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Número 3

“A widespread taste for pornography means that nature is alerting us to some threat of extinction.� JG Ballard

モラル無し!! 自分が夢見 る最高のセックスは?

Tell us your dirty fantasies!

そうやねー、昔の彼女に見られながら騎 乗位変形バージョンでイキたいなー 鍼灸柔整師 10-4

“I would love to finish enjoying a transformed cowgirl position over my ex watching us.” 10-4, Osteopath

取引先でお茶を出してくれた綺麗な女の 子の香水の残り香でその場でオナニー システムエンジニア 大原ふみお

“I’d love to masturbate in my client’s conference room, with a lingering scent of perfume from the secretary who’s just brought me a cup of green tea.” Fumio Ohara, systems engineer

40代半ばの人妻とソフトSMをしたい。 女を壁に縛りつけおもちゃで攻め立て る。 “やめて、 やめてー”と言われてもま だまだ攻めるでー 焼き鳥屋オーナー 江川良明 肩からお尻にかけての曲線美をみてニヤ ニヤする。  さらに… 恵比寿たこやきバー“ほなな”店長 弾 私の夢は早朝の番組のために夜中2時 に出社した私と、夜勤で残っていた彼と の2人しかいないアナウンス室での濃密 で激しいセックスです。 東京キー局アナウンサー F.Y

“I’d love to enjoy soft S&M with over a 40-yearold married woman. I’d bind her hands and feet on a wall and assault her with toys.” Yoshiaki Egawa, owner of a Yakitori restaurant “My dream is that I arrive at the TV station at 2am to prepare for the news programme in the early morning. He is still there, finishing his work. Only the two of us are there. We’d make love very hard and I’d read the news with a fresh face.” F.Y., TV announcer

時代劇の楽屋で共演俳優と着物を着た まま挿入。思わず出ちゃう喘ぎ声をせり ふの練習でごまかした。 (実話) 女優 Y.K

“When I played a part in a Samurai film, I fucked with my co-actor in a dressing room. My kimono was half off and half on. I couldn’t make noises for fear the others would notice … that’s why I pretended to act my speech.” (This is a real story.) Y.K., actress

私にとっての最高のセックスとは、 朝起き て寝ぼけながら妻とスル、昼休みに会社 の女性と社内でスル、家に帰るまでに行 きずりの女性とスル、 といったように毎日 3回食事を取るようにヤルことです。 会社員 小山悟 趣味:スポーツ観戦

“My ideal sex life would be: I fuck with my wife in the morning while we’re still half-asleep. I fuck with a co-worker in at office at a midday. I fuck with a girl in the street before coming home. I’d love to fuck three times a day, like my meals.” Satoru Koyama, businessman

裸と裸でローションをぬりたくりプロレ ス技からの絡み合いでフィニッシュ レアルマドリーファン テキラッチョ

“I’d love to explode while wrestling, with tons of body lotion.” Tekiraccho, Real Madrid maniac


Sex Poll

Why? With whom? Where?

名前:ケイタロウ 1. リアクションが面白いからね。 2.誰でも良い訳じゃない。意外性が重 要。 3. いつかは無重力で!

名前: Keiichi Nitta (Photographer) 1. Why I can’t stop it!!! 2. Every girl on the planet!!! 3. Everywhere. 名前:ヨシエ 1. 妊娠前:性欲解消 妊娠後(現実予想) :子作り 妊娠後(希望) :性欲解消 2.妊娠前:旦那 夢:バッタリ会った元彼とかと一夜限り の情事。 3. 現実:家 希望:everywhere! 名前:ツトム 1.力比べしていたらいつの間にかセック スしてた。 2.アマゾネス達と 3.アマゾンの奥地の沼で 名前: Airy  1. Because it’s easier than talking. 2. With a man who has something amorous. 3. Inside is better.

