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Fire & Water

by Lucinda Linney

Aries The ram. How do you make a ram happy? If you’re involved with one of these energetic individuals, your first question is more likely to be “How do I make him stop?” In fact, you can’t – not without changing his nature (if that is even possible) or cutting off his horns, and who wants that? Ariens are self-starters: what they lack in planning they make up for in initiative. They embody stobbornosity, which is not a word but should be. Mention this oversight of English to an Arien and don’t be surprised to see a new entry in the dictionary very soon with his or her photo beside it. Their ruling planet is Mars. The obvious association with war is a factor, but Mars is also the god of action, and in Roman mythology he is an agricultural guardian ready to butt intruders out of the garden. Ariens are loyal to the relationships and things to which they have applied their considerable patience. Lucky for this big strong ram, he’s not a loner. He does not always pick his battles very well and he gets so involved in the fight or the great cause that getting back to first principles a tough concept to get through to that bit of brain he keeps so well protected between those big horns. You won’t ever win confronting him head-on – those battles are his specialities and you should learn to appreciate that honest character. Push and he will push back harder. Threaten and fight and you may find yourself sailing over the garden fence. Stand your ground and explain calmly and he may listen and respect you for it. If that fails, climb a tree and sing lullabies for as long as it takes. Well known Aries individuals seem to share fewer characteristics than other signs, so take a close look and see how great strength of conviction and inexhaustible persistence could be common traits. Vincent Van Gogh barely sold a painting during his lifetime but continued on and on with a vision so forceful that it persists to this day. The same can be said of Stratford-upon-Avon’s most famous son whose powerful work will endure well beyond the efforts of the rest of us. And whatever your opinion of her, we all admire the way Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta pursues her own path whatever other people think. If you didn’t go to high school with her, you may know her only as Lady Gaga. The darkest beast in living memory was also an Aries. Adolf Hitler’s personal vision was so overwhelming that he was blind to anything else and so forceful that he came close to blinding and trampling the world. Note that his strongest

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efforts followed immediately upon periods of enforced inactivity and introspection – very dangerous things for an Aries, especially one with a dark nature. Be careful what the rams in your life start because chances are very good that they will finish everything. To keep your Aries happy, keep him or her engaged and busy. That big bony head works best and is happiest when it is down and purposeful.

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