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On September 1, 1873 Addison and Randolph Clark opened AddRan College with just 13 students in Thorp Spring, Texas. Thirty-seven years later the institution, by then known as Texas Christian University, moved to its present location in Fort Worth. Since that time, the student body and campus sizes have changed, but the mission remains the same—“To educate individuals to think and act as ethical leaders and responsible citizens in the global community.” Today, over 9,500 students call TCU home and live out the many traditions that make TCU a vibrant student experience. This book highlights some of those traditions so you can better understand what it truly means to be part of the TCU Horned Frog Family.

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Campus Map Alma Mater Chants Hand Sign Colors Frog Horn SuperFrog Frog Camp Frogs First Family Weekend King Tower Frog Fountain Frog Sculptures Froghenge Veterans Plaza Clark Brothers Statue Chapel Bells University Seal Class Ring Homecoming Fall Concert Colby Halloween Tree Lighting Late Night Breakfast Calendar of Events Football Schedule Student Organizaitons


Waits Avenue

Greene Avenue

Cockrell Avenue

Rogers Avenue

Wabash Avenue

West Cantey Street

West Cantey Street


Kent Street


Lubbock Avenue

Merida Avenue Merida Avenue

Waits Avenue

Cockrell Avenue

West Bowie Street

Bellaire Drive North

West Berry Street

West Berry Street

Pond Drive

Living on Campus

West Berry Street



Greene Avenue

12 South Drive

Mid Court

Stadium Drive

Bellaire Drive North

Lubbock Avenue


West Lowden Street

Greene Avenue

ve Stadium Dri

y lle

A og Fr


8 10

Princeton Street




4 South University Drive


Parmer Avenue

North Drive




Sherley Hall


King Hall


Waits Hall


Wright Hall


Colby Hall


Moncrief Hall


Foster Hall


Milton Daniel Hall


Brown-Lupton University Union


Tom Brown/Pete Wright Apts.


Samuelson Hall


Clark Hall


Carter Hall


Brachman Hall



Alma Mater Hail, all hail, TCU Mem’ries sweet, comrades true Light of faith, follow through Praise to thee, TCU!




Fight Song Chant F-R-O-G-S F-I-G-H-T Purple, White, Horned Frogs fight Victory, victory, right, right, right RAH, RAH, TCU! RAH, RAH, TCU! F-R-O-G-S F-I-G-H-T Go, go, Horned Frogs go TCU Frogs fight!

Chant T-C-U!
 We’re gonna beat the Hell out of you! And you, and you, and you, and you and you!

Fight Song We’ll raise a song, both loud and long

Riff Ram

To cheer our team to victory

Riff, Ram, Bah, Zoo

For TCU, so tried and true,

Lickety, Lickety, Zoo, Zoo

We pledge eternal loyalty.

Who, Wah, Wah, Who


Give ‘em Hell, TCU!

Fight on boys, fight, with all your might. Roll up the scores for TCU. Hail White and Purple flag, whose heroes never lag, 6

Horned Frog, we are all for you!


In 1980, head cheerleader Chad Schrotel, ’82, and his peers decided a hand signal would be a great way to show solidarity and promote school spirit. They settled on the current curled-finger salute, because the protruding knuckles resembled the horns on a real horned frog. When teaching new students and fans how to make the sign, teachers often use the phrase, “make a peace sign and squish it down.”




The official TCU colors are purple and white. Purple represents royalty and white for a clean game. According to TCU history, these school colors were most likely adopted in 1896.


Hand Sign


Dubbed by ESPN as “the most unique in all of college football,” the Frog Horn has become a trademark of TCU. The 3,000-pound locomotive horn was built in three weeks in 1994 by a team of engineers from Burlington Northern Railroad Company and donated to TCU. Since that time, it has appeared at football, baseball, bowl games and parades. The Frog Horn is traditionally sounded each time the Horned Frogs score during a game. Its registers at 120 decibels, billows clouds of white smoke and has a blinking purple and white frame.


SuperFrog In 1979, TCU Athletics Promotions Director John Grace created SuperFrog as part of a campaign to promote TCU on campus and in the local community. Grace wanted a mascot that would help create a fun atmosphere at sporting events (in contrast to the previous mascot, Addie, who was made from papier-mâché and looked like a dragon). In 1999, SuperFrog received an image makeover replacing his potbelly and TCU t-shirt with a muscular physique and updated wardrobe. SuperFrog is a popular representative of the University—being recognized by ESPN as the nation’s top mascot and also having his own Facebook page.


Frog Horn


TCU Frog Camp is a program designed to help new students find their place at TCU. The multi-day experience immerses students in TCU history and traditions, helps them establish new friendships and assists them in developing the skills they need to be successful in college. Currently, students can choose from eight camps:

Frogs First Frogs First is a new-student, small-group program that takes place during new students’ first weekend at TCU. The goal of this program is to connect, inspire and endear students to TCU through a variety of group activities, on-campus programs and leadership experiences.


Frog Camp

Casa Nueva Challenge Alpine Spain Quest Washington, D.C. Summit Tundra



Family Weekend is a program for parents and families to provide a sense of what the TCU experience is all about. Family Weekend is held annually in September and features a variety of events over the course of three days. One of the longest standing traditions during Family Weekend is a concert by the TCU Jazz Ensemble. 2012 marks the 36th year the Ensemble has performed. Family Weekend is sponsored by the Student Government Association.



Family Weekend


King Tower is the five-story clock tower connected to the Brown-Lupton University Union. Built in 2008, this tower is named after Trustee Roger King, ’63, and his wife Roberta. In just a few short years, this distinct architectural feature has become a campus landmark. The King Tower lights up TCU purple each evening.

Frog Fountain A focal point of campus life for four decades, Frog Fountain features four stylized lotus leaves, a motif chosen because of the historic association of the lotus with education. Originally placed in front of the Brown-Lupton Student Center, the fountain was refurbished and moved to the Campus Commons in 2008.


King Tower

Frog Fountain was created with a gift from oilman H. Houghton Phillips, Sr., of San Antonio, and his wife, Winnie Phillips. Funding for the restoration and reinstallation of Frog Fountain was provided by Trustee Emeritus John V. Roach ’61 MBA ’65, former chairman of TCU’s Board of Trustees, and his wife, Jean Wiggin Roach ’64, a Fort Worth community leader; their daughter, TCU Trustee Amy Bailey ’89; and daughter and sonin-law Lori and Craig Davis ’95.




