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this issue 132 July is a great month of anticipation as the summer break looms large and the excitement of upcoming holidays or ll simply the promise of sunny days in the garden has us all mily feeling happy. In this month’s issue we bring you ideas for family i t P kR i and d days out to enjoy such as Heather Scarecrow Festival, Donington Park Racing summer fairs and fetes galore in our What’s On guide as well as details of tons of kids activities for the six week break right on your doorstep (see page 20).

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There are other reasons to feel optimistic this month and the number of local businesses growing, branching out into new services or even new businesses launching can be clearly seen. One person championing this is Alisha Patrick, the new manager of Ibstock Business Centre – find out more on pages 30&31. We also welcome on board new advertisers; Rockwarm – Energy Saving Solutions, Your Health Group, Tim Broster, Rebound Trampoline Park and Century Fire & Security – covering a wide range of local services.




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ibstock & barlestone surgeries


WE would like to thank all our patients for your patience whilst we moved to our new computer system. We’re getting used to it now and anybody who’s visited A&E or the urgent Care Centre in Leicestershire since we moved may have noticed that they can access some basic parts of your record which should enable them to provide more personalised care.

RE-REgISTER All the information for on-line ordering of prescriptions, booking appointments and viewing some of your medical record was held securely by our previous computer supplier and so we’ll have to reregister everybody from scratch for


these services. We apologise for the inconvenience this will cause anybody who was registered before but it is beyond our control. As access will now be available to most of your clinical record through this system, we have to be very sure that we are giving access to the correct person. This is something we are required to check as part of our legal obligation through the

D t Protection P t ti A t and d so we’ll ’ll Data Act need proof of identity. We’ll let you

know via our website as soon as this functionality is switched on in our new system as well as what proof is acceptable.

Some of our doctors are running in the WOLF run on the mber This is a 10k run 3rd of September. across open ground, woodland, lakes and thick mud. This time they’re not doing it for charity but jjust for fun. levels of fitness and ages vary across the team but all are enthusiastic so we’ll let you know how they do later in the year. HAPPy HOLIDAyS Finally we wish all our patients going off on holiday this summer a happy and safe experience. Don’t fforget your sun cream (even for those going in this country) or your repeat prescriptions.

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this month


SCARECROW FESTIVAL 2016 creations based on topical events, famous figures and celebrities from the big screen, TV and books and much more.

The villagers do compete for your vote and the prestige of winning the title of best display but the main goal is to raise funds. All money raised through the sale of Scarecrow guides goes straight back into the village or donated to local community groups in, or associated with Heather.

THIS year’s ’ Heather H th S Scarecrow Festival takes place between Sunday 31st July and t. Sunday 7th August. For those of you reading this having taken a walk around Heather during the s festival in previous w years you will know this is no ordinaryy Scarecrow Festival. To say the residents of Heather go all out each year to produce amazingly creative, hi hl imaginative and often highly comical displays is a real understatement.

The village is transformed by dozens of Scarecrows proudly displayed in the front gardens for everyone to view and admire. The event has become increasingly popular with people travelling from far and wide to see

From the proceeds of last year’s festival over £6,000 was donated to village groups such as the School & Pre-school, St John the Baptist Church and Heather St John's Football Club o for ongoing projects and eq equipment.

Visiting the Scarecrow Festival is a great way to spend a sunny family day with free admission and free parking at Heather St Johns Football Club which is also the start of the trail or at the Village Hall on Swepstone Road. The only cost involved is the £2 needed to purchase a copy of the Scarecrow Guide (and Map) which I highly recommend to ensure you see them all and don’t miss any and of course, to enable you to cast your all-important vote for your favourite. th you can also take part in the Scarecrow Treasure Hunt with the chance to win prizes! Guides can be purchased from the Football Club, Village Hall, Village Corner Shop, The Queen’s Head and The Crown Inn. Refreshments are available at the Football Club age between 10am and 4pm each day and at the Village Hall from 11am until 4pm Sunday to Friday.

A brand new website has been launched with full details of the event as well as photos of winners and star displays from previous years. It’s well worth a look so take time to visit www.heather s and you can follow this ply year’s latest news on their Facebook page – simply search for Heather Scarecrow Festival.


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ashby museum news

ur latest annual journal ‘Ashby Past and Present’ is now on sale at the Museum at £5. Articles include the following: law and Order in Ashby de la Zouch 18571923;; The Stained Glass Windows at Staunton Harold; Visit to the Ashby August F Fe te (early 1900s); the Will of John Fete Mynors, 1749; The lost Gardens of On E Ashby; the Poynton Ancestors of Ashby; SAL Working for the Coal Board in the 1950s and a series of Book Reviews. The Museum will have a presence at both the Ashby Show on Sunday July 10th and at Jim’s Tractor Run on the Bath grounds on Sunday, July 31st. Do come and say hello to us at our stall.

We have entered the County Fo F rum Awards in the Forum ‘Proj o ects in Archaeology oj g and Collections’ category. gy y The y. ‘Projects awards evening will be held at leicester university during this month.

At the end of June, our current temporary display in the loudoun Gallery will be replaced by an exhibition on archaeology. To go alongside this, Witan Archaeology will be on hand at the th Museum on Saturday July 23rd 23 July, from 11am to 4pm., to help children discover artefacts he from the past to the present day. Bring Brin finds for identification, excavate your own finds and create artwork artwo with inspiration from the past. Come and test your historical knowusing chronology. Children must ledge u be accompanied by an adult. acco

are new items on sale in the There a Museum shop including a lovely china image of a tramcar of the Ashby & mug, bearing i the ima Burton Light Railways travelling along Bath Street, with the loudoun Memorial in the background. The Me tram operated between betwee 1906 and 1927.

FRIEnDS OF ASHBy MuSEuM Thanks to those who supported our talk on The T e Burton Th B and Ashby Light Railways. Our n ext ttalk alk w ill b eo n1 8th S eptember a p m. M ore d etails llater. ater. r. A lso a dvance n otice o next will be on 18th September att 2 2pm. More details Also advance notice of the Ian Clews Memorial Quiz on Friday October 21st October.


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in your garden

Editorial by Pippa greenwood

is how to deal with them:

POWDERy MILDEW keep the plant well watered at the base but avoid wetting the leaves and spray with a fungicide


THIS part of the summer is lovely. The veg plot will be in overdrive and there are some delicious fruits cropping too. But sometimes your beloved flower beds and borders, pots and planters can have a distinct mid-summer-flop. How can you keep them looking on top form for as long as possible?

