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12 Best Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do to Get A Lean, Strong and Fit Physique Daily inspirations from blog at

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It is a common misconception that getting a lean, strong, and fit physique can only be done through lifting weights. There are actually several ways you can do if you are aiming to build muscle mass without really paying for expensive gym and exercise equipment and weights. With the right set of exercises combined with commitment and perseverance, you can obtain a wonderful physical build in no time. Here are twelve of the best bodyweight exercises that you can perform on your own: 1. ChinChin -ups – If you’re looking for a tough but surefire way of getting leaner and stronger, chin up routine is your thing. We say it’s tough because majority of beginners cannot even perform five complete reps. If you’re just starting, aim at a modest goals of doubling your reps and increase it gradually. You’ll find out later on that you are surprisingly getting immediate muscle growth. 2. Triceps pushups pushups – The target of this kind of pushup is the tricep, with the exception of the shoulder and chest. You do this by taking the standard position for any pushup but your arms should be extended to ensure they are shoulder width apart. Keep your back straighten up to ensure strong resistance on the triceps. 3. Parallel bar dips dips – This type of bodyweight exercise is also intended for the triceps. It focuses on building mass in the medial portion. You will need the help of a parallel dip apparatus this time. 4. Handstand pushups – This is another pushup routine that can provide large amounts of muscle mass both for the shoulders and triceps. 5. Rope pushups – This bodyweight exercise is the first suspension training on the list. The good thing about the combination of rope and pushups is that it makes the standard pushup routine pretty much harder. Consequently, harder means greater chance for a leaner and stronger frame. 6. One leg deadlift – The one leg deadlift is a bodyweight exercise that’s easy and convenient for beginners but does not lack the ability to provide lean muscle growth. It is specifically designed to develop the quads, hamstrings, and gluts.

7. One leg squat – This exercise is almost similar in terms of objective or targeted muscle to the deadlift but is a lot harder. It also focuses on gluts and quads. 8. PullPull-ups – every kind of pull up routine is tailor made to supply you added strength. If chin-ups are done while your palm is facing you, pull-ups on the other hand is performed while the palms are facing away from you. Since chin-ups are easier, you can start with it first and then after you feel it’s not challenging, go for harder and tougher pull ups. 9. One and half chinchin -up reps – the exercise is simple since all you have to do is you initially do a full chin-up rep and after that, lower back just half way. When you are at this position, pull back going towards the bar. Next, lower back in a dead hang stance. 10. Close grip pike pushups – the close grip type of pushup is a very hard and demanding bodyweight exercise, but it sure does give you the best triceps you could obtain. Just set your feet on the bench and take a pike position for your body. After that, lower your body into a bodyweight triceps extension. 11. Seated triceps dips – All you need to do in this exercise is sit on a bench or chair while your legs are extended but close to the each other. Extend your arms as well in a shoulder width distance and then slide your whole body slightly forward in order for your arms to carry the weight of the body in between the floor and the bench or chair. 12. Vertical pushup pushup – the last effective bodyweight exercise is the handstand or vertical pushup. It is done while the body is in a handstand position. The primary purpose is to increase the mass of the triceps. The best thing about it is that it is more efficient than regular pushups because it requires the arms to hold the entire body weight.

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12 Best Bodyweight ExercisesYou Can Do to GetA Lean, Strong and Fit Physique  

It is a common misconception that getting a lean, strong, and fit physique can only be done through lifting weights.

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