Horned Frog Sculpture

Ol’ Rip

With a cocky tilt of his head and spikes bristling, the Horned Frog Statue rests at the heart of campus in the outdoor mall adjacent to Sadler Hall. Commissioned by the Student Government Association in 1984, the statue was created by international sculptor and TCU-parent Seppo Aarnos. Since its installation almost 30 years ago, it has become a tradition for students to rub the frog’s nose for good luck before a test.

Ol’ Rip is the name of the bronze horned frog sculpture located between Scharbauer and Reed Halls. Named by Kyle Morales, ’12, the sculpture was created by artist Joe Spear and placed on campus in 2012. Ol’ Rip is named for “Old Rip,” the legendary horned frog that survived 31 years (1897–1928) inside a time capsule in the Eastland County Courthouse.


Horned Frogs

For students and visitors looking to catch a glimpse of a horned frog, TCU features two realistic sculptures on campus.


The Megalith at TCU, more commonly called Froghenge, is the University’s response to the New Stone Age. It is an idealized replica of a type of megalithic monument that was erected in northeastern Scotland about 4,000 to 5,000 years ago. Composed of 11 blocks of quartzite from Idaho and 10 blocks of Oklahoma sandstone, Froghenge sits outside the Bailey and Palko Buildings and Lowe Hall. Some of the stones that make up Froghenge have special meanings, specifically:

The monument is currently used as an outdoor classroom. According to the legend of Froghenge, no one within the circle may knowingly tell an untruth, and anyone who loses their temper in debate must leave the circle immediately.



Search for Meaning

The stone pointing to the Chapel represents the driving force that connects the past to the future.

Stone of Happiness

The stone pointing to Lowe Hall represents the happiness that comes from knowledge rather than ignorance.

Stone of the Passing of the Torch

The stone pointing to the Bailey Building represents the primary academic responsibility of the University.

Stone of the Teacher

The recumbent stone represents the University and signifies debate and a focus on instruction.



The TCU Veterans Plaza was dedicated in 2005 to honor the sacrifices and achievements of alumni and students who served in World Wars I and II, Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan and Iraq. The plaza encompasses existing memorial pillars that were originally constructed as part of a memorial arch in 1923 to honor World War I veterans and rededicated in 1949 to honor veterans of both World Wars. On the west side of the monument, a grove of trees symbolizes the unity of the soldiers, while a gap in the grove honors those soldiers who died in war. In the grove are plaques listing the names of the fallen.


Clark Brothers Statue


Veterans Plaza

On the east side of campus stands a statue dedicated to TCU’s founders, Addison and Randolph Clark. The statue incorporates the original AddRan College cornerstone from TCU’s forerunner institution in Thorp Spring. Created by Carol Thornton, ‘48, the campus landmark was given to the University in 1993 by Chancellor Emeritus William E. Tucker and his wife, Jean Jones Tucker, ‘56.


In 1984, the Verdin firm of Cincinnati completed the installation of the Robert Carr Chapel Carillon. Unlike many other carillons that use castmetal bells, the Robert Carr Carillon is electronic. Each hour on the hour, the 186 “bells” of the carillon ring out the first few measures of the TCU Alma Mater for students, faculty, staff and Fort Worth residents to hear.


University Seal The University seal is one of the official images of TCU and is only found on official University documents, icons and monuments. The seal features the founding date of the University—1873—and the official University motto, “Disciplina est Facultas,” which means, “Learning is Power.” Various locations across campus showcase the seal, including the marble base underneath the Sadler Hall flagpoles, the façade of the Brown-Lupton University Union and a large welcome sign at the start of North Drive.


Chapel Bells


In January 2002, TCU unveiled a class ring as a symbol of the University. The ring, designed by 15 students, faculty, staff and alumni, features the University seal and a horned frog. The official TCU ring is a reminder that the wearer is part of an elite group of graduates and the TCU family. Class rings are sponsored by Alumni Relations and are presented to participating seniors each fall at the Ring Ceremony held during Family Weekend.


Homecoming For decades, TCU has honored alumni by holding an annual Homecoming celebration. Homecoming is historically held each October on a football game weekend. Homecoming traditions include a parade, pep rally/carnival, the crowning of Mr. and Ms. TCU and the introduction of former Mr. and Ms. TCU recipients.


Class Ring


Each fall, the Student Government Association, with assistance from theCrew, sponsors a University-wide concert in the Campus Commons. Past artists include One Republic, The Fray and Lady Antebellum.


Colby Halloween Each year, the residents of Colby Hall decorate the facility for Halloween and invite the children and grandchildren of faculty and staff to trickor-treat. 2011 marked the 40th anniversary of Colby Halloween.


Fall Concert


Each year thousands of TCU students, faculty, staff, alumni and Fort Worth community members converge on the Campus Commons for the lighting of the University’s Christmas Tree. The tree, which is a gift to the University from the Student Government Association, typically stands from 35–40 feet tall and is decorated in the University’s official colors. The Chancellor and Student Body President light the tree, which rings in the start of the holiday season and festivities at TCU.


Late Night Breakfast One of the most beloved TCU student traditions is Late Night Breakfast. During finals week, faculty and staff serve breakfast to students in the BrownLupton University Union to help them unwind from the stress of finals. Activities such as karaoke, dancing and music are also provided.


Tree Lighting



Calendar of Events Frogs First

August 16–19, 2012

Frogs First is a program for new students designed to connect, inspire and endear them to TCU through a variety of group activities, on-campus programs and leadership experiences. For more information, please visit:

Student Activities Fair Sunday August 19, 2012

3:00–5:30 p.m. University Recreation Center Looking to get involved? The Student Activities Fair is the premiere showcase for student organizations. Discover TCU’s student organizations and find your place at this annual event.

Fall Break

October 8-9, 2012


October 19–20, 2012

Join fellow students, alumni and the Fort Worth community in celebrating what it means to be a Horned Frog at this traditional event.

Christmas Tree Lighting First Day of Classes August 20, 2012

7:00 p.m. Campus Commons Chancellor Victor J. Boschini, Jr. and the Student Government Association will light the TCU Christmas Tree as TCU kicks off its annual season of holiday celebrations.

