaches thousands of households & businesses in Jewish communities all across Connecticut. What's Doing in Waterbury 11

healthcare Allergy & Asthma Dr. David Dreyfus 203-527-8172 Advanced Allergy & Asthma Family Care (Dr. Larry Scheer) 203-755-5500 Dr. Michael Krall 860-246-7273 Behavioral therapy Proud Moments Therapy 718-215-5311 Chiropractor Balanced Body 203-723-5715 Dr. Porzio 203-756-7449 Dr. Karen Bavaro 203-263-2720 (Woodbury) Dermatologist Yale Dermatology 203-577-1050 Dr. Jeffrey Alter 203-757-1585 Dr. Graeme Lipper 203-264-3903 Ear, Nose & Throat Dr. Eric Baum (Pediatric) 203-234-8199 Dr. Neil Schiff 203-574-3777 Naugatuck Valley ENT 203-578-4630 Endocrinologist Dr. Thomas Gniadek 203-755-7711 Dentist CT Family Dental 203-574-2725 Dr. Ezra Friedman Dental Health Associates 203-879-4649 Dr. Raven Henderson (Dynobite Smiles Pediatrics) 203-577-3500 Dr. Tony Lepore (Pediatric Dental of Southbury) 203-264-1497 Dr. Joy Lunan 203-901-1305 Dr. Stephen Rothman 203-562-4143 (New Haven) Dr. Joseph Statkevich 203-574-3343 Dr. Alan Wolkoff 203-753-2274 Fertility Specialist Dr. Gad Levy 203-929-6412 Gastroenterologist Dr. Robert Leventhal 203-756-6422 Dr. Hector Pun 203-756-7788 Dr. Ronald Zlotoff 203-755-4515 Hand Specialist Dr. Richard Manzo 203-755-7115 Homecare Emerest Health Home Care 203-941-1700 Hartford Healthcare at Home 800-HOMECARE

12 What's Doing in Waterbury

services Internist Dr. Mary Aquavia 203-262-4600 (Southbury) Dr. John Testa 203-709-5300 (Prospect) Dr. Jacqueline Lustig 860-274-8891 Phoenix Specialty Group 203-574-2930 Dr. David Silver 203-271-3296 (Cheshire) Mental Health Chananya Abraham, MS, LPC 203-759-8007 Esther Baylis, LCSW 347-757-0164 Rabbi Yosef Feld, MSW 203-707-1886 Bracha Mayer, MSW 845-659-9391 Chani Sontag, MA, LPC 917-880-2675 Daniela Thaler, MS 203-233-3417 Midwife Vanessa Daou, CNM (Specialists in Women’s Healthcare) 203-754-2535 Cathie Miller 203- 954-0080 CT's Women's & Childbirth Center (Southbury) 203-748-6000 Neuromuscular Therapist Joyce Frazier, NMT 646-287-6905 (New Haven) Nutritionist Jay Wolkoff, MS 203-753-2274 Ob/Gyn Associates in Family Health (Dr. Joel Allen) 203-732-0022 Associated Women’s Health (Dr. Ian Cohen) 203-755-2344 Center for Women’s Health 203-573-1425 CT's Women's & Childbirth Center (Southbury) 203-748-6000 Griffin Hospital Childbirth Center (Dr. Kessler) 203-732-7252 Naugatuck Valley Women’s Health Specialists 203-575-1811 Women's Health Associates (Southbury) 203-264-2300 Yale OBGYN 203-785-5682 Occupational therapy Dynamic Therapy Group 203-759-1371 Ophthalmologist / Optometrist The Eye Group (Dr. Levada) 203-597-9100 (pediatric) Opticare (Dr. Peterson) 203-574-2020 Dr. Thornquest 203-452-9723

healthcare Trocchi Optometry 203-753-5665 Vision Associates of Prospect (Dr. Kline & Dr. Gelinas) 203-758-5555 Oral-Maxillofacial Surgeon Dr. Elie Ferneini 203- 573-1427 (​Waterbury) Dr. Ean James (Bristol) 860-583-6549 Orthodondist Dr. Michael Friedman 203-573-8034 Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. John Reach (Yale) 203-737-5656 Orthopedist CT Orthopedist Specialists (Children’s) Dr. Peter Deluca 203-867-6448 Dr. John Keggi 203-598-0700 Dr. Michael Kaplan 203-758-1272 Dr. Charles Raferty 203-758-2003 Dr. Dennis Rodin 203-755-0165 Hanger Orthotics 203-755-8840 Pediatrician Dr. Ephraim Bartfeld 860-274-8891 Child & Adolescent Healthcare Assoc. (Dr. Jane Rudolph) 203-574-4747 Pediatric Associates of CT 203-755-2999 Periodontist Dr. William Tarasuck 203-597-0055 Physical Therapy Access Rehab 203-598-0400 Advance Therapy Assoc. 203-577-3700 Dr. Richard (Aryeh) Shapiro, DPT 516-784-6633 Podiatrist Dr. Marc Bernbach 203-753-2048 Dr. Bruce Vinokur 203-755-2050 Dr. Mchugh & Assoc. 860-274-1773 Dr. Joel Segalman 203- 755-0489 Psychiatrist Dr. Gale Levine 203-654-9002 (New Haven) Pulmonologist Dr. David Hill 203-759-3666

services Speech Therapy Dynamic Therapy Group 203-759-1371 Toba Baila Goldfinger MS, SLP 718-704-9775 Malka Goldgrab, SLP 845-826-0885 Shani Shapiro, MS, CCC-SLP 646-263-8779 Radiology Diagnostic Radiology 203-756-8911 Rheumatologist Dr. David Podell 203-573-7281 Dr. Lawrence Zemel (Pediatric) 203-545-9395 Surgeon - Hand Dr. Andrew Nelson 203-755-7115 Urologist Urology Specialists 203-757-8361

Hospitals St. Mary’s Hospital 203-709-6000 Waterbury Hospital 203-573-6000 Yale New Haven Hospital 203-688-4242 CT Children’s Medical Center (Hartford) 860-545-9000 Griffin Hospital (Derby) 203-735-7421

Medical Laboratories Quest Diagnostics 1-877-868-2191

Pharmacies Brass City Pharmacy 203-759-9000 Bunker Hill Pharmacy 203-574-7825 CVS (24 hours) 203-755-5490 Shoprite Pharmacy 203-753-1718 Stop and Shop 203-597-1498 Target (CVS) 203-437-3674 Walgreens 203-757-5102

Emergency Numbers Hatzalah of Waterbury 203-754-4200 Poison Control 1-800-222-1222 *** H  ealthcare listings are by recommendation only

What’s Doing in Waterbury reaches thousands of households & businesses in Jewish communities all across Connecticut. What's Doing in Waterbury 13

municipal an d o the r l i st i ngs

Animal Control Society 203-574-6909 Bureau of Water 203-574-8251 Bureau of Vital Statistics 203-574-6800 Birth to 3 Info Line 1-800-505-7000 Citizen’s Hotline 203-597-3444 Eversource Energy: electric company: 1-800-286-2000 gas company: 1-800-989-0900 CT Dept. Of Consumer Protection 800-842-2649 DMV 1-800-842-8222 Dog Warden 203-574-6909/6920 Energize CT 877-947-3873 Energy Assistance-NOW 203-756-8151/ 203-575-4232 Fire Department 203-597-3425 Husky Insurance 800-656-6684 Neighborhood Housing Services of Waterbury 203-753-1896 Police Department 203-574-6911 Post Office Grand St. 203-574-6521 Wigwam Ave. 203-759-3642 Mail Service Info. 203-578-3426 Waterbury Public Library 203-574-8205 Southbury Public Library 203-262-0626 Refuse Collection 203-574-6857 SNET (phone company) 811 611(repairs) 1-800-453-SNET (out-of-state) Street Department/ Public Works 203-574-8261 Tax Assessors office Motor vehicles - 203-574-6831 Property - 203-574-6821 Transportation Amtrak 1-800-872-7245 Bonanza Bus Line (to NYC) 1-888-751-8800 Bradley Int’l Airport 1-860-292-2000 Metro North 1-800-638-7646 Yellow Taxi 203-754-5151 UPS 1-800-742-5877 Weather & other info 1-800-555-TELL WIC 203-574-6785 WRAP Program 800-388-9727 14 What's Doing in Waterbury

New & Noteworthy TAG Office now open in Waterbury! TAG provides free guidance on choosing devices, step-by-step filter installs, and live tech support 20 hours a day. Check them out at www.tagwaterbury.org or email tag@ykwaterbury.org for more info. Kashrus/Dairy Alert: Many previously-parve Pringles products are now OU-D with either dairy ingredients (ingredients state 'whey' or 'milk'), or made using dairy equipment. Be sure to check labels carefully. Chest freezer available for short term use, ‫ לעילוי נשמת‬Nechama bas Aharon. Contact Rivky Barth if interested. Now open nearby: • Sax 5th Avenue - Off 5th in Corbins Corner in West Hartford near West Farms Mall. Check it out at 1437 New Britain Avenue, West Hartford. • Raymour and Flanigan Outlet store in Waterbury. Great selection at discounted prices. They’re located at 410 Reidville Drive. • Home Goods, located at 99 Executive Blvd S in Southington. The Yated Newspaper now being delivered in Waterbury! Sign up with the group and get guaranteed delivery before Shabbos. Text 203233-3417 to join. New Gemach for lifetime table and chairs. Call Shloimy Kramer @ 203- 528- 7681.

shiurim & Learning Programs Daf Yomi Shiurim: • Given by Rabbi Moshe Don Kestenbaum at B'nai Shalom, weekdays after the neitz minyan, Shabbos time varies.

Dirshu Daily Mishna Brurah Shiur, given by R’ Tzvi Thaler. Sun–Thurs, 8-8:30pm, followed by Maariv, in the BMK of the Yeshiva.

• Given by R’ Raphael Deutsch at B'nai Shalom at 8:15 pm.

Night Kollel from 8:15 to 9:30 pm at B’nai Shalom under the direction of R’ Sonnenschein. Shiurim & Chavrusos available.

• Given by R' Shuly Lieber at B’nai Shalom, weekdays after 7 am shacharis, Shabbos at 10:30 am.

Men’s Mesilas Yesharim Shiur by R’ Sonnenschein at B’nai Shalom, every Tuesday from 9:05- 9:35 pm.

• Given by Rabbi Yaakov Metz on Shabbos in Blue Ridge.

Meseches Taanis Daf-A-week Shiur in Blue ridge shul. 9:00 pm MondayThursday. Given by R’ Azi Gendelman.

morning Shiurim & Chaburos: Morning Learning Seder MondayFriday from 6-7 am at B’nai Shalom. Morning SHIVTI Chaburah in Yeshiva BMK Mon-Fri 7:00-7:45 am. Learning in depth various engaging and relevant sugyos. For more info contact Elisha Freedman. Shulchan Aruch Shiur given daily by R' Sonnenschein at B'nai Shalom at 6:30 am. Men’s Sunday Morning Shiur by R’ Yosef Sonnenschein at B’nai Shalom after 8:00 am Shacharis. Breakfast is served. Call Mordechai Shtern at 203-578-0653. Beitzah V'haarev Na Chabura after the 8 oclock Shabbos minyan kiddush, with daily chazara. For more info please contact Rabbi Selengut, R' Yakir Markowitz and Rabbi Baruch Levine.

night Shiurim & Chaburos: Night Kollel in Yeshiva under the direction of Rabbi Chaim Cohen, Rabbi Boruch Noy and Rabbi Tzvi Thaler offers tracks in gemara and halacha. Weekly Chaburos and monetary incentives. Nightly Bekiyus Seder in Maseches Sotah, as part of the V'haarev Na Program. Shiur given by R' Avrohom Krohn at 8:45 pm in the Yeshiva's main Beis Medrash. Please call 203-206-4732 for more information. Navi Shiur given by R' Sonnenschein at B'nai Shalom on Shabbos after 6:00 mincha.

women's Shiurim Weekly Ladies’ Shiur on Wed. nights at 8:30 pm by R' Sonnenschein at B’nai Shalom. Women's Shabbos Shiur Shabbos afternoon 11/2 hours before Mincha at alternating locations. Weekly announcement in Yeshiva and B’nai Shalom or call Orli Katz at 203-755-7328. Women's Halacha Shiur given by Rabbi Sonnenschein. Call Orli Katz for more information at 203-755-7328.

boys' learning programs Likras Shabbos / Erev Shabbos Learning Program for boys ages 10 and up, 20 minute before mincha at B'nai Shalom. Contact R’ Brecher for more information. Avos U’Banim Father/Son Learning Program will resume after the summer. Call Shraga Feivel Siegfried at 203-7595653 or Yaakov Reiss at 203-527-7200. The Tzon Kadoshim Chabura is a Boys' night seder program that meets 4 times a week in B'nai Shalom to learn mishnayos Kodshim. Please call Rabbi Chaifetz at 203-704-0939.

community learning programs Connecticut Torah Connection An outreach program offering local professionals the opportunity to learn Torah once a week with a study partner. Tuesday, 7-8 pm at Bnai Shalom. To participate please contact: 860.785.4CTC, info@ctconnection.org, www.ctconnection.org What's Doing in Waterbury 15

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F.Y.I. Ongoing classes, events and happenings around Waterbury

To contribute your tips text 203-233-3417 or email whatsdoingwtby@gmail.com

♦♦Spring cleaning? Drop off your gently used or new clothing items at the Waterbury Xchange. Drop off location is at 24 Kaytonne Avenue (Chana Kolodny). Texts or whatsaps beforehand are appreciated but not required. Please no drop offs on Erev Shabbos or Erev Yom Tov. ♦♦Help keep the gown gemach of Waterbury updated. If you'd like to list your gown or would like to remove a listed gown, please send an email to Genendel Krohn at gkrohn49@gmail.com.

■ Drawing and painting lessons available for grades pre1A and up. Both group classes and private lessons offered. Also offering Bas Mitzvah and paint night parties. For more information call Leah Schutz at 516-521-4294. ■ Tali Fischer’s Dance Class for Girls For details call 203-565-6322. Also offering Zumba classes for ladies. Call for details 203-565-6322. ■ Tumbling Tots Gymnastics Classes by Chana Rochel Salvay for girls in kindergarten thru fourth grade. Call or text 516-317-6385 or email crsalvay@ gmail.com. ■ Swimming for Boys Monday evenings from 7:15-8:15 at the YMCA. Call the YMCA to register at 203-754-2181. ■ Aerobics by Raizy Gutman, certified fitness instructor, for women and girls. Several weekly exercise classes; morning and evening options. Private sessions available. Please text Raizy at 203-982-6167.

♦♦Need to travel? Megabus has convenient routes to over 100 cities at great rates. CT stops located in New Haven and West Hartford. Visit us.megabus.com for more info.

■ Aerobics by Esther Baila Merenstein, certified Insanity trainer. Insanity, a total body hiit workout, is offered Sundays at 9:30 am and Wednesdays at 8:15 pm. Located at 92 Prospect St. Text 203-510-6660.

♦♦Is your GPS on the blink, or maybe you just need a Waze phone for short term use? Call Hillel Weinreb @ 347-729-3622.

■ Yoga Class for Women Tuesday or Wednesdays from 8:15-9:15 pm at alternating homes throughout the community. Contact Karin at karinterebessy@ cox.net for more information.

♦♦Fedex now has a drop off location in Walgreens Pharmacy on West Main Street.

■ Swimming for Women Wednesday evenings from 7:15-8:15 at the YMCA. Call the YMCA to register at 203-754-2181.

♦♦It’s fishing season! Live bait now available at Seven Eleven.

16 What's Doing in Waterbury

■ Ladies’ Shidduch Meeting Call Blimie Lazenga at 203-596-9932 for more info. ■ YKW & BYW School Uniforms are available for purchase in Waterbury. Call Chavi Brecher at 347-962-9638.

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Mazel Tov to: Mr. and Mrs. Sruly Kolodny on the birth of a baby boy Rabbi and Mrs. Yaakov Lehrman on the birth of a baby boy Mr. and Moshe Chaim Levenberg on the birth of a baby boy Mr. and Yitzchok Linden on the birth of a baby boy Rabbi and Mrs. Yaakov Lyons on the birth of a baby girl Mr. and Mrs. Eran Netkin on the birth of a baby girl Rabbi and Mrs. Peretz Robinson on the birth of a baby boy Mr. Avi and Ariella Rubel on the birth of a baby boy Mr. and Mrs. Levi Salvay on the birth of a baby boy Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Sapirman on the birth of a baby girl Mr. and Mrs. Josh Schonfeld on the birth of a baby girl Mr. and Mrs. Dovid Shteierman on the birth of a baby girl Rabbi and Mrs. Eliezer Russ on the birth of a baby boy Mr. and Mrs. Yisroel Moshe Weinreb on the birth of a baby girl Mr. and Mrs. Levi Yudkin on the birth of a baby boy Mr. and Mrs. Dovid Zelcer on the birth of a baby boy Mazel Tov to:

Dr. Ephraim & Dr. Jacki Bartfeld on Yacov Shmuel's Bar Mitzvah Mr. & Mrs. Menachem Friedman on Yosef Dov's Bar Mitzvah Rabbi & Mrs. Yosef Goldfinger on Simcha’s Bar Mitzvah Mr. & Mrs. Yehuda Gottesman on Dovid's Bar Mitzvah Rabbi and Mrs. Eliezer Greer on Mordechai's Bar Mitzvah Mr. and Mrs. Shaya Gross on Daniel's Bar Mitzvah Rabbi & Mrs. Avrohom Krohn on Eliezer's Bar Mitzvah Rabbi and Mrs. Yehuda Selengut on Aryeh Leib Bar Mitzvah Mazel Tov to:

Rabbi and Mrs. Tzvi Thaler on their daughter Rivka Brocha's engagement to Menachem Glazer Mazel Tov to the Yeshiva’s newest chassanim:

Motti Dahan, Manecham Glazer and Avi Jaffe

‫ברוכים הבאים‬


A warm welcome to the community’s newest families: R’ Yirmiyah & Hadassah Moldovan & Family Yaakov & Malkie Lichtenstein Avrumie & Malkie Schwinder & Family Hatzlacha Raba in your new homes! What's Doing in Waterbury 17

We are excited to announce the launch of K’hal B’nai Shalom’s new website, calendar, and account management system!

We have partnered with ShulCloud to provide our members with some new and exciting features: ♦ Update your profile information ♦ View and pay your pledges online ♦ Check on minyanim and shiurim times ♦ Download the shul bulletin Look out for more features in the coming weeks! ‫בס"ד‬

Our zmanim are now available on our website www.bnaishalomwaterbury.com by clicking on Calendar Tab.

