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A. Marina Necklace

Illuminated aquamarine rondels are wire wrapped on 18k y/gold and drawn into an elliptical 14kt y/ gold silhouette engraved, “Love.” A bright (flushset) diamond punctuates this sentiment. Lobster closure. 17”L. Limited Edition. N8-N41/$1800

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B. Peaceful Journey Earrings

Set in an organic 14kt y/ gold disk, a lone diamond beams with rays of hope, an etched dove, and a gust of wind on reverse. Suspended from one teeny tiny 22k y/ gold wire wrapped bead. Lever backs. 1/2”L. Charm is 3/8”D. Limited Edition. O9-E32/$620

C. Lucky 8 Earrings

Jes dresses hand-hewn hoops of 14kt y/gold with eight twinkling diamonds – a symbol of good fortune and life’s infinite motion. 14kt y/gold postbacks. ¾”dia. OZ-E13/$2900

D. Light OF My Life Necklace

Delicate hoops of 14k y/ gold turn with three brilliant diamond briolettes – a stunning triad that reflects the shimmer of life. Fine 14k y/gold chain. Lobster closure. 16-3/4”L. Limited Edition. A9-N47/$2,900

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E. Lifetime Ring

Three heart cut diamonds unite in 14kt y/gold heart shaped bezels. Jes’s handhewn 14kt y/gold band is inscribed, “Forever.” May the light that glows from these resplendent stones be symbolic of the love you cultivate in your life. Sizes 5-9. S09-R1/$5900

A. Frolicking B. Path To Spirit Ring Joy Ring Rare blue tourmaline nests in an 18kt y/gold bezel engraved with a horse, dog, donkey, and cat. The sculpted 14kt y/gold band is inscribed, “Hope” and “Courage.” Sizes 5-9. Limited Edition. 09-R24/$1320

Like stepping stones of life this pebbled sterling silver band circles back to a rare blue-tourmaline pool of joy. Cradled by a 14kt y/gold bezel, the magnificent gemstone reflects infinite depth. Sizes 5-9. Limited Edition. 09-R30/$780

C. Evening Stroll Ring

Etched into an organic platform of 14kt rose gold find flowers, a heart, star and butterfly. This gentle expression of life’s sweetness is a wonderful reminder of simple pleasures. Sizes 5-9. $

D. Stellar Earrings

Congratulate yourself or someone for whom you care with these unique diamond-set earrings. Jes’s 14kt y/gold bezels are free-form with double bursts of diamond light. Tiny butterflies are etched. Lever backs. 7/16”L. 09-E29/$2160

E. For Love and F. Delight Honor Necklance Of Days Light pierces through the 14kt rose-gold focal point in the form of one scintillating diamond. Enlivening this lovely piece - a 14kt rose gold horse charm, a 14kt y/gold peace symbol and “Love Honor” heart. Lobster closure. 17-3/4”L. $

877 728 5537

This deep blue tourmaline is rare and pristine. Framed in a 14kt y/gold bezel a beryl briolette and diamond-set “Never Give Up” feather charm dangle beside. Freshwater pearls accent. 14kt y/gold. Lobster closure. 22”L. 09-N52/$1600

G. Embracing Life This sculpted bezel created by Jes honors the California rattlesnake – a symbol of rebirth. Four faceted diamonds are set in Jes’s 14kt y/gold talisman and raw smoky-hued diamonds are wire wrapped on 14kt y/gold. Lobster closure. 17-1/4”L. Limited Edition. SS9-N18/$2700


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I believe life is a gathering of moments and choices, every one essential in sculpting who we are and what we are capable of giving in return. My drive to harvest every moment fuels my art and is what compels me to recreate the beauty I experience in all living things. To be able to wake up every day knowing I have the power to make my life what I want it to be - gives me great encouragement, but i can’t help but feel equal amounts of pain for those who have been stripped of hope and the ability to impact their own destiny. Bodhi and Citta are siblings - two of my best dogs and among the great loves of my life. Once feral, they were abused and then left to survive in orchards and wilderness. After living in the wild they developed ferocious dispositions and when finally captured years later, were given a very quick sentence of death. Luckily I heard about their desperate story just in time. Despite their aggression - I was emphatic about saving them. It took a

