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13 Creative Activities You Can Engage in For Self Expression, Personal Discovery and Growth Daily inspirations from blog at

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There are times when you become stuck and stagnant because of all the pressure you encounter in your life. As you reach this point, it becomes a necessity to find and seek some activities that can boost your personal discovery and growth while at the same time enhancing your ability for self expression. Self expression is a very important factor for success in life. It helps us to gain control of ourselves, let other people know about what we think and feel, and tell the world how we can contribute. The activities we will be tackling are actually simple stuff but all of them are creative enough to give you a chance to basically “upgrade” yourself. 1. Be positive. Everything starts with the concept of being positive. As long as you are positive, you become committed to enhancing your whole self. You eliminate any pressure and negative attitude that are slowing you down from personal discovery and growth. 2. Move and be physical. Self expression is best achieved initially when you’re alone. So an ideal option is sweating it out with physical activities such as workouts or even dancing. Play your favorite dance music and get rid of the stress and pressure by shaking your body with a fun tune. 3. Try internet writing and blogging. Many people find their true selves in the form of writing. If you are having a difficult time expressing yourself and what you feel, you go turn on your desktop and start building a blog where you can express your thoughts, ideas, and comments on any subject or share anything you want to social networking sites. 4. Emphasize style. Tired of being your usual self? Bored with the same getup and outfit each time you show yourself to others? If that’s the case, try emphasizing style. Who knows? The only way for you to perhaps discover who you really are is through a fashion statement. 5. Venture in sporting activities. Another creative means of improving self expression and growth is by participating in sporting activities. If you’re someone who has been stuck in the office and paperwork all your life, try spending some time with friends playing ball games and you’ll find it very rewarding. In fact, you may find a newer side of yourself. 6. Get in love with art. Art is arguably one of the best forms of self expression. So if you want to express and at the same time discover more of yourself, go find some art materials and put yourself into the good addiction of making artworks. 7. Help someone. Helping someone is a creative way of self expression. You do not only give others a hand, you’re actually discovering a good side of yourself. Personal growth is sometimes manifested on what you can do for others. 8. Take a break. Taking that much needed break is a form of meditation. It gives you the chance to pull yourself together in case you start losing it. It helps when you think you’re

slowly alienating yourself from yourself. Go watch a movie, drink some beer, and enjoy alone. Do this and you’ll realize that life isn’t always about taking too much burden from responsibilities. 9. Teach others. Teaching others is very creative ways of letting yourself grow and develop as a person. Teaching in itself is a form of self expression. Try it and realize later how fulfilling it is. 10. Take a photo of your life. Wake up one day, grab your camera, and go outside to take photos of virtually anything that resembles memories of your life. Expressing oneself through photos and images is kind of rewarding and the results are worth a thousand memories. 11. Write a journal. Who says diaries are obsolete? In fact, the best way to express your self is through a journal of all the activities you do each day. Not only does this give you the chance to write anything you feel, it is also a means of discovering what you really want in life. You go back to the things you did in the past by turning the pages and then learn from them. 12. Treat yourself. You deserve a reward for keeping up with life’s pressure and madness. You can express your like for this life by treating yourself. Remember that every success you achieve must be absorbed and remembered completely. You can even keep a record so that you can use them as a barometer of how fast you have grown as a person. 13. Love someone. There is no better way of securing your personal discovery and growth than loving someone. If you decide to love someone, you’re giving yourself a chance of holding a responsibility.

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13 Creative Activities You Can Engage in for Self Expression, Personal Discovery and Growth  

There are times when you become stuck and stagnant because of all the pressure you encounter in your life.