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Re-organize Your Life: 10 Best Online Calendars and To-Do Lists Management tools You Can Use Today! Daily inspirations from blog at


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There’s no doubt that Microsoft’s Outlook software is still the best office and list management tool around. There are various features that you can find but not actually use. But because of the onset of information technology, many list management tools have arrived, competing with each other in terms of organizing. When you need to organize your activities and daily tasks every day, you need the best online calendars and to-do list management tools. Whether you are professional or not, you need these tools to make complex schedules and tasks easier and more convenient. 1. Google Tasks – Who in the world does not like to utilize a todo list management tool that can be integrated with all the other applications of the world’s largest search engine? Available without charge, you can use Google tasks with Gmail, iGoogle, and Google Calendar. 2. GooSync – If you are looking for an office and task tool that’s compatible with virtually all mobile device platforms, you must get the GooSync. At a reasonable cost of $35 for a year of subscription, you can synchronize data with your iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android, or even Blackberry. You can download it here: 3. Remember the Milk – When it comes to managing tasks and organizing your contact lists, Remember the Milk is the most preferred tool. You can have it free with limited functions or opt for the Pro version for $25. Get it at 4. GTDagenda – available both basic and premium version, GTDagenda is compatible with lists intended for tasks, checklists, calendar, schedules, projects, and goal setting. This app is based on the concept of GTD or getting things done. Grab a premium version for to avail of its full features at 5. Toodledo – The same as most of the others, this list manager comes with a basic and premium version. But aside from that, it also has a pro plus version that’ll cost you more but will also include several unique features. It is a complete online tool that lets you organize time, notes, priorities, goals, and other important tasks. Go to for download. 6. Ta-da – This tool is perhaps the simplest in the list but it packs good features. Download it at this link,, and you’ll be able to create a task list, check them, and share in an instant. Best of all, it’s free!


7. Checkvist – Starting at $30 a year, this list manager is best for project planning. The two best features are hotkey support and fast and easy interface. You can also download the mobile web version. Get your application at its website at 8. Tedium – This task list manager is relatively cheaper compared to the previous options we discussed. For $19.95, you have the ability to tag list items as well as mark due dates and list notes. There is also a customized view of your choosing in order to see tasks that are due. Visit the site for purchase at 9. Todoist – If you are preoccupied with tons of tasks and projects, the best list manager app for you is Todoist. Its best feature is the creation of hierarchies of tasks and projects. You can utilize calendar applications, sync with Gmail, and get a Firefox extension. Go to 10. Nutshell – The last on the list is certainly not the least. Take a look at Nutshell’s dashboard and you’ll find convenience right away. There’s an area for search, another for adding notes, and another one for adding items. You can download it without a fee at

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Re-organize Your Life: 10 Best Online Calendars and To-Do Lists Management tools You Can Use Today!  

There’s no doubt that Microsoft’s Outlook software is still the best office and list management tool around. There are various features that...

Re-organize Your Life: 10 Best Online Calendars and To-Do Lists Management tools You Can Use Today!  

There’s no doubt that Microsoft’s Outlook software is still the best office and list management tool around. There are various features that...