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lot of patience and gentle love to earn their trust, but it has been so worth it as today they are the most loyal of all my animals. Bodhi is ever at my side and as big hearted as they come. Citta (once the fiercer of the two) has become a puddle of sweetness and now mingles peacefully with other people and animals. Put together, Bodhi and Citta’s name in Sanskrit translates to Compassionate Heart or…to live with compassion and awareness. Their story is extreme, but unfortunately way too common. Because of negligent breeding, abuse, and neglect, animal populations have skyrocketed and housing facilities are beyond capacity. Current statistics reveal that 7-9 million animals are euthanized every year in the United States. That is approximately 1 every 2 seconds, and for every 10,000 humans born each day – so are 70,000 dogs and cats. These numbers are horrendous and unacceptable. Having committed my life to helping place and rescue orphaned animals;

And so, with all my heart, I ask you to join me in putting an end to this cycle of pain. Please…spay and neuter your pets, donate to organizations that will help others do the same, support ethical breeding, adopt whenever possible and if you or a friend can no longer care for your animals make sure they go to a loving home or a no-kill shelter. These voiceless ones deserve our care; it is their birthright and our responsibility. I am also pleased to announce that every time a purchase is made of THE BODHICITTA RING or NECKLACE, I will donate all proceeds to organizations that make spaying and neutering available to all. Lets create a better world…one compassionate step at a time. Sincerely,

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877 728 5537

877 728 5537

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Try Your Best (W.I.N.) Necklace

To leather cord Jes knots her sterling silver “Integrity” charm she has etched with a horse, flowers, moon and star. “Try Your Best Always” is inscribed. Proceeds from this necklace are donated to the W.I.N Foundation. Lobster closure. 17-1/4”L. C-7/$265

Full Of Life (W.I.N.) Necklace

Full of charm, the horse Jes brings to life in sterling silver delivers the essence of the sentiment engraved on back “Live fully love life.” Hung on supple deer suede. Proceeds from this necklace are donated to the W.I.N Foundation. Lobster closure. 18-1/4”L. C-8/$285

Wild Horses In Need

Dedicated to the protection of the Western Shoshone Indian Wild Horse and all wild horses in need, The W.I.N Foundation was established in 2004 to save hundreds of once wild horses from a cruel and inhumane fate. As president of W.I.N, Jes MaHarry is deeply committed to this cause and does everything she can to raise awareness and donations for the horses that now roam peacefully in California and Utah. Please visit for more information on how you too can get involved.

A. Calm Ring B. I Am Ring C. Seasons A smooth “Love is the Ring prehnite cabochon rises from a 24kt y/gold bezel engraved with leaves. 14kt y/gold band is stamped “calm.” Sizes 5-9. R2-103/$1100

8 Draft 5.indd 8-9

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Answer” is engraved in the underbelly of the 14kt y/gold peace charm. 14kt rose gold band is stamped “calm.” Stars, waves, and hearts abound. Size 5-9. N8-R32/$2400

Changing seasons are represented by tiny etchings in this 14kt rose gold band: a rain cloud, rainbow, shining sun, falling leaves, snowflakes and a shining star. Sizes 5-9. OZ-R7/$1400

D. Violet Bracelet

Three strands of turquoise nuggets are wire-wrapped on 14kt y/gold. At center a bar of 14kt rose gold is stamped with flowers and can be personalized. Toggle closure. 7-3/4”L. Limited Edition. OZ-B123/$1100

E. Triple The Love

Oscillating around a 14kt rose gold bangle are three sculpted hearts, one cast in 14kt y/gold and two in 14kt rose gold. “Love” is engraved. Fits up to 8”wrist. N8-B108/$3700

F. Jes Necklace G. Vitality Ancient Tibetan Ring 22kt and 24kt handmade beads (at least 500-years-old) are strung with pink tourmaline rondels. A cradled turquoise nugget focal point is clustered with 14kt y/gold charms and green tourmaline danglers. Beads will vary slightly. Toggle closure. 16-1/4”L. J-1/$4200

