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Astrological Profile for Selena van der Laag

Astrological Profile for Selena van der Laag

Born 27-09-2003 05:52 am The Hague The Netherlands




Lieve Selena, Hier is je horoscoop, je wereld aan mogelijkheden ... Maar laat je niks wijsmaken hoor! Al is het omslag nog zo mooi, al is de baard van de profeet nog zo lang, al zijn de knappe koppen nog zo slim, wie jij bent, dat weet alleen jij. Alle antwoorden zitten in jezelf en daar kan geen gesternte wat aan veranderen! Goede reis en veel liefs,




Foreword 3 1 An Astrological Profile for Selena 6 2 Basic underlying Personality Traits 7 3 Nurturing Intellectual and Physical Health and Development 10 4 Embracing Emotional Drives and Needs 18 5 Fostering Creativity and Spirituality 21 6 Perception of the Parents 25 7 Summary 29 8 Natal Chart 31 5

1 An Astrological Profile for Selena Childhood is a time filled with promise. A new life, fresh beginnings, and for parents and teachers -- it’s the ultimate challenge. How many times have parents wondered why kids did not come with instruction manuals?! There’s a secret: they do!

This astrological report can be used as a guidepost, and

Each person is born at a special time, on a certain day and

provides a few hints and insights into

place. Astrologers use this information to chart the positions of the planets relative to the date, time and place of birth. This chart, or horoscope, provides an invaluable and exceptional view of the potentials, drives and needs for Selena. This is the “cosmic guidebook” for each individual!

This chart provides an invaluable and exceptional view of the potentials, drives and needs for Selena

the unique qualities of this child. Please remember that everyone -- including a child -- has free will. So while an astrological report can give you some valuable information, it does not indicate a fixed set of limited options.

The patterns of the planets, Sun and Moon are unique and

Of course environment also has its inf luence, but by

notable for a developing child, since in childhood these pictures

understanding the significant drives and needs represented

are seen in a different light. Children are changing rapidly,

by Selena’s chart, you can better appreciate her uniqueness,

and, in the process of becoming themselves, need special

and, hopefully, guide her to fulfill her potentials in the

love and guidance. Developmental Astrology incorporates

healthiest possible way!

the basic concepts of astrology within the framework of the early years of life.


2 Basic underlying Personality Traits There are several layers to an astrological chart, just as there are layers to the personality. In astrology, the building blocks of the chart are the planets, signs and houses of the chart. You’ll see these terms scattered throughout this book. In a nutshell, the planets (plus the Sun and Moon) represent specific energies and drives. These drives each have a different purpose in the developing personality.

In Selena’s chart, there is an outstanding quality of Air. Since

T he twelve signs of the zodiac represent qualities, characteristics and traits. The houses (the

Air is a predominant element in the chart,

twelve divisions of the chart wheel or circle)

Selena will be more mentally active -- and

symbolize the facets of a person’s life. In the

is likely to be very talkative. Everything

drama of life, the planets represent the actors,

tends to have a mental connection. Friends

the signs show the roles the actors play, their

are exceptionally important, and social

costumes and props, and the houses illustrate

situations may always be a powerful feature

the setting and scene of the play.

of Selena’s life. Even during the early years, when sharing and cooperative play are a bit

Using the building blocks of the zodiac signs, there’s yet

of a struggle, Selena will enjoy being around others her own

another layer. Each sign falls into categories called elements

age. Later, you may discover that Selena is the one who invites

and modes. There are four elements -- fire, earth, air and

social interaction in the classroom or on the playground.

water; and there are three modes (or action models) --

While mental stimulation is important, encouraging Selena

cardinal, fixed and mutable. There’s a way to distill the chart

to develop her own ideas may be somewhat difficult unless

into its dominant element and mode of expression, and this

Selena enjoys exposing her thoughts! The logical conclusion

leading denominator gives a powerful clue to the strongest

may be that Selena is a “natural” at such experiences, but it’s

underlying personality traits.

highly conceivable that presentations in the classroom or sharing her own ideas strikes fear. The reason may be a lack of confidence in whether or not Selena is “correct”.


Selena hates to be proven wrong or even having the

And, Selena is likely to have a strong desire to act without

appearance of being “stupid”!

outside guidance.

Since Fire is the least influential element in Selena’s chart,

In summary, if an element or mode is low or lacking, there’s

there can be a tendency for Selena to feel less confident

no reason to be highly concerned, but you can find creative

and outgoing. Learning from enthusiastic teachers can, of

ways to help Selena compensate. Focusing on what the lack

course, be helpful. But to instill a sense of faith and trust,

of any mode or element might mean for the child can prove

it’s important to help Selena build a positive foundation.

beneficial, although this should not be interpreted as an

Physical activity can be helpful, but the challenges need to

actual “personality deficiency”. Rather, understand that this

be within the realm of the possible -- but still a challenge! If

could indicate either a tendency to overcompensate or to seek

Selena learns what it feels like to meet these challenges, then

what is lacking in some way. As your child matures, you might

hope and optimism will be built. Teach Selena

discover that she is drawn to others who

to look for joy, and find plenty of reasons to

seem to possess the expressions of a quality

celebrate! There are three modes in astrology. These determine how a particular sign manifests its

With an emphasis on Cardinal energy, Selena likes to get things going!

that seems to be lacking in her own chart.