‫זמני התפילות לקיץ תשע"ח‬ ‫צאת‬B'nai‫מעריב‬ ‫שקיעה‬ ‫מנחה‬ ‫זמן ק"ש‬ Shalom: 135 Roseland Avenue ‫שבת‬ ‫מוצש"ק‬ ‫ש"ק‬ ‫רבינו‬ ‫תם‬

‫ שחרית‬Ct‫שקיעה‬ ‫פלג‬ ‫מנחה‬ - Waterbury, 06710 ‫הדלקת‬ -‫נרות‬ office@bnaishalomwaterbury.com ‫עש"ק‬ ‫ המנחה‬+‫ערש"ק‬ ‫מנחה‬ ‫ערש"ק‬

‫(הדלקת‬ ‫נרות לא‬ )‫לפני‬

‫(פלג‬ )‫המנחה‬


8:44 8:30 7:31 6:30 )8:57 ‫ (מ"א‬9:33 8:30 7:30 :712 :607 5:50 ‫שמיני‬ 8:52 8:40 7:39 6:30 )8:51 ‫ (מ"א‬9:27 8:30 7:38 7:20 6:13 5:55 ‫תזריע מצורע‬ 8:59 8:45 7:46 6:30 )8:45 ‫ (מ"א‬9:21 8:30 7:45 7:27 6:19 6:00 ‫אחרי מות קדושים‬ 9:07 8:55 7:54 6:30 )8:40 ‫ (מ"א‬9:16 8:30 7:53 7:35 6:24 6:05 ‫אמור‬ 9:14 9:00 8:01 6:30 )8:36 ‫ (מ"א‬9:12 *8:30 8:00 7:42 6:30 6:10 ‫בהר בחוקתי‬ 9:21 8:58 8:08 6:30 )8:33 ‫ (מ"א‬9:09 *8:30 8:07 7:49 6:36 6:20 ‫במדבר‬ 9:06 **8:25 8:14 7:56 6:42 6:25 9:28 9:15 8:15 6:30 )8:30 ‫(מ"א‬ ‫נשא‬ ‫זמני התפילות לחורף תשע"ח‬ 9:33 9:20 8:20 6:30 )8:29 ‫ (מ"א‬9:05 **8:25 8:19 8:01 6:46 6:30 ‫בהעלותך‬ )8:28 ‫ (מ"א‬9:04 **8:25 8:24 8:06 6:50 6:30 9:‫שבת‬ 38‫צאת‬9:25 ‫מעריב‬ 8:25 ‫ש"ק‬ 6:30‫שקיעה‬ ‫שלח‬ ‫מנחה‬ ‫זמן ק"ש‬ ‫שחרית‬ ‫שקיעה‬ ‫הדלקת נרות‬ 9:41 8:28 6:30 )8:29 ‫ (מ"א‬9:05 **8:25 8:27 8:09 ‫עש"ק‬ 6:53 ‫ערש"ק‬ 6:35‫מנחה‬ ‫קרח‬ ‫רבינו תם‬9:25 ‫מוצש"ק‬ )9:17**‫(מ"א‬ 9:43 8:259:53 8:298:30 8:11 6:06:54 6:35 ‫חקת‬ 7:14 9:30 7:8:30 00 6:30 6:01 )8:305‫(מ"א‬ :05 9:06 2 5:44 ‫נח‬ ‫ (מ"א‬9:08 )9:21**‫(מ"א‬ 9:43 8:30 6:30 8:259:57 8:308:30 8:12 5:52 6:55 6:35 ‫בלק‬ 7:04 9:30 6:50 5:51 )8:324:55 5:34 ‫לך‬-‫לך‬ ‫ (מ"א‬9:11 )9:25 ‫(מ"א‬ 10:01 9:41 8:28 6:30 *8:30 8:288:30 8:10 5:44 6:54 6:35 ‫פנחס‬ 6:55 9:25 6:40 5:42 )8:354:45 5:26 ‫וירא‬ ) 8: 38 ‫(מ"א‬ 9: 1 4 9:3 8 9:2 5 8: 25 6:30 8:30 8:2 5 8:0 7 6: 52 6:3 5 ‫מסעי‬ ‫מטות‬ ) 8:30 ‫(מ"א‬ 9: 06 ** 8:25 5:48 5:35 4:35 3:40 4:36 4:18 ‫שרה‬ ‫חיי‬ )8:41 ‫ (מ"א‬9:17 9:5:42 33 9:20 5:30 8:20 6:30 8:30 8: 21 8:03 6:4 8 6: 30 ‫דברים‬ ) 8: 35 ‫(מ"א‬ 9: 11 *8:30 4:29 3:30 4:30 4:12 ‫תולדות‬ ‫ (מ"א‬9:)28:040 ‫(מ"א‬ 9:5:38 26 9:10 5:25 8:13 6:30 8:309:16 8:148:30 7:56 4:25 6:43 6:2 5 ‫ואתחנן‬ 4:25 )8:443:30 4:07 ‫ויצא‬ )8:47 ‫ (מ"א‬9:)28:345 ‫(מ"א‬ 9:5:35 19 9:05 5:20 8:06 6:30 8:309:21 8:078:30 7:49 4:22 6:37 6: 20 ‫עקב‬ 4:22 3:25 4:04 ‫וישלח‬ )8:50 ‫ (מ"א‬9:26 8:30 7:58 7:40 6:30 6:10 9:10 7:57 6:30 ‫ראה‬ 5:34 8:55 5:20 4:21 3:25 )8:49 ‫ (מ"א‬9:25 8:30 4:21 4:03 ‫וישב‬ 9:00 8:45 7:47 6:30 )8:53 ‫ (מ"א‬9:29 8:30 7: 48 7: 30 6: 22 6:05 ‫שופטים‬ 5:36 5:20 4:23 3:25 )8:54 ‫ (מ"א‬9:30 8:30 4:22 4:04 ‫מקץ‬ 8:49 8:35 7:36 6:30 )8:56 ‫ (מ"א‬9:32 8:309:33 7:38 7:20 6:13 5:55 ‫כי תצא‬ )8:57 ‫(מ"א‬ 5:39 5:25 4:26 )8:583:30 8:30 4:25 4:07 ‫ויגש‬ ‫ (מ"א‬9:34 8:30 7:26 7:08 6:04 5:45 8:38 8:25 7:25 6:30 ‫כי תבא‬ )9:00 ‫ (מ"א‬9:36 8:30 5:44 5:30 4:31 )9:013:35 4:30 4:12 ‫ויחי‬ ‫ (מ"א‬9:37 8:30 7:15 6:57 5:54 5:35 8:26 8:10 7:13 6:15 ‫נצבים‬ 5:50 5:35 4:37 3:40 )9:02 ‫ (מ"א‬9:38 8:30 4:36 4:18 ‫שמות‬ )9:03 ‫ (מ"א‬9:39 8:30 5:57 5:45 8:50 ‫עד‬4:44 3:45 4:43 4:25 ‫וארא‬ 8:55 ‫*= שוכן עד‬ ‫**= שוכן‬ + =Each erev shabbos we will confirm if there will be 2 Minyanim or which Minyan will take place 6:05 5:50 4:52 3:55 )9:02 ‫ (מ"א‬9:38 8:30 4:51 4:33 ‫בא‬ 18 6:14 What's Doing in Waterbury 6:00 5:01 4:05 )9:00 ‫ (מ"א‬9:36 8:30 5:00 4:42 ‫בשלח‬ 6:23 6:10 5:10 4:15 )8:58 ‫ (מ"א‬9:34 8:30 5:09 4:51 ‫יתרו‬

‫‪Yeshiva Ateres Shmuel of Waterbury‬‬ ‫‪Shabbos Zmanim Schedule‬‬

‫נשא‪*:‬‬ ‫)‪(May 25-26‬‬ ‫‪6:25 Early Mincha‬‬ ‫פלג המנחה ‪6:42‬‬ ‫הדלקת נרות‪/‬מנחה‪7:56 :‬‬ ‫שחרית )השכמה( ‪7:40 BMK‬‬ ‫שחרית‪8:25 :‬‬ ‫זמן ק"ש‪9:07 :‬‬ ‫מג"א ‪8:31‬‬ ‫מנחה שבת‪6:30 :‬‬ ‫שקיעה‪8:15 :‬‬ ‫מעריב‪9:15 :‬‬ ‫מוצאי ש"ק)ר"ת(‪9:27:‬‬ ‫חקת‪* :‬‬ ‫)‪(June 22-23‬‬ ‫‪6:40 Early Mincha‬‬ ‫פלג המנחה ‪6:55‬‬ ‫הדלקת נרות‪/‬מנחה‪8:12 :‬‬ ‫שחרית )השכמה( ‪7:40 BMK‬‬ ‫שחרית‪8:25 :‬‬ ‫זמן ק"ש‪9:07 :‬‬ ‫מג"א ‪8:31‬‬ ‫מנחה שבת‪6:30 :‬‬ ‫שקיעה‪8:30 :‬‬ ‫מעריב‪9:30 :‬‬ ‫מוצאי ש"ק)ר"ת(‪9:42:‬‬

‫בהעלותך‪:‬‬ ‫)‪(June 1-2‬‬ ‫‪6:30 Early Mincha‬‬ ‫פלג המנחה ‪6:46‬‬ ‫הדלקת נרות‪/‬מנחה‪8:02 :‬‬ ‫שחרית )השכמה( ‪7:40 BMK‬‬ ‫שחרית‪8:25 :‬‬ ‫זמן ק"ש‪9:05 :‬‬ ‫מג"א ‪8:29‬‬ ‫מנחה שבת‪6:30 :‬‬ ‫שקיעה‪8:21 :‬‬ ‫מעריב‪9:21 :‬‬ ‫מוצאי ש"ק)ר"ת(‪9:33:‬‬ ‫בלק‪* :‬‬ ‫)‪(June 29-30‬‬ ‫‪6:40 Early Mincha‬‬ ‫פלג המנחה ‪6:56‬‬ ‫הדלקת נרות‪/‬מנחה‪8:12 :‬‬ ‫שחרית )השכמה( ‪7:40 BMK‬‬ ‫שחרית‪8:25 :‬‬ ‫זמן ק"ש‪9:09 :‬‬ ‫מג"א ‪8:33‬‬ ‫מנחה שבת ‪6:30‬‬ ‫שקיעה ‪8:30:‬‬ ‫מעריב‪9:30 :‬‬ ‫מוצאי ש"ק)ר"ת( ‪9:42:‬‬

‫שלח‪*:‬‬ ‫)‪(June 8-9‬‬ ‫‪6:35 Early Mincha‬‬ ‫פלג המנחה ‪6:50‬‬ ‫הדלקת נרות‪/‬מנחה‪8:07 :‬‬ ‫שחרית )השכמה( ‪7:40 BMK‬‬ ‫שחרית‪8:25 :‬‬ ‫זמן ק"ש‪9:05 :‬‬ ‫מג"א ‪8:29‬‬ ‫מנחה שבת‪6:30 :‬‬ ‫שקיעה‪8:25 :‬‬ ‫מעריב‪9:25 :‬‬ ‫מוצאי ש"ק)ר"ת(‪9:37:‬‬ ‫פנחס‪*:‬‬ ‫)‪(July 6-7‬‬ ‫‪6:40 Early Mincha‬‬ ‫פלג המנחה ‪6:55‬‬ ‫הדלקת נרות‪/‬מנחה‪8:11 :‬‬ ‫שחרית )השכמה( ‪7:40 BMK‬‬ ‫שחרית‪8:30 :‬‬ ‫זמן ק"ש‪9:11 :‬‬ ‫מג"א ‪8:35‬‬ ‫מנחה שבת‪6:30 :‬‬ ‫שקיעה‪8:29 :‬‬ ‫מעריב‪9:29 :‬‬ ‫מוצאי ש"ק)ר"ת(‪9:41 :‬‬

‫קרח‪:‬‬ ‫)‪(June 15-16‬‬ ‫‪6:35 Early Mincha‬‬ ‫פלג המנחה ‪6:53‬‬ ‫הדלקת נרות‪/‬מנחה‪8:10 :‬‬ ‫שחרית )השכמה( ‪7:40 BMK‬‬ ‫שחרית‪8:25 :‬‬ ‫זמן ק"ש‪9:05 :‬‬ ‫מג"א ‪8:29‬‬ ‫מנחה שבת‪6:30 :‬‬ ‫שקיעה‪8:28 :‬‬ ‫מעריב‪9:28 :‬‬ ‫מוצאי ש"ק)ר"ת(‪9:40:‬‬ ‫מטות‪-‬מסעי*‬ ‫)‪(July 13-14‬‬ ‫‪6:35 Early Mincha‬‬ ‫פלג המנחה ‪6:53‬‬ ‫הדלקת נרות‪/‬מנחה‪8:08 :‬‬ ‫שחרית )השכמה( ‪7:40 BMK‬‬ ‫שחרית‪8:30 :‬‬ ‫זמן ק"ש‪9:14 :‬‬ ‫מג"א ‪8:38‬‬ ‫מנחה שבת‪6:30 :‬‬ ‫שקיעה‪8:25 :‬‬ ‫מעריב‪9:25 :‬‬ ‫מוצאי ש"ק)ר"ת(‪9:37 :‬‬

‫דברים*‬ ‫)‪(July 20-21‬‬ ‫‪6:35 Early Mincha‬‬ ‫פלג המנחה ‪6:49‬‬ ‫הדלקת נרות‪/‬מנחה ‪8:03‬‬ ‫שחרית )השכמה( ‪7:40 BMK‬‬ ‫שחרית‪8:30 :‬‬ ‫זמן ק"ש‪9:17 :‬‬ ‫מג"א ‪8:41‬‬ ‫מנחה שבת‪6:30 :‬‬ ‫שקיעה‪8:20:‬‬

‫ואתחנן*‬ ‫)‪(July 27-28‬‬ ‫‪6:30 Early Mincha‬‬ ‫פלג המנחה ‪6:44‬‬ ‫הדלקת נרות‪/‬מנחה‪7:57 :‬‬ ‫שחרית )השכמה( ‪7:40 BMK‬‬ ‫שחרית‪8:30 :‬‬ ‫זמן ק"ש‪9:21 :‬‬ ‫מג"א ‪8:45‬‬ ‫מנחה שבת‪6:30 :‬‬ ‫שקיעה‪8:14 :‬‬ ‫מעריב‪9:14 :‬‬ ‫מוצאי ש"ק)ר"ת(‪9:26 :‬‬

‫עקב*‬ ‫)‪(Aug 3-4‬‬ ‫‪6:20 Early Mincha‬‬ ‫פלג המנחה ‪6:38‬‬ ‫הדלקת נרות‪/‬מנחה‪7:49 :‬‬ ‫שחרית )השכמה( ‪7:40 BMK‬‬ ‫שחרית‪8:30 :‬‬ ‫זמן ק"ש‪9:24 :‬‬ ‫מג"א ‪8:48‬‬ ‫מנחה שבת‪6:30 :‬‬ ‫שקיעה‪8:06 :‬‬ ‫מעריב‪9:06 :‬‬ ‫מוצאי ש"ק)ר"ת(‪9:18 :‬‬

‫ראה*‬ ‫)‪(Aug 10-11‬‬ ‫‪6:15 Early Mincha‬‬ ‫פלג המנחה ‪6:31‬‬ ‫הדלקת נרות‪/‬מנחה‪7:41 :‬‬ ‫שחרית )השכמה( ‪7:40 BMK‬‬ ‫שחרית‪8:30 :‬‬ ‫זמן ק"ש‪9:27 :‬‬ ‫מג"א ‪8:51‬‬ ‫מנחה שבת‪6:30 :‬‬ ‫שקיעה‪7:57 :‬‬ ‫מעריב‪8:57 :‬‬ ‫מוצאי ש"ק)ר"ת(‪9:09 :‬‬

‫שופטים‪*:‬‬ ‫)‪(Aug 17-18‬‬ ‫‪6:05 Early Mincha‬‬ ‫פלג המנחה ‪6:23‬‬ ‫הדלקת נרות‪/‬מנחה‪7:31 :‬‬ ‫שחרית )השכמה( ‪7:40 BMK‬‬ ‫שחרית‪8:30 :‬‬ ‫זמן ק"ש‪9:30 :‬‬ ‫מג"א ‪8:54‬‬ ‫מנחה שבת‪6:30 :‬‬ ‫שקיעה‪7:47 :‬‬ ‫מעריב‪8:47 :‬‬ ‫מוצאי ש"ק)ר"ת(‪8:59 :‬‬

‫כי תצא‪:‬‬ ‫)‪(Aug 24-25‬‬ ‫‪6:00 Early Mincha‬‬ ‫פלג המנחה ‪6:14‬‬ ‫הדלקת נרות‪/‬מנחה‪7:20 :‬‬ ‫שחרית )השכמה( ‪7:40 BMK‬‬ ‫שחרית‪8:30 :‬‬ ‫זמן ק"ש‪9:32 :‬‬ ‫מג"א ‪8:56‬‬ ‫מנחה שבת‪6:30 :‬‬ ‫שקיעה‪7:37 :‬‬ ‫מעריב‪8:37 :‬‬ ‫מוצאי ש"ק)ר"ת(‪8:49 :‬‬

‫כי תבוא‪:‬‬ ‫)‪(Aug 31- Sep 1‬‬ ‫‪5:50 Early Mincha‬‬ ‫פלג המנחה ‪6:05‬‬ ‫הדלקת נרות‪/‬מנחה‪7:09 :‬‬ ‫שחרית )השכמה( ‪7:40 BMK‬‬ ‫שחרית‪8:30 :‬‬ ‫זמן ק"ש‪9:35 :‬‬ ‫מג"א ‪8:59‬‬ ‫מנחה שבת‪6:30 :‬‬ ‫שקיעה‪7:25 :‬‬ ‫מעריב‪8:25 :‬‬ ‫מוצאי ש"ק)ר"ת(‪8:37 :‬‬

‫נצבים‪:‬‬ ‫‪Sep 7-8‬‬ ‫‪5:40 Early Mincha‬‬ ‫פלג המנחה ‪5:55‬‬ ‫הדלקת נרות‪/‬מנחה‪6:57 :‬‬ ‫שחרית )השכמה( ‪7:40 BMK‬‬ ‫שחרית‪8:30 :‬‬ ‫זמן ק"ש‪9:37 :‬‬ ‫מג"א ‪9:01‬‬ ‫מנחה שבת‪6:30 :‬‬ ‫שקיעה‪7:14 :‬‬ ‫מעריב‪8:14 :‬‬ ‫מוצאי ש"ק)ר"ת(‪8:26 :‬‬ ‫‪Note:‬‬

‫‪Tisha B’av TBA‬‬

‫‪*Yeshiva off Shabbos‬‬ ‫‪Zmanim for Shavuous and Tisha Ba’av will be posted separately.‬‬

‫‪Yeshiva Ateres Shmuel: 359 Cooke Street • 203-756-1800 • www.yasw.org‬‬ ‫‪What's Doing in Waterbury 19‬‬

minyanim in & around CT

Visit GoDaven.com for Thousands of Minyan Listings Worldwide

Bridgeport, CT

Stamford, CT

Congregation Bikur Cholim 2365 Park Avenue (203) 336-3383 Shacharis: Tue., Wed., & Fri.: 6:40 Mon. & Th.: 6:30 Rosh Codesh: 6:20 Sunday: 7:20 (sometimes 8 AM; call to verify)

Young Israel of Stamford 69 Oaklawn Avenue (203) 348-3955 Shacharis: Mon- Fri: 6:20 AM Sun: 9:00 Congregation Agudath Sholom 301 Strawberry Hill Ave (203) 358-2200 Shacharis: Mon-Fri: 6:30, 7:30 Sunday 8:30 Mincha/Maariv: Weekdays 20 min before sunset Stamford Learning Center 1766 Bedford Street Weekly Maariv at 8:45

Fairfield, CT Congregation Ahavath Achim 1571 Stratfield Road (203) 372-6529 Shacharis: Sunday: 8:30 AM Mon. & Th.: 6:30 Tue., Wed., & Fri.: 6:45 AM Rosh Chodesh, Fast Days: 6:30AM Mincha & Maariv: Daily: at the zman Sunday - approx. 15 before the zman

Greenwich, CT Chabad Lubavitch of Greenwich 75 Mason Street 203-629-9059 Shacharis: Sun: 8:00, Mon-Friday: 6:45 AM Mincha: 1:30 PM

New Haven, CT Cong. Bikur Cholim Sheveth Achim 112 Marvel Road (203) 387-4699 Shacharis: Mon- Fri: 6:45 AM Sun: 9:00 Mincha: At Shkiah, 7:00 PM after Shavuos until Rosh Hashanah Westville Synagogue 74 West Prospect Street 203-389-9513 Shacharis: Mon-Fri: 7:00 Sunday 8:00 Mincha: 15 minutes before sunset Chabad of New Haven 292 Norton St. Shacharis: Mon-Thur: 6:45 AM Sunday 8:30 Mincha: 6:45 pm Maariv: 7:30 pm

Norwich, CT Cong. Brothers of Joseph - Achai Yosef 2 Broad Street Rabbi Chagi Rubin. Minyanim on Shabbos only. Mikvah on premises. 20 What's Doing in Waterbury

west hartford, ct Young Israel of West Hartford 2240 Albany Avenue (860) 233-3084 Shacharis: 6:45 AM Chabad of West Hartford 2352 Albany Avenue (860) 232-1116 Beit Mordechai 1137 Trout Brook Drive (860) 880-1647

Westport, CT Beit Chaverim Synagogue 85 Post Rd West Daily Shacharis at 6:20 Please call/text Rabbi Wall at 201-294-3297 the day before to confirm.

