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WHAT ON EARTH BOOKS 2018 Children’s Catalogue

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‘It’s their unique ability to be converted into eye-catching six-foot (two-metre) long laminated posters that really make them stand out from other reference works.’ Publishers Weekly

‘The What on Earth concept of engaging children is unique and refreshing. The Shakespeare Wallbook stands out as an exceptionally effective way of introducing the complete plays to younger readers, but it’s also fascinating for adults and teachers alike.’ Dr Nick Walton Shakespeare Courses Development Manager, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

‘What on Earth’s distinctive fold-out timeline books are jam-packed with facts, figures and captivating illustrations, sure to excite the minds of children of all ages, and ignite their desire to learn more about how the past shaped the present.’ Colin Ziegler Head of Publishing, Natural History Museum

‘Like nothing you’re likely to have seen before.' Sarah Harrison Smith

WHAT ON EARTH BOOKS Making the real world more amazing than anything you can make up! What on Earth Books specialises in telling big stories and offering children and families multiple perspectives on our world. We produce unique books that promote the joy of learning through natural curiosity. Our Wallbooks and accompanying Stickerbooks and Posterbooks cover six giant themes: Big History, Nature, Sports, Science, Shakespeare and British History. They are jam-packed full of illustrations and facts about our planet, life and people, from the first sea creatures that ventured onto land to early humans; from the rise and fall of the Roman Empire to Isaac Newton’s discovery of gravity; from the building of the pyramids to the world as we know it today – and everything in between! This year sees us exploring exciting new topics. We're publishing The Story of Gibraltar and the second book in our Explorer series, BUGS! The second half of the year will bring the publication of Absolutely Everything! – the children's illustrated edition of my bestselling book, What on Earth Happened? And finally, we publish Eye Spy – a stunning interactive book revealing how animals see. Enjoy! Sincerely, Christopher Lloyd, CEO




THE STORY OF GIBRALTAR A timeline guide to the history of the Rock from earliest times to the present day. The imposing rock of Gibraltar has a giant history for such a small place. Take a trip from the Neanderthals to the present day with more than 35 fun newspaper articles and a fully illustrated foldout timeline, showing 100 key moments in the rich story of this strategic jewel of the Mediterranean. An illustrated history of Gibraltar at a single glance 1.7-metre-long fold-out timeline and the Gibraltar Journal newspaper section 40-question quiz Developed in partnership with Visit Gibraltar and MH Bland

A timeline guide to the history of the Rock from earliest times to the present day

Author: Patrick Skipworth Ages: 7–11 Price: £14.95 Format: Hardback Extent: 24 pages + 8-page timeline Size: 210 x 297mm Pub date: 5 April 2018 ISBN: 978-0-9955770-4-6




Join Agent Eagle, time explorer extraordinaire, as he investigates a world of bugs in this new book for children aged 7–11. Packed with information and illustrations, and featuring 1.8-metre pull-out timelines perfect for hanging on a bedroom, library or classroom wall, Explorer Bugs! will turn young enthusiasts into bug experts eager to share their newfound knowledge and motivated to read and learn more. Developed with experts from London’s Natural History Museum 100-species accordion timeline that can be read in the book, or removed and hung on the wall Multiple-choice quiz is fun for family and friends to do together

Also in the series:

EXPLORER DINOSAURS! Discover the epic story of the dinosaurs, from their first appearance 230 million years ago through to their living descendants, the birds, today. ISBN: 978-0-9932847-7-9

Coming in Spring 2019: PLANTS! MAMMALS!

Author: Nick Forshaw Illustrator: William Exley Ages: 7–11 Price: £9.99 Format: Hardback Extent: 38 pages + 8-page timeline Size: 240 x 240mm Pub date: 5 April 2018 ISBN: 978-0-9955766-0-5



NEW ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! A History of Earth, Dinosaurs, Rulers, Robots and Other Things Too Numerous to Mention Embark on an entertaining journey across millennia and continents, and learn about absolutely everything including the creation of planet Earth, the age of dinosaurs, the rise of humans, the miserable medieval times, globalisation, wars, technology – and much more. Find out the answers to many big questions about our planet, animals and the people inhabiting Earth. Engaging design, illustrations and photographs throughout bring to life the most remarkable true stories of all time. Written by Christopher Lloyd, author of What on Earth Happened?, which has been translated into 15 languages and has sold more than 500,000 copies worldwide A fun, accessible and up-to-date history of the world told like a story Connects the dots between parts of history taught separately in school Featuring hundreds of photographs, colourful illustrations by Andy Forshaw and a ribbon, this is a collectible gift item ideal for the family bookshelf as well as an important reference book for home and school A mini timeline in each chapter highlights key moments Includes a glossary, index and reference material

