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Book Review Frozen Fire

unsettle everyone but for Dusty he might hold the answers to what’s happened to her brother. For him she is the only one who can help defend him, and eventually herself, against the mobs who are determined to destroy this stranger who they claim is unnatural and dangerous.

Teenage Fiction

Bowler’s creations of a boy burning from the cold, the unforgiving and savage locals, and the raw, uneven, icy terrain in which the story takes place, are disturbingly and brilliantly evocative. A sense of magic, claustrophobia, and brutality resonates throughout and we are constantly fearful for Dusty despite her toughness and resolve. The blurring of dreams and the visions she sees in the harsh, white expanse is contrasted perfectly with Dusty’s crisp, stark voice that leads us through a story filled with bruising truths, moments of wonder, icy shocks, and a huge, generous heart. The issues of violence, destruction, and the severity of what adults and young people are capable of, are weaved carefully throughout the narrative without glory and without fear. In Frozen Fire, Bowler has created a novel that pulsates with the themes of so many great teenage fiction reads, acceptance, prejudice and identity, and allows them to flow through a story that is accessible, sensitive, bold, and genuinely touching.

by Tim Bowler (Winner of the Carnegie Medal)

‘She felt cut through by brightness, cut through Frozen Fire demonstrates admirably the power of by snow, by cold, icy whiteness. She felt her body setting and the force of the elements in regards to plot, character, theme, and creating tension. shiver as though it wanted to dissolve.’ A great mix of supernatural, family drama, and rozen Fire is the story of Dusty, a lonely, teenage dilemmas, Frozen Fire is also a novel that awkward but strong teenage girl looking for showcases how honest and challenging teenage her unreliable, secretive, and damaged brother, fiction can, and should be. Josh, who has disappeared. She is also dealing with the absence of her mum, her fragile and slowly- Sandy East mending dad, and the struggle of living in the shadows of the people who have left her behind and trying to accept, and be accepted for, who If you would like to review a book (all genres she is. Set during a winter where snow constantly welcome!) for the next edition of What the falls, tensions amongst the people in the town rise Dickens? then please send your suggestions to me after a strange, mysterious boy drifts into their via or on Twitter @Zzzzzandy. lives and unnerves everyone with his unusual appearance, ability to read their thoughts, and to feel everything... In a body that some might say is made of snow, he burns with the pain and enormity of all that he knows. His strange powers


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