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Newsupdate no. 50 – September 2011 Western Ground Parrot Rescue Fund As briefly reported in the July newsletter, our efforts to set up a public fund for tax deductible donations have been successful at long last. At times it appeared to be an endlessly drawn out process which initially required our organisation to be listed on the Register of Environmental Organisations. Once we had received approval from the federal Minister for the Environment and were entered on the Register, an additional endorsement from the Australian Tax Office was needed to become a deductible gift recipient. With all the legal requirements fulfilled, we have now set up the Western Ground Parrot Rescue Fund. The fund's sole purpose is to receive donations to help save the Western Ground Parrot from possible extinction. All donations over $2 are tax deductible for Australian taxpayers. How can donations be made? It is as simple as sending us a cheque made out to the Western Ground Parrot Rescue Fund and providing us with your full details so we can issue a tax receipt. Donations can also be arranged through a direct deposit into the Western Ground Parrot Rescue Fund. The account is held at the Albany branch of Westpac. BSB: 036-168 A/C No.: 317989 If you choose to direct deposit, you will have to notify us in writing of your donation, so we can provide you with a tax receipt. We have also set up secure online donation facilities for those wishing to use their credit card: is a Westpac sponsored website for community groups allowing us to receive credit card donations without having to set up expensive merchant facilities to accept credit card payments. Why donate to the Western Ground Parrot Rescue Fund? Saving a critically endangered species requires enthusiasm and goodwill, but considerable funds are also needed. Given the current economic climate, it is highly unlikely that governments alone will be able to completely fund a captive breeding program. Therefore it is essential that the community and business also help raise funds to make such an endeavour possible. If the parrots can be bred in captivity, it will be a major step towards bringing them back from the brink of extinction. Exetel has already made very generous monthly donations of $5,000 to the WGP Rescue Fund and the owners of Condingup Vineyard have donated part of the proceeds from the sales of their special edition Western Ground Parrot wine. We hope that there are many more businesses and people out there who are similarly passionate about saving the Western Ground Parrot. Items needed for the Recovery Project In August our organisation presented the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) with a cheque for $3,000 to assist with the purchase of monitoring equipment for the aviaries where the captive birds are housed.


We would like to continue to help purchase items needed by the Recovery Project. As we have learned from Abby Berryman (DEC) there are quite a few items on the “wishlist”. These range from a storage cupboard for aviary equipment to the installation of a sophisticated aviary video surveillance system which would allow for a remote monitoring of the captive birds. 

if we raise $1,000 we can buy a backup water pump to protect the aviary birds in case of a power failure during a bushfire

if we raise $2,000 we can pay for the installation of a data link to allow the remote monitoring of the aviary birds

if we raise $3,500 we can buy a microchip reader / weighing station to allow for the automatic recording of the bird's identity and weight when birds are sharing an aviary.

We would like to thank everyone who has donated to our organisation in the past and hope that our newly established Western Ground Parrot Rescue Fund will attract your support.

A Special Invitation

Our FOWGP member Wendy Binks has issued an invitation to the booklaunch of "Invisible Me," another Stripey adventure by Wendy, featuring Toot, the Western Ground Parrot. It’s for Saturday October 22, 6pm to 8pm at Kidogo Arthouse, Bathers Beach, Fremantle. $5.00 from the sale of each copy of "Invisible Me" on the night will go to the "Friends of the Western Ground Parrot." There will also be a chance to win an original painting by Wendy Binks with each book purchase. Enquiries: 0407942757 The book cover is shown on the right and above is one of the illustrations from the book showing Stripey the emu chick meeting Toot.


WGP Captive Management Update The focus of the captive management project at present is to observe the social interactions between the WGPs that have been paired. Over the past two months, Dawn (09F04) has been displaying to Joy (09M04). Dawn’s display consists of her making a repeated clucking noise, and turning and raising her tail towards Joy. On several occasions this display has taken place on the food tray. Joy often backs off at first but then comes back to the tray and continues eating. Joy and Dawn have also been calling a lot, both during the normal calling time before sunrise and after sunset, and during the day. This calling is sometimes accompanied by one or both birds taking flight around the aviary. Nellie (10F01) has been observed on a couple of occasions doing the same clucking display as Dawn. Storm (10M04) showed little interest and continued feeding.