Moon Sign and Early Personality Development

energy. These qualities -- known as cardinal,

Although most people are familiar with the

fixed and mutable -- have special meanings

concept of the Sun sign, a child expresses the

in astrology. Each sign of the zodiac correlates with one of

qualities of the Moon sign more than the Sun sign during

three modes of action.

the earliest years. That’s because the Moon tells the story of

feelings and pure emotion. So, you might see more qualities

With an emphasis on Cardinal energy, Selena likes to get

that relate to this factor in Selena’s chart during early

things going! Cardinal energy is motivational. Much like

childhood. Expressing the Sun requires more self-awareness,

the ignition of an automobile, the principle of cardinality

and that develops later!

is required to get things started. Initiative, assertiveness,

Keep in mind that Selena is NOT a blank slate! These drives

ambition and independence are all cardinal qualities. The

and expressions can be nourished and supported by

negative traits of impatience and restlessness can be strong,

understanding family and teachers, helping Selena make

especially if Selena is bored!

the most of these “ingredients” in her developing personality!


Selena is a social creature. With the Moon in

Once in school, Selena may enjoy the social aspect of education

Libra, Selena is happier and feels most secure

the most, she may also seem to appreciate literature and the arts.

when someone else is around. Emotional

Exposure to cultural experiences can stimulate lifelong interests.

stability is balanced by another person, and decisions are

During preteen years, Selena can be inclined to place too much

more easily made when confirmed by others (even if it’s only

value on social status and may fall into the trap of exclusive cliques

a knowing nod).

or may feel deeply hurt if excluded from a social group that the child feels is extremely important. Early on, Selena needs extra

The way Selena might like to be perceived, what she needs to

encouragement in the realms of self-esteem and personal values.

feel motivated toward achievement and what makes her feel significant and special in the world shines through her Sun.

Another prevailing quality that’s likely to emerge in Selena’s early

While the full expression of Selena’s ego takes

years is shown by the sign on her Ascendant, or

quite some time to develop, certain qualities

Rising Sign. In childhood, the Ascendant and the

will definitely be apparent, even early on.

1st House signify Selena’s physical appearance

However, this aspect of the personality will

and how other people view her. After all, most

be more apparent after the earliest years.

of us have our self-image shaped by what other

people tell us about ourselves. Most important, With the Sun in Libra, Selena

the Ascendant (ASC) represents Selena’s basic

will enjoy the company of

attitudes and herself, and how she presents herself

others. During infancy,

to the world. The significance of environmental

Selena may not be social in the strict sense of

September 2004

the term -- but feeling the presence of others,

conditioning in Selena’s developing personality is shown by the Ascendant.

listening to conversation, and being taken along to share excursions and experiences will instill a sense of connection

Virgo rising can give Selena a meticulous

which is deeply important to this child. Even at a young age

manner and impart a sense of perfection to

Selena can become rather charming, and may have a winning

her appearance. Natural fiber clothing may be

smile. Artistic leanings may be apparent early on, and, at the

necessary for her to feel comfortable. Selena may have an extra-

very least, she will appreciate beautiful things and may have

sensitive body and may be overly concerned or fretful when she

a keen sense of color.

does not feel well. Selena is a studious, and sometimes shy, child.


3 Nurturing Intellectual and Physical Health and Development Every parent watches for the signals that indicate a child’s intellectual and physical progress. From baby’s first words to performance in school, development is noted and records are kept. Providing the stimulus that will strengthen mental and physical development is up to parents, teachers and society. Of course, ultimately, a child will master the experience of learning!

However, the Moon also shows the basic manner in which a

There are many factors involved in intellect -- the ability

child absorbs information. With the Moon

to conceptualize, the communication of concepts and thoughts, memory, creative ideas, the application of rational thought, judicial thinking, decision-making, speculative thought and more. In order to be whole, the child must achieve a balance between the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual

Selena’s Moon zipping along at a very fast speed is an indicator that it’s easy for Selena to quickly grasp new ideas and to retain them extremely well

in an air sign, Selena is likely to think in a more abstract manner. Concepts like logic, mathematics and music can be more easily grasped. Social interaction is another key to learning, although reading can also be enjoyable, especially if it’s shared.

parts of the Self; only then can the power of the intellect be used to its utmost. Otherwise, the mental

In addition, since the Moon represents the basic thought

capacities are likely to be overemphasized or misdirected in

patterns, the Moon’s speed (or rate of travel) fundamentally

order to compensate for under development in some other

affects a child’s approach to learning. The Moon moves at


variable speeds in her rotation around the Earth.

One important factor in a developing intellect is the nature

Selena was born at a time when the Moon was zipping along

of the thought patterns themselves. Here, the Moon plays

at a very fast speed. This can be an indicator that it’s easier

yet another role beyond that of emotional storage house.

for Selena to quickly grasp new ideas and to retain them

Through the Moon, a child’s unique experiences are stored

extremely well. You may even observe that Selena seems to

in the vaults of the subconscious mind.

have a steel trap mind.


It’s important to help Selena find a comfortable learning pace

She might sit back and study an object before letting the

and environment which encourages her to make the best

senses of taste, touch and smell have their turns. It’s all part

use of her mind. If a learning situation allows Selena to get

of the analytical process, and that’s precisely what Mercury

bogged down -- for example, if she has to slow down to wait

in Virgo experiences. Mercury in Virgo sometimes confers a

for others to catch up -- then she can become very frustrated

mental “fence-sitting” posture, since Selena definitely wants

with the experience. Give Selena a chance to take the lead and

to be right. It’s painful to be proven wrong. Selena may also

help others. It will occupy her time and energy, and can also

love to work with tools and gadgets. Writing skills can become

help build greater tolerance.

finely honed.