名前:タクト 1. 36世紀の6月14日に何故か僕が居 て、その36世紀の彼が僕にテレビゲー ムをするか、それともセックスをするか 今すぐ決めろって、11歳の僕に迫ってき て、 その時もう、僕、 テレビゲーム に飽きてたから、 うん、 じゃーセックスて 言って、 テレビを消したんだ。 2.ぼくと 3.ミッキーマウスの夢の中で 名前: Shinji Tokida

1. To clean my room. 2. With the stem of rose. 3. Inside a client’s brain.

名前:マリ sexを性行為だとして、解釈したら・・・ 1.言語や思考、理性などを通してじゃな くて、人と身体的コミュニケーションをと って、快楽を共有したいから。あるいは、 また、身体的コミュニケーションのみな らず、make loveの可能性、不可能性を ただ、感じたい。 2. そう思わせてくれる、相手と。 3. 天国、 あるいは地獄で。 この質問につけくわえるなら、 4. いつ? 死に至る過程で。 あるいは、 もしかした ら生産につながる過程で。

名前:キリ 「なぜセックスをするか、 したいかは、私 の場合2つに分かれてしまうの。 コール ガールの時と、結婚してからと。 コールガ ールの時は、やはりお金のためと、自分 の存在価値の確認、女として どれだけ評価されるか知りたかったの よ。現在は基本的に旦那としかしないで しょう。それは、すごく単純に愛し合い たいって全身で思うのよ。彼の笑ってい る姿を見るだけで濡れる。 これは愛だわ ね。 もちろん、 そうなるために、私的にセ クシーな男を選んだのだけど。誰とした いかは、勿論、 興味のある男、女としたいと思う。 セック スで、相手をもっと深く知る事が出来る からね。 あとは、 自分の解放。裸になるっ て素晴らしいことなのよ。その日の体調 やメンタルまで分かってしまう。 相手はもちろん、 自分をもっと知るため、 それからコントロールするためにセック スをするかな。快楽なんて、当たり前。 ど こでセックスをしたいか、 こりゃ~私はベ ッド!外でも店でも、 そりゃ興奮する時も あったけど、 やっぱりベッドね。セックス しやすいマットレスを私は選んでるのよ。 シーツの色も匂いも大切。 やっぱり一番 目の質問は一番難しいね。一つだけ答え る事は出来ない。 昔の私だったら簡単に答えられたかもし れないのにね。 ごめんね。 参考にならなく て。」 1.コールガール時:お金、 自分の存在価 値の確認、女としての評価。 結婚後:愛し合いたい、相手をもっと深 く知るため、自分の解放。相手はもちろ ん、 自分をもっと知るため、 それからコン トロールするため。快楽なんて、当たり 前。 2.興味のある男、女と。 3.こりゃ~私はベッド!

名前: Akko

1. To live. Without sex, I cannot survive. 2. With a perfect body man. 3. At the office.

名前:リョウ 1.好きな相手との愛情確認 2.恋人か、 またはこれからそうなりそう な相手 3.どちらかの家

PORNZILLA Rape of a God by Theo van Schopes

Tokyo had had enough. This time they were ready. No longer would the bitch fuck with them. No more destruction, no more slaughter. No more ships sunk or planes brought down by her electrical breath. No more skyscrapers victim to the deadly shake of her beastly behind. Of course, this had been said before. When the tears shed by mothers over their dead sons threatened to flood the government from their underground bunkers, radio-controlled defences had been built. Just like the machines piloted by humans, these had proved ineffectual. The first batch of intelligent battle droids had gone the same way. She lived, and while she drew loathsome breath she was destined to return. It was a week after her latest attack when the letter was received at the City Defence Force headquarters, nestled on the side of Mount Daisen. It was written by 86-year-old Hisao Masanori, a career crook who had served over 40 years in various Japanese correctional facilities. It suggested a new approach to the problem, an angle never before considered. Plans for a new mechanical guardian for the city were drawn up. This new robot wasn’t designed to send her back to the hell that spawned her. No. It was created by the mind of a man who had suffered much. This new robot, even greater in size than the monster, had but one purpose:

rape the shit out of the bitch. They couldn’t kill her, but they would give her a reason never to return to Tokyo. The design of the robot was aggression incarnate. This mechanical masterpiece was all massive shoulders and back, with gigantic powerful arms that ended in huge grabbing, probing, squeezing