877 728 5537

On a slender 14kt rose gold band tiny hearts and squiggles are etched. “Be Thankful” and “Love Life” are inscribed. Sizes 5-9. A9R10/$320

H. Ahimsa Ring

A healing hand, peace sign and butterfly etched into Jes’s chunky 14kt y/gold band complement this ring’s message of “Love.” “Ahimsa” (non-violence) is inscribed. Sizes 5-9. $2200

9 11/2/09 6:43:07 PM

A. Kaleb Earrings

Teeny tiny hearts are the sweetest gesture of love. Great to wear all the time, in a second piercing or to give to a young girl. Sterling silver. Post backs. 3/16”L. E1-436/$99

10 Draft 5.indd 10-11

B. Ocean Waves Earrings Curling like the sea breaking upon the shore, these sterling silver hoops have knobby detail and hand-hewn texture. Post backs. Approx. 1”L. E1-503/$120

D. Wellness Earrings

A heart, a feather and a pearl oscillate from Jes’s hand-hewn hoop of sterling silver. Handmade French wire. 1.5”L. E1-459/$280

E. Luna Earrings

An organic form disk and etched circlet have are a dangling delight! Sterling silver. French wire. Approx. 5/8”L. E1-455/$150

F. Blessings Of G. Brave Path The Tree Necklace Necklace Hearts hang in abundance with horse charms and a feather – jangling above Jes’s “Grow Strong” tree. This is a necklace to count your blessings on! Textured sterling silver chain is oxidized for a sense of age – and a little wisdom too, perhaps. Toggle closure. 17”L. N3-133/$700

877 728 5537

Sometimes all we need are words of encouragement. Jes created this sterling silver tree medallion as a token of refuge and upliftment. “Heal” is inscribed on front and “Be brave and have courage” on back. Lustrous freshwater pearls are hand knotted with a few aquamarine stones. Toggle closure. 18”L. 09-N16/$470

877 728 5537

11 11/2/09 6:43:10 PM

A. Pearls Of B. Shay Earrings Blessing Necklace Hammered 14kt y/

12 Draft 5.indd 12-13

877 728 5537

Jes’s favorite new charm, shown here in 14kt rose gold is knotted with freshwater pearls. Hand melted gold beads complement the angel charm set with a twinkling Conflict-Free Diamond. Inspirational words on front and “Power of intention, presence, always here and now” is lovingly engraved on back. Toggle closure. 18-1/4”L. 09-N46/$1850

gold in the shape of a lucky horseshoe wears elegantly with a hand shaped self-closing wire. E0-89/$260

C. Enrapture Necklace

Two 14kt gold hearts and a single star dazzle with chalcedony, tourmaline, ruby and pink quartz briolettes. “Honor Love” is inscribed. 14kt y/gold chain/ lobster closure. 18-1/8”L. CA-N20/$

D. Bitsy Hearts Ring

Three little highrelief hearts are aligned on a slender 14kt y/gold band inscribed “Live a life of love.” CA-R7/$

E. Glowing Sapphire Ring

“Balance” written within this large 14kt y/gold band is expressed in engraved feathers and five stunning multi-colored sapphires. The smooth finish has a beautiful feel and Jes’s artistry lends a magical touch. Sizes 5-9. Limited Edition. CA-R8/$

877 728 5537

F. Enrapture Earrings

“Endure + Evolve” are engraved in 14kt y/gold disks that drip with chalcedony, pink tourmaline and pink quartz gemstones. A moon and star give emit an air of mystique. Lever backs. 1-1/8”L. CA-E12/$

13 11/2/09 6:43:13 PM

A-C. Sweet Charm Earrings

D-F. Deer Suede Sterling Charm Choose between three Necklaces

G. Ocean Love Bracelet

delightful earrings – Hung on supple dark all sterling silver with brown deer suede hefty French wires. sterling silver charms convey protection, A. You’re a Star peace and love. Cinched CA-E5 (1/2”L) slider and self-tie ends. S/S beads accent. 35”L. B. Flower Power A. Good Things CA-E6 (3/8”L), CA-N13 B. Believe Peace C. Love Seed CA-N14 CA-E7 (3/8”L). C. One Love $ CA-N15 $