As a small baby Selena began to explore and learn about her

Mercury in the 1st House stimulates an interest in

personal environment through the five senses, and these

communicating -- period. Also, learning about the self is a

are represented by the energy of Mercury. Over time, the

strong leaning. Selena will enjoy participating in choices

senses are used in a more refined manner, and as the mind

about clothing, daily activities, etc., and will also want to

gains the ability to integrate more and more information,

read her baby book or share her picture album with Mom or

learning increases. Mercury shows how Selena communicates

others, telling stories along the way about herself. This is good

those thought patterns -- how concepts are framed and also

practice for developing speaking and writing skills. Selena

how they are expressed through communication. The years

may also be reasonably comfortable speaking in public, but

of Mercury’s heightened developmental cycle are from age

may need some practice and encouragement to overcome

seven to thirteen, when the connections between a child

feeling self-conscious before a crowd.

and her world are powerfully shaped. Language is mastered;

Jupiter and Learning

communication skills are refined. It is during these years, that Selena will project the qualities of Mercurial energy

more strongly.

Another factor involved in Selena’s learning styles and

needs is symbolized by Jupiter. These qualities are initially With a Virgo Mercury, Selena tends to analyze

experienced through the encouragement of teachers and

situations before communicating anything

guides, but ultimately, Jupiter shows how Selena will express

and feels the need to speak clearly, distinctly

confidence and what types of stimulation will build her

and “properly”.

learning skills.


Selena’s Jupiter in Virgo suggests that Selena

But one feature of childhood we can explore is where to

will be able to adapt well to the work involved

find play and recreational activities that might be most

in completing her educational endeavors.

comfortable and enjoyable for Selena.

She may actually be interested in developing good study

The planet Mars represents physical energy -- it’s the fuel that

habits! Attention to detail, grammar and precision may be

is needed to keep the physical engine running! Mars’ sign and


house placement gives good clues about a child’s preferences for play and activity, including sports and approach to fitness.

Encouragement and testing are two different things. Small children do not like to be tested -- life is enough of a test for

Selena’s favorite forms of recreation and sports can include

them! They do enjoy learning, but need to be encouraged

swimming, snorkeling, deep sea diving, all types of dancing, English riding, fishing, and ice dancing.

to learn at their own pace. Finding that

pace is one of the primary tasks of parents and teachers. Watch for signs that tell you

Selena’s Mars in the 6th House indicates a

when Selena is comfortable with a situation,

potential for clumsiness, since she can feel

and ready to push beyond it. Then, offer

uncomfortable when placed in situations

stimulation of that expression by setting

that call on physical prowess or skill

fresh goals and opportunities to learn and

because there’s a tendency to under or

develop the mind.

overcompensate. Creative visualization can be helpful -- teaching Selena to visualize the action of the sport in the mind before doing it. However, Selena may enjoy learning the skills necessary to

Finding Fun and Encouraging Physical Development

be good at individual sports. It’s also worth noting that when Selena is ill, she is more likely to run higher fevers.

There are many factors that indicate particular needs in regard to physical health. However, I feel that specific strengths and weaknesses and their care are best dealt with in greater depth using refined astrological techniques beyond the scope of this book.


4 Embracing Emotional Drives and Needs At different stages and ages Selena is developing different parts of herself. One reason childhood astrology is different from adult astrology is that a child is in the process of “becoming”. Anyone who’s been around children knows that at some stages of development a child is more susceptible or emotionally vulnerable, and that these needs and sensibilities change as a child matures.

These needs remain with Selena throughout life, continually

After all, a baby struggles each day to deal with a difficult-

growing and evolving. The Moon symbolizes

to-control body, but an elementary school age child is struggling with early social relationships. Each of the planets represents a different emotional need and expression, but some planetary symbols are more emotionally charged than others. There are myriad possibilities, but Selena’s

With Moon in Libra, Selena needs to feel peaceful, and also needs to feel equal to (or better than) everyone else

the reflective nature of humanity. It is the absorbing, subconscious mind and reflects the needs of the soul. This is the matrix from which habit patterns emerge. Moon is Mother -- who provides nurturing, comfort and security. Mother is the model for a child’s developing sense of how she will nurture

chart illustrates the potential emotional strengths and weaknesses, and the areas in her life where

and care for others, and, most importantly, how Selena will

there can be greater vulnerability. It is important to explore

nurture herself. Even as a baby, Selena has had a strong

these concepts through a lens of objectivity, since when

inner awareness of what is happening. As she grows, more

dealing with psychological and emotional issues with our

information is absorbed and stored in Selena’s subconscious

children we’re likely to run into our own issues as part of the

mind, and deeper awareness of her feelings also grows. The


Moon also indicates basic patterns of conditioning drawn from life experiences and filtered through the qualities of

the Moon.

Selena’s most powerful emotional needs are symbolized by the

Moon, which is the primary indicator of early psychological development.