Family Weekend

Late Night Breakfast

Family Weekend is a program designed for parents and families to provide a sense of what the TCU experience is all about. For more information or to register for Family Weekend, please visit:

10:00 p.m.–Midnight Brown-Lupton University Union Take a break from studying and enjoy free breakfast served by faculty and staff. Late Night Breakfast is a TCU tradition you don’t want to miss!

September 21–23, 2012


Wednesday, November 28

Tuesday, December 11



TCU Football Schedule


September 8 September 15 September 22 September 29 October 6 October 13 October 20 October 27 November 3 November 10 November 24 December 1


Grambling State at Kansas Virginia at SMU Iowa State at Baylor Texas Tech at Oklahoma State at West Virginia Kansas State at Texas Oklahoma


The student organizations listed below are active on the TCU campus as of the summer of 2012. For the most updated list, please visit

Academic Alpha Epsilon Delta Alpha Epsilon Delta is a national health pre-professional honor society. The objectives of AED are to: 1) encourage and recognize excellence in pre-health scholarship, 2) stimulate an appreciation for pre-health education, 3) promote cooperation and contacts between health professions and pre-medical students and educators in developing an adequate program of pre-health education, 4) bind together similarly interested students and 5) use its knowledge for the benefit of health organizations, charities and the community. Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society The mission of ALD is to encourage superior academic achievement, promote intelligent living and a high standard of learning and assist students in recognizing and developing meaningful goals in society. Alpha Phi Omega APO is a national co-ed service fraternity focused on volunteerism. APO strives to help members develop leadership skills, experience friendship and provide service to others. American Society of Mechanical Engineers The purpose of ASME is to provide an initial point of contact with the professional industrial world by means of touring industry, inviting guest speakers, participating in related industry events and encouraging students to become active in the professional world. Anthropological Society The TCU Anthropological Society brings students who share a common interest in cultural studies together by providing a stimulating environment for the exchange of ideas and resources for the growth of cultural knowledge. Athletic Training Students Association ATSA is an organization designed to support training students and provide them with educational opportunities in the field of athletic training.

COE Frog Docs The purpose of Frog Docs is to provide members with diversified opportunities—educational, professional and social in nature—within the College of Education as they experience the journey of a doctoral student. This organization provides members with opportunities to share, learn and interact with fellow members through regular meetings and collaborations such as workshops, conferences and other special programs.


TCU Student Organizations

Computer Science Society The TCU Computer Science Society is an organization for students of all majors who are interested in computer science and computer information technology. CSS regularly brings guest speakers to campus who have computer-related backgrounds. Design Focus Design Focus is TCU’s student design organization. The purpose of the organization is to expand design exposure and experience through attendance at regional and national professional meetings and competitions. Economics Club The purpose of the TCU Economics Club is to provide a resource for economics majors and minors to meet one another, discuss current economic issues, facilitate events related to the study of economics and be an academic and professional resource. Geography Club The TCU Geography Club is a student organization dedicated to students with mutual interests in geography and geography-related majors. Golden Key International Honor Society Golden Key is the world’s largest collegiate honor society. The mission of Golden Key is to enable members to realize their potential through the advancement of academics, leadership and service. Honors Nature of Giving Honors Nature of Giving partners with the upper-division Honors Nature of Giving colloquium class to develop students’ understanding and appreciation for the meaning/importance of philanthropy through participating in real philanthropic endeavors.

Chi Delta Mu Chi Delta Mu is an organization dedicated to providing a forum for facultystudent interaction around the discussion of religion.



La Mesa Hispanica La Mesa Hispanica is a club for all Spanish majors and minors or for any student interested in the language and cultures of Spanish-speaking countries. Lambda Pi Eta LPH is the national honor society for undergraduate communication students. The purpose of Lambda Pi Eta is to recognize, foster and reward outstanding scholastic achievement; stimulate interest in the field of communication; promote and encourage professional development among communication majors; provide an opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas in the field of communication; and establish and maintain close relationships and understanding between faculty and students. Music Educators Organization The goal of the Music Educators Organization is to help members grow within the field of music education and create awareness of local happenings. National Society of Collegiate Scholars NSCS is an honor society for high-achieving freshmen and sophomores. TCU’s chapter of NSCS offers growth opportunities, leadership training and access to NSCS-only scholarships. National Student Speech-Language and Hearing Association NSSLHA exists to:
1) encourage professional interest among college and university students in the study of 
normal and disordered human communication, 2) assist college and university departments and local organizations interested in speech, 
hearing and language behavior and disorders, 3) provide continuity to the dissemination of professional information and 4) provide a vehicle for student representation in matters of professional concern. Omicron Delta Kappa ODK, the first national honor society for college students, recognizes and encourages superior scholarship, leadership and exemplary character. Membership in ODK is limited to full-time juniors, seniors and graduate students in the upper 35 percent of their class. Phi Alpha Honor Society Phi Alpha is the national honor society for social work students at TCU. The purpose of Phi Alpha is to provide a closer bond among students of social work and promote humanitarian goals and ideals.


Phi Upsilon Omicron Phi Upsilon Omicron is a national honor society in family and consumer sciences. The purpose of the organization is to recognize and encourage academic excellence; develop qualities of professional and personal leadership; provide opportunities for service to the profession; and encourage professional and personal commitment in order to advance family and consumer sciences and related areas.


John V. Roach Honors Cabinet The John V. Roach Honors Cabinet focuses on enriching the social and academic experiences of Honors students beyond the classroom. The mission of Cabinet is to help build a community that provides opportunities for Honors students to interact with one another and their professors. Honors Cabinet is comprised of appointees from each graduation class.