REguLAR FEEDIng is essential, particularly for anything growing in a container. Often crammed into a fairly small space and with compost whose fertiliser content is pretty well used up after a few weeks, by July plants in pots can be close to starving if you’ve not fed them regularly. I would still feed herbaceous perennials and annuals growing in open ground too, but don’t feed shrubs as these could be encouraged to put on new growth which will not be toughened up enough by the time winter comes. A tomato feed with a high potash level works well for anything that you grow primarily for the flowers.

DEADHEAD REguLARLy, both the


faded flowers and if necessary remove the flower stem too. A pair of sharp scissors makes for the quickest and neatest job. Do this as soon as the flower starts to deteriorate so that no energy whatsoever is used to form seed heads. Give perennials a trim using scissors or shears as soon as their flowering period is over. Follow it with a good feed and you can often encourage a second, later flush of flowers.

If plants have become a little too tall or there has been a lot of rainfall they can flop over, clogging up the lawn on borders next to the grass, and generally looking a real mess. Check that stakes and other supports are still doing their job and reposition them if necessary. you may even find that you need to add a bit of extra support or tie in a few of the taller or more wayward stems – the foam-covered wire works really well for this. At this time of year many flowers succumb to common diseases. This

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APHIDS remove with a strong jet of water, introduce ladybirds or spray with an insecticide LEAF SPOTS just pick off the worst affected leaves

RuSTS pick off the worst affected leaves, try to keep the foliage dry and spray with a suitable insecticide

CATERPILLARS pick off by hand or spray with a biological or chemical control

WEEDS compete for water, food and even light. Pulling them out or hoeing them off when they are still fairly small is a much easier and more efficient way to deal with them than trying to pull out a massive, long-rooted triffid that has already done a lot of damage.

If the weather is dry, regular watering is essential. To minimise water wastage and the risk of those delicate petals becoming scorched, only water in the evening or, if this is not possible, very early in the morning. A less frequent but thorough drenching is a lot more beneficial than very frequent but light waterings.

So, with a little extra TlC everything in the garden can still look gorgeous for a long while yet!

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health & fitness advice

Wis h Y ou We re H e re!

with Mark Padgett of MP Personal Training

Summer Holidays...

Remember that there is no need for all the good work to be undone just for the sake of a holiday. you will feel worse for doing nothing, both mentally and physically.

Control your eating at the all inclusive buffet. Avoid thinking that you have to eat loads because you have paid.

If you would like any further support or advice call us on 01530 815610 or 07855 668618 email

Relaxing should include moving. Research shows that this will promote greater relaxation than doing nothing at all.


The same applies to drinking. If you over indulge too often you are more likely to spoil your holiday and find it harder to get back in to your post holiday life.

THE summer holidays are rapidly approaching but it doesn't mean you have to abandon your health and regime. I hear so many people say that they will d fitness fi never achieve their weight loss goals because they are going away and it's all inclusive food and drink or they are too busy looking after the kids.  It is definitely important to relax when you are on holiday but does over indulging or doing no exercise at all help you relax? It may only make it harder when you return to your post holiday working life.  If you have children there can be more pressure during the summer holidays to entertain them which means that you might struggle to get to your gym or exercise class. Instead, I have compiled a list of tips that will help you continue to manage your health and fitness:

If you are struggling to get to the gym due to the children being off, consider going for a half hour instead. This feels less of a pressure and if you train more intensely you will feel just as good.

Do exercise at home, you can climb the stairs or do some floor exercises.

get up early and do some exercise, that way it doesn't interfere with your family time.

For the best quality of life - stay fit and healthy!

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what’s on for families... AS the kid’s summer holidays are approaching we thought you may find ideas for local family fun useful. Six weeks can be a long break but luckily you need look no further than your local leisure centre for a whole array of different activities to keep the kids entertained so you don’t once hear them cry ‘Mum/Dad, I’m bored!’

School’s Out A L L



Both Hermitage and Hood Park Leisure Centre offer kids the chance e to get involved with sport, play, dance, drama and lots more this summer holiday and of course Hood Park leisure Centre have the amazing outdoor pool – all on your doorstep. They even offer Summer Passes from £99 which mean you can make a single payment and block book a whole R range of activities so the kids can DOO OUT OPEN try their hand at everything. L



There’s so much to choose from at Hermitage Recreation ground:

Football Fun Days

Four day Cricket Course Kartz 4 Kids Mini Golf

Summer Camp

Wet & Wild Week Fishing

Y Every day during the EVER ther school holidays (weather wea ting it perm permitting) the outdoor pool at Hood Park Leisure Centre will be open. We are so lucky to have this facility, perfect for enjoying the sun while the kids have a splash around and there’s even rafts and floats available between 11am and 6pm.

All this fun will be finished on 24th August with the Back to School Blowout which is a full day packed with a combination of the summer holiday activities promising fun and games followed by a swimming pool disco. Surely I’m not the only adult reading this and feeling very jealous!

Roller Discos

Alton Towers Day Trip Summer Camp Adventure week

3G Football Pitch


There are also tonnes of things going on at Measham Leisure Centre, Ibstock Community College, Ibstock Leisure Complex, newbridge High School and other locations nearby.

All activities can be booked and paid for online at where you will also find full details and timetables. If you have a Leisure Link card, don’t forget you will get a 25% discount off the price of eligible activities. Summer and School Out Passes


See our online What’s On section at for details of local events and more ideas for family fun. Send us details of your family events or clubs at Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with all that’s happening locally.

Whats Around cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions or endorse companies, products or services appearing in the magazine.


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community board iser Fundra m y G S gym LO R O alville for Co bola aining in ersonal Tr raffle, tom d Join MP P Have a go in the an ts en s. hm challenge joy refres eds go to n and en ce ro p e th or auctio it of re! 100% d free parking. Vis much mo an d ee entry .uk to fin Fr co S. g. O in R n ai LO personaltr re. out mo

rbox Chattioen Group st Discuss group meets onethbeetwla een

Somme 100

A brief commemo ration service led by the Town Council is be held at the Ash to by de la Zouch wa r memorial starting 10.45am on Saturd at ay 2nd July.