With Moon in Libra, Selena needs to feel peaceful, and also

With the Moon in conjunction to Venus, Selena may be quite

needs to feel equal to (or better than) everyone else. Because

tender, sweet and caring. Expressing affection is easy and she

of this need, Selena may spend too much time comparing

may enjoy feeling physically close. Hugs at story time, open

herself with others rather than setting goals for personal

displays of affection, and giving to others feels good. This

development. Sometimes, Selena feels a sense of inferiority,

aspect frequently indicates a healthy, supportive relationship

since the need for perfection and balance in all things is very

with the mother and good feelings about her.

strong. Emotions tend to vacillate in an attempt to maintain that balance. Consistency in the external environment is

With the Moon and Saturn in square aspect, it can be difficult

important. Selena needs to be able to relate to someone

for Selena to accept emotional support. Early changes, such

else, and will feel more secure when she has companions.

as alterations in family dynamics or moves, can have a deep

Refinement is required even in childhood. Selena may have

impact on her sense of security. For this reason, parents aware of this energy connection in Selena’s

very high standards! Selena may be especially sensitive as she develops self-esteem, since the 2nd house Moon adds a kind of vulnerability to feelings of personal worth during developmental years. Material things can be especially

With the Moon in the 2nd House material things can be especially important, and it’s easy for Selena to become possessive of people and objects

chart may need to go the extra mile to help her feel safe and secure if these kinds of changes do occur. What Selena experiences at a subconscious level can be difficult to ascertain, but symptoms such as emotional withdrawal or refusal of food may be indicators of needs for extra careful and

important, and it’s easy for Selena to become possessive of people and objects. Selena needs to learn early

loving support. Pushing Selena into new learning situations

that there is a difference between the value of a person and

before she feels ready can have a strong effect in undermining

the value of things.

security. For this reason, it’s important to determine why she exhibits fear or resistance and help her determine if that fear

is justified. Abandonment fears may be a key issue.

Moon semisextile Mercury stimulates Selena’s desire to bring feelings into a level of rational understanding. Learning to reach out to others through the emotions is important, and asking for needs to be met can bring positive results in establishing emotional security.


The energ y of the Sun is tied to the development of

The tendency to blurt-out ideas can be useful when it’s time

individuality and the sense of identity. The individuality of

to speak publicly, since this connection adds courage to

the Sun begins to emerge once a child has developed enough

the need and desire to communicate. However, if Selena is

mastery over basic bodily functions so that she can start

angered, words are likely to be used as a weapon! During teen

paying more attention to the outside world. The Sun is a

years, Selena might enjoy lessons in debate. Prior to that,

major factor in determining, “Who am I?” This radiance of

parents and teachers will be likely to see ample evidence

Self really becomes focused once Selena is relating to others

that this is a natural tendency. Arguments can be a form of

on a more frequent basis, especially during the school years.

entertainment. Encourage healthy banter.

Self-esteem is another part of Selena’s psychological make-up.

Mercury is not traditionally considered an emotional expression. However, Mercury’s role in the

Venus describes the needs for love and value

expression of feelings is highly important.

systems, along with self-worth. Artistic

Mercur y represents the f unct ion of

expression can be part of this emotional

articulation of ideas and feelings and

outlet, and this is Venus in action. Selfish

influences how we communicate them. After

behavior can be Venusian, too, and most

all, most of us are more comfortable if we

small children show Venus through their

can talk about our emotional experiences to

particular expression of selfishness and

someone special. A child needs to feel that

their ultimate struggle to allow Venus to

she can talk about anything with her parents,

evolve as they develop the capacity to learn

and that it is okay to share feelings and ideas.

to share. You’ll see Venus expressing in a

When a child is not given opportunities to communicate her

more outgoing manner after about age four, when Selena

emotional needs, she can develop problems communicating

may finally want to give something to another person. But the

almost anything else! Mercury’s function in our lives is to link

full involvement of Venusian development is during the teen

internal processes to the external world, and one of the most

years, when “falling in love” becomes a reality. But, regardless

important inner links is the experience of sharing emotion.

of Selena’s age, she needs to feel love from others to encourage growth on every level, including the growth of self-esteem.

With Mercury and Mars in contact, Selena can be quite assertive expressing ideas. Words can be spoken before their consequences are considered.


Selena loves pretty things and is drawn to

Whether fortunate or unfortunate, our society places a strong

beautiful people and expressions of beauty.

value on the way someone looks. Given the media exposure

Even in young childhood years she may be

children receive today, they, too, are being bombarded by

fascinated by art and music. Interactive play will be enjoyed

images which they will try to emulate. If Selena receives

during toddler years, since Venus in Libra is more sociable.

messages from parents or teachers that there is a problem

Kisses and hugs in appropriate settings are comfortable for

with her looks, then she will take it more seriously and worry

Selena, and parties and social gatherings can be especially

about it. It is crucial for Selena to understand the many layers


of beauty and to be taught how to accept herself with love -- even with a few flaws that challenge the popular ideals.

The tendency to feel inhibited about expressing love and

The desire and ability to include a wide range of friends

affection can be an extension of Selena’s Venus-Saturn connection. This can be an indicator of

in Selena’s life arises from a connection

low self-esteem, since Selena may feel that

between Venus and Uranus. Her show of love

she must do certain things, or do things

is definitely an expression of and need for

in a particular way, to be loved. These self-

unconditional acceptance. There can be a

imposed restrictions on receiving love can

powerful urge for free emotional expression,

be tremendously detrimental to the need

since spontaneous emotion is a definite

to openly express tenderness. Selena may

reality. Selena may be the champion for the

associate fear with love: the fear that the love

underdog. So, if you’re wondering why Selena

may not be there, or the fear that love will

brings home the weirdest kids in the school -- it’s because she can relate to them!

cause pain. Parents can help Selena by becoming sensitive to

the barriers she builds against intimacy. Developing a trust in her feelings can be frustrating. Once the sexual self begins

Selena may enjoy group associations, team activities, and

to develop, it is important for Selena to be able to cope with

things that include others. However, there is also a need

these feelings without fear and guilt.

to stand out in the crowd. Selena may also be the one who begins a new fashion revolution or sets trends. The need is

Since Venus also deals with the concept of beauty, it’s possible

to be different, and to let others know that being different

that Selena will be too focused on whether or not she is

is fantastic!

sufficiently attractive -- or pretty enough -- girl!