Pre-Law Club The TCU Pre-Law Club brings together students who have indicated an interest in pre-law for the purpose of learning more about applying to law school and becoming a lawyer. The Pre-Law Club routinely brings guest speakers to campus who discuss the field of law and the law school application process. Psi Chi Psi Chi is the international honor society in psychology. The organization provides academic recognition and development opportunities to its members. Sigma Gamma Epsilon Sigma Gamma Epsilon was established to recognize scholarship and professionalism in the Earth sciences. The purpose of the organization is to focus on the scholastic, scientific and professional advancement of its members and the extension of relations among colleges and universities devoted to the advancement of the Earth sciences. Sisters Transcending and Reaching Success Sisters Transcending and Reaching Success is devoted to promoting sisterhood and leadership among the university and community realms, supporting women and youth in their time of need and encouraging the development of successful women. Society of Physics Students SPS exists to: 1) promote physics in the community, 2) mentor undergraduate students in the field of physics and 3) serve as a forum for students interested in physics to exchange ideas, receive help and socialize. Society of Women Engineers SWE is a club for female engineering majors to participate in networking with local companies and to get more involved with the TCU engineering program. Student Association of Social Work The purpose of SASW is to link social work students with the profession; promote knowledge and interest in social work at TCU; provide orientation to students new to the TCU campus who may be interested in social work; promote social action and community service both within and outside TCU; and provide opportunities for interaction among social work majors and other students interested in social work at TCU. SASW is a support system for


Student Nurses Association SNA is an organization committed to: 1) providing opportunities for HCNHS nursing students that will increase involvement in HCNHS life, 2) targeting SNA activities to address public health issues in health promotion and awareness and 3) offering events for SNA members that provide educational and networking opportunities. American Chemical Society The purpose of the student chapter of the ACS is to afford an opportunity for students of a chemical science to become better acquainted; secure the intellectual stimulation that arises from professional association; obtain experience in preparing and presenting technical material before chemical audiences; foster a professional spirit among the members; instill a professional pride in the chemical sciences; and foster an awareness of the responsibilities and challenges of the modern chemist. College of Science and Engineering Student Advisory Board The Board consists of members selected by their major within the College of Science and Engineering. The purpose of the Student Advisory Board is to foster a high level of excellence in the College of Science and Engineering at TCU. The Board accomplishes this by facilitating interaction between students and the Dean, providing input on academic issues and supporting the promotion, development and expansion of the educational programs and facilities in the College. Winifred Bryan Horner Rhetoric Society The Winifred Bryan Horner Rhetoric Society provides a forum for gathering as rhetoricians. Its goals include advancing scholarship among the graduate community and providing fertile ground for discussion and support among students of rhetoric. Upsilon Pi Epsilon UPE is a national honor society for students in the information and computing sciences. The mission of UPE is to recognize academic excellence at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Business Ad Association The TCU Ad Association is a resource to all students in the fields of advertising, public relations, marketing and many more. The Ad Association seeks to help


students prepare for graduation by enhancing their rĂŠsumĂŠs and interview skills, introducing them to professionals, providing networking opportunities and teaching them about the jobs available in the trade. The Ad Association is affiliated with the American Advertising Federation.


students passionate about social justice, human worth and dignity, service, and the importance of human relationships.

American Marketing Association The TCU Collegiate Chapter of AMA is open to all students. The club helps bridge the gap between marketing theory and practice. Association for Information Systems The mission of AIS TCU is to promote the study and utilization of information systems to its members through programs of professional development, social networking and community development. AIS TCU regularly invites local Fort Worth leaders to speak about the leading edge of technology, provides skill-building workshops for its members and offers a number of networking events throughout the year to expose students to potential employers. Beta Alpha Psi The purpose of this national student accounting honor society is to encourage and foster the idea of service as basic to the accounting profession; promote the highest ethical standards in the study of accountancy; develop high moral, scholastic and professional attainments in its members; and encourage cordial relationships among its members and the accounting profession in general. Students are invited on the basis of scholarship. BNSF Next Generation Leadership Program The BNSF Next Generation Leadership Program is designed to develop exceptional undergraduate business students into the next generation of business leaders. Innovative courses, coaching, community service projects and co-curricular activities give students the opportunity to learn about themselves and hone their leadership skills. Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization The fundamental purpose of CEO is to foster interest in the field of entrepreneurship; develop sound entrepreneurial theory; improve methods and techniques of business management; learn how to create an entrepreneurial venture; encourage sound and honest practices in pursuit of entrepreneurial opportunities; utilize entrepreneurial skills through community outreach efforts; and develop lasting relationships among students, faculty and the business community. Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities; encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce; and further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community.


Neeley Fellows Student Organization Neeley Fellows is an undergraduate program of the Neeley School of Business at TCU whose purpose is to educate and develop students of extraordinary potential with both curricular and co-curricular experiential learning opportunities so these individuals can affect change in the global business community. The program challenges top students to stretch beyond their already competitive undergraduate coursework in business and provides opportunities to interact with top faculty and business executives both in and out of the classroom. Net Impact Net Impact is an organization open to Neeley Fellows students providing a network of professionals and students that desire to create a more sustainable world in business. Organization for Supply Chain Studies The goal of OSCS is to provide students with an interest in supply chain a forum to discuss issues that affect business; promote interaction and networking opportunities with supply chain executives; and provide the opportunity to meet and socialize with fellow students pursuing a similar career path. Real Estate Club The Real Estate Club is dedicated to the development of students interested in pursuing a career in the real estate industry. Members have the opportunity to learn and network with real estate professionals at speaker events, attend site visits, receive listings in TREC résumé book and practice in the annual TREC fair. Society for Human Resource Management The TCU Student Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management is open to students of all majors. SHRM provides students an opportunity to learn more about the practice of management and, in particular, human resource management. The chapter hosts guest speakers, takes field trips and attends regional and state professional meetings. The chapter also hosts workshops and panels on a variety of current management topics for the benefit of the entire student body.


Women’s Business Network The Women’s Business Network is a student-led organization that provides Neeley students the skills necessary to succeed in today’s rapidly changing business environment and develops the potential of young women through networking, mentorship and community service.

Cultural African Heritage Organization AHO educates individuals about how African heritage influences global society. African heritage is not only about being African, it is about looking at your own heritage, accepting it, loving it and sharing it with others who want to know more about it.


Financial Management Association The purpose of FMA is to: 1) assist in the professional, educational and social development of college students interested in finance, banking and investments, 2) provide an association for college students actively interested in these fields and 3) encourage interaction between business executives, faculty and students of business and finance.