Draft 5.indd 14-15

In high-relief Jes invites animals of the sea to play together on her textured sterling silver charm. Proceeds from this bracelet are donated to “Heal the Ocean” – as is inscribed on front, “Guardian of the Ocean” graces the back. Dark brown deer suede is embellished with s/s sliding buckle. Self-tie closure. One-size-fits-all. 09-B5/$360

H.Birds That Dream Earrings

Jes thinks even birds have dreams and she expresses this thought in hand-hammered triangles of sterling silver. A relief bird contemplates love and the path of the dragonfly. French wire. 1-1/4”L. CA-E8/$

I. Beyond The Moon Earrings

“Love Beyond the Moon” is engraved into the back of etched sterling silver hearts. Now that’s a lot of love! French wire. 5/8”L. CA-E9/$

877 728 5537

J. T urn O f B eads B racelet

Mounds of sterling silver beads, big, small and everything in between can be found in the context of this Jes MaHarry design. Every sculpted surface, twist and etch is born from Jes’s imagination and worked through her hands with love. Lobster closure. 7-3/4”L. CA-B2/$

A. Brittany Bracelet

Like treasures collected by the sea, ancient glass trade beads strung on sterling silver wire unite from around the world. African sandcast, Spanish Padre’s, Dutch and Venetian glass, carved ostrich eggshell, a large pearl and Jes’s sterling silver “worryfree” charm make beauty. Lobster closure. 7-1/4”L. CA-B3/$

B.Open Your C. Let The Wind D. Dragonfly Wings Necklace Carry You Away Totem Earrings Round aquamarine Dragonfly charms Ring stones are knotted on waxed Irish linen to Jes’s brand new butterfly emblazoned charm. “ ----“ beckons on reverse. Lobster closure. Signed. SIZE? CA-N16/$

Delicately etched leaves drift across the surface of this wide sterling silver band, imparting a feeling of surrender. “Let the wind carry you away” is inscribed. 3/8”W. Sizes 5-9. R-RO-64/$230

dangle in accompaniment with carved ostrich eggshell and ancient glass trade beads. Dragonflies are long associated with the power of light and magic! French wire. 1-1/4”L. Limited Edition. CA-E10/$

E W orries B e F. Silver Lining G one N ecklace Earrings Jes’s “worry-free” charm has brought comfort to folks far and wide for quite some time. In sterling silver, this organic form makes a wonderful friend when you need to rub some stress away. Hung on supple deer suede with a sliding cinch and self-tie ends. 37”L. CA-N-17/$

877 728 5537

Hand forged sterling silver self-locking hoops fall just below the ear lobe. Stamped with two free flying butterflies. ¾”L. CA-E11/$

15 11/2/09 6:43:16 PM

Paintings By Wendy MaHarry Jes MaHarry is proud to present the work of her older sister. Across the past two decades Wendy MaHarry has been a wellspring for the community of female artists, quietly influential in the revival of the pastel medium. Her success with some of the world’s most influential collectors is proof that an unwavering vision can find recognition in the male-dominated world of the visual arts. The veneration of the eternal feminine is Wendy’s goal, which she has achieved by celebrating the female body and story from an unapologetically feminine point of view. Wendy MaHarry continues to innovate and inspire with her profound contribution to the expression of the eternal feminine. To watch Wendy at work please visit

Seashell - An Original Pastel Painting We’re proud to offer a rare Wendy MaHarry original painting from her acclaimed Ocean Series. Seashell measures 3 by 4 feet. Pastel on canvas signed original. Unframed $6800

The Lemon Thief - Limited Edition Pigment Print In the citrus grove paradise of Ojai, California glistening fruit hangs invitingly across walkways testing the integrity of residents like Wendy and Jes with every Sunday stroll. This archival, museum-grade pigment print was created from the original Wendy MaHarry pastel painting of the same name. A strictly limited edition of ten archival, museum-grade pigment prints on Arches paper. Signed and numbered by the artist. Unframed $299.