and wrenching hands. He had the power to rip open mountains. The crossed legs of the whoreo-saur would be no small challenge, and nothing should stop the mission of this stainless-steel superman. Yet the strength of the upper body would be nothing without the equipment to deliver the hurt that Tokyo owed the witch. The pneumatic phallus of the robot was the size of a bullet train. Slender and smooth though the head of this tool of terror, its lower portions were ribbed with rows of sharp spikes, designed for maximum pain. Once the iron glands had punctured that hideous hymen, it would be heated to over 3,000ºC, half the temperature of the liquid core of planet earth. This heat would also serve to boil sulphuric acid, which would pass through the man-weapon and, at the ultimate moment, spew forth with great pressure into this mammoth mother-monsters womb, sterilizing it for eternity. Some scientists questioned whether the crone had a vagina that could be violated. Never had a mate been discovered, and as the monster was a mixture of lizard, amphibian and nuclear pollution, it was presumed she could fertilize her own eggs. However it was quickly pointed out that she still had to lay those eggs, and the team decided that this birthing passage had to be destroyed. The construction of the robot was soon completed. All that was left to do was await the arrival of the nation’s most unwanted guest. And so it was that, eight months later, the waters of the Sagami-Nada Sea began to froth and foam, announcing the coming of Satan’s daughter. As the ghastly green giant rose from the depths, heading for the Uraga Channel, huge doors in the side of Mount Daisen rolled open, and the Rapebot launched its attack. Powered by rocket boosters in his back, the robot flew swiftly, hitting the crabbed creature at mach one. The force of the attack plunged them to the floor of the ocean. Pinned down by the robot’s weight, the terror of Tokyo could do nothing. The robot roughly forced

her legs apart and let his immense weight carry him down upon her, the tip of his sex-sword pushing hard between the dry, scaly lips. The monster tried to fight, but a powerful punch from the metal superman stunned her. The robot’s other hand crushed her windpipe as it’s feet struggled to gain a grip on rocks slimy with seaweed, all the while pushing deeper, deeper into that unholy hole. Explosions of light began to go off like fireworks in the creatures head as the lack of oxygen caused her to hallucinate. Thousands of years of her reign as Queen of the Monsters flashed like lighting in front of her eyes. It couldn’t end like this, beaten, drowned, and humiliated by human beings. At that moment the cruel spikes on the robot’s weapon cut into her flesh, the searing pain forcing her back to consciousness. Her tail, the largest and strongest of her limbs, lashed up between her attacker’s legs and came crashing down on his

back. The blow caused one of the robot’s rocket boosters to explode, catapulting him off of his victim and out of the sea onto dry land. The killer queen, free again, struggled to her feet. What was happening to her? In her long history of fighting none of her opponents had attempted to force their way inside of her. What could it mean? And why had it aroused in her these strange new emotions, stronger even than anger? Her brain reeled, but one thought stood out, written in neon across the fog that clouded her mind –


The robot had crashed to earth on the outskirts of Kurihama. Within seconds, his software had rebooted and run a full system check. He raised himself to his feet and strode purposely back in the direction of the sea. There stood the green

gargantuan, her eyes burning as red as the blood that flowed from between her legs. They crashed into each other, wrestling back and forth, their feet crushing everything around. The robot was unable to throw the beast due to her tail. Brute force was not enough to defeat this lascivious lizard. So as the monster made another mighty rush forward, the robot dropped to one knee, causing the grizzled giant to topple forward, her face smashing into the ground. He stamped down onto her ankles and pulled up her tail, exposing the behemoth’s backside. His right hand swung back, and with mighty force he brought the open palm down – SLAP! – on her rump. Time and again the huge steel hand fell on her gargantuan arse, knocking the air from her lungs in fetid gusts. The monster was unable to escape the spanking. She grew more and more light-headed as huge red welts appeared on her butt amidst the sea of green scales. Just as she was about to lose consciousness, the robot released her tail and grabbed the front of her thighs. She felt the rubble of buildings tear into her knees as she was pulled back onto the robot’s sinister sex spear. It punched its way inside her, entering the gates of hell. The robot had now one program to fulfil. In out in out in out the glistening evil tool plunged, over and over, each time with increasing force. The monster howled in anger, screamed in pain, and cried out with the other new emotions bubbling to the surface of her prehistoric mind. Her life had stretched over centuries, and had, until this moment, been filled only with anger and struggle. But now something else was making itself known. At first she shook with rage, but soon she was shuddering with some new feeling, as the now blunt spikes of the robotic cock stimulated her birth canal. The feeling grew as the heat inside her increased – the heat from friction, from the red-hot killer-cock, and from the blood that rushed to her prehistoric pussy, swelling it, turning it from green to hot pink. Without knowing it she stopped clawing her way forward and away from the robotic rapist, and instead dug the heels of her palms deep into the ground and pushed back, back onto the mighty man-weapon, forcing it deeper. Losing control of her survivalist instinct she abandoned herself, grinding against the heated steel of her former enemy. Over and over the robot slammed home

as hard as a missile, the temperature of the acid inside rising ever higher. Full temperature was reached, and with one final, mighty thrust, the robot released the acid into its panting prehistoric partner, filling her with its burning load.