Mt. Kisco, NY Yeshiva of Nitra Shacharis: Monday-Friday 6:30, 8:00 AM Mincha: 2:00, 3:30 PM

New Rochelle, NY Anshe Sholom Congregation 50 North Avenue (914) 632-9220 Shacharis: Sunday: 8:00 AM Mon. & Th.: 6:50 AM Tuesday, Wed. and Friday: 7:00 AM Mincha: 4:15 PM Young Israel of New Rochelle 1149 North Avenue (914) 636-2215 Shacharis: Sunday: 7:30AM, 8:30, 9:00 AM M  onday - Friday: 6:15, 7:00, 7:30, 8:00 Mincha and Maariv: Call for details

The Waterbury Eruv

Please call 203-578-0653 to volunteer to join the rotation for checking the Eruv

The boundaries of the Waterbury Eruv are as follows: Chase Avenue on the North side, Hill Street on the east side, Grove Street on the south side, Waterville Street on the west side. Please refer to the map for a more detailed description. What's Doing in Waterbury 21

waterburygemachim Baby Items: Bris Outfit 203-591-1141 (Freedman) 203-591-8926 (Kalish) Bris Pillow 203-573-0782 (Deutsch) 718-704-9775 (Goldfinger) 203-573-8205 (Krohn) 203-591-8926 (Kalish) Car Seat Carrier Travel Cart 203-626-2266 (Groner) Convertible Stroller/Carseat 203-573-9603 (Adler) Keren Eta Rashi Crib Gemach 203-600-1883 (Rubin) Pack-n-Play 203-591-9080 (Chaifetz) 203-597-0314 (Thaler) Sorala's Baby Gemach 203-518-9596 (Goldgrab) 2 Hiking Backpack/Carriers 203-755-2736 (Feld) Beds & Bedding: Electric Air Pump (for air mattresses and the like) 845-608-3346 (Modlinger) Folding Cots 203-574-3395 (Bernstein) Pillows & Blankets 203-755-2736 (Feld) Quilts 203-591-9080 (Chaifetz) 203-573-0330 (Rosenberg) Cell Phone short term use 203-437-5922 (Nath) Clothing new & gently used 203-600-3826 (S. Cohen) Crock Pot extra large 203-591-8926 (Kalish) Folding Table 203-753-4176 (Brecher) 203-759-1692 (Friedland) 203-510-6904 (Handelsman) New! 203-528-7681 (Kramer) Folding Chairs 203-510-3633 (Brecher) 203-510-6904 (Handelsman) 203-755-7328 (Katz) New! 203-528-7681 (Kramer) Furniture Gemach 203-574-3395 (Bernstein) 22 What's Doing in Waterbury

over comm 60 gemacunity him!

Hand Truck 203-591-9080 (Chaifetz) 203-626-2228 (Groner) heavy duty Handyman Services: Free oil furnace start-up 203-917-796-8016 (P. Nugiel) Hot Plate 203-755-7328 (Katz) Interest-Free Loans 203-757-5822 (Farkas) 203-597-8126 (Gutman) 203-755-7328 (Katz) The Hebrew Free Loan Association of Wtby 203-757-1561 Judaic Lending Library 203-574-3395 (Bernstein) 732-330-5569 (Brownstein) 203-510-6904 (Handelsman) Maternity Clothing 732-236-7255 (Mervin) MP3 Players for Shiurim 203-757-9893 (Metz) Medical Equipment: Hospital Bed, Wheelchair, walker, cane 860-777-7128 (Ruth Weissman) Wheelchair, walker 203-753-9757 (Sheps) Crutches - child, adjustable 203-419-0037 (Heavenrich) Crutches - Mobilegs, adjustable 203-573-0330 (Rosenberg) Nebulizer 203-597-0314 (Thaler) Wheelchair 203-757-1336 (Chaim Scher) Nursing Pump 203-591-8938 (Schuck) Purim Costumes 203-755-0582 (Barth) 203-592-8173 (Friedland) Siddurim 203-591-8529 (Bornstein) Soup Pot - 24 quart 203-591-9080 (Chaifetz) Space Heaters 203-759-1148 (Braunstein) 203-755-7328 (Katz) Tehillim Booklets 203-755-0582 (Barth)

waterburygemachim Tefillin Sfard & Ashkenaz 203-509-0474 (Yitzchok Katz)

Simcha Maternity Clothing 732-236-7255 (Mervin)

Tools 203-597-8126 (Gutman) 954-668-7234 (Nemetsky)

Simcha Items: Glass Stemware 203-573-8205 (Krohn)

Torah Shiurim CD Library 203-755-0582 (Barth) 203-419-0613 (Gigi) 203-757-9893 (Metz) MP3 players avail. CD sets on Marriage and Shalom Bayis 917-757-6410 (Selengut)

Tablecloth Gemach 203-756-2789 (Grosberg) Large Selection! Reasonable rates!

Toys 203-755-5081 (Gottesman)

Uniforms for Girls & Teens 203-600-3826 (S. Cohen) Zman Magazines 203-755-4155 (Nath)

Simcha Apparel: Gown Directory Women & Girls 203-573-8205 (Krohn) See below for directory Gown Gemach Ladies & Children 203-755-7328 (Katz) Jewelry for your simcha 310-625-1304 (Vickman)

Tablecloths Black rounds 347-733-7317 (Malky Elefant) Hunter Green 203-805-4227 (Greer) Black 203-527-7200 (Reiss) Off-white crinkle round & rectangle 203-665-8806 (Sonnenschein) Centerpieces: L arge selection of centerpieces, accents and tableware 203-597-9093 (Merenstein) Gold & ivory centerpieces 203-591-8926 (Rochel Kalish) Decorative crystal candle vases 203-573-8205 (Krohn)

Chasunah Gown Directory This is a listing of gowns that can be borrowed for a chasunah for women and children. This IS NOT a gemach. You keep your gown in your possession but are willing to lend it out if someone is interested. Call Genendel Krohn at 203-573-8205 for more information or to list your gown. ◆ Woman’s Gown, Light gray ◆ Woman’s Gown, Purple ◆ Woman’s Gown, Royal blue ◆ Woman’s Gown, Black and beige Marcie Sheps 203-753-9757 ◆ Women’s gown, aqua, tulle bottom. Chana Bluma Bassman 347-432-8607

◆ Girls Gowns, cream sizes 2&5 Gili Gigi 203-419-0613 ◆ Bridal gown ◆ 2 matching gowns in same size red with black sash, for ages 3-4 Cheryl Mervin

◆ Woman’s gown, ivory, Tiered lace ◆ Plum children’s dresses (with violet sash Ricky Groner 212-913-0589 and flowers) in sizes 12 months and 2T Shaina Bekritsky 203-346-1907 ◆ Woman’s Gowns: brown, crème, gray ◆ Childrens’ gowns, crème ◆ Women’s Champagne gown ◆ Child’s gown, pink & creme, Size 2 Suri Handelsman 203-596-7569 Esther Baila Merenstein 203-597-9093 ◆ Women’s Taupe lace gown ◆ Girls Gown, silver, Size 2-3 ◆ Girls ivory gown with tulle size 12 Batya Kalish 203-573-1439 Maytal Majesky 203-527-4952 • Grey gowns in many sizes. ◆ Woman’s gown, jumper style, navy • Girls Gowns, navy jumper with ◆ Baby gown, plum, 12 months matching shells Sizes 3T, 6, 6x, 6 & 12 ◆ Baby gown, silver, 12 months • Girls Gown, size 4 silver short sleeve Rochelaya Deutsch 203-573-0782 Michal Max 203-753-8869 • Girl’s Gown, Silver, size 2 Daniela Thaler 203-597-0314

◆ Woman’s Gown champagne OR silver Adina Shtern 646-853-0237

◆ Woman’s Gown, silver, 2-Piece ◆ Woman’s Gown, navy blue jumper style Miriam Farkas 845-271-9191 ◆ Woman’s Gown, black ◆ Baby Gown, black velvet Sara Scher 203-757-1336 ◆ black lace sleeveless gown ◆ black and white and silver gown. Esti Sonnenschein ◆ 1 champagne gown Chaynie Nath ◆ Black and white gown with lace top Chani Wakszul ◆ Champagne/blush gown Chana Barrett ◆ Maternity gown - white on top and yellow/grey floral on bottom Chani Roberts ◆ 3/4 sleeve chiffon eggplant color gown Tamar Kornitzer

What's Doing in Waterbury 23

waterburycommunityservices n Chaverim of Waterbury Providing 24 hr emergency service for auto lockouts, flat tires, boosts, out of gas, plumbing and electrical emergencies and home lockouts. These services are for emergencies only within the Greater Waterbury area. Call 203-465-2125. n Chesed Shel Emes of Connecticut Chesed shel Emes is a world-wide organization with close to 500 volunteers. During a time of need, Chesed Shel Emes of CT offers services to the community in a sensitive and dignified manner. We are available during one’s most difficult time to provide comfort and compassion. We offer tables and chairs for anyone sitting shiva, assistance with autopsy prevention and Meis Mitzvah. Call Chaim Gewirtzman at 203-510-3882 for more information. n The Hebrew Free Loan Association Of Waterbury Serving the Waterbury Jewish Community since 1913. Available to offer interest free loans to the Jewish Community. For more information please call 203-757-1561 or contact Attorney Joseph Weisman, R' Reuven Poupko or Dr. Larry Scheer. n Hatzalah of Waterbury 203-754-4200 n Mikvah of Waterbury Located at 186 Roseland Avenue, the Mikvah is open for women by appointment only. Appointments must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance by calling 203754-4150. For same day appointments or for more information, text Gitty Braunstein at 917-863-3870. n Men’s Mikvah - Mikvah Kadosh V’Tahor of Waterbury 92 Prospect St. Hours: Daily 5am-9am, Erev Shabbos & Yom Tov until licht benching. For more information or dedication opportunities, please call 203-509-5539 or email Mikvakadosh@gmail.com. n Tevilas Keilim 24 hrs a day in back of the building. Email: Waterburykeilimmikvah@gmail.com for more information. n TAG (Technology Awareness Group) TAG is dedicated to assisting people navigate the complex digital landscape, to empower them to use technology in a safe and responsible fashion and to ensure that every person serviced by TAG is comfortable with the guidance and service provided. Visit www.tagwaterbury.org or email tag@ykwaterbury.org for more information. n Waterbury Citizens Patrol A group of volunteers who respond to, observe, and report any suspicious or criminal activity to the Waterbury Police Dept. If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information, email wcp06710@gmail.com. To report suspicious activity please call the WCP Hotline at (203)759-8339.

Waterbury Google Group A community wide list-serve used to post and receive emails with announcements, advisories, recommendations, offers, or anything com-munity members can help with or benefit from. There are currently close to 200 members in the group and many people have been helped in various ways through their participation. To add your email address to the group, go to googlegroups.com, search for jewishwaterbury and ask to join. For more information you can email the moderator, Elyan Rosenbaum at elyan.rosenbaum@gmail.com. 24 What's Doing in Waterbury

waterburycommunityservices n The N’shei of Waterbury Provides for the growing needs of the women and the community at large. Hachnasas Orchim Welcome packages for new families are available by calling Shaindy Gershonowitz at 203-841-0816 or Chana Kolodny at 908-333-5746. If you know of a family who just moved in, please call Cheryl Mervin at 732-236-7255 to arrange meals. For those considering relocation to Waterbury, arrangements can be made to visit for Shabbos by calling Esti Sonnenschein at 203-573-8806. Meal Planning  Provides meals for women after childbirth, for new families that have moved in or for any other special circumstances. Please call Esti Baylis at 347-757-0164, Faygie Beller at 347-414-0787 or Rena Greer at 203-606-3082. For questions about the N’shei, to join our email/texting group or to volunteer, please contact Baila Munk at 203-577-9290 or Chai Shapiro at 570-909-7501. n Bikur Cholim of Waterbury  he Bikur Cholim continues to expand as our community’s needs grow and currently T has systems in place to help families going through a medical crisis. We maintain a freezer with home cooked meals for short term emergency use. We also provide long term meals for those situations that require it. Our dedicated volunteers give rides and offer home and hospital visitation to those who request. Additional volunteers maintain a kosher pantry area in Saint Mary’s hospital’s Birthing Center. Postcards are available throughout the hospital to help staff know how to assist patients in locating the kosher pantry. Our innovative “Help a Mom” program trains a select group of young girls to be available to help out with basic childcare should medical crises arise. We maintain the highest level of confidentiality. Contact us at: Rivky Bernstein 203-721-4172; Suri Handelsman 203-510-6904. Email bikurcholimwaterbury@gmail.com. n Vaad Hakashrus of Greater Waterbury An independent local Kashrus agency meeting the highest standards of kashrus for local food establishments and serving the growing kashrus needs of the greater Waterbury community. Call 203-756-1800.

Waterbury Whats App Groups For posting news, Mazal tovs, sharing ideas and tips, asking questions, connecting with your neighbors. Waterbury Women’s chat: To join text Aliza Nugiel at 917-273-0392. Waterbury Men’s chat: To join text Chaim Gewirtzman at 203-510-3882 Community chat: To join text Esty Segelman at 908-910-4191 What's Doing in Waterbury 25

Kosher in Connecticut For the benefit of our readers, the What's Doing in Waterbury presents a selection of some of Connecticut's favorite kosher food spots.



New Haven

Ami's Hot Bagels 111 Thomaston Avenue 203- 596-9020

Six Thirteen 108 Prospect Street 203-614-8777

Claire’s Corner Copia 1000 Chapel Street 203-562-3888

Bagels, dairy & pareve spreads Va'ad HaKashrus of Fairfield County

Deli and Steakhouse Hashgacha: OU

Vegetarian Restaurant

Kosher World 701 Cooke Street 203-757-4992 Grocery: ext. 3 Deli: ext.4 Pizza: ext.5

Soosh 2701 Summer Street 203-658-7505

Fully stocked grocery, pizza shop and deli all under one roof. Vaad Hakashrus of Waterbury

7-Eleven 511 Cooke Street 203-527-8388 Cholov Yisroel products available. Vaad Hakashrus of Waterbury

Shoprite of Waterbury 943 Wolcott Street 203-756-5614 Huge selection of dairy, meat and packaged items as well as bagels and fresh deli. Vaad Hakashrus of Waterbury

Sushi Bar, salad, soup Hashgacha: Chof-K

Navaratna 133 Atlantic Street 203-348-1070 Authentic Indian vegetarian cuisine Under strict supervision of the Vaad Hakashrus of Fairfield County

Fairway Market 699 Canal Street 203-388-9815 Thousands of kosher items, including meat, poultry, cheese, bakery, coffees, teas, packaged goods, and specialty products. Hashgacha: CHOF-K

Hashgacha: Rabbi David Avigdor and the Vaad Hakashrus of Fairfield County

Edge of the Woods 379 Whalley Avenue 203-787-1055 Large health food store The kosher section is “inside the arches” (on the left of store). Includes a full milchig and pareve bakery, hot buffet and salad bar. Pas Yisrael and Chalav Yisrael. In the remainder of the store, only items marked with Vaad tape are certified kosher, plus packaged items bearing a reliable certification. Vaad HaKashrus of Fairfield County

Stop & Shop Bakery 95 Amity Road 203-389-1723 Meat market and full service deli and fresh baked goods. Hashgacha: KVH

West Hartford terbury The What’s Doing in Wa does not endorse any particular kashrus agency or establishment. earch. Please do your own res

26 What's Doing in Waterbury

Crown Supermarket 2471 Albany Avenue 860-236-1965

Big Y Supermarket 772 N. Main Street 860-236-1505

Many kosher grocery items. They carry products with various hashgachos so check labels carefully before purchasing.

Many kosher grocery items. They carry products with various hashgachos so check labels carefully before purchasing.