American Sign Language Club The purpose of the ASL Club is to foster community and participate in events based on a common interest in American Sign Language and the deaf culture. Asian Student Association The Asian Student Association is an organization dedicated to uniting the campus’s Asian community and promoting Asian cultural awareness in fun and active ways. In doing so, ASA strives to provide a comfortable environment for fellowship among all TCU students and to cultivate a sense of respect for all people. Black Student Association BSA is an organization dedicated to unifying TCU African-American students toward the following common goals and objectives: increasing recruitment, retention and graduation of African-American students at TCU; increasing visibility as a positive campus presence; and being a voice for all TCU AfricanAmerican individuals and organizations. Caribbean Students Association The Caribbean Students Association is a group where students can stay connected to and learn about the diverse and exciting culture that is the Caribbean. Collegiate Chapter of MTNA (Music Teachers National Association) The purpose of this organization is to advance the value and study of music making to society and to support the professionalism of music teachers. MTNA accomplishes these goals by organizing community service projects, hosting speakers, sponsoring recitals, attending conferences and much more. Ensemble en Français This organization promotes the linguistic and cultural exploration of the more than 50 countries around the world where French is spoken, including the United States. Students with a genuine interest in the French-speaking world and/or who are taking French at TCU can join the organization. German Club The TCU German club is a place where students interested in German language, culture and/or food can gather and enjoy such things. Students do


International Student Association ISA is a group of American and international students who gather to learn about world culture, hold social events and meet new friends from around the world. Italian Club The purpose of this organization is to celebrate the Italian language and its culture and traditions. The organization regularly holds film nights, attends cultural events and holds Italian conversation hours. Students for Asian-Indian Cultural Awareness SAICA is an organization open to all students who are interested in exploring the cultures represented in South Asia. The group promotes and shares South Asian cultures with the TCU community by indulging in South Asian music, food, ethnic dances, festivals and sports like cricket. SAICA also provides a great opportunity to meet culturally diverse people within an Asian-Indian enriched environment through its events.

Fraternities & Sororities

Beta Upsilon Chi Beta Upsilon Chi, a national Christian fraternity, exists for the purpose of establishing brotherhood and unity among college men based on the common bond of Jesus Christ. Chi Omega Chi Omega is a national women’s fraternity dedicated to friendship, personal integrity, service to others, academic excellence, intellectual pursuits, community and campus involvement and personal and career development. Chi Upsilon Sigma Latin Sorority, Inc. Chi Upsilon Sigma strives to promote a positive image of the community of color, particularly Latinos and Latinas. Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta is a national women’s fraternity that engages its members for life through timeless values, enduring friendships and innovative opportunities for growth.

Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Chi Omega is a national women’s fraternity that enriches the lives of members through lifetime opportunities for friendship, leadership, learning and service.

Delta Gamma Delta Gamma is a women’s fraternity whose primary purpose is to foster high ideals of friendship, promote educational and cultural interests, create a true sense of social responsibility and develop the finest qualities of character.

Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Delta Pi is a national sorority committed to sisterhood, values and ethics, high academic standards and social responsibility.

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Delta Sigma Theta is a non-profit Greek-lettered sorority of college-educated women who perform public service and place emphasis on the AfricanAmerican community.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Alpha Kappa Alpha is the oldest Greek-letter organization established by and for Black college women. Membership is open to undergraduates and graduates. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Alpha Phi Alpha is a brotherhood of gentlemen who share the common goal of upholding the aims of the fraternity: manly deeds, scholarship and love for all mankind. The fraternity is deeply rooted in the community and participates in many community-service activities during the year. Alpha Phi Alpha also hosts many social and educational activities and programs on campus.


Beta Theta Pi Beta Theta Pi is a fraternity of men looking to develop men of principle for a principled life. The brotherhood aids the individual, builds the fraternity and strengthens the host academic institution through lifelong devotion to high standards of moral conduct and responsible citizenship.


not need to have any background in the language, nor do they need to be in a German class to join.

Delta Tau Delta Delta Tau Delta is a national fraternity that seeks to provide opportunities for its members to experience leadership training, academic assistance and career guidance. Gamma Phi Beta Gamma Phi Beta is a sorority committed to fostering a nurturing environment that provides women the opportunity to achieve their potential through a lifelong commitment to intellectual growth, individual worth and service to humanity.


Interfraternity Council The Interfraternity Council serves as the governing body for the national fraternities on campus. IFC’s mission is to promote the development of gentlemen through scholarship, service and leadership in the bond of brotherhood in concordance with the values of the University. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Kappa Alpha Psi is a fraternity dedicated to uniting college men of culture, patriotism and honor in a bond of fraternity. Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Alpha Theta is a fraternity for women that exists to nurture each member throughout her college experience and offer a lifelong opportunity for social, intellectual and moral growth as she meets the higher and broader demands of mature life. Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Kappa Gamma is a sorority that provides friendship, philanthropic opportunities and lifelong passion toward an organization of service and happiness. Kappa Lambda Delta Sorority, Inc. Kappa Lambda Delta’s mission is to provide sisterhood, leadership, Asian/ Asian-American awareness and scholarship among women at TCU. Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma is a fraternity dedicated to fellowship, leadership, scholarship and service. Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha serves as a co-curricular experience to complement higher education by providing young men with opportunities for academic achievement, leadership development and lifelong friendships. Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. The purpose of Lambda Theta Alpha is to provide a sisterhood based on unity love and respect; develop strong leaders; promote unity through charitable and educational programs; maintain a higher standard of learning; and serve as a voice for all students. Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc. Lambda Theta Phi is a Latino fraternity that strives to promote scholarship, Latin unity, respect for all cultures and brotherhood.


Multicultural Greek Council The Multicultural Greek Council exists for the purpose of uniting multicultural Greek-lettered organizations on campus. MGC promotes academics and community service, while striving to unite and express the different views of its member organizations in the TCU community. MGC serves as a governing body to set rules, principles and order among the organizations.


Independent Greek Council The Independent Greek Council represents the TCU Greek-lettered organizations not affiliated with the Interfraternity Council, Multicultural Greek Council, Panhellenic Council and National Panhellenic Council.

