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What If Pewdiepie Didn't Exist?

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What If Pewdiepie Didn't Exist?

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PewDiePie - The Most Subscribed to Youtuber of history. The Face of aGeneration. The Internet King. Felix Kjellberg uploaded his rst video on thePewDiePie channel in October 2010.

Pewdiepie- whatifhub.com

What if Pewdiepie never Existed?

It took little under three years for a legend to be born… but…what if it neverhappened? Hello and welcome back to whatifhub.com… the channel that

loves many things… we ain't no one-trick ponies.


Why – because some questions have no genre! Science, history, space, politics,pop culture, meme culture….all of it – no problem is undeserving of an answer.Today I am going to asking WHAT if PewDiePie didn’t exist? What a question… what a day.

Pewdiepie- whatifhub.com

What will happen if PewDiePie really deletes his channel?

Before we get full on into this, why don’t you guys let me know 1 – if Ipronounced his name right, and two if you think the world would be differentwithout Pewds?

Let me know all of your feelings in the comments section down below and leave a thumbs up on this article also clickety-click that Noti cation Bell to stay up to date with small, medium and big answers. Pewdiepie. Apparently genarally intended to be pronounced Pew DIE PIE after his online gaming name, Pew, Die…and…er…his love of pie.

I feel you on the last one, Felix. PewDiePie is the most in uential online personality of the previous decade. In July 2012 he gain the one million subscriber milestone, but 2013 was his big year in which he went from 3.5 million to 10 million and then UP to nearly 20 million by the time the New Year Bells were tolling.

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That year he became the most subscribed to Youtuber in the globe and, despite being brie y dethroned once by Youtube itself, since 23rd Dec 2013 held on to the title. PewDiePie is an old timer and one of the founding pillars on which YouTube as a platform built its strength.

Named as one of Time Magazine’s World’s 100 Most in uential people in 2016, while your mum and dad might not have heard of him, you would be an absolute fool to downplay his signi cance and in uence as a historical gure during the boom of social media.

So… what if he didn’t exist? Well, right now PewDiePie has 85 millionsubscribers, although the number is almost irrelevant as it keeps on changing.Beyond those 85 million is a broader network of people who know his name.

Without Pewdiepie, the levels of personal impact would vary. It would be dramatic to say that the lives of 85 million and change people would be signi cantly altered on a personal level. I am subscribed to pewdiepie…I watch his content every now and then, but he doesn’t factor into my day today.

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Some core members of the BRO army might be Devo but then, how could they miss what they never had? WELL… let me tell you. PewDiePie perpetuated the Let’s Play genre. It is hard to know if the sole driving force, or just the most common gure riding the waves, but with his in uence, I would say he certainly gave a lot to the gaming industry at the time it was really growing…his presence popularized gameplay and gaming as a spectator… which likely fed into the growth of E-Sports.

He hit it big with The Last of Us, and he provided a lot of coverage for Indie Games…which may never have found as big an audience without him. Beyond Gaming – PewDiePie provided commentary for online culture – I am going to go as far as to say that MEME culture wouldn’t be the same – his Meme


reviews have been some of his best content.

BUT I do have a more serious point to make here. When PewDiePie started commenting on the culture, he broke out of a critical box. From online gamer, he became a Youtube personality…and a youtube personality with opinions, which very much upset traditional media.

PewDiePie broke the cookie cutter image of celebrities – hosts, presenters… he was mainstream, but he was awkward, and he was kind of crude. All of a sudden being famous… like..super famous.. didn’t mean having to look or act a certain culturally accepted way.

In some ways, PewDiePie championed the everyman. Early on in his career he was noticed and discussed by the New York Times and Billboard etc… This is my own speculation have you ever saw how traditional media platforms are happy talking about reality TV stars and B list celebrities but when it comes to Youtubers… They literally only discuss a handful of the utmost successful for their own story again?

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Pewdiepie didn’t have to play nice to the press to get a platform like some reality stars – worryingly for traditional media – he became more prominent than them…. Drawing attention to the platform of the self-made that had old media shaking in their boots – that platform is Youtube… something PewDiePie’s success helped perpetuate…but of course, love it or hate it, which he frequently does…neither could exist without the other. Pewdiepie’s victory came at a time that the concept of how to become successful was changing.

Previously being a quote unquote celebrity came at the mercy of producers and people with big money to give you signi cant opportunities. As a case study, PewDiePie is a fascinating gure in history. He dropped out of University because he didn’t like it – something that many people would consider failing.

He then found something he liked better and excelled at it. PewDiePie as ahistorical character helped the shift of opinion towards higher education.


10 years prior it seemed vital for all young people to attend university tosucceed in life, but now it seems people are nding better ways for them. I wonder without gures like Pewds saying that that is okay if a lot of kids would still be pursuing business degrees that their hearts are not in.

The big question I suppose is – If Pewdiepie didn’t exist…. Would Youtubemonetization have taken the blow it did following his many content scandals,speci cally the 5iver Jews incident in 2017?

Some could argue that without Pewdiepie Youtube as a platform wouldn’t have grown as successful and therefore received fewer brands placing their money in it – but others say someone else would have lled the void left by pewdiepie’s absence, such as Jacksepticeye, or Markiplier…

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But these people have been a little more responsible with their content. Pewdiepie, being so successful and making jokes in such poor taste did reveal a worry for big brands - they don’t tow the clean-cut party line which brands are used to dealing with to deliver their message exactly as they imagine it. Pewdiepie made marketing team worry.

Of course, I am not defending his actions at all. … it did seem to coincide with Youtube tightening regulations around content creation and made it harder for smaller YouTubers to earn a living… but was that par for the course…would it have happened anyway?

I do wonder if, there is no pewdiepie, Youtube would be less of a boys club…. With such a prominent male rising through the ranks and creating what he actually called a BRO army… was he promoting toxic masculinity – pushing females out of the gaming genre and leaving them to makeup and shopping hauls?

I honestly don’t know, but I do nd it interesting that he changed his fan basename to Squad fam….

So what if Pewdiepie didn’t exist? Well, the internet would likely be different –


who is to say if someone would have lled his shoes or his gaming chair…probably…

But that would be, like with all other what if they didn’t exist questions… awhole different reality! For better or worse… he is here. Get used to it!


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