The Ibs

tock Su

The Ibst ock Sup anyone port Cafe affec off is free to ted by a life lim ers friendly su pp it attend. The gro ing illness in th ort and care to betwee up me e Ibst n 1.30pm and 4pm et every Tuesd ock area and ay at the M ethodist afternoon Church.

cussion erscroft Grang rmal and ndly dis fo lv This frie e month at U them for an in contact in f th tion Friday o nd 3.45pm. Jo more informa or a la r 2.30pm discussion. Fo shuttlewood-c . 4 friendly xter on helen@ 01530 244 91 : a Helen B via telephone

As hby Op en G ar de ns

Visit a variety of beautiful yet different gardens in Ashby on Saturday 6th and Sund ay 7th August between 11am and 6pm. See a vast array of stunning and unusual plants in glorious locations. Ashby Allotments will be givin g tours around the allotments. Plants for sale, free gardening advice and scrumptious cakes! £3 dona tion allows entry to ALL gardens for both days (in aid of Air Ambulance Service, and Hosp ice Hope). Under 16s go free. Passports/Maps are available from any of the listed gardens or from Norths Deli or the TIC.

Ashby Rotary presents a Superheroes Concert

y turday 2n er Primar At Heath 4pm on Sa in the fun. 2pm and join to e m between is welco Everyone



Annual Charity & Open Datyy&

annual Chair Ashby Castle Lawn Tennis Club’s 9th July. Summer Open Day takes place on Saturday featuring fabulous Fete stalls are open 11am to 5pm s, children’s cakes, strawberries & cream, Pimm tombola, BBQ & bar, activities, nail bar & face painting, , play tennis for free ju junior multi sports 10am – 12pm longest rally , test your speed of serve, take the 22-4pm on the newly challenge, or enjoy refreshments Entrance is ded balcony in a picturesque spot. e exten g 4 local charities. fr free and all are welcome. Supportin 07790 212 133. For more details contact Jon on

s artner P e n i Can Shoanw r e m Sumy a fun familthy deaCyaninde

Trinity Church, Ashby Concert Band, at Holy rict performed by the popular The event is in aid of the Dist July. 2nd rday Satu on pm charity Ashby at 7.30 t Judith Pearson’s chosen iden Pres ry Rota by Ash Air Ambulance, uring Batman, tunes from popular films feat price for 2016. Music will include les and many more. Tickets edib Incr The r, Tho an, d and Superman, Antm ents, are available from Ban shm refre rval inte des £10, which inclu Centre, or by the Ashby Tourist Information Rotary Club members, from phoning 01530 222 934.

r Fa i reather, H S um mSce n Street, hool, Mai d July.

ppor t C

Enjo r fete at in entre e summ Midlands C There will s . r’ ly e Ju n Part n 16th veryone to orpe o ! re Osgath mething fo family dog o s the , g be ts in n d e inclu shm enjoy, music, refre f stalls to Live lots o ons from , a te ati oon aftern lus demonstr d their first r s an e, p brows nderful dog Cost: £2 pe ! o their w et Dog Show r child ever P dult, 50p pe ners. rt a nersninepa See ca canine-part how/ t/ n re e v m s /e -centre-sum ds n la id m

Blood donation

Give blood, do som about becoming ething amazing. To find out more a blood 23 23 to find yo donor please call 0300 123 ur local centre, or vis it .uk.

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on the beat

Hello everyone...

THE new Psychoactive Substances (nPS) Act 2016 came into force on 26th May making it illegal to sell or supply drugs known as so called ‘legal highs’. new guidance around stop search is also being introduced. The new legislation will be policed in a practical and proportionate manner. We are committed to reducing the harm caused by all drugs and will adopt a practical, common sense approach. We cannot do this alone; prevention, education and health services all have a crucial role to play. The Act will also give police the power to shut down websites trading in these potentially dangerous drugs. Operation  nitrox is an operation addressing the issue of ‘New Psych-


oactive Substances’ or so called ‘legal highs’. This includes smoking blends (synthetic cannabinoids), pills and powders. Products include ‘Black Mamba’, ‘Pandora’s Box’, ‘Clockwork Orange’ and ‘Vertex’ among others. Operation Nitrox has three objectives: InTELLIgEnCE COLLECTIOn Developing Intelligence through Police, Partners and our local communities EDuCATIOn Informing our communities and in particular young people about the risks associated with ‘legal highs’ EnFORCEMEnT Working in partnership with Trading Standards to target ‘legal high’ sales and to disrupt the developing market. For more information on how you can support this operation, visit www.leics.policeuk/legal-highs, or telephone Leicestershire Police on 101, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111, and quote ‘Op nitrox’ with any information regarding the sale and/or use of legal highs.


call: 101 voicemail ID: 1667 email:

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what’s on at the palace...

July... The Palace Line Dance

Friday 1st July with Honky Tonk Cliff. A great social night out with no partner required! Dancing from 7.45 pm. Doors & bar open at 7.00pm. Tickets: In advance £5 from The Palace Tel: 01530 262400 or Halls Electrical Tel: 01530 260460 or £6 on the door.

Leicestershire Co-op Snibston Band presents ‘Brass in Bloom’

Saturday 2nd July, 7.30pm Tickets £6 (CHIlDREN FREE) available from Halls Electrical or Tel: 07935 263988.

‘Outside Edge’

Friday 8th and Saturday 9th July The Palace Players present this comedy by Richard Harris. Roger is having trouble getting a team together for the afternoons fixture. Bob is having marriage trouble as he is still doing odd jobs for his ex-wife behind his current wife Ginnie's back. Dennis’s wife seems intent on moving house despite the fact they only moved recently. Kevin is trying to fight off his over affectionate wife Maggie. Alex's new girlfriend ends up having hysterics in the toilet. Even Roger's seemingly perfect marriage to Miriam hits the skids when she discovers he was playing away from home in more ways than one on a trip to Dorking last year. Just when it seems things can't get any worse, it starts to rain. Tickets £5.

The Palace Film Night ‘Eddie The Eagle’ (PG13)

Friday 3rd June, 7.30pm The true story of Eddie Edwards, the notoriously tenacious British underdog ski jumper who charmed the world at the 1988 Winter Olympics.


Enjoy a drink from the bar whilst watching a great film in this unique venue; one of the oldest surviving purpose-built cinemas in the country. Doors/ bar open at 7pm. Film starts at 7.30pm. Tickets: £5/£4.

The Palace Bingo Friday 29th July

Doors open at 7.30pm. Eyes Down at 8pm. A great social night out! licensed bar and refreshments. Everyone welcome.

Regular bookings... Monday

Mosaic Disability Services, 9.30am-3.30pm Call Amanda Tebbutt on 0116 2318720 or 07912 480961. Fitness Pilates class, 7.45pm-8.45pm Focussing on core stability whilst improving tone and body alignment through controlled movement. Contact Michelle on 07887 678367.


Bubbles Playgroup, 10.30am-12noon Contact Gary on (01530) 262400. ME Sports, 4pm-5pm Afternoon dance and movement session for girls and boys from 4-14 years to enjoy. For more information or to book a place call 07584 568937. Circuit Training, 6.45pm-7.45pm Call Curtis Smith on 07870 498110 or 01455 291656. Tai Chi, 8pm-9pm Call Doug Gerrard on 07969 480684.