And then the monster came. Hard. The first spasm of orgasm that coursed through her body shook every building within a one-mile radius down to the very foundations, and many of them, despite being earthquake-proof, crumbled and fell. The electric rush shot through her body, from her broken and oozing vagina, along her spine, and slammed into her tiny reptilian brain with a hundred times the force of the final thrust from her rust-proof rapist. How can one describe the first ever orgasm of a beast born from the splitting of atoms? Take every woman on Earth, stimulated to the moment of bursting, and then push them over the brink with a flick of God’s tongue. BOOM!!! The power would be enough to knock the stars from the skies. And it was such a force that ripped forth from the fibre of every nerve in the behemoth’s body. She came like an atom bomb, the pulse of electricity knocking out every computer, television, mobile phone, vending machine, ATM, and pacemaker in Japan. Planes fell from the sky as far away as central China and New Zealand, and servers up and down the west coast of America switched themselves off. The Internet was killed by the one thing it thought as its friend – sex. The robot simply shut down, its circuits fried by the pulse of electricity. It toppled backwards as its spike-encrusted raping rod slid out of the cavesized cunt, rolled over as it hit the ground, and slept forever. As the dust settled and the electricity fizzing around the beast’s body subsided, a broad smile cracked her foul lips. And as the great green eyelids slid shut over the terrifying yellow eyes, one thought and one thought only was on the mind of Godzilla…


Sex Text by Yu Murooka

今朝、通勤途中。道端に落ちているエロ本。 ちょっとめくれて見えてい る。本自体、雨に濡れて何だかくちゃくちゃしているが、内容も何だか 男女がくちゃくちゃしている様で、爽やかな春の朝にはなかなか似つ かわしい景色。 が、 それを横目に懐かしい記憶がよみがえって来た。小 学生時代、 エロ本に遭遇した時の妙な高揚感だ。sexが何であるか完 全には分かっていない頃の記憶。 膨らむ興味と想像を支えていたのは紛れも無く、TVや漫画、はたま た、 この道端に落ちているエロ本という情報源だった。 目から感覚的に入ってくる情報は、小学生にとって輝かしいお宝だっ た。 事実、先日友人とこの話題で盛り上がった時に、 その中の1人は、親が 購入した漫画に載っていた濡れ場の (自分的)名シーンを切り抜き、大 事に取ってあったという素晴らしい逸話まで語っていた。 ここでまず、小学生が考える濡れ場名シーンとはどんなものか、 とつっ こみたくなるのだが、少し脱線するので今回はやめておく。 話は戻り、漫画やエロ本等、それら情報はどれもデフォルメされてい て、 その後成長して知ることになったsexの全貌とは異なる。 しかし、 こ の半端な情報は逆に好奇心旺盛な小学生の想像を膨らませた。 道端に落ちているエロ本は今でもやはり、 どれも例によって、何故だか 汚れて影のある感じなのだが、今も昔も変わらないその姿は何だか懐 かしい気持ちにもさせる。今はもう高揚はしないけど、 そのまましなび て秘密めいた感じであって欲しい。何だかそんなことを思ったりした。 爽やかな春の朝だけど。

Yu Murooka is assistant director of NANZUKA UNDERGROUND. NANZUKA UNDERGROUND アシスタントディレクター。ギャラリー業務の他、フリー


bloodninja: Ok baby, we got to hurry, I don’t know how long I can keep it ready for you. j_gurli3: thats ok. ok i’m a japanese schoolgirl, what r u. bloodninja: A Rhinocerus. Well, hung like one, thats for sure. j_gurli3: haha, ok lets go. j_gurli3: i put my hand through ur hair, and kiss u on the neck. bloodninja: I stomp the ground, and snort, to alert you that you are in my breeding territory. j_gurli3: haha, ok, u know that turns me on. j_gurli3: i start unbuttoning ur shirt. bloodninja: Rhinoceruses don’t wear shirts. j_gurli3: No, ur not really a Rhinocerus silly, it’s just part of the game. bloodninja: Rhinoceruses don’t play games. They f*cking charge your ass. j_gurli3: stop, cmon be serious. bloodninja: It doesn’t get any more serious than a Rhinocerus about to charge your ass. bloodninja: I stomp my feet, the dust stirs around my tough skinned feet. j_gurli3: thats it. bloodninja: Nostrils flaring, I lower my head. My horn, like some phallic symbol of my potent virility, is the last thing you see as skulls collide and mine remains the victor. You are now a bloody red ragdoll suspended in the air on my mighty horn. bloodninja: Goddam am I hard now.