National Pan-Hellenic Council The National Pan-Hellenic Council works to create and maintain high standards in the life of fraternities and sororities; perpetuate constructive fraternity and sorority relationships; foster an understanding of the structure and the method of operating among the affiliate organizations; address, coordinate and develop action strategies of mutual concern to the affiliate organizations; and serve as the conduit for such action plans as may be developed. Omega Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc. The goal of Omega Delta Phi is to serve the community and excel academically, athletically and socially while ensuring all members graduate from college and promote higher education. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Omega Psi Phi works to build a strong group of men dedicated to the principles of manhood, scholarship, perseverance and uplift. Order of Omega Order of Omega is a leadership honor society for juniors and seniors who are members of Greek organizations. Panhellenic Council Panhellenic Council serves as a forum for the discussion of issues of interest and concern to all members of the Greek community and governs the Panhellenic activity on the TCU campus. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Phi Beta Sigma is a family of distinguished and educated men devoted to exemplifying character and leadership within the TCU and local communities. Phi Delta Theta Phi Delta Theta is a fraternity that seeks to achieve three principle objectives: 1) the cultivation of friendship among its members, 2) the acquirement individually of a high degree of mental culture and 3) the personal attainment of a high standard of morality. Phi Gamma Delta Phi Gamma Delta is a fraternity that exists to promote lifelong friendships, reaffirm high ethical standards and values and foster personal development in the pursuit of excellence. Phi Gamma Delta is committed to providing


Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Sigma is a diverse group of young men bound together by common values: trust, honor, respect, knowledge, wisdom, responsibility and integrity. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is a fraternity that strives for the development of the best and truest fraternal spirit; the mutual welfare and brotherhood of musical students; the advancement of music in America and a loyalty to the alma mater. Sinfonia participates in a broad range of activities emphasizing brotherhood, service and performance in music. Pi Beta Phi The mission of Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women is to promote friendship, develop women of intellect and integrity, cultivate leadership potential and enrich lives through community service. Pi Kappa Phi Pi Kappa Phi fraternity was founded on the premise of creating leadership opportunities in the classroom, on the athletic field, in campus politics and within the local community. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon is a national fraternity that exists to promote the highest standards of friendship, scholarship and service. Sigma Chi The purpose of Sigma Chi fraternity is the cultivation, maintenance and accomplishment of the ideals of friendship, justice and learning. Sigma Kappa Sigma Kappa sorority is a social organization of women committed to promoting the ideals of lifelong friendship, intellectual and spiritual fulfillment and service for the greater good. Sigma Lambda Alpha Sorority, Inc. Sigma Lambda Alpha is a Latin-based sorority. The mission of Sigma Lambda Alpha is to promote the importance of community service involvement and academic achievement, and to educate and excel the stance of Latino cultures. Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon is a fraternity dedicated to “building balanced men.� The organization provides value to its members by charting a course for men to live their best lives by embracing the principles of virtue, diligence and brotherly love and committing to the practice of sound mind and sound body.


Zeta Tau Alpha The purpose of Zeta Tau Alpha is the intensifying of friendship; the fostering of a spirit of love; the creating of such sentiments, the performing of such deeds and the molding of such opinions as will be conducive to the building up of a purer and nobler womanhood in the world.


opportunities to each brother to develop responsibility, leadership, scholarship and social skills to become a fully contributing member of society.

Housing and Residential Life Residence Hall Association The TCU Residence Hall Association is a student-run organization dedicated to making the on-campus living experience the best it can be. In RHA, delegates from each hall vote on policy, legislation, programming and other ideas that impact TCU.

Military Arnold Air Society General Samuel E. Anderson Squadron Arnold Air Society is a professional honorary service organization advocating the support of aerospace power. AAS is formally affiliated with AFROTC and the Air Force Association. It is a national extracurricular organization available to Air Force ROTC and Academy cadets. Student Veterans Organization The purpose of the organization is two-fold: 1) to assist veterans, active duty personnel, reservists and their families by providing resources to facilitate receiving all benefits entitled to them and to provide a contact to readjustment counseling should they feel the need and 2) to provide a fellowship of likeminded individuals to create a network of students and successful alumni to aid professional and leadership development. Writers For Fighters Writers For Fighters provides soldiers overseas with basic things such as blankets and supportive correspondence. The organization is neither pro-war or anti-war.

Performing Arts Chi Tau Epsilon XTE is the dance honor society for the School for Classical and Contemporary Dance at TCU. The organization is committed to academic excellence, exposure to the dance world and service to the community.


Latin Dance Club The goal of the Latin Dance Club is to allow students to gain further knowledge of the increasing world of Latin dance. Special emphasis is placed on learning through practical classes, dance trips and networking events to become successful in Latin dance. Mu Phi Epsilon Mu Phi Epsilon is a co-educational professional music fraternity whose mission is to: 1) advance music in the community, nation and world, 2) promote musicianship, scholarship, therapy and education with emphasis on service through music and 3) enhance loyalty to the alma mater and develop true bonds of friendship. Percussion Club The purpose of the Percussion Club is to assist and support the TCU Percussion Studio; actively promote percussive events and performances around campus; and provide invaluable learning opportunities for musicians at TCU and the surrounding community. Society of Composers The Society of Composers is a forum for student composers to get together, present their music and learn about the music of others, including new compositional techniques and styles. The organization hosts master classes and guest composers and performers. Trombone Society The purpose of the Trombone Society is to promote communication among TCU-area trombonists; improve the artistic level of performance, teaching and literature associated with the trombone family; and function as a local clearing house for trombone-related ideas, information and events. Tuba/Euphonium Society The purpose of the Tuba/Euphonium Society is to promote communication among TCU-area Tuba/Euphonium artists and students; improve the artistic level of performance, teaching and literature associated with the tuba and euphonium family; and function as a local clearing house for any tuba/ euphonium related ideas, information and events.


imitate Christ and send them out to multiply themselves. Calling in Action, Inc. The goal of CIA is to spread the love of Christ and the passion of praise through dance expression. CIA integrates all genres of dance into one unified organization.


Kappa Kappa Psi Kappa Kappa Psi is the national honorary band service fraternity. The brothers of Kappa Kappa Psi are dedicated to musical excellence and the success of the TCU Bands.

Campus Crusade for Christ Campus Crusade for Christ is a global Christian ministry with the aim of helping people grow in their walk with Christ. Campus Crusade provides discipleship, Bible studies, mission opportunities and fellowship. Catholic Community The Catholic Community provides students opportunities to celebrate the Eucharist; deepen their faith through discussions, Bible study and retreats; and express their faith through community service. Chi Alpha Chi Alpha is a diverse community of students committed to building Christian community on campus through growing healthy relationships based on the principles of Jesus Christ. Disciples on Campus Disciples on Campus is a progressive community of Christians exploring their faith through fellowship, socials, worship, spiritual growth, missions, service, Bible studies and discussion groups. DOC is the on-campus community of Disciples students and friends. Eta Iota Sigma Eta Iota Sigma (HIS) is a sorority for Christian women who meet weekly for chapter meetings, are involved in weekly Bible studies, participate in philanthropic activities and come together for social activities. Fellowship of Christian Athletes FCA focuses on serving local communities by equipping, empowering and encouraging people to make a difference for Christ. Hillel Hillel is a medium through which college students celebrate and explore their Jewish identity.