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nEW – ‘Simply Ballroom’ Tea Dance Fortnightly, on a Wednesday, starting Wednesday 27th April, 2pm to 4pm, £3.50 entry. An afternoon of dancing, socialising and great music. Call 07768 372321 for more details. 50+ Fitness Pilates, 9.30am-10.30am A specially designed program to encourage maintenance and flexibility of muscles used in our everyday movements providing a sense of harmony and wellbeing. Call Michelle on 07887 678367. ‘FITSTEPS’ 6pm to 7pm - dance/exercise class. Contact Rose Debney 07562 331041 or email Palace Players, 7.30pm-9.45pm For anyone who is interested in getting involved with any aspect of amateur theatre. Contact the Palace on 01530 262400 for more details.


‘Healthy Hearts’, 9.30am-10.20am A low impact aerobic workout specifically designed for the 50+ age group. Call Michelle on 07887 678367. 50+ Fitness Pilates, 10.30am-11.30am

Call Michelle Scott-Worthington on 07887 678367. Outlook group, 1.30pm-3pm A social group for senior citizens for details call Elaine Hodgetts on 01530 262400.


Tai Chi, 10am – 11am Call Michael Cashmore on 07714 215216. Ibstock Soccertots!, 1.45pm-2.30pm For 2, 3 and 4 year olds – a fun way for young children to learn fundamental sports skills. Contact ME Sports on 07584 568937. Childrens Dance Classes Beginners Ballet 4-4.45pm; Beginners Tap 4.45-5.30pm; Musical Theatre 5.30-6.15pm Contact Miss Jessica of Rochelle School of Dance (established over 60 years in the area) 01455 636514, 07949 121442 or email Monthly Bingo - on a FRIDAy Friday 29th July. Doors open 7.30pm. Eyes down at 8pm. licensed bar and refreshments. A great social night out for all.


Community Morning, 10am-12noon. Every Saturday (except the 1st Saturday each month) the Palace plays host to groups, organisations and associations from the village, including the Ibstock Historical Society. If you would like to learn more about what is going on in your community, come along to the Palace. Also a variety of market stalls selling locally produced goods, including delicious home made cakes. light refreshments available.

‘Weightwatchers’ class, 7pm-8pm For details call Jo Wyld on 07877 281831 or email

TICkET BOOkIng - To book advanced tickets for any event please contact The Palace Tel: 01530 262400 or Halls Electrical Tel: 01530 260460. Tickets can be purchased ‘on the door’ (subject to availability). Please check with ticket outlets to avoid disappointment. The Palace Community Centre Ltd., High Street, Ibstock, Leicestershire, LE67 6LH. Tel (01530) 262400. Visit for more details To advertise in WHAT’S AROUND call 01530 417739 or email


ibstock business centre

Ibstock Business Centre Working together to make Ibstock a better place IBSTOCk Business Centre based on High Street, Ibstock is undergoing a transformation in more ways than one. new Business Manager Alisha Patrick is working with local businesses and residents to ensure the Business Centre is placed firmly at the heart of the local community whilst building work to refurbish and extend the Old School Tea Rooms will bring the facilities bang up to date and fit for purpose.

It’s also the perfect opportunity to showcase the newly renovated and extended Old School Tea Rooms which are open to the public between 8am and 2pm and known locally for their very Ibstock Community Enterprise who own the centre along with the popular breakfasts. Afternoon Tea is also Post Office work hard to keep everything local in line with their motto; available but does need to be booked in ‘Working together to make Ibstock a better place.’ advance and catering for children’s tea The Business Centre supports small businesses in the area with parties as well as outside catering for the serviced offices. For many of these business owners local community will it’s a huge boost with vital office facilities such as be a new service Fully serviced offices photocopying, faxing, word processing, professional launched with the retelephone answering service and mailbox service, opening. providing resources all at cost price. This is especially helpful to new The Open Day is in businesses starting up. for business and no way targeted only There’s already a whole host of businesses located at local businesses – public at cost price. in the centre. Everyone who lives locally will at some it’s for the whole point need at least one of the services offered by community and they the businesses located here. There is a Will Writer, Accountant, would love to see everybody pop in. local Design & Print Services, Acoustic lessons, a Photographer, Hair & authors Rachel Greaves and Janet Nail Salon, Music Shop and more. Scrivens will be there to talk about their For the public the Business Centre can also provide useful resources latest books whilst the Tea Rooms will be including photocopying, faxing, laminating, word processing at offering sample cakes and taking votes reasonable prices as well as an informal meeting area. on the most popular choices.

On 1st July the Business Centre will be holding an open day between 10am and 4pm with the aim of raising awareness of businesses within the centre and the services on offer as well as meeting more local business owners and residents to understand their needs and how the Business Centre can provide help and support the local community.

If you would like to find out more about Ibstock Business Centre you can call them on 01530 267300 or pop in anytime. you can also follow their latest news on both Twitter (@IbstockBizCtr) and Facebook.

Ibstock Business Centre, 57 High Street, Ibstock, Leicestershire, LE67 6LH. Tel: 01530 26700 30

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seasonal recipes Packed with flavour these burgers will be enjoyed by both meat-eaters and vegetarians. For a lovely nutty texture replace the e sweetcorn with chopped walnuts.

Makes 8 Ready 40 minin s + cooli ng

Veggie Bean Burgers yOu WILL nEED

• 3 tbsp olive oil • 1 large red onion, peeled and chopped • 2 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed • 4 spring onions, trimmed and finely chopped • 2 x 400g cans mixed bean salad, drained and rinsed • 2 tsp chilli powder


• 1 carrot, peeled and grated • 100g canned sweetcorn, drained • 100g fresh breadcrumbs • 1 large egg • 1 tbsp lime juice • 4 tbsp fresh chopped coriander (or parsley) • Toasted burger buns, baby spinach leaves and sliced tomatoes.

1 Heat 1 tbsp of the oil in a frying pan and fry the chopped onion over a medium heat for 8 to 10 minutes until soft and golden. Add the garlic, spring onions and carrots and fry, stirring, for a further 2 to 3 minutes. Stir in the chilli powder. 2 Tip all the beans into a large bowl and roughly mash with a fork. Stir in the onion mixture along with the remaining ingredients and mix well to combine. Season to taste with salt and freshly ground black pepper. 3 Divide and shape the mixture into 8 burgers. Cover and chill in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. 4 Heat the rest of the oil in a large non-stick frying pan over a medium heat and fry the burgers for 3 to 4 minutes on each side until golden brown (you may need to do this in two batches so add a little more oil, if needed). Drain on kitchen paper then serve in toasted burgers buns with spinach leaves and sliced tomatoes. TOP TIP The uncooked burgers freeze well, just place on a lined baking tray and freeze until solid then pack away into freezer bags. To cook from frozen, brush lightly with oil and bake for 25 to 30 minutes at 2000C, fan 1800C, Gas 6 until golden.


