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TriaxTR105 Summer 2009

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test accessories n n £36

Triax TR 105

Though reasonably priced, this Triax Freeview SD adapter isn’t the smallest or smartest looking zapper around. A minimalist fascia sports a blue LED indicator together with power and arrow buttons for channel changing. The remote has less of a budget feel about it and it’s well-placed and responsive buttons quickly become intuitive to use. The rear panel has a modulated UHF TV output but no loopthrough should you wish to feed other kit with a TV signal. There is, however, a single RGB capable Scart (through which the receiver will output in 576i) and analogue phonos for audio but no digital option. The branching menu interface is clearly presented and easy to

Features Freeview HD: No MHEG-5: Yes Teletext: Yes EPG support: 8-day DVB UHF modulator tuning: 21-69 Software upgrade: OTA SD outputs: 1 Scart (RGB) Audio out: Stereo phonos Data port: RS232

Ratings PLUS

n Sensitive tuner n Lots of config options n Easy to use software


n Looks ugly n Limited info banner n No digital audio output

Build Setup Searching Performance Features Value

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navigate and comes in a choice of four colours. The tuner appears sensitive, with the adapter quickly locating Freeview channels in our test area. Manual scanning options go above the norm down to the ability to edit audio, video and PCR PIDs, though it’s unlikely you’ll need to. You can sort channels with eight categorised favourites lists (e.g. news and family), and rename, lock, delete or opt to have them automatically skipped when zapping. Whole multiplexes can also be deleted, if required. The EPG supports full DVB data displaying five channels at a time in grid format with the current channel running in the top left hand corner of the screen. You can skip back and forth 24 hours, call up full-screen programme synopses and schedule up to eight timer events.

User-friendly The programme information banner is limited to showing now and next information for the current channel but doesn’t let you browse what’s on other channels too without switching to them. Pressing info calls up a page of technical data including strength and quality rather than the expected programme synopsis. We’ve been rather spoiled by the number of upscaling Freeview boxes appearing recently but the RGB Scart output and decent tuner ensure that Freeview pictures still look reasonably colourful and sharp. Audio performance is reasonably bold too via Scart or phonos, but some may decry the lack of a digital connector. Though lacking in a few areas, the TR 105 remains a competent, user-friendly adapter worth perhaps considering as a second room digital upgrade n Grant Rennell

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Triax TR 105  

Though reasonably priced, this Triax Freeview SD adapter isn’t the smallest or smartest looking zapper around