Ignite Ministry Ignite is a non-denominational, student-led ministry designed to unite students across campus under one roof to hear the Gospel, worship the Lord and be the body of Christ at TCU.

Baptist Student Ministries The BSM exists to reach TCU students with the Gospel and train them to

International Christian Fellowship ICF is a Christian organization seeking to help international students grow spiritually, build friendships and adjust to life in America.


Muslim Student Association MSA strives to spread awareness and understanding of Islam throughout the community. The organization accomplishes this goal by inviting guest speakers to campus and hosting campus events. Reformed University Fellowship RUF seeks to provide students with the opportunity to question and explore what it means to know God and to be known by Him. Soul Steppers Soul Steppers is a Christian-based step team that provides a safe and loving environment for Christians on campus. Student Mobilization The mission of Student Mobilization is to build laborers for Christ. Wesley Foundation TCU Wesley is an organization committed to helping members grow spiritually and embody the joy of Christ in acts of love and service. TCU Wesley reaches out to and welcomes students of all denominations and faith backgrounds, while remaining grounded in the United Methodist tradition. Word of Truth Ministries Word of Truth Ministries is a gospel choir composed of current TCU students who are working toward an undergraduate or graduate degree. Young Life Young Life is a place for old and new friends of Young Life to meet, get involved and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Service Best Buddies Best Buddies is dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Chords for Kids Chords for Kids is an organization of students who travel to local hospitals,

schools and other locations to play music for and with children in need of the therapy that music can bring. Circle K Circle K International is a collegiate service organization that is a sponsored leadership program of Kiwanis International. It promotes service, leadership and fellowship.


Love for Lancaster Love for Lancaster is a student outreach to the Lancaster Avenue area of Fort Worth. The organization focuses on bringing hope to the people that currently reside on Lancaster by building authentic relationships, showing them encouragement and love and serving them.

Go Center Go Center members mentor at Fort Worth high schools and provide students with information to follow their educational or career goals. Habitat for Humanity TCU Habitat for Humanity gives students an opportunity to impact the campus, the Fort Worth community and even other countries through projects such as builds, painting days, letter writing campaigns, awareness programs, Collegiate Challenge trips and so much more. Honors College Community Service HCCS is a community service program for Honors students at TCU. LEAPS LEAPS is a campus-wide service event that takes place once each semester at TCU. The purpose of LEAPS is to impact and unite the community. Meals on Wheels Student Association The purpose of this organization is to serve the elderly and disabled Fort Worth population through the local chapter of Meals on Wheels. The Student Association provides volunteers and drivers for a designated route. Mortar Board Mortar Board is a national honor society recognizing college seniors for superior achievement in scholarship, leadership and service. National Residence Hall Honorary The National Residence Hall Honorary strives to recognize the top student leaders living in University housing. NRHH encourages the development and continued commitment to leadership within the areas of recognition, community service and scholastics. Relay for Life The TCU Relay for Life club promotes the formation of a team whose goal is to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Student Foundation Student Foundation exists for the general purpose of enlisting and motivating outstanding TCU students to promote the welfare of the University. Members of Student Foundation guide campus tours to prospective students, provide


Student YMCA The TCU Student Y provides volunteer support for YMCAs in metropolitan Fort Worth. Members coach local sports teams and coordinate the annual College Admissions Process Program for high school students. Tau Beta Sigma Tau Beta Sigma is a national honorary band sorority. Tau Beta Sigma cultivates leadership, educational achievement, music appreciation and community development while seeking to empower women in the band profession. United Latino Association The United Latino Association promotes academic excellence, diversity on campus and involvement in the community. Up ‘Til Dawn Up ‘Til Dawn is a student-led organization on campus that raises money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Social Justice Falling Whistles Circle The Falling Whistles Circle is a group of people that meet at least once a week to discuss the issues related to the war in the Congo and ways in which to resolve these issues and raise awareness about them. The purpose of the Falling Whistles Circle is to change common conversation and provide a platform in which real conversations can be had. Gay Straight Alliance GSA is a group of TCU students that help foster an acceptance for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and questioning men and women, along with their allies. GSA accomplishes this goal by coordinating social events, group discussions and on-campus programs that promote acceptance and support of all students and student groups on campus. Glass Half Full Glass Half Full is a group of TCU students dedicated to providing wells and other clean water sources to Africans across the continent. Invisible Children United Invisible Children seeks to raise campus awareness of the plight of child soldiers in Uganda.


V-Day The TCU V-Day Campaign raises funds and awareness to end violence against women and girls.


support and assistance in alumni events and call donors to thank them for their gifts to the University.

Special Interest Ambassadors The purpose of Ambassadors is to serve as student representatives of the University and to share the Horned Frog experience with prospective students and families. American Association of Petroleum Geologists AAPG provides the opportunity to develop leadership skills and serves as a focal point for developing a feeling of professionalism through meeting industry representatives. Asian Media Association The Asian Media Association strives to create an environment in which people of common interests can come to watch media from the Asian continent and make friends. Brothers of a Successful Standard Brothers of a Successful Standard is an organization seeking to raise the standard of brotherhood on campus, specifically for those gentlemen who are not affiliated with a Greek-letter organization. Bryson Literary Society The mission of the Bryson Literary Society is to promote literary and creative culture at TCU. College Republicans The College Republicans present the Republican philosophy and goals to the student body and faculty, conduct Republican activity on campus and represent the views of the general membership and of the organization to the Republican Party. Energy Club The Energy Club creates stimulated communication between students and industry leaders in a way that both involves and educates the next generation of the energy business. Environmental Club The mission of the Environmental Club is to promote environmental awareness through outreach and education within the TCU community in a non-partisan way.