Greater Hartford Kashrut Group

Greater Hartford Kashrut Group


aleidosc pe A peek at personalities in our community

Mr. Dani Diamond

Dani Diamond has lived in Waterbury for a decade – four years as a yeshiva bachur and six years married to his wife, Ettie, who is originally from California. He grew up in Cleveland and went to Telz Yeshiva in Cleveland for high school, spending his summers in Camp Kol Torah. Before joining the Waterbury family, he describes spending most of the free time he had in his younger years finding hobbies and different side jobs. After graduating High School, he went on to learn in Ner Israel and then eventually made his way to Waterbury’s Yeshivas Ateres Shmuel. While a bachur in Waterbury, he attended Post University’s business program, which he graduated as a Valedictorian! One of the hobbies he picked up during his early years in Waterbury was photography, and it eventually became Dani’s fulltime job about a year after he got married. After honing his skills over the years, Dani's photography has become world renowned. As a young couple, Dani and Ettie chose to live in Waterbury because they loved the idea of settling in a young and vibrant community. And they were not disappointed. They view the community as one large, extended family, each individual and family ready to lend a hand to anyone else in a moment’s notice. What impresses the Diamonds is the warm and caring nature of the families and the fact that Waterbury is a community that is accepting of all different kinds of people, always looking to bond over commonalities, not differences. Dani stresses that another major appeal of Waterbury is that, financially, it is feasible to have one job, and maintain different interests and likes. He feels that, “It all goes back to the idea that community members are always looking for ways to bond with others over common interests, hobbies and ideas. While many members of the Waterbury community may walk different life paths, we bond over our Avodas Hashem and our love of, say, woodworking or gardening.” There is even a chevra that gets together to unwind by playing volleyball during the summer, Dani adds. The Diamonds love that they have made their home in Waterbury because it is a community that is centered around growth, chesed and healthy values. It is a place that people connect with their Rabbeim and their wives, work hard at their jobs, and still have time to spend with their families and foster individual interests. Dani’s message to the community is, “Thank you for being so accepting and embracing differences. Thank you to all who are helping to create an incredible environment to raise our children. Don't ever forget how Waterbury started and what attracted us all to the community in the beginning years of its formation.” What's Doing in Waterbury 27

April Sun




Wed Thur






Yard Waste Collection


Fri 5





Wed Thur 1


Fri 2

Sat 3







































































17 24

Easter Sunday

City of Waterbury, CT Department of Public Works Bureau of Refuse 500 Captain Neville Drive Waterbury, CT 06705 phone (203) 574-6857

waterbury refuse information 7




Wed Thur










Yard Waste Collection

Junk Collection

Yard Waste Collection

Junk Collection

Good Friday Regular Collection

Memorial Day

No Collection

In need of a recycling bin? They are available free of charge. Call 203-574-6857

Monday Collection

Junk Collection

Yard Waste Collection

Junk Collection

Tuesday Collection

Yard Waste Collection

Junk Collection

Yard Waste Collection

Junk Collection

Need a new or extra trash bin? They can be purchased for $55. Call 203-756-7365 (payable by cash, or credit card over the phone; can be purchased at the Mark Lane facility)

Yard Waste: grass clippings and leaves, must be in biodegradable paper bags only; brush must be cut and tied, no more than 4 inches in diameter, no longer than 4 feet long.

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waterbury l o cat i o ns ­­—————————

1. Waterbury Kosher World 2. K'hal B’nai Shalom 135 Roseland Avenue


3. Yeshiva K’tana 4. Post Offices 5. Shoprite

5 15

6. St. Mary’s Hospital 7. Stop & Shop / Target 8. The Home Depot 9. Train Station 10. Bus Station 11. Walgreens 12. TJ Maxx 13. Waterbury Hospital 14. Yeshiva Ateres Shmuel of Waterbury

359 Cooke Street 15. Stop & Shop / Walmart 16. Brass Mill Shopping Mall 17. University of Connecticut 18. Public Library 19. Mikvah of Waterbury 186 Roseland Avenue 20. Ami’s Bagels

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Ove r l o o k & H i lls i d e N e i ghb o r h o o d s

al Kh nai B’ lom a sh

yeshiva Gedolah of Waterbury

yeshiva k’tana of Waterbury

32 What's Doing in Waterbury

B lue R i d ge E states

What's Doing in Waterbury 33

What's New at YKW? girls Division:

the leadership of Mrs. ■■ A phenomenal Color War under enjoyed by all in honor of Freedman and Mrs. Bekritsky was Lag Ba’omer.

on their Chumash Play! ■■ Mazal tov to the 1st Grade girls Grade Bas Mitzvah ■■ We are looking forward to the 6th Lunch on May 28th. 11th is sure to be an ■■ Our Shabbos Banquet on June growth and learning! incredible event to end this year of on their graduation! ■■ Mazal tov to the 8th Grade girls

save the date! • Sunday, May 27th, 10:30 am Chumash Play – 1st Grade Girls • Monday, May 28th, 11:00 am Bas Mitzvah Brunch– 6th Grade Girls • Tuesday, June 5th – Masmid Govohah Boys Trip • Thursday, June 7th - Trip to City Hall and Mattatuck Museum – 3rd Grade Girls & Boys • Monday, June 11th, 5:30 – Shabbos Program Banquet – Girls Division 34 What's Doing in Waterbury

• Tuesday, June 12th-- Trip to Beardsley Zoo 1st Grade Girls and Boys • Tuesday, June 12th, 7:00 pm - Graduation Ceremony – 8th Grade Boys • Thursday, June 14th -Boys Yedios Klaliyos Trip • Monday, June 18th, 7:00 pm - Graduation Ceremony– 8th Grade Girls • Tuesday, June 19th - Last day of School, Friday Dismissal, Hebrew Sessions Only

boys Division: full swing ■■ Yedios Klalios program is in The boys are learning up with brand new prizes and raffles! a storm!

Sefiras Haomer is going ■■ Komocha, a special program for their bein adam l’chaveiro on now. The boys are improving in halashon. skills, as well as in hilchos shmiras k was full of achdus and ■■ Lag Ba’omer trip to Fulton Par nsored by PTA ended the fun! Sports, games and a BBQ spo day on a delicious note! the national Rosh ■■ We had a couple of winners in from the Vehashivosha Chodesh project brought to us ific tool in helping the Foundation. The program was a terr and recognize Hakadosh students learn how to appreciate Baruch Hu in their lives. visit from Rav Moshe ■■ The boys were zoche to a special of Chaim Aryeh, shlita, the mashgiach ut abo s Porat Yosef, who spoke to the boy mer. Rav Shimon bar Yochai and Lag Ba'o

Yeshiva K’tana of Waterbury 32 Hillside Ave, Waterbury, CT 06710 Tel: 203-528-4147 • www.ykwaterbury.org • Email: office@ykwaterbury.org

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a synopsis of the Byw weekly news and views

CIJE Engineering Fair After literally months of hard work, the girls were excited to showcase their creations at the CIJE Innovation Day engineering fair! A Sneak Peek at the Projects... • A backpack with a built-in radio receiver to keep track of a phone or other device you don't want to lose! • The Alarmingly Safe Seat, an innovative infant carseat that alerts the parents if an infant is left in a parked car. • A new patient-safety designed hospital door. • The Snuglove, an electrically heated glove that is both stylish, comfortable, and practical! • The HydroHeadband, a comfortable headband for workouts that alerts you if you are getting dehydrated! • The Smart Beeper, an inexpensive, easy-to-use lane-changing technology!

BYW's 5th Annual Evening of Rejuvenation! What a beautiful, successful evening celebrating 5 years of BYW! Doors opened at 8 PM to a gourmet dairy dessert buffet, featuring treats from Lilac & Creme and some of our in-town superb bakers. Women from across the community and beyond gathered to socialize, rejuvenate, and support Bais Yaakov of Waterbury. Mrs. Yocheved Brecher gave the opening remarks, and shared with us the dreams of a small group of parents just over 5 years ago to open a high caliber Bais Yaakov High School for the girls in our Community. Mrs. Ita Selengut, continued and shared Bais Yaakov of Waterbury's growth-oriented mission, the vision that we hope to achieve over the next five years. Next, the women of the community were honored to hear ‫דברי‬ ‫ תורה‬from the esteemed Mrs. Debbie Greenblatt. Thank you to all those that participated and helped towards the success of the night. 36 What's Doing in Waterbury

A Peek into Our Science Department! The 9th graders dissected frogs in biology. Using what they learned in class about different systems in the body, they were able to locate components of the frog’s respiratory, circulatory, and digestive systems. They identified and removed various organs, including the heart, liver, kidneys, and lungs. The girls were especially excited to discover one of the female frogs was full of eggs!

In BYW, even the snow can't make us stop learning! Our wonderful Bais Yaakov students gathered in Mrs. Selengut's home on Friday morning - in the snow! - for a special Parsha class with Rabbi Sonnenschein! Thank you Rabbi Sonnenschein for another one of your fascinating classes and Kol Hakavod to our girls for always wanting to learn more!

Finalists for CT's "Letters About Literature" Writing Contest Congratulations to Nechama Levine, Nechama Farkas, Riva Karr, and Ayelet Katz for making the finals and for receiving their certificates of award! Special credit and thanks to our beloved Mrs. Karin Terrebessy for her efforts and ewncouragement.

Mishmeres Program - Lunch Brake & Tic Talk BYW is proud to join over 60,000 high school students world-wide in the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation's Mishmeres program. Lunch Brake is a month-long initiative with a goal to "brake" from speaking Lashon Hora during lunchtime.The girls watched a moving and powerful video, including words of inspiration from Rabbi Yechiel Spero, and a visual presentation portraying the power of lashon hara. TIC TALK is a popular Mishmeres hotline for high school girls, with approximately 7000 listeners around the world. Last month's hotline spotlight was on BYW! Our girls were interviewed about how Mishmeres is done in our school and what life is like in our community. To sign up for the Byw weekly "News and Views" please send an email to office@bywaterbury.org What's Doing in Waterbury 37

Rosh Chodesh Adar in Yeshiva Rosh Chodesh Adar was ushered in with a great surprise for the Rabbeim. The bochurim went back to Yeshiva after night seder one night to bring the spirit of Adar into their home away from home by beautifully decorating the Beis Medrash to look like an authentic Sukkah! Rabbi Reiss was very impressed that the Purim shtick was done with good humor and derech eretz and didn't disturb any learning sedarim.

Purim in Mesivta Yesodei Hatorah Purim brought the talmidim and Rabbeim of the Yeshiva together with a tremendous feeling of achdus. We celebrated together at a Purim seudah together. Dancing, singing and divrei Torah with surprise gramin by Rabbi Goldfinger were enjoyed by all. From there, the Rabbeim, together with the bochurim, walked to other seudos in the community.

Mazel Tov Rabbi Thaler and Family! The Mesivta would like to wish a hearty mazal tov to our devoted and beloved Rebbe, Rabbi Thaler, and his wife, on the engagement of their daughter Rivka Brocha to Menachem Glazer. May they see continued nachas from their entire family!

Final Shabbos in Yeshivas Ohr Hachaim The mesivta bochurim traveled to Queens this past Shabbos for their final Queens out shabbos of the year. They were zoche to visit the home of Harav Noach Issac Olebaum, shlita for an oneg shabbos as well as hear divrei Torah from the Rosh Hayeshiva, Harav Doniel Lander, Rav Elias, and Rav Moshe Bamberger, shlita. We finished off the beautiful shabbos with Melava Malka at Soosh on the way back to Waterbury. Mesivta Yesodei Hatorah: 100 Blue Ridge Drive, Waterbury, CT • 203-573-1801

38 What's Doing in Waterbury

Touring our Future Home To the amazement of all, the new Yeshiva building in Naugatuck is standing strong and the plans for the expansive building and campus are nearing completion. The bochurim were brought to Naugatuck and given a tour of their future Yeshiva building by Rabbi Reiss. Seeing the vision and the plans that they have heard and been told so much about coming to fruition, was a tremendous source of encouragement and chizuk. They walked from room to room, imagining how alive this new makom Torah will look in just a few short months. The Mesivta looks forward to moving to the Naugatuck campus next year, affording the bochurim a place to learn and shteig and a peaceful and beautiful atmosphere.

Mesivta Yesodei Hatorah: 100 Blue Ridge Drive, Waterbury, CT • 203-573-1801

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40 What's Doing in Waterbury

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44 What's Doing in Waterbury

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What's Doing in Waterbury 45

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46 What's Doing in Waterbury


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48 What's Doing in Waterbury


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During labor and delivery, a doula provides constant, knowledgeable support. She provides techniques to help you relax and cope with pain. She makes suggestions about positions during labor, helps you with breathing through contractions, provides massage and acts as a liaison between you and the hospital staff.

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THIS IS Y. The Y is, and always will be, dedicated to building healthy, confident, connected and secure children, adults, families and communities. We’re here for good.

Try a week for free! (Must show ID) GREATER WATERBURY YMCA 136 West Main Street Waterbury, CT 06702 www.waterburyymca.org 203.754.9622

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What's Doing in Waterbury 59

Mikvah of Waterbury Mikvah of Waterbury

186 Roseland avenue • WateRbuRy, ConneCtiCut 06710 186 Roseland avenue • WateRbuRy, ConneCtiCut 06710

Dedications are still available. The Mikvah would sed To ah is plea The Mikv announce ThaT copies of The like to thank shoviviM shuiriM given by Chaim beRnstein bitzen FineR Rabbi the entire community and Reb home: 203-574-3395 Rabbi (203) 574-3395 cell : 203-232-1646 are available for purchase for their continued aT The Mikvah or by calling sTein aT 203-574-3395 rabbi bern support. mikvah of waterbury: mikvah of waterbury:

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What's Doing in Waterbury 61

i e h s ’ Na t e r b u r y o f



001 hEd in 2

Welcome to N ’shei of Waterbury 5778! welcome to all the new families! If you know of a new family moving in, please let us know so we can welcome them!

Call Cheryl Mervin 732-236-7255

ade our those who m ll a to u yo k uld Than ess! If you wo cc su e g u h a last event ular video ilariously pop h e th to k lin at like a ase email us le p , n w o sh s that wa mail.com nsheiwtby@g

meal planning: To let the meal planning committe know about a new baby, please call or text:

To geT involved in The n’shei:

Esti Baylis 347-757-0164 Faygie Beller 347-414-0787 Rena Greer 203-606-3082

Rebbetzin Adina Kaufman • Yocheved Brecher • Daniela Thaler

62 What's Doing in Waterbury

Get involveD! Please email nsheiwtby@gmail.com or call Baila Munk at 203-577-9290 or Chai Shapiro at 570-909-7501

Founding Board:

Y e s h i va at e r e s s h M u e l o f w at e r b u r Y eiGhteenth anniversarY dinner


‫כ׳ סיון תשע׳׳ח‬

6 / 3 / 18 PaYinG tribute to our founders

Terrace on the Park

flushinG, new York

keePers of our sacred Mission

on behalf of Mesivta Yeshiva rabbi chaiM berlin

mr. & mrs. efraim Perlowitz

Rabbi Avrohom Fruchthandler

Parents of the Year

founder of the yeshiva award

rabbi & mrs. avi oberlander Marbitz Torah Award

Rabbi Yaakov Rajchenbach founder chairman

mr. & mrs. shimshy brecher

Mr. Moshe Wolfson

Alumnus of the Year

founder chairman

Chai Chairmen

International Chai Chairmen

Dinner Co-Chairmen

Chai Alumni Chairmen

Mr. Yitzchok Perlstein Mr. Yisroel rabinowitz Mr. arYeh weiss Mr. JerrY wolaskY

Mr. MendY berGer rabbi sidneY Glenner rabbi shloMo Yehuda rechnitz Mr. efraiM reichMann Mr. eli schron

Mr. Yudi lieber Mr. Yitzchok rabinowitz

Mr. chaiM GewirtzMan Mr. zevi kahan Mr. chaiM kirshner

Y e s h i va at e r e s s h M u e l o f w at e r b u rY 4 7 b u c k i n G h a M s t r e e t w at e r b u rY , c o n n e c t i c u t 0 6 7 1 0 p 2 0 3 - 75 6 - 1 8 0 0 e d i n n e r @ Ya s w . o r G w w at e r b u rY Y e s h i va . o r G / d i n n e r What's Doing in Waterbury 63

your pace

your focus

YOUR JUDAISM Discover Judaism –

its culture, history, and traditions – with your personal Torah mentor.

Every Tuesday Evening 7 pm - 8 pm Bnai Shalom 135 Roseland Ave • Waterbury, CT Light refreshments will be served To reserve a mentor please contact:

860.785.4CTC info@ctconnection.org www.ctconnection.org

64 What's Doing in Waterbury

What are some of the things PTA does to enhance Yeshiva K'tana of Shavuos Teach Teacher er Waterbury? W elcom Gifts e Bus Driver Gifts

School Calendar


Class s er Moth

Teacher Appreciation Lunch

Chanukah Chagiga and Roller Skating Trip

Rosh Chodesh & Yom Tov Treats for students

Box Top lle Co ction

Bake Sale

Chan uka Gelt h Colle ction

r 'Ome B g a L and Trip unce nbo Moo

PTA is always looking for volunteers and ideas! Please Please contact contact Shira Rosenberg at 203-982-2198 or Raizy Lieber at 917-684-9998 Shira Rosenberg at would 203-982-2198, RaizyinLieber at 917-684-9998, if you like to help any way!

Tanya Barak at 845-300-1714 or Dara Friedman at 516-841-3330 if you would like to help in any way!

What's Doing in Waterbury 65

Look out for Bikur Cholim of Waterbury's new postcard that is available throughout the hospital to help staff know how to assist patients in locating the kosher pantry.

66 What's Doing in Waterbury

Bikur Cholim of Waterbury Services We Provide: KOSHER WORLD HOSPITAL PANTRY Kosher World generously sponsors the food that are stocked in Saint Mary’s & Waterbury Hospitals. They feature a full fridge/freezer stocked with both perishable and non-perishable foods, as well as sefarim, books, and other items a frum patient may need.

PREGNANCY LOSS PACKET To help ease the pain felt when experiencing pregnancy loss we are stocked with packets from ATIME.

HOSPITAL AND HOME VISITATION We are just a phone call away from a patient in need of a warm smile and a concerned friendly face. PANTRY COMMITTEE Sarah Dorsky Shaindy Gendelman Adina Mermelstein Michael Sytner

TRANSPORTATION Bikur Cholim can provide transportation for medical needs to and from the hospital or other out-patient services. BIKUR CHOLIM MEALS Bikur Cholim assists families with short term and long term meal assistance. Pre-cooked frozen meals are prepared by community volunteers. Simply call to arrange for food pick up or delivery. You can call on your own behalf or on behalf of someone else. HELP A MOM PROGRAM In conjunction with the Yeshiva K’tana of Waterbury, Bikur Cholim maintains a chessed program with select volunteers who are available and trained to assist with emergencies, childcare and special situations. HOSPITAL LIAISONS Chana Bluma Bassman Shulamit Feld

Get involved in this special mitzvah! Contact the Bikur Cholim of Waterbury! Rivky Bernstein 203.721.4172 or Suri Handelsman 203.510.6904 bikurcholimwaterbury@gmail.com


What's Doing in Waterbury 67

For those candles waiting to be lit...

As you kindle your candles each Friday night, Think of childless couples, desperate for more candles to light. Each donation in a Bonei Olam pushka goes a long way, To bring life and light into childless homes every day.


What’s Doing in Waterbury’s

Health& Medical S ec t i o n

What's Doing in Waterbury 69



health & Medical

70 What's Doing in Waterbury



health health && Medical Medical

PRACTICING As A TEAM MEMBER with Dr. Chris Boscarino and Dr. Martin Goldstein at

DENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATES 464 Wolcott Road, Wolcott, CT 06712

Dr. Ezra Friedman received his dental training at Columbia University, College of Dental Medicine. After receiving his Doctorate, Ezra spent an additional year at Woodhull Hospital in New York, honing his craft. As a means of constant improvement, Doctor Friedman spends countless hours discussing and debating with top dentists all across the country. In addition, he takes hours of continuing education to be proficient in the latest proven techniques and materials. Known for his relaxed style and chairside manner, Dr. Friedman can often be heard singing while treating his patients. After practicing in New York City and Long Island for four years, Ezra moved to Connecticut with his wife and three children.