The amazing extent of Selena’s emotional sensitivity arises

Mars in Pisces adds physical and emotional

from a connection between Venus and Neptune. In many

sensitivity to Selena’s personality. As a

ways, her emotional expression is linked with divine love, and

baby, she can seem especially quiet and will

others can feel that she is a vehicle for divine compassion. In

appreciate a serene environment. Highly impressionable,

addition, creative energies are extraordinarily responsive,

Selena may respond dramatically to frightening or

with a strong attraction to music, dance and other flowing

confrontational situations. It’s important to take care with

art forms. Because there is such a potent sensibility, Selena

the qualities of movies, stories and music. Sometimes Mars

can easily be hurt by the insensitivity of others. Emotional

in Pisces inclines a child to enjoy sports, but primarily those

expression may be difficult because this aspect, with its

which are somewhat self-contained. Swimming, dance,

elusive feelings, sometimes makes it hard for Selena to know

gymnastics can all be excellent choices, since the fluid body

exactly how she feels. Plus, she may have trouble distinguishing

movements are more natural for her. Expressions of anger are uncomfortable for Selena and learning

between her sense of what another feels and her own feelings -- it’s as though the emotional boundaries are very loose. As a result, Selena may be a cry baby -- weeping more easily than most kids. Consequently, Selena may be too easily influenced by others, and choices of friends and other influences

Due to Mars in Pisces Serena could seem especially quiet as a baby and will appreciate a serene environment

assertiveness can require extra effort. Selena can be exceptionally resilient.

Selena may not demonstrate the energy of Uranus until teenage years, since this quality is part of the expression of uniqueness, ingenuity, and rebellion. It’s usually outwardly

need to be made with care. However, most of all, help Selena trust her sense of boundless love, and

expressed in teen years as part of a teen’s uprising against the

encourage development of true forgiveness and compassion.

status quo. Uranus spends about seven years in one sign, and

Give this child an opportunity to help others, and encourage

is one of the planetary energies that identify qualities of a

as many forms of creative expression as possible.


Selena’s Mars shows when she expresses anger and personal

Those with Uranus in Aquarius are truly the

strength. As Selena grows up, the way she shows personal

children of the New Age. Selena and her generation

assertiveness will be developed.

are most likely to see developments in experiences

like space travel and exploration. However, here on earth, they’re met with the clear challenge of creating a more humanitarian society.


Old structures are certainly likely to give way to innovation,

However, when a personal planet or angular point in a chart is

and by teaching Selena how to create change within existing

connected to Pluto, then this profound level of emotional and

circumstances, it’s more likely that she will be capable of

transformational energy is easier to see. Pluto also represents

addressing the issues of making alterations which are more

deep-seated anxieties or fears, which are, for lack of a better

constructive. However, in some instances Selena and her

description, absorbed into the psyche.

peers are also more likely to try things that are completely different, and need ample encouragement to push their limits

For a child, it’s virtually impossible to direct an awareness of

in the best possible manner.

this energy, since the personal self must be well developed before knowledge of this esoteric plane of consciousness

But the personal expression of Uranian energy

awakens. In fact, most adults have difficulty

is most likely to be seen in the arena of life

with this part of the self ! Although the

most inf luenced by this planet. Uranus in

energy of Pluto may be felt during the

the 6th House suggests that Selena will enjoy

childhood years, it is not usually a conscious

using whatever innovations are available to

expression at this time.

become more proficient. Computers or other technological intrigues will spark creativity

Pluto moves very slowly through the

and hold interest, but there may also be a

zodiac, and its sign tells more about the

proficiency with math and design. Selena may

transformational influence Pluto will have

seem to be restless or over-active, but this will

on that particular generation than it will

be most noticeable when she has nothing to

about the changes in the individual.

do! She may also have a very sensitive nervous system and may respond very readily to

The generation with Pluto in Sagittarius

energy-altering techniques like acupuncture, Reiki, or Shiatsu.

(1996 - 2008) is confronted with quite a mission. During this era, a true global

Another significant, but emotionally charged, generation-

economy is emerging and new definitions

oriented quality is the energy of Pluto. Pluto represents the

of power are coming into play. Selena and her peers will be

deepest reservoirs of emotional energy, and is not a quality

challenged to transform the educational systems, the courts

openly expressed in childhood.

and the legislative bodies once they come into their power within society.


The important distinctions between religion and spirituality

Since Saturn is strongly connected to the Ascendant, Selena

will be emerging during this era, and Selena is hungry to

can sometimes seem too serious. She may seem to be more

know the truth. If we cannot teach it ourselves, she will help

responsible and mature than her years might indicate.

us uncover the myths which mask it.