Make the most of sweet and juicy British strawberries with these divine fruit tarts. If you don’t have time to make the pastry cream then use fresh readymade custard or just top with sweetened whipped cream.

Strawberry Shortcake yOu WILL nEED • • • • • •

225g self-raising flour 1 tsp baking powder 75g butter, chilled & diced 50g caster sugar 1 medium egg, beaten 2-3 tbsp milk


Makes 6 Ready 45 minin s + coo ling

For the pastry and cream topping • • • • • • • • •

2 medium eggs 25g plain flour 50g caster sugar 1 tsp vanilla extract 300ml milk 150ml double cream 175g strawberries 5ml lemon juice 1 tbsp icing sugar

1 Preheat the oven to 1900C, fan 1700C, Gas 5. Place a baking sheet in the oven to heat up. lightly butter 6 x 8cm loose-based fluted tartlet tins. 2 Sift the flour, baking powder and a pinch of salt into a large mixing bowl. Add the butter and rub into the flour to make fine breadcrumbs. Stir in the sugar, egg and enough milk to make a soft dough. 3 Divide the dough into six equal pieces and, using floured hands, press each piece of dough into the base and up the sides of a tartlet tin. Place the tins on the hot baking sheet and bake for 10 to 12 minutes until risen and golden brown. Cool in the tins for 15 minutes then turn out and leave to cool completely. 4 To make the pastry cream, beat together the eggs, flour, caster sugar and vanilla extract. Pour the milk into a small pan and heat the milk to almost boiling point then whisk into the egg mixture. Return the mixture to the pan and cook for 5 minutes, stirring all the time, until thickened. Cover the surface with greaseproof paper and leave to cool completely. 5 Whip the cream until softly peaking and fold into the pastry cream. Puree half the strawberries by pushing through a fine-holed sieve. Stir in the lemon juice and icing sugar. Slice the rest of the strawberries. 6 Spoon the pastry cream on top of the shortcakes. Top with the sliced strawberries and spoon over the puree. Serve within 2 to 3 hours of assembling. TOP TIP The shortcake tart bases can be made and stored unfilled in an airtight container for up to 3 days.

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what’s on...

July music late into the night provide plenty to do for the adults. No tickets needed! Just take your picnic blanket or deckchair and listen to great music in a great atmosphere. See Facebook for full details.

Friday 1st July Stitching at Stoneywell A one day needlepoint course with Margaret Murton for both beginners and those who wish to improve their design skills. The day includes a tour of the cottage, expert tuition, all materials, refreshments and a picnic lunch. Only 12 places available per day. Prices - £79 (National Trust members) £85 (nonmembers). Places may be booked by telephoning 01530 248 048. Saturday 2nd July Outdoor Theatre: Much Ado About Nothing The Lord Chamberlaine’s Men invite you to join them at Donington le Heath Manor House for Shakespeare’s sparkling, battle-of-the-sexes comedy, Much Ado About Nothing. Bring a chair and a picnic and spend a glorious summer’s evening watching this funny, moving and fast-


paced production of one of Shakespeare’s bestloved comedies. Performed in the open air, by an all-male cast with Elizabethan costume, music and dance, this is undoubtedly one of the hottest tickets of the summer. Please call 01455 290429 to buy your tickets. Tickets cost £15 adults, £13.50 concessions, £10 children. Visit http://www. Saturday 2nd July Party in the Park 2016 A free festival from 1pm on Ravenstone Village Green. A terrific day of live music with performances on the main and acoustic stages. Kids can take part in the Community Arts Project on the day as well as enjoying rides, bouncy castles, face painting, a petting farm and archery alongside many other activities whilst the Real Ale bar, food stands, shopping stalls and live

Saturday 2nd July July Jazz A concert at Ibstock Community College Hall featuring Broom Leys Choral Society singing songs including Lloyd Webber and 'swing' numbers with special guests The Brian Humpherson Jazz Group. Tables in a cafe style, ticket price of £10 includes free non-alcoholic punch and savoury nibbles. You may bring wine/beer and we will provide glasses. For tickets phone Jill Hetherington 01530 412 374. Sunday 3rd July Painting Experience Day At Sealwood Vineyard near Swadlincote. Artists of all abilities are invited to join a day of ‘en plein air’ painting in a lovely setting with a wealth of subject matter. The day includes refreshments, tour of vineyard, wine tasting, afternoon tea and a complimentary bottle of wine. Cost: £28per person. For more details or to book a place email or call 07876 276 873. Sunday 3rd July Rugby Fun Day Ashby RFC is running a day of fun and rugby based

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activities for girls at the Memorial Field (between the Castle and Bath Grounds). The event is for 10 to 15 year old girls, however girls (and their siblings) of any age are very welcome to come along. The day will include fun games, inflatable assault course (provided by the British Army), cake and sweet stalls, food, club shop and a bar - a great opportunity for a bit of fun and to be introduced to rugby. For details contact Lloyd Hankins on ashby or via 07926 252 627. Thursday 7th July Annual Charity & Open Day by Ashby Castle Lawn Tennis Club. Summer Fete stalls are open 11am to 5pm featuring fabulous cakes, strawberries & cream, Pimms, children’s activities, nail bar & face painting, tombola, BBQ & bar, junior multi sports 10am-12pm, play tennis for free 2pm-4pm, test your speed of serve, take the longest rally challenge, or enjoy refreshments on the newly extended balcony in a picturesque spot. Entrance is free and all are welcome. Supporting 4 local charities. For more details contact Jon on 07790 212 133. Thursday 7th July Funhouse Comedy Club At The Lyric Rooms, Ashby. An evening of comedy with Paul Sinha, Jeff Innocent, Jonny Pelham and Andre McBurney.

around the station's broadcast area with lots of stops at local attractions along the way. All money