To CoNTACT THE oFFICE pLEAsE CALL 203-879-4649

What's Doing in Waterbury 71



health & Medical

Dr. Domenico Trocchi Dr. Joanne Preli - Trocchi

Family Optometry . . .

Eye Exams Fashion Frames Contact Lenses

481 Wolcott Street Waterbury, CT 06705 (203) 753 - LOOK (5665)

Office Hours By Appointment


(203) 574 - 4747

Jane E. Rudolph, MD, FAAP Ezzat Hafez, MD Adriane Guerin, PA-C Andrea Douyard, RPA-C

A DECADE OF EXCELLENT SERVICE TO WATERBURY’S YESHIVA COMMUNITY For weather-related closings and delays, check www.wfsb.com 72 What's Doing in Waterbury



health & Medical

Waterbury HEALTH Welcomes

Associated Women’s Health Specialists P.C. Ian Cohen, MD Richard Holden, MD Janet Lynne Vodra, MD

Monica Modi, MD Lesley Gustafson, CNM

Physicians specializing in obstetrics and gynecology: • Robotic Surgery • High Risk Obstetrics

• Onsite Certified Mammography • Ultrasound and Bone Density

Associated Women’s Health Specialists P.C. has been caring for women for more than four decades. We are continuing to provide complete health screenings, contraceptive management, and positive childbirth experiences. Associated Women’s Health Specialists P.C. is now a member of Alliance Medical Group, part of Waterbury HEALTH.

“The focus of our care and concern is you!” To schedule an appointment call:


What's Doing in Waterbury 73



health & Medical

When You Imagine Their Future... ...Imagine a Beautiful Smile

• Convenient Payment Plans • Family Discounts • Insurance Assignment Accepted • Certified Invisalign Providers • Free Consultation

650 Chase Parkway • Waterbury, CT 06708 Voice: 203.573.8034 33 Bullet Hill Road • Southbury, CT 06488 Voice: 203.262.4500 Fax: 203.753.1921 • www.beautifulsmiles.com 74 What's Doing in Waterbury



health & Medical

What's Doing in Waterbury 75


ecuritysystemsinc.com |




health & Medical

James C. Cammarano, D.M.D. Stephen J. Rothman, D.M.D.

GENERAL DENTISTRY 419 Whalley 1 Bradley Road,Avenue Suite 905 Woodbridge, CT New Haven, CT


Hartford County Oral Maxillofacial & Implant Surgery, P.C. Ean R. James, D.M.D., MD

We accept most insurances including Husky


Only 25 minutes from Waterbury

(860) 583-6549 259 Farmington Avenue Bristol, CT


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Naugatuck Valley Women’s health specialists Naugatuck Valley Women’s Health Specialists is an obstetrics and gynecology group with offices in Waterbury and Middlebury, CT. Serving the greater Waterbury area since 1984, our office is known for its warm and personal environment, where every patient is treated with the greatest respect and consideration. Our team consists of five dedicated doctors, an experienced certified nurse midwife and PA. We pride ourselves in building strong relationships with patients and providing the most up-to-date, quality health care in gynecology and obstetrics. We are affiliated with Saint Mary’s Hospital, where we perform state-of-theart surgeries and deliver babies. Saint Mary’s Hospital is also home of The BirthPlace – the only in-hospital birth center in Connecticut – and it is open to women with low-risk pregnancies who desire the most natural childbirth experience possible while having all the services necessary to respond to any emergency situation. We believe that a number of factors help to make our practice unique: ♦♦At NVWHS, we take a family-centered, holistic approach to healthcare. As part of our commitment to prevention, we have a clinical nutritionist in our office who will work with our patients on diet and lifestyle modification and targeted nutritional supplementation. ♦♦In recognition of our patients’ busy schedules, we offer early morning, late evening, and Saturday appointments.

♦♦All of our physicians are adept in advanced minimally invasive surgery. ♦♦Our group has always been at the forefront in supporting women who wish to attempt a VBAC. Saint Mary’s Hospital leads the state in the rate of successful VBACs. ♦♦Over the last 29 years we have delivered over 30% of the babies born in Waterbury. ♦♦Our physicians and staff welcome women with high-risk pregnancies. Our distinctive management of highrisk pregnancies in conjunction with the specialists at Yale University and the University of CT Health Center has a proven record of excellent outcomes. In addition, the neonatal intensive care nursery at Saint Mary’s Hospital allows many mothers and babies to receive superior care locally where many hospitals must transfer the mother or baby to another facility because of lack of specialized staff and equipment. ♦♦Our group is versed in the unique needs of our Orthodox Jewish patients. We believe the Orthodox Jewish community has added a wonderful dimension to the character of Waterbury. We relish the continued growth of the Orthodox Jewish community and look forward to continuing to provide care to orthodox women. Please visit our website at nvwhs.com to learn more about women’s health issues and preventive care and see the faces that make up NVWHS. To make an appointment, please call our office at (203) 575-1811. We look forward to caring for you! What's Doing in Waterbury 77




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MUSEUMS: Connecticut Science Center Hartford, CT, (860) 724-3623 Endless exploration for children and adults with 150 hands-on exhibits, 3D digital theater, four educational labs, plus daily programs and events. Every part of science will be at a visitor’s fingertips, from Physics to Forensics, Geology to Astronomy.

Connecticut Children’s Museum Orange & Wall St. New Haven, CT, (203) 562-5437 Interactive, innovative and inclusive museum with 8 rooms of hands-on exhibits, observation bee hive, the Great Green Room, and a pint-size post office.

Frank Chiarenza Museum of Glass 39 W. Main St, Meriden, CT, (203) 639-9778 One of the premier collections of rare and unusual mould-blown and pressed glass in the country.

Imagine Nation Children’s Museum Bristol, CT, (860) 314-1400 A world of wonder and imagination for ages 2-10.

Kidcity Children’s Museum Middletown, CT, (860) 347-0495 Hands-on fun and learning for children 6 months to 10 years old and their accompanying adults. Climb to the top of the Clipper ship, be a star in your own movie, and run the town on Main St.

Kids Play Torrington, CT (860) 618-7700 www.kidsplaymuseum.com Children’s museum, designed for ages 2-10, with fun, hands-on exhibits to play and interact with.

Lutz Children’s Museum Manchester, CT (860) 643-0949 Youngsters explore and join in special activities. Hands-on exhibits, live animals, picnic area.

Mattatuck Museum 144 W. Main St. Waterbury, CT, (203) 753-0381 Exhibits chronicle the industrial history of the “Brass City” as well as its social, architectural and cultural past. 80 What's Doing in Waterbury

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Stepping Stones Museum for Children 303 West Ave., Mathews Park Norwalk, CT, (203) 899-0606 An interactive learning center for ages 1-10. Hands-on exhibits and programs involving themes of the arts, science, technology, culture and heritage.

Barker Character, Comic & Cartoon Museum 1188 Highland Ave. (Rte. 10) Cheshire, CT, (203) 699-3822 Comic strip, cartoon and advertising character memorabilia. Grounds include Cartoon Theatre, storybook stage, Western area, children’s playhouse, trivia games, scavenger hunts, Snow White wishing well, California Raisin and Gumby Museum.

The Children’s Museum West Hartford, CT (860) 231-2824 Educating children about science and nature. Huge amount of exhibits, programs and special events.

The Discovery Museum 4450 Park Ave. Bridgeport, CT, (203) 372-3521 An interactive art and science museum with hands-on exhibits, planetarium with daily shows, art galleries, changing exhibits, gift shop, and food court.

Peabody Meuseum of Natural History (Yale University) New Haven, CT, (203) 432-5050 Features Dinosaur bones, Ancient Egyptian Mummies, Native American Headdresses. View the Mountain Lion, Bison, Cheetah, Eagle, and Grizzly Bear in their natural habitat.

PEZ Visitor Center 35 Prindle Hill Rd, Orange, CT 203-298-0201 Self-guided tour through the candy manufacturing facility. Viewing windows as well as video monitors that detail how their dispensers and candy are created.

Submarine Force Museum One Crystal Lake Road, Groton, CT 860-694-3174 www.submarinemuseum.org Tour a real submarine and learn some history about the use of submarines by the US Navy. Operated by the US Navy, the museum contains the world's largest collection of submarine artifacts, documents and photos.

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Old Sturbridge Village Sturbridge, MA (508) 347-3362

Litchfield Hills Blueberry Farm Plymouth, CT (860) 283-9571

A living museum which depicts life in an early 19th-century rural Village. Features costumed historians, antique buildings, water-powered mills, and a working farm. You can view antiques, meet heritage breed animals, and take part in hands-on crafts.

Pick your own blueberries while you enjoy the beautiful view of the Litchfield Hills. They measure what you pick and charge by the pint.

FARMS, GARDENS, orchards

A duck pond, a corn field maze, special events and festivals for the whole family! Pick berries, peaches, pears, apples, pumpkins and more!

Castle Hill Farm 25 Sugar Lane, Newtown, CT (203) 426-5487 The ultimate wiggly, curly, twisting paths cut into 7 acres of corn. Weekend hayrides and pony rides too Corn Maze: Open September through October.

Corn Maze Middlefield, CT 860-349-1793 Like to get lost in a puzzle and find your way out? Try out Lyman Orchard’s craftily carved out, 3-acre corn maze. Open September through October.

Elizabeth Park Rose Gardens 915 Prospect Ave. Hartford, CT (860) 722-6541 15,000 plants of 750 varieties of roses. Peak bloom for the rose, annual and pereninal gardens, is late June to early July, but the gardens provide continuous color from spring thru fall. Lawn bowling in summer, ice skating in winter.

Field View Dairy Farm

Lyman Orchards Rts. 147 & 157 Middlefield, CT (860) 349-1793

Maple View Farm Granby, CT (860) 655-2036 A small farm with big personality. Check out chickens, pigs, cows, and goats as well as their horse-riding program especially geared toward young learners, and Barn Fun sessions to learn about caring for animals and their environment.

March Farms Bethlehem, CT (203) 266-7721 Breathtaking views with a variety of fruit picking in season. Beautiful lake, picnicking and farm animals. The Hayloft Playscape mini school & farm houses; slides, swings, climbing walls, sand play area, hay bale pyramids and a track with tricycles, tractors & wagons.

Muscoot Farm Katona, New York (914) 864-7286 All kinds of farm animals, a blacksmith’s shop, a carpentry chop, horse-drawn wagons, hay rides.

707 Derby Turnpike (Route 34) Orange, CT (203) 795-5415

Pickin’ Patch Nod Rd, Avon, CT (860) 677-9552

Daily cow milking at 4:30pm, including Sundays. Viewing is free of charge.

Pick-your-own fruits and vegetables, bedding plants (spring), hay wagon rides to the pumpkin patch in Oct.

Flamig Farm West Simsbury, CT (860) 658-5070

Silverman’s Farm 451 Sport Hill Road, Easton, CT 203-261-3306

Farm animal petting zoo (Apr.-Nov.). Horse-drawn hay, sleigh, carriage & pony rides, year-round.

Pick your own fruits in season, visit farm animals and large farm market with a variety of produce. Call for information on seasonal events.

Highwire Deer and Animal Farm 66 Park Road, Woodbury, CT (203) 263-7500 Home to a large family of exotic and wonderful animals, the farm gives kids the opportunity to visit with, touch, pet, and feed a wide range of exotic animals.

White Flower Farm Rte. 63, Litchfield, CT 10 acres of display gardens, 30 acres of growing fields. Peak bloom June-Sept., garden store. What's Doing in Waterbury 81

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Action Wildlife Goshen, CT (860) 482-4465 A drive-through safari and petting zoo located on 116 acres of beautiful fields.

Andie’s Bounce Barn 32C Progress Ave - Seymour, CT (203) 881-3500 A beautiful, clean and spacious play paradise of huge, inflatable climbing and bounce units. Fun for kids of all ages. Open daily.

m Ansonia Nature Center Ansonia, CT (203) 736-1053

New Canaan Nature Center Get lost in their boxwood maze in the Children’s Play Garden, go on a scavenger hunt, or visit the aviaries and observe their resident birds of prey. These are just a few activities your family can enjoy at the nature center! The New Canaan Nature Center is located on 40 acres, which also includes a variety of gardens, a Greenhouse and a Visitors Center which houses their unique Discovery Room. Make sure to call ahead for hours and special exhibits and events. 144 Oenoke Ridge New Canaan, CT 06840 (203) 966-9577 www.newcanaannature.org

150 acres of nature trails, wooded hills and grassy fields, recreational fields and a large playscape for younger children. Check out the Visitor Center and the resident animals! Open 9am - 5pm; FREE admission.

Backyard Adventure Tours 30 Allyndale Road, East Canaan, CT 06024 (860) 866-6104 • backyardadventuretours.com Enjoy the ultimate adventure in the beautiful Northwest Hills of CT. Experience a thrill of a lifetime while taking a guided tour in a state of the art UTV vehicle. Drive through forests, open fields, along streams and rivers, while taking in spectacular vistas and seeing many forms of wildlife. Open May–Oct.

Berlin Batting Cages  Berlin, CT (860) 828-7518 berlinbattingcages.com 4 Activities in 1 Location! Miniature golf, Batting Cages, Go Karts and Bumper Boats.

Beardsley Zoological Gardens 1875 Noble Ave. Bridgeport, CT (203) 394-6565 See more than 300 animals. Many endangered species, rainforest with aviary, prairie dog exhibit with “pop-up” viewing areas. A Farmyard, Picnic Grove and carousel.

Bounce Trampoline Park Danbury, CT (203) 942-2449 The largest trampoline park in CT features two trampoline Bungee jumps, two Xtreme obstacle courses, a separate Jr. Zone, a parent lounge and much more. 82 What's Doing in Waterbury

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CT River Ferry Rocky Hill/Glastonbury, CT (860) 625-8473 Take a fun ferry across the CT River between Glastonbury and Rocky Hill. A tug boat will arrive and pull you and your vehicle to the other side. The ferry service is open April 1-Nov. 30, Mon-Fri (7am - 6:45pm) & weekends (10am-5pm). Walk on or bring your car.

Dinosaur Crossing 1650 Route 85, Montville, CT (860) 443-4367 50 acres of beautiful, outdoor exploration and discovery. Over 25 life-sized dinosaurs sitting through­out 1.5 miles of easy walking trails! Spend hours at the Monty Playground, the hands-on interactive activity center or try out Monty’s Splashpad – a one-of-a-kind automated water playground. For all ages.

Earthplace Nature & Discovery Center Westport, CT (203) 227-7253 A 62 acre wildlife sanctuary with trails, an interactive natural history museum, live wildlife for public viewing and many public nature programs and events.

Empower Leadership Sports and Adventure Center 2011 S. Main Street Middletown, CT (860) 638-4754 If your family is adventurous and likes to get outside, then check out this place. Tree-top zip-line canopy tour, offers tree climbing and rappelling, and map and compass scavenger hunts. Kids will experience the zip lines that average between 200 and 600 feet long as well as the beauty of the trails in Laurel Brook Forest.

Essex Steam Train and Riverboat Essex, CT (860) 767-0103 Ride a restored 1920 steam train’s vintage coach, parlor car, or a partially-open observation car on a scenic route and then transfer to an old time river boat for a picturesque tour of the Connecticut River. 

Flight Trampoline Park New Britain, CT (860) 505-8218 Over 13,000 square feet of connected, world-class trampolines. The indoor park features over 50 trampolines, the famous angled wall trampolines, a series of launching decks from different heights, trampoline

dodge ball, a foam pit, and basketball hoops of different levels. Special jumping hours for children ages 6 and under. Available for party reservations.

Grand Prix Mt. Kisco, NY (914) 241-3131 • www.gpny.com Just one hour away, this is the ultimate indoor go kart racing and bowling experience. There is also a terrific arcade with prizes and bounce houses for younger children. Very clean and well kept.

It™ Adventure Indoor Ropes Course 40 Sargent Drive. New Haven, CT, (203) 812-9981 The largest indoor ropes course in the world – with over 100 activities like zig zag swinging beams, crisscross angle rope ladders, cargo nets, bridges, and plank-walking! There is also a mini ropes course for smaller children.

Jumpin’ Jax Play Center Southbury, CT, (203) 267-4425 A safe, clean, colorful environment, which inspires joy and play in children. Classes for children 8 months – 5 years, and open gym times for ages 1-6.

Jump Off Connecticut (203) 989-3357 (Stratford, CT) (860) 288-8584 (Manchester, CT) www.jumpoffct.com This is no ordinary trampoline park. They have interconnected trampolines, a foam pit, air bag, basketball dunk, extreme dodgeball, high-performance trampolines, battle beam, slack rope, inflatables, arcade zone, a huge indoor 3-level playground, and much more.

Kids in Motion Park Cheshire, CT • cheshirekidsinmotion.org This state-of-the-art, 38,000 square feet playground is the largest outdoor playground in CT. It offers the newest equipment including a Kidrox Climber, a Double Webscape and a Playworld Music Center. Picnic area, lots of shade, gated play area.

Lake Compounce Theme Park Bristol, CT, (860) 583-3300 The nation’s oldest amusement park and CT’s largest water park with more than 50 rides & attractions What's Doing in Waterbury 83

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Maritime Aquarium 10 North Water St. Norwalk, CT (203) 852-0700

Quassy Amusement Park

Explore the marine life and maritime culture of Long Island Sound. Watch sharks, jellies, sea turtles, and 1,000 other marine animals. Feed the seals, check out special exhibits or enjoy a film in the IMAX Theater.

Sits on the beautiful Lake Quassapaug. Over 24 rides for children of all ages plus picnic area and bumper boats. Terrific outing from Apr. thru Oct.

Mystic Seaport & Aquarium (860) 572-0711 / (860) 572-5955 The nation’s leading maritime museum. Explore American maritime history first-hand as you climb aboard historic tall ships, stroll through a re-created 19th-century coastal village or watch a working preservation shipyard in action. Various Exhibits and Galleries, boat rentals and a Planetarium. For kids there’s a Children’s Museum, Discovery Barn and Playscape.

m New Canaan Nature Center New Canaan, CT (203) 966-9577 Visit the boxwood maze in the Children’s Play Garden, go on a scavenger hunt or check out the aviaries featuring birds of prey.

Nomads Adventure Quest 100 Bidwell Rd. South Windsor, CT (860) 290-1177 Looking for an adventurous day close to home? Whether your child likes to climb, bounce, jump, or play games, this amazing indoor play space has it all. There’s no entrance fee, so you pay only for activities that interest your child like rock climbing, indoor black light mini golf, bumper cars, arcade games, inflatable bounce houses. Children over 7 can check out Nomads Outdoor Adventure where they can traverse six adventure trails sprawled on nine wooded acres.

Planet Play At Top Flight New Milford, CT (860) 350-9121 A large indoor play area with moonwalks, softplay, giant sandbox and more.