Raptus by Adam Biles

You know that feeling when you took yourself for the hunter but then discover you’re the game? I tracked her cab to the hotel off Sloane Square, bought the night porter’s blindness with a fifty and tailed her up the dim stairwell. She stopped in front of the room and turned sharply. She didn’t flinch at my presence inches behind her, just stared with black-pearl eyes that said “You made it then”. Now what? I suddenly understood I’d cast this tragedy all wrong: thinking her the helpless babe, London the desolate wood and me the big, bad wolf. Right story, wrong roles. She reached up, took hold of my face with one hand, pulled it towards hers, and kissed me. She tasted of wine and bitter herbs. She dragged me across the threshold and with the lightest touch dropped me to my knees, slamming the door with a kick of her heel. Her raw sienna skin and small, conical breasts had snared me at the club, but shut up in the close air of that room it was her stink that was so bewitching – ferrous, like blood and rust, and as dizzying as chloroform. I was ready for anything, I thought. She lifted her black dress over her head and fell backwards onto the bed. I sprang on top of her and made to plant some kisses on her breasts, to finger her cunt a little, but preliminaries weren’t her style. She pulled me up by the hair, fished inside my fly, extracted my half-baked rubbery erection – the sorry product of the evening’s chemicals – and roughly pressed it inside her. I felt a surge of blood behind my eyes and a dagger in my chest. It was as if I was being strangled, as if she was strangling me, though her hands hadn’t left my cock. My vision dissolved, like the light of a firework shower in the night sky, and I lost consciousness. *** I came to on my back, my head hanging over the foot of the bed. While I was out, she had laboured on with the fuck: I could feel the strange, gnarled undulations of her vulva frotting me and the nail of her index finger cutting sharp circles in my anus. My head was blood-heavy. I wrenched it up and was appalled to see that my evening’s exotic plunder had vanished. In

her saddle rocked a toothless harpy, with sunken cheeks and wan skin hanging from toothpick bones in folds. I tried to scream, to yell bloody murder, but before any sound came she reached out a horny hand and snapped my head backwards, banging it hard against the bed’s metal frame. *** Perhaps I passed out, perhaps not. Doubly drunk now – on bourbon and hysteria. I lifted my head again. Mercifully the hag had departed, though she was replaced by a creature I can hardly bring myself to describe. Spherically fat, but floating on air, head squashed and featureless, limbs flipper-like, strange symbols etched into its hide. My brain scudded and skipped… airlock open…radar down…The mind’s needle stuck on a single blunt riff: What the fuck? What the… Hovering blimp-like over me, my distended cock the tether holding it to the bed, the creature started off on a fierce, high-pitched humming and suddenly the panic subsided. Instead an unspeakable ecstasy washed over me, rising in thick waves, drowning out my gasps, its violent current spiriting my driftwood frame downstream towards… Thick cords of jism lashed from my cock, right into it. And whatever it was, it swallowed it right up. I fell asleep and as I slept, I dreamt of a silver-pelted wolf. At first she circled the bed cautiously. Then, convinced I was dead, she approached and licked clean my genitals with her sandpaper tongue. With nothing left to savour, she leapt from the bed and sailed through the open window into the night. *** When I awoke the woman had gone, leaving nothing behind but her skin, sloughed off like a snake’s, shimmering in the morning light like a peach-coloured silk paijama.

Adam Biles lives in Paris where he is currently working on his first novel. You can find more of his penetralia here:

“LaVagina03” was published for the exhibition “Ever” by Boris Hoppek at Diesel Denim Gallery Aoyama, Tokyo April 21 - July 12 2010 Words by: Adam Biles, Yu Murook, Theo van Schopes Models: Baby PinUp, Camille Bauer, Clara de la Rua, Ana Hernández, Constanza, Marina, Valentina LaPaz, Karina, Sabora Canela Layout, Design, Production: Boris Hoppek & Kati Krause Produced and published by Boris Hoppek Edited by Kati Krause Special thanks to: Dana Goodyear, Yoshi Matsumoto, Kimiko Mitani Woo, Marta Peirano, Alice Ross, Patricia Roche

LaVagina03 © Boris Hoppek. Barcelona, 2010. All rights reserved.

Lavagina 3