Compere – Spiky Mike. Doors open at 7.30pm. 8.15pm start. All Shows £10 advance unless otherwise stated. Food available 7.30pm-8pm. See uk or call 0115 952 5050. Friday 8th July Derek Acorah The popular TV medium appears at the Century Theatre in Coalville on his Soul Reunion 2016 Tour. The show starts 7.30pm. Tickets cost £18. Call 01530 278 444. Saturday 9th July Dancing in the Street A 60s Motown Party with a barbeque, music & dancing. Fancy dress optional. Hosted by Hermitage FM at Memorial Square, Coalville, LE67 3TU between 12noon and 4pm. See www.hermitage for details. Friday 15th July Eddie The Eagle (PG) The Century Theatre in

Coalville will be showing the uplifting story of havea-go ski jumper Eddie Edwards, who achieved his Olympics dream. Stars Taron Egerton & Hugh Jackman. Starts 7.30pm. Tickets £3.50 pay on the door. Tel: 01530 278 444. Friday 22nd July Bagworth Club Charity Dance from 8pm, Station Road, Bagworth. Entry £2.50 on the door with raffle and bingo. All welcome. For more details please contact Ken Hill on 01530 230 467. Saturday 23rd July Freewheelin’ with Hermitage FM The third annual cycling fundraiser takes place in Memorial Square, Coalville on Saturday 23rd August with Hermitage FM pedalling their way around North West Leicestershire! This is an all-day social event where the team will be cycling approximately 40 miles

raised will help Hermitage FM stay on the air and continue to provide free training and volunteering opportunities to local young people, adults with learning difficulties and disabilities, long-term unemployed people and those with mental health issues. Cost: £10 entry per person. See Facebook for details. Sunday 24th July Market Bosworth Farmers Market Every fourth Sunday of the month from 9am to 2.30pm at Market Square, Market Bosworth CV13 0LJ. Bringing you the finest foods from the region and specialist stalls. Friday 29th July The Jungle Book (PG) Disney's spectacular new live action adaptation of the classic story. Terrific fun for all ages. Showing at the Century Theatre, Coalville at 2.00pm (£3.50 adult, £2 child) and 7.30pm (admission £3.50) pay on the door. Call 01530 278 444.

Sunday 31st July Craft & Table Top Sale In Gresley Old Hall, DE11 9QW between 10am and 3pm. Tables £7, Public entry 50p. To book a table call 01530 414 002 or 01530 415 876. Also on site an Open Day at the Indoor Bowls section for anyone who needs to exercise or try a new sport. Refreshments available.

August Wednesday 3rd August Frenzy Youth Theatre Drama Summer Scheme ‘The Adventure of a Lifetime’ will be a day full of fun, games and drama skills using a combination of scripted and devised drama to explore around the theme and ideas of adventures before producing an exciting piece of theatre. There will also be lots of props and costumes. Cost: £15 if booked by 27th June. 10% sibling discount. 25% for multiple days. £18.00 after 27th June. See www.frenzyyouth

It’s FREE to put community information on this page or on our website. Please submit your full event details online at www.whatsaround. Deadline for submissions for the Community Board or What’s On pages for the September issue is Thursday 11th August. Information is published subject to space being available. What’s Around cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions or endorse companies, products or services appearing in the magazine. For any queries please email admin@whats

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swannington heritage trust

The Festival of Archaeology THE Festival of Archaeology is during the last two weeks of July, to find out more about the exciting events in Leicestershire, See www.archaeology

Swannington’s interest comprises: Leicestershire’s longest ongoing dig LIVE 2pm to 5pm on Sundays 17th, 24th and 31st July. leicestershire Industrial History Society, (lIHS) are celebrating 10 years of monthly dig. Visit the Victorian era Califat coal mine and talk with the diggers about their discovery of the engine house, boiler bases, ventilation tunnels, drains and either a winding drum or fan foundation. Discover their plans for the future, the challenges of making progress and why parts of the mine are named after a Romanian City and a Confederates States Ship.


See the amazing transformation of Hough Mill The mill is near the coal mine and during the same visit you can explore the wonderful ongoing restoration of the 200 year old brick windmill that moved villages. See how the derelict shell has been transformed with doors, windows, floors, flour milling equipment and fantail. As well as the usual milling activities for children there will be heritage games available for our visitors.

Walk the Swannington Incline 2pm Saturday 30th July. Walk in the steps of Robert Stephenson on a guided tour of the Swannington Incline at the western end of his 1832 leicester and

Swannington Railway - the railway that was the catalyst for the expansion of the North West leicestershire coalfield and the creation of the town of Coalville. See the outline of the operators' cottages and the winding engine house that could haul an 18 ton load up more than 700 yards of a 1:17 slope. Admire the amazing work of the navvies who moved thousands of tons of material to dig out the cutting and create the embankment at the bottom of the Incline. Return via historic Swannington village and see where the railway met the road, plus the ill sited booking office that was half a mile from where passengers boarded the train. Booking is required please email uk or call 01530 222 833. LIHS are also leading guided tours of the Glenfield tunnel towards the eastern end of the railway.

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book reviews


comes the

Love is in the air, and everywhere you look around women are buying frocks and hats and men are polishing up their Best Man speeches. The wedding season is truly upon us and for all those blushing brides to be, here’s a selection of books that will help you with what to expect when you’re getting hitched.


The Edible Woman...

Margaret Atwood

Marian McAlpin has a bit of a problem, in that since she got engaged, she hasn’t been able to eat. It would appear that the concept of wedded bliss is something she physically can’t stomach! She may be marrying her heart’s desire, but her other organs definitely think it’s disagreeable. She starts off rejecting meat, but then it descends into pretty much anything that passes her lips. This is a funny and engaging novel about what happens when you’re not really listening to your gut.

The Lover’s Dictionary...

David Levithan

How do we express all the emotions that we feel when we are in love, when we lose love, or when love is unrequited? How can we possibly verbalise the internal torture, the mind-blowing rapture or the most exquisite of pain? The Lover’s Dictionary is a fascinating read. We’re not talking ‘Amorous to Zealous’, but more a series of ‘trigger’ words such as ‘recant’, ‘corrode’ and ‘abstraction’ which get the levithan treatment. It’s hard to read in parts and incredibly recognisable to anyone who has been in love or lost love. Are we all complete novices at the beginning of every new relationship? It certainly can feel that way. e

LLucy Sullivan is Getting Married...

Marian keyes

When a psychic tells you you’ll be married within a year, your heart starts to sing. When you don’t even have a boyfriend, your first instinct might be to demand your money back! lucy Sullivan is already a sceptic so it’s a pretty dubious prediction, or so she thinks. Enter Gus. Swiftly followed by Chuck. Then add flirty Daniel into the mix and things really start to get interesting. Fate is playing a crafty hand here but is it lucy who’s really holding all the cards?

Otherwise Engaged...