Prime Climb Mountain Fun Wallingford, CT, (203) 265-4006 An indoor climbing gym for kids. Great exercise and gives kids a challenge and sense of accomplishment.

84 What's Doing in Waterbury

Rte. 64, Middlebury, CT (203) 758-2913, (800) FOR-PARK

RiverQuest–Connecticut River Expeditions Haddam, CT (860) 662-0577 Explore the Connecticut River aboard the River Quest, a 60 passenger vessel docked at Eagle Landing State Park.

The Only Game in Town 275 Valley Service Rd North Haven, CT (203) 239-4653 Activity center with go-kart racing, driving range indoor & outdoor mini-golf, plus an arcade.

The Shore Line Trolley Museum East Haven, CT (203) 467-6927 Experience how people traveled before cars by riding vintage trolley cars on a historic trolley line. Beautiful scenery, tours, exhibits, picnic areas and special events.

The Sheffield Island Lighthouse Norwalk, CT (203) 838-9444 www.seaport.org Take a cruise boat to the island then tour the lighthouse, enjoy wildlife at this national wildlife refuge, hunt for shells, enjoy a picnic lunch and delight in the magnificent views of Long Island Sound. Tours are offered May through September.

Soarin Indoors Manchester, CT (860) 645-1595 www.soarinindoors.com An indoor Aerial Adventure Park with rope courses, ziplines, bridges, a trapeze and more. No climbing experience necessary, great for ages 6 and up.

Sonny’s Place Somers, CT (860) 763-5454 www.sonnysplace.com The perfect place for the whole family. Rock Climbing Wall and jumping on Monkey Motion, Miniature Golf, Arcade, Batting Cages with baseball and softball, a Driving Range with matt and grass tees and Go Karts. All activities are lit for night play.

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Stamford Nature Center Stamord, CT (203) 322-1646

sports & Recreation:

118 woodland acres; includes New England working farm, hiking trails, picnic area, playground, boardwalk (stollers & wheelchair accessible), museum galleries, special events, planetarium.

The Bicycle Cellar Simsbury, CT (860) 658-1311 www.bloomfieldbike.com

Tot Town Party and Play Brookfield, CT (203) 885-0554 www.tottownpartyandplay.com An indoor pretend play space for young children. Lots of different areas for pretend play where imagination play is the focus. Perfect for ages 7 and under.

18 Mile Scenic, Historic Train Ride Thomaston, CT (860) 283-7245 The Naugatuck Railroad’s scenic excursions is an entertaining mix of relaxing river valley scenery and rich transportation history. The 20-mile round trip ride is 1-1/4 hour long. The train runs through Mattatuck Forest, Black Rock cliffs and the banks of the Naugatuck River, where various forms of wildlife abound.

Thimble Island Cruise Branford, CT (203) 488-8905 Take a boat cruise of the Thimble Islands, in Branford, CT. It’s a great experience for both adults and kids and they even have seal watching in the spring time! For more information on spring/ summer hours visit thimbleislandcruise.com or  thimbleislander.net.

Westmoor Park West Hartford, CT • www.westmoorpark.org Home to many animals, reptiles and wildlife, the park is free and open to the public. Spend the day exploring the farmyard that includes horses, chickens, goats, donkeys, cows, llamas, sheep, and bunnies or walk around the 3 miles of breathtaking woodland trails. There are also gardens and an indoor discovery zone that includes a variety of amphibians and even a small play area for young kids.

Bike rentals available for riders of all abilities. The Farmington River Trail is right outside their back door! The trail follows the banks of the River tracing the route of the old “Canal Line” railroad. The paved trail passes through some of the area’s most gorgeous landscapes.

Bowl-O-Rama  Newington, CT (860) 666-5411 www.bowloramact.com Bowling for all ages. Family friendly atmosphere.

Chelsea Piers Stamford, CT (203) 989-1000 www. chelseapiersct.com A state-of-the-art sports and entertainment complex. A wide range of classes as well as drop-in recreational activities such as trampolines, rock climbing, batting cages, toddler playtime, water play & slides, open basketball, ice skating and more.

Clarke Outdoors Rafting & Canoeing 163 Rt 7, West Cornwall, CT (860) 672-6365 Choose white water rafting or canoeing and journey down a 6 or 10 mile section of the Housatonic River in beautiful Northwestern Connecticut.

Danbury Ice Arena  Danbury, CT (203) 794-1704 Public skating sessions, ice skating lessons, ice hockey instruction.

Extreme Paintball  (203) 596-7502 • extremepaintball.com Certified paintball fields right in Waterbury. Six courses on 75 acres. Specializing in Private Groups.

Farmington River Tubing  New Hartford, CT (860) 693-6465 www.farmingtonrivertubing.com Located about 40 minutes from Waterbury, this is a beautiful trip and lots of fun.

What's Doing in Waterbury 85

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Hidden Valley Mini Golf  Southington, CT (860) 621-1630 Beautiful golf course, batting cage, nice picnic area and a wooden train for kids to explore.

Huck Finn Adventures (860) 693-0385 Rent canoes and kayaks on the Farmington River in Avon and Simsbury, as well as on the Park River in Hartford Perfect for novice paddlers, families, and groups.

Lakewood Lanes Bowling   694 Lakewood Rd, Waterbury, CT (203) 574-5131 Laser Planet Laser Tag   2437 East Main Street Waterbury, CT (203) 841-0081 Lessard Lanes 136 New Britain Avenue Plainville, CT (860) 747-1657 An indoor family entertainment center located in Plainville, CT. Enjoy a newly remodeled center with 10 pin bowling, indoor miniature golf, an arcade, lounge and more.

C o nnect i cut

Powder Ridge Ski & Snow Tubing   99 Powder Hill Road, Middlefield, CT (860) 349-3454 • powderridgepark.com Skiing, snowboarding and tubing right here in Central CT! 19 trails and 4 terrain parks, with multiple lifts for the beginner and advanced winter enthusiast. 2-hour passes are available. Everyone must be in their own tube, no sharing. Tubes & helmets are included with park passes.

Quest Golf   Southington, CT (860) 621-3663 Driving range, mini golf, batting cages, bumper boats

Rails to Trails Bike Path Simsbury, CT Explore the multi-use bike trail in Simsbury. Park at the Rotary Playground at Iron Horse Boulevard, bike a mile and loop back around. Check out www.traillink.com for more biking trails.

Rollermagic Roller Rinks   60 Harvester Road Waterbury, CT (203) 574-2118 Large maple wood skating floor, arcade area, special effects lighting, traditional and roller blade skate rentals, and a large off floor viewing area.

Middletown Skating Rink   547 Main Street Middletown, CT (203) 574-2118

Sports Center of Connecticut 784 River Road (Rte. 110) Shelton CT (203) 929-6500

Mt. Southington Ski Area   396 Mt. Vernon Rd Southington, CT (800) 982-6828

Premier weather-protected golf practice facility, miniature golf course, baseball batting stadium, lazer tag arena, fun bowl bowling and the world’s only double-decker ice arena.

A full range of terrain for beginners to experts! Four chairlifts, two carpets and a handle-tow provide easy access to a wide variety of trails, including our terrain park with fun and challenging features.

Stanley Quarter Park   New Britain, CT (860) 826-3360

Perillos Duck Pin Bowling   491 Meriden Rd Waterbury, CT (203) 754-7555 Bowl in a child-friendly environment with good ‘ol paper & pencil scoring cards.

86 What's Doing in Waterbury

New England’s largest skating park; Outdoor iceskating, paddle boats, aqua cycles, fun-yaks, children’s fishing pond, soccer field, playground, jogging tracks.

Veteran’s Memorial Ice Skating Rink 56 Buena Vista Road West Hartford, CT (860) 521-1573

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C o nnect i cut New Listing

Wolcott Lanes Bowling   955 Wolcott Road Wolcott, CT (203) 879-1469 Woodbury Ski & Snow Tubing Woodbury, CT (203) 263.2203 Woodbury was one of the first ski areas to provide sledding and snow tubing. Choose from up to 14 snow tubing trails serviced by 2 lifts for either 2 or 3-hour sessions. Children under 6 must be accompanied by an adult on a double tube (no extra charge) and may be required to stay on the beginner tubing park depending on weather conditions. Helmets are required for anyone under the age of 21.

creative fun: Glazey Days  607 Main Street Watertown, CT (860) 274-9946 A paint-your-own pottery and glass studio.

Pottery Piaza  17 Farmington Ave. (Rt. 10) Plainville, CT (860) 2517-8553 Paint your own pottery or make your own mosaic in a relaxing environment.

ParkS: Black Rock State Park Watertown, CT (860) 283-8088 Swimming, hiking, scenic views, campgrounds, fishing, picnicking and Indian legend all tucked into the scenic hills of the Western Highlands.

Bluff Point State Park Groton, CT (860) 444-7591 A hiking and lookout site, Bluff Point is one of the only sizable, mostly undeveloped public pieces of coastal land left in Connecticut. The natural habitats found here include coastal woodlands, beach and dune grasslands, ponds and wetlands. This is a fantastic park for curious kids to explore.

Burr Pond State Park Torrington, CT Picnic, hike and boat in a scenic Connecticut, just minutes away away from Waterbury. Kayak and canoe rentals also available through Labor Day.

Campbell Falls State Park Reserve Norfolk, CT A stone monument within the state park marks the border between Connecticut and Massachusetts. Enjoy hiking and views of a waterfall on the Whiting River that cascades nearly 100 feet.

Cranbury Park 300 Grumman Avenue , Norwalk, CT The wide-open field is perfect for playing ball, well-equipped playground is perfect for some climbing and sliding action. There are woodland groves for hiking and climbing and as well as smaller forest trails.

Devil’s Hopyard State Park East Haddam, CT (860) 526-2336 One of the best family-friendly state parks in Connecticut. Hiking trails, a view of Chapman Falls, a 60-foot cascading waterfall and picnic areas.

Gillette Castle State Park East Haddam, CT (860) 526-2336 Sitting atop the CT River, the park includes tours of the majestic stone castle, a museum, hiking trails, and a picnic area. From late May to Mid November you can take the Chester - Hadlyme ferry across the CT River.

Haystack Mountain State Park Torrington, CT (860) 482-1817 Travel the twisting mountain road or hike the rugged trail to the top and you will be astounded at the beautiful views.

Hubbard Park & Craig Castle Meriden, CT Walk or drive up the mountain trail for a beautiful view. Huge playground, a fishing area with ducks and terrific spots for picnicking.

What's Doing in Waterbury 87

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Indian Well State Park Shelton, CT Scenic waterfalls and splash pool give this park its name, Indian Well. Lovely falls, and shaded picnic grove at the water’s edge.

Kettle Town State Park Southbury, CT Located off exit 15 on Route 84 West.

Kent Falls State Park Kent, CT (860) 927-3238 Hike up the side of a series of powerful and rushing waterfalls among shaded trees and a beautiful view. Open areas for a picnic or B-B-Q also available.

Lake Waramaug State Park New Preston, CT (860) 868-2592

C o nnect i cut

Great family park for all ages. Basketball court, hiking trails, picnic areas, playground, skate park, splash pad and volleyball court among lots of beautiful nature scenery.

Sleeping Giant State Park Hamden, CT Two miles of mountaintop resembling a sleeping giant give this park its name. A 1 1/2-mile scenic trail leads to the stone observation tower on the peak .

Southford Falls State Park Southbury, CT Field sports, fishing and family fun. Waterfalls, hiking, breathtaking views and surroundings.

Talcott Mountain State Park Summit Ridge Drive, Simsbury, CT

A small man-made beach, breathtakingly beautiful lake with affordable kayak and canoe rentals and a hiking trail. 40-minute ride from Waterbury thru some of the most scenic roads in rural Litchfield County.

Hike to the beautiful Heublein Tower, accessed via Rt 185 in Simsbury. The 1.25 mile (one way) tower trail is not too strenuous and the tower offers panoramic vistas of the New England countryside. Accessible only by foot. Open daily from 10-5, Labor Day–Oct 31.

Ledgewood Memorial Park 650 Middlebury Road (along Route 64), Middlebury, CT

Veterans Memorial Park 570 Nova Scotia Hill Road, Watertown, CT

Enjoy two large soccer fields, a baseball field, a shady picnic area, a large children's playground area, a basketball court and a tennis court. There’s also a beautiful walkway that encircles the soccer field that for biking and roller blading.

A beautiful park with a playground, gazebo,  walking trails, pond for fishing, hiking and picnic tables throughout the park.

Wharton Brook State Park Wallingford, CT

Millers Pond State Park Durham, CT

Located on wooded, sandy knolls, the beautiful picnic area overlooks a brook-fed pond.

Miller’s Pond is a scenic, quiet lake with numerous rock outcrops reaching out into the pond to provide fishing platforms. An easy, flat trail circles the lake.

Wickham Park 1329 West Middle Turnpike, Manchester, CT

Rockwell Park Bristol, CT

A unique park! Explore the eight themed gardens, sensory garden, aviary, playground, indoor nature center, bird sanctuary, and sports facilities, including an 18-hole disc golf course.

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Placestogo i n


C o nnect i cut New Listing

SHOPPING MALLS: Brass Mills Center 495 Union Street Waterbury, CT (203) 755-5000 Clinton Crossings Premium Outlets (70 Outlet stores in an outdoor village setting)

20-A Killingworth Turnpike Clinton, CT (860) 664-0700 Crystal Mall Intersection of I-95 (Exit 82) & Route 85 Waterford, Connecticut. (860) 442-8500 Danbury Fair Mall I-84, exit 3, Danbury, CT (203) 743-3247

Meriden Square Mall Lewis Avenue, Meriden, CT 203-237-7837 Tanger Outlets 314 Flat Rock Place Westbrook, CT (860) 399-8656 Westfarms Mall 500 Westfarms Mall Farmington, CT (860) 521-4889 Westfield Trumbull 5065 Main Street Trumbull, CT (203) 372 4500

Important Safety Message During the summer months, g o s l o w , be cautious while driving through our neighborhood streets. children are out playing, biking and rollerblading.

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Friends or family visiting CT? Looking for places to go? Kosher Food...Minyanim...Maps...? Visit WDW onlineâ&#x20AC;&#x201C; flip thru the latest issue â&#x20AC;&#x201C; anytime, anywhere! 90 What's Doing in Waterbury


? g n i o D s ’ t a h in

W a t e r b u r y

It has been said, that too often we are so preoccupied with the destination, we forget the journey. Welcome to the annual “What’s Doing” Travel Section, where your summer journey begins. Discover adventures, renew family bonds and have a wonderful trip!



What's Doing in Waterbury 91


Vacation Guide

to New england

There’s nothing quite like a New England summer vacation. The thoughts of scenic ocean beaches and mountains, quaint villages in full bloom, sunsets on a warm summer night, museums, parks and plenty of fun…these are just a few

Massachusetts n Cape Cod From sweeping panoramas of sand dunes to the beauty of the sea, Cape Cod can be yours to enjoy. With all the great vacation destinations on the Cape, the following are some of the best. Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory A free, self guided tour which includes viewing the process of chips being made. Free sample bags of Cape Cod Potato Chips are distributed too! Open Mon - Fri. Call 508-775 3358. Cape Cod Rail Trails 25 miles of biking with stunning views. Call 508-896-3491. Cape Cod Scenic Railroad Stretches from Hyannis to Buzzards Bay, this 42-mile, two-hour ride showcases the Cape’s natural beauty. Call 508-771-3800. Island Queen Ferry Sail away on the Island Queen from Falmouth, Cape Cod and you will experience Martha’s Vineyard within just 35-minutes. Convenient parking just 200 yards from the dock. Daily sailings 92 What's Doing in Waterbury

of the countless things that make a New England summer vacation unique and ultimately memorable. Whether you’re traveling to the beach or visiting a favorite national park, road trips are when family memories are created. Before your family climbs behind the wheel, check out our various columns in this issue for travel tips, snack ideas and more! The following are ideas for trips around New England that are under five hours in driving time, geared towards all ages and will help you capture the essence and charm of New England. Of course in any town that you may visit there are countless attractions and activities, but we have included just a few highlights that we hope will help make your summer unforgettable. beginning at 9:00 am from late May to mid-October. Children ages 3 & under travel free! Call 508-548-4800. Sandwich Glass Museum Showcases the history of glass as well as a captivating glass blowing demon­­ stration. Marvel at melted sand blown into various shapes by expert glassblowers. Call 508-888-0251 for hours and pricing information. Shining Sea Bikeway Beautiful paved 10 mile long path right beside the ocean in Falmouth. Good for walkers, bikers, skates and strollers. There are benches along the way if you get tired. Bikes can be rented from Corner Cycles at 115 Palmer Avenue Falmouth, MA. Call (508) 540-4195. Whale Watching Experience an unforgettable cruise into the wonderful world of whales! An amazing experience for the whole family. Call 508-362-6088 for reservation information. Zooquarium It’s the best of both worlds! An aquarium and petting zoo all in one along with shows and a beautiful picnic area. Call 508-775-8883.

n Plymouth

Attractions & Adventure

American history as it is known today began in Plymouth in December of 1620 with the landing of 102 pilgrims. Plymouth is bursting with historic sites and museums and plenty of outdoor attractions.

Catamount Adventure Park An aerial forest adventure for ages 7 to adult. This fun and challenging activity takes you to new heights. (413) 528-1262.

Imagination Island An indoor play adventure for ages 1-8 with fun at every turn. Call 508-747-7447 for hours and pricing. Captain John Boats With one of the area’s largest fleets, Captain John Boats offers deep sea fishing and an exciting Ferry Ride along the Cape Cod Bay. Bait and fishing rods are available. Call 508-746-2643. Mayflower II Visit a replica of the ship the Pilgrims sailed on to the New World. Call 508-746-1622. Plymouth National Wax Museum This wax museum uses life size and life-like exhibits to trace the history of the Pilgrims, including such milestones as their voyage to America. Call 508-746-6468. Plymouth Plantation A working recreation of the Pilgrims’ 1627 settlement, their ship the Mayflower and a Wamponoag Indian village. Staff acts the part of former Pilgrim residents and you actually feel as if you are hundreds of years back in time. Call 508-746-1622.

n The Berkshires Nestled among the rolling Appalachian Mountains and a neighbor to New York, Connecticut and Vermont, the Berkshires in Massachusetts offers a calm atmosphere within a breathtaking landscape. There are many types of attractions; many are closer to Connecticut while for others you have to be ready for more of a drive. The lodging options are also numerous and are available for families of all sizes. From the picturesque towns and mountain views to outdoor recreation and adventure, the Berkshires has so much to offer!

Crab Apple Whitewater, Inc. New England’s largest rafting outfitter. Full and half-day trips on Deerfield River in rafts or kayaks. (413) 625-2288 Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum Take a 20 mile ride along the River between Lenox & Stockbridge. (413) 637-2210 Bousquet Summer Family Fun Center Water-slides, go-karts, mini-golf and picnic pavilion. (413) 442-8316 Cove Bowling and Entertainment 24 bowling lanes, 18 hole indoor, bi-level mini golf & arcade. Fun for every age and ability. (413) 528-1220. Pitch N Putt & Thunder Alley Go-Karts Mini golf course and go-kart track in Lanesboro, MA. Call 413-442-6202. Super Bounce Indoor Family Entertainment Center featuring inflatables for all ages & laser tag. (413) 441-3845 U-Drive Rent -A- Boat Pontoon boat rentals, kayaks, canoes, sailboats and row boats on Pontoosuc Lake in Pittsfield MA. Hourly or daily - great rates. Call 413-281-4196.

