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December 2009

first team in la casa de Esperanza


ince 1999, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church of For the record...the new Mission House is beautiful. Naperville, Illinois has been bringing medical There is plenty of room, and plenty of thought went into brigade teams to Honduras through WGO. Our trip the design. From the loading dock in the lower level for this October marked our tenth year, WGO’s twenty- the truck that carries the brigade supplies, to the luxury fifth year, and the new Mission House’s first day. of three showers and toilets per room, the years and years My first trip to Tegucigalpa of experiences at the old Mission was in 2002, so it sure seemed House show in the new one. odd when the bus didn’t make And about the view from the turn down that all too famous the balcony... It was interesting bumpy rutted “road” to Casa listening to the comments on del Sembrador, the old Mission the balcony. Several of the “oldHouse. We swooped right by, timers” complained a bit about bumped up the road for another having to look through so many ten minutes or so, made the trees to see the city below. But tight turn, and came upon the late one evening I heard one of new Mission House, La Casa de our “first-timers” remark on how it Esperanza...the House of Hope. was the most stunningly beautiful While it was quite an honor view that she had ever seen. I to be the first team to stay in the think I have to agree with her. new Mission House, at times it So when you get to the new was also quite a challenge. Seems Mission House, you’ll find a as though the walls don’t quite comfortable mix of the old with go up to the ceiling ...since there’s the new: when you sit in the old not a ceiling yet. Don’t get me couches you still sink to the floor; wrong, there is a roof. It’s just that early in the morning you still hear the roof’s not quite connected to the roosters and the dogs; you the walls yet. The soffits actually still can’t drink the water or open arrived the day we left. These your mouth in the shower; you two “challenges” made way for Above: Casa de Esperanza (House of Hope) still get some of the best dinners some chilly and windy nights Below: Naperville, Illinois Medical Brigade. you’ve ever eaten; you still come on the second floor, where we back every day tired to the bone; could even hear every story and snore in the room next you still sit up late at night sharing stories; you still pray door. Our Pastor, Gary Olson, an entomology major in a lot, and cry a lot, smile a lot, and laugh a lot; the soda is college, thought this was absolutely fascinating, as the still two for $1; and the coffee is still the best you’ve ever open walls permitted all manner of insects to share our had. Come to think of it...I guess there is a lot of the “old” space as house guests, giving him ample opportunity to in the “new” Mission House. This beautiful new facility is identify many insects which he had previously only seen first and foremost, a “Mission House”…a House of Hope… in text books. This is a privilege which future groups may which will house those who come to Honduras to share not be able to experience once the house is completed. the Good News of Jesus’ love! - By Mark Boozell

looking back at 2009

WGO celebrates 25 years of ministry and honors the founders, G. Allen and Dona Danforth.

God continues to make His special provision by sending us nine more missionaries in 2009. From top left: David and Karen Porter, Brenda Honrado, Jon and Helen Hovestol; (center) Helen Carter; (from bottom left) Rachel Hahn, Kim Kostaroff, Tammy Lis.

The Ranch takes the high school on a spiritual retreat focusing on who they are in Christ.

Rancho Ebenezer receives two new sets of house parents that will give more Honduran children hope.

Even with the Honduran political unrest, WGO’s ministry to the poor continued. Honduras elected a new president November 29th. After several years of planning and 18 months of construction, WGO moves into the new mission house.

can you HElp WGO lower expenses? Now there are two ways you can help us lower our printing and postage costs. First, you can now receive these newsletters by email instead of a paper version. Secondly, we are now able to send out donation receipts by email instead of paper mail. We would like to send you a receipt via email each month except in January, which will contain your year end paper receipt. If you would be able to help us in these two areas, please email Fred Steinbach at with your full name, email, and address so he can change your account information.

Rancho ebenezer: food depot by Eric Schultz


dequate nutrition is a basic right of children. In Honduras, recent statistics reveal that almost 40% of infants are malnourished. Good nutrician for our WGO children is one of our biggest priorities as a ministry. To help trim expenses, several brigades at Rancho Ebenezer this year have constructed a food depot that stores food purchased in bulk for ministry homes. The food depot also serves as an emergency reserve when needed. Through this and other efforts, we have cut the daily food expenses approximately 35% during 2009. To date many common foods have been provided through the food depot. In the future, we look to expand the program to include all basic foods. We are grateful for the service provided through brigades and for the continuing financial support of WGO through economically challenging times.

The food depot stores food for Rancho Ebenezer.

UNIQUE opportunities to serve Is God calling you to work with WGO in full time ministry? If so, please contact Pete Raineri at (713) 344-1449 or to see if any of these opportunities match your calling and skills. Rancho Ebenezer - Ranch Nurse - House Parent Substitute/Respite Care - High School Teacher - Critical need - House Parents - Bilingual Social Worker

U.S. or Honduras - Graphic Designer - part time Casa de Esperanza - Nurse (two weeks or full time) - Medical Brigade Interns - Manager of Communications

Medical teams are forming Be on the next team in 2010 that God has called to serve the medical and spiritual needs of the Honduran people. More than 2,000 people will be served on each medical/evangelism brigade. Are you ready to give a week of service? We are accepting individuals to join established teams and there are also several weeks still available for your church group. Please email Pete at to find out more information and which weeks are available.