Joy is very handsome now.

Contributed By Abby Berryman

Help from the Australian Geographic Society Anyone visiting an Australian Geographic Society store in September and October will discover that a nationwide awareness-raising effort for the Western Ground Parrot is underway! The July edition of their magazine featured a short article about the Western Ground Parrot encouraging readers to learn more about the species.

Earlier this year, Australian Geographic Society’s Young Conservationist of the Year winner Simon Cherriman and a reporter from the Society happened to talk about threatened species. Simon who has helped as a volunteer with DEC on the South Coast was well aware of the Western Ground Parrot's plight and soon the idea to feature the WGP in an appeal was born.

Our editor, Stephen Fryc, visited the Society's Booragoon shop this month and photographed the display which is small but central. There are attractive WGP magnets for sale at $2 each, free leaflets and a donation box. All of the money from the sale of the magnets goes straight into the donation box.

All funds raised during the appeal will be made available to the WGP Recovery Project.

Westelijke Grondparkiet – Double Dutch? Not quite, but it is the Dutch name of the Western Ground Parrot as we recently learned. Onze Vogels, a Dutch magazine for bird enthusiasts featured the Western Ground Parrot in a recent edition of their monthly birding magazine. It’s nice to know that there is interest in our feathered friend in other parts of the world. In recent months we have also received a donation from the UK and our organisation has three Canadian members.

AGM Reminder Our Annual General Meeting is on 23 September. It starts at 2.30 pm in the Natural Resource Management Conference Room, Mercer Road, Albany. It promises to be an interesting afternoon with our Guest Speakers and the opportunity to catch up with many of those involved in Western Ground Parrot recovery as well as other members. You are very welcome to bring along anyone you think may be interested


needed for Albany Show Volunteers needed Volunteers for the Albany Agricultural Show As in previous years we are going to have WGP display at the Albany Show. This year it is on 11th and 12th of November. We need voluteers to man our display from 9am – 9pm on Friday and 9am – 5pm on Saturday. Volunteers will be rostered for 2 hours. A free entry pass for the show will be made available. If you have time to help, please contact us and let us know when you will be able to volunteer.

Perth Royal Show For the first time Friends of the Western Ground Parrot will have a display at the Perth Royal Show which runs from 1st to the 8th of October. We will be in the Landcare and Conservation section. Visit us, and if you are with someone small they might like to try out our WGP dress-ups. We’’ll be there from 9 to 5 each day. Our website If you haven’t visited our website recently – check it out. It was re-vamped in August.

Experienced volunteers needed for a Cape Arid NP survey in November We are planning to carry out one last survey trip to Cape Arid NP funded through the DEC grant we received last year. The survey trip will run from 7 – 11 Nov in conjunction with a DEC trip. Volunteers need to arrive in Esperance on Sunday, 6th of November. Please note that this time, because the trip is short, volunteers need to have prior experience with WGP surveys. Volunteers’ food will be provided, accommodation in Esperance will be paid for (to $100 per night) for one night at the beginning of the trip as well as accommodation for one night on the way home. There will be a subsidy for travel but the amount can not be calculated as yet. Because we are using the last of the funding, the amount will be determined by the total distance travelled by all volunteers. Please get in touch with us (see below) if you can help out or require more information. The editor wishes to thank all those who contributed to this great issue.

Contacts: Brenda Newbey (Chair). Phone (08) 9337 5673

Anne Bondin (Secretary/Treasurer). Phone (08) 9844 1793

Address: PO Box 5613, Albany, WA 6332


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Friends of the Western Ground Parrot Newsletter September 2011  

September 2011 Newsletter for the Friends of the Western Ground Parrot.

Friends of the Western Ground Parrot Newsletter September 2011  

September 2011 Newsletter for the Friends of the Western Ground Parrot.