Parks, Farms & Gardens Mass. Department of Conservation & Recreation Offers information on Massachusetts State Forests and Parks.(413) 442-8928 Uncle Don’s Barnyard at Ioka Valley Farm Unique farm experience offering friendly farm animals to pet & feed, a wagon train ride, pedal carts, pipeline slide & hay tunnel. (413) 738-5915. Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory and Gardenns Over 3000 dancing butterflies in an indoor tropical garden. (413) 665-2805.

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Vacation Guide

to New england

Mount Greylock State Reservation Located in Lanesboro, MA, this is the first state park in Massachusetts, containing the state’s highest peak at 3,419 feet. Great trails for biking and hiking and an amazing view from the top of the tower. Call 413-499-4262 for more info. Bash Bish Falls State Park The state’s most dramatic waterfall. Cascading water tumbles through gorges and drops over 80 feet into a sparkling pool. (413) 528-0904. Pittsfield State Forest Surrounded by streams, waterfalls and flowering shrubs. (413) 442-8992. Lakeview Orchard Pick-your-own apples, cherries, raspberries, peaches, plums, pears and more. (413) 448-6009. Cricket Creek Farm Experience a working farm. (413) 458-5888. Berkshire Botanical Gardens 15 acres of beautiful gardens. (413) 298-3926.

Rhode Island Rhode Island may be the smallest state but it is packed with things to do and see. With countless miles of bike paths, kayaking, canoeing, and fishing, no trip to Rhode Island is com­plete without going to Newport to tour the city’s enormous mansions. There are endless ways to explore Rhode Island’s natural and breathtaking scenery and the following is just a small sampling. 94 What's Doing in Waterbury

Audubon Society of Rhode Island A state-of-the art natural history museum and aquarium that puts fun and excitement into experiencing nature. Look inside a 33-foot life size Right Whale or discover life in a tide pool. Situated on the 28-acres, there are also walking trails with a boardwalk that winds through fresh and saltwater marshes. Call 401-245-7500 for more information. Blithewold Mansion, Gardens & Arboretum Blithewold is a beautifully landscaped historic public garden situated on Bristol Harbor with sweeping views overlooking Narragansett Bay. A 45 room mansion, trees, lawns, flowers, gardens, and the sea combine to produce an exciting experience. Call 401-253-2707. Colt State Park This is a 464-acre state park on the shore of Narragansett Bay, with four miles of hiking and biking trails, gardens, playing fields, and large picnic areas. Call 401-253-7482. Hannaway Blacksmith Shop Step back into history and visit this onestory, barn-like structure built in the late 19th century. It has been restored as a demonstrative blacksmith shop. Call 401-333-1100. Pierce Park and Riverwalk Located along the Blackstone River, this park has many features to offer. A ball field, trail systems with river overlooks, benches and playground facilities. Call 401-727-7480. Roger’s Park Zoo One of the oldest zoos in the country, Roger Williams Park Zoo is located in Providence, RI amid a beautiful, 40-acre park setting. It was recently renovated and offers many amazing exhibits. Call 401 941-4998. Slater Memorial Park The park has full recreational facilities, including tennis courts, picnic sites and The Looff Carousel, built in 1894 and recently restored. There are also bike trails and river overlooks. Call 401-728-0500.

New Hampshire New Hampshire’s lakes and ponds are the perfect setting for swimming, tubing, paddling, fishing and more. Try a climb or hike among the tallest mountains in the Northeast or experience New Hampshire’s Atlantic coastline featuring miles of sandy beaches, boardwalks, lighthouses and historic seaside towns. Throughout the state, you’ll discover scenic driving routes, old-fashioned country stores, farm stands, historic sites and quaint towns and villages. Arlington Hotel Located in Bethlehem, they offer lodging and a full menu of Kosher food for eat-in or take out. An incredible vacation experience and close to many attractions. Call 718-599-0624 or 603-869-3353. Canobie Lake Park Celebrating over 100 years of family fun, the park features more than 85 rides, games, and attractions to enjoy, including an antique carousel and authentic 24-Gauge Steam Train. Call 603-893-3506. Hilltop Fun Center Over 14 acres of attractions in Somersworth, NH including: miniature golf , 4 Go Kart Tracks, “Jungle Quest”

Laser Tag, 9 batting cages, driving range and 5000 square foot arcade with over 50 games. Outside attractions open MarchNovember. Call 603-742-8068 Loon Mountain Enjoy a variety of activities in a gorgeous setting. Skyrides, children’s attractions, mountain biking, horseback riding and more. Call 603-745-8111. Monkey Trunks Zipline and High Ropes Adventure Located in Weirs Beach, NH, they offer adventure for visitors young, old and everyone in between! Visitors are encouraged to move through each level at their own pace and enjoy every challenge. Call 603- 367-4427. Squam Lakes Natural Science Center If you’re wild about New Hamp­shire wildlife, this is the place to visit! From bears to bobcats, owls to otters, fishers to foxes, this 200-acre natural science center provides everyone with an opportunity to see wildlife close up and learn about their habitats. Call 603-968-7194. White Mountains Attractions In New Hampshire’s White Mountains, the roads are scenic and the distances between attractions are short allowing for more time to experience the area’s incredible beauty. Call 603-745-8720.

Before you travel, it’s a good idea to be as informed as possible about the specifics and location of your destination. New England offers a number of options to help you along your travels this summer. Make sure to call as far ahead of your planned New England trip as possible as delivery of brochures may take several weeks.

n F or your free Connecticut Vacation Kit, call 888 CT-VISIT. n Request your free Massachusetts Guide by calling 800 227-MASS. n Receive a New Hampshire Guide Book by calling 800 386-4664 n Get a Rhode Island Travel Guide by calling 800 556-2484. n Call the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce at 888 332-2732. Now that we have helped bring New England to you, sit back, relax and spend some time planning how you’re going to enjoy your days and nights on a New England summer vacation. What's Doing in Waterbury 95


Vacation Guide

Westchester, New York Westchester County, made up of six cities, all in close proximity to Connecticut, offers a variety of amazing destinations and year-round fun for all ages. Surrounded by the beauty of the Hudson River and Long Island Sound, Westchester is the perfect destination for family fun, touring, or just a short getaway.

Attractions and parks Fairview Golf Center - Elmsford 300 Waterside Drive (914) 592-1666 This golf center houses a driving range and two outdoor, challenging and fun mini golf courses for the price of one! Brookside Mini Golf - Yonkers Tibbets Brook Park, 355 Midland Avenue (914) 557-5046 Colorful characters created by a local artist line the finely landscaped course that draws tourists of all ages. Visit their website to print a coupon for discounted admission. Legoland Discovery Center-Yonkers Visit for hours of indoor fun, including rides, interactive stations, a 4D cinema and a massive play structure to explore. Visit www. legolanddiscoverycenter.com/westchester/ for directions and ticket options. They recommend ordering tickets in advance. 39 Fitzgerald Street (866) 243-0770

96 What's Doing in Waterbury

Rye Playland - Rye 100 Playland Parkway (914) 813-7010 In addition to being an amusement park full of amazing rides and games for all ages, Rye Playland also offers a great, 19-hole mini golf course.

Boat Rentals Atlantic Kayak Tours Canoe and kayak rentals and instruction, April through November. A seasonal schedule of guided tours is also offered. 914-739-2588 / www.atlantickayaktours.com Hudson River Recreation Guided kayak tours of the Hudson River and the Long Island Sound. Equipment is available on site. No experience necessary. 914-682-5135 / www.kayakhudson.com Wampus Pond Rowboats are available weekends and holidays from 8-5. Memorial Day- Labor Day. Route 128, Armonk / 914-273-3230 Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park Seasonal rowboat rentals on lake and pond. 2957 Crompond Road, Yorktown Heights 914-245-4434

Parks and Hiking Trails Rockwood Hall Park- Sleepy Hollow 1 Rockwood Road This is part of the Rockefeller State Park Preserve, which consists of 1,400 acres of wooded trails and rolling hills. Take a short walk up a forested hill and the trail opens up to a majestic view of the Hudson. Halsey Pond - Irvington 150 Hamilton Road An easy trail meanders around the small pond, with lots of flat areas for kids to get up close to the water. Keep your eyes out for ducks, geese, herons, and painted turtles. Read Wildlife Sanctuary - Rye Playland Parkway This 179 acre park offers 3 miles of trails winding through forests, fields and along the shore. Explore wildlife in their natural habitat and visit the Nature Center to learn

more. The sanctuary is open daily from dawn to dusk. The Nature Center is open Tuesday-Saturday, 9am-4pm. Cranberry Lake Preserve - North White Plains 1609 Old Orchard Street Enjoy great hiking, with 190 acres to explore. The kids will love exploring the walkways, rock walls, swampland and water views. The park is open dawn to dusk. Kitchawan Preserve - Ossining 712 Kitchawan Road (Route 134) Offering 208 scenic acres and 4.9 miles of trails, here you can explore open fields and small pools. Tall grasses and wildflowers also bring an abundance of butterflies. Croton Gorge Park - Cortlandt Route 129 Check out this park for easy hiking and incredible views of the dam and waterfalls. Bring a lunch and picnic on the tables provided. The park is open 7 days a week from 8am-dusk with parking fees on weekends only, May through September. Lost Pond at Manitoga Preserve Peekskill 584 Route 9D This easy day hike is perfect for children and is a 1.8 mile loop offering wonderful worlds to explore. There is a $5 suggested donation that you pay at the guide house before you begin. Minnewaska State Park - New Paltz 5281 Route 44-55 This park is a bit more of a drive away but offers a variety of trails, a stunning waterfall, a pristine lake and wide open spaces for picnicking and playing ball. There are seasonal parking fees and the park is open from 9am to posted closing time. Bear Mountain State Park Situated in rugged mountains on the west bank of the Hudson River, the park

features a large play field, shaded picnic groves, lake and river fishing access, trailside museums and zoo, hiking, biking trails and Merry-Go-Round. Open from April through late November, weather permitting. Check their website for information on their 2014 summer car shows. For general information contact the Bear Mountain Office at (845) 786-2701 Visit www.nysparks.com for more information.

Farms and Gardens Muscoot Farm With an on-site museum offering a glimpse of a working dairy farm from 1880, the farm raises animals, grows vegetables, offers hayrides, farming workshops, and much more. Open 10am-4pm daily 51 Route 100, Katonah 914-864-7282 muscootfarm.org Untermeyer Gardens Known as “America’s Greatest Forgotten Garden”, Untermeyer Gardens, consist of 43-acres of Persian-style gardens overlooking the Hudson River. Visitors can stroll the manicured pathways to view the lush gardens and beautiful fountains. 945 North Broadway, Yonkers, NY (914) 512-4818 The Greenburgh Nature Center This 33-acre nature preserve offers trails, a pond and gardens. There is also an organic garden area, a butterfly garden, Nature’s Discovery Playground and an outdoor animal display and a birds of prey aviary. Their special exhibit, Walk among Live Butterflies, is open from June 28 through August 3, 2014. The hoop structure housing the butterflies provides a natural setting for both visitors and butterflies and shows off several varieties of butterflies.

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Vacation guide

Setting You r Sites o n

Connecticut State Parks Are you looking for a great spot to spend a day with your family enjoying the natural wonders of Connecticut? The diversity and splendor of Connecticut’s state parks and forests offers everything you are looking for and more. Regardless of your interests, Connecticut’s parks offer something for everyone. From the beauty of dense woodlands to the striking views of the rolling hills and clear lakes; from the open meadows bursting with color to the miles of hiking and trout streams, drop in to one of the many Connecticut State Parks in our area and discover the world that awaits you.

Black Rock State Park

Indian Well State Park

Watertown, CT

Shelton, CT

Black Rock offers excellent hiking, and scenic views, as well as campground facilities all tucked into the scenic rolling hills of the Western Highlands. Hikes can take from 30 minutes to all day.

This park’s scenic waterfalls and splash pool give it its name, Indian Well. The lovely falls, and shaded picnic grove at the water’s edge make this park a great place to spend a relaxing summer day.

Campbell Falls State Park Reserve Norfolk, CT

A stone monument within the state park marks the border between Connecticut and Massachusetts. Enjoy hiking and views of a waterfall on the Whiting River that cascades nearly 100 feet.

Farmington Canal State Park Trail Cheshire, CT

A state park forming a portion of the Farmington Canal Trail in the towns of Cheshire and Hamden. Includes the historic Farmington Canal’s restored Lock 12 and the paved, multiple-use trail which is used for hiking, biking, jogging and skating.

Please note: State Park and Forest Recreation Areas are open to the public year round, as conditions permit, from 8:00 A.M. until sunset. Parking fees are charged depending on location. 98 What's Doing in Waterbury

Larkin State Park Trail

Middlebury, Naugatuck, Southbury Stretching across four towns, this long and narrow state park trail is one of the biggest and most beautiful parks in Connecticut. Larkin’s ten miles serves walkers, joggers, bikers and hikers. There are three parking areas in Southbury: Where the trail meets Kettletown Road, southeast of Smith Road where the trail crosses Route 67 and where the trail intersects with Strongtown Road/Route 188. There is one parking area In Naugatuck at Whittemore Glen State Park along Route 63.

Millers Pond State Park Killingworth, CT

Miller’s Pond is a scenic, quiet lake with numerous rock outcrops reaching out into the pond to provide fishing platforms. An easy, flat trail circles the lake. Millers Pond is unique in that its main source of water comes from large springs which create a body of unpolluted water, excellent for small mouth bass or trout.

Sherwood Island State Park Westport, CT

Have a picnic in the shade of the picnic grove in Connecticut’s first state park, swim in Long Island sound, or view marsh life from the observation platform at Sherwood Island. You can also visit the Sherwood Island Nature Center, open seasonally, Wednesday-Sunday 10 am to 4 pm.

Sleeping Giant State Park Hamden, CT

Two miles of mountaintop resembling a sleeping giant give this park its name, and make it a distinguishing feature on Connecticut’s skyline. A 1 1/2-mile scenic trail leads to the

stone observation tower on the peak of Mt. Carmel, which provides an excellent view of the Long Island Sound and the New Haven area.

southford falls State Park Oxford, CT

Have a day of family fun at Southford Falls State Park. Spend your day enjoying field sports, or try your luck at catching trout.

Wadsworth falls State Park Middletown, CT

Spend a summer day cooling off in the mist of the waterfall or hiking or biking the varied trails of the park. There is a level walk from the parking area on Cherry Hill Road, off Route 157, to the brink of the falls. A trail system connects the falls with the main picnicking area and other scenic areas of the park. Others may wish to explore or fish the cold waters of the Coginchaug River, flowing along the north of the park.

West Rock Ridge Park Hamden, CT

Rising up to 627 feet above sea level, West Rock Ridge is one of the most prominent features of the New Haven region. West Rock offers visitors spectacular views of the New Haven Harbor and Long Island Sound.

Wharton Brook State Park Wallingford, CT Located on wooded, sandy knolls, Wharton Brook offers the perfect setting for a quiet, peaceful picnic. The beautiful picnic area overlooks a brook-fed pond.

Connecticut State Parks What's Doing in Waterbury 99


Vacation guide

Pick-Your-Own Berries this summer! What a treat! Not only is it a fun family activity but being able to pick our own fruits and vegetables at local farms makes the bounty taste even sweeter. Right now, strawberry picking is just getting under way, and blueberries are not far behind. Enjoy!

Fairfield County Jones Family Farms – Shelton Pick your own strawberries and blueberries in summer. Call ahead for the Crop Report to see what's ripe for picking or follow the signs on the property. Route 110 & Walnut Tree Hill Road (266 Israel Hill Road), 203-929-8425

Litchfield County March Farm – Bethlehem Pick your own blueberries and strawberries and enjoy lunch at the picnic area. Children will love the petting zoo. 160 Munger Lane, 203-266-7721 Litchfield Hills Blueberry Farm LLC – Plymouth Pick your own blueberries and enjoy lunch in the picnic area. Harvest is usually available in July, August, and September. Closed Mondays and cash only accepted. 23 Schrowback Road, 860-283-9571 Maple Bank Farm – Roxbury Pick your own blueberries on this family farm that dates back to 1730. PYO is generally available Wednesday-Sunday. 53 Church Street, 860-354-7038

Ellsworth Hill Orchard & Berry Farm, LLC – Sharon Pick your own strawberries and blueberries in one of the loveliest spots in Litchfield County. Open 7 days a week from June to November. 461 Cornwall Bridge Road, 860-364-0025 Evergreen Berry Farm – Watertown Pick your own blueberries. Open every day, mid-July through September. Call ahead for updated picking conditions and berry availability. 435 Bassett Road, 860-274-0825

Eastern Connecticut Scott's Yankee Farmer—East Lyme Pick your own strawberries, blueberries, and more. PYO season runs from early June through October. Don't miss the roadside stand for pre-picked veggies. 436 Boston Post Road, 860-739-5209 Bishop's Orchards – Guilford Strawberries are the first to arrive, then blueberries. Don't miss the sunflower maze at this 140-year old family farm that has been cared for by six generations. Check the website or call for picking dates. 1355 Boston Post Road, 203-458-PICK

* Please check with your kashrus authority regarding the best way to check berries for bugs 100 What's Doing in Waterbury


Vacation guide

Lyman Orchards – Middlefield Pick your own strawberries, blueberries nd much more. Pack a picnic and enjoy he view! Website is constantly updated, so check to see what's ready for picking and when. 32 Reeds Gap Road, 860-349-1793

Hartford County Rose's Berry Farm – South Glastonbury Rose's has two locations, the one on Matson Hill Road being the picking farm. Rose's is famous for all its berries which include blueberries and strawberries. 295 Matson Hill Road, 860-633-7467

Scantic Valley Farm – Somers Come enjoy the beautiful scenery at Scantic Valley Farm as you pick fresh strawberries from their hill-top strawberry fields. Blueberry season usually begins in mid-July. Open Monday through Friday and weekends. Call first for picking conditions. 327 9th District Road, 860-749-3286 4-H Auer Farm – Bloomfield Take a long ride down their dirt road driveway and you will find yourself in the middle of a 120-acre farm and gardens. Blueberries are netted off and are on the trust pay system. 158 Auer Farm Road, 860-242-7144

Easy Pickin's Farm – Enfield Come to the farm to pick blueberries or cut fresh flowers on-site in season. 46 Bailey Road, 860-763-FARM

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Vacation guide

Splash Parks in Connecticut Summer is all about water fun! Put on some sunscreen and head to a sprinkler park for the day! Please be aware that some Fairfield County splash pads are free while others are not. Most are open until dusk during the summer months.

