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9 Effective Ways to Heal Your Relationships and Marriage Daily inspirations from blog at

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“Marriage is a lottery, but you can't tear up your ticket if you lose.” In relationships and marriages, it is common to encounter problems and disagreements. But if those problems reach a certain point that you start to build a rather unhealthy relationship, it’s time to make good effort to heal it. The first thing that you have to remember is that there is no turning back and part of being in it entails the responsibility of preserving the bond. Just like in the quotation above, putting oneself into a relationship is like gambling – you may win or lose. But the difference is you cannot just move on right away after you lose. You have to get back and patch things up. Thus, if your marriage or relationship is on the brink of breaking down, follow these effective ways to heal it: 1. Double your communication. Talking and communicating are not just about obligation. It is more of a prerogative on the parties involved. Even healthy relationships have arguments and disagreements but it does not necessarily mean that you stop communicating with each other. So the next time you fight over something, just talk it over and everything will be fine. 2. Make your time together worth it. Remember that you do not only spend and allot time with your friends and family, it is also equally important to have some for your partner, especially when the relationship is turning sour. The purpose of this one is to make sure you are still enjoying each other’s company even in the period of adversity and misunderstanding. 3. Show some respect for your partner. Healthy relationships are characterized primarily by the respect you show for your partner. This means that whenever you take on fights and disagreements, always hear your partner out. Bear in mind that the marriage or relationship is not a battlefield. 4. Maintain interest to one another. After going through rough times due to misunderstandings, problems, and differences, take time to recall all the happy moments you have with your partner. After which you have to weight things and ask yourself if there is still interest for the other half. If you want to keep the relationship running after a bad break, show your partner that you’re still interested. 5. Emphasize equality. Healing relationships entails that no partner is above the other. Even if your partner is at fault, don’t think that it’s him/her who needs to make it up the whole time. You have to show equality if you want to heal those wounds. Do it by telling your partner that everything can be settled and that whatever differences you have, it can be offset and patched up. 6. Being sensitive can actually help. What you need to do is keep a keen eye on everything that’s going on. If you think there’s a looming problem, determine it and find ways to prevent it from destroying the relationship. If damage has already been done, heal it by doing something out of your devoted sensitivity. 7. You must learn to hear. Unhealthy relationships are built due to the insistence and assertiveness of one partner and the pessimism and subtlety of the other. You know for a fact that you can always give your voice out whenever there are

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issues in the relationship. However, you have to balance it with the ability to hear your partner out. If you can’t, there’s no hope for reviving a good relationship. 8. Ask yourself why the relationship is becoming unhealthy. If you find it confusing, take time to think it over. Allow you to meditate, be alone, and then ask again, “what went wrong?” Sometimes, people don’t realize the importance of letting things sink in. Avoid making any rushed decisions in your relationship by asking the right questions. 9. Finally, the best way to heal a wounded relationship is to reassert love. Enough said.

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9 Effective Ways to Heal Your Relationships and Marriage  

In relationships and marriages, it is common to encounter problems and disagreements. But if those problems reach a certain point that you s...

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