Suzanne Finnamore

Eve is over the moon when Michael proposes and she can’tt wait to share her happiness with everyone around her. But, inevitably, bl reality soon hits home and thoughts of wedded bliss turn into a full blown panic attack on the realisation that, this is it: one man for the rest of her life. It’s time for Eve to reach for the paper bag and take some nice deep breaths as the stresses and strains of wedding planning take their toll. This is a humorous look at what happens after you agree to live happily ever after. It’s not over until somebody says, “I do”.


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a walk in the forest

Forest Rock and Holly Heyes Wood

TThis interesting walk takes you on a circuit from just outside Whitwick towards Mount St Bernard Abbey and around Whitwick Quarry before returning via a section of the Ivanhoe B Way. There are some steep bits as you climb up through Forest Rock Wood and then down W and a around the side of the same hill and you’ll pass by two stone circles though they certainly aren’t Stone Henge! There are spots where you could enjoy a picnic in the later section of the a walk, especially if you have lovely weather as I did. The walk takes around an hour and enjoys w vviews of Whitwick Quarry and Mount St Bernard Abbey, plus a pretty stretch through Holly Heyes Wood. p



The walk starts on leic leicester cester Road in Whitwick. As the road goes up the hill out of Whitwick there is a grey dry stone wall on your left, look for a wooden kissing gate leading to Forest Rock Wood with a space where a couple of cars can pull in beside it. For Sat Nav users, the postcode lE67 5GJ should bring you to the start. Go through the kissing gate to Forest Rock Wood (1) and follow the path straight up the hill, it’s steep and there are a couple of tracks off to either side on the way up but keep to the main path all the way, passing by a large rock on your way up ((2) , until you emerge at a circle of small stones right on top of tthe hill. Walk into the centre of the circle - there are two paths leading off, W f take the smaller one that goes back down the side of the hill to your left. This path will curve around to the left and g drop down through another. Rather overgrown, circle of stones d before arriving at a T junction with a yellow footpath post with 2 arrows on (3). Curiously both of the arrows point the same way w (to your left) - I wonder if someone put one on the wrong way? you actually want to turn the other way (to your right) so w that the dry stone wall is on your left. Soon you will start to t pass attractive rocky outcrops to the left (4) and you will see the green chain fence surrounding surrroundin Whitwick quarry on your right (this fence will feature later in the walk too). Keep straight along this path until you reach a T junction at the end of it where you can just see the top of Mount St Bernard Abbey in the distance. Turn right at this junction, following tthe yellow arrow along the next path. Ignore the public instead. you ffootpath that goes off to your left across the field, keeping straight ht on inste ead yo y u will have a wall on your left for a little way and then go steeply uphill. The quarry is now on your right (5) and a as you continue on this stretch you enjoy some fine views across it . Stay on this path as a it curves right and is joined by another path coming in from the direction of Mount St Bernard Abbey which is off to your left. Shortly after the end of the quarry the path forks - take the unmarked right hand fork, S tturning so that the Abbey which was visible to your left is now behind you. Follow this along onto o a wide track and keep bearing around to the right (away from the marked path). As you y walk along this track (6) the green quarry fencing is on your right again and you will pass a permissive way arrow shortly before emerging in the car park of Midland Quarry Products. Cross straight over the main road from the car park and then turn left for just a few yards – look for a narrow path on your right that leads through the trees and out into the corner of the field behind them. Go down this path and then up the field edge (narrow in places) to join a track at the end of the field beside three large stones. s Turn right onto this track (you are now on the Ivanhoe Way) T and following it you will pass by the entrance to Coalville a Meadow, a site of special scientific interest (7), and then come to t green metal barriers marking the entrance to Holly Hayes Wood. Keep straight ahead on the main path through the wood W to t emerge between houses on to St Bernards Road. Turn left, then first right and first right again to return to leicester Road t with the start of the walk just a short distance along to your w right on the opposite side of the road.






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just 4 fun

Solutions on page 60

CODEWORD Each letter in this puzzle is represented by a number between 1 and 26. The codes for three letters are shown. As you find the letters enter them in the box below.

Solutions on page 60


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money matters

Which type of ISA is best for you? InDIVIDuAL Savings Accounts were first introduced in 1999. They provided exemption from income tax and capital gains tax, and quickly became a popular place to save and invest.

Back then, it was a straightforward choice between a Cash ISA or a Stocks and Shares equivalent, but with seven different types of Individual Savings Account now available, making the right choice is much more complicated. So how do you know which ISA is best for you, and even whether you’re eligible to apply? We take a look at the different ISA accounts available, to identify which ones might suit your needs. Instant Access Cash ISA

A straightforward tax-free savings account offered by banks and building societies interest rates have fallen considerably in recent years, but it’s also a riskfree way to put your money to one side.

you get instant access to your savings, and need to be at least 16 years of age to open this account. Stocks and Shares ISA

Stocks and Shares ISAs are open to anyone aged 18 or over. The money is divided between various investment products, including company shares, government and corporate bonds, and unit trusts.

Although as an investment there’s greater risk with a Stocks and Shares ISA, you can control your exposure to it by splitting your annual allowance between this and a Cash ISA. Junior ISA

Parents can save for their children in a Junior ISA. It’s open to children under the age of 18, but the child can only open an account if they are aged 16 or over. The annual allowance currently stands at £4,080, but a child between the ages of 16 and 18 can also open an adult ISA, which boosts their saving capacity.

Help to Buy ISA

A fairly recent addition to the ISA family, the Help to Buy ISA was introduced in December 2015 in an attempt to boost the first-time buyer market. For every £4 saved, the government has pledged to add a £1 bonus (up to a maximum of £3,000), making it a great way to save for a deposit on a first property. Inheritance ISA

To avoid having to pay tax on a deceased partner’s ISA savings, the Chancellor introduced the facility to inherit tax-free from December 2014. From the date of a spouse’s death, the surviving partner is granted an Additional Permitted Subscription (APS) for the total amount in the account, and has three years in which to use it. Lifetime ISA

The lifetime ISA will be introduced from 2017, and is for people between the ages of 18 and 39. A 25% bonus from the government is available, so for every £4 saved they will put in £1 up to a maximum of £1,000.

It can be used towards the purchase of a house up to the value of £450,000, otherwise you need to keep the money in the account until the age of 60 to avoid a penalty. Innovative Finance ISA

This is seen to be a riskier choice for investors, but one that potentially brings higher returns. One of the risks is that your money won’t be protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme because the banks are not involved.

you place your money with peer-to-peer lending platforms, which could attract a higher rate of interest than with Cash or Stocks and Shares ISAs. At the time of writing, however, there are only eight such online lenders offering this type of ISA.