Bridgeport: Washington Park - located on Barnum Avenue Ellsworth Park – located on Brewster Street

Danbury: Highland Park - Large Spray-Park and playground. Hours of operation Noon - 6:00 PM during the summer months. Located at 63 Highland Avenue

Rogers Park Playground - Spray-park and large playground adjacent to Rogers Park with swings and numerous other equipment for children to enjoy. Summer hours are 11am-7pm daily.  Located on Route 53 at the corner of South Street and Main Street.

Fairfield: Lake Mohegan - Offers a large splash pad, with a rubberized foundation near the lake. There’s also a playground, a snack bar, picnic shelter and restroom facilities. If you’re heading to Lake Mohegan as a non-resident consider visiting the Fairfield Recreation office to buy a season pass. They’re $20/person and children 2 and under are FREE.  Single weekday passes are $15/adult and $8/children 3-17 and even more on the weekends so it’s worth it.  Located on 960 Morehouse Hwy.

Norwalk: Devon’s Place which is inside Matthews Park and behind the parking lot for Stepping Stones Children’s Museum.  Located off I-95 South exit 15. Parking is free.

Trumbull: Beach Park - Located at 31 Old Dike Road.   Indian Ledge Park - Spray park is located next to a sandbox and large playground.  Located on Indian Ledge Park Road off of the Merritt Pkwy.

102 What's Doing in Waterbury


Vacation guide

Water, Water, Everywhere! Whether you’re looking to experience boating, steering, splashing or just plain exploring, there is no shortage of water fun for your family in Connecticut this summer. Enders State Forest

CT River Expeditions – Haddam

The five waterfalls found here are as refreshing as they are striking. The hike is short, and though steep in some spots, little hikers don’t seem to have a problem. Located on Route 219 in West Granby

On this 45 minute family cruise, children will use binoculars to learn about birds, rivers and other points of interest. Kids will love traveling under the East Haddam Swing Bridge and the entire family will enjoy the beauty of the Connecticut River. Eagle Landing State Park 1 Marine Park, Haddam

Port Jeff Ferry - Bridgeport Hop aboard a ferry and experience the Long Island Sound on a 1 hour and 15 minute ride from Bridgeport to Port Jefferson, Long Island. Once docked head to Harbor Front Park for a small play area complete with a water sprayer and play scape. The Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Steamboat Company 1 Ferry Access Rd. Bridgeport

Cross Sound Ferry - New London Take the Cross Sound Ferry from New London to Fishers Island. The ferry carries both auto and pedestrian traffic and the island is large enough that you may want to bring your car even if you're only making a day trip. The island boasts a few shops, and the Henry L. Ferguson Museum, which hosts nature walks every Thursday through the summer. Check out Chocomount and Isabella Beaches for two lovely, crowd-free spots worth exploring. Cross Sound Ferry 2 Ferry Street New London

Burr Pond State Park - Torrington Canoe and kayak rentals are available at Burr Pond State Park. Boats can be rented on a first come-first serve basis from Memorial Day through Labor Day. No reservations are necessary and rentals are available by the hour or by the day. 384 Burr Mountain Road, Torrington, CT 860- 482-1817

Scoot & Paddle – Naugatuck Rent a kayak or stand up paddle for a day of fun and adventure. 28 Naugatuck Avenue, Milford, CT 06460 203-713-8282 www.scootandpaddle.com

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‫דבר תורה‬ Jewish Heroes By Rabbi Shlomo Shulman

expected that Moshe, who was cast into the She wasn’t even born Nile, would become Jewish. Nor was Rus born who he became? Who into some nice, wholewould have expected some gentile family who that Rus, who was kept their lawn manicured a convert, would and their shrubs neat. Rus restore kingship to was from Mo’av, archIsrael? Who would have enemy of Klal Yisroel. expected that Dovid would Her father was the king, found the kingship until Eglon, who had actively the end of all generaattempted to annihilate tions? Who would have us. This was like Osama expected that Yehoyachin bin Laden’s daughter would be released from converting to Yididshkeit. Jewish history has prison? Who would have After her conversion, Rus never been guided expected that Chananiya, was not a favorite to win and Azariya by probabilities Misha’el any popularity contests would emerge from the or expected in Mo’av or among the fire? Who would have Yiddin. outcomes. The expected that Israel, in the days of Haman, would be more unlikely the But Jewish history has saved by Hakadosh Baruch never been guided by victory, the more Hu? Who would have likely we are in expected that in galus we probabilities or expected outcomes. The more for a surprise. would find recognition and unlikely the victory, the praise? Who would have more likely we are in for a surprise. expected that the fallen house of Dovid Jewish history favors the underdog and would be rebuilt by Hakadosh Baruch Rus was about as long a shot as anyone Hu, as it says: “On that day, I will raise could ever imagine. up the Sukkah of Dovid” (Amos 9:11). All the world will be one group, as it says: My all-time favorite Midrash recognizes “For then I will change the nations over this: “Who would have expected that to a clear language, for all of them to Avraham and Sarah, who were so old, call in the Name of Hashem and to serve would have a son? Who would have Him as one” (Tzefania 3:9).” (Bereishis expected that Yaakov, who crossed Rabbah 88:7) over the Jordan with his walking stick, would produce great offspring and You get the idea. wealth? Who would have expected that Our entire history was a long shot, but Yosef, who suffered all these troubles, Rus was the underdog’s underdog. True, would become king? Who would have Rus was an unlikely hero.

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‫דבר תורה‬ Klal Yisroel were never expected to make it in the world, but Rus wasn’t even expected to make it as part of the Klal Yisroel. She wasn’t young when she converted. She wasn’t rich. She was dirt poor, in fact. She was a stranger in a strange land.

Anyone from a limited Jewish background who has ever felt daunted by how much there is to learn, by how much we have to do, can look up to Rus for inspiration.

But she wouldn’t give up. Rus’s modesty was legendary. Her passion for giving, collecting stray abandoned sheaves of wheat to support her destitute mother-in-law, Naomi, embodied the Jewish ideal of responsibility for others. Her decision to abandon a kingdom of worldly riches for the deeper treasure of Torah was equivalent to the accepting of Torah at Har Sinai. Rus’s willingness to marry a man who was very righteous, but also very much older than she was, to have the chance to yield righteous offspring, was the

final ingredient required to found the monarchy of Beis Dovid (her great grandson).

Rus is an inspiration for all of us; not just for geirim, but for all baalei teshuva. Anyone from a limited Jewish background who has ever felt daunted by how much there is to learn, by how much we have to do, can look up to Rus for inspiration. Who can say they’ve started from farther away? Leaving behind success in our old world; beginning again in a new one. Getting a late start. If a princess from Moav can do it, so can we. This Shavuos presents the opportunity for us to reaccept the Torah upon ourselves, just as Rus did, three thousand years ago. We can be unlikely heroes too.

Rabbi Shlomo Shulman, a resident of Waterbury, CT, heads the Maimonides adult learning program at Yale University in New Haven.

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The Waterbury Police Department Community Relations Division intends to provide vital and resourceful information to the community. The police department looks forward to a continued partnership with the community and we strongly encourage the residents to contact us with any suggestions or topics to discuss in the next issue.

Crime Prevention:

A Police Issue or a Community Issue? By Officer Matt Lemos The answer is that crime prevention is a community issue, with the Police being part of the community. Sir Robert Peel who is considered the Father of Community Policing said, “The Police are the Public and the Public are the Police.” In Waterbury, this quote plays out daily by the residents of Waterbury with the officers who work in and live in our communities. Residents of Waterbury have long worked with the police officers of the Waterbury Police Department with a common goal; keeping crime low and focusing on a good quality of life here in the city. In this issue we want to focus on crime prevention and to do that we need to look at the parts of a crime, which is known as the Crime Triangle. Crimes have three parts, and each is represented in the triangle, the first is that there is always a perpetrator, the second is there is a victim or property involved and the third is opportunity. We are going to focus on the third part, the opportunity for crimes. This is an aspect of a potential crime that the community has some control in affecting. The way we can have an effect on opportunity is through “Target Hardening” practices. Target Hardening is simply taking vigilant steps to safeguard one’s self or property to make it less likely to have a crime committed. Here are some target hardening tips to help prevent the opportunity of crimes within our community; For Vehicles: ✓✓ Lock car doors and close windows. ✓✓ Keep any valuables that may be in the vehicle out of site or in the trunk. ✓✓ Never leave the keys inside of the vehicle while the car is unattended.

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For Homes: ✓✓ Lock all doors and windows, especially ground floors. ✓✓ Secure any windows that have window A/C units in them. ✓✓ Remember to set a burglar alarm if there is one installed. ✓✓ K  eep any small, valuable items hidden or away from windows or doors so it is not visible from the outside of the home. ✓✓ Utilize CPTED Principles; CPTED stands for Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. These principles address potential site line issues on a given property in terms of does any of our landscaping block view from a door or window, whether from the inside or outside? The National Crime Prevention Council has some great additional information on their website NCPC.org. We want our neighborhoods to stay vigilant in crime prevention and we continue to work hand and hand with our neighbors towards our common goals. Have a great summer!

Officer Matt Lemos 203-574-6962 Ext. 4319 Mlemos@wtbypd.org

Waterbury Police Department CONTACT INFORMATION: Emergency: 911 • Routine Complaints: (203) 574-6911 Community Relations Division: (203) 574-6962 Waterbury Crime Stoppers Hotline: (203) 755-1234 What's Doing in Waterbury 107

lag ba'omer

yeshiva Ateres shmuel

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lag ba'omer yeshiva K'tana

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On a lighter note

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Law and Order

How Do Car Accident Settlements Work in Connecticut? By: Raphael Deutsch, Esq. It always starts off as ordinary day: you are driving somewhere, minding your own business, and some distracted driver crashes into your car. Your car is scrap metal, your back feels like it is too, and you need money for medical treatment and a new car. If a lawyer gets involved, the most likely outcome is a car accident settlement. Though a few cases do go to trial, especially those where there are questions about which driver is at fault, nearly all cases actually settle, as trials are a big risk– parties generally don't want to spend years arguing over a car accident claim and preparing a case, only to lose at trial. Settlement ensures a guaranteed payout, plus it means saving on legal fees that would accrue in preparation for a courtroom battle. Instead, settlement ends the case informally for a mutually agreeable remedy, and parties drop the pending lawsuit after putting the terms of the settlement in writing. What is the Average Car Accident Settlement in Connecticut? There is no average, and there is no way to tell exactly what your case is worth without reviewing the individual facts of your car accident. For example, a fender bender causes less pain, anguish, and property damage than an accident with a drunk driver which involves fatalities. Add in hard-to-prove cases, such as a dispute over which driver had the red light in a collision in an intersection, and settlements can vary widely. Some factors are: • How much each party was at fault • How much evidence there is of fault and damages • Insurance coverage (insurance companies won’t pay more than policy limits) • Car repairs • Medical bills (past and future) • Pain and suffering • Lost wages from time away from work Keep in mind: Connecticut has a time limit (Statute of Limitations) for filing a legal case: you have between two and three years from the date of the accident to file your initial lawsuit – the limit varies depending on the type of injury (personal or property damage) and the level of fault (negligent, reckless, or wanton indifference). Raphael Deutsch works at the Law Offices of Raymond J. Antonacci LLC, located 5 minutes from the community at 301 Highland Ave, Waterbury, CT. He specializes in Real Estate, Bankruptcy/Debt Relief, and Personal Injury. THE INFORMATION PRESENTED IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE AND IS NOT TO BE ACTED ON AS SUCH. What's Doing in Waterbury 111

Chesed at its Best By evelyn marshak At several of the recent CTC sessions, my partner and I discussed chesed. During the first few discussions, I felt lost. I had lived in Waterbury all my life and wasn’t sure I had either witnessed or shown chesed. Chesed is a Hebrew word that is commonly translated as loving-kindness, kindness or love. Eventually I came to realize that while I might have never spent time thinking about chesed, I had actually been doing chesed most of my life. I decided to look around Waterbury and see what chesed was being done by others and myself as well. CTC, Connecticut Torah Connection, meets Tuesday nights from 7 to 8 pm at Kahal B’nai Shalom. When my first partner was forced to quit because she had no baby-sitter, I fretted that another partner for me, would not be found. I must admit that I am among the oldest women in the shul. I was wrong. One night I had a new partner who, like me, felt comfortable using different books as the basis of our discussions. One night the topic was chesed and suddenly I felt like part of the Jewish community. It never dawned on me that when I offered to take a can off the top shelf at the grocery store for a woman too short to reach it and she said, “Thank you. No one has ever offered to do that for me”, that opportunities to do chesed were everywhere in this city; actually, in any city. Okay, here are some more opportunities to do chesed while going about your regular routine activities. Most of the Jewish community’s members live on side streets. And as they try to back out of their driveways, think about how many cars will pass you as you try to leave your property and navigate onto Cooke Street or Willow Street. Suddenly I realized that stopping to let a driver pull out of their driveway, is a kindness! And one that I deeply appreciate, especially when trying to reach a particular destination on time! Driving is one opportunity where doing nothing is chesed. Simply don’t needlessly blow your horn at the driver in front of you. Or perform the kindness of turning on your car lights when it is about to rain or as night falls. Or if you are at the grocery store and you notice someone trying to detangle a shopping cart, simply help them out. Or let a shopper with two items go ahead of you. Do the same thing if the shopper has a screaming baby. Or take the grocery flyer out of the cart and dispose of it rather than simply leaving it behind. You are doing chesed if you bring your own canvas bags to the market and don’t use the plastic bags provided. You are doing chessed when you return your cart to its rightful place rather than simply leaving it somewhere. One more chesed suggestion-use the green garbage bin for garbage that can be recycled. 112 What's Doing in Waterbury

Ride of a Lifetime B y:

S hulam i t F el d

Time is speeding past Slow it down turn down the dial Life is whizzing by take a break get off the ride Play just a little bit longer Stay sitting on that floor Laugh just a little bit louder Enjoy just a little bit more Listen carefully to a whisper Hear what you never heard before Walk just a little bit slower Soak it all in and explore Breath just a little bit deeper Let it all seep into your in to your core bring that peace with you as you get back on that ride And as the whirlwind starts at break necking speed press the breaks Because youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re the driver

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Kidsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Korner

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Kidsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Korner

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C l ass i f i e d House for Sale on 70 Columbia Boulevard. 6 bedrooms, 4 baths, 2,550 sq ft. Call Malky Brach at 203-565-6717 for more information. Want your own spectacular custom made video for your simcha, school project or party? Video filming and editing by Moshe Oberlander. Great prices. Call Moshe at 203-757-8585 or 347-524-8162. Safrus Lessons (Ksav Ashkenaz) available for ages 13+. Is your son artistically inclined, self-motivated, and has a desire to learn the technical skill of Safrus? Lessons will include kulmus cutting, how to write all the letters, and initial startup equipment. For additional details call/text Eran Netkin @ 323-842-7058 Bookkeeping/ Payroll Services Available. Are you starting a new company or need an updated, organized, cloud based accounting system? Call/text Eran Netkin @ 323 -8427058 for a consultation. Xero/Gusto/Bill.com Certified Consultant. Need a ride to or from the airport? Car service available for 1-6 passengers. Hartford $55, Boston $220, JFK/LGA $240. Call/text Eran Netkin @ 323-842-7058 Morah Aliza’s Daycare takes drop-offs! Warm, loving environment. Call ahead for availability. $5.50/hr. References available. Call Aliza Nugiel @ 917-273-0392. OBJEX new summer line now in! Call Chaya Gitty Perlstein @ 917-224-0156 Need an Academic Evaluation for your child? Call Chaynie Nath, M.S. ED. at 203-437-5447. Tutoring for Limudei Kodesh, all levels, and math, all elementary grades. 25+ years of teaching experience. Please call R’ Raphael Nemetsky at 954-668-7234. References available. 116 What's Doing in Waterbury


Tutor available to teach kids or bochurim ages elementary through high school in Gemara or any other Hebrew or Yiddish subject. Years of experience, references available if needed. For more info call Dovi Frischman @ 203908-1852. Kriah tutoring available to help your child succeed and read fluently and accurately. Please call Batya Kalish @ 917-532-8245. Join Hasviva of Waterbury – a learning and support group for women working in secular environments. Group members are committed to attending meetings every 4-6 weeks in rotating homes to learn, discuss, share, and be mechazek each other about relevant topics. For more information, or to join, please contact Shira Cohen or Aliza Shapiro. DAYCARE SERVICE FOR AGES 0-2. Extended hours and drop-off service available! Spacious new location with separate area for newborns. Loving, clean, safe environment, convenient location. Afterschool for ages 2-4. Call Aliza Nugiel for details @ 917-273-0392. Certified School Psychologist available for phone consultation to parents of children exhibiting developmental, social, emotional or behavioral concerns which are affecting the school experience. Specializing in ages 3-8. Strictly confidential. Call Mrs. Shira Cohen, NCSP at 516-984-7707. Limudei Kodesh Tutoring for all ages. Hourly rate is $40. Teacher holds master’s degree and has teaching experience. Call Racheli Lobl at 323-443-5541. Licensed hypnotist with years of experience helping people lose weight, eliminate phobias and achieve their life goals. References available upon request. Call Orli Katz at 203- 565-3324 or visit Jewishhypnosis.com

C l ass i f i e d


For Computer or Laptop Repair call Pinchas Nugiel at 917-796-8016.  

Rides often available back and forth to New Haven. Call Shlomo Shulman at 203-695-2250.

Labor Coaching and Birthing Classes for couples available by Shulamit Feld. Call 203-755-2736 for more information.

If you would like to reserve copies of the What’s Doing in Waterbury for an upcoming event or simcha, please make sure to call before the next issue’s deadline. Call 203-233-3417 or email whatsdoingwtby@gmail.com.

Professional editing and proofreading services by Orli Katz, an established freelance writer who has been published in Binah Magazine, Ami, Mishpacha, Hamodia, and the Jewish Press. Call 203 565-3324 for more details. Aerobics classes: Call/text Raizy Gutman at 203-982-6167 for information. Free service: resume critiquing, ideas for networking and other job search advice for anyone looking for a professional job. Please call Yechiel Nath 203-755-4155. Need expert Tutoring and Special Education services? Call Ahuva Oberlander at 203-757-8585. If you are facing a challenge and need professional counseling please contact Yosef Feld, MSW, at 203-768-6891. All calls are strictly confidential.

Mitzvah Opportunity: Jewish college students at Yale always appreciate home baked goods along with their learning in the Program. If you’d like to partner in this mitzvah by supplying some sweets of your own, please contact Aviva Shulman at@ 203 695-2251. Math and science tutoring available; for math, levels elementary through calculus; and science, levels elementary through introductory college bio and chem. Very reasonable rates. Contact Leebah Stephens at 203-573-8824. Looking for a very worthy cause where you can make a difference? To donate sefarim or funds towards sefarim for the Yeshiva’s Beis Medrash, call the Yeshiva office at 203-756-1800.

To place your free classified ad in our next issue: email: whatsdoingwtby@gmail.com fax: 203-577-5858 text: 203-233-3417 Please Note: Classified ads must be renewed for each issue. What's Doing in Waterbury 117

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