Hooked on Helping: Club for Knitters The purpose of Hooked on Helping is to teach those who are interested knitting skills which they can apply to helping the community by knitting useful items for people in need. Interior Design Association The TCU Interior Design Association is a student organization designed to foster interaction between interior design majors and the industry. Junior World Affairs Council The purpose of the Junior World Affairs Council is to help students at area colleges and universities gain insight, understanding and information to keep abreast of international affairs. National Association for Advancement of Colored People The mission of NAACP is to ensure the political, educational, social and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimination. The TCU chapter strives to serve as the voice for all students regardless of age, gender and race. National Association for Colored Women’s Club The TCU chapter of NACWC is committed to inspiring young women around the TCU community to get involved and make a difference. Non-Traditional Student Organization The purpose of the Non-Traditional Student Organization is to provide a community where non-traditional students can connect to each other and the TCU community and where they can contribute greater to the diversity on campus. People for Animal Well-Being PAW is dedicated to promoting the well-being of animals through community service projects, volunteering and fundraising. Pre-Dental Club The Pre-Dental Club is devoted to providing guidance to undergraduate students interested in dentistry or related fields. Public Relations Student Society of America PRSSA allows students to learn about different aspects of public relations and network with public relations professionals. The organization aims to enrich the college experience by providing real world opportunities such as job shadowing and agency visits.


Senseless Acts of Comedy Senseless Acts of Comedy is TCU’s very own improvisational comedy troupe. The troupe provides a free form of weekly entertainment that is fun, alcoholfree and inclusive of the entire TCU and Fort Worth community.


Gamer’s Guild Gamer’s Guild is an organization that provides and encourages a social outlet to all students in various forms of gaming.

Society of Sustainability The Society of Sustainability is dedicated to all spheres of sustainability including economic, social justice and environmental protection and aims to promote sustainable practices on campus and in the community. Sports Networking Club The mission of TCU Sports Net is to educate, train and connect its members to the sports industry through hands-on experiences, speakers and networking opportunities. These goals are met through meeting with industry professionals, volunteering at sporting events within the community and attending various social and educational events. American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers The TCU student chapter of the ASHRAE is an organization for students with an interest in thermodynamics. Student Filmmakers Association The purpose of SFA is to promote knowledge and excellence in the fields of film, TV and digital media while better preparing its members to enter careers in these fields. Student Nutrition and Dietetic Association SNDA is an organization for nutritional sciences students to meet one another, network with professionals in the DFW area and learn up-to-date information in the nutrition world. To Write Love on Her Arms To Write Love on Her Arms is a movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. The TCU Chapter of TWLOHA exists to remove the stigma associated with these issues and to provide a group on campus that builds a sense of community. Transfer Student Organization The purpose of TSO is to facilitate a smooth transition to TCU for transfer students by providing them the knowledge, resources and support. Veteran International Student Ambassador Program VISA Corps is a group of students who serve as Study Abroad ambassadors by making presentations to TCU classes and groups, assisting with recruiting and serving as peer advisors to prospective Study Abroad students. VISA


Young Americans for Liberty The mission of Young Americans for Liberty is to train, educate and mobilize youth activists committed to “winning on principle.” YAL’s goal is to cast the leaders of tomorrow and reclaim the policies, candidates and direction of our government.

Spirit HyperFrogs The mission of HyperFrogs is to increase Horned Frog spirit through the support of varsity athletics by exemplifying good sportsmanship and through positive representation of TCU. Rangers The TCU Rangers is a spirit organization that supports Horned Frog Football by standing on the field and sounding the Frog Horn during home games. The Rangers also participate off the field in philanthropic activities.

Sports Clubs Baseball Club Baseball is a student-run organization comprised of current students who aim to play competitive baseball at a high level. Cycling The Cycling Club is designed to help students grow as cyclists. Elite Dance Elite Dance is a strictly competitive dance team that competes at the local and national level. Fishing The Fishing Club is dedicated to getting people interested and active in the sport of fishing. Gymnastics The Gymnastics Club provides students the opportunity to learn about and participate in the sport of gymnastics.


Men’s Volleyball Men’s Club Volleyball is a club for men interested in playing competitive volleyball.

Men’s Lacrosse Men’s Club Lacrosse is a group of student athletes that are committed to getting better and competing at the college club lacrosse level. Men’s Rugby Men’s Club Rugby is an organization for men interested in learning about and playing competitive rugby.


Corps students use their experiences abroad to inspire and encourage their fellow students to pursue learning abroad.

Men’s Soccer Men’s Club Soccer provides a place for TCU students to play soccer competitively and recreationally. Paintball The Paintball Club is an organization designed for competitive and recreational paintball players. Polo The mission of the Polo Club is to increase interest in the sport of polo while having fun and working together to improve members’ skills and keep the horses healthy. Quidditch The Quidditch Club allows members to participate in the sport made popular by the Harry Potter book series. Tae Kwon Do The Tae Kwon Do Club is a martial arts organization that trains and competes in Olympic-style Tae Kwon Do. Tennis On Campus Tennis On Campus is a sport club for students interested in tennis—regardless of their skill level. Triathlon The Triathlon Club, known as TCU Tri-Frogs, is an organization to promote the triathlon multi-sport lifestyle to students, faculty and staff. The organization provides education, training and support for athletes of all athletic abilities seeking to explore and/or continue participation in triathlon training and competitions. Ultimate Frisbee The Ultimate Frisbee Club is an organization for students interested in playing the sport of Ultimate Frisbee. Water Polo The Water Polo Club is a group of individuals who share a passion for practicing and playing the sport of water polo.


Women’s Soccer TCU Women’s Club Soccer is an organization for women at TCU who want to play a highly competitive, but very fun, level of soccer. The goal is to not only increase members’ skills as soccer players, but as leaders on and off the field. Women’s Lacrosse Women’s Club Lacrosse is a group of women committed to the sport of lacrosse. Students of all skills levels are encouraged to participate. Women’s Rugby Women’s Club Rugby is an organization for women interested in learning about and playing the sport of competitive rugby. All skill levels are welcome. Women’s Volleyball Women’s Club Volleyball is an organization of women who are dedicated, competitive, experienced and just want to have a good time playing volleyball.

Student Governance Student Government Association Since 1914, the Student Government Association has worked to fulfill its mission: to represent the collective voice of the student body while encompassing the spirit of the TCU community through service, programming and legislation. SGA funds student organizations, programs and improvements to TCU’s campus.


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