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Newsupdate no. 44 – September 2010

Roundup More support from Exetel

Field Trips – volunteers needed

Exetel announced last month that they are continuing to support the Western Ground Parrot recovery project, pledging very, very generous monthly donations of $5,000 to Birds Australia for the next twelve months. These funds are allowing the captive management project to continue.

There are some WGP survey trips ahead. The dates are not all finalised but the DEC Environment Community Grant will help pay volunteers’ travel costs. The trips are to

Quiz night fundraiser The Walpole Nornalup National Park Association organised a quiz night last month. As it turned out the winner was the Western Ground Parrot as the group generously donated the night's proceeds of almost $350 to the Friends of the Western Ground Parrot. Well done, quiz night enthusiasts!

* * *

Fitzgerald River National Park the week starting 11 October (West end of park) Cape Arid National Park, two trips between 8 and 28 November, Waychinicup National Park, dates to be determined.

All survey trips will be organised in full cooperation with DEC. Please email FOWGP or phone Anne Bondin on 98441793 if you are interested or want further information.

Un/successful grant application

Western Ground Parrot status

It was a case of win some, lose some. Our application for a Volunteer 2010 grant from the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs to purchase four SongMeter autonomous recording units was not successful. However, a few days later we received better news; the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) announced that it had approved a $27,050 Environmental Community Grant to help pay for the travel costs of volunteers participating in Western Ground Parrot monitoring trips.

The nomination to change the status of the Western Ground Parrot in the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation listings is now beginning its journey through the red tape. The change that has been applied for is from Endangered to Critically Endangered. The nomination was submitted jointly by our Friends of the Western Ground Parrot and the Department of Conservation and Environment. We have been advised that the process is slow.

Charitable institution We have just received a notice from the Australian Tax Office that our organisation has been recognised as a charitable institution. This means we are exempt from paying income tax and do not have to lodge annual tax returns. Our application to enter the Register of Environmental Organisations and become a deductible gift recipient is yet to be decided.

Captive WGPs in their new home Abby Berryman is happy to report that the three captive WGPs have been moved to their new quarters and are now settling in well. There will be more about this in the November newsletter. Meanwhile Abby has been able to supply two photos – one showing the preparation area and the other a very colourful WGP meal. See next page.


Day at Perth Zoo Tricia (elephant) checking out the preparations.

On the 12th of September 2010 the Perth Zoo hosted a Threatened Species day. There were two rows of tents, with each tent featuring displays and information concerning endangered animals from around the world. The Western Ground Parrot was well represented, with our volunteers ensuring that any questions were well answered. Photo (above) shows tents soon after setup, our tent was on the far right with WGP audio and video available within. Some merchandise was sold including the new FOWGP bookmarks (see page 4). It was a good day although the public turnout was low. Thanks go to the following; Birds Australia WA– for providing a display board, Volunteers – who helped on the day: Col and Jen Heap, Diana Rose, Simon Wilson, Teresa Burgess, Neil Hamilton, Craig Johnston, Rex, Stephen Fryc, Allan Burbidge – who also gave a talk (photo below) , Brenda Newbey, and also Perth Zoo for the opportunity to be there.

Photo above shows volunteer Teresa and the need for a real Western Ground Parrot display banner. Perth Zoo photos: top (S. Fryc), lower left (Alison Murray), lower right (A. Burbidge)


Permanent Display at Perth Zoo For the first time there is a Western Ground Parrot display at the Perth Zoo. The new display was completed on 10th September 2010. It comprises a colourful information board (below) and an activity. The activity involves selecting and listening to Western Ground Parrot call recordings, using the instructions and sturdy apparatus pictured on the right. This display, which is is housed in a new wooden shed at the entrance to the recently refurbished Australian Birds enclosure, will definitely help raise the public profile of the WGP. Photos: Below (A. Burbidge); right (S. Fryc)

Sales help needed Val Hack has been in charge of our sales items for the past 15 months. She would now like the role to be taken over by someone else. If you could help our group this way please contact Brenda Newbey (see below) or Val Hack 0409 443 331 Our sale items are partly for modest fund raising but mostly for raising awareness. There is potential to do more in this area.

Dieback threat to Fitzgerald River National Park (FRNP) wilderness area It may seem hard to believe but there is now a well-advanced plan to develop a defined coastal walk track with 16 bridges,camping sites, water and toilets, through the Wilderness Zone of FRNP as part of the FRNP Improvement Project. Such walk tracks have a bad record of introducing dieback. There is WGP habitat within the wilderness zone. It is not known whether WGPs can thrive in bushland that has been depleted of many plant species by dieback disease.

The plan is supported by DEC and the Conservation Commission. Information about the FRNP Improvement Project can be found on the Friends of the Fitzgerald River National Park website at or by phoning Anne Gadsby on 9837 4063. If you have objections, don’t delay - this is an urgent matter with one important deadline on 1st October.

Public Fund Committee A committee to administer the Western Ground Parrot Rescue Fund has been appointed. Its members are Val Hack, Sarah Comer and Anne Bondin.


Friends Bookmark Our new bookmark is now available. It was designed by Stephen Fryc with some assistance from Simon Wilson using one of Brent Barrett’s WGP images. We have some unlaminated ones for giving away - at the Albany Wildflower Show for example and these will soon be gone. The giveaways are supported by the sale of laminated bookmarks. These are being sold at $1 each. If you would like to purchase some please contact Stephen on his email (see below) or use the Friends’ email address:, or phone Stephen on 93375673. These and our cards and shirts will be available for sale at our AGM on 29th September.

Contacts: Brenda Newbey (Chair). Phone (08) 9337 5673 Anne Bondin (Vice Chair). Phone (08) 9844 1793 Deon Utber (Secretary) Phone (08) 9844 8863 Address: PO Box 5613, Albany, WA 6332 Website:


Archive: Previous issues of our newsletter are available online at Editor: Stephen Fryc Email: Next issue: November 2010


WGP Newsletter September 2010  

Western Ground Parrot Newsletter September 2010

WGP Newsletter September 2010  

Western Ground Parrot Newsletter September 2010