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A heat haze sent the tarmac shimmering like a pool of spilt lemonade. Across the avenue, lenny, aged eleven, faced Max, aged twelve. Kids peered from behind parked cars, bushes and picket fences, anticipating the stand-off that had been brewing all day.

“Not so fast Max”. lenny took a deep breath, “I bet your mum bought the lemonade, the cups and the curly straws from the supermarket this morning, after you cooked up your little scheme to steal my customers”.

“You’ve lost, Lenny baby”, Max snarled, “go home and cry to your mummy”.

Max looked blank for a moment,

lenny’s eyes smarted with grit. Though he was scared, he definitely wasn’t crying. He licked his cracked lips.

“Maybe I have, maybe I haven’t”. He attempted an enigmatic smile, “or maybe I have one more card to play”. Max spat defiantly onto the dusty pavement, “you’ve got nothing”. He unscrewed his lemonade bottle with a dull fizz and took a swig. “I won the turf. It’s mine for the keeping”.

“So what if she did?”

“I even bet she said you could pay her back out of the money you made”. Max, uncomfortable suddenly, glanced around at the curious eyes watching him. “Am I right?” lenny said.

Lemonade The



ckie B

by Ja


lenny feared Max might be right. He glanced at the stall on the end of his drive. It had been a good little weekend business while it lasted. yesterday his dad had helped him make a sign ‘lenny’s lemons: homemade lemonade 15p’, and he had set up stall with just two packing crates. All the kids had paid a visit, and the coins had been rolling in. Not enough yet for a whole skateboard, but enough for the first two wheels.

lenny should have known trouble was brewing when Max had showed up yesterday and bought a cup of iced lemonade. For a boy of few words he’d certainly asked a lot of questions. lenny had been flattered into letting his guard slip and it had cost him dearly. Max was older, cooler, and had his own mobile phone. And sure enough today ‘Maximum lemons’ opened up just across the street. Max’s lemonade, while no more homemade than lenny’s, was selling for just 10p, and each cup came with a curly straw. Max had been doing a steady trade while lenny’s lemonade had turned flat in the jug. “Lemonade doesn’t taste any better through a curly straw”, lenny said at the top of his voice, “you’re all just hooked on a pointless gimmick”. Max hooked his thumbs through his belt loops.

“Pathetic. Is that the card you were going to play?” he sniggered and turned away.


The expression on Max’s face told lenny all he needed to know.

“It’s been a long day hasn’t it?” lenny smiled, “you’ve worked hard haven’t you?”

Max nodded, the sweat dripping down his forehead. The wind spun a curly straw across the street. lenny bent to pick it up.

“Just think of all the things you could have been doing Max. That hosepipe fight at number eight looked like fun”.

Max shrugged, “maybe, but at least I made loads of cash”.

“Really?” lenny said carefully. “Didn’t your mum tell you curly straws cost a pound for a packet of ten?” He straightened the straw with a snap and delivered the killer blow, “Maxi baby, you’ve not made a single penny all day”.

Max may be older, may be cooler, may even have a mobile phone, but lenny was better at maths.

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fun quiz

Answers on page 60


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PuZZLE SOLuTIOnS - CODEWORD - Fun QuIZ - WORD WHEEL & LADDER... Fun QuIZ COMMOn nAMES 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.


Corpus Christi go West Wexford Florence Roger Taylor Halifax Phoebe ABC Jenny Amen Corner


Loud, Lord, Lard, Land, Band, Bang.

WORD WHEEL TARgETS & AnSWER Excellent: 60+ words good: 52 Fair: 43 AnSWER: Truncheon

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business directory Accountants & Payroll Accapita Haines Watts Ashby ltd JAWS Accountancy Services ltd Aerials & Satellite Stocktons Satellite & Aerial Arts, Crafts & gifts Ashby Bears Builders Green Builders Keith Armston Building Contractors Stevenson’s Builders Business Services Ibstock Business Centre Elite Training Services Carpets & Interiors Ashby Decorator Centre Coalville Furniture Superstore Richardsons Furniture Signature Blinds The Bed Shop The Flooring and Bed Company Childcare Orchard House Day Nursery Swingboat Nurseries Cleaning, Ironing, Laundry Services NJR Pure Clean Oven Clean Safeclean Toni’s Ironing Angels Clothing O’Staghen Clothing Company Driving Schools Bardon School of Motoring R D T School of Motoring Electricians Bright Sparks D&B Electrical M Gleeson Electrician Events Back to the 80’s, 90’s, 00’s Festival Donington Park Racing Heather Scarecrow Festival The Palace Community Centre Food & groceries Conibears Kitchen Moo Fresh Priceless garden Charnwood Tree Services Darren Robinson Eden Tree Care & Fencing


12 9 16 57 50 57 25 8 30 & 31 45 16 61 53 38 5 32 & 33 21 64 59 8 16 25 15 11 59 22 56 47 3 11 10 & 11 25 8 55 35 15 59 49

garden continued Endurance landscape Services ltd GreenThumb (Ashby) Orchid Garden Services Tindle Tree Care ltd World of Sheds Hair & Beauty Alexis Brooke Hair & Beauty Healthcare Enable Wellbeing Forever living Juliet Brooke Chiropody Traditional Acupuncture your Health Group IT Services Midland IT The PC Clinic kitchens & Bathrooms Ashby Tile & Bathrooms Ibstock Kitchens Ideas Interiors ltd Locksmiths Hazlewood locksmiths Painters & Decorators W l lacey & Son Pest Control Pest Away Pet Services Canine Holiday Care Woodward Veterinary Practice Places of Worship Ashby Christadelphian Church Plumbers & gas Services B Wilkinson Plumbing D B Plumbing Property Repairs & Maintenance Century Fire & Security Cloudy 2 Clear Rockwarm – Energy Saving Solutions Rooftech RSJ Roofing Tim Broster Jet Washing TS Roofing Window Mate Schools & Tuition Active Education ltd Appleby Community languages Clubs Complete Sports & Fitness MP Personal Training Rebound Trampoline Park The Golf Centre

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23 27 50 43 23 26 60 57 60 39 6 22 26 2 58 40 47 15 53 43 50 7 16 15 63 41 13 6 18 23 47 39 43 51 51 19 17 46

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Whats Around Magazine July 2016  

Your Local Community Magazine promoting local businesses and services to residents throughout Ibstock, Ravenstone, Snibston, Coleorton, Pack...

Whats Around Magazine July 2016  

Your Local Community Magazine promoting local businesses and services to residents throughout Ibstock, Ravenstone, Snibston, Coleorton, Pack...