16 Draft 5.indd 16-17

877 728 5537

Oceans of Media Panel One - Limited Edition Pigment Print Eternal goddesses guard the ocean’s fragile creatures and keep watch on their endangered future in this stunning panel adapted from Wendy’s fifteen foot-long Oceans of Media triptych. A strictly limited edition of ten archival, museum-grade pigment prints on Arches paper. Signed and numbered by the artist. Unframed $399.

877 728 5537

17 11/2/09 6:43:19 PM

A. Scope Of Imagination Necklace

Chunky organic forms, loops, charms, bone links, chain and 14kt y/gold beads are laboriously hand-soldered to create this extravagant design that expresses peace and individuality. Toggle closure. 22”L. CA-19/$

B. Little Star Earrings

For the star in you - 14kt y/gold cuff earrings are studded with three Conflict-Free diamonds and a high-relief star. Post backs. E0-338/$1520

C. Universe Cuff Bracelet

Waved edges imbue this hefty 14kt y/gold cuff with feelings of boundless dreams. Shooting from the cosmos - stars flirt with floating hearts, flowers, suns’, a horse and rainbow. 6.5” - 7.5”L. CA-B4/$

D. Treasure Me Ring

In high-relief a puffy winged heart lifts-off from this whimsical contoured charm. Set on a studded band this hefty piece is embellished with the sentiment “We are all here to love.” 14kt y/ gold. Sizes 5-9. CA-R6/$

Diamond Rings

B | Sweet Venus Ring

G | Perrywinkle Ring

Every hand-forged diamond ring glows with Jes’s attention to detail. Messages of love, hope and commitment are tucked into most, while light beams from diamonds, hand-selected and conflict-free. All rings are available in yellow, rose or white gold upon request.

C | Love Belle Ring

H | Fate Ring

D | Delilah Ring


E | Points Of Light Ring

J | Long Life Ring

F | Nestled Soul Ring

K | Sacred Space Ring

For more details please visit our website at or call 1.877.728. 5537.

A | Aphrodite Ring N8-R21/$17,500

18 Draft 5.indd 18-19

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N8-R22/$1440 $1200





JPR-2/$2300 ???/$???

R-R2-103YG/$1700 ???/$???

877 728 5537

19 11/2/09 6:43:23 PM


The Key To Lily Rose - Key Chain

One day last spring an unexpected surprise arrived at Sun Horse Ranch - an adorable baby mule named Lilly Rose! This handcrafted pewter keychain was created to honor our newest baby. Inscription on back reads, “Enjoy Yourself!” 1-3/4”L. KEY05/$90

The ART of Correspondence Dust off your pen, warm yourself some tea and give the gift of you. Jes makes note writing irresistible with her brand new collection of recycled stationary. Delightful sketches trim papers edge in a joyful dance of nature, dreams, starry nights and sunny days. The perfect landscape to write your heart out!


Notepaper for jotting down dreams, leaving a note for a honey or writing a good friend far away. Unique artwork by Jes MaHarry brings a smile. Recycled. Signed. Choose between two designs. Peace Dove or Trail of Dreams. $

Greeting Cards

From Jes’s personal sketchbook come four beautiful greeting cards expressing an ambience of love, peace, strength and play. Blank inside. Recycled. Set-of-eight. $

Jewelry Stands A. Heather Necklace

Jes’s sterling silver organic form charm is flanked by stacked turquoise, brandy citrine and Mexican Fire Opal, hand strung and woven on brown gore-tex. Lobster closure. 16”L. R-NO-16/$210

20 Draft 5.indd 20-21

B. Ring Of Truth

A simple sterling silver band inscribed “Truth” is the perfect compliment to stack with chunkier rings or wear on its own. Lightweight/ smooth finish. Sizes 5-9. CA-R5/$

C. Love And Faith Ring

Relief-style hearts circle Jes’ popular Love and Faith ring. The edges are scored for a rich, antique look and inside the sterling silver band find words of true devotion: “Love and Faith”. This ring is lovely worn alone or in companion with other rings. Sizes 5-9. R-R0-15/$176