However, this does not mean that she will enjoy being saddled with too much responsibility, too soon. There’s an ability to

As with the other transpersonal planets, the House position

grasp the importance of taking responsibility, and she might

of Pluto is the area of life where you help Selena get in touch

also be able to understand the need for rules and limitations.

with a need for healing and transformational change. Pluto’s energy in the 4th House can indicate a deep sense of

Sometimes, planets appear to move backward in their orbital

connection to family and tradition. However, this placement

path from our viewpoint here on Earth. When that happens, we say a planet is retrograde.

also suggests the potential for a fear of

abandonment and a sense that the security base can be destroyed at any moment. Major

The outgoing, assertive, competitive energy

changes in family in the early years will have a

of Mars is often frustrated when retrograde.

deep impact on Selena’s psyche, and will need

When this planet retrogrades, the physical

special attention and care.

energy is often slowed. Self-confidence may seem blocked, and needs to be boosted

You’ve discovered that the Ascendant is

by establishing a firm sense of personal

like the window-dressing or mask of the

strength. Expressing anger can be difficult

personality, but connections from planets

and uncomfortable. Physical assertiveness

to the Ascendant can also alter how Selena expresses her

is not always easy when Mars retrogrades, but there can be

emotional self.

great success when Selena learns to thoroughly visualize an action before physically performing it. Affirmations which

Mercury’s connection to the Ascendant links the personality to

increase personal confidence will prove helpful in achieving

the intellect. Selena may be very talkative and communicative.

a sense of positive direction. Actor Jack Nicholson and tennis

The mental abilities will provide part of the “mask” for this

champ Billie Jean King were born with Mars retrograde.

child, and will be a sensitive trigger for her self-image.


Neptune’s energy draws us into the inner self where we dream, visualize, imagine and escape. Since Selena has Neptune retrograde, this introspective energy is more deeply sensitized. There can be an intensified desire to escape the ordinary world and its pressures. It’s absolutely necessary that Selena learns positive uses of creative imagination. Plus, she can struggle to distinguish the difference between physical plane reality (what we usually think of as “real”) and the world of imagination or illusion. Imagination should certainly be encouraged, but in ways that are constructive to Selena’s growth. Neptune’s house placement will indicate the area in which Selena needs a creative escape and how she can be effective in using her imagination. Farrah Fawcett, Yoko Ono, and Ralph Waldo Emerson were all born with Neptune retrograde at birth. Selena’s sense of uniqueness and individuality -- exemplified by the energy of Uranus -- can be strongly accentuated, since Uranus is retrograde in her chart. There is a powerful urge to break free of all forms of restriction and achieve true personal freedom. The knowledge that external freedom can only come when inner freedom exists is inborn. Many individuals born with Uranus retrograde have achieved positive recognition for their special talents. Some examples are Sir Winston Churchill, Johnny Carson, Katherine Hepburn and Anne Morrow Lindberg. Selena will need acknowledgment of her uniqueness, otherwise, she may feel out of step with everyone else.


5 Fostering Creativity and Spirituality Children seem to be inherently connected to spiritual awareness and expression. Their joy in the daily discoveries of life can be infectious, and a child’s sense of wonder brings light into life. To help a child find Truth and embrace a sense of The Divine, very little encouragement is needed. But it is necessary to support this natural connection, and can make all the difference in Selena’s ability to trust herself.

In music, percussive instruments (that includes piano) might

One of the most significant ways to help Selena awaken

be favorites.

and touch Spirit is to foster her creativity. It’s not necessary for every child to be a consummate artist, but each child needs room to experiment with the creative self. There are several factors in the astrological chart that support the development and expression of personal creativity.

Venus in the 2nd House indicates that Selena will want to make or do things which are appreciated and have a tangible value

Venus, the expression of artistry, is, of course, an important part of creativity. This is the energy through which Selena experiences and expresses feelings. In many respects, while the Moon represents “feeling”, Venus represents “emotion” -- which is the voice of

Beyond education and development of the intellect in a

feeling. Venus also represents beauty, a quality deep within

more formal sense, Mercury plays an important role in self-

which every child needs to feel, identify and express.

expression. After all, this is the energy of linking ideas and concepts from the inner self to the outside world -- and

Encourage Selena to get in touch with expressions that feel

back again! One of the creative influences of Mercury in

good to her heart! Special talents and creative interests

Virgo can be developed in the early years by encouraging

can include anything that gives Selena a chance to create

artistic play with crafts of all types, since the development of

or express beauty. Arts should be cultivated in very early

manual dexterity might actually be fun for Selena. Later on,

years, with a special emphasis on color and form, and then

drawing or writing can be favorites, but also model-making

developing different expressions in drawing and painting.

and graphic design can become special skills.


Invite Selena to learn the basic of floral arranging at an

There can be a fear that she will disappoint someone whose

appropriate age. Fashion design can be an outgrowth of play

endorsement carries great significance. For this reason,

with costumes or dolls, but there may also be a love of theater

loving guidance and care are exceptionally important.

and natural stage ability. An enjoyment of literature can be There’s a visionary and mystical quality to Selena’s creative

developed into writing poetry or musical lyrics.

or artistic leanings. With an easy contact between Venus and

Venus in the 2nd House indicates that Selena will want to make

Neptune, Selena may have a special affinity for music, acting,

or do things which are appreciated and have a tangible value.

dance and the arts. There can be an outstanding ability

“See what I made, Mommy?!” definitely requires a response,

to project a beautiful image. This lends itself to modeling

and may be accompanied by the need for some reward. Hugs

or other situations in which a photogenic appearance is

and acknowledgment fall into the safe category. Later on, she

important. An appreciation for that which is beautiful and awe-inspiring is definitely present in the

may be the first in the neighborhood to have a good time going door-to-door with those school fund-raising projects. It’s quite possible that Selena will be excessively critical of her own efforts, thus restricting the creative f low and causing feelings of

With Jupiter in the 12th House, Selena seeks to discover a clear illustration of compassion and forgiveness

heart of this child. At the deepest level, Selena is a visionary artist. Encourage her to learn about creative visualization.