Author: Christopher Lloyd Illustrator: Andy Forshaw Ages: 9–12 Price: £20.00 Format: Hardback Extent: 336 pages Size: 184 x 248mm Pub date: 16 October 2018 ISBN: 978-1-9998028-2-0


NEW NEW EYE SPY Wild Ways Animals See the World Ever wonder what your cat is watching through the window? Or how having eyes on the sides of its head changes the world for a horse? And what would life be like if we couldn’t see the whole rainbow? Eye Spy takes children on a whirlwind tour of how eyes work and lets them lift the flaps to find out how animals as different as dogs, owls and chameleons see the same scene. It’s a truly eye-opening experience guaranteed to fuel and satisfy the curiosity of any animal-lover. Lets children see the world through the eyes of their favourite animals – cats, dogs, horses, chimps, owls and frogs, among others Perfect non-fiction companion to bestseller They All Saw a Cat From Guillame Duprat, winner of the Bologna Ragazzi Non-fiction Illustrator Award


Flaps reveal the same scene from the perspective of different animals


Wild Ways Animals See the World

Author / Illustrator: Guillaume Duprat Ages: 6–12 Price: £14.99 Format: Hardback Extent: 40 pages


Size: 245 x 330mm Pub date: 1 October 2018 ISBN: 978-1-9998028-4-4



WALLBOOKS Have you ever wished you could take a beautifully illustrated, fact-packed book and hang it on your bedroom wall so you can look at it time and time again? Well now you can, with Wallbooks! What on Earth Wallbooks each contain a two-metre-long timeline, taking children on an exhilarating visual journey through time. There are six books in the Wallbook series which has been developed by author Christopher Lloyd and illustrator Andy Forshaw in partnership with experts at prestigious institutions. With the included magnifying glass, children (and parents and grandparents!) can browse to their hearts’ content, unearthing incredible true stories and fabulous facts to share with friends and family. There are SIX TITLES to choose from:



EACH WALLBOOK FEATURES: • A two-metre-long fold-out detachable timeline wallchart with more than 1,000 pictures and captions • A pocket timeline magnifier • A series of more than 25 engaging newspaper articles, a challenging crossword, letters to the editor and a 50-question multiple-choice quiz

Hundreds of illustrations and facts capture every key moment from the beginning of the universe to the present day. Covering both natural history and the history of human civilisation, readers can easily compare what was happening across each of the world’s continents at any given moment in time. Ages: 6–14 | Price: £12.99 | Format: Hardback Extent: 18 pages, 8-page timeline | Size: 270 x 360mm Pub date: February 2017 | ISBN: 978-0-9932847-8-6


Explore life on Earth with the most visually stunning timeline of evolution ever created, stretching back 4 billion years. Discover everything from the first signs of life in the seas, the colonisation of the land, and the reign of dinosaurs, to mass extinctions, the migration of mammals, and the story of humanity. Ages: 6–14 | Price: £12.99 | Format: Hardback Extent: 18 pages, 8-page timeline | Size: 270 x 360mm Pub date: February 2017 | ISBN: 978-0-9932847-9-3

Take a trip back in time more than 2,500 years to the first ever Olympic Games, then journey through the origins and histories of all the major sports, champions and world record holders from around the world. Ages: 6–14 | Price: £12.99 | Format: Hardback Extent: 18 pages, 8-page timeline | Size: 270 x 360mm Pub date: February 2017 | ISBN: 978-0-9954820-0-5

*Awards for US editions


Unfold this unique history of science and engineering that tells the story of the world’s greatest scientists and inventors. Travel from ancient China to the Middle East and from the enlightenment of Europe to modern America, to see how science has shaped our world. Ages: 6–14 | Price: £12.99 | Format: Hardback Extent: 18 pages, 8-page timeline | Size: 270 x 360mm Pub date: February 2017 | ISBN: 978-0-9954820-1-2


William Shakespeare’s plays are presented as never before, with all 38 masterpieces performed in front of you on a timeline set in the iconic Globe Theatre. Spot the ghosts, hunt for the murderers, revel in romance and discover the poison as each play unfolds with a plot summary, key quotes, and characters. Ages: 6–14 | Price: £12.99 | Format: Hardback Extent: 18 pages, 8-page timeline | Size: 270 x 360mm Pub date: February 2017 | ISBN: 978-0-9954820-2-9

Explore British history as it unfolds, revealing the kings and queens, famous battles, the heroes of science, art and culture as well as iconic national buildings and monuments, all of which have shaped the history of our islands and created the country we live in today. Ages: 6–14 | Price: £12.99 | Format: Hardback Extent: 18 pages, 8-page timeline | Size: 270 x 360mm Pub date: February 2017 | ISBN: 978-0-9930199-2-0