D. Forgive E-G. Wild Things H. July Sun Pocket Charm Bracelets Necklace Jes’s pewter pocket charm comes to life with a peace dove that carries a glowing heart and the word “forgive.” This talisman makes a lovely offering and/or a lovely remembrance. 1”L X 7/8”W. PC-1/$45

Choose between three colorful trade bead and sterling silver charm bracelets. The ancient glass assortment is knotted on leather cord and complete with a lobster or figure-eight closure. Specify: WT-HORSE, WT-PEACE, WTALWAYS. $220

877 728 5537

Chips of spiny oyster are hand woven into brown gor-tex and Jes’s sterling silver sunshine medallion exudes warmth and heart. Horse runs on back. Lobster closure. 17-1/4”L. N0-320/$320

I | Spirit Of Life Necklace

Full of spirit, Jes’s sculpted sterling silver cross pulsates with the rising sun, the moon, a star and a blooming heart. A turquoise nugget dangles beside. Textured chain and ancient Tibetan coral accents complete. PRICE?

Lucky Star Jewelry Stand

Hearts Ranch Jewelry Stand

Bursting from a lucky yellowbronze star, sixteen steel prongs extend like rays of light. We call this star lucky by virtue of its vantage point – the center of it all! Display necklaces, bracelets, even earrings and rings from each hand-welded outstretched arm and enjoy the colorful orbit of your most precious treasures. Each oiled jewelry stand is handmade by Patrick Henderson at Sun Horse Ranch. Stands 16-1/4”Tall. 5”x5”Base. Limited Edition. PH-02/$

Patrick Henderson’s hot-rolled steel heart reaches with open arms to embrace necklaces, bracelets and rings you love. The sturdy center column is hand finished with a ball-peen hammer. Made by hand and with love at Sun Horse Ranch. 13”H X 12W. PH-03/$

877 728 5537

21 11/2/09 6:43:29 PM

22 Draft 5.indd 22-23

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877 728 5537

23 11/2/09 6:43:34 PM

A. Silver Eagle Earrings

An eagle perched on a high limb views the world from Jes’s sterling silver arched charm. “Keep your eyes on the horizon” is inscribed. French wire. 5/8”L. E1-548/$220

horse and peace sign. Sterling post backs. 1”L. CA-E15/$

Stamped with two free flying butterflies. ¾”L. CA-E2/$

C. Brilliance Earrings

E. Autumn Breeze Earrings

Free form sterling silver cuffs are etched with a sun and shooting arrow. Hugs ear lobe. Post backs. ½”L. CA-E16/$

14kt y/gold jumprings and a feather charm reflect light alongside a G. Moonlight Earfreshwater pearl and deep rings red garnet briolette. Lever Large sterling silver discs B. Youthful D. Golden Years backs. 1-1/16”L. CA-E1/$ pair with magical labradorite rondels to capture Spirit Earrings Earrings the essence of the glowing Aquamarine and pink Hand forged 14kt y/gold moon. French wire. quartz bounce about with self-locking hoops fall 1-3/8”L. 09-E32/$270 a sterling silver etched just below the ear lobe.


Draft 5.indd 24-25

Brilliant diamond briolettes drop from 14kt y/ gold hoops. Lever backs. 3/8”L. N8-E43/$2200

F. Silver Arrow Earrings

H. Earth Collec- rings as well as a stamped elephant, giving hand and tion Earrings Beads of the earth are clustered with a sterling silver feather and peace/ heart charm; green tourmaline, moonstone, black pearls, garnet and a beautiful sapphire. Lever backs. 1-1/8”L.