Three new missionaries: a family story by Jason May


od is so good to provide WGO with the team your ways my ways,’ declares the Lord (Isa. 55:8).” Jon and Helen Hovestol first came to Honduras after members needed for His kingdom work. Meet Brenda Honrado, a former business owner from Graham, Hurricane Mitch in 1998 to help rebuild houses on the WA. Brenda has 4 children and 18 grandchildren in the north coast that had been devastated by the historic U.S., but has come to Honduras for a season to serve storm. It was on that trip that Jon fell in love with the with WGO as a much needed administrative assistant. people of Honduras. It was shortly after that time, that g Jon was introduced to WGO through Dr. Ken Morrison, Brenda has had a heart for missions since she was yyoung. an optometrist who had been on In 2003, Brenda had the Medical/Evangelism brigades and chance to come to Honduras for a week on a WGO brigade team knew that Jon had an interest in going back to Honduras. With a with her sister and her husband, Jon and Helen Hovestol short time to prepare, Jon joined the group, and began what (pictured), and have returned would be a life altering journey every year except 2008. “The for him and Helen. They returned people of Honduras grabbed and have been participating in my heart that week,” she says. Medical/Evangelism Brigades Someone gave a talk and said if with WGO since 2002, leading anyone was interested in getting several of those teams. Over time, more info about serving with WGO, to meet in the brigade Brenda Honrado, Helen and Jon Hovestol the Hovestols saw a need for the mission house to have an onoffice on a certain day and time. Brenda went to that meeting and the only other people site host. To help meet this need and others, Jon will be who were there, were Jon & Helen, and they had no serving as the Manager of Brigade Operations and Helen clue each other would be there. Now they are all in will be the Mission House Hostess. These positions are Honduras. In Sept. 2008, just before a scheduled brigade key to help all the Medical/Evangelism teams coming to trip, Joey, Brenda’s husband, became unexpectedly Honduras feel welcome and to maximize their time in ill, and died in November. She recounts, ”In that Honduras. Praise God for inspiring these family members process, I believe God spoke to me about coming here. to serve sacrificially with the World Gospel Outreach ‘For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are team in Honduras.

Ebenezer Academy has been a vital part of WGO’s children ministry since 2000. In the photo at left we see the beginnings of the school with 14 students. The school graduated its first Honduran high school students last year, and graduated six more in November. Students of Ebenezer Academy receive a quality, bilingual education that readily prepares them for what God has planned for their futures. The new school building, completed in 2007, has the potential to meet the education needs of twice as many Honduran children in the years to come.

Here are some ways you can support the ministry of World Gospel Outreach. For more information, visit us on the web:

w w w. w g o r e a c h . o r g


w w w. h o n d u r a s c l o u d f o r e s t c o f f e e . o r g

Financial Donations

Yes, I would like to support the ministry of WGO by making a financial donation! I would like to donate:

$25 per month* $ $

per month* special gift*

To help with the cost of (check one): Children Ministry (food, care, education) Medical/Evangelism Brigades (medical supplies, Bibles, concrete floors) General Ministry (monthly expenses) Building fund (for Rancho Ebenezer and the new Mission House facility)




You can purchase organic coffee grown at Rancho Ebenezer, choose Whole Bean or Ground (free shipping):

lbs. 1 2 3 4

Total Cost $14.95 $29.90 $41.25 $55.00

You can purchase Christmas cards created by WGO children. The proceeds will go to help support WGO children. Each box contains 12 cards (two of each of the six different designs). I would like to order (shipping included):

lbs of Ground Coffee


lbs of Whole Bean Coffee


photo mugs

You can enjoy coffee with WGO children every morning with these 11oz Photo Mugs. The proceeds will go to help support WGO children. I would like to order (free shipping):

Quantity 1-10 11-24 25 & up

1 box for $18 2 boxes for $28 3 boxes for $50

Total Cost $63.75 $117.50 $168.75 $200.00

Yes, I would like to support the ministry of WGO by purchasing Cloud Forest Coffee! I would like to purchase:


christmas cards

lbs. 5 10 15 20

Unit Cost $13.95 $13.05 $12.75

Quantity: Total Cost:


Please enclose a check made out to World Gospel Outreach for all donations and orders from the sections above. Please mail your check and this form to: World Gospel Outreach / P.O. Box 14348 / Humble, TX 77347-4348 For Credit Card purchases or more information, please contact Mary Padgett at 281.548.7222 or visit For info about our coffee, visit *a tax reciept will be mailed to you for all donations NAME (Please Print): STREET ADDRESS: ADDRESS 2 (Suite, Apt. No., etc.) CITY / STATE / ZIP: PHONE:


WGO December 09 Newsletter  

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