The award-winning trilogy of Wallbooks covering Nature, Science and Big History is perfect for curious people aged six to 106. This is an encyclopedia of knowledge that is unlike anything ever produced before in a beautiful hard-bound box set. Ages: 6–14 | Price: £34.95 | Format: Hardback Size: 270 x 370 x 50 mm | Pub date: October 2017 ISBN: 978-0-9955770-2-2

Get the whole set of six exciting Wallbooks in this stunning box set. Ages: 6–14 | Price: £59.95 | Format: Hardcover Size: 70 x 270 x 370 mm | Pub date: February 2017 ISBN: 978-0-9954820-5-0

*Awards for US editions





What on Earth Stickerbooks cover the same six themes as the Wallbooks, but they contain simplified timelines that engage young children (aged 3–7) in historic narrative stories by challenging them to complete the story using about 100 stickers. The Stickerbooks unfold to reveal a 1.7-metre-long timeline that can be spread out on a table or across the floor. Children construct the story by selecting a sticker and sticking it in the right spot – a great activity for the family to do together, unlocking much discussion along the way! Each sticker is accompanied by a name or caption to give more details about the creature, person, place, or event. When finished, children can write their name on the nameplate, carefully tear off the timeline along the perforated edge and fix to their bedroom wall. There are SIX TITLES to choose from:

BIG HISTORY, NATURE, SPORTS, SCIENCE, SHAKESPEARE & BRITISH HISTORY EACH STICKERBOOK INCLUDES: • A beautifully illustrated and colourful timeline filled with key moments from the past • Around 100 stickers to stick on the timeline • A 1.7-metre timeline which can be folded out and displayed on a wall • A poster of a key historical event or species for colouring in

Ages: 3–7 Price: £6.99 Format: Paperback Extent: 16 pages + 8-page timeline Size: 220 x 300mm Pub date: October 2014

ISBN: 978-0-9929249-8-0

ISBN: 978-0-9565936-8-9

ISBN: 978-0-9929249-7-3

ISBN: 978-0-9565936-9-6

ISBN: 978-0-9929249-1-1

ISBN: 978-0-9930199-4-4

This engaging set includes all six stickerbooks in a single collection. Ages: 3–7 | Price: £29.95 | Format: Paperback Extent per book: 16 pages + 8-page timeline Gift pack size: 280 x 305 x 40mm Pub date: October 2017



POSTERBOOKS These fully laminated three-metre-long timelines make stunning and absorbing wall displays for classrooms, hallways, libraries, and children’s bedrooms. They support activities in class and at home activities for kids from Years 2 to 10.

EACH POSTERBOOK INCLUDES: • A laminated three-metre-long timeline • Hundreds of facts, captions and illustrations covering significant moments in history


• Supporting teachers’ guide available for download from






Ages: 6–14 | Price: £25.00 | Format: Laminated | Extent: 8-page timeline Size: 380 x 530mm | Pub date: February 2016 ISBN and publication details 1. Big History: 978-0-9929249-2-8

4. Science: 978-0-9929249-5-9

2. Nature: 978-0-9929249-3-5

5. Shakespeare: 978-0-9929249-6-6

3. Sports: 978-0-9929249-4-2

6. British History: 978-0-9930199-3-7






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The Posterbook Timeline Collection is the ideal classroom companion, covering all six topics – Big History, Nature, Sport, Science, Shakespeare and British History. Ages: 6–14 | Price: £120.00 | Format: Laminated Extent per book: 8-page timeline Size: 605 x 395 x 40mm | Pub date: July 2017


OUR 2017 INTERNATIONAL AWARD-WINNING TITLES We are delighted that The Nature Timeline Wallbook was awarded best title in the Young Adults Non-Fiction category at the International Book Awards (US), with The Shakespeare Timeline Wallbook coming in second place to it! And our Wallbook Timeline Collection and The Shakespeare Timeline Wallbook are Parents’ Choice Award (US) Winners for Fall 2017 Non-Fiction.*

‘Educational innovation that really works should count for something in this age of insufferable sequels and copycat creativity. It undeniably does when it comes to this ‘What on Earth?’ series of head-first, highly inventive, timeline-based books created by best-selling author Christopher Lloyd … You’ll find yourself and your kids locked in on these glossy-paged timelines scouring for the next fascinating tidbit, and the next after that. This cool educational tool will allure young readers with the fun of discovering what happened during the millions of years that came before they did.' Parents' Choice Award (US), 2017

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UK - 2018 - Children's Catalogue + complete back list  

What on Earth Books' 2018 Children's Catalogue plus complete back list.

UK - 2018 - Children's Catalogue + complete back list  

What on Earth Books' 2018 Children's Catalogue plus complete back list.