J. Midnight Garden Earrings

A moon, star and falling leaf are cut into Jes’s handhewn organic form ear-

877 728 5537

bird. French wire. 1.5”L. E1-494/$290

A. Billie Ring

Jes’s wide sterling silver band inscribed “Love Life” wraps the wearer in the joy of everyday. Primitive etchings and a smooth fit make this a handsome ring great for a man or woman. Sizes 5-9. R0-69/$320

B. Rise Earrings C. Elegance A sterling silver And Strength sunflower reaches Necklace for the freshwater pearl from which it is suspended. “Reach” is inscribed. French wire. 1.5”L. CA-E17/$

A luminesce strand of knotted pearls are in elegant juxtaposition to the loop of leather and handsome sterling silver “worry-free” charm at center. Lobster closure. 17” – 17.5”L. CA-N23/$

D. Bubble Of Light Bracelet

Let this wristlet of pearls be a reminder that you are always protected. A sterling silver angel charm is adhered by loops of leather and inscribed with words of healing, peace and love. “Power of Intention” and “Presence always, here & now” is inscribed. Toggle closure. 7”L. CA-B5/$

E-F. Appreciation Bracelet

The perfect token of appreciation for any occasion, a small tag (3/8”) is stamped with a tiny heart and suspended on textured chain. Remember your bridesmaids, your niece turning sixteen or your partner on an anniversary. 7-1/8”L. Specify: J9-B3/sterling silver $115 or J9B3/14kt y/gold $320

877 728 5537

G. Shades Of Rose Necklace

Impressed into 14kt rose gold Jes’s tree etching hovers on a loop of 22kt y/gold beads and woven gor-tex. “Strong” is inscribed. 14kt y/gold lobster closure. 18”L. CA-N24/$

25 11/2/09 6:43:38 PM

A .Saturday Afternoon Necklace

With a little sterling silver heart at its side, Jes’s s/s tree disk entreats one to “Grow Strong.” Turquoise accent bead. Textured/ oxidized sterling silver chain. Lobster closure. 18”L. CA-N9/$

B. Generous Nature Necklace

One of our favorite new charms – an open hand bestows blessings. Flanking this three-dimensional piece are a sunshine disk and “worry-free” (for rubbing away worries of course). Oxidized sterling silver chain. Lobster closure. 18-1/4”L. CA-N10/$

C. Echo Necklace

Herkimer diamonds are double-terminated quartz crystals said to amplify intuition, dreams and awaken vision. Here Jes wire wraps three of these translucent stones with an “Endure & Evolve” moon and star disk and a s/s cross. S/S chain is textured and oxidized. Lobster closure. 18-1/8”L. CA-N11/$

D. Courage To Heal Necklace

A sterling silver disk is etched with a looming tree and the word “Heal,” representing our innate ability to regenerate and stay strong. “Be Brave and Have Courage” is engraved on back. 18”L CA-N12/$

A. Soaring B. Rising Moon Charms Earrings Necklace A bird, heart and star cast in sterling silver are clustered with chalcedony, aquamarine and a black pearl. Lever backs. 5/8”L. CA-E4/$

26 Draft 5.indd 26-27

There’s nothing coy about this stunning silver pearl and rising moon necklace. Jes’s fanciful sterling silver charm measures 1-7/8” and is a tactile delight. Engraved nature symbols and sentiments abound including “Love Beyond the Moon” and “Reach for the Stars.” Quality silver pearls are knotted on leather cord. Toggle closure. 18-3/4”L. CA-N7/$

C. Sun Horse Cuff

One of Jes’s favorite everyday pieces this sterling silver cuff depicts a day at Sun Horse Ranch. An outreaching sunshine mingles with a horse, dog, cat, butterfly, clouds, rain and good luck horseshoe. “Love” and “Life” are inscribed. Fits up to 8” wrist. R-B3-7/$490

D. Free Your Spirit Ring

Swirled etchings, primitive forms and universal symbols capture the essence of a free spirit. Heavier up top and thinner around the band, “Free Your Spirit” is engraved. Sterling silver. Sizes 5-9. RO-81/$280

E. Heart Trio Ring

The smooth fit and hefty feel of this sterling silver band is topped off with three charming relief-hearts and an etched flower and peace dove. “Love” and “Forgiveness” are inscribed. CA-R4/$

877 728 5537

F. Mystic Nights Necklace A cluster of magic hangs artistically from sterling silver oxidized chain. One 14kt. y/gold star neighbors a s/s moon, silver hued pearl and tourmaline rondels. “Calm Mind” is inscribed. Lobster closure. 18.5”L. CA-98

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