To get past purely self-centered awareness, the expansive energy of Jupiter encourages a child to reach out and expand her personal

frustration. This can be a manifestation of tension from Venus’ thwarting contact to Saturn. However,

universe. Through Jupiter, Selena can begin to build a basic

there is a powerful drive to develop creativity, and this can

philosophy of life, and exercise her sense of hope and vision.

indicate that there are simply obstacles to be overcome!

The need to reach out and give is Jupiter in action, but so is

Also, there can be a kind of procrastination present, with

enthusiasm. Most important, when Selena is in touch with

Selena waiting until she feels absolutely certain that efforts

Jupiter, she is inspired! Here is the desire to grow, to reach into

will meet with approval before expressing them or sharing

new horizons, to feel adventure and joy. While it may take a

creations. Creative talents may be overly structured and the

lifetime to develop a personal philosophy or explore religious

spontaneity can be lost or diluted.

teachings, during childhood, Selena does feel wonder about universal principles, a Higher Power, and endless questions called, “Why?”


Moral questions f low through the realm of Jupiter, and

and nourishment during childhood. Encouraging Selena to

learning higher principles through inspiring teachers and

trust her dreams, while identifying the difference between

mentors is another outpouring of this energy. It is generally

the “real” and “imaginary” world can be quite a job. But it is a

not until a child has developed some measure of cognitive

very important one, since walking between the inner world

skill that the awareness of Jupiter can be taught. During

and the outside world requires special awareness. There is

elementary school and preteen years, this energy begins to

nothing inferior about imagination, nor is there anything

flourish. Jupiter is a function of the higher mind, the part of

wrong with beliefs, since there are many expressions of

our consciousness that can connect with the Divine. The early


awareness of Jupiter deals primarily with the concepts of

Another feature of this energy is the expression of

charity. A child taught to give to others less fortunate is

sharing, positive thinking, enthusiasm and hope for reward.

definitely a blessed child!

Selena will seek the truth through the most

Because Neptune moves very slowly, it is

imaginative means possible. While parents

another of the generation-focused planets.

may instill strong values and ideals, they

Other children Selena’s age will likely have

may be surprised to learn that Selena holds

Neptune in the same sign. Neptune’s sign

the ideals of her favorite Disney movie or

is another quality that speaks for Selena’s

Saturday morning cartoon show just as

whole generation.

strongly as those ideals parents attempt to teach. With Jupiter in the 12th House,

Selena was born into the age group with

she seeks to discover a clear illustration of

Neptune in Aquarius, from 1998-2012. A

compassion and forgiveness, something that may be difficult

generation of visionaries who will be exposed

to find in fairy tales, and just as rare in real life!

to many dreams and possibilities, there is great promise for Neptune in Aquarius. During their lifetimes

Then, there is the world of dreams and imagination. Neptune’s

space travel could become common, and extraterrestrial

placement in the chart indicates the areas where a child

communications are likely to advance. It may be that this

dreams most easily. The sensitivity Neptune adds to life allows

generation will be the first to make contact with life forms

Selena to connect with the spiritual, nonphysical realm. What

beyond our own planet. This group is likely to see interesting

child is not a master at make-believe? But this energy is also an

connections developing between science and religion.

expression of Divine Compassion, and it needs special support


It may be up to them to find the common threads that bind us all together, and the ideas that can light our path toward peace. Neptune’s placement in the chart shows the areas where a child can easily dream. This also provides indicators of the facet’s of life where Selena can feel a desire to let go or to exercise compassion toward others. The position of Neptune in the 5th House suggests that Selena may have high levels of dramatic, performing and artistic ability. Her ability to let go and allow creative expression to flow freely can be remarkable, regardless of the nature of her artistic or creative talents.

September 2009


6 Perceptions of the Parents Guess what? You can tell how Selena is likely to see her parents by looking at her own chart! Understanding how Selena perceives Mom and Dad can be especially helpful, since what Selena hopes to see and needs to experience from parents forms the basis of her sense of Self.

Selena’s Moon sign shows how she perceives Mother. It

When Selena feels happy and full of joy, the world looks bright,

makes no difference whether Mother sees

too. But if Selena is physically or emotionally low, her behavior and responsiveness suffer. In relationships with others, children and adults alike will project their feelings and perceptions onto other people. Selena needs to experience herself through projecting her needs onto the people in her personal

Through Selena’s eyes, Mother may be the personification of social grace - Mother may seem especially exemplary to Selena, symbolizing the ideal of true distinction

herself in this light or not -- the child holds these particular perceptions what Mother needs to be because she is projecting her own inner needs for security onto her. As Selena matures into adulthood, these perceptions determine how Selena will play the nurturing and mothering role toward

environment. In fact, the undeveloped others.

Aspects of the Self are usually projected onto others as a

means of “seeing” these feelings or needs manifested in some way. Projection is a key factor in human psychology.

Through Selena’s eyes, Mother may be the personification

In many instances, the other people are reasonable targets for

of social grace, since the Moon in Libra projects beauty and

those projections, especially if their connections are bound

interactive expressions onto Mother. Mother may seem

by emotions or other commitments. A child looks to Mother

especially exemplary to the child, symbolizing the ideal of

as the person who will reflect the nurturing feminine needs.

true distinction.

Mother represents the inner feminine self for boys and girls alike. Selena may even see things in Mother that Mother does not recognize as the way she is!


With a harmonious contact between Moon and Venus, there’s

Parents need to be alert to the situations which could be

a sharing of artistic support between Mother and child.

emotionally difficult for Selena. For example, if there is a crisis,

Beauty and Mother may be synonymous to Selena. Mother

move or other significant change which could compromise the

is also the person she looks to for guidance about social

sense of emotional security, she will need greater reassurance


that everything will be okay and that she is safe. Mother may simply have to go the extra mile to reassure Selena. It’s

It’s the dynamic contact from Moon to Saturn that can

also crucial for Mother to be aware of the manner in which

illustrate a sense of separation or alienation from the mother.

she shows discipline, and to remember that if disciplinary

This frequently occurs in the charts of first children whose

measures are inappropriate for the situation, they will create

mothers were just learning about the responsibilities and

emotional damage. Additionally, if Mother fails to take full

restrictions that motherhood brings. In any

responsibility for her own job as a parent,

case, Selena may feel that she has to grow up

Selena will be likely to develop a kind of

too soon and take on major responsibilities

resentment which can result in emotional

earlier than her peers.


It is highly important that the mother does

The Sun, the primary masculine energy in

not leave the impression that Selena must

the chart, is also described as a person’s sense

be “perfect” in order to be loved or accepted.

of “self ”. A young child has a very limited true

She must allow her to have her virtues and

sense of self, and is not likely to “own” these

shortcomings. It’s also possible that Selena

qualities until the preteen years or later.

may feel that Mother is not providing for her fundamental

This sense of individuality may be strongly tied to the initial

needs, and may seek a substitute for the nurturing quality

relationship with Father and, later, to interactions with other

she feels to be lacking. Selena can also perceive Mother to be

significant male figures. In early childhood development,

tremendously judgmental, and can feel guilty if she cannot

Selena’s Sun does not express fully as an individual ego. The

meet the high standards Mother seems to require.

Sun powerfully affects the child’s perceptions of Father; if the father is supportive and consistent, Selena may feel that her

own individuality is reliable and strong. Selena’s perceptions of Father are strongly symbolized by the energy of the Sun in the astrological chart.


Until she can own them, Selena will project the refined,

The placement of Saturn not only symbolizes the parents,

socially powerful qualities of the Libra Sun onto Father, who

but also authority in society. Saturn does not necessarily

may seem to be the personification of the skillful diplomat.

represent one parent or another. It means discipline,

She is very likely to exhibit many of Dad’s special mannerisms

structure, stability, and also tradition. For the better part,

or speech patterns.

what Saturn symbolizes is the story of how Selena needs to be stabilized and what she requires in terms of a sense of

safety and security.

Selena needs consistent acknowledgment from Dad that she

is important. Since the Sun in the 1st House needs to shine, that light needs recognition from Daddy! If Selena feels that

Saturn in Cancer suggests a powerful need

Father does not approve of or acknowledge her, then the

for family ties and Selena is likely to think of

repercussions can range from acting-out behaviors to a loss

the parental structure as representing an

in confidence. Dad is perceived as a strong

ideal. She needs to see the parents are true

link to the Self.

Then, there is a need for solidity, structure and safety -- and most children look to parents to establish this for them. A child is not capable of understanding the ways of the world, but

Selena sees Father as the personification of the skilful diplomat, with refined, socially powerful qualities

providers of emotional security and a clear sense of home, stability and meaningful traditions. Saturn in the 10th House generates a strong desire to be respected. Selena needs to be able to respect parents, since if she is going

will learn about them eventually. Nor does a child understand the need for limits. It’s up to parents and

to know how to handle being in positions of respect, she will

teachers to set these limits and expose a child to the rules

require a positive role model. Excessive rules from parents will

of life. These rules, tests and structures are identified by the

be inhibiting, but well-defined expectations can be helpful.

energy of Saturn.

There can be a downside, since Saturn energy feels judgmental and limiting much of the time, especially in childhood. Many children are anything but delighted at the prospect of being “responsible” -- that’s what adults are supposed to be, not kids!


Ultimately, as Selena moves through the various ages and

However, some vestiges of our childhood remain throughout

stages of childhood, she will be able to incorporate all these

a lifetime. Think of the concepts in this book as the building

qualities and expressions once seen through others, into

blocks for the person who will become Selena through the


course of these early years. And enjoy every moment of your journey together!

October 2009


7 Summary Sun in Libra.

Mars in Pisces.

Tactful, objective, lazy, avoids conf lict,

Physic, gambler, energy easily dissipated,

indecisive, cultural, strategist.

dancing, abstract relations, surreptitious.

Moon in Libra.

Jupiter in Virgo.

Love of elegance, charming, non-combative,

Gourmet , idealistic, health conscious,

cooperative, flirtatious.

environmentalist, skeptical, religious.

Mercury in Virgo.

Saturn in Cancer.

Practical, analytical, narrow focus, organized.

(For 2.5 years.) A generation noted for: fretfulness, timidity, tenacity.

Venus in Libra.

Virgo Ascendant.

Charming, subtle, diplomatic, aesthetic,

Health conscious, overly-critical, facile hands,

not domestic, spiritual, romantic but

personal cleanliness, pragmatic.



“Generation� (transpersonal) planets

Uranus in Aquarius.

(For 7 years: 1996 - 2003.) A generation noted for originality, humanitarianism, comprehensiveness.

Neptune in Aquarius.

(For 13 years: 1998 - 2012.) A generation noted for humanitarian and social ideals.

Pluto in Sagittarius.

(For 20 years: 1988 - 2008.) A generation noted for prophecy, spiritual transformation.

April 2010


8 Natal Chart


Some things you get from your parents and some things are written in the stars



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Baby Horoscope Book